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Brian Mazakas - DOC


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                                Brian Mazakas
                                 Santa Ana, Ca. 92707

Summary:      To obtain a position in the Machine/Plant/Apartment/Retail
              Complexes/Park/building/Office Maintenance or Cellular industries/PC
              Tech or PC Support.

Job:          Current opening in Cellular, Solar, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing or
              Maintenance Self-educated maintenance engineer, Home Improvement
              Sales, Customer Service, PC/Lan Support Technician, Driver.

Objective:    To provide an excellent work ethic and performance to the best of my
              ability thereby honoring my employer and my creator. To work with the
              highest standards given the ability to go beyond my responsibilities and
              perform the work assigned with great skill and provide the greatest
              customer satisfaction possible.
              Installation, maintenance, repair – Industrial / commercial / Residential 15
              years experience
              Computer Support/Programming Specialist – 25 years experience
              Computer Network Specialist/PC Support – 7 years


Job Title:    Sales Associate Cellular/Electronics
Employer:     Wal-Mart
Dates:        12/06 to 07/09
Duties:       Sales Associate in Photo, Cellular, and Electronics departments. I was
              responsible cellular sales with Verizon, T-Mobil, AT&T, TrakPhone, and
              Boost-Mobil. I also did sales in the Electronics and Photo departments, of
              TVs, mp3 players, DVD players, Computers, PS2 game machines, Ipod,
              Cameras and accessories. No Dummy could have done this job. Highly
              Competitive and Highly knowledgeable requirements.

Job Title:    Construction/Maintenance Handyman, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Costa
Employer:     A1 Handyman, Self-employed
Dates:        1/86 to 9/06
Duties:       General residential and commercial Building repair. Electrical, Plumbing,
              Painting, Doors, Windows, Drywall, Kitchen and Bath Remodel, Roofing,
              Flooring, Windows, Stucco, Framing, Tiling, Ground Maintenance,
              HVAC, Water systems, Heating systems. Auto Repair.

Job Title:    Computer Specialist

Employer:     Various Companies, Los Angeles & Orange Counties
Dates:        1/71 to 12/05
Duties:       Computer Network and PC Support Contractor. For 30 years I contracted
              with major employment agencies, working for major corporations through
              LA and Orange Counties. I was a COBOL, Natural Adabase, Assembler,
              RPG, PL1, HTML and Total programmer on mainframe, Tandom and
              As400 Platforms. I then switched to Novel and Microsoft Networking and
              PC support in the late 90s through 2005 as the industry changed. I am still
              contracting out on Home PC repairs currently.

Skills:       PC Tech, Networks, Electrician, Plumbing, Painting. Construction work
              and Maintenance, Auto repair, Inventory Specialist, MS Office
              applications. Windows XP, Vista, & 7 with Networking, Wi-Fi and
              Ethernet, Cat5 Cabling , Routers. Auto Repair – Reclamation Auto Center
              Mechanic 4 yrs, Roofing, Flooring, Drywall, Cement, Appliance Repair,
              Computer Maintenance, Computer office skills. Field trained Plumbing,
              Field trained Electrical

Education:    Institute of Computer Science, Philadelphia, PA 1971; Associate Degree
              Novell Network training 1991, Microsoft NT Server training 1999, Novell
              Network training

References are available upon job offer consideration.



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