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                                                                               A BOY OF BUSINESS
 BOB BRIGHT:                                                         or,
                                                                                   AND FITl\T.
 :J:?tA..:FI.T                     xx.                     By TOM TEASER.                                           l?.A.:FI.-.r XX.

     Now Stover's nerves were none of the strongest, he was such a high-strung, cranky fellow. He got one good look
       at that awful face, and that was all he wanted. He let ant a veIl that would have put a wild Indian to
             the blnsh, let go of the door and jumped back. Bang went that door in -a jiffy and all was serene.
       2                                                           BOB BRIGHT.                                                                 PART II.

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       PART II.                                           By TOM TEASER..                                                          PART II.
     .. The whole truth and nothing but the Grub would not suspect anything, but Bob Grub, trembling with fright. "I don't be-
  truth, so help me Grub," chimed in"Joe Jones. was ready for him.                                      lieve I'll be able to get to the doctor'l!,"
     .. Oh, you shut up I" growled Grub.                Grub had gone out and the boys had the             Tick-tick-tickl
     "You say that you wouldn't be fwightened field to themselves.                                         He had to strike three or four matches be·
 at sitting up with a cawpse f' asked Cholly            Bob had already made his preparations, and fore he could light the gas, he was trembling
 Brown, for Grub's latest yarn had been upon he and Joe now went up to Grub's J'oom and 80, and then he could sca1'cely get his trousers
 that cheerful subject.                             fixed things.                                       on.
     "No, sIr, nor w1th a dozen. An undertak·           They hadno trouble in getting in, for Grub         And all the time that confounded ticking
 er's jobis the livelie.~t you can ftnd. All un· was too careless to lock his door when he was going ou till he was nearly wild.
 iertakers are jolly fellows."                      went out.                                              His own face scared him, when he caught
     "Sit up with a corpse I" said Bah. "H'm ! A long and strong tack, a short piece of sight of it in the glass, it was so pale and
 you'd be too scared to have even a dead cat in string, a piece of bent wire, a bit of lead, and frl¥htened.
 the same room with you."                           a lot of strong twine W.llre all that were              ' I don't think I can get tbere to save me.
     " Ah, you're too fresh I" snorted Grub, who needed.                                                Wonder if Bah sleeps very sound ~ Maybe he'd
 was beginning to think that Bob had too                With these Bob fixed up a neat little tick- go."
 lUuch to say.                                      tack on the outside of Grub's window.                  Then he burried on his shoes, threw on a
    "Nice feliow you are to talk about sitting          The twine hung outside and could easily be coat, and nearly tumbled down·stairs in his
 up with dead men," continued Bob. "'Vhy, reached from Bob's window, which was di. haste.
 you'd be scared out of what little sense you rectly below on the next story down.                         "Hey, Bob, are you awakc~" be called,
 kave."                                                 'Vhen the thing was ali ready the window huskily.
    "What for, I'd like to know 1 A dead man was lowered, the curtain pulled down and                      Bob kept as still as a mouse.
 can't hurt you."                                   the room vacated.                                      "Oh, dear, which room is his ~ I don't want
    "Oh, can't they-thoughT' said Bob, giving           "If he's late you can stay with meto.night," to wake up the wbolehouse. Oh, dear. Oh,
 Joe a wink. "Maybe you don't read the said Bob.                                                        dear J I MOW I'm going to die in a few min-
 papers."                                               .. Ali hunkv."                    •             utes."
    , Haven't you seen that account of a fellow        Grub wasn't late, however, returning soon          Bob thought the fun had gone far enough,
who sat up with a co~e last weekT' put in· after nine.                                                  and so he sang out:                             .
Joe. "He went crazy.'                                  Joe and Bob put out their light when they           i, Who's that in the hall~"
    "Gwub is all wight on that scali'," giggled heard him come in, so as not to give them.                 "It'sme, Bob," whined Grub. .. Can I come
Cholly Brown, .. He's cwazy alweady and so selves away.                                                 in~"
he's safe."                                            They heard Grub go up-stairs humming a              " 'Vhat for~"
    "The corpse kept rapping with bis toes on popular air, and then heard his door close                  "Oh I'm so sick I Won't you go for a doc·
~he lid of the comn," adaed Bob, wInking at with a bang.                                                tor~ 'i don't believe I can last till morning.
Joe.                                  ,
    "Flayed a regular devil's tattoo," supple·
                                                       After that the~ beatrd a heavy thump on Sa;TJil ob he continued, in a husky tone.
                                                                                                              w el l ,
 men t ed J oe.                                        "He's and Bo sll.ld:
                                                   the floor,throwing off his socks."                                                   .
                                                                                                           "I' ve h ear d th.0.t t' IrIng you were t a lk-
                                                                                                                                    ,~c                   mg
    "Death tick sort of business, you know,"           "What boots it 1" remarked Joe.                  abouF this mornmg.
! Bob again. "Ticking out the last mo·            "'Ve'Usock it to him" added Bob                    Thls.was too much, and Bob and Joe both
ments of the watcher."                                A' .                     '1 i:i                   broke mto a shout of loud laughter.
    "Did you ever hear a death tick¥" asked               fter.waltmg a reasonab ~ t me or Grub            Then Bob turned up the light, opened the
Joe.                                               to ~et ill bed, Bob softly rl!'lsed phe window I door, and appeared with Joe at his side be-
    "It's awful," said Bob.                       an mch or so, that the strmg mIght have a fore the astonished Grub.
    " Counts your minutes one after another." phance to play. .                                      .     " Couldn't scare you, eh ~"
    "Just like a watch."                   .          Then he gave It a couple of yanks !lnd lis-          "Don't believe in ghostly warnimzs I"
    "You're gone when you begin to hear that, ten~d. ,                                                     "Sit up with a dozen dead men 1'\>
alr.    b oy. "
     'Sure death every time."
                                                      TiCk, tiCk  t
                                                      Grub WWl 1 UBt dropping into a doze, when            " S
                                                                                                           "Scoaldrea g aYa .,,1ck -t ack! Oh. Grub '"
                                                                                                                     db l'n t'
    "Oh, bother, none of your old ticks could he ~udde.nly eard a strange sound.                           " Cheap for cash:'
scare me," growled Grub, though he was im-            TiCk, tiCk I                     .                   "Tick-tick-tick~"
pressed aU the similar.                                "Some fellow's Wlt a ,pretty loud clock in         "What do you mean~" gasped Grub a light
    " I don't think I'd be afwaid of ticks," said tha~ nexp room, I guess.                    aawn upon him at last. '
Cholly Brown.                                         '[,lIck, ,tlck l 'd h t       I    't I "            "Go up·stairs, run up your window, and
    "You're not afraid to live on tick," said                    h ,er s u up.
                                                         . W18. th                    can seep.         see,"laughed Bob.
Rudd. " You're doing It all the time."                TIC~ tIck, tick'                                    Then he slammed and locked the door and
    "We don't mean that partlck kind of tick," . Sudaenly Grub. remembered the conversll.- he and Joe had a dandy laugh at Grub'~ ex-
spoke up Bob, "but your regular ghostly, tl~P. of that mornmg.                      .         .        pense.
creepy! monotonous tick, in the wa,oIl, or at            Great Scott I I wonder if that thmg was          When that very mad Tom White reached
the w ndow, or under your bed, or up the t~~,:ft:r klV"k t. k 1                                        his room. the ticker began ticking like mad,
chimney:,~oingon just the same till it drives            lC, ~c , IC , lC                          .   and as fast as Bob could make it go,
you wild,'                                         . There It w~, as regular as a cloc~, WIth             Grub uttered some very one-hundred-de.
    "Bosh I you boys would believe anything," Just the salD;e m~rvals between the tICks.               grees·in·the-shade language shoved up the
said Grub. "Did you ever hear a death tick,          Poor Grub Sha.l:: began to stand on end, and window with a rush, Pjrabbed that string and
as vou call it1"                                  he ~as c?vered WIth cold sweat-.                     yanke,d, the whole bUSIness down in a twink-
   '(No, and I don't want to," said Bob, pre·        ?;'lck, tick I .          .            . .        lina:. ,
tending to be very much horrified.                        Oh, Lord I Just bear It I.•Wb~re IS It; any;    ,I l'lllick tbat Bob Bright some of these
    "Nor me," said Joe. "I'd know I'd have ho,,!? 'yonfer how long Itsgomg tolastr days,"hegrunted,asheput down the win-
to :eass in my checks pretty sudden if I              TICk, tIck.                                      dow. "He's ~ettlllg too big for his breeches
did.                           ,                      "Great Cresar, I can't stand that sort of and needs a hcking bad:'                                   '
   " A fellow better order his comn when he thing. Wonder where the nearest doctor                        Then he chucked off his duds, put out the
be/?ins to hear it:'                              lives r'        .                                    light, and tumbled into bed, as mad as they
   , And buy his burial lot if he has any spare       Tick, tick, tick!                                make 'em nowadays.
cash."                                                "Suffering Jemimahl I begin to feel cold            Of course the story got aronnd, being too
   " And engage a hearse,"                        already. I wonder if I can get on my good to keep, and Rudd, Nuddl ChoUy Brown,
   " And black plumes--"                          clothes f'                                           Frank Tompkins, and even tne two porters,
   "And lot.s of carriages--"                        Tick-tick-tick!                                   gave poor Grubb the worst sort of a guying.
   " And--"                                          There it was still, as re~ular as could be,          "I'll lick Bob Bright," he said to himself,
   "Ah go on. Yon can't seare me," said the same monotonous tickmg.                                    but Bob did not al?pear to scare worth telling
Grub, ieavinl' the office to avoid a further          "I'm afraid it don't work, Bob," said Joe. and went around Just as usual.
discussion of the uncanny subject.                "I can't hear anything."                                In fact Bob bore himself so independlmtly
   "Joseph," said Bob at luncll time," we've          "Just hold your nags, friend Joseph."            that Grubb was not qnit.e sure if he could
got the stuff for a good snap."                      Tick-tick 1                                       lick him or not, and a little afraid to try be·
   "Right you are, Robert, and we'll stuff           Suddenly a beavy thump was heard on the fore he was quite sure of succeeding.
Grub with it,"                                    floor a.bove.                                          He knew that Bob had lots of friends, and
   .. Come around my to bash palace this even-       "I've fetched him'" chuckled Bob. "He's it was very likely that they would come to
ln~, Joe, and I'll work it:'                      out of bed ~                                         his aid, in case he got into trouble, in which
    'I'm wid yez, Bob, Wl Pat Brophy says:'          Tick-tick!                                        event there was, every probability of Grubb's
   Joe did not come till after supper, so that       "Jerusalem! what a racket it makesl" cried getting the worst of the affair.
PART II.                                                            BOB BRIGHT.                                                                                3

  FiLally be concluded that he would post-               "You needn't tell me I lie, you puppy I"             bad arrlYed, Bob put his little snap in mo-
pone the affltir, particular])' aftllr u little In-      "Well, you iook it, anyhow."                         tio~                                    .
terview he had with Bob on the subject,                  Just then In came threl} or four boarding-              First hI} tlghtened up that spring so that
   "I'll lick you Ilome day, Bob Bright," he           house mistresses, all in LL lump.                      When a fellow pulled open the door of the to bim the dlty aft"r the racket.                 "You Mr. Brown?"                                     wardrobe It WOUld fiy back again mighty sud-
  "You couldn't lick It postage ~tamp," re-              " HOlv many weals do you Want?"                      den if he did not keep 11 pretty good hold upon
torted Bob, .. and you're no good, Go take it            "Do you waut gas or a lamp?"                         it.
out of ~ome of those dead men you're so fond             .. Will you pay in advance?"
of sittlng up with. Dead men Cltll't hUl-t yoU,          "Got any l"llterences?"                                 Tben he fetched out B hUKe and hideous
you know,"                                               .. Faw hevvlu's saKes, what's all this I"            false face, One a good deal like tlIe one he
  .. Wait till I cutch you alone,"                     gasped Oholly. "Oue at a timl', ladies,"               had frightened Grub with •
  " All right. (1' m alone ever)' night when I'm         .. You wOn't find a blltter boarding-house in        -He stuck two bIg glasa marbles in the eye-
asleep,"                                               New York than min","                                   sockets, and as tbey gllstened and shone
  " Pit lick you alt the same,"                          .. I set as good 11 table as they do at the          quite a Kood deal, the effect was very much
  " Ritts 1" lUld Bob laughed in Grub's face and       Wiudsor."                                              heightened.
went of( to his work liB chipper liS a call1try.         .. R'm I Your house Is second rate, Mrs.                 Tbis beautiful work of art he fastened to a
  The consequence was that Grub put of( lick-          Badgers."                                              peg right in front of the door, so that no one

Now Stover's nerves were none of the strongest, he wall such a high-st.rung, cranky fellow. 'He got one good look
   at that awful face, and thatwRs all he wanter'!. He let out a yell that would have- put a wild Indian to
     the blush. let go of the door and. jumped back. Bang went that door in a jiftY and all was serene.
ing Bob BO 10nK that after awhile he forgot all           .. It's better tban yoars, a heap,"                  could help seeing it the minute he opened the
about it, though Bob was liable to make him              Thon those bonrdlul{-hous6 ladies got to              wllrdrolJe.
remember It the first time he saw a good               squabblblg among themselves concerning the                 The head had a bl~. white collar around its
ohance.                                                merits of their respective establishments, and          neck, and Bob fa>-tcned It over 11. coa.t In such
  Soon after thlR an advertisement appeared In         Obolly sllpped out.                                     n way tbat it looked as It a horrible old man
one of the morning papers to the following ef-           StoVAI'Sont the whole W\nK packing, when              were stlludlnK in the wardrobe.
fect:                                                  he came In, but all dRY long otber women look-             Having mnde all his preparntlons, he await·
                                                       ing' for a good cRtch, came in lmd pestered the         ed developments.
  "BOARD WANTED-In a qnlet, Christian Iltmlly,         me out of that poor dude.                                  Howe was the first to get down, and Bob
w!lere there are Bingle la[1Ies of taste anll renne-      Bob laughed ali every fresh one came in, but        watched him'to see if he would be bitten.
ment, Llheral term~ <fltered, Apply to BROWN."         fiOl\lIy Stover. who hadn't tnm!lll}d, told Cbolly         He WRB not, howevel, fur he threw his over-
  The addresl' WIIS gIven, Ilnd the dude book-         thltt he mnAt tell his femllie friends not to visit    coat over B elmir, J1Ut hie hnt all top of his
keeper had hltrdly sl'ttled down to work, when         him durinR !luslness hounl, and that the store         desk, and got rig-ht o\\'n to work.
In walked a sour-looking female,und inqUired           wall no place for m1l8h..,r~.                             Rll WRs hurd lit it when his partner came In
for him,                                                  That broke Cholly all up. but after this Bob        and ACllrcely noticed his putrance.
   "Yes'm, me name is Bwown, don't yer                 kept a watch and sleAr"d thA old g31s to an-              ,. Good-mowin«," Sllld Slover, Dot very
know," said Obolly.                                    other address, 53)'1111{ there bnd been a mis-         pleasRntly, but Howe pnldno attention, be was
   "How mnch money can you pay fOl' board 1"           take, and thus everything wa.q 100·ely.                so bURy.
   This qUARtion soemed rather personal, for               Bob's next racket \Va."! Intl'nded for the first      Bub WlU! watching Stover throu~h a. conven-
of course Cilolly did not know of tna adver-           fellow thnt NtUght it, but he was bettinK pretty       ient crack, and tII,king in th.. whule show.
tisement.                                              heavily on Stover.       •                                "There'll be some pretty livel)' fun In a few
   .. Wllllt's that to you?"                              In the office used by the two partnerd there        momentB," thought the YOllnK l'lIscal,
   "Well, I want to know, if you're going to           was a I'(ood slzAd wardrohe. in whleb they                Howe went rig-ht on at hie work, and Stover,
board with me,"                                        hung up their coats, hats, et cetera, wben they        taldnK off ble hnt and overcoat, went to the
   .. I ain't. I wouldn't bawd with you faw            came in.                                               wardrobfl•
nothlnp:."                                                 The door of this affair did not lock, aud bad         'I'he door of the latter WllS not Iar from
   " Then what did you want to adverllse for?"          beeu a p;reat nniRallce until Howe fastened a         Howe'A desk, by the WILY, and Stover had to
snapped the lady with marriageable daugh.               spring on tte inside which made it close the          pws his ehllit" to goet to it.
ters,                                                   minute youl.·t RO of lhe knob.                           He gave thnt wardrobe door 3 yank. it came
   .. I didn't,"                                           One morning, before either of the bosses           open a llLtle and then snapped baek again.
                                                                     BOB BRIGHT.                                                                    PART II.

   " H'm 1 someofunny fellow is hiding in the            horrid thing I" cried Stover in disgust as he          slip away from him, bnt kept "his weather eye
wnrdrobe, I SUIlP08ll," growled Stover. "I               turned away.                                           wide open all the time.
mljl(ht think it was you, if I didn't see you."             " Hold on; there's no use ot our having all            Joe was nearly as fond of fun IIlI Dab W!\S,
   HOlVe took no notice, but went au IIlI busily         the fun with this," muttered Howe, as 0. sud-          though he hadn't such an· aptitude for busl-
as llver. bending over his desk and grinding             den thuught seemed to strike him. "We mlllht           neS8. and many were the little rackets that
~wn}' Uke 0. good fellow.                                as well let some of the rest into tbe racket. '        tbose two boys indulged In.
   "H'm I there's too muob praotlcaljoke busi-              Then he closed the door, satat his desk and            Oue mornIng. when Bob stopped at Joe's
ness goinK on," growled Stover.                          yelled:                                                house to go down-town wltb hIm, he said:
  Then he took a solid hold on the wardrobe                 oJ Mos86 I"
                                                                                                                "I've got sometlilng good, Joe, 0. baog np
<loor and yanked It al\ the way open.                       "Do vou want Mos68. Misto.h Howe?"                  snap,".                                 .
   The minute he did so, he cal1ght slKht of             asked Cholly Brown, sticking his head in at               "Is there enough of it to go arpund," asked
that hideous, great face,right in front of him.          the door.                                              .roo, "or do you want to keep ie all to your-
   Now Stover's nerves were none of tile                     " Oh, yon'll do just Ill! well. Just open that     self?"
strongest, he Willi such 0. high-strung, ('ranky         wardrobe, will you? There's something in                  "I'll let you in, Joe, oonslderlng your char-
fellow.                                                  there vuu'li like,"                                    acter and reputation. This one will clean
   He got one good look IIot that awful faae,and            Ohofly opened the door, got a good l.ook at         the snow out of the Kutters."
that was all he wanted.                                  that bideous race, and nearly fainted.                    "What Is it?" asked Joe, with tile eagerness
   He let out a yell thatwonld have put a wild              "Gw_t gUllll, the Iwishman has hung him-            of an old maid waitln15 to hear the all-impor-
Indian to the blush, let go of the door and              self in tbe wawdwobel" he KI\S\J6d, as he lee          tant cOllundrum.
                                                         the door go t.o with 0. bang and dusted from              "Something good."
'umped baok.                                                                                                       "Yes, I 1!1l1ppose so, but what is it?"
   Bang went that door in a jl«y a.nd all was            the office.
                                                            "JtlW call me, sah?" 8.llked Mose who now              .. Did you know that ChoHy Brown had got
$6rene.                                                                                                         to calling on one of the type-writer giris at
   Over went Stover, however, slap bang, rlght           apreared, somebody having pll.blled the word
aorobs How\! as he Sl\t at his desk.                     to him.                                                our houlle?"
   " Great Bcott ,..                                        "There'Ban old coat in that closet tbat you            "Where you livll?"
   "Heavens and earth I"                                 can have,. 11£086," said Howe, with a grin.               "Yes. It's Miss Josle .Bnllinger, sister to
   Then both partners went down like a thous-               .. Tank yo', eah, yo's bar1 kin·... so.ld that      the general that wrote the mllrch, I guess, and
and at brioks.                                                                                                  she's a regular terror, SIlWS • hllwl-pawst tour'
                                                        smiling ooon.                                           and 'It looks badly,' and so-and-eo is ' health-
                                                            Here he opened wide the door, 8.ll the poet         fUl,' lind 1111 thllt sort of rubbish,"
                        PART XV.                         saye.                                                     .. Trying to improve on the grammars, is
                                                           .. Fa' de Ian' sakes, de debil's in de closet \"
               HEN Btover eaught sight of that           he yslled the minute he did so.                        she?"
   . .       .   bideous face in tbe wardrobe he        , Btover looked disgnsted l but Howe burst                 " Bet your rubbers, and ehe wears glasses,
  . .            gave a ;yell, jumped back, fell over   into 0. roar of laughter, snook his fat sides           fishes out loaf-sugar with 0. spoon, breaks her
 •               Howe, knocked him out of his                                                                   baked taters witb a napkin in her fist and oois
 ahalr, t\nd went down himS81I wUh marc torce           and said:                                           '   an egg with a lork. Oh. she's a daisy."
  then elegance.                                            "That one on yO:1, Mose. Go and send Pat               ,. And 111 Cholly mashed on borl"
    Both partners sprawled out upon theftoor            up, but don't say a word about this thing,"                "Awfully mueh, me deah fellah. but she
 and then, in trying to Rl\t up, Btover knoeked             "No Bah I won' say nuffin' 'tall"           don't think he Is sufficiently up-and-Up. Bhe
                                                         Mose with ti grin, as he lett the office. '
 over a chair lind lOOked out from under it at              " You must want something to do," sneered           comes trom Bostlng, don't oller kuoW, and the
 the· wardrobe.                                                                                                 other night she asked Cholly If lie was tond of
    "1$ he gone?" he gasped.          •                 &over.                                                  Emerson. Cholly said yes, he liked all the ,
    "Guess you're gone (. echoed Howe, ora wl-              "I do, bad," retorted Howe.                         old-fashioned niltger minstrels better than tluT
                                                            Pretty s®n Pat· came In. took oir his cap           new tangled ones. Emerson was a big lite'r-
'1Il§ out from under bls desk.                          bowed. Wiped his feet on the carpet, anJ.
      , Is It there Yl't?"                              said:                                                   ary dnck, you know. That broke Josie all
    " Is woat there yet?"                                   .. Did yez want to see me, sor?"                    up,"
    "Tbe,thinK in the wardrobe?"                            " Yas, there's a present for Sou In that cIDs-         "How'did Oholly get acquainted?"
    .. What thing in the wardrobe?"                     et, Pat. Open It and soo what it is,"                      "I introdnced him. We were all at a
    "Don't keep repeating my words, but look               Then Pal opened the door and saw the spoo-           ohuroh blowout. I ran !\Cross Cholly, stuok
 for yourself,"                                         tel' inside.                                            hIm on Josie, and he had to slle her home.
    "Why, certainly." said Howe, opening the                                                                    Now he oomes nearly every night,"
  wardrobe door, while Stover still looked out             His hair stOOd. on end, he gave a yell, whip-           " Is the Uttle racket on him?"
 'from under the chair.                                 ped out a big revolver and ~n peppering                    "Yes. rJ
    Howe got a j:{Ood view of the horrible fI~re        away at the spook in lively style.                         " What is it?"
 inside, but it did not terrify him for 0. cent..          "Burglars, begob I" he cried. "Yez Ol\ll't              "Well, I've found out that he'sawfully jeal.
    " H'm I that's nothing." he said with 0.            frlken me. me bye," and then shot the nos.8             ous, and I'm going to get the grand guy on
 laugh. "You weren't scared by that mtle                oir the mask.               .                           him,"                                       .
 thing, were you?"                                         " Hold on. hold on," cried Howe, laughing.              " He comes to the house, does he?"
    Howe'e coolness gave Stover an idea, er so          .. That thing isn't alive, and some of your bul-          uYes."
 bethought.                                             lets may go through the partition and hlt                 "Ain't he afraid of Miss Trim? JUliet. you
    Howewasn't scared, and ll,o he must have            somebody who is,"                                       know? The meeting in Union Square, and all
 known a\l about the thing beforehand.                     At theflrsl sound of firing Stover orawled           that,"
    That's what Stover thought.                         under his desk in terror and remained there               "He hasn't Roon her. but If he knew she liv-
    He arose from his ungraceful position on the        shaking like 0. leaf.                                   ed there I suppose he·would be scared,"
 fioor 1\8 irascible IIlI a hatter.                        In a jiffy Bob, Joe, Cholly Brown, RUdd,               "Well w!Jat's the racket?"
    "That's anotber of your so-called practical         NUdd, Grnb amI all the rest came rushing in               Whatever it Willi Joe seemed ~reaUy tiokled
 jokes I" he snorted.                                   to see what the tronble Willi.                          when Dob whispered something in his ear,
    "Oh, go West I"                                        "What's the wow?"                                    and said:
    "You put that thing in to scare the wits out           " Wbo's sbot?'"                                        .. Yea, that'll be immense. Do you think.
 ()f me.· YlJU knew I was awfully nervons,"                "The mick hllll his Irish up,"                       you canget her out of tlJ.'e way?"
    "Oh, bother I I haven't been there this                "·Turn the hObe on him."                               .. Oh, yes, there's a leoture on the origin of
 morning."                                                 Poor Pat Brophy looked terribly shame-               wall paper at tbe Buncombe Lyceum to-night
    " That's 0. pretty story."          •               facec\ when he saw what he had been pep-                and she's going,"
    "Well, you can see for yourself that my coat        pering.                                                    "Will Cbolly be on hand, thongh?"
 is thrown over 0. chair, and my hat is on the             He popped his gun into his pooket, tore                "Yes, he's got 'em bltd, comes every night
 desk."                                                 down the big mllllk, threw it on the floor and          now, and we're snre of him. but I'll fix him
    "That's only for a bliad,"                          began daneing a jig on it.                              anyhow."
    "Stuffl"                                               "Friken me. will ;yez, ye ugly baste?" he re-          Dnring thtl day Cholly Brown got Do sweet
    .. I ain't going to stand any more of this          marked. "Bedad, I'll spoil yer beauty for               scented note on blue paper in a pink envelope
 nonsense. We'll dissolve partnership at the            yez, so I will,"                                        which read u.s follows:
 first oUhe year,"                                         The mask Willi hammered out of all
                                                        recognition in a. jiffy, and then Howe salll with         u DEAR MR. BROW.~,-Don·t come before nine
    .. Next year, you mean, of course. This one                                                                 O'CIOCK to-night.                Yours, JOSHI."
 has only begun."                                       0. laugh:
    "We'll dissolve right away, then,"                     "That's all right, Pat. You've had enongh               Bob saw the dude book-keeper reading and
    "Nonsense I"                                        fnn out of that thing', I guess, and now you            snrreptltlously kiRsing this note, and he reo
    "Yes, It is nonsense-too much nonsense.             can go back to work,"                                   marked to Joe:              .
 It·s nothing but nonsense all the time, and I             PlIt felt decidedly 8.llhamed. and said noth-           "There'll be the wildest kind of racket to-
  won't stand it,"                                      ing as he vanished out of the offioe.                   nl,ght. Othello ie a fool to that jealous dude,"
    .. Then take a seat,"                                   "The plenio is over, boys." said Howe.                Bhortly before nine o'clock Cholly Brown
    " A man of your age ought to be !\Shamed of         "Whoever owned that mask will have to buy      the bell ot the honse wbere resided the
  playing trlcks all the time. It's ~e\l enough         0. nt'w one, I guees."                                  eharminll Mi8s Josie, the fiend of the type-
 for boys, but--"                                           "I've had more than that much fun,"                 writer.
    "Oh, tllke a vacation I" cried Hows. "I             chuokled Bob to himselt as he skipped out.                The girl who answered the bell had been
 didn't know anything about the trick. You              .. Ain't bad so good 0. time sinoe I lost my            postlld and alRo bribed with the promise of a
 eent me sprawling out of my chair, and that's          watch."                                                 lot of giddy ribbon for her new bonnet.
 the first thing I knew about it."                          Howe did not pursue his investi~ations any             "Miss Josle in?" asked Cholly.
    .. Why didn't you lump, then, when you saw          further, and there the IlJatter dropped.                   " ¥ou'llfind her In the parlor, I guess," re-
 that horrible thIng?'                                      Tbe boys hOO the grand laugh on Pat, and            plied the girl and then she dusted.
    "Oh, I am not so nervous as you are," and           that Irishman and his pop were made the                   Oholly Brown went into the parlor. whioh
  Howe openod the door and tOOk 0. good look            subjects of more than one funny remark.                 was quite dark.
 at the hideous race.                                       The daye went on, and Bob l'.'aB getting              The rear parlor was light, however, though
    "Good-mornlnjl(," be said, with a chuckle.           more knowlool>;e of business as each one               the glMs doors connecting the two rooms were
  "Pretty boy, arsn't you? Dot's your mother             pll8Bed, and kept working himself up, peg by           shnt.
 know you're out? What lovely eyes you have,            peg. cnrrying Joe along with him.                          The light came through, however,and thet'P
 Qud such fine teeth. Yon're II. beauty. you are J"     "-While he attended strictly to business, he            were shadows on the ground glass.
    " The idea of standing there talking to that         did not let any good chances for making fun              Cholly advanced and then stopped.
l'AIlT   n.                                                   BOB BRIGHT.

   The shadow of It female head, bangs, pu~          Oh, agony I as the story books say.                  .. Buy a ticket?" saId Joe. "It'll be im-
chignon, fluft'y ribbons, and all that sort of       Cholly couldn't stand any m~,of that sort         mense,"
thing was clearly outlined in bluck before him.   of bnsiness.                         .'                "Just hang that sheet up agaIn, Oholly, l\Ild
   That was MIss Jusie, of course. .                 However, he was ap:aln struck motionless as       we'll do a scene from Othello tor you,"
   But stop-there wus also another shadow on      hI> was about to rush forward and chlU'ge the          Poor Oholly stood like one iu a daze.
tlie glass I                                      perfldlous Josle with her mIse hoortedness.            Either he had been awfully fooll'd or tholle
   ~'his WIIS a man's head, as the high collar,      .. Have a whift', deurest?"                       bo~8 were the most ltinocent youngsters he
smooth lockS, and big mustache plainly               George's shadow pllB8ed his cigar to Josie's      hail ever seen.
showed.                                           shadow, and the latter took a big pulI-sever-           "Sbadow pantomimes I" he gasped, not
   The shadow also had a shadowy cIgar in its     al of them, In fact.                                 quIte believing what he heard.
shadowy mouth, from which shadowy smoke              "Have a drInk of beer, dearest?"                    .. Certainly. Pu~ the sheet up, and we'll
ascended to the Bhadow~' ceilinK.                    The giddy Josie took up a pItcher and ac-         show you Bome more. We want to know how
   Altogether It WI\8 a very shady performance.   tually dranlt out of It, wblle strange, gurg-        it looks on the other sld~. All handJI are gone
   MisB Josie evidently had compauy.              lill~ soundll could be heard,                        out, and there's nobody to tell us,"
   Maybe thut WUB tbe reuson why ehe dId not         .. Here's a good heuith to that dUde, the silly      U Everybody gone out?"
want to see Chully bsfors nIne.                   fooll"                                                  "Yes.u
   Ha I What IS thia?                                More beer was drUnk, and Cholly could See            "Isn't MlBsJosie at home?"

    When Stover caught sight of that hideous face in the wardfoobe he gave a yell, jumped back, fell over Howe.
         knocked him out of his chair, and went· down himself with more force than elegance. Both
              pa.rtners sprawled 'out upon the floor, and then, in trsing to get up, Stover knocked
                        over a chair and looked out from under it at the wardrobe.               ,
   The shadow of the man approaches the           It .going down Josie'a throat in a steady               "No. She and Grub have gone out, She's
shndow of the womnn.                              strenm.                                              awfully mashed on Grub."
   There Is 110 SUSpicious pouting or shadow         '1'he idea I                                         "What, that howid fellah I"
lIps, w.hioh now apprmch, yes, touch, and a          That nice girl smoking and drinking I                "Yes. l:lhouldn't wonder if they were hltohed
smacking sound, not at all shadowy, Is heard.        "Have you got a pipe, George, dear? I             in tbe spring."
   .. Oh, George, do stop I Your muslaohe iB      hate ci~8rs I"                                          "I decJaw I I'll nevah speak to haw
all smoke,"                                          The next minute Josio's shadow wassmok-           again."
   U Oh, Josle lob. you duok I"                   1n~ a pipe I                                            With that Oholly Ilrabbed hiB hat and dusted,
   Tllen poor Ohollv sees those two shadows          Horror I                                             The last thing he heard wall:
hu~, aDd he oan't tell whioh Is which.               " I must go before that dude comes, dear-            .. Josle, dear, do you love me?"
   Treaoherous Josie I                            est,"                                                   ":Bet yer life, old sweetness,"
   That is why she didn't want hill). to come        .. Oh, let him go take 8 walk around the             Cholly Brown WRS the maddest dude that
early.                                            block. He's no !\,ood!"                              ever wore toothpick shoes as he ran down the
   Shall he go awny and make no sign?                This W88 too muoh for Oholly.                     eteps.
   Bet your life he won't I                          He would show the faise creature how good            The bo}'s had guyed him, the type-writer
   He wouldn'~ miss telling that girl what he     he was.                                              girl bad JIlted him, and that stupid Grub had
thinks of her for anything.                          He sprang forward to open the door and            cut him out.
   He starts forward, ltnd then stops agaIn.      confront the coquette.        .                         If he wasn't afraid of spolllng ~he fit of his
   The shadows .lire klBslng again, and soft,        The door proved to be ,. wet shest hung in        clothes, he would go right 01I to the river and
cooing sounds are heard on the other side of      the archway.                                         drown himself.
the door.                                            Oholly clutched at it and down it came.              After his departure Bob and Joe took a sud.
   "Is it its own Georgy's duck?"                    Tableau I                                         den dislike to shadow pantomimes, and. the
   .. ESH, sweet lamb,"                              There sat Bob Bright and Joe Jones in front       show came to an end, tbepropertlea were put
   "And it don't love nnybodr else, do it?"       of a lighted candle, which Lhrew their shad-         away, the lI~hts turned up, and the parlors reo
   "No, Geor~y-worgydear,'                        ows on the !lheflt.                                  stored to their normal oondltlon.
   " And it won't see that horrid dude again,        "HallQ, Cholly," crlAd Bob. "Joe and I               ebOlly Brown was dlp~ustl'd, and dfdn't
Will It, honey?"                                  have been practicing shadow pantomimes, so           come to sep the type-writer girl for more than
   "No, lovey-dovey, not for 0.11 the eugar in    I\S to ~ive a show at the Jerusalem Methodist        1\ week, ior which she was heartily thlUlkful,
 the world,"                                      Ohuroh fair next week,"                              for shl} couldn't endure him.
                                                                    BOB BRIGHT.                                                                      PART II.

      Bob and Joe had IL great laugh over the wa)'       Such a snaI'ping and banging as there WlL8                 Then be put on the gloves and faced Bob,
  they hl\d sold pour Oh01ly, and at last he           then!       '                                            while Joe culled time.
  couldn't help heuringa':'outit, and thsn he was        "Jupiter Grnenbacks! there's an Infernal                   Bob mllde 1\ felut with his rigbt, dodged a.
  mad. for a flUlt.        J                           maohlne in the closet I" yelled Stover.                  orack of Grub's, uud let him have 1t willi his
     He WRS bound he would not see the type-             .. That's one on you to pay for the one you           left right in the oil funtory.
  writer gIrl after that, and the dlvinity students    gave me," chuckled Howe.                                     " Ob, w\l.>ln't tllllt a daisy?" chucklod Joe.
  and Lhe retail store clerka had all the more           Stover looked tco IIBl0ui"hed to speak, while          .. Give Bob some more leBllon~, GrUb,"
  ohll.nce.                                            Howe laughed, and the boys all came in to see                Mr. Tom then thoullht he would get In some
     It is needless to say that Bob and Joe WIove      what the racket WIlS.                                    hOlwy craoks, but Bob dueknd and fetched'
  no more elthlbltIons of shadow pantomimes.                                                                    him au uuder-nut right In tllA chin.
  having made theIr appearanee for one night
 only, solely for Oholly's beuellt.
     Of nouree Oh01ly Browu suspected Bob, but          ', .,               PART XVI.
                                                                  RE one I played on you?" cried
                                                                                                                    .. Oh, my I \:ret onto tbl\t I" howled Joe,
                                                                                                                while the rest laughed. "You're a regular
                                                                                                               professor, Grub,"
  he thought if thut girl had "uch poor Laste lIB
 to go out witb Grub, the If;.88 he eulttvated her
  anquaintanoB the better.
     Tbere were more fellows to have fun with
 than Oholly Brown, however, and Bob wasn't
                                                       II ;.,       Stover in amazement.
                                                                      "Y(l8." said Howe, stUl laugh-
                                                           .. Th" on13 what?"
                                                           ,. Little racket,"
                                                                                                                    .. ShuL up I"
                                                                                                                    Then Grub went for Bob again, but our hero
                                                                                                               got in a counter on Grllo's left nheek aud tup-
                                                                                                               ped him Oll the breRo;tjust for lun.
                                                                                                                    After this Ile soaked Grub in both eyes, on
 the sort of boy to be left on tbat seore.                 " I never played a. l'acket, lLB you oalllt, on     the brp-ast and In the mouth, and at every
     One morninK, before the bOIlS88 came in,           you."                                                  crack JOe had somet,hlnr< to sllY about it.
  Master Bob went La th"t wardrobe, the spring            " Oh. yes, you did."                                      Then Grub very fooltshly got mad, and
 of which was still set to its most lIudden teo-          " When did I do it?"                                 started In, bam mer and tongs, resolving to do
 sian, and narefully Ilxed the he.ld of a snap            "This morning,"                                      Bob up very brown.
 and bang mlltcb j Ullt iuside tbe door.                  "I baven't been here this morning until                  It was G.ub who got the roastlng, howeverl
     Tben be nlolled tile thing oor'lfully and         now."                                                   for Bob got in a soaker at every blow anll
 awaltsd develupments, tl'ulltlng that Stover             "Hon88t Injln?"                                      didn't get Ilay In ret.urn.
  wouid be Ihe .lIrst one to bite.                        "Yes, sir; I hav(\n't been here till just now            "Seems to me Bob is giving you IllBBons,
     As It htlppened, however, Stover came down        When you saw me come in and step on those               Tom," said Frank.
 iate, and HOlVe WIl8 thll first on denk,              matches,"                                                   "You WOll't hurt him, will you, Grub?" wln-
     He opened the wardrobe, deposited hiB coat           Tbis conversation referred to a llttle mcket        bled Joe.
 and hat Iherein, and let tile door close of its       which Howe had played on Stover, In return                  " Troth, it's Masther Bob that's budin' him.
 own accord.                                           for onl1 wblnh he thought Stover had played            I'm lbinklu'," snorted Pat.
     Bang I                                            on him.                                                     .. Dat Marse Grub am no goed 'tall," sniffed
    There \vae l\ report, an explosion, II. puff of       "You didn't put any matches in the door of          Mose. " Renkon dat Joe fellah knock urn out
 smoke and Howe Jumped bank ten feet llnd             the wardrobe?'                                          easy."
 nearly fell over his chllir.                             UNo/'                                                   .. I've got to go up-stah'S," cried Grub, sud·
     Then he opened the door and saw what bad             .. Ha.-ha I thaL's a good one r' roared Howe.       denly, yanking off bis gloves. .. I WlL8 only
 QlLused tbe racket.                                   "I lhought you did it for sure. and so I               playing with you, Bob. I'll come down again
     " .8lliio, guess tbe old mM has been here         worked off this one on you,"                           this uoon and p;ive you some-points, if I nin't
 before me and bllB been filting up a little job         "I never play jokes on people," snarled              too busy. Yon nin't very mucb ot a. boxer,
 for me. I'llll:o him one better on that,"            Stover, "and you ought to know it,"                     anyway, only flllr,"                          •
    Then he took half a dozen matches aud fixed          "Well, well. that is a. good one," chuckled              Then Thomas White hurried away while all •
 them IMide tile door so that when the latter         Rowe, etllliaughing, .. The innocent on" got            hands giggled.
 closed suddenly they would all go oft                it this time."                                              .. What n gall I"
   Thle was not enough, however, aud so he               .. He always doOR get it," snapped the other.            " Did you ever see so muoh cheek?"
 peppered the 1l00r witil matllhes, starting           " I Dever play joke!! on anybody, and some                 "Bob ain't muc~ of a boxer, eb? Well, he
 at the ofllce door and ending at Stover's            one is alwa.ys playing them on me."                     can knOCk Grub out,"
 desk. '                                                 "How about those dogs you sent up to my                  .. Only playlnl! with blm. Renkon Bob was
    Pretty soon Btover name In, and ihe moment        house?"                                                 doIng the plll.Y act,"
 he eutered one of the mn.tcbes went off.                ., You sent 'em to me first,"                            "H'm, they oup;ht tosprell.d his cheek over
    " Great Bcott I who's been__"                        "No, sir, I Dever did,"                              the obeliak In Oentral Pllrk," said Joe. "It'd
    Bangl                                                " Well, I tbought you did."                          never otumble then."
    "Good Lord I you ought to be care-"                  .. Ha, ha I You never play jokes on anyone,               "Begob, he has more brass than wud shtart
    Snapl                                             do you 1" lau~hed Howe, "Well, yoU don't                a fonndry," said Put.
    .. Gosh 1how did all thes~"                       look tbat 'ion," and he chuekled again.                     " DI\t fellah kin lio Iilre n hOBS kin trot, an'
   FiTtl                                                 Stover WIl.8 mad, but he saw tbat that did           he's allus on time," put in Mose.
    " Thunder I who in time swept up--"               not make any difference, and 80 he ooncluded                Mr. ThomlLB White heard all these pleasant
   Spat!                                              to batUe his wrath and keep It warm for future          remarks, hut tbey glauced off of his iny cheek
   " GmeloUll! It's awfully danger - _"               ueB.                                                    like Whisky d()wn n trump's throat.
   Bang!                                                  Bob bad taken in the little racket, although            " ThoseJellows are too funny to live," he
    "Good grief 1 How did all thelle--"                he had not origiUl\ted the la8t Of it, and he re-      observed. _ "Pity they don't write for the
   Snap I                                             solved to work another oue off on Stover at.            oomia papers."
                                                      thd earliest opportuuity.           '                        "I'd like to thry a round wif }'e wid the
    " What's the matter, Stover? This Isn't the          One day he brought down a set of bOlting
FOurth. Hllvinr< a little celebration all to                                                                  glove!!, nllygnr,"sllid Pat, when Grub had re-
                                                      gloves, and he aDd Joe amused themselves                tired.
yourseH?" asked Howe.                                 with them in the basement.
   " Wboever sweeps here must be more care-              They were buth pretty fair boxel'll, and as              "Put on de mittens wlf me, I'isb?" said
ful," snarled Stover, "The 1l00r is literally         they weut in for science, and not for mere              Mose, lau!\'hingo.
<lovered--"                                           slugging, they had lots of fun, plenty of exer-             .. Yis, sur, wid ye, jist."
   Bang I                                             cise and a jolly good tlmA.                                 "G'way, yo' foolish fellah. Does yo' wanter
   "Jerusalem I There'sanoth--"                          Grub came down while they weN at it, and             die, fo' sho'?"
   Snapl                                              said:              •         -                              "FI\ix, I'm not IlIfeerd av it, OJ remarked Pat,
  •" Auother one, as I live I"                           .. I'm a pretty good bOxer myself. Wish you         coollj .
   .. Guess it's your natural ell'otrioity letting    had another pair and I'd box you both."                     "I knook yo' out in one roun', Mistah
itself looee"aln't It?" chuekled Howe.                   "11'11 hox you," said Bob, qniOkly. .. JO(J,        Pat,"
   •, Natural' .lIddle&lfnks I Do you think I'm       give Mr. White your gloves,"                               " Faix, I have no objection to yer thryln'•
&-_u                                                                                                         Give me the gloves, Bob. The naygur an' me
                                                         "Tbey're too smllil for me," said Grub, in
  Omokl                                               the biggpst kind of a hurry.                           fire goin' to h,we a sit to,"
   "Well, I declarel Such oarelessness ought             .. Oh, no; they're made to lit anybody, from            "Ob, that'll be nice I" ohlrruped Joe. "Get
not to be overlooked," growled Stover, as he          a gIant down to ... midget. Show him bow to            on to the mill between the IrIsh Giant nnd the
got down on his hands and knees and began             put them on, Joseph."                                  BIllck Diamond,"
to look for ml\tcbes.                                    .. I haven't time now," said Grub, who wish-            Bob knew thnt there was fun allve coming,
  Howe chuckled to himself, and presently             ed he !lad kept quiet.                                 and he gave Pat the gloves, Joe doing tbesame
Stover llslted:                                          " Oh. yes, you have. Cholly Brown won't             for Mose.
  .. I hope this is,)'t another of your jokes?"       be here for fifteen minutes yet. Come ahood,               eholly Brown cnme down to see the fun, and
  .. Ob, you ,wouldn't tllink of doing anytbinp;      I'll oot I nun kuock you out In two rounds."           Rudd alld Nudd soou followed suit, Grub be-
funny, would you?"                                       "No, I'm afraid I'll hurt you," returned            inp; tbe only one left u p-stf\1 rs.
   " Me I" snapped Stover. "Well, I guess             Grub, feeling very weak about the knees.                   The two goladlators p;ot to work, and it was
not I I ain't such l\ fool I"                            .. You're a-scared I" gifgled Joe, pulling off      the bip;gest kind of fUll to see theIll .
  .. Oh I then you think that I am just such a        his gloveR. "I'd like to have a round with                 MORe fell over himself when dodging Pat,
fool, eh?"                                            you mY6elf:'                                           and Pat got a ~mck In the eye from Mose tbat
  .. No malter what I think. You're the one              "Oome on, Grub," said Bob. "I won't hit             mad" him see (loulJle.
that's always joking,"                                youtvery liard. and thll gloves are fioft."                There was more spllrrlng than hittinp;, but
  "And you wouldn't think of trying to get               " They ain't half as soft as vou are, Grub,"        Pat presently I(ot another one from Mose that
even on me?"                                          put in Joe. "If I was Y0l1, I wouldn't be              made him mad.
  "Net that way, of course not. It's too              afraid of a little fellow like Bob Bright. He
childish."                                                                                                       He - rushed in, cllup;ht MORA nappit.lg and
                                                      won't burt yon. If it WllB me now-_ Oh.                whacked away lit him like a good fellow:
  "H'm I you're awfully complimentary this            woll, now you're shouting!"                                Tblln Mose went back to -first prineiples.
morning," said Howe, with a good-natnred                 Mr. Tom White wanler) to get ant of it, but         ducked, and butted his big round woolly
laugh, ttlinklnl{ of \Vllat WllB in store; .. quite   just then Put Brophy, Mose Johnson, Frank              head right In the middle of'Pat's stomaoh.
ObllsterlialtllulI, III fa~I.."                       and Harry came into the place, and he had to               Over went l'llt like a shot, while all hands
  Htover nnw !'Cot up, threw the busted matnhes       face the mnsic.                                        roared.                           .
In tha \Yuste-basket and put the good ones in            " I'm just going to give Bob a few lessons,"            " Bedad, that's a foul I" eried Pat .. Falx
the matnh-box.                                        he said, with unblushing epeak. "It ain't a            I niver said I'd fight wid a Billy /!,ont."         '
  Then be took off his hat and coat, put them         regular matCh. you know-just a little exer-                .. You don't like tbatklnd of butter do you?"
away and let go 01 the door.                          cise."                                                 said a new vl5lce.                         '
 PAHT II.                                                          BOB BRIGHT.                                                                              '7
   All hands looked upand saw Howe standing             .. Shall we tell him?" said Joe, in an awe-           .. My sakes alive I"
 at the top of the stairs.                            struck tone.                                            " It's a dandy thing to have a couple of boss
   "Great Baott I" remarked Joe.                        "He must promise not to give it away,"              burghus in your house," sald that mlschlev-
   "Collared I" muttered Bob.                         struck in the truthful Grub.                         'ous Bob.
   "That's all right, boys," said HOWll, good-          .. Oh, yes, he must promise that," said all           "And you look in through the window at
 naturedly. "I've no objection to YOllr enjoying      hl'nds in a breath, with the unanimity of an          'em?"
 yourselves, for I know it was 1\11 in fun, but I     Opera ahorus. .                                         .. Yes, every right."
 gUllSs I'd get to work now."                                                                                 .. Why don't ) au look In at the key-hole,
   Then he went lip to the office and the Uttle         .. What is it. anyhow, deah boy?" asked
 com pany broke up.                                   Cholly Brown, his curiosity getting up to the         deah boy?" lU!lt.ed tllat slmple-mlndml dude.
                                                      boiling point.                                          H Oh, that !en't at all liKe a detective," said
    " H'm I it's a good thing it wasn't Stover                                                              Joe•
 who saw us," said Joe. "He'd have given us             .. Haven't you heard--"
 all a moral lecture and maybe threatened to            .. About the burglars--"                              .. And the key-holels plugged up," 8ll.pple-
 have us discharged at the end of the week,"            .. In Bob's bonrding-house--"                       mented Bob.
   "Howe !en't Stover," returned Bob, "but              .. Who divide their swng-"                            " But how can ~ou get out of the window
 aU the same I ain't going to let fun interfere         "Every blessed night?"                              deub. boy? You cawn't crawl down the wall
 with business after this."                             All hands got olf t.llls sentence, each one tak-    like a fly, don't cher know,"

     H   Oh, dear," he wailed, "I want to go home. I don't calah a cent faw the howwid old bawglahB. I wish I'd
                                                nevahhawd of them."

    Thln/ls went on as usual ufter this till Iinal-   ing it up in turn when the last fellow got out          " Oh, we've got a regular sling that we let
 Iv Master Bob concluded it was about time to         or breath.                                           sacb other down in,"
 get off somethin~ good on Cholly Brown,                "No," ~aldCholly.                                     "SuppOl'e It should bw..ak? That would be
  whom he·had not bothered for some time.               "Woll, there's two burglars t.hat have a fur-      howid, deah boy."
    He· took Joe into his confldence, of course,      nished room In our housl1, right under my               " It's too strong for that."
  and concluded to let In Grub aleo, for It was       room."                                                  .. And the wobbahs don't know yaw looking
  at the houRe that hu wanted to work off the            " And every night they come in and divide         at tbem?"
 snap and Grub lived therA.                           the plunder between then::, share !Lnd share            UNixey.u
    Harry Anmss, Frnnk Tompkins, and Budd             alike,"                                                 "It must be awfully jony to see them pawss.
  were nlso admitted, and then the gang was           . "And we look In on 'em from the window             ing ovaw diamonds, don't cher know. Are'
  complete.                                           and see 'em at it, and it's lots of fun."            they wonl ones?"
    When Cholly Brown came down to the 8tore             " I got on to thplr beinll' crooked," continued      .. First waler, regular sparklers."
  the next morning, Itfter the thing had been         Bob, "and the other night I got the boys to             .. Oh, I think it would be weal nice to see
  plunned, Rob WIlS t1tlklng to Grub.                 lower me out of my window so I could look            them," exct.I!med the dude. .. 1'," awfully
    "Big hanl thoso fclloW8 ~must have made           into tIlPirs, which is just under mine,"             fond of diamonds. doah boy."
  lost night, eh, Grllb?"                                .. Weally, how womant/cl"                            "Come up to my hOllse to-llil"ht and we'll
    "Yell," put in Joe, "but it wasn't any bet-          .. Wasn't It? Golly! how the gold did shine,      let you a. peep at them," said Bob•
  ter than tbe one they made the night be-            and how the notes did rattle! Guess they'd           .. Don't come too oarly, you know, for they'll
  fore." .                                            robbed II. bank that nl/lht."                        be ont."
     " I don't know," remurked Harry. "Gold              .. That was nothing to the diamonds," de-            " I heard 'em say they were going through
  watches, dblmOnd rin/ls, sliver tea sets, and       clarell Joe.                                         ajewelry store to-night," said the velacious
  sealsldn sack" ain't blld."                            "Or the Beal-skins and laces," observed           Grub. ,. and there'll be lots of diamonds to di·
    "Oh, it's awful high toned to have n. couple      Rudel.                                               vldl\ up,"
  of burglars in yo"r house," oll!!Orved Bob,            " Or the silvsr and gold tea-sets," remarked         .. Ob, that'll lle awfUlly jolly, don't cher
~c(lrelessly. .. Wonder what they'll divvy up         Hurry.                                               know," ehuokled ChoUy, .. I'll come, faw
  to-nkht?"                                              .. Or the bushels of gold rings," adJed Grub,     sha.w!'
     "Bomnthing g-ood, I reckon," aaid Budd.          veraciously.                                            " Do," said Bob, "yon know whereo I live.
  " I'd like to watch 'em 'his time,"                    "Does tbls happen every night?" gasped            .. YOll used to call on Miss Josle, yo~ remem-
     " What aw you fellahs all talking about?"        Oholly Brown, InA1mnzement.                          ber?"
  asl.:ell Cbolly.                                       .. Ain't we telling you?" cried the gang.            "Oh, yas," said Cholly. with a sickly smile,
  8                                                                        BOB BRIGhT.                                                                         PART II.

      remembering the little racket that Bob and                  .. He'll be softer yet, if this rain k6eps up,"          waistcoat and looked muscular, but that didn't
      Joe had played on h1m on the typo-writer                 ehuckloo Bob.                                                make any liiffel'ence to Cholly.
      girl'S III·count.                                           The rain d i~ keep up, f')r a fact, and now be-               It Daddies lutli been n. regular Goliath, he
         .. Then you'll come?"                                gan to come duwn with renewed vehemence.                     would have crnved admlt'lslolJ all th6 same.
         .. Yas, daah 1I0y."                                      When ehoUy found himself In front of the                      " H'm I WhlLt In thunder 18 that?" muttered
         .. All right, W13'UlIlI be there, and it WOn't       window, he looked Into the room, of eourse.                  Doddles, lookiog about him In no pleasant
      be the leust dllngtlrous, for we'll all be on               The shade WlIS drnwn up; there were no                   mood.
     hand to talte hold of the rope."                         bUnas, aod only a pair of filmy lace curtains                     Then eholly kieked smn.rtly on the pane,
         Then the bOys got to businll88, lind nothing         were between him and the interior.                           aUlI tbls time Daddies located the Bound.
      more Wall Bald about the matter, thou!l'h thllt             He could see without being seen, being In                     "Hn I burglars, eh?" and the old fellow
      deluded dude thoulI:ht abont It all dllY ,oug.          th6 dll.rk, and this Is What he saw:                         rusbed to the window, pulled aside the cur-
         That evening at about ten o'clock he called              Daddies, With his bald head, sitting in a big            taiol:' and mn up the sRsb.
      on Bob, rigged up to kiU lu a djm,y suit, a             arm-chair, in front of a cozy grate fire, smok-                   "PI61\se l"t me come In," said ChoUy. "I'm
     high hat, II ulster, lind II cane lIS big lIB      ing a cigar.                                                 most fwoz6n out heah."                  .
     a bed post.                    •                             His feet re9tod on II. plush-covered stool, and               .. Oh, yes, I'll let you come in," cried Dad-
         .. How are you Cholly?" said Bob, who                he WIUI tOlllltlng his toes with the keenest "at-            dies, Jl:rubblng Cholly by the legb.
     answered the bell bImself, 6uspeutlng that the          iBfaction.                                                        'l'ben he yunked him out of that sling and
     late caller must be the dude.                                Where, then, were the bold, bad burglars,                Into the room in a jiffy.
         He led the way to his room, where Joe,              whom Dab had spokeo of?                                           Cholly's bead went bump on the carpet, and
     Frank, Grub lind the rest had already gath-                 Conld he have made a mistake?                            D'Jddlll8 slammed down the window.
     ered.                                                       No, Bob had not, but OhoUl had made a big                        You mlserabl6 pirate I you cOlltemptible
        Bob's room WllB not remarkably spacious              one in trusting himllllifto Bob stender mercl6s.             spy I you leather-hellded assassIn! how dare
     to begin with, and When you came to pnt J06                 That story of the burKlars and their Dooty               you sit out there looking In at my win-
     Jones and GrUb on the two chairs, Harry and             was all moonShine, of course, but Cholly                     dow?"
     Frank on the bed, lind Rudd on the wash-                Brown.had l>een taken in by It all the                           Cholly got up and began to oJ!6r an apol-
     stand, there didn't 866m to be much lIpl166             same.                                                        ogy.             .
     left to put II.nythlngelse.                                 Down came the rain, dripping oJ! of Cholly's                  .. I WI\8 only taking In tbe scenery, me
        To b6 sure, Bob could sit on his tnnk and            hat in streams, runnln~ down his n6ck and                    deah sir. I'm II. gweat lovah of uacbaw!'
     Oholly oould be i1queezed In on the bed, but            making him very millerable.                                      .. You're a great fool, that's what you are,"
     that made Ihlngsll. trille orowded~                         Th"re he hung. In front of that window,                 and Daddies gmbbed Cholly aod khook him
        II Vewy     oozy qUl\htahs you have hel\h,           looking In lit Doddl6lil and seeing no sign of it.           till his taeth rattled.
     Woblloht.t said OhoUy, looking for a 011\06 to          burglar.                                                         Then he chuckAd him on tbe floor, Cholly
    deposit nls dUds, ail tho available Spa66 being              A gsa jet over Doddles' head threw his bald             golog duwn with a bang.
    evidently taken up.                                      Qrl\nlum into bold relief, and fhll.t WllB th6                   .. You pusillanimous pup I I'll toRch you to
        "YAs,lt's roomy," said Bob, with a wink,             only light there was except the Ilre.                       come Into my room I" cried Daddies, givlog
    II but IL's comforta1116."                                   The rain it rainelll.ll tbough making up for            Ch•.Ily a klek. "Stand up here, you idiot, so
        .. He's thinking of putting in II plano to IlII      lost time, and II. little oUt was all Cholly Brown          that I cun knock YGU down!'
    up," said Joe.                                           wanted,                                                          .. But I don't want to be knocked down,"
        .. And fl, lounlle," added Harry.                        He ehook the rope so as to attract the boys'            whined Cholly.
        .. And a billiard tllble," remarked Bob.            attention, buttbey took no notice oflt,                           "Stand up, I say," yelled Daddies. " Sland
    I< Thtlot wlllllll up nle61y." •                             He did not dare to yell for fear of attraetlng          up, you cur," and he Oholly another
       .. Have the bawglahs come home yet?" asked           the old codger's attention, and so all he,eould             kick,
    <Jholly, In u. etage Whisper, as heilloid hlsstlek       do was to shake the rope.                                        There Lt that wretehod dude, dripping
    oD the bureau.                                               He shook him-elI, too, for the rain began to            Wet., In the middle of the 11oor, with Doddles
        " It :lBn't quite time for them yet," returned      soak through his coot, to run down his back                 oonfrontlng him like an angry elephant and
    Bob. ., They're usually In by two o'oloek,              lIud to make his knees feel as if they were                 yelllng at the top of his 70ic6.
    though."                                                frozen.                                                          All this could not help but attraot atten-
        "Gweat Soott I two o'elock?" gasped Oholly.             He tried hoarse Whispering, and he was                  tion.
    "D'ye know, dooh boy, I fawgot me latch keX             hoarse enough, goodnAllS knows, but that                         Bob, Joe and the rest of the gang came
    when I cbanj{ed me twousu.hs and I oawn t               wouldn't work.                                              down to see the fun.
    star out as late. as that, don't cher know. I'd             Then he shook the rope agaln, but with no                    Tbe landlady was sure (that there was a
    be locked out."                                         more SUCCll88 than before.                                  flr6 and yelled loud enougb to wake the
        "Oh, I sbouldn', wonder If they'd be in                 After half an honr of this sort of business he          deRd.
    earlier to-night," Ilaid Boll, going to the win-        WllB as wet as a drowned rat and thoroughly                      The divinity studenls, the type-writer girls
    dow, ralsinlJ; It and looking .out upon the             dlsgnstpd with ever~·thlng.                                Rnd the cheap clerks all came 'hurryiug to the
                                                                .. Oh, d6lIh," he softly moaned, "I wish               spot.                                              .
    grewsome night.                                         they would dwaw me up."
       That was a good word for It, for It was be-                                                                           Bang went the door and In l'Ushsd th6 whole
    ginning to rain with promise of a steady                    Meanwhile Bob and the rest were playing                gang.
    downpour before long.                                   cards aod dominoes Rnd having a boss time.                       " What's the matter?"
       Just then tlie [ront door c10S6d with a bang,            They did not know how hard it was raIning,                   .. Is it a Ilre?"
   and heavy footsteps were heard ascending the            and for that mA.tter did not care,                   •            "II's burglars, ain't It?"
   stairs.                                                     Cholly knew all about the rain, however, and                  "Wliat's the row?"
                                                           a good deal more than he cared to 'know.                          Doddles was juet about to give Cholly an-
       "That's them," said Bob, impr611slvely, 118             It ran down into his shoes, It found Its way            other one for "ood luck, when the gRng thus
   he closed the window.                                   through his trousers, It searched out every                 interrupted him.
       The f'teps came up to the floor below and           portion at his aoatomy and wade him lIB wet                      " I Ilnd a strange man looking Inlo my win-
   entered the room just under Bah's.                      as though he hA.d fallen into a tank.                       dows," th'lndered Daddies, " and I am golog
       The ollllupllont of this room was the bald-             He yanked at that rope untH h6 thought his              to parnlyze him. Halla, Tom White, you
   headed, white-vested Doddles who just now               arm would be paralyzAd, the rope meanwhile                  young AnRnlas, what ar6 ~Oll doing here?"
   had the worst kind oftemper, the cold. uncer-           cutting into his rear lIk6 a chaese knife.                       "Aha, I know him I" lined Bob, In flve-act-
   tain weather of New York getting the best of                .. Oh, dear," he wailed, .. I want to go home.          trag6dy tones. "'Tis Cholly Brown, the dude
   his rheumatism.                                         I don't calab a cent taw the howwid old bawg-               detective I Unhand him, lordly ruffian I"
       He was as /{routy as they make 'em at thlS          labs, I wish I'd nevlI.h hll>wd of them."                        " A detective I" shrieked all the girls.
   season, Krowled at his grub, scowled at Miss                Mellonwhlle the bald-headed DoddlAll, haVing                  .. H'm I a detective Is baJ enough," snorted
   Trim, caUed Grub fm unmitigated !ISS, denom-            smoked up his CiJl:llr, tOl\llted bls toes till they        Daddies, .. but a dude aod a dettlotive both is
   Inated the typewriter girls a lot of silly fools,       began to sizzle, a.nd taken a nap, concluded to             the worst combination I ever h",\rd of. Might
   styled the divinity stUdents hypocrites, and            retire.                                                    as well yoktl a born fool and a thundering
   the siX-dollar olorks noodles, disputed his                 Poor Cholly had been han/tluK out there ill            sCllmp together."                              .
   bill with the landlady, and made things lively          the rain for more than an hour, and now be-                      "What's A. detectlv6 doing in my house?"
   generally.                                              gan to get dAAperate.                                      cried th6landlady. .. Why, it's Mr. Brown."
      They heard him enter his room, slam things               " Oh, deah I he's going to bed," he wall6d.                  .. He-he, It's Mr. Brown," giggled all the
   around, m'lke noise enough for four and                 "Those fellKhs up-slaihs have forKotten all                girls.
   growl like a bell.r, and Bob remarked:                  about rnA. I mu~t awonse somebody, lIW I                         "YeR, sir, what were ynu doing in my
       "Guesll the)" must hav6 made a pile to-             Shall pewish with the cold."                               room?" asked Doddles In stentorian tones, for
  night. 'l'hRt'S the way they always go on                    Then he Kicked ",,,alnst Dodilllls' window,            he couldn't speRk low 10 save his bull neek,
  "hen tbey Iltl'lke It rich."                             feeling sure that at last he would be taken In             bald head or white waistcoat.
      "I would woolly like to Be6 'em, don't cber          and done fOl.                                                    .. Ob, dellh, I don't know," stammered
  know," sahl that eager dude.                                 So he WllB, but not exactly In the way he ex-          ChoUy. .. I ain't a d6tectlye lit 1111, don't cher
      PrAllelltly lt became still In the room below,       pected,                                                ,   know. I thoughl theah was bnwglaws, I WllB
  aUlI Dab Raid:                                                                                                      10llkiog at the moon Wise, it's a lovely night,
      .. They're making the divvy. Now's the                                                                          Iso't it?"
  t1m6 to see 'em. Joe, get the rope."                                          PART XVII.                                  The boys yelled, the girls gill1t1ed, the land-
      d06hauled out a lot of stout rope from 1ln_                   HOLLY BROWN. the unfortunate, sit-                lady sllorted, aod Daddies s.~id :
  der the bed, thel'e being a sling at one end of                     tlug in a slinK In the rain In front of               .. You'rll IJ, fooll Get up I You'r6 ruining
  it.                                                                 tha bllid-hl>sded Doddlll8' wlodow,             mycllrpet."
      Th6n all hands Msisted Cholly into the               • .        ooid and shlverlog, lloncluded It was                 Then eholly got up, and DoddlAllsaid again:
  sUng aod ont of the WIndow, that dude not                best to attract the mao's attention and get                      .. Is this a friend of yours, Bob?"
  noticloJl: thA.t it was fl\inln~, In his eXCitement,     takAn iu.                                                        .. Well, he horrowe money from me, and so
, till he hunl( suepen,lerl between roo! aod stoop.          Hs was sRtI>;flad now that Ihat story of the             I suppose he is," returned Bob.
      They lo.vered him tilt he W'\8 just In front of      bnrJl:IRrB was 11.11 a fairy lale, but If there hRd              "Tb"o for your sake I will notchaatlse him.
  the window and bie tocs just rested on the               been real live burglars there by the dozAn he              Now Ketl"
  sill, and there thAy left him, makin~ The tllp6          would have wanted to get In out of the Wtlt all                  Then he grabbed Cholly by thecollsr, shook •
  last Mound the bedpost /lnd shutting down                thAsame.                                                   him till his cnat was dry. kicked him all the
  the wlnilow.                                               So ha klekptl on Dmldles' window to attract              .....ay out o~ the room Rnd along tbe hall and
      "Wbf\t flo grInill" remRrked Bob.                    the old oodger's atlllntlon.                               theo seot him flying down-stairs like a'shot
      u A1n'~ he soft?" cried Rudd.                          The old codgtlr had taken oJ! his coat and               out or II cannon.
  PAHT     I~.
                                                                       BOB BRIGHT.                                                                              9
    '~. H'm I. if he hadn't been my friend, there's      evening, and it always stood in one place, 88
  no knolVIDg whilt he would have got" re-                                                                     The fl"llows above had lowered the ropes,
  marked Bob knowingly.                       '          Bob had frequently obllerv~ when p&&8lng            which now hung just above the old llnoozer's
                                                         the door, whlcll Wll.ll always open when Dod-      head•
    .. Yes, Bob, for your sake I spared blm"             dle8 was out.
 sl~id Doodles. benevolently. .. Now scatter a:U                                                               Daddies was snorlnji: away like a 1(0041 fel-
  hauds of you."                                ,          N:ow Boh had made another discovery,             low, and knew nothing of whitt was going on.
                                                         WhICh greatly aided him in carrying out his          Bob took hold of the ropes, drew them
    There was an evident Impression In the              little scheme.
 minds of all hands that D01dles was about to                                                               down, passed them under the chair, and then
                                                           There had once been a stove In Daddies'          knotted them IIrmly, lying down on tnelloor
 serve them Iik"wlse, and they dnsted with .:lUr-       room, the nipe of which pl\B5ed through the
 prltlin~ unanimity, Bob alone excepted                                                                     behind Doddles, while he worked nimbly and
                                                        ceilinK a.nd" thl.'n through the room now ooou-     nomelessly.
    ". Tra-la-la, Doddles," he chirruped. :. Much       pied by Bob, thus Increasing the warmth
 oblIged to you for your kindness to my friend.                                                               Then he took a short piece of rope and tied
                                                        thereof.                                            Doddles into the chair 80 that there would be
 It shows great consideration on YOUr part."               Now, however, lhe stove had been taken
   Then he faded slowly away !md pll<*3u the                                                                no d"nger of his fnillng out.          .
                                                        out, Doddles being supplied with a grate lire         .., baby," he IIOnI, muttered/Its he
 gang down to the front dOOI, Oholly having             which he greatly preferred.                   '
 already let himself out.                                                                                   skipped out and shut the door behind aim.
                                                          The hole remained, howevp.r, belnK covered          Doddles softly slumbered on . unconscious
   •• 8t1ly wilh me to-night, Joe," he sltid to his     by Bob's bureau, likeWise a piece of carpet.        of the fate In store.

 "Aha, I know him!" oried Bob. in tones. .. 'Tis ehoUy Brown, the dude detective! Unhand him,
    lordly ruffian!" "A detective!" shrieked all the girls. HIt'm! A detective is bad ennugh," snorted Dod-
                dIes, co but a dude and a det~ctive both is the worst combination I ever heard of."
  Ide partner. " Yon can't go home In all thlsl           Bob's unexpected discovery ot this hole              When Bob reached his own room the fun
 rain. The ItI\nR I", touo;h, though, and watert        greatly fapllitated matters.                        began.
 won't hurt 'em."                                         In the first plall6, it WI\8 rJltht over where       "We'll give his bald-lleaded nlbbe 8 bloom-
   .. Maybe yOIl think It will hurt me," said Joe,.     Doddles alwa,s fJla~ed bis chair. and was big       tnR 0111 picnic," cllUckled Bob. .. Brass bands,
with a chuckle.                                    ,   enoultb for one to stick his head In and look        moonllp:llt, danolnlt In the lane. and all that
   .. Oh, no, I don't. not a bit. I know it won't.     Into the room below.                                 will be a fool to this little raokt1t."
When did yOll wash Il\8t?"                                In the next plaoe, Bob had the sllnp:ln whloh        Then all hands grabbed hold of tbe ropes.....
   Then Joe WI\8 sorry he had said l\Dytlllng,          Oholly Brown had 8I\t In the rain, Rud which           .. Let her go In said Bob. "Eaey and steady
but he acknowledjtl'd the corn and went up-            WItS suMclently stronR for the purpose.              now, so Il8 not to Ilplll him out."
stairs with Boo, thc two jokers being presently           Then, 6verythln~ being ready, Bob, Joe,             Bob and Grub on one side,. 8u.d Joe and
sound ItSleep and snodng like a brace of               Grub and HArry AnnlBB assembled In Bob's            Harry on the other, pulling steadlly,1 soon
butchers.                                              room one nlp:ht to earey out thelltLla joke.        stllrled Doddles On the riso.
   The boys at Howe &; Btover's did not get               Bob moved his bureau to one side, pulled            He was heavy !tnd so w"'" the chair, but the
throu~h cbltmn~ Oholly BrowD about hlsllttle           away the piece of carpet and looked down.           ropes wer" stronR nnd had four strong fellows
burp;lar racket tor many months, there being              Doddl6A was In his room getting ready tor        on the ends of them.
somebodv wicked "Dougb to bring It up now              his nightly smoke.                                     Stow and stelldv rose Doddles, till his foot
and then- Rnd set the whole gang to teasing               Pretty soon he cllUcked his boots oft, put       no lonjter rested on the f'lUder, hIe hands
that poor dude.                                        on his slippers, lighted his pipe, put his chair    hanglolt Idly over the sides of his chair.
   In the meantime, ho,.,.ever, Bob continued          In Ita exact place, sat down and began to              The safety J"0J)ll8 which Bob had provided
to enjoy hlms",lf and to make It pleasant for          smoke.                                              prevented him from sliPplnR ant, and there b'e
those around blm.                                         .. We'll have to give him a little time." re-    WItS like a bItld-heRdea old baby in a new and
   Doddles llRme In for a share of the rackets,        mltrked Bob, II so as to let him drop oft"          Impro.,ed baby-jumper.
for Bob thonght he oUllht to jtetsomethlnK for           Finally Bob looked dOwn and saw him nod-             "Hanl him up a llllie more yet." whispered
giving poor Oholly such a thumping on the              dinK, hlFi pipe belnK grasped In one hand, his      Bob. Itnd they all hauled Il.WllY till Doddles'
night of the little Brlap.                             toes tOlUltlnll at the lire, the other hand hang-   heRd neRdy tOMhed the ooillnR.
   Bob therl'forl" set hfs wits to work, Rnd then,     InR at his side.                                       .. 8taady, that'll do I Make fRIll," said Bob.
when he hll,l tholll'(ht for 1\ time, asked Joe          "A.II right," he whispered, "I'll run down           The ends of the ropes were secured toBQb's
~!ul some of the j:l'anl1; to help him.                while you let down the ropes.'                      bedetell.ll. which was a solid R:frRlr and DOt
   Doddles had a bl~ ohair tllat he' always sat          Then Bob skipped lil1;htly down-stnlrs to         very 6I\slly moved. as the house-maid had ai-
in before the Are, when he oame In of an               Doddlea'rQom and entered noiselessl,..              ready found, for she swept all the duet under
10                                                                        BOB BRJGHT.                                                                        PART II.

 it and never bothered to pull it out from the                    .. No, there ain't I" growled Doddles. "Who           have to stay there till Bob Bright came home,
 wall.                                                       said there W8lI ?"                                         and when that would be nobody could tell,
    "Hurrah for Doddlesl" cried Hob. "Now                         "Wh ere are you?" lI8ked the landlady, fall-
 let's skip and i",t him enjoy hie sudden eleva-              ing 10 locate the voioe, and groping around In
 tion."                                                      th", dark,
    Then Bob turned out the g8ll and locked the                                                                                           PART XVIII.
                                                                  .. Up bere, of course I Onn't you see?" sput-
 door on the outside, while he and hi8 chums                  ter~d Doddles from the oeillng.                                     HE unfortunate Mr. Daddies did not
 went out to enjoy themllelves.
    Bob IGoked In nt Doddles' door 811 hs went
 bYl and bur.!t out lIlullhlng when he saw the
 ola codglir suspended thusly, hi8 head nearly
 touchlnll the ceiling.
                                                                 .. See I No\\' how can I see when it's all
                                                             dark here?"
                                                                 .. Why don't youlighL the gas, then, you
                                                             idiot?" snarled Daddies.
                                                                 .. Where are you?"
                                                                                                                    II              hang suepended in his big chnlr
                                                                                                                                    from the ceiling all nigh t, as the
                                                                                                                                    landlady bop"d he would.
                                                                                                                            He was not oblilred to walt till Boh Bright
                                                                                                                        returned, either, for there wae one who hnd
    "Thla'll be a rngular gilt-edged racket for                  .. On the ceiling."                                    Bome pity in her heart, and who WRl.' rendy
 Dol1dles," he chuokled, 811 he turned out the                   .. On the ceilillR? You ain't & flY,are you?"          to assist him to get out of his unpleasant
 gll8, leavinf, the fire the only light the place                Just then In rushed Miss Josle and all the             posiLillh.
 afforded. 'Now, then, boys, we must light                   type-writer girls.                                             This W8ll Miss Trim, the old maid of the
 Gut/'                                                           " Oh, door, wbat's the matter?"                        house, the young lady of uncertnln age whom
    "Yes, seeing you've already put the light                    .. Is there roolly a fire?"                           Dab liked to pl/1.)' prauks on oooaslouu.lly•
 out," said Joe.                                                 .. Where Is our dear Mr. Daddies?"                        " Dear Mr. Doddles," she sighed, .. just to
   Dab had hardly lelt the house when Doddlee                    "Young Indlea I" gll8ped the landlady, .. I do        think of his beln~ up there. Wby, If he was
 awoke,                                     '                believe Mr. Doddleo is orazy. .. He says he is            to fnll he would breuk his dear old neek. I
    Rls feetl hanging down In that way, got                  a fiy, and tbat he Is on lhll celllnlll"                   must help him."                 .
 asieep, ana the sensation W8lI not a pleasant                   " Db, how awful I" all those dear               "LetJlim stay there if he wants to," snapped
 one.                                                        lltl.le fools of giri8.                             ,     the landlady; .. I'm eure I don't care I"
       .. Rallo J what makes It so dark?" growled                Wby do girls always consIder it necessary                 Tben she went out, and witb her the type-
   Doddl6/!. lUI hll suddenly 8tralghtelied up.              to scream when anything happens, a'l'lyhow?               writer girls, the divinity students, lhe cheap
 e<   Row long have I been 8lIlellp?"                        I can't S86 what good It does.                            clerks and all the rest.
       Bnmpl                                                     Well, they did eerell.m, for all that,and went            Tbe faithful Trim, having, perhaps, an
       ~he straight"nlnj; up fetched hi8 bald head           stumblin$' and groping around the room,                   idea that Doddles would o:C:",r her hlB hand,
   aiSip ap;ainllt the colling.                              ~bt unner the anspended Doddlllll.                        henrt and fortulle If she rescued bim, went
       " Great Iluns I What's that?" and he put hi8              They bumped Into one another, they stom-              alI down-staire and fetohed a long step-
   hll.nd up to his head.                                    bled O\'er footstools, tbey 1ell over the 000.1           ladder UBed In cleaning the windows.
       It tcmohed the oelllng, and Doodles W8ll             scnttle, and they made all sorts of fU88.                      Tbls step-ladder IVIlS not one of the regu-
   greatly mystlflsd.                                            Likewise tbey ROroo,pled.                             lation kind wiLh a s(!uare platform on top and
       If What In time Is thlll?  Where 11m I? What              "Shut up I" yelled Doddles, and then he               tw:> hooks t.o keep t 8teady, but W88 more
   inthnnder Is the matter?"                                 kicked hi!! slippers 01I, one of tbem taking              like two ladders hinged together at the top,
       11 anybody had been there to answer Ihem,             Mi8s Josle on the top knot, and the other                 and forming a sort of big capital A when the
   tbera were quesllons enough to suit anybody.           . smiting the boss of the house on tbe smelling              side oatches were in placl'.
      Dod!11es' wl'ljfgllnjf oanl\ed tbe cbalr to swing      machine.                                                      Well, any kind of step-ladder Is an awkward
   4 Uttle, and tbllt pUZZled him more than ever.                Tben there W8lI more tall screaming and               thing to bandle, almost as much BO 811 a wheel-
       "Good grief I Whllt ails the Ohair?"                  DaddIes thought he would 11:0 olIo                        barrow, in faot, and Miss Trim soon found it
      ThElll b~trJed to spring np, but only bumped               Then In came tbe olerks, the students and             ~t                                      ,
   lWi be/1.d agaiu.                                         the cook, to see what the fUIIB was•                          First, she smushed the globe In the hal!
       .. ~hund.r and blazes, where am I, any-                   "Light tbe gas, you silly fools," said Dod-           chandelleI' 811 shu started to go up-stairs.
  how?"                                                      dies In tbose pursuaslve tones of hill.                       Then, on her way up, she bumped the top of
      He had lost his pipe, thll room WIIS dark,                 One of the cheap clerks, who "moked real              tbe ladder on Lbe hall oeiling, and knooked
  tae 1l00r !learned to have fallen away, and               cigars, and carried real wax malches in his                down a lot of plastsrlng,
  there he Wll', with his head plumb against the             pocket, the giddy darllngs now lighted up, and               Shll concluded to ClUll the tblng borlzontal-
  ool1lng,                                                  the Nom WtlS illnmlnated In a moment.                     ly after tbat, lustend a perpendicularly,. but
      What on earth WIL8 tbe matter. anyhow?                     "Where's )fr, Doddles?"                              stlll her troublee were not over,
      That's wbat he P\.8ked himself lIS he gave his             "Up here, lOll Idiot I"                                  As she went up she banged the end of the
  bead another bump.                                             " W 11 ere's the fire?"                              l/1.dder against every other step, and nearly
      By tbls time he was pretty well awake.                     " In lhe j(rate, you calf."                          tumbled baokwards half a dozen times.
      He leaned over and felt the rope prCSl!                    Tllen the awfully rapid young retail sales-              "Drat the tblng I" she muttered. "Who
  against his stomaoh.                                      man who smoked real cigars looked up and                  ever thought a step-ladder WIlS 8Q awkward to
      Ther. he saw the fire and other familiar ob-          saw Doddles.                                              handle?"
  Ject'll belOW.                                                "Oh, baw Jove, don't ye know, get on to hi8               Finally she got it up the st/1.lrs and In the
      Thon he felt the ropes above hi8 head and             giblets, don't ye know," be cried,ln true aw-             hall, and -oarrllild It Uprillht along the pllSsage.
  on the sides.                                             fUlly English s!r.le. " AJn'L that awiully jolly              In a tew soconds sbe knooked off the globe
      "llIazes I Wbat d06s all tbft! mean?"                 don'e ye know? '                                       ,  of the hall hurlIer, and smashed It Into glll8s
      SUddenly It dawned upon him Il8 he put his                Then everybody looked, and everybody                  hash InajllIy.
  hand to the celHng.                                       laullhed.                                                     " That's two globes you've Ilmashed," cried
      "Blow we If I haven't bNln slung up just                                                                        the
                                                                That made Doddles mad, and he Wanted to , cost boss of tbe house from Gridley's."
                                                                                                                              forty-one cents apiece .t
                                                                                                                                                          below, "They
  the way that dude \TaS I Who hIlS darea to                eay nl\ughty words.
  perpetrate such I\li outrage?"                                .. Why do you 11.11 'ltand tilere giggling like a         "Oh, dear, if it WllSn't to help poor dear
      Then he happened to remember that Bob's              lot of darned geese?" he growled, glaring                  Mr. Daddies, I'd give up the Job right here"
  room WIlS above his own.                                  down upon tbem from his ICJfty elevation,                 sighed Miss Trim.                                 '
      "If It's that IMcally Bob Bright, I'll skin          .. Why don't you go up and let me down?"                       Dut Daddies was rich aud a bachelor, and
  him alIve I Hey there, yOl1 Bob I" he yelled.                 .. Ob, dear [ how did h~ ever get up thers?"          this mlgbt be the gaining of what she long
  .. Oome and let me down tbls instant I"                       .. Oh, I know he'll fall and break bls                had sought-a busband,                  '
      Bob W,UI nowbere witbln hearing, and it              ne<'k ["                                                      She carried the ladder at her side now and
  wouldn't havQ made any dllIerenoe If he bad                   "Oh, dear I"                                          weut along swimmingly till sHe got to the
  been.                                                        Then all tbe girls soreamed.                           door.
      "Hi I hallo I oome and let me down! You                   "Sbut up I" howled Daddies. .. Go np Into                She thought It W/1.S not latched, but It was
 UtLle villain, \There are you?"                           Dab Bright's room and iet me down."                        and she banged Into it with foroe enough to
      Daddies never spoke In gentle tones, 811 we              "You might ('ut the ropes If you hll.d a               make a big dent In the pILne!.
 know, and when he raised his voloe the roof               knife," sugli:68ted one of tbe students.                       .. Oome In, you old fool I" roared Daddies
 general!y went with It.                          '            " Why can't you slide out of the obair and             thinking some one had knocked. .. Why
     .. Hil. I say, Bob, you Scoundrel, come and           drop on the 1l00r I" asked one of the oheap                don't YO\1 knock a HtLle louder confound
 let me down I Hallo I fire I polIce, murder,              clerks.                                                    your stupid head:'                       '
 watch, hallo \"                                                                                                         What a reoeption for Ihe faithful 14188
                                                               .. If you hauled yourself up there you                Trim I
     Now all thiB shouting could not go on In the          ought to be able to let yourself down," giggled
 house withant the landlady hearing some of                                                                              Sbe put the ladder down, opened the door
                                                           one of the type-writer Il'irls.                           and tben went lu, ladder and all.
 it.                                                           .. Fools I': snarped Doddles, in a voice that
     "There's a fire \" she screamed, .. and It's                                                                        " He-he, te~be, I've brought a Indder for
                                                           made one's blood run cold.                                you to get down on, you poor man," she gig~
 In dear Mr. Docldlos' room. What's the old                    "Wbere's Bob Bright, anyhow?"                         gleo.
 fool been doing now?"                                         .. What's he got to do with It?"
     By this It might be inferIl'd that Mr. Dad-                                                                         "Don't you cali me /1. poor mF.l1, you old
                                                               "What made Daddies let Dob put him up                 hen I" snarled Daddies. "Guess I'm 811 rloh
 dIes was not so dear as he mlgbt be.                      there anyhow?"
     If There's a     fire, I know there lsI Oh                                                                      as anybody in this bonse. I won't be oalled
                                                               ,. ite's aid enough to prevent it, I should           poor by any old m/1.ld in the olty."
 dear I what shnll we do? Bob, Mr. White'                  think."
 Joseph, somebody, anvbody, do come and                                                                                  "Te-he-he I I didn't mean poor in Ihat
                                                               .. Oh, Doddles is olean olI his rollers any-          way, Mr, Doddll's, I meant unfortunate." ,
see wbat's the m/1.tter I';                                how."                                        .1     •
     Thus she exohllmed 811 she went scurry-                                                                             • Who's unfortunate, you old scareorow?"
                                                               Then Daddies began to talk buslnees and               growled Daddies, who would not be oon'
 ing through the ball.                                     all hands got out.                              '
     MIss Josle and the bther type-writer girls,                                                                     ciliated. .. I ain't dear, dumb nor blind and
                                                               The clerks and the stndents went up to                I gue"s I'm as well off as most folks." '
 Miss Trim and the diVinity stud en Is, tbe                Bob's room, but they could not get in of
oook, tbe up-stairs girl, tbe knife bov and tbe                                                                          .. Well, I've'brought /1.laddel'," Sighed Miss
                                                           Course.                                           '       Trim, 88 sbe prooeeded to etand It up.
ohllap olerks all helll'd the racket and came                  They would not he so bold 0.3 to break in
hurrying up and down to see what it all                                                                                  In doing so she smashed every blessed
                                                           the door, and so they went away cbuokling                 globe in the chandeHer In the middle of the
meant.                                                     OVer the mislortunes of Doddles.                          room.                        .
    Tbe Iandll\dy rusbed into Doddles' room,                   .. 8~rves him rlll:bb for kicking that nice               .. What are you doinp;, )'ou old C/1.t? You're
yellln~ like II. mR<! tblnj:(.                             yr, Bro;\ n down-stairs," "Rld the landlady.              811 clumsy as /1. mule. You'll have to pay far
    "Ob, Mr. Doddles, dear Mr. Doddles, what's                Let him hang- tbere If he like"."                      that glaBs.. I won't."
the m/1.tter now? Is there a fire?"                            And Indeed It seemed HS If Daddies would                  "Oh dear, I thought I had it in the right
PART II.                                                        BOB BRIGHT.                                                                           11

 place" slqhed Trim, as she moved the ladder       the parlor ceiling by the force of Trim's faU,     stove-pipe hole, and put the bureau place.
 along.                                            and that made the landlady as mad as guns.            "GUllll8 they must bave had a high old time
    Finally she got It where Doddles could get       'ehe came up with wrath in hllr eye and a        down there, Joe," said Bob.
 his feet on It, and then she stretched it out     poker in her fist.                                    " Reckon they did, Wish we'd stayed to see
 o.nd stood It up.                                    "()an't you get down 011' a ladder, Doddles,    !tout,"
    .. Now you can get down, Mr. Doddles," she     wlthol\t an eleph"nt of yourself?            .. ObI tbat would have spolled all the fun."
 so.ld, with 0. sickly smile. "Ain't you aWfully   You've knocked down every bit of plastering          Bob nOON all about Trim's ell'orts at help-
 obliged to poor little me for belping you so      in the parlor."                                    ing Doddles the next morning, &/ld he laugh-
much?"                                               "Tbat's a whopper and you know it. If            ed till he spl1t hid waistcoat.
   " lJ'm I don't stand thel'(l giggling like a    you dou't want your whole house torn to              Doddles never suspected Bob, but was sour
fool I" snorted Doddles. .. How the deuce can      pieces, for Hooven's sake come up here and         to everybody elee in the house as be oould be,
I get down when I'm tied In my chait? Come         cut tbese ropes so that I can get down. That       which \iokled Master Robert right In the fifth
and undo thooe blll8sed ropes, or cut 'em."        old maid ill a regular fool and don't know         rib and gave him no end of fun.
   "Oh, are you tied In? He-he-hel Why,            enough to go In wben 11 rains,"                      A few daye after this little racket Bob :WRll go-
you're ju"t like 11 baby-he-he- -they tie them       Poor Miss Trim I                                 ingaloug Broadway when be IDet a young fel-
in their chairs to keep 'em from falllng out-        "Well, I neverl" she sputtered, flouncing        low whom he had known In the country.
te-he·hel"                                         out of the room, .. After all I've done, to go       He had been casbler in the etore where Bob

The ben gave a most unearthly jangling, Bond then something busted. Out came the wi,,!,!. coiling aU around
       .        Cholly'slegft. There he stood holding the handle, and looking vtJry decidedly
                          sheepish. .. Gweat hevvins, what am I going to do nowP"
   " Shut up I' relled Doddles. "Like a baby,      to talking like that! I jllst wish you may         worked, hut had left and come to New York
eh? Drat the squalllng Imps I If I eve~ get        hanll fhere all nlgbt, Rnd U's a pity the rope     since Bob's departure.
married I'll be a blamed s1ght bigger fool than    Wll8n't around your neok. instead of the              " Hallo, Dan, wha.t are yOI1 doing down in
I am now, I reckon \"                              chalrl"                                            New York?"
   Poor Trim I What a crubhlng blow to her           Catch her doing anything for any man IIfier         .. Living here, of course. I'm marrled,and
fond hopesl                                        that!                                              have a house up in Harlem."
   However, be might relent yet, I\lld she pro-      She would aee them all amothered fint.             "You don't say?"
oeeded to mount lbe ladder so as to give him          " g'm I you cruety old wreteh," BRid the          "Yes, I do. Oome up and soo. Come up
the required B.Beletanee.                          landlady, "you've made h ..r mad now, and          to-night. My wife and all the folks have gone
   Now, woman-like, she had forgotton to fas-      she would bave helped you down even if aho         away and it's ionesome."
t~n the two parIs or the Il\dder tOllelher.        was clumsy. Now you mm get down your-                " Where Is It?"
   Up she went till she reached Doddles and        selt, for I won't do the least thing."               "Oh, just up at one hundred and eighty-
leaned over to untie the ropes that fabtened         No more she did, "lther. for she bounced         ninth 81l'Cet."
him in his chair.                                  Ollt of rhe room,bl\n~ed the door, and went          .. Just up there, eh?" chuckled Bob. ,. Why
   Then thllt ladder did a bold, bad thing, and    011' to hllr own quarters.                         didn't you move to Albany Md'done
one that It ought to have been ashamed of,            Th'ln the cheap clerks eame to lhe rescue,      with It?'"
   lt just oollapsod and prooeeded to spread       put the ladder up lUl:alu, cut the ropeB and let     "Why, that o.ln't so far. You can take the
itself out flat 011 the carpet.                    Doddills down. leaving the chair hanging next      elevated,"
   It did not lose any time over it, either, but   to the cemlll\'.                                     "Well, I'll come, and I'll bring one of the
lust went /111M once.                                Doddleg wasn't even gmclous enoolgh to           fellows from tbe store If you don't mind,"
   Trim hlld just time to let out one awful yeU    thank tbem, but blamed them fur putllng up           .. Not at all. Oome ahead.'s Bee' -to-
 and grab at Doddles' sUppers, when away she       the job ou him.                                    night Is Saturday. Oome and slay over Sun-
 went.                                               Bob Brll{ht, the author of the little racket.    day, can't you? It's alwayslonesom(}'Qn SUD-
   She mlsRed hAl' hold rmd In another miuute      showed up about midnight with Joe. after the       day, partlculo.rly If it rains,"
she WIlS spmwled out on the fioor on top of        thing was all over and the house WM quiet.           .. Yes, I'll come and brlug J 00,"
 the ladder.                                          Doddles had gone to bed becnuse he Clould         .. All right."
   .. H'm I you old fool! don't you know           not j;Cet his big chair to Sn007.6 In j but Bob•     Bob andJ06 went up to Dan's houae and
 enough to f'lsten a step-IaddAr together when     peeping through the key-hole, could see by         remained till Monday morning, having no end
 you use it?" multered Doddles, in anything        the Jlre-ltj;Cht that all was serene.              of a good lime,
 but complimeutary language.                          Then he and Joe wen t up, lowered the chair,      Bob ketlt his friend laughing all d'!y. lonl!'
   A big piece of plastering was knocked ott       hauled up the rope again and closed up _the        over the Jobs he had played on the fellows at
                                                                            BOB BR.GHT.                                                                 PART II.

Howe & Stover's, and Dan WllB partiaularly                   Ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-Iing-a-Iing-a-Ung I              Not yet.
                                                             You could hear it aU over the house and all           Suddenly the Window over the front door
amused at Oholly Brown.                                                                                          wnl! thrown up, llnd down came a bucket of
    .. I'd just like to BBe that dude ouae," laugh-        ov"r t.he neighborhood•                               water right on top of OMlIy's head:
ed Dan.                                                      If there Wll.ll anyone In the houso, they must
                                                                                                                   It wns more of a barrel tlmn a bucket, for It
    "Well, I ~Ue88 wo can Jlx it. I say, I'll              be deal! or door or asleep or something.       .      came down in a solid masll.
put up a job on him for Monday night, and                    In another minute he set the bell to gomg             It nonrly swept Oholly off the BtOOp.. .
wo'U have lots of tuu over It."                            again and with greater violence.                        Mind you, it was a clenr, cold, starht ~lght,
    "Do so, and we'll give him a warming."                   He WaR beKinning to get slightly mad.               witb the mercury audd!lng away down 1U the
    .. You know ho's an awful mllflherand thinks             The night was cold, the stars twinkled over-
be's just too sweet to live. I'll write bim a              hood tile wind blew around him savaKely
                                                           and 1't WI\8 no fun Btanding up there on thut         COi~e:waterhadhardly struck before it began
regular love letter, full to the muzde wltll                                                                     to freeze.
ta.lJy, aud YOU'll BeB him up here lW BUle I\S             high Iltoop el:posed to the weather.                     The gang on the street gulfawed,llnd Cholly
guna."                                                       Presently Borne one came along and Cholly
    " That'll be first rate. Make it late and he'll        halledbim.                                    "       dusted.                              .
                                                              .. Bay, dOllll anybody live in this houee?             As he Ilew away he heard a VOICe say:
have to walk home."                                                                                                  "Tl'a-Ia-Ia, Oholly I Go thaw yourself out."
    " 011, I'll toast him, y(>u bet."                        uYes/'                                                  Then the windolV was closed, and every-
    Then all tllrce put thl1lr noddles together              .. Are Ihey at home?"
and fixed tile thing up lullne shape.                        "How do I know? Why don't you ring                  thing was I\S It were.          .         ,
                                                           the bell?"                                       ..       DId Cholly Browll recogmze that vOIce?
    The next day Oholly Brown got a letter                                                                           Bet your life he did.
whlah made him feel away up.                                 "I have been winging faw a.n houah.
                                                              .. Ring sguln, then,"                                  "That'fl anothah of Wobaht'sIittlejokes,"he
    It was worded 1\8 follows and just tickled                                                                   sadlv murmured, "but I didn't know ne lived
that dude most to deatn:                                     Cholly did ring again.
                                                             Nohodyanswered and the house remained               away up hoob•. MILylle he's moved."
    .. Illl.lROB.lRldllR.-I saw you at the theater til..                                                             Then he hurried off towa.rd the elevated sta-
~ther night and I think you are Just too lovely ror        as dark as ever.                           .
anythIng. 1 have fouud out )'(;ur address Qud                .. Are you shn.w tbat somebody lives heah?"         tion, feeling decidedly m,ad•
write to you to tell you Iollat yOI1 have eusuared            " Certainly."                                          There were iolcles hanging from tbo roof of
mr heart. 1 Shall dIe It 1 don'tsee you. Do come             Just then two more men came a.long and              his high diaN', there waS con~ealed water on
up this eveu~ng at nlue o'olock. I am dying to             stopped.                                              the thatch of his light overcoat, and there
lIlle you. 1 am a poor silly little thing, but yon are       •, Does anybody live heah?"                         was hoar frost on the coping of his smeller.
so sweet that I can't help It. 1 do tll1nk yonr              "Yes}'                                                  A little more aUlI he might pose as the ice
mustache Is too el.egant tor anythlug. Nine                  "Aw they at home?"                                   klnl{ In all his Klory.
O'clock, dearest, and dou't dlsBppolnt.                                                                              His hat WI\8 frozen BtllJ, and was e,tlll freez-
                       .. rours truly,                       " I think so,"
                                         '_'MAUDE."          "Tben why don't they come to the da.w?"             tug there were icicll's growing on hiS spinal
                                                             "Give it up?"                                        col~mn and his fingers, toes, ears and nose
    The address was given and everything                     "Do they owe you anything?"                          were beKl.Ilning to get numb and senseless,
 seemed perfectly regular, th.. letter having                uNo/'                                                   He must run or he woultl freeze to death.
 been llent throuKh the mall and properly                    .. Are you a book agent?"                               He did run and roached the elevated station
 siJoled, sooled and delivered.                              "NQ/'                                               just after a tr-ILin had gone down.
   1?oor Oholly waB aU broken up by It, and he               " Or a peddler?"                                        "When does the next twain go down?" he
 nearly twisted olJ \V bat little mustacbe he had            UNo."                                               asked, after he had deposited his ten cents.
 In Irylng to give the ende the proper curl.                 "Or an u.mateur musIcian?"                              "One hour."
   Bob saw him surr"ptitlously reading the                  UNo."                                                    "Oh deahl"
tettEll' tnree or four times during the afternoon,           " Maybe you want to read them one ot your               .. Thai. Is if nothing happens to the road."
 Bnd once or twice he aonsulted the r ...Uroad             poemsr'                          .                        ., Do you think there will?"
 guide 80 as to know the best way of getting to              U   NO:r sa'l.J.t                                       "Well, it's a cold night and the ralls might
 IUs Inamorata's house.                                      "Or a pl..y in six acta?"                            break."
   He also asked about tile trnlns on the ele-               "Sawtalnly not, sah."                                   " Guess I'll wait."
 ¥ated railroad, how Jate they mn and all that,              There were four or five meu on the slde-                So he went into the waiting-room, hoping to
 and If the EIJ;thtb avenue Cal'S would not do as          walk now, and they all joIned in guying tbat          thaw himself out.            .
 well and more to the same purpose.                        poor dude.                                                The lire Wllfl nearlv out, however, nnd when
    "He's dead stuck," said Bob to Joe, "and                 " Detter ring again I"                               it sawOholly It gave one last gasp and eXflred.
lte'11 be tbere just Illl sure a9 he's here at prllll-       " Maybe they live down-stairs I"                        Cholly waited for an hour and a hal, and
"nt,JJ                                                       "Try th& other bellI"                                then there came word by telegraph that tbere
    "Det your lllippers, Robert."                            II You don't rin!/: bard enough I"                   wc>ulrl be no more trains above Fifty-eighth
   When he went home poor Oholly fixed him-                  II Give it another yank I"                           streetthat night.
.elfUp in bl3 dandiest fll.ShlQn in a. checked               .. Tell 'em you've got some money to pay                Poor Mr. Brown I .
liUlt, 1\ high hat, a IIKht overcoat, thougb the           'em, and they'll open it quick enougb I"                  Heo was a little less aold than he ha.;l. been,
nIght Wl\8 ('old, white kid Klovllll with black              "Pull again I"                                      but three times as mad.
stitching on the back, and a cane as big as a                Cholly was getting chilled througb, and                 The surface cars had stopped runninit,
yOUllg tree.                                               wanted to go home.                                     there were no cabe to be had at that hour of
   It was ten o'clock when he reached the                    The air seemed to grow aolder every minute,          the night so far up-lawn, and the only thing
house InlIarlem, for he had mlscalaulated the              and he knew he would freeze to tbe stoop if            he could do was to walk.
time it would take, and hl1.d been obliged to              some one didn't come soon.        '                       .. Befaw I'll be SllCh·s fool again," he mut-
walk. about two miles aft,r leaVing the ele-                 Where, ob, where was the sugar-coated-               tered, .. l'llll'o dwown myself. I'll bet that's
vatedstatlon.                                              Maude?                                                llnothaw of Bob's little wackets. I thought I
   1)he hou.98 stood all alon"by itself, and was             The fellows on tbe walk were all laughlnK            hawd his voice. Wondah If ho knows the lady
l\8dal'K 1\8 a pooket, not th~ lellllt glimmer of          at blm, and he must do something.                      and put haw up 10 the dodge?"
light being lI4lGn.                                          He would try tl'le bell again tor the last              Well, olJ be .etarted, to walk to his palatial
   There was a lam:r'poIIt In front of it, and             time.                                                 boarding-house, a !toad five miles away.
by the light be cOlli rea I the number 'on the               If nothIng happened he would go away.                   The road was pretty lonelv at that time of
door, whIch told him it was the right house.                 He grahbed hold of the handle, and gave a           night, and OhoHy thought he would whistle
   He aIIcended the steps and. ranK the bell.              most terrible yank.                                   for company.
   .. She must be up, don't cher know, faw she               Out came tbe bell pull and about four yards             So he p,lped up on .. I owe ton dollars to
!laId to come late."                                       of wire.                                               O'Grady,' whloh wasn't strictly true, needing
   Ding-allng I                                              The bell g'ave a most unearthly jangling', and       a slight ohange of name, and the naming of a
   He could hear the sound of the bell all over            then something busted.                    .           larKer sum to mako the statement agree with
the house.                                                   Out came tbe Wire, coiling all around Ohol-         the actual facts In the case.
   Th at was all the sound he heard, as the pate           ly'slegs.                                                 Preaently a copper came out tram behind a
8In~s.                                                       Thore he stood holding the handle, and look-         tree nnd aald :
  He waited sfew minutes and rang again.                   Ing very decidedly sheepish.                              "Yez'U hcv to shtop that whistlln' or I'll run
  Ding-allng-llllng-allng r                                  "Gweat hevvlns, what am I ~oin" to do               yezin."
  This time he yanked the bell a little more               now?"                                                     .. What faw? :::t dc>n't dlstawb anyb<>dy."
vlgol'ously.                                                 "Get up and dust I"                   , ..'             "It dIsturbs me, begob, and I'm somebody,
  Still there was no responBe from· the gush-                "l'ull out the r!lllt of the Wire and go hang        I'm tblnkln'."
ing Maude.                                 .               yourself with It."                                        "I b..g pawdon," said Oholly, with a ~rin.
  .. It's vewy queah. I" ondah If she hM                     "Ring the bell agllin."                              " I fawgot r,ou. of courlle. You have to sleep
gone 'OUt an)'",hoob? What a quiet neighbor-                 " I think I'd beltah go home. I don't believe        to be shaw.'
hood t'H1s Is I"                                           theah's anybody heah."                                    Then he went on, thinking be had said
  Aftoer four or five winutllll more of walKng,              His troublllll were not yet over with by a           somethin~ very funny.
he l'an the bell aKain.                                    good deal.                                                The copper was of a dif(erent opinion.
  Ding-a-Ilng-ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-                                                                           He felt Insulted.
ling I                                                                                                               "Oome baak here, ye slvin for a quarter
  How he did yank It, to be /lure I                                            PART XIX.                          dood or I'll par'lyze ye," he aalled out.
  What a jlngllng it did make all over the                         HOLLY BROWN bad not yet had all                   Oholly declined the cordial Invitation.
house I                                                               the fun he was going to have. .                He was ufrah! of !tettlng' paralyzed j( be did
  For all that there was no reply. No one                                He had been standln~ on that stoop       go back and preferred to take his chanaes by
came to the door or threw up a. window or                  •          with the wind blowing through his           goin~ on.
showed a light ornotnlng.                                  mustllobenearly an hour.                                  U '['wa-Ia-Ia,   Iwish," he warbled. "Yaw
  "Faw lIenin's sake, aw tbey all dead Ie. the               He had rung and rung and rung, till he bad           not fiy enough faw me. Go wubsome of the
house?"                                                    grown sick of the job,                                 gweon oft' you fawst."
  Ding-a-Jlng-a-linlt-a-l1ng'- a-Ilng-a-Ilng I               Nobody bad appeared, and he Was guyed by                Mr. Cholly tbouJ:(ht It very nine to black-
  With what viciousnell8 he set that long suf-             all the neil\'h!>Ors hesides.                          guard a cop who couldn't leave hIs beat.
fering bell to jingling.                                     Finally he had yanked out the bell pull,                The cop had It in for him all the~ame.
  It hail no more etlect tha.n bIIfore.                    bursted the tinkler. and hauled out about                 If he couldn't leave his bont he could put
  Waiting about a minute he agitated thetlnk·              fourteen feet of wire.                                 another cop onto the dude.
lar once more.                                               After thIs he Qoncluded to go home.                     He accordingly rapped with hill club on the
PART II.                                                          BOB BRIGHT.                                                                            18

sidewalk, three good stinging raps that could          Bob n.~ver said very much about his little        In and tell him It's time to go, I'll never for-
be heard half a mile.                                rackets, but Joe WIIB rather leaky, and that's      give you."
   "Go on neow, ye daisy," he remarked.              the way they gell;erally got out wben be bad          .. Oh, I won't..' said Bob. as solemn as a
.. We'll see If yez can give all. offi.sser cheek    anythtng to do WIth 'em.                            judge; "but at. what hour do you think It
fur nothln'."                                          EverybOdy In the plllCe gave It to him slyly,     would ba wise for him to skip?"
   Oholly wllnt on ahont huH a hlock \"hen he        and he felt more like a fool than usual.              .. Well, tan o'clook Is late enough for any gen-
met another cop, who said:                             " That WIIB a pretty good one,.' remarked         tleman to stay, unlll8s--"
   " Where are you going?"                           Bob. ".Glltl6ll he must had a dandy time       .. Unless he's your steady company." Inter-
   Cholly could not ans wer directly, of course.     getting home, by the head he has on him this        rupted Bob. .. Then he oan emy to breakfast,
   He thought he mnstglve th~ man llaSS.             morning."                                           I suppose?"
   "None of your business," he remarked.               .. He'll be down on Harlem forever after,"
" ain't you glad you- -"                                                                                   "Ob, if you're engaged, it's dlfferant," said
   Whackl                                            observed Joe.                                       Josle, once more doing the blulh act.
   Th..t copper's club took him on top of the          "I guess It's good enough (or dudes,"an-             "When are you going to gat your cards
dicer in a Jiffy.                                    sweredBob.                                          out?"
   it wus u good thing for Ohol1y that It WIIB         There were otbers waiting 10 have snaps              "You horrid boy, do you think I'd marry
frozel!.                                             played off OIl them, or Bob thougbt tbey were,      such a fool?"

Suddenly the window over the front door was thrown up. apd down came a bucket of water right on top of Cholly's head
    It was more of a barrel than a bucket, for it came down in a Bolid mass. It nearly swept Cholly off &he stoop.

   AIl the effect the club had was to knock 0.       and so, havln~ p:iven Oholly his tnrn he pro-         " Oh, you mIght do worse," snickered Rob-
faw Icicles off, tha hat standing It like a rock.    ceeded to look up BIlmebody else.                   ert. .. He hllB lote of manGy-owing,"
   "Faith I think he'll an adv~rtisement lnr a         As It happened, however. Cholly had twO             "If you play any trlokll On him, I'll never
hat store," remarked tbe' cop, as Cholly slid        tnrm;, and the next racket came upon him.           speak to you again,"
ont, not knowlnK if thlll were meant for a             He 0.lWll18 was R lu~ky fellow, that dUde, In       .. All rI.e;ht," /laid Dob. "That's too awful to
compliment or not.                                   respect to b9lng sold.                              think of."
   He concluded, howeval', thM he had had all          He had, ollRte, been reDewlng bls attentions        He bad made up his mind to have some fun
thl> joklnK with policeman he wanted for one         to J0811l Bullinger, the typewdter K1rl who         with Cholly, all the same.
nip:ht at lel1J!t.                                   boarded at the sarna house with Bob, and              After dinner he skipped around to Iha rssl.
   He just hooled It IIvaly, and I1J! the officer    could be found thare every evening from             dence of Mr. Joseph Jonas, and I13ked that hi-
was too I1.l\tonlllhed to rap aKliln htl got oft     e*ht to elsven.                                     larious youth to retnrn wltb him.
without having any further Interviews with             He had forg"Uen tbe snap that Bob RDd Joe           "Whl\t's up, Bob?" lUlka<\ Joe. knowing
Ihe police.                                          had worked 011 him with the pretended shadow        from Bob's expression that something was In
   It WIUl the next day when he finally reach-       pantomime buslnaBS and returned to his old          the wind.
ed home with a cold In his head, a creek In his      101'8.                                                .. I want to buy an alarm aloek. It's awful
back. a fountain In his nose and a throat like          Miss Josie did not mind his comlnp: to see       hard to get up th68e morningll,"
a nutmag grater.         '                           her occasionally, but she bBglln to think tbat        .. Why, I thought you were wide awake
   That day I\t the store he freqUAntly heard        the every evoolnu business was bringing the         enonllh at all t1moo."
such remarks as lhese:                               thln.e; down too lIne.                                "Woll, I Rm; but I like to Kat up oorly."
   " Nlca wellt,her up around High Bridge these         u Oh, daRrl" she said, one nlKht after sup-        "You didn't oome around for me jUllt to 1\'0
dayR, ain't It?"                                     per, " I suppose Mr. Brown will b9 here agalll      and f100 you buy an alRrm elook, did you?"
   " ~'hey say the people ar"l all deaf up In Har-   tbis evening."                                      asked Joe. his curiosity aroused.
lem."                                                   .. You know you like to see him, Josle," gig-      .. Well, partly for tbat."
   " Know any nloe girls up there? Lots of                                                                 "And partly something else?"
'em I believe,"                                      p:led Ilob.
   "Qnlto a shower we had last night, didn't            Josle blushed away up to her banKS, and            "YbS."
                                                     said:                                                 Then Bob winked, and Joa knew that there
wa?"                                                                                                     was fun In store.
   "011. yAA, it was just done up Brown,"               .. Well, ha needn't stAy 80 late, anyhow."
   Oholly Brown fait that he had bean done              U At what hour do you wish him to take bis         Tba boys sailed Into a jeweler's, and Bob
 up, and the worst of It was he knew that all        depA.rtul'e ?"                                      said:
hands knew It.                                          .. Bob Bright I" screamed Josle, " if you come     .. I want a forty-horse power alarm-clock,
14                                                                 BOB BRIGhT.                                                                   PART II.

one that will go off to the exact minute and         about five mlnutOll till Cholly Brown thougbt            .. Ymr fellahs had bettah go jump on yaw-
wt!re up the whole block."                           he would go mad.                                     selves," Oholly would occasionally answer.
    'Ah, I have sometllinJ;! that wlll suit you         .. Fall' heaven's sake, why don't he play          .. Yaw too fW8Ilh altogethl\h."
ex...Gtly. It will strike at tbe hour Bet and only   something it he s going to?" he walled.                  .. That snap just snuffsd out the candle," re-
then, besides ringing an alarm."                       Then Bob played" He's a Dude," while Joe            marked Bob to Joe, .. and I think It deserTes
  The man then letohed out a smal1-lllzed            SlIng out of tune.                                    honol'll.ble mention and a medal."
Glock, with a belll\ll big as itself on top.            "ThOBe horrid boys are up to misohlef, I              .. Who takes the next?"
  "Does it tlllk loud?" BSked Bob.                   know," thought Josie, .. and I think It's real           .. Don't know, Joseph. I might see my wn.y
  I. No, soarcely peroeptible, but it makes up        mean."                                               to workiug one off on you perhl~ps."
for that on the alarm."                                   Bob now played" Then You'll remember                .. You wouldn't get off l\ job on me, would
  "Let Ilt'r go, Magumn."                             Me," and OhoUy thought that he certainly             you?"
  The man wound hlle up and set it for two            would.                                                  .. Well, I would artioulate, Joe, dear," and
or thrlle minutes ahead.                                  "I wish Bob would go away," he mused.           Bob winked.
  When the time Clime around you would                I WII8 getting on aWfully jolly, don't oher             " I wouldn't play jokes on you," said Joe,
have thought the house had fallen down.               know."                                              earnestly.
  First there WII8 a regular fire alarm strike,          The dulcet strains of " Home, Sweet Home,"           .. 'Oause why, Joseph? Same rOMon the fox
and tllen tile extra racket.                          now arose upon tile air, and Cholly grew BS          wouldn't eat the grapes, becl\use be couldn't,"
  Whirr-rrr-boom, zip-Whirr 1                         red all a beet.                                         Joe Jones was perlel,tty aware tbat pob Willi
  A nervous man settlnll' hie watoh outside on           .. I do think II's too mean, and I'm Just going  too l1y for him. but he didn't like tn say so for
the sidewalk lumped baokward six feet and             to ask them to ~o away."                            all that, so he rOIl ponded:
ran four bloOKS, under the Impre88ion that               80 remarked Josle as she got up and walked           .. Well, I guess if I made up my mind to get
something had exptoded.                               to the <loor.                                       11 raoket off on you I could do it ~y enough,
  A deaf old lady, buying spectacles of an-              811e didn't h"ve time to oarry out her .little   but I always thought that you and me was
other olerk, looked up and exclaimed sav-             plan, however.                                      friends, and that we never rigged el\ch other."
agely_:                                                  That (llook of Bob's got In iiB work ahead           "Don't be afraid, Josephus," ohuckled Bob.
  .. Well, you needn't speak so loud 11 I am          of her.                                             .. I have no intention of working you. I oniy
deaf I GueBB I ca.n benr you without beag                Then it struck the hour in qUlok, lOUd ton8B,    wanted to see if I could get you off your
screamed at like thn.t,"                              heard all over the house.                           peroh. You fiew right 6ff and never tumbled,
  Joe olapped hls hands to hiB a.nd tried          Obolly looked surprised.                         did. you,Jue1"
to shut out the sound, whlle Bob laughed to              That was not all, nowever.                           .. Oh, go eat Ilalt, you're too fresh."
uoire.                                                   Ollck I                                              Anybody but Bob could have a nloe
  ,~ That's a dailly " he. gurgled. "What's the          Then oame the p'i/ICe de rllllistance, as tbey   little row out of the atIalr, but he \\"&8 too sen-
tax?"               ,                                SlIy at the opera.                                   sible, and 110 he laughed Joe into Rood hu-
   .. Two and a half."     .                             Josie let out asoream and fell into a ohair,     mor, and in ten minutes they were as good
   .. Two ollSOIland II box? Pretty steep, but I     soored out of her wits.                              friends Ill! ever•
guOlls I can get live dollars' worth of fun out          Oholly Brown had none to be out of,          Bob could not stay long without giving SOme-
of it. I want a olook, anyhow. Set her for           but he Jumped up all the same.                       body a IlUrprlse, however, and, having oon·
ten o'clook, will you?"                                  He recognlzbd the delioate hint tllat his        oluded to spare Joe, be began to out an eye
   The olerk then oxplalned the mechanism,           room was preferable to his company, and lolit        about him in searoh of another victim.
put the infernal machine in a box, took Bob's        no time in geltinll; out,                                One morning, afteryHowe l\!ld Stover had
Illoney and said:                                        He grabbed his hat, coat and stlok, and          arrived, Bob had ocoaslon. to go 'lawn-stairs
                                                                                                          for something, and while tbere discovered tbe
in"" If you oan sleep through tllat thing noLh-
      wIII wake 'au."
    'Oh, I KueSIl It will start folks ~oing,"
                                                     dusted out of that parlor in half a shake.
                                                         Bob and Joe rushed in, in tile midst 01 the
                                                     raoket, and cried out:
                                                                                                          omoe cat In rosllesSlon of a mouse.
                                                                                                              As is usua with the fellne raoel Mrs. PUliS
ahuckle<1 Bob, 115 he went out with Joe.                 .. What's the row?"                              wa.s having no end of fun with tnat mouse,
   .. What's it for, Bob?" asked Joe when they           "WbO's snapping matohes?"                        and it mi~ht have lasted as long as a Chin8lle
got outside.                                             Down-stairs oome the landlady, GrUb, Dad-        drama If Bob had not interfered,                 .
     U   GuesS/II                                    dies and the cheap c41rks to inv8Btlgate tbe             Master mouse hud already skipped the gal.
     .. Landladl.?"                                  cause of the uproar.                                 den gutt81', but the cat stm enjoyed tossing his
     .. No; she <1 Pout strychnine In my hash If I       Up-stairs the oook, the ohambermaid,       poor little defunct carcass Into the air, and then
 gave It to her.'                                    the knife boy and the dlshwll8hers, all think-       pouncing upon It when it lell, lind going
     "GrUb?"                                         ing that tile house had fallen down.                 through all sorte of funny business with it.
     .. No; he ain't worth a two-and-ha!t job.           Out at the front door flew Oholly Brown, In          On one of these oooa.sions Bob oauRht the
 Ten oenu Is all I can spend on him."                full sight of the whole gang, but never stop- . deoell8ed rodent on the ily and dropped It into
     .. DoddIOll?"                                   ping to say good evening.                            his outside pooket, Ivhlle Marla went snoop-
     "NOt' he's too peppery. He'd smll8h the             Bob and Joe had arra.nged another little         Ing around, I18klng in oat language what had
 thing a I to bUs, if he got hold of it onoe."       surprise for him.                                    become of it.
     "Who takes it then?"                                They had loed the stoop, and the minute he           "I've got a use for that mouse, my den.r,
     "Oholly Brolvn. He oalls on Josle to-night.     got outside he went fiying down it as If he had      and you oan meow all you ohoose," remarked
 a.nd tills ill to S88 that he doOll not stay too    wings.                                               Bob. "You don't get It all the same."
 late."                                                  " Baw Jove I I think I must have dwopped.            Then Bob went up-stairs, and Puss went
     .. Oh, 1 SOO. That's boss."                     somethlllJO(," he remarked, as he sat Gn the         around orying for her lost breakfast, but get-
     When the boys reaohed the- house, Bob            walk. .. I shall have to sit on cushions faw        ting it not.
 went into the parlor, whioh was BS yet un-           the west of the week."                                  "Ah, go on now and hould yer jaw," said
 oooupied, took the olook out of Its box, stuok          Then he got up, for he eaw that. the entire      Pat, who had not seen the theft of the mouse•
 it under the sofa and dusted.                       household WBS standing In the doorway laugh-         .. Ma'Ybe ye'd lolke us to donothln' but go
    .. Walt till tile olock strikes ten, my dar-     ing at him.                                          catohln' mice for yez ull day."
 ling," he warbled, 118 he got away.                     ., Tra -In. -la, Oholll', Walt till the clock        .. Dat oat am no good," remarked 'Mose,
     He knew that the two spoons generally           strikes ten."                                        .. an' dat am whar she am like you, I'ish.
oooupied that sofa, and it WII8 the best place           "I'll seud you one for a valentlne,Cholly,       Reckon ef somebody dldn' put the tatahs in
for it anyhow.                                       so's yOU'll know when to skip."                      yo' mouf, yo' starve to detI,"
    "We'll <lome baok In time to see the fun,"
he said to Joe, .. We can hear it all in the
                                                     . '.rhat poor deluded dude lost no time In get-
                                                      ting away, and all hands went in, laughing.
                                                                                                              .. Begob, thin, av I had the Jab   I'"  feedln'
                                                                                                          ye, I'd have to use a shovel. Nothin' eille wud
front parlor, where the piano Is. I'm taking             Bob bad secured his clock, Josie had re-         i<ape that big hole av a mouth av yours full
lessons and I'll pia)' you some tun 811.             covered from her faint and was a.s mad as            except that, be heavens."
    Oholly Brown turned up, as usual, and Miss        blazOll.                                                .. G'long wif youse. I'se got jest <1e IIl1lest
;rosie Invited him Into the. parlor and            .. It was real mean of you to ilre off that      btt ob a rosebud mouf yo' eber see."
ahut the folding doors.                               cannon, Bob," she 8ald.                                 ',' Rose bud, Is it? Begob. thin, it must be a
    At first Josle sat on onechfloir and Oholly on        "Well, It made him go off too, didn't It.       cabbage rose, and they grow as big' as yer
another, but this 90rt ofthlng did not IllSt long.    Aren't you glad?"                                   head. Troth, whln y~r mouth is wide open,
    First they drew thelrohalr5up to the table to         " Yes, but you needn't have soared me to        wan wud think yer head was aff, for ali they
look at the piotures in tbe albu ms.                  death too."                                         could see nv It."
    They had done this sort of thing before, but         "Oh, that's all In the bill. Next Ume you'll         Leaving Pat and Mose exchane:ing compll-
that made no difference.                              know when the fun is coming, and will be pre-       m~nts, Bob returned to the upper regions and
   Then !he.Y' struok a big album and had to sit.    pared,"                                              reported to the bosses.
on the sofa so 118 to hold It.                           "You're a horrid, bad boy,"                          Then, lIS he WIIS leaving the om~e, he quiet-
   When they had finis bed with it, OhOlly drop-         " So I am, but I get there all the same, and      ly opeued tile door of that big wardrobe aud
ped it on the fioor, but did not change his          the weat~er Is still balmy."                          deposited the mouse in one of Stover's roomy
seat.                                                                                                     rubbers, shutting the door softly, and then
   Nine o'olook oame along and OhoUy showed                                                               sloping out Without his httle piece of mischief
no signs of going.                                                          PART XX.                      belug discovered.            .
   It was half past and still he llngered, lIS                  OB'S last little racket on Oholly Brown       An hour or so after this Stover bad oocasion
thougll It were only eight..                                      caused a good many laughs among          to fl(0 out, and went to the wardrobe to get his
   At a qnarter of len Dob and Joe entered the                    the boys.                               thinRS.
front parlor.                                        •               '1'bey were all tile time asking him      He took down his hat n.nd ooat, and, holding
    .. What'll I play you?" asked Bob, as If         such qOOlltions 118:                                  them in one hand, proceeded to pick up bis
totally unaware that there was anybody In the            .. Keep a burglar alarm yet when you oall on      rubbers.
next room.                                           your girl?"                                              The moment he caught sight of that mouse
   " •Rock-a-bye Baby,' that'e a good one."              .. How late does your clock let you stay now,     he gave a yelIanrl jumped baok.
    .. Or' Meet Me, Josie, at the Gate.' How's       Brown?"                                                   Out flew both hands, and terrible was the
that?"                                                   "How does Josle like giving you the               result.
   ... Put Me In my Little Bed' is better yet."      bounee, Oholly?"                                         The s1lk dlcer flew over in a corner, the over-
   " • Wben the Clock Strikes Ten' is another            .. Do you always go down a stoop toboggl\n        coat went in another, and the rubbem went fiy-
good one,"                                           5tyle, old chap?"                                    ing across the rooill.
   •• Oh, play anything."                              .. Had your trousers half soled, Cholly? Think         One of them struck Howe right on t.op of hill
   Then Bob sat down and played scales for           they'd neAd it."                                      bald head and made him say something.
PART II. '                                                        BOB BRIGHT.                                                                              15

   Stover sat down on the floor and the ward-        him to give the manse to the cat, while Stover       needn't be afraid," and Bob went up-stalra
robe door closed with a bang.                        f1nlsbea his preparations for going out.             chuckling.
   .. H'm l there's some more of this non-              .. H'm I aoared to death by a mouae," mut-          .. Dat boy beats de Dutch, I declar' ef be
sense."                                              tered Bob, 1\8 be Walked olf, holding the poor       don'. ebery time," muttered Moae. .. De 1I1ee
   .. What in time Is the matler, old man?           little oreature by the tall. .. I Irnew I could      ob bim ilndin' me I\8leep an' I on'y jes' take
What are you shying your goloshes at a fellow        get him right off his perch. That WI\8 a reg-        fo'ty winka. He won' tell nobody, dough, an'
like that for?"                                      ular hair-curler of a racket."                       dat's a eomfut."
   " I should think we had had enough of it by          Then he went down cellar, where he fonltd
this timel"                                                                                                 Bob had another obanoe to playa racket at!
   .. Yes, I agree with you. Don't chuck the         Malle taking a aly nap ana CllIle of goods 0l'll1'   on 8tover a few days alter that. and you oan
other one, will you?" aud Howe rubbed his            in a corner.                                         bet he caught right on to it with both hands.
bald head.                                              He W8ll sitting up, with bIB back agalnst the       .. There'a more fun to be ~t out of that
   .. I thought we weren't going to have any         Wall, his foot dangling over the edge of the         wardrobe tban out of a 001lluro1"'s hat at a
more of it," snarled Stover, getting up.             OI\8e, his arms folded and his head thrown           show," he remarked to blmaeIr, 1\8 he thought
   .. I didn't know we were going to have any        baCk, while be snored in most musiool fash-          of tbe snap.
of it," said Howe. .. Do you have thoee flu          ion.                                                   The boys in the outer office had 8 looking-
()ften?"                                                Bob put the mouse on his folded arms,             glRll8, and Oholly Brown uaed to spend most

  That huma.n whip flew around like lightning, and the fust he knew Mose was flying over the ice with the speed
   of an express train. "Hi darl hoI' on," he yelled. "You'm snappin' me, 'stead 0' lettin' me do da.t. Hi, hil hoI' onl"

    .. Ob, you needn't laugh."                       r~ht    In plain sight, and tben qUietly called      of his spare time In tront of It, untll all hands
    "No, I don't thtnk I need. It's no fun hav-      Iter nibbs the oat.                                  got disgusted,
ing rubbers shted at one'a bead,"                      Bhe oaught sight of that mouse, th(\ught It           .. That oheap dude wUl crack that glRll8lthe
    "That WI\.B an acoldent. You don't suppose       WI\8 a1lvo, gave one aprlng, lighted in the          looka in It so much," said Har7'
I would do It on purpoae, do you?"                   coon'a arma llnd 116(lUred the prize.                    "We ought to take It away,' added BUdd.
    " No; but whitt's up, anYbow?"                      Moae awoke wilh a. sudden start, banged           .. He won't do any work. asloDg 1\8 it Ie there."
    " I thought you had stopped playing practl-      hill bead against the wallood jumped up In a            "Give It to Stover to look In," suggested
-eal jokes?"                                         terrible friJ{bt.                                    Joe, .. and It'lll(o to bUa for oertaln,"
    .. I haven't played any,"                           .. G'way liar, pussy oat. What fur yo' soar'         Joe's ohance remark gave Bob a. hint•
    "You puta mouse in my shoe."                     a fellah like dat? Aln' yo' got no sense?"              "There's anotber one tor the wardrobe," he
• "I didn't,"                                          The cat, tossed auddenly upon the fioor,           remarked.
    "You did, for I saw him there."                  was a.s mucb frightened as Mo~e bimaelf and             Early the next morning he took that much
    .. H'm and tbat prov811 tbat I put him there,    went flying out of the cellar In a luty, the         abuaod mirror and hung It on a hook in the
-does It?'  l                                        mouse In her mouth.                                  wardrobe rlgbt In front at the door;
    .. Well, you are always up to ;rour trlcka."        "Wha' yo' laftln' at, Marse Bob?" asked              Obolly Brown had no ohance to look at hlB
    .. Was it altve?"                                Mose, for tbat young gentleman wore a most           ban/{ll that morning and he W8Il a aad boy all
    .. I don't know-I sup,p08e so. I hate the        expanalve RI'lu.                                     day long.
'very aight of the tbinjffl. '                          .. Oh. nothing." said Bob. .. I didn't know          Bob had reckoned on Btover's nerVOUBn08S
    Rowe laughed, got up, looked around, and         but you bad the nlghtreare the way you               and be had jU8t htt the mark,plum In the oonter.
  presently found the mouse on the fioor.            jumped up. Thougbt tile bo8B had caught                 When that oranky oustomer oame in b' '1'9'88
     .. Here he la; guess you aoared the life out    you l\Illeep, eh?"                                   1\8 or088 as a bear and had temper enough to
 -at him when you yelled. The oat wlll take             .. AID' been asleep!"                             give everybody a larKe alioo.         .
 o6lLre of him now, I gU08s,"                           .. No?" and Bob grinned.                             He bad Blipped on a bit of lOOt got his ooat
     "He WI\8 doad when you put him there.              "No, sah, on'y jes' sitUn' qUiet, waltln' fa'     all snow and his hands all mua, and bad a
 "This la another of your trloka."                   suffin' to do,"                                      (ace on btm that would ourdie milk•
     .. Oh, go take a walk and 0001 off," muttered      .. Don't tell fairy storiBll, Mose. I'm too old      He went to tbat wardrobe, ranked open tbe
 Howe. "I never aaw the mouse till thla mo·          for them nowadaya."                                  door, and got a good 81~ht 0 himself In the
  ment. You rnwaya lay everything on me."               " Ain' temn' nuffin' but de trufe, Marse Bob.     mirror.
     "Well. you are always up to aome non-           Don' yo' go tel1ln' de boss I done beea asleep,         He didn't think of its being himself, but
 i1ena6 or otber, and that's tbe reBBon."
     .. Oh, of courae," and Howe called Bob, told
                                                     fa' 'tain' so,"
                                                        "Oh, I won't give you away, Mose. You
                                                                                                          thought 8ure somebody     "8.8  in tbe eloaet.
                                                                                                             IS Great Scott I what an ugly rufllan 1 Polloe I
16                                                                        BOB BRIGHT.                                                                   PART II.

    fire I murder I watllh I" he yelled, 88 he let the      he hll.<l to bunt around for a boy to put on his           They stood on the soliu Ice in a half cirole,
    door slam shut.                                         skatll8 for him, IUld he was hiSt to be ready,         and gazed.
        Howe, Cholly Brown, Harry, Bob, Budd,               1,[ose and Pat being a lonl!: W'\y ahead ol him,           There stood MOBe up to his neok in muddy
    Nudd aud Joe ClIme rushing in to soe what                  "Did you evah soo the Dutch wom" he                  water, with tbe most woebegone mug au him
   Villi the matti'll'.                                     asked, 1\8 he started off.                             that WI\8 ever seen.
        u There'sll burglar In the olosot; the worst·          Just then alonl!: came Mose, and one 01 his             .. Aha I he is saved I" oried Bob, In dramatic
   lOOkiu,:(vlllain I ever saw," sputlered Stover.         bi~ turn over points caught under Cholly's              accents•
    t< Go oall the polloe,"                                 tr:lUser lllg as he glided by in clOse contllCt to         .. Snatohed from the very jllWs of destruo-
        InstMd ol doitlJr so, Howe opened the door          tIte dude.                                             tlon," added Joe Jones, who WI\8 fond of read~
   wide and showdd the inLerlor of the oloset.                 In another minute poor Cholly was sprawl-           inK romanoes 01 the most lurid Bart and Ire-
        Then he It<ughed, and everybody else except         inK out upon the ice, fiat on his back.                quently quoted lrom them.
   Stover grInued.                .                            .. I don't soo anything Dutch about that,"             .. BlI.\V Jove, h"llsn't dwowned, aftah all,"
        .. There'll your burl1:1ar, the homeliest man      ohlllJkled Bob. "It's decidedly Amerioan."             remarked Cholly Brown, in a tone 01 disap-
   you ever SI\W," ohuclded Howe, .. right in the              "Ke",p away fWOm me, yon howid fellah,"             pOlnlment.
   glall8. Ha-ha, that'll the bll8t one yet,"              said Cholly, lIB he got up. "Yaw skates nw                 Of course he wo.s not, lor he stood on the
       Stover was lDad enough aftllr that to smash         too oM-lashioned. They twip a lelluh up,               bottom in two feet of mud.
   the glass, wardl"Obe and all, thouKh he willely         dOll't ober know."                                         It was comical enou~h to Bee him standing
   refrained accusing Howe, neverthelll8s, ol                  "Den yo' sbouldn't get so neah me, sah,"            there, however, his head j list out 01 water, and
   pu.tt1r.8' up lfD,other jo.b on him•.                   said M08/il with an alligator-like l1:rin. "I re-      all the boys looking atanu guying him.
        ' j I say, boys," eard Bo~one afternoon, "ta-      qulahe plenty ob room fu' myebolution!l."                  H Begormh, it's tue foret bath ye've had in a
   nio-crow ill B1rthlngton's \'Y I\8h Day and a holi-        .. More like revolutions, when Cholly went          year, I'll bet,"
   day. What do you all My to going oft sam&-              over," remBl'ked Joe. U I thought the obelillk             "Come out qUick, Mose, oryou'llldll all the
   where and baving some Inn?"                             WII8 falling, t1r1it.'-                                fish in the lake,"
       .. Th.) Maokerelville Tarriers have a parade           The ganK moved off by themselves to an                  .. He'll ml\ke a blgh tide, a.nyhow, I'll bet,"
   an' a ball. I Ol\n l1:et yez all tlokets," said Pat.    unfrequented parL of the lake, wbere they                  .. Hi, dere, pull me ont, some ob youse fel-
   " I'll oost yez notMu' but a hll\.chellk."              could have lun by themselves unmolested by             lahs I" cried Mose. .. Does yo' WI\U' me to
       "Who want8 ter Jl:O to an I'bih bnll?" 8aid         outsiders.                                             catch my deff ob 001', h'm?"
   Moee. "De Ancien' O'd"hob AJrikin Sons                     " Luk at me cut a l1gger av eight," said Pat,           .. Drink the lake dry, Mose. and then you
  .bOl.' a. ball, Il gran' oelebratlu. m &11' suppan to-   digging hill heels In tbe ice. ,,!t·s lllgant          can walk asbore," suggel.'ted Joe. .. You can
  morrahnight. rS6-1\ membah an' kin take                  waus I c'ud maka whin I wat' a bye,"                   hold it eRsy enonj:(b,"
  7ou'se all III lo' nulnn'."                                 Then he sta.rted ofl. swung both leKS around,           "Pull yourself out. by your suspenders,
       H The Swallowtail Soolal Club has a woollox-        got tWist8d up In bllll!lell and suddenly sat          Mose," said Hnrrt, by wny of advioe.
  hunt upln Rawlem," Said C11011y Brown. "It'\!            down on the end ol his spine with eleganoe                 "Hush yo' blzness, yo' lunnv fellahs, an'
  be weal eplendld, don't yeT know. We 1111                and dexterity.                                         help me out ob dis," snorted Mose. .. Does
  weah pInk coatR !lond' top boots, and dwlnk                 .. You got thE) dl"Op on yourself that time,        ~·o' \Vanter make de missis Il widuer befo' her
  woollmpawted :!:lngUllh ale, don't 'Ylll: know.          P&tP"                                                  timel"
  It's awl1ll11y Jolly."                                      ",Do you call that a figure el,:(ht? Looks              Bob and Joe now ran off and got llo couple ol
       " The 1tntl-dudes have a plente," lle1lillu'ked     more like a cipher."                                   boards Irom a fenoe, and these being laid on
  Grub. .. All they tax is the prine ol !j, growler.          .. Mebbe yez think 10an't do it?" said Pat,         the iOB enabled Mose to get out of his dii1l.-
  We're going to have a hl~h old time, I tall              gettln~ mad.                                           oulty, likewise tb e lake.
  you,"                                                        .. Oh, yll8, you can," remarked Bob, "but we           "We m.ust eXercise him or he'll catch hIS
      .. You fellow8 make meslok," said Bob. "Do            don't want to OI1,rry you bome on a door, so I        death,"·          ,
  you call that fun? I don't;"                             wouldn't pl!aotilJe any more if I were you,"               "Falx, he ought to bave a dhrop av some-
       .. Ol oouree not," added Joe., "BOIIidl'.B,            All hanM were skl\t!nK, racing, exhibiting          thing to warrum up his shtomaoh forst,"
  these thin~s all happen in Lhe afternoon or               fancy ftKures and all that sort ol bll8iness,             "Faw goodness sake don't let him lweeze
  evenin~. What are yOll going to do in the                when sudd,toly Bah remarked:            •              out heah, [l~W then we would have to cawwy
  morning?"                                                   .. I SIly, fellows, let's snap the whIp. That's     him down to that dweadful Thompson stweet,
      "Sleep, deah boy,"                                   goo/I fUll,"                                           and I haven't any cologne about me,"
      "Sen' de ohillun roun' to de m1s810n to get             "Yo' bettah pnt me at ere bead.j.,dell," re-            "Ob, we won'~ lilt him freeze. We'll give
  presents,"                                               marked Mose, "'kase I'8e so big.l kin snap             him a roast first. Come, bOYS, let's snap the
      "I'lhtay In bed whUe me Wile does up me              anyfing,"                                              whip,"
  shirt."                                                     "All right," tll8ponded Bob, !living the test          Pat grabbed Mose on one slda, while Frank
      " Stiok !lome sucker on billiards lor the oi~        a. sly wink.                                          Tompkine hoo.ked onto:tho othor, two or three
  gars."                                                      Firat oame Mose, then Pat, then Cholly             lellows on eMh slUe Ilnlsheo the line, and
      .. Go take a walk."                                  Brown, Budd, Nndd, Fran!:, and Hany, and              then off they started•
      "Let's all go up to Central Park and have l\         Grub, and lastly, Joe and Bob.                            Mose was bound to keep going or be dragged
  skate." suld Bob.                                           Theyall took hold of hands, and off tbey           off his feet, and so he struok out with lloot-
      " Oh, that'll be nloe,"                              went. slcurrying over the ice like so many birds.     ness and dexteril)'.
      H Ain't /liot no skatea,"lllLid Mose.                   Suddenly Bob 13Wl1ng around, taking tho                Fortunatety it was not a ver~' cold day, the
      "Well, hire Some,"                                   lead instead of givinl!: it to Mose, as that inno-    Bun being warm and bright, and the air quite
      "Does yo' SpeO I kin glt a painh what am             cent coon Ilupposed he would.                         balmy lor that time of the year.              .
  l:>ig 'nuff?"                                               Making two sharp curves, Bob SUddenly                  How Bob and Joe did keep that gang a-skat-
      "Certainly. Jumbo's old pair is to let,"             hauled up, braced himself, and cried:                 ingl
  - "Skating Isn't good fnwm," put in Cb01ly                  U Snllp the whip, boys I"                            - From one end of the lal,s to the other :4t
  Brown. "ThllY J:levah skal;tJ"in London,-don't              ".Bnap the Whip 1" cried Joe, giving Gruba         lull speed they ;vent, oauslng no end of. oom-
  tber knoW."                                              yank.                                                 motion among timid skn1lers, old maids and
      "Go sit on a tack,/f remR:fked~e. "Let's                Then that human whip fiew around like              dudes.
  all go skating. The Ice III III bully conrlisb,"         lightning, and, tha first he knew, Mose was               Everybody tried to get out of tbe Wlty, but
      "Faix, I know it is," replied Pllt. ·"Me eld-        fiying OYer the 10(\ with the speed of an ex-         sometimes they couldn't do it.
  est bye skates on wau fut in the gutthers, an'           press train.                                              Onoe they rail into a cbalr on runner.s, and
 lailt",nlght he'mllst brOke the shklllhl1' him,"             .. Hi dar I hoI' on," he yelled. U Yo'm snar.-     Mose was chucked right into the lap of a
      "Let's all /lid SKating," said Bob..." We can        pin' me, U'stead o'lattin' me do dat. Hi, h ,I        starchy old dowager who WIIS being given the
 be at tbe Park at eleven o'clock, and have a              HoP !)nI                                              air by ber coachman.
  .aIey tIme 101' Lbree or lour h:lUrA."                      " Hold an ysrsilf," cried Pat, who was next            01 oouree the chair was eent flying, and the
      "Inevah wise belnw eleven on hollaay".               to Mose,                                              coallhman went down alld under it with l'e-
 iooh bOY," drawled Cbolly. .. Make it ,two,"                 Mose came fiying around pretty lively, and,        markable celerity.
      "You can KO up to R.\rlem and Sli'e that             instead of obeying the centrifugal loroe, and             The old womltn yelled, the coaohman grunt-
  m.ash 01 yours," RDiolwered JOII. "That will             lfeepinJ{ within the circle, shot alI at a langent'   ed, aud all the boy!!! laul(hed.
 brin/li you around in ~ood time,"                         on hill own !\I'COilnt.                                   Mose was rescued and the gang shot alI in
      Tbe maJority bl'llu~ in favur of the skating            He was SUddenly yanked away from Pat's             another direction, keeping up the same ratlol
 raoket, Oholly W&ll obliged to II\Il in wIth the          grasp, and 6bot slap-dnsh, two-forty, rl~ht           of speed.
 te.t,and so the mil.lter was settled.                     across the ioe, plumb in the direction ol a               "Fa' de LRwd's sake, ge'men, do hoI' up I"
      Joe oalled for Bob the next morning, and             danger sign.          •                               gasped Mose, "yo'm rUllnin' a,y legs oft an'
 ,ItI' two boys, with Grub In tow, pioked up                  " 10'0' ~oodn8SB sake, stop do injine," yelled     rse all out 0' breathe. Hoi' on, el you don'
 Harry and Frank on the way.                               Mose. "Put on de brakes, somebody, or I'se            wanter bab to car'y me home in a box."
      Cholly Brown, in /I big ul.,ter, fur hat and         1\ gone coon."                                            The boys either 'could not or would nothMl' •
 mittens, and cRrryln/li No dizzy pair 01 silver-                                                                him, for they raoe'] Uhl>nd, up, down, across
 plated club skntes, turned up a8 the party                                   PART XXI.                          Rnd baok aKaln like ,'Vlnd, and Mose, beln,:(
 reaohed the ~ates, and Rudd, Nudd and Pat                                                                       the mlrtdle,wlIB forOI'd to go wherever they did.
 presently followed.                                              " uYER tbe Ice, stralKht for tbat danKer           The result WIlS, that balf lin hour of this
      Last ol a.ll oame Mose, with a pea-jacket,                      sign, flew poor :Mose.                     sort ol business got that COon into a perfect
 woolen, fur o"p, bi~ boots nnd a p'\lr                        He couldn't stop hIm sell to save        Klow. his olothes werl) tolerably dry, and he
 of old-fll.8hloned wooden skntes wlthimmense              •          his neck, and if something bad not         Wl\!l In no dangllr of taking cold.
 turned up runners and straps enough to hBl'-              happened, he would probably have been go-                 Then Bob o.sked PRt to take the ooon home,
 »'\l88 a mule,                                            ieK yet.                                              but the Irishman elevated his n08e and
,. Pat hlld miFIiite, but thllY were skntll8, and            What happened \Vas this:                                " Go down among the naygurs wid him?
 lhllt 8ui1l.oed.                                            There WlUl that pO'lt, sliokinK up ant ol the       No, 80r. It's bad enollgh to assoolate wid
      Bob and Joe were dre!l8l'ld In tlKht fltting         ice with a board on it on Which: WIIB th6             him In business, an' thnt's quite enough. The
 JaClkets, lur CB.PlI, slllr. mumers and warm              legend:                                               sool'ty I move in wud luk deown on me for-
 gloves, and sp'>rtlldslcates 01 tbe newest and                                DANGER.                           iver H I wor Been golll' borne wid him."
 most Improved club pattern.                                 Strnlgbt lor it dm!hed Mose, wben. all of a             "Yo' nelldn' trllt yo'sll'l, I'ish," said Maile,
      When all bande reMherl the lake the two              eUddeu. the ice cracked all around him, and           with a snort. "I wouldn' nffmnt de es.hciety
 boys were rel\.rly flr"t 01 1\.11. and were Klldlng       down be went.                                         ob de nel~bborhood whar I lib by lotchln' a
 over the fro:ron !lurlace fully tsn mlnutss be-             Bob, Joe, Pllt, Cholly Brown and the rll8t of       I'sbman 'mollg 'em. Dey wouldn' spook to
 fore anybody else.                                        his friends, gathered around as eoon at! possi.       me no mo' ef I did,"
      Oholly Brown war!! such tight trousers that          ble.                                                      .. 1'\1 see YOU home, Mose," Bald Bob.
PART II.                                                             BOB BRIGHT.                                                                                17

" You'll have to, for you'U catch cold If       time to Indulge himself in a lark, and a good             .. Or lock yourseU in,orawl under the bed
you ride. Come alung, Joe."                            one, too.                                               and tremble,"
  " No, Marse Bob, I dou' wlmter spile yo' fun            One day Grub came down to the store feel-              "You're a dllllrly waCehman, Grub."
bytotlu' yo' olf wit me. 'Sides 1 don' lib In          Inl': a good deal bigger than usual.                      " About as good as a baby would be."
Fit &benoo, au'lt alu' 'speotshle 'nul! fo' a             "Tell Mrs. Na.&h I won't be home to-night,             "And then an nnoooupled bouse, too," said
young fellah like yo', M,use Bob."                     Bob," he sald.                   ..                     Bob,lmpreselvely. "Don't you know there
  .. Oh, thll.t be blowed," laughed Dob. "I               " What'fl the matter now? You ain't going            are always ghosts In empt)· 11IIuse8?"
guess I can stRnd that."                               to skip, are you?"                                        "Oh, rats I" snorted Grub. "You oan't
  .. I'll go home with him, Dob," said Frank              " N0, but I've got better quarters [01' a few        lcare me,"                             .
Tompkins the shlpplnK clerk. "I've gOI to              nights."                                                  .. Wouldn't you be a[rald if y<tu saw a
go anyhow, and I live down his way. Come                  " Fifth avenue?" sald Bob.                           gholt?"
on, Mose,"                                                ":Maybe it's tile Brunswick,"added Joe.                .. Naw I of oourse not I I'd knock the life
  The big porter's skates were then taken off,           "You're comlnp; back again, I suppose?"               out o[ any old p;host that came snooping
and Frank removing his own acoompanied                    .. Oh, yes, but I'll hate to, atter liVing in such   around where I \vas."
Mose first to a place where strong drink was           style,"                                                   "So you go there to-night, eh?"
dispensed, ftIling him up to the mUZllle, and             "Give it to U8 easier, Grub," said Bob.                .. YIl8, anti the reet of the week,"
then to the nearest elevated station.                  "You're too high up [or us to understand."                .. Where is the house?"

 They stood on the solid ice in a half circle and gazed. There stood Mose np to his neck in muddy water, with
    the most woebegone mug on him that was ever seen. "Aha.! he is sa.ved!" cried Bob. in dramatic accents,
                      "Snatched from the very jaws of destruction," added Joe Junes.
  Pat went off by himself, Grub did Ilkewige,             "Well, there's a friend 01 mine that has                 "Seventy-fifth street."
Cholly Brown suddenly remembered an en-                some new houses up 011 Seventy-fifth street,                "East or west1"
gagement he had, Rudd, N\ldd ll.nd Harry de-           and some of 'em Ilre not finiShed. One o[ 'em              .. West, n8llr Nluth avenue."
olded to go n.nd get lunch, and that left Bob          Is and ready to be moved Into."                             .. How wonld you like some compan)'?"
and Joe alone.                                            "Well? L~hflgolngto letyoul!ve Inlt for the              "First rate," sl\ld Grnb, eagerly.
   "I know what Chony Brown's appointment              styl.. you'll give to the nehthborbood?"                   "Oh, you're a[rald of the ghosts, after all,
is," remn.rked Joe. .. He won't gel any din-             " That'll it, eXllCtly," said Grub, swelling up        &reyou?"l>lIld Joe. "I knew you would be,"
ner If he doesn't show up at his hMh-house             like a [rOll', with eOllscloue pride.                       "Nothlnll' or the Bort, but It'll kind 0' lone-
when the gong Rounds, and he hMn't dust                   " Lots 01 style:Y'ou've got," chuokled Joe.          some Rnd I would like some oompany the
enough to go orr to a restaurant."                        .. About all much as a tramp." added Bob.             Dl'llt night. Come up, you and Joe, and spend
   "Guess you've hit It, Joseph," said Bob,               .. Why, tf the coppers 1100 you going Into            the evening. 'I'bere's only one bed or you
with a8mlle.                                           that houee they'll think you want to stllllllt."         might sleep thare."
  "Why, Hl\rry and the others would have                 .. Yes, rUIl away with the heater or the                 " Is It wllrm?"
asked him to go with them, but they'd have             range."                                                    .. Oh, \'es, the fire has been going [or three
                                                                                                               days. Come up."
been stuck, and they've been there before,"               "Or thfl chandeliers and gas plpBl',"                   .. All r1ro;bt, guess we will, and if there are
   " And found the weather colrl. Well, 1st's             "Well, it's to kf\ep away Juet that eort of          any I':h<'llta we'll help you drive 'em ott,"
have some more fun, el'en if all hp.nds have           [ellows that I'm ~oIUl~ for."             •                " Ah, ghosts be smothered I Do you think
gone away."                                               .. Oh, you'r" going to be a hijth·toned pri-         I'm 11 kid to be 80ared at Buoh things?"
  Our two boys, thllrefore, skated away for            vate watchman, el.>?" Jaujthed Bob.                        Bob chuckled In his sleo\'e, [01' he knewlGrub
another h Ollr, nfter w hloh they took off their          "Well, Bomethlnll: like that," said Grub.            o[ old.
skates, tucked them away In flannel bllgs,             "My frlond wantB me to stay In the finished                Mr. ThomlUl Whit" cculd talk very bll':, but
went orr to Il/lot too hlgb.toned rOKtaurant,          house for two or tbree nljthl8 and kind 0'              Bob had known him to get very much alarmed
went toboggnnlng the r6llt or the afternoon,           keep watch. Some f"lIow8 haye beenflteallng             on sevl'ml oCClUlions.
bad supper at·Bob's. and in the el'ening went          things out of the unfinisbed houses, aud he                .. There's a nice Bnap to be worked up on this
to the thellter tog"thl'll', thus pleasantly round-    wants to I';et onto 'em,"                               thing," be Bald to hlm60lf.
iBg off a very enjoyable day.                     ".      .. H'm! Nice fellow you'd be to catch                   He and Joe put down the Btreet and num-
   Several dllys pRBsed, and Bob wns too busy          thlevH8," langhed Joe. "Yoa'd run at the                bAr, and promised to Ilail on Grub that 87en.
to play any of his pranks; but at last he found        first sound,"                                           ing.                                 .
18                                                                   BOB BRIGHT.                                                                   PART II.

      .. I say, Josepb, we've got tbe malerial for a   reacbed the roof he knew just which one                "Oh, deah I" thought Cholly. "I wish I
  very nice lilLie Bna~ l'ight In ourflsts," said      Grub was in.                                          was on the woof."
  Bob to Joe during the forenoon.                         "He'll go right to bed," said Bob, "and we          "The idea of that duda P!lltlng up a job on
      .. One on GrUb, you mean?"                       need l08e no time. Help me ott with this              me I" sputtered Grub. " I'lllix him."
      "'1'hat's It."                                   scuttle, Joe."
     U You weren't tll.lking ghost for notbing,           They removed"the scuttle, showing the lad-                             PART XXII.
  then?"                                               der beneath, and then Bob said:
                                                                                                                         R. THOMAS WHITE, sometimes oall·

      .. I seldom to no purpose, Joeeph. We'll     "When you've scared him all you want to,
  let Cbolly Into this one.'                           you oan come back thIs way. We'll leave                             ed Grub, might be afraid of a rlll\l,
      .. Yes, he'd like to get square on Grub. Tom     thinKS all right and wlll wait for you insIde."                     lIve, genuine, bona-fide, no-dis-
  told bim yesterday that he wasn't good enough           .. All Wlghf:! deah bOYS," said ChollYh-,step-                   oount-for-cash ghost, but he didn't
  to stand outside of 110 second-hand clothing         ping on the rop step of the ladder. .. which           cllre two cents for a dude dreesed up to repre-
  stars as 110 dummy."                                 liaw is he on?"                                        sent one.
     "Well, we'll let Obolly do the ghost act."           .. l:Iecond story, front room. The door Is            When he found out that ChollY Brown had
     .. He'd like nothing better."                     not locked."                                           imposed upon him, he was mad as 1\ cat with
     .. And if Grub Isn't frightened, we'll have just     .. All right. Heah goes faw some fun."              wet fllet.
  88 muoh fun out of it."                                 He went down, wrapped himself in the                   He just made up his mind to take it out of
      .. You bet your lUe."                            piece of sheeting, and proceeded to flnd               that dude with interest. .
     .. Every time."                                   Grub.                                                     He knew that Bob and Joe mnst have gotten
     At noon Bob broached the subject to                  The moment he had left the upper story, tbe         up the snail, but that made no diJrerence.
  Oholly.                                              boys hauled up the ladder and sliut down the             Cbolly Brown bad carried it out, and he was
     .. That Gt'ub fa a saucy fellow, isn't he, Mr.    scuttle.                                               the one that must sutIer•
  Brown?"                                                 .. It's too oold to wait for that dude," laughed       He could attend to Bob and Joe afterwards.
     .. Yas, howid. I shawn't addWellS any of          Bob.                                                     So he grabbed up the pokcr and chased
  Diy conTll.w8&tlon to him tlll he begs my               .. YelJ, and if we stay in one of the other         Choll)' out of the room and up-stairs•
  pawdon."                                             houses the oar may catch us."                             Oholly thought that the R'hoat businetl8h'al!
     "I know how you oan get hnnk ou him                  "There wil be fun enough now without                gone far enough, and had no dealre to engRI.e   e
 and Bcare him out of his wits."                       us,"                                                   itla little game of poker with the Infummld
     .. I nevah. knew he had any, deah boy.               " Bet your llfe."                                  Grub•
 Wheah did he get 'em? In some second-                   Then those two bad bOYIl went down through             The way he liew up those stairs was a emt-
 hand ltaw or misllt pahlaha?"                         one of tbe unfInishad hOuses, walked to the           tion.                                             .
     .. Would ;rou like to frighten him to pieces?"    nearest elevated railroad stll.tlon and rode             His 10nR', White robes bothered him sotm!--
     .. That's easy enouf,l'h, aeah boy. .He hllhn't   home.                                                 What, and nearls threw him down more 1:lJltn
 the couw. of a mouse."                   •              Joe stayed with Bob, 88 he had often done           once.
     .. Would lOU like to lix up as 110 ghost and      before, and the two laughed themselves to                l'Iowever, he managed to reaoh the toplloor
 l16arehlm? '                                          sleep over the fnn that Cholly Brown was un-          in safety, and then he made a dive for the
     .. How 18 it going to be done, dea.h boy?"        doubtedly having.                          .          souttle closet.         ,
     .. Why, he sleeps in an empty house up-             Tfult dnde book-keeper had, meanwhile                  He got there all rIght and started to climb
 town to-night, aud we told him there were             found the way to Grub's room, and, all robed          the ladder.
 ghosts in it. We are going to see him this            in white, stood at the head of the bed.                  He put hill feet on air, for there was no lad-
 evening, and after we go we oan let you in,             He groaned, upset a chair, kicked over a            der there.                    _
 and you can scal'6flts out of him."                   poker, and then groaned again.                           Of course he tumbled down all Ina heap on
     .. How can you in without hiB know-          That woke up Grub and he saw a tall flgure          the lioor.
 ing it, deah boy?"                                   aU In white, standing in the firelight.                   Then he discovered that the ladder had 'been
     .. Why, we can get Into one of the other            "Oh, Lord I I w-w-wlsh those bob-boys               taken away.             _
 houses, go upon the roof and let you down            hadn't g-!\"-gone home,",he stll.mmered.                  .. Just like Bob Bright," he muttered. ".e's
 the scuttle. We'll tlx It so that you can get           The white flgure stood there motionless             always playing twicks."
 in all right."                                       and never said a word.                                    Grub had now reached the landtng,'lmd Was
    .. That'll be awfully jolly, don't you know.         Grub shook like a leaf, his hair stood on end       coming for him red hot.
 I'll do It, Wobabt."                                 and the coldsweat trlokled down his neck.                 .. Oh, deab, I musL get out of this," moaned
    .. All right, then. Be on hand at nine               " Wha-wha-what d'you want?" he managed              Oholly•
 o'clook."                                            to say.                                                   There was a door opposite the Closet, and
    Cholly Brown was only too glad to put up 0.          The flgure stretched out one long arm and           <Jholly opened tbls and sprang inSide.
 job on Grub, and Bob knew that he would               beckoned.                                                He closed it, and Grub had the fun of pound.
 oome Into the thing without any oaaxlng.                I. Go a.way, KElt out, I don't want you here,"      ing on It with the poker.
    The boys made an appointment with him,            shrieked Grub. "I haven't any use for you."               .. Open the door, confound you 1 and I'll pu~
 therefore, and promised to have everything in           Still the lIKure beckoned and poor Grub felt        a head on you."
 good shape for the contemplated ghostly              as cold as if he had been vromenadlng the                 Cholly declined the kind invitation.
 visitation.                                          snowy streets clad only In hIS shirt,                     Grub knew of another way of gettlng In,
    ThlilY went up to tbe house with Grub after          "Oh, dear, why didn't the boys stay" he             however.
 dinner, and found everything as comfortable          Kroaned. "What'll I do now? He wonlt go                   The front and roar rooms conneated.
88 could be.                                          away and they say if you speak to ghosts you              While Oholly was bracing him~elf against
    The house was warmed throughout, and              can drl\'e 'em off."                                   the door of the back room, Grnb ran along the
Grub had a big front room on the second floor            The ghost advanced a pace or two and                hall, entered the front room, aDd thence
 With a grate flre, 0. bed, a carpet On the floor,    waved its long arms.                                   through to the rear.
and everything in good shape.                            Its white draperies rustled anu refIected the          Cholly heard him comlnK lust In time.
    .. This rather Jays over my room a~ Widder        flrellKht in a way that chilled poor Grub to              He flew out or that room and down-stairs in
Nash'S, don't it?" said Grub, as he lighted a         the bone.                                              a·hurry.
 elgar, but forgot to pass any to his yoUng , " Get out I" he shrieked, scrambling out of                       Grub piled after him in hot haste.
 friends.                                             the bed over the footboard.                               He stepped on the end of Oholly's tralllng
    "I should say it did," replied Joe, "and if          Still the figure .advauced, and Grub backed         roba, and the dude sat down and slid to the
 the ghosts don't trouble you, there's no reason      against the door, shaking like mad.                    bottom.
 Why you shouldn't enjoy yOurBelt."                      .. What do you want?" he yelled, beglnning             He left the sheet behind, and hurried down
    .. Ghosts be --"                                  to blubber.                                            to the next IR.nding.
    .. Say smothered," Interrupted Bob. .. That          Then Cholly Brown forgot himself.                      Grub did'l't giva him time to get out at the
sounds nicer than what you were going to                 II he had kept still it would have been all         front door, and Cholly Wl\S obliged to go.down
Bal"  "I ain't lI(rald 0' no ghosts," blustered
                                                         That's the trouble with some folks,
                                                                                                             to the nAxt story.
                                                                                                                Tbe door at the foot Of the basement stairs
Grub, "and If I catch !lny snoozing around               If they. keep their mouths shut, nobody             was locked.
here to-night I'll punehthelr blamed heads            knows whR.t big fools they are.                           Poor Cholly was caught In a trap.
for 'em."                                                Oholly forKot this.                                    Grub piled down on lOp of him and began to
    The subject of ghosls was dropped, and the           .. What do you want?" blubbered poor                pound the nonsenSfl of him.
boys remained ttll nine o'clock, tll.Lking, look-     Grub.                                                     .. Try a ghost racket on me, will youP"
ing over the house, and :having a good time              " I am yaw gwandmothaw's spirwit," :said               Thump I
generally.                                            Oholly Brown.                                             " Scare a fellow's life out of him again, wlll
    There was no door to the closet leading to           That gave the whole snap clean 8Wl\y.               you?"
the root, and Dab ascertll.ined that the souttle         Grub recognized Oholly's voicein tbetwink-             BIIII
could be llfted without difficulty.                   ling of an opti".                                         " Break into a house and play gbost agaIn,
    At nine o'olook the bovs went away and               From being frightened he got very mall.             hey?"
Grub locked the door, went up to his room,               He had no very great love or respect for               Whack I,
and turned in.                                        that dude to begin with.                                  Then the thumps and wlmcks came so fast
    He left the gas burning low, and then there          To be scared by him, therefore, made him            and so hard that poor Oholly began to yell.
WM the fIreU!\,ht as well, for Mr. Tom felt just      very angry.                                               "Hold on, Gwub; It's me-I ain't a ghost.
a bIt uervoull, and was a little sorry that he           " Oh, It's you, Is it?" he growled. "Well,          Faw hevvln's sake, stop."
had not asked tbeboys to stay with him.               I've bl3en looking for you, and I'm just going         I Grub got in four or five more thumps beforfl
  , Bob and Joe met Ohollyon the corner, and          to knock the funny business out of you. No             he said in surprise:
found that he had already prepared himself            grandmother's ghost can scare me I"                       "Why, is tbat you, Drown? I thought it
for the proposed moket.                                  Cholly gave a Kroan, and li~pped his arms,          was a ghost."
    He had several yards of unbleached cotton         but Grub mada a dive toward the fire, grabbed             "Is that the way you tweat. yaw fwiends
cloth rolled up In a neat bundle under hIs            the poker and went for his ghostly nlbbs hot           when they come to se6.YOu?"
arm, and with this he would make a very re-           and heavy.                                                .. Why, I'm sorry I thumped you so, Cholly
spectable ghost.                                         Oholly thought he had scared Grub suffi(ji·         but L thought you were a ghost. Got a cigari
    The three went into one of the unflnished         enUy and dusted.                                       Come up stairs and smoke It."
houses, the door being wide open, and theli              GrUb meant business, however, and fol-                 To thla kind Invltlltlon the poor dude gave
asoended to the roof.                                 lowed,                                                 assent, and he and Grub went up to the sec-
    Bob had oounted the houses, and when he              Up-stairs went ghost and Grub Ilcketty clip.        ond story.
PART II.                                                           BOB BRIGHT.                                                                               19

    Grub was profuse In his apologies, but all tlie       "You can't bluff me," he said. "I want to         Cholly slammed his books back into their
 hme he was chuckling to think. what a drub-          see your books,"                                    places and said, llercely:
  bing he had given &hat deluded dude.                   .. Have you spoklm to M1stah !Iowe aw              .. I won't tweat anybody. It's a wea!shabby
     Cholly knew tbat be was ae[ng secretly           Mistah Stovah?" lLBked Cholly, wishing to gain      tW10k, and I won't speak a wu.wd to any of
  made fun 01, but he had mnde himself suob a         time.                                               you evah again."
 donkey already, that he concluded to hold his           His books were all right he knew, but the          " Oh, you needn't come if you don't want
'tongu9.                                              faet of the matter was, he Wll.8 awfully soarell,   to."
     "'fhat Bob BWlgbt Is too funny," he thought,        Bob, Joe, Hal'ry Annles, Grub and Rudd,            .. We'll have It all eharl(6d to you, o:d boy."
 .. and 1 Just blllleve that he and Joe and Gwub      were now in the room, and that made him                "We won't make the blll too big, old man,"
  made the whole thing up between 'em,"               nervous.                                              " No, we'n go light on you this time,"
     !Ie stayed with Grub, smcklng his own ci-           "I have sufllcient authority," sald Dau, for       .., old ohapple."
 gars, not Tom's, for half an hour, and then          he was the disguised stranKer, .. and if you          Then tbey all went· out, leaving Oholly as
 went away. '                                         make any fuse, I'll lug you off to Ludlow street    mad as a girl whose fellow hR.II taken some
     "Anyhow, those fellaha wlil be waiting faw       this il1&tant,"                                     other Kid out.
 me out In the cold," he muttered, "and [t Just          Poor Cholly got out his books while all hands      !Ie threw the whiskers on the 11001' and
 81lWVes them w1ght. L hope they'll wait theah        chatted him.                                        danced on them.
 faw two houahs,"                                        "Been makJug too mllny presents to Josle           !Ie took up the big badge and saw that It
    At that very moment the boys were suug            BUllinger, eb?"                                     was nothing but part of a brMs co.ndlestlek.
 and warm and fl\Ht l\8leep In their little bed,         "How many packs 01 olgarettes do you                He put his heel on It and Med real naughty
 and Chol1y was lelt aKaln.                           smoke now?"                                         worde.
     They had not waited two minutes after               " Got a new suit of o1othes last week, didn't      He aetnaUy said" CUSs 'em,"
 hauling up the ladder and putting down the           you, Cholly?"                                         " The id8llh of making l\ fool of me befaw
 scuttle.                                                " And a lot of new canee;"                       the whole crowd I I nevah would do It to
     The next da)' Grub told his story of how            "Board at the Brunsw10k, too? Ob, you            them."
 Oholly had tried to scare him, and how he had        wioked fellah,"                                       Just then he heard Stover come into the
 thumped the nonsense out of the dude.                   "Ah, your friends have noticed your ex-          other oflloe and he had to bottle up his
     Oholly told hill little yarn about his having    travagant habits, have they?" S"ld Dan, grave-      Ull &. more convenient time.
 soared Grub Into a fit, and then revealing him-      ly. "That's very 00d, young man, very 00d.            The boys BOon oame back, aod all Iau~hed
 self and making Grub set up the cigars.              I am afraid that my worst suspiolons will be        at him on the sly.
, "I hope you didn't wemaln vewy long on              reallzed."                                            At noon a. man came in with a il1l1 for cigars
 the woof," he s&ld to Bob, .. faw J woolly faw-         .. Gwaolous me I I don't spend money any         amounting to a dolla.r and a half.
 got aU about you. Why didn't you OOme down           maw than anybody eise," stammered poor                "The bOys had them on your 1Io600unt, Mr.
 aftahwal'ds and enjoy yawselves?"                    Cholly.                                             Brown," ths ml\n said.
    Bob put his forefinger under one eye and             "!Iow about that ohampagnesupper you               II I'll pay you next week," Baid Oholl" a8\mad
 winkeJ.                                              gave at the lViud80r the othsr night, Cholly?"      as mustard.
    !Ie did not say anything, but Oholly under·          "And those fast horses of yours that you           "Oh, that's all right. You're good for It,
 stooa all the same.                                  take tor a spin out on the boulevard every          Mr. Browll."
    .. I'hey both tell big stories," said Bob to      afteroool1?"                                          That sounded a little like sarcasm, and
 Joe, "but, taking the averaj{e, I think the             " And the box at the Metropolitan for the        Cholly winced.
 truth ls that Grub was frightened at llrst and       S8IISOO, my boy?"                      ..             He had hun~ this man up for ten cents for
 then tumbled to the moket and gave Oholly               " And the theater parties at Wallaok's, the      more than a week on sevAral oocasions.
 lItl!. He has the suspicion of Ilo black eye this    BIJou and the (Jasino, last week?"                    Consequently, there seemed to be a tinge of
 morning."                                                 • Yes, and those games of bIlliards at ten     lnelnoerity In hlS litlIe remark.
    Bob nevsr knew how closely he had Kuessed         dollars a game,"                                      .. Oh, sawtainly, I'm good ta" it," eaid
 the truth until u. long time afterwards, when           " And the ball tlokets, old man,"                Cholly, with a. ghastly smile.
 he rallied Grub aud made him couteBS that he            " Boxes of Rioves I"                               When he went to get hiB lunoh, he was
 had been II.wtully scared, II.nd that It Cholly         "Bilk handkerchiefs bX the dozen I"              stopped at the oounter by the i'roprletor, who
 hadn't been fool enough to 6peak, he would              "Seal-skin overooats. '                          said:
 never have known but that his noeturnal visitor         " Diamond pins:'                                    .. You send some friends off yours here.
 was a r8llllh"e ghost.                                  " Two new suits a month,"                        Meester Brown, Ain't it, und dey had lunch
    Bob and Joe had lots of fun out of thlg snap,        " Oh. Cholly I"                                  on your aggounU" ,
 but Cholly Brown felt mad and would not                 AU these questions and remarks were Ilred           II No, 811oh, nevah," orlsd Oholly, fieroely.
 speak to them for da)'s,             .'              in 'luah qulok 6uoo85slon that poor Oholly was         Tblnl{li were getting despemte.
    That gave Bob time to work up another             nearly wild.                                           "Veil, dey Vll.8 peen here all de same."
 snap on Mr. Brown.                                      "Aha, that's how your money goee,"          "!Iow many?" gasped Oholly.
    Bob's frleud Dan, who lived up in Harlem,         Dan.                                                   "Oh, abont halluf a dozen. Day ax: me off
 and where Cnnlly had re<Jeived· his shower              " No, sah, upon me wawd--"                       I know you und I say I do, und den dey say
 bath, happened to meet Bob one day about                "Aha. ohampagne suppers, German opera,           dot'6 all ride und dot you got stuok tor del'
 this t1me, and said:                                 theater parties, pretty ahorus girls, fast horses   loonohes und peen arOund later already t,()
     "Hallo, Bob, how's your friend, Cholly
                                                      and d11lmonds are expensive· luxuries,
                                                       friend. Your CR.lle looks very black."
                                                                                                  00"     seddlfl,"
                                                                                                             " It's a wegulah fwaud, that's what It is,"
     "As blooming R.II ever, Dan," and Bob re-           "Upon my honab, sah,I--"                         stammered Cholly.
 lated the newest racket on the dude,                    "What is your salary here?" demanded Dan            " I don'd know noddings aboud dot, Mees-
     "I'll help you get upano~her one, Bob," said     sharply.                                            ter Prown. De parties Wl\8 been s~uare mit
 Dan.                  I                                 " Twelve bund wed,"                              me before und vat dev say I peleefs. '
    "Will you?"                                          "And you spend twelve thousand easily I             .. Waw there six of~om?"groanedthe mis-
    .. Yes. I've taken a great notion to that fel·    No wonder our suspicions have been arouSlld,"       erable dude•
 low, and waut to see him."                              Then Dan began to look over Oholly's books          .. YII., und dey do good by demselts too, I
     "I'll give you an Introduction any time,"        while the wretehed dude trembled all over.          tol' you,"
    "All right, and I'll tell you how we can work        "Bah, you ha"e heal.), mlsinfawmed. The             .. Did tbev eat muoh?"
 upa suap,"                                           b0l.s are making fnn--"                                "Ya, deyoad abouL n dollar'svort."
     Dan related his plan, Bob made some sug-              • Aha Ileav85 pasted together, eh? Young          .. Akogether?" said Oho))y, see1ng a gleam
 gestions, and the racket WlJ.B ready.                man you have been deceiving me I"                   of hope in the obsourlty.
    Joe and Harry and one or two others wer"             Poor Cholly saw Dan separate the pasted             "Altogedder? Y!l, dey was all been by,
 let Into the secret, and the next mornlug ap-        leaves with a paper knife and then frown.           demselfs at onoe."
  pointed for springing the trap on the poor             "I don't know anything about it, sah, I             .. No, I mean did what thflY had oome toa
 dude.                                                nevah--" '                                          dollah faw the entlah _paht.y?"
     That afternoon Bob got hold of the ledger           " Trying to conoelll your work, eh? !I'm 1          " A dollar for de hull 01I dum?" laughed the
 and pasted several leaves together without           this looks very bad."                               Dutohman.
                                                         " But I Mshaw you, 6ah, I don't know any            II Yae, that's 1t."
 Cholly knowing It.                                   more about--"                                          II Al'h him mel I yOll dlnks I keep a bork and
     He did the same to the journal and to some          .. Bilence I" thundered Dan, looking over        beans and pie OhOD, Meester Prown,"
  of the other books, for a r~ason that will come     the books and Ilnding more pasted pages.               "No, sail, I __,t
 out later on.                                           Poor Oholly was caught up 50 quiok that hs          .. Bix loooches for a tollaf I Aoh, dot vos
     The next morning, when Oholly had just                                                               been whOlesale briclllI, aint It?" and the
 arrived and was taking ott his coat, a ilerce-       nearly fainted.
  looking man wlt.h a black beard and a mys-             "I llnd, Mr. Brown, that you have embez-         Dutehman lallglled I1.lI:aln.
  terious 1\11' 'arne Into the office.                zled five hundred thousand dollars in the last         "Yes, but don't yer know--"
     .. Mr. Brown?"                                   six weeks." .                                          .. Py chlmlnies, the sheapest lunch you YR.II
     "Yas, sir," said Oholly, wondering If the           .. Gweat Scott I the fawm doeen't do that        got here ooat you more as 11 kevarter. und do
  fellow could be a collector, and thinking of        much bu"hleBS in six yoobs,"                        boys don'd ood dot kind. Dot pill '1'1'1\8 IHe
  some eXlluse to get rid ot him.                        "And I therefore sentence you to stand           tollar und sefeuty-fife centa, MeeHtor Brown.
     " I Wl8h to see your books,"                     treat."                                             Del' leedle fellers don'd smoke, abel' dot wag
     "What taw? What wight have you to ahsk               With that Dan pulled of his black whiskers      sixtollara,"
  that?"                                              and big brl188 badKe and laid them on tbe desk.        "GwaelouB me, they smoked two fawa
     " I am an examlnsr, sir. and I have reasons          Poor Cholly was speechless.                     quabtah oigahs?" Kl\8ped the <Jude.
  to suspect tilat you are 8pend1ng more money            What new gag was Ihls?                             II Of! gouree.    Eberybody dOllS dot ven he
  on cigarettes Rnd theater tiokets than you              " Glad to see yOIl, Mr. Brown. You called       P;lIt8 n. sUKKer to dreat him. You vas been
  honestly 8111'0."                                    at my house one night and had a pail of wa-        stuok bad, ain't it, Mr. Prown?"
     Oholly turoed pale and began to look              ter tbrown on you by mistl~ke,"                       "I'll pay you next week," enid Cbolly, faintly.
  Seared.                                                 .. Y6II, it ought to have been a hogshead I"       "J)ol's all ride. 1 don't knowas you V08
      "What wl~t have--"                               chuckled Bob.                                      agreed 10 hay it, but off you say It vas all rldA,
     "I am a deteotlve," and the strangsr threw           PoorOhollyl                                     1 can vait a foo days orr you don't got de
  open his coat.                                          He realizAd that he had beea sold ap;ain.       shtam ps. De fearst of the month vlll do."
      A big brass badge as large as a saucer, or-         "That will cost you the cigars, Obolly."           "Ob, tbanktl, lllvfully," sllid (Jholly, who felt
  namented his breast.                                    .. And 1I1OCh for all the boys,"                as if he would \IKe to kll1somebody•
  20                                                                 BOB BRIGHT.                                                                       PAIn H.

      He had v~ little appetite for hill lunch af-       Howe sailed Into him agnin nnd proceeded                  "No, sllh, I have been velvy busy. Wheah
  ter what he had heard.                              to clean up the omce fioor with him.                     was it?"
      There was no knowing where the bOys would          "SLop that, I say. Hi-hi, help I The man                  " Just outside tile omoe."
  stop, if they once I/;ot to goil1g.                 Is crazy,"                                                   .. PllwhllPS you oaught yaw foot iu the mat.
      Tbey might order new hats and all that sort        There WlUl nobody about but Cholly Brown.             It's vewy wagged,"
  of thing, and lIeUlI the bllls to him.                 He, of course, was loa busy to Interfere.                 "Mllybe so,"
                                                                                                                   .J An' I   guess you touohed the electwie
     Tbey mlgbt eveD want him to pay for suits           Finally Howe grabbed Stover and lIred him
 of clotbes, overcoats and Buch trilles.              against the wardrobe.                                    whths. They \"I1W down this ml~IVDillg."
      In fact there seemed to be no limit to their      There he stood, afraid tv move, while Howe                 "'l'hat must have been iL," chuckled Howe.
 extravagll.nces.                                     swabbed all" bis forebend nnd remarked:                      "Didll't you strll~e him yourse)['/" said
      Tbll\ sort of thinking of course made poor         " Had all the fUll you want, or WQuid you             Stovllr sharply.
 Oholly very miserable.                               like IInother round?"                                        " Why, my deah sah, I wonldn't daiah take
     It also made him .mad.                              'J What is the mooninj:( of this dastarflly out-      such a liborty."
     "I've stood !l.ll the wBcket8 I'm going to,"     rage?" gasped Stover, trying to get his brentb.              ".By mlstl\ke, of course, thinking he was
  he growled, "and I'll put a head on Bob               Howe sat down and presently began to,                  some one elee?"
 BWight and aU the weet of tbe fellnhs."              laugh.                                                       "No, sah. I wouldn't even do it by mlstllke.
     He went back to the store, t1ndlng the omce         .. '.rhe joke didn't work right, did it, old          I wespect Mr. Howe too much to make such
 empty, though be heard somebody at work in           man?"                                                    a mistake."
 the firm's private room.                               "The joke?"                                               l'here was no getting anytbing out of Cholly
     Presently he heard a step coming along the         "Yt's, the neat Iittlo snap you played on me."         Brown, and Howe told l:ltover to let the
 !loor outside.                                         "I don't understand."                                  mlttter drop.                                      ,
     II That's Bob."    he muttered. "I'll just          " Of coursa not, you never dO," and Howe                   CMlly thought he had got clear pretty
 pawalyze that little jOku.h."                        laughed lI.jl;ain.                                       nicely, hut he mltdo np his mind not to hit
     'rhen he hopped down from his stool anll           That made Stover mad.                                  anybody IIgain till he was dead sure 01 his
 got behiBd the door.                                   " Do you call it n joke?" ha snapped, "to              man.
     He put himself Into an offensive attitude,       come in here lind make nn unprovoked as-                    After the boys had had 1111 the fUll thoy
 prepared to give the unsuspecting Bob B warm         sault on me when I haven't said a word, or               wanted o.ut of this bogus detachve racket,
 reception•                                           even looked at you? I>l tbat your idea of wil?           Cholly IM~'neu thltt the dollar for the cigars
     .. Won't I just paste him?" be remarked,         I call it a. piece of ruflianly brutality. sir, and      was all tha.t he had been taxed, the dinner
 squllring olT.                                       I won't stand lin)' more of it I 'rhe partnar-          monoy being a bOIIX.                            ,
    There was lire in his eye, and the minute         ship had better be dissolved!"                              "That will uo for Oholly," remarked Bob~
 that door opined somebOdy was going catch              To this Howe made reply by laughing louder            "We'll give somebody'else a show now."                •
 it.                                                  than ever.                                                  Two or three dttys aft.n' timt Bob got to tal k-
    Somebody I                                          "That's immense," hn said. "Nolv you                  ing with the cigar man, and made him a IitUe
    Oh,Yes.                                           ate tryiag to get out of it by the injured inno-        proposition.
                                                      conce dodge,"                                               Bob didn't smoke, 01 course, but he used to
                                                        uSirl u                                               go into the man's placo and chin him occa-
                  PART XXIII.                            " Oh. yes, you don't know anything about             sionl\lly.
         HOLLY BROWN stood behind the                 it, of course,"                                             .. Thl\t's first rate," said Mr. Butts, tho cigar
           ofice door ready to pitch Into some-          " I think I know too much."                          dealer.
           body just about to enter.                     "Of course you do," roared Howe.                         " No trouble IJ;. working it, eh?"
 •           He thought It was .Bob.                     U I won't stand any mora of it."                         "Nota bit."
   Poor Cholly had been made the vlotim of 1\            "Well, how about me?"                                   "All right, We'll spring it this afternoon."
 practloal joke, and Wll.S very mad.                    u   You?,U                                               'Ihis tim" Bob had flxeu up n little surprise
   He was alone In the omce, and thought he             "Yes. You don't know wbo hit me wben I                party for MOB"', the big colored porter.
 heard Bob's step outRide.                            came In, do you?"                                          He knew the fondnlllils of tae African race
   He Wll.S mad enou~h to ch,,\v Bob up Into            "Who hit you?"                                        for policy and Kames of ohauce in general,
 hash, but thougbt lhat a good thrashing would          " Certainly."                                         and detlj,l'mineu to make stoak of it.
 SUtliCII.                                              "When?"                                                  Il he didn't sell that big moke, then his name
     The door .poned.                                   "When I came into the outer olllce. It                Wl\8n't Bright.
     Out lI"w Cholly's clencbed list.                wlISn't you, of course. You didn't sneak              TblLt afternoon, shortly before closing up
     Somebody got it smllSb: in thetl'eth.           here and vretend to be very busy? Of course              time, he weut into the cellar aud said to the
     Over went somebody on the1ioor, and saw         not/'                                                    coon:
  numerous stars.                                       "I don't know what you I\re talking about,"              " Hello, Moso, old man. How's business?"
     It't Bob, however.                           "Oh, no. You are a nice, innocent little boy             " Putty good, Marse Bob, fa' dis tima ob de
     It was Mr. Howel            .                   with short pants and blue ribbons. You                  yeah,"
     It was the boss himself whom Cbolly ha.d        wouldll'~ do anythiulI: so naught~ as strike                " Do you beliove in droams, Mose?" sai,t .Bob
  struok, sendmg him lIying, and IIStonlshlng        IInybOdy, even for fun. Ob, you ra l\ daiSY,             suddealy.
     'j), very much.                                 you lire,"                                                  " Yss'r, somotimes [does, an' sometimes I
     ;f:lwe wellt down like 0. load of bricks, and     U  But I never did hit you at all, I tell you.         doesn't.'
       ol:y lit once SIlW his mistake.               I haven't been out of my cbalr for half lin                 " I had a funny dream Illst nillht, Mose, and
        here was some di1l'ereuce between slug-      hour."                                                   I'd like to knolV whnt It means. '
  grog Bob Bright and knocking down the bOilS.         "You baven't?" and Howe began to laugh.                   "Sometimes dey don' mean anything, Marse
     Thll lR,tter mllant bouncing.                     UNo.'"                                                 Bob."
     Poor Oholly was all broken up by this acoi-       " Well, then I must have hit the wrong fel-               " But thla one was so queer."
  dent.                                              low. I beg your pardon, old man."                          "Wha'wI\B it, Marse Bob?"
     Something must be done at onCll.                  .. Oh, thllt's nil right," aaill Stover, in a sulky      " Well, I dreamt that Joe and I ani you and
     He could not get' out, for Howe was rigbt in    tone, "but I wish you wouldn't do these things          Pa,t, that's four of us, were walkill~ along
  the doorwlly.                                      very often."                                            Eleventh street--"
     Consequently he must fall back on his cheek.      U W)lOever     hit me kU:Jws how to do it,"               .. Yas, yas, go all. Marse Bob," cried Mose,
     He jumped up on his high Slool, opened his      cbuckled Howe. "I do.'t belleve Sullivlln               beKlnnlnK to Ket excited.
  bOOkS and I\'ot rll(ht down to work.               would have done better," and he laughed                    "When we mBt a lot of monkeys carrying
     He looklld Bl'l If he hadn't seen or heard      again.                                                  elepha.nts on their backs. Joe counted them
  anything tor a month.                                " I don't see anything to laugh lit," snorted         and there were just forty-fonr."
     Howe lItot IIp, rUbbed his eyes, looked         Stover.                                                     .. Ciar' to gondnll8s I Ef I don' put ebery
  around him and saw Obolly Brown hard at              " No?" Bald Howe, qnizzingly.                         cent Pse got on fO'-lehen-fo'ty-fo' dis bery-
  work.                                                "No. You ought to lInd out who hit you                ebenill'l" oded Mose, bis eyes as big as.
    It never entered his helld to sUllpect that      and di3cbllrge him."                                    saucers.
  dude.                                                "Ob, 1611, be'li tell me, of cQurse."                    "Wba'.'s thnt, 1\[ose?"
    He thought of Stover lit once.                     "It's your duty to find out and punish the               "Ef de gig don' come out arter dnt, I'll
    Il he hlldn't saen Cholly he wouldn't have       offender to the extent of tbe law,"                     neber put no mo' faif in dl'elLms. Y/IS'r, I bet
  even thought of him.                                 "Rubbish."                                            yo' de col'd man's A'ig comes out sho's yo'
    "Tbe old man Is getting funnier than ever,"        "But I suppose you'll say it was all In fun,          bo'n. Wish I had rna' money to put on it."
 he remArked.                                        and let him j:(eto1l' wlthouteven areprimand?"             "What do you mean, Mose?" asked Bob, in-
    Now, if he had Rone in at the door of his          "Why, I gu65S it \vaa all a mistake,"                 nocently.
 own 011100, the one hs gonerlllly went in by,         " I wouldn't allow such a mistake to hap-                "Did yo' eber heRb ob polloy, chile?"
 he would not have reoelved tbat thump in the        pen. You bet I'll lind out who hit you, if you             "Honesty is the beet policy. Is thllt tb8'
 jaw.                                                werB really hit."                                       kind you mean?"
    He never stopped to think of tbat, how-            "If I was really hit? Well, that Is good 1"              "No. not dat kin'. De kin' ob game dllt de
 ever.                                               and Howe fairly roared. "I KUees If you had             coons pIny. Lordy, chile, datdreamob yourn
    He laId the whole thlDg 011 Stover.              got the crack'{ did you would have thought              jes'tol me what numb~rs to play. I put my
    The latter WR8 in the privl\te omce and so       you were bit."                                          money on dem dis bery minute."
 bnsythat Illl hadn't heard the first thing of         " I\'ell, why don't yon find out who did It?"            "Ob, do th..y call the placA8 where you play
 the rumpus.                                           "What's the use?"                                     that game polioy shopll?" asked Bob, as salt
    In went Howllas mad lIS he could hold.             "Whllt's the use I Well, I guess I'd find out         liS a kitten.
   He yanked Stovar out of his cbalr, tbrew him      mlll:bty qUick. Who's In the omce?"                        " YIIS, chile, dat's It, but dere ain' none down
on tbe 1I00r and began to danoe l\ jig on him          " Mr. Brown, I I!uess."                               dis way."
at once.                                               "Mr. Brown I" ~rled Stover, in sharp, come-              "Wby, yes tbere ia. Frank lind Grub go to
   " Wbat's tho matter with you?" yelled Sto-        hert'-Bt-once toces.                                    onearonnd the corner. Butts, the cigar mlln.
ver, rolling into 1\ cornaro                           "YaH, sir," said Cholly, coming in with a             keeps one."
   " Obo, you're the ma.n that never plays           smile.                                                     " Yo' don' I\I\Y?" cried Mose, all excitement.
practiCal/okes, are you?"                              He didn't fool smil"y by /my means.                      H Yes I do"
   A kick n the ribs followed tbe question.            He expected to get the grand bounce at                   "I ~ould'n' IIdwl~e nobody to gamble,
   " Stop that, let me alone," bowh'd Stover.        oncp.                                                   Marse Bob," sllid Mose, grinninK, "purtickly
   'rhen he got up. looking rather the worse           "Did you soo anybody strike Mr. Howe just             a boy like YO', bllt ef yo' \Vanter make a little
forwenr.                                             now?"                                                   extra money, jes' yo' len' me a quarter fo' an
PART II.                                                            BOB BRrGHT.                                                                              21
bour, an' I glbs yo' ball/!: fa' or five times dat     mad. .. Do gig hab come out dis time,                   .. Yo' link yo'm mIghty cute, don' yo'? I
amount."                                               sbashl"                                              knowed dis yer bar'l wus heah all de time.
  "Why, I don't mind, Mose," said Bob.                    .. Yes, sir, 4-11-M draws eighteen dollars Wld    I'se bery fond ob col' watah bnffa, an' I took
" Have you got a sure thln~?"                          tblrty-one oents,"                                   one ebery day."
  "YaIl'r,shuah as de lightnln'. Dat dream                .. BaHy fo' dat I Dldn' I tol' yo' dat It
ob youse tal' me jss' what to play."                   war--"
  •' How so?"                                             Thumpl                                                             PART XXIV•
  " Why, fus' dey was you an' me an' Marse                A sudden pounding upon the door inter-              -      HAT little raoket on bla.Ok Mose got
Joe an' de I'ishman. Dat mak.os fo', and dat's         rupted the coon'fI overfiow of spirits.                 ~      all aronnd o[ COUfBB, and It was
yo' iust firrger."                                        Macbeth himself, aroused bY the knocking                    some time before he heard· the lust
  .. Woll?"                                            at bls gates alter the murder ol Dunca.!!" could     •         of it.
  "Den yo' goos up to 'Lebenf streot, and              not have been more broken up than Jllose at            .. Played 4-11-" lately, MoseY"
dar's whar yo git de 'Ioben, an' dat's yo' sec-        that lustant.                                          "Fond of taking cold batbs, a.'t you?"
on' .fIKger."                                             " Let us In I" cried a voloe.      .                .. Very salnbrious Btandlng in a hogshead of
  .. Woll?"                                               Bang-bang I                                       rain waLer, Jsn't it, Mose?"
  .. Don yo' see fo'ty- rour o[olants. De ofe-            .. Pulled I" yelled Grub.                           T,hese were a few of the qUllstions whloh
lant am nil us luoky, an' dere yo' hab what to            .. Collared I" oriud Bob.                         were asked him, II.lld whlcb he was too good-
play, fa' 'Jeben Rn' fo'ty-fo'. I play datglg an'         Dllnj(-bang I                                     natured to get mRtl at.
bus' de bank, shuah."                                     .. Open tho door I"                                 He had sorambled Oll~ of that hogshead of
  USure?U                                                 .. The COPll have come!"                          water and run away berore the boys Bould
    .. Yaa'r. Min', I don' ad wise yo' ter gamble,        .. Fo' good nOdS sakee alibe I Dat's fa' play-    piny off any more rackets on blm.
fa' It am agin do law, but I know what I'ao            In' de Rig In a strange plaoe."                        He bad to run all the way home to keep
gwine to do 'bout It."                                    "This way, gents," !laid the man at the           from catchln/l( cold, and J..aura, his wife, was
    "Well, I'll lend you a quarter to play for         board, rabblng out all his figurea.                  very 00 nch surprised to see hi 00 eome rushing
me, Mose," and Bob gave the coon a allver                 Then he opened u. window, and eald:               In all wet and begin to chuok off bIs Blothes.
coin.                                                      .. Hurry up I I'll stand off the polloe while      "Wha'de mattah wit yo', Moses? Am yo'
   "De cigar sto', 'roun' de co'nah, you say,          )'OU get ou t.                                       gone cra.zy?"
Marse Bob?"                                               Mose did not need a second Invltatlon.              "Speo'sI'se all right In de head, Laura, but
   "Yes-MI'. Butts."                                      He climbed out of that window qUieker tha.n       ef I don' Ret dese wet close oft putty soon I
   .. A'rl/l(ht. Er I don'gib yo' a dollah fo' da.t    lightning.                                           apeo's I Botch my deft."
quartah, I'se no good, Marse Bob," aud Mose               Then it was 8hut down, and all was dark.            "How yo' get so wet, Moses? It ain't raln-
cbuckled.                                                 The frightened coon found himself on a            In'."
   Soon arter this the store closed, and Bob, Joe,     little shed about six feel eq nare, and sloping        .. De watah pipes down at de stoah busted
GrUb, Frank and Harry waited au the corner             down at a rather sharp Rngle.                        an' splasbed me all ober, an' I had to run as
for Mose.                                                 It was covered witb snoW and loe, and be          fas' as I kin."
   He came along in a few minutes, buttoned            didn't know at what moment he would go                 Our friend Moee knew too much to tell of
up to the ohin, for it wa.s.a cold, raw, sleety        sliding oft.                                         the joke that had been played upon him, for
March night.                                              There were· slals nailed over the boards          then be would have had to give away his
   "Halla, Mose," said Grub, "do you want a            where they joined, and to these he olung :le-.       gambling propensities.
steer?"                                                spairilll~ly.                         .                LaUl'll. knew thu.t he sometimes gave her
   "Wha' dat MUIse Tom?"                                  To add to his enjoyment, it was raining,          handsome presenta, and that again they were
   .. A steer I '~'he ooons' gig is coming out to-     and freezing all It rained,                          rather presstld for money, but she did not
night."                                                   "Wondah whar de res' ob de boys am?" he           know tbat good Juck or the reverse, in polloy,
   .. Yo' don' say I"                                   mutt\1rqd.                                          were the oauaea of tbese fluctuations, and sbe
   .. Yes, and I know where you.oan play It, but          The rest of tbe boys were In the cigar            never asked needless questions.
you've got to be known to get In.''                    store laughlnR over the joke on Mose.                  She aooepted her husband's excuse, got him.
   "Am datso?"                                            There wllsn't any poliey shop. Bob's won-         some dry p.lotbes, and said no more about it.
   "Yes, I didn't know that," said that Inno-          derful dream was a myth, the magi04-11-44              It was from the boys at the store the next
(lOnt Bob.                                             had not come oUl, a.nd poor Mose was sold.           and succeeding days that he received the
   "I'll get )'OU In all right If you'll play for         He did not know all this, however.                cbaffing.
me, Mose," added Ornb.· .                                 He thoughblsure tb3re had been a police             As hl' took It all in good part, however, the
   "Why, euttinly, Marse Tom-a.nyting to               raid, and that he had escaped from ilie              boys soon got tired of running him, and so
'bilge a frlen'."                                      olutches of the law.                                 gsve him a rest•
 . "All right, then. Oome along."                         .. Wby didn' dey walt fa' a few minutes, till       " If It had been Pat now, he'd have been as
   The party turne:l down a side street and            I get my fis' on datelghteendollahs? I'd give        mad !IS a red-headed hornet lor tbo next six
st0f,ped before a cigar store.                         'em de odd cents ef dey had."                        months," remarked Joe.
    e We'll go in o!:e at a· timo," said Grub,            Then he elung to that loy shed, the chilling        " I'm thinking up a good one to play on blm
 myeteriously, .. so as not to exolte 8llspioion.      rain besting down on him and freOllinp, solid.       and Moses jointly," answered Bob•
Honeycomb Is the word."                                   .. Fa' dOl I!l.n' sakes, I hope dey RO away         .. Work one racket on both1"
   They all went In, one after the other, and          soon," he muttered, feeling blmself slipping.          ct    ThatJs it."
Moee was Ule Inst.                                        The rain froze on bis ulster, his l1ogal'S were     "Is it ready?"
    When he entered he saw only II.smllll shop         eOld, and his teelli chattered.                        "Not yet. When it Is I wallt you to help
lind a solitary IUlln behind the oounter.                 He knew he was slldlng off the roof, and be       me..'"
   " Well, sir, what can I do for you?" be asked.      olung all the tighter to the slAts. •                    "You can count on me every time when
   " Am dis Mr. Butts?"                                   His tlngers were numb, and be knew he              there's a Job to be ,ut up."
   .. That's my name,"                                 oould not held on muoh louger•                           " All right, Josepb. but you IlIUSII'l't talk 80
   "Hab yo' got any boneyoomb die eben-                   The roof mh;:ht be fivestorieshigb, for all be     muoh about It arterwards. That p;lves us away
In'?"                                                  knelv, and if he feli he would be smaohed all        II.lld puts the boys on tbelr guard."
    .. Wby, 8I'rtalnly," lind Bntts pulled l\ etring   to blls•                                                 " All right, I'll be as mum lIS an oyster."
 whloh opened a door Mose had not seen,                   He didn't dare call to his friends for fear of        ".As an oYBterin a church fair stew, Joseph?
 leading to It room In the reid'.                      tbe pollee.                                          That Is gsnernlly too lonesome to say very
    .. You'll find all you wllnt back there," said        The myrmidons of the law might sUIi be             much."
 Butts.                                                lurking about for all he oould tell.                     " That's the kind."
    Moee passed tbrough, tbe door slammed                 "Pse £,orryfo' Marse Bob," he muttered.               "Well, thin Is a snap that requires some
beblnd him, and he found himself alone.                " I'se 'frald de oops hab Rot him fa' shuab I"       thinking. When I get ready, I'll give It to you
    .. WhRr de deuoe am I now?" he muttered,              His /lngers were getting more benumbed,           .I5tralght."
there being no light In the plaoe.                     and he waa now on the very edge of the shed.             " All right, Robert."
    Presently he heard voices, and taking threo           The mlu ran down his neok, and be knew               That nlgbt Joe went up to see Bob to spend
or four steps, tumbled down a 8hort flIght of          tbat there were ioicles on tbe end of his spine.     the eveUlng.
stairs, fell a~Rlnsl a door, and Clime into a room        He felt himself slipping, and his wool                "I'"e gut one for DaddIes," remarked Bob
brightly llghterl.                                     straightened dght out.                               wben Joe came In.
    Here he found Bob, Joe and the rest looking           " Br688 my haht I I bettah be 'rested dan             "For old Baldy, old white walstcoaU"
at a man writing on a blaokboard.                      killed."                                                  " That's bim."
    "Ef it amn't too late," cried Mose, .. yo' kin        Then he yelled for help, and the window was           "What Js It?"
put a dollah au' a qua'tah on fo'.leben-fo'ty-fo'      thrown up.                                               .. Did you know he had the gout?"
 fa' dis chile."                                          It was too late.                                      .. He's cranky enoup:h to have anything."
    "All right," said the man. "The drawing               At that very moment he let go his hold and            "The old IBdy calls it rheumatism, but
wlll BOOU take place."                                 alipped off the roof.                                Dodlllefl don't IWnk that's hlgh-to1l.84 enough,
    "Tal' yo' wbat, honey, I'se got a dead eure           .. Lawd sabe Laura an' de ohillen I l'se a        80 he calls It gout."
tlng "sald the big ooon to Bob, .. an' ef yo'          dead nigger I"                                           " Bettef say grout I reekon."
 wanter put in some 000' monel' I stakes It fo'           He fiew through SPl\06, and landed In a rain-         .. Yes, he's grumpy and grouly enough for
yo'. my I\dwlce an' don t gamble, but of         water hORShead two feet below.                       II dOl'Jlln."
yo' mus', allus back. up de ooon's gig when yo'           Then lights appeared in the window, and the           "Well, what about it?"
 hab a dream Ilk" dat."                                voices of Dab, Joe, Grub and Frank were                  " Hft soaks his feet eTery nlgllt. II
    At this moment a boy ran in and handed a           henrd.                                                   .. Well, there's no harm in that. I know
.slip of paper to the man ut lhe blackboard.              "Get me a pole and line. There's a. sueker        80me fellows that oughtto, but dOIl't/'
    .. Time's up, gentlemen. The numbers are           In ths oorrel, and I want to catch him,"                 .. And be bas a big tub In hJs room for thl\t
 drawn."                                                  " No, it's a blackfish, and a big one. How'lI     purpose."
    Then he rubbed the board clean and began           we get him out?"                                         .. Weil?"
to put down a lot of numbers, calling them oft            "Yell. Wbat's the best ijPllcy In such an             "We'll do some monkey bns[nll&8 with that
 lUI he did so In a ll\ud voice.                       emeru:ency?"                                          tub, Joseph."
    "Two, three, four, seven, eloven, twenty-             .. WlISu't that a dandy. snap? How he did             "Oh, thnl'll be nioe," warbled Joe.
 flve, thlrly-one, thirty-six, forty, forlx·foar,      bite,"                                                   " It won't be ready for an hOUf yet, and we
 fiftr- fifty-two, llft}'-five. firty-elght-              Mose clambered out of that wawr-butt, and          may as well amuse oU1'8elves. Let's go dow~
    , Hooray-hooray, gorrymlghty glory fa'             looking up 10 tbe window where all the boys          in the parlor and see the girls."
 goodness I" yelled Mose, danolng around like          were looking out al:d laughing, said angrily:           Those two boys were popular with Milia
                                                                  BOB BRIGHT.                                                                   PART IL

Josle and the other girls, notwithstlUldlng they          The landlady came rushing up to eae what        ed Bob to Joe. "It just yankll the shirts off
were suoh rogues.                                     the trouble was.                                    the line."
   When they appeared, therefore, there were              H What's the matter with you now, Dod-
                                                                                                             "YeEl, and pulls up the posts," added
several sereams of feminine delight.                  dies?" she snapped lIS she came into the            Joseph.                             .
   .~ Oh, here's Bob and Joe. Now we can keep         room, "Do you want to tear the house                   A few days after this Bob told Joe that his
awake," eried Josle.            •                     down?"                                              little snap on Mt'se and Pat was all ripe and
   AB Grub and one or two of the cheap clerks             "Groot guns, Mrs. Nash, who told you I          ready to piok,
happened to be present, doing their beet to           wanted ice-water to bathe my foot In," erie;!           .. Do as I tell you, Joe, and it'll be all
amuse the young ladies, this remark from Jo-          Daddies, sitting on the floor nursing his half-     hunky," said Bob, when he revealed his plans.
llie seemed the least bit personal.                   frozen toes.                                           "Bet your boots," said Joe. .. Won't it be a.
   "Well, I like that," growled Grub. "So we              .. I didn't give you leo-water."                dandy?"
put you to sleep, do we?"                                 .. J say you did,"                                 .. It'll be a double·hllader, Joe, and wlllllck
   The other girls giggled, ,but Jo&ie wll8n't            .. And 1 eay I didn't."                         the sugar 01I the bun."
going to bIIok down, so she said spnnklly:                .. Feel It then and see," snorted Doddles.         When Bob had finished his supper that
   .. Yes. you do, you bore me to death with          .. If i\ isn't ice-water I'll drink it,"            eveninp; he left the house, taking wIth him a.
YOur big stories. Play something, will you,               Mrs. Nash approached the tub and looked         good-sized market basket.
Bob?"                                          •     at it.                                                  Whllt the basket was for wlll be unfOlded as
   .. Why to be course," said that enterprisi~            A thin sheet of lee covered the surface, the    we ffo along.
youth. and he immediately eat down and                outside of the tub beIng white with frost.             He called for Joe, and then both boys went
played the rogues' march lIS Grub and the                 That ;VIlE' the condensation of the warm air    down-town by the way of Bouth Fifth avenue.
oheap elerks were g'olngout.                         In the room.                                            The reader may recollect that it Willi in thi8
   That brougbt them back again, and just                 Mrs. Nash stuck her hand into the tub and       classie locality that Mose Johnson, the colored
then Mrs. 'Nash eame In.                             yanked it out in a jiffy.                            porter, resided.
   "Play the lanclers, won't you, M:e. 'Nash.             " BIl\lls my heart I It's as cold as ice I"        Well, it was to the abode of the aforesaid
so we ean dance," said Bob. .. Miss BuUlnger,             .. There I" muttered Daddies. .. What did I     Mose that too boys were going•
allow me," and he jumped up and offered her          tell you?"                                              So was the basket.
his arm.                                                  .. Well, you ought to hllove come up-stairs        Perhllops they had something in it that they
   Grub looked sour, for he wanted to dance           when I told you It WIIS ready," snapped the         were going to present to that faithful coon.
with Josle himself, and theu Joe had to step         landlady, "and not stay spooning with Miss              Perhaps-but we shall see.
up and take tbe next best girl.                      Trim in the parlor tll1 the water froze."               When they got in front of the house Bob re-
   The lalllllady played and the young people            Then she flounced out of the room In order       connoitered lind discovered that .l'd.ose was
had a rattling dance, and when tnat was over         to eecape Daddies' bUiliness-like remarks.           out.
they had "nother.                                         .. Spooning with Trim, eh?" he ejaculated,         Laura was In, Bnd woo busy putting the
   Then Bob played and Joe sang and then             after making a few less polite observations.         smaller younp;sters to bed.
Josle warbled, and alter tbat there was more         "I like that, I do really. The old cat gave me          The oldeet sat rocking the very youngest by
dannlng.                                             oold water on purpos","                              the kitchen fire.
   They were In the middle of a quadrllle when           Then he put his hand In the tub to see if the       Bob then went outside and got a young Af-
Doddll\ll stuck his bald head in at the door,        lIre had ,,"armed the walPi' any.                    rican, by a bribe of ten cents, to go in and tell
called once or twice without being heard, and            Re took it out a great deal quicker than it      Mrs. '<[ose thl\t his mothbr was eiok and want-
 tlnally yelled:                                     \vent in, and mad e ulle of some very equatorial     ed Laura.'s assistance.
    .. Mrs. Nash lis my warm water rea1y?"           language. .                                              ., Whar I take her ef she comes?" asked tlla
   The hmdlady slopped playing, jumped oJ!                .. Bait and snow I': he remarked. "That fel-    ooon.
the plano stool, and exclalmlld:                     low Grub has been fooling with this tub. I'd             .. Anywher6-around the block, over to Jer-
    " Oh, dear me ( I forRot 11.11 alJout it I Bit   like lo--"                                           sey, up to Harlem, wherever you like, only be
down a few minutes, Mr. lJoddleR, and I'll get           AB it h~ppened, the lucldess Grub was pass-      lonl'\' enough SO'l! I can leave this bIIsket where
it ready."                                           ing the door the moment his name was men-            shll'lIl1nd it when she comes bIIck."
   Then she hurried out of the room, and Dad-        tioned.                                                  .. All right, sah. I'll take her all 'round de
dies, lOOking around and selling that old maid           .. Do you want to see me, Mr. Daddies?" he       block."
Trim WR8 nut In sight, "amil In and sat down.        sai'I, pushing the doot open.                            .. Good enough."
   '1'hat venerable fllmale had Inlely been mat-          .. Yes, come right in," Sliid Daddies, trying      Tile boy went in, delivered the message, lind
ing a dead set at Daddies, and he WIIS a little      to concelll his gratification.                       prl\llentIy came out acccompanied by Laura
bit afraid of her, fearing that she might cap-           Grub used to sometimes come in of an even-       herself.              .
 ture blm in spite of himself, particularly as it    ing and help to smoke Doddles' tobacco and               .. Don' yo' let dat babe ory, Julius," Bob
chaneed to be leap year.                             drink his wine, and he fancied that this was an      heard Laura say, as be stood behind a door.
   Of courlle the danclnJ( oeaaed, and the girls     fnvitgtion.                                              .. No, mudder, I rock him to &Ioop till yoil
began talking to Doddles, Grub sulking over              In he came, therefore, with alacrity, for        come uack."
in one corner, while the Jl ve-doll,\r dudes got     both the tobacco and the wine that Daddies              .. Now to get that little coon out of the way,"
up a game of clI.Bsino among themsilivee.            used were of the best quality, and Grub often        mused Bob.
   Boh and Joe slipped out qUietly without           willhed that he could only have more whacks             There Wll!'! an alley between the house where
being obt!erved, and went Ull to Bob's room.         at thom.                                             MObe lived and the nllxt, and Joe now ran
   Bob took & pail, which he bad already pro-            When h.e was well in the rQom, and not be-       down this till he reached the rear.
Vided himself with, opened the window, and           fore Doddle8 grabbl'd him by the back of the            Then he begAn chucking stonee I\nd snow-
scooped It full of enow and ioe from the ledge.      neck, Ian ked him over to that tuh and               balls I\Uhe kitchen window,
   Then ae t.ook a !lve-pound bag of common,         plunKe his h"ad into it.                                Prelty soon the Window went up. Young
no-s'yle-I\bout-It, every day slllt., and Mid:           " How do you like that, you addie-brained        Julius stuck his head out, and remarked:
   .. Come I There's no time to lose i"              idiot ot a practiCl\1 joker?" he demanded,              "Who.' yo' frowin' stunsnt de winder fo', yo'
   Mrs. Nash had just comll out of Doddlll8'         holding Grub's head under wlLter.                    John Henry Jaokson? Et I dldn' hab tel' min'
room, aUlI was on her way down-&tairs.                   Grub did not hear the question of course,        de baby, I come out dere an' trash yo'."
   In Iront of the ilre stood a tin bath tub, half   but he strugl/:led and kioked and made agreat           .. H'm I dat's on'y a scuse; yar doosen't
full of Ie pi, I water.                              splurge. tryin~ to get away.                         come out yer, Jule JOhnson," remarked Joo,
   Mrs. Naeh provided thill for that old crank           .. 'Tain't 50 funny when the joke Is played      with a pretty good imitation of coon talk.
of a bachelor every night.                           on you, is it?" growled Doddles, hanging- on            "I dassen't, hey? I jeB' show yo' ef I
   .. Just In tim"," remarked Bob, lIS he sneaked    to Grub and giving him another duck as hiB           dll8t."
in.                                                  head came up.                                            With that Master Julius left his charge, and
   The I!'as WII.B IIKhted, the lIre was burning         .. Ow, ow, leggo, you're chok__" lind            sallied out at the baok door.
brlll'hlly, snd everything was lIS cozy 118 one      Grub !lnillbed the8entence under water.                 When helNt into the back yard there was
Gould wish.                                              Doddles' hand was getting cold, and he let       no Joe In sight.
   Master Bob prooeeded to dump the snow             go of the struggling Grub and allowed him to            Wben Joe rea.ohed the front, Bob was just
and ealt Into the lub, and stirred the mixture       come up.                                             hurryl'bg out with a basket on his arm.
up briskly with the poker.                               Grub yanked his head out pretty sudden,             " The coon is inside," remarked Bob, .. and
   Then he and Joe dusted, as DaddIes came           jumped up. sputtered, shook himself, and             I'v€' dosed him with soothing syrup to keep
stnmplnp: up-staIrs.                                 asked I\ngrily :                                     him quiet. My, but ain't he heavy for a year
   .. Now for Lhe transformation scene," re-             "iVhat In the deuce did you do that for,         and a half."
marked BOll... II. scene of the most dlW!ling        Doddles? I'm most froze. My collar sticke               "We did that up lIne," said Joe, "and now
and bpw!lderlng 8urprises."                          fast to my neck,"                                    for the note."
   The two boys skipped UD-Btairs and list.ened          .. Oh, you don't like the joke, eh?"                .. We'll give thnt to II messenger boy whE'U
at the stove pipe hole already mentioned.            . "Joke, you idiot 1 Is that what you call 1\        we get lurther down."
   Doddles closed the door, threw off hl8 over-      Joke? It you didn't have the rheumatism I'd             "A messenger boy I Why, you want him to
coat, hat and boots, filled and lighted his pipe,    punch your head."                                    get It to-night, don't you?"
and sat down.                                            .. Come on," said Doddles, squaring off.            "That's not Qad, Joe. However, I'll offer
   "Then he removed the sock from his right          "I haven't got the gout In my fi8!s.. Come           him ..xtra Inducements In the way at cigarette
pedal, haUled. up his trousers, and planked          on, you lun kheaded joker, if you want to get        mooey."
his foot plump illto the tub.                        a warming atter your bath."                             The matter of the note was attended to I&ter
   The llnow and 8111t had been getting in their          "Who's u jok!'r? Who's been joklng-?"           00, the two boys making their way across
flne work mean While, lind the water was cold-       asked Grub, prelerrlng to argue the point            town to Allen street where Pllt Brophy re-
er than Ice.                                         than to fight. .. I hlwen't played any jokos."       slden on the top fint of a big apartment house.
   'rhe minute Doddles plumped his foot lULU              .. Didn't you lill my tub with Ice and salt        Patrick was sitting by his own fireside,
that tub he wishell that he had not.                 ane maKe me nearl ... freeze my toes off, you        smokinp; a pipe and taking life eney•
   .. Great Cmsar's remalnsl" he howled,             thick-hooded, hoasting lunatic?"                        His coat was off, likewise hie boots, his chair
jumpln~ baekwards.                                        "No, I didn't, you bald-headed old crank,       WIIS tipped back againet a table, and Pat was
   Over went the ohair and Daddies with it.          but I wish now that I had," and GrUb mlldea          havlnp; a luxurious emoke.
  BaDl~1                                             dash ouL of the door, for alter that DoddlAs'           Johanna, his wife, a buxom and by no means
  There Wll8 a tremendous racket, and some           room was the enemy's counlry, and it wouldn't        homely woman, was washing dishes close by
of .the plastering in the parlor fell down and       be slllubrious to b" caught in It.                   and sottly alnging to herself.                 .
scared the girls into. fits.                              " That's one of the beet snaps yet," remark·      .. Would ye moind phwat Johanna do be sIng-
                                                                   BOB BRIGHT.                                                                               23

in'?" observed Pat to himeelf. "Begob, it's a           .. The saints deflnd us, it's as bl8.Ck as the         Mose was very much excited j but just than
funny thing entirely."                                shtovel"                                        •     there was a knock at tbe door.
  Johanna did not hear Pat's remark, and so             Pat turned, gave a cry of surprise, and ex-            " Dere dey am now," he cried.
she went on singing:                                  Claimed:                                                 Tbe knock proved to have been made by
                                                        .. Begorrah, It's a young baboon, an in-            a messenger bOT who had a latler for Mosa•
      " nUSh-R·bye baby on the three top,             fantile monkClY, yoo have taken In. Begob,               "Who gib yo dat lettah,' 80n?" asked Mose~
        Whln the Wind blows the chradle will rock,    Bome wan has placed a naygur baby o.t me              ripping open tbe envelope.
        Wh'n the bough blnd8---11                     dure. If I discover the sucker that played               .. Dunno, a young feller,"
   "Johanna I"                                        that joka an ma I'll black the two eyM av him.           .. Wha'll it all about?"
   It was Pat who spoke.                              Hould ~er Whist, ye llttle Imp? Yez make                 .. How do I know? Do yer think I've got'
   .. Phwl~t is It, Pathrlck?"                        more n ise than all the cats in the nebber-           magio?"
   .. Whose baby is It ye're slngin'to llhlape?       hood."                                                   "B'pose yo' read It fo' me, Bon. lain' got
Ye know very well we have none av our                   That young African evidently resented this          my specs bandy, an' writln' am kind 0' ha'd
own!'                                                 language, for he raised a howi that could be          ter read w!fout dem:'
   .. Oh, I war only singln', faix, an' wan song      heard all over the houMe.                                .. Yer want me to read tbe note?"
is as good as anUher. Av yez don't lolke it I           "A naygur baby, is It, Pathrick? Faix,                 .. Yas'r, at yo'l! be so kin'. Yo' see lain'
can warble something else, I euppose,"                what'il we do wid it?"                                used to r8l\dln' WlfouL my Klo.sses--"
   " Oh, I don't mind It, only It sounds like a         "Chuck it in the sewer, begob; an' If I                .. Give it to me, then, an' I'll let yer have it
mockery whin we have no childher to sing              foind the Banta Olaus thatsint it I'll sind him       straight."
to."             ,                                    along wid it,"                                           The boy then took the note and read as fol-
   Johanna llaid nothing, but went on washing           Just here there came an interruption.               lows:
her dishes.                                                                                                    "HIt. HOSBS JOHNSON.-I hope 1 am not too Ista
   "Now she's vlxed, an' It's sorra a wurrud                                                                 to prevent a terrible crime. From a convereallon
I'll j{et out av her," mused Pat.                                                                           beard tbls evening I think it Is the Intention of a
   He was wrong, for in a. few moments Jo-                                 PART XXV.                         certsln mo.n by tbe name of Brophy to stelLl your
hanna. was at it again.                                         ET us return to the home of the John-       Joungpsl dll1d and 11011 U to a dlmo mnseum as a
"Shtick to yer mother. Tom. wUln I am gon',
  Don't let her worry, lad, don't let her mourn,
  Remlmber how she cared for ye--"
  "Faix, there ye ~o aKaln, Johanna. You do
                                                      B    _
                                                                  80119, Moses and Laura.
                                                                     When Laura had gone completslv
                                                                  around the block with her voun~
                                                      guide, he SUddenly ran away laughing, and
                                                      left her Iltanding In front of her own door.
                                                                                                            ..-oung gortlle.. Brophy lives somewhere on the
                                                                                                            E88t stde-In Allen street, 1 think. HIs otber name
                                                                                                            Is Pat. and be is a porter. I trust that this will
                                                                                                             oome in time to prevent him from carrying out hts
                                                                                                            wicked scheme.
                                                                                                                                      " I remain slnoerely,
be ::.tnkin' av nuthin' but chlldher the whole            "Ya-ha, Miss Johnson, yo' didn' fin' my                                               "A FRIEND."
avenin'. Cau't yez sin~ • Fifteen Dollars In          moder, did yo'?" he cried.                                " Do de lettab <lay all dat?" cried 1IIose, get-
He Inside Pocket,' or' Champagne Oharlie,' or             Laura was mad.                                     ting very excited.
something llvely?"                                       Hel' usually placid disposition was rOlled,            .. Why of course."
  " Oh, it'e conthrary ye are the niKht, Pat,"        clear to the bottom, and she could have                   .. An' de lettah eay de man's naRle am Pat
and Johanna began to Wipe the steaming                scalped that young coon bad she caught him.            Bropby?"
plates, cups and saucers.                                 " Wha' fo' yo' make a fool ob me like dat,            " Cert it does,"
  She couldn't be still long, however, ll.Iid          yo' niggah?" she cried indignantly. "I tol'              " An' yo' ain't foolin' me, son 1"
presently she started again:                           yo' mudder lion' she warm yo' fo'dat,"                   uNo,l ain't."
                                                          "Hi·hi, ain't got no mudder, MISII John-              "WhO sen' dat wrltin'?"
            "Go to shlape, my baby, my baby,          son. Dat's whar I done fool yo'. H'm! don'                .. How dol know? It just says a friend,
              My bllo-a-abyl"                         yo' wish yo' could coteh me?"                          that's all,"
                                                          Then that bad coon ran away and Laura                 .. An' datsawed-olI I'isbman finks he'e gwine
  Jobauna had lltruck: a high note, and was            went into the house.                                  ter steal dst babe an' sell him fo' n young
drawing it out prlltty fine, when an echo was             .. Hi, dar, yo' Julius, wha' yo' got dat wln-      KorilIa, do he? He bettab sell himse'f den, fo'
heard:                                                 dllr open fo'?" she called to her eldest son.         he look mo' like one,"
   "A-la, a-la, Wah \"                                   The eldest son was not Visible, however,               .. Mose Johnson, yo' jis' stop dll.t talkin' an'
   .. Phwat the :mlschlef is that?" cried Pat,         and Laura closed the window with a bang.             go fin' dat baby," cried Laura.
lettinl( his chair come down with a thump.                The boys SO'ln came In, however, and his              " Bet yo' life I do, Lo.ura. I jis' know wha.r
   "Ah, ah, wllh, aia, ala, ala I"                     mother went for him solid.                            dat I'ishman lib. De obeek ob him I Ain' got
   "Falx, I think It's a chond a-cryln," cried            "Hey dere, Julina, ef yo'leabe dat winder         no ohmen ob his own, an' wan' ter stole
Johanna.                                              open agin I tell yo' fader, an' yo' know what          mine,"
   " FalX, there's no one an the llure wid us,        yo' !tIt,"                                               " Am dat de oder po'tah down to de stoab,
and tbe lllcGlntyli below have no yoong                  .. I on'y went Inter de back ya'd fo' a            Moses?"
W&nR.                                                 mlnnlt."                                                 "De same fellah. JUlius, yo' min' de house
   TI.I e Infantile cry WIIS repeated.                   .. Well, yo' di<ln' go out de winder, did yo'?"    an' don' yo' let de oder chlllen get stole•
   .. It's not below at all It is, but an the same       "No."                                              Come 'long, Laura. We'll bofe ob us go, a.u'
ft.ure."                                                 " Den wha' fo' yo'leabe It' open? Does yo'         ef dey lJ:lnnyfing ob dat I'lsbmnulel' when we
   "Johanna, yo must be takin' lave av yer            wan' de to cotch col', h'm?"                    get froo wif him, we'll gib It to de chickens in
alhsM.)!                                                 .. I fo'"ot to shet de winder, dat's all," mut-    de pabk."
   .. Wa-ah-ah. wah r'                                tered Julius.                                            Then Mosa and Laura sailed out In quest of
   "I am not. Sure lIllr,body can tell that it's         Laura was Bure that tbe Infant had taken           thoir lost olIsprlng. the messenger boy think-
right outside tbe dure.'                              COld, however, and she went to the cradie to          ing It a first rata joke.
   .. Thin It's wltn av Gallagher's brats lost Its    look alter her younKest.                                 .. I'll beta It's a cod," he chuckled. "Ain't
way and can't find the sbtalrs."                         Empty was the cradle, babe was gone.               it funny, though, to see those two Ooontl gain'
   " That's no foive year ould child, Patrick.           Lnul'a set up a yell tbat might have been          off with blood In their eye like tbat? I'd give
U's a baby."                                          heard half a biock.                                   a nickel to eOIl Ibe fun when they IItrike the
   "Phwat?"                                              Then she grabbed Julius by the collar, turn-       rlUlch of that Mlck,"
   " It's a baby, I say, and some ,wan hu 11ft        ed him across her knee and knocked the                   They struck the Irishman'll fiat Ilt the very
it at our dure,"                                      breath out of him with her shoe.                      momAut.11lat Pat and Johanna bad discovered
" "Falx, woman, yez have Kon' woild I"                   .. Y~' bad, Kood fo' nuffin' boy, wha' yo' do      the eolor of the fuundl1ng left at their door. .
   .. Ah-ah-nh-wah-allUllllala'"                      wif yo' little brudder, h'm?"                            Tben there WWl wnr.
   The younp;6ter, wherever It WlUl, WIl.6 Just          Julius kioked and stroggled and yelled, bnt           "Now I cotcb vo' I'lsbman"
 now putting in big licks In the way of cry-          Laura belted him acr088 the lower ..tory tlU             .. BeRoh, it's the nn.~·gur I" •
inl(.                                                 she got tired.                                           .. Bteal my ohlie, will yo'?"
   Johanna went to the hall door, opened It,             Just then Mose eame in and was a witness              .. Sell him fo' a gorilla, hey?"
and found a big market basket on the mat.             to thi" little domestic traged:r.                        .. I got de law on yo' right heah in yo' own
 , From this proceeded the sound of crying.              .. Wha' fo' yo' lick: de boy, Laura? Wha's he      house,"
   "Sh, sh, don't cry, that's a darllnt, don't        done dis time?"                                          .. Be~Irah, 18 it crasy i\'oo are?"
cry," said J"hanna, with motherly tender-                .. Whar'm de baby?" shrieked Laura.. .. Wha'          " I sbow yo' bery 800n. '
ness as she lilted the bll.!!ket. "Oh, Pathrick,      yo' done wlf him, yo' bad fAliah?"                       Then Mose and Lllura salled In, and there
the bli8sid ang-els have slnt us a darlint little        .. Ain' done nuffin. I jes' wen' out fo' a         WIIS a free tight right away.
baby at illsht I"                                     mlnnit. dat's all:'                                      Tbe young coon on tbe table, reoollnlzlng
   " The angols, is it? More lolkely it's some           .. An' I jes' wen' roun' de block on a fool's      hili motber, set up a yell and made thin~
lazy vagabond who don't want to support tbe           ar'and. an' When I come back de bahy am stole         worse.
 poor llttle crather."                                away,"                                                   At it they went, hammer and tongues, and
   "Sh, sb, thpre, there, don't cry, darUn',             "Who.' dat yo'/lay, Laura?" asked MOlle.           the air wllB thick with flying missiles.
 we'll luck lifter yez; don't cry, sh, sh, sh ("         "De baby am tooken. He hab been run olt               Broomll, rollinK-pins, bootjacks, fiat-Irons
   Meanwhile the icind-hearted Johanna had            by 80me ob dem jallous coons, I know. Oh,             and ironing boards went souddlng n.bout. and
put the bRJlket on the kitchen table and was          deah. wha' I'm gwine tl'lr do?"                       if some of them bad reached the mark. tbure
proceedln~ to oren it.                                   "Whar yo' leabe dat babe?"                         would have been good material for·an inquest
   " Oh, the sWflte little baby, oh, the darllnt,"       .. In de cradle by de flah, an' I jes' ~ out fo'   at once.
 she oroonl'd, ll!tln~ olI . the covers. "We'll       a secou' to see a sick WomRn, an' dey ain' no            Pat and Johanna tried to drive the invaders
 kape it, won't we, Pllthrir.k? We have none          sick woman 't all,an' I'se jeR'beNl fooled. dat's     out, but thsy weren't built heavy enough for
av our own, and we can't reluse the poor              Who.' I is, an' de poOl' brellBed lilly baby am       tbat, and the invRders got rather the be.t part
little crather a home,"                               llone stole."                                         of tbefracas.
   The baby s,·t np I~ worse howllngthan be-             .. " ha' fo' yo' go out, Ju\lu~?" asked Moae.         Tbe table wall upset, babvand all, tbe chairs
 fore. and Johanna Iiftedlt out of the baskeL.           .. De boys frow stoneog lit de winder, an' I       were demOlished. the wfndowlI riddled as
   .. Bell:ob. Johnnna, I~V It's gotnll: to kape up   "oes out ter dribe dllDl awJl,Y. I WBI!ll' gone       though by a tnfll:st company at practlce,and
 that n'lse all night, the sooner we sind it back:    mo'n a min nit,"                                      thou~h tbe altmy lnsted only a few minuteR
the beltber,"                                            .. It am all a put up job ob de ohlle-stealabs,    enollu;h damllge was dono ae though It ha.d
   Suddenly Johanna let out a yell, and drop-         8ho's yo' bo'r.. I bettab call out de bull p'lIce     continued for !loure.
 ped the In fant Into the basket.                     fo'ca, dat's wbat I beuah do. Guess dey ain'             When it Btoppedthe room Wl\.'i a wl'eck.
   It so.t up and began yelling with all the          gwine ter stOle my chile wifout my doin' suf-            Laura sat on tbe 1l00r with bel' baby clasped
 power of Its young lungs.                            fln' 'bout it."                                       to her breast, Johanna. was under. an over-
2L                                                                  BOB BRIGHT.

turned wll8h tUb, Pat was behind the stove,             ." Tain' so, nudder. He stole my younges'                Just before the party came that wayan ine-
and Moae stood in tbe doorway, looking like            baby out ob de cradle an' was gwine to sell            briated geutleWI\n hove along.
Rip Van Winkle done In blaok.                          It fo' a youn~ ape. dat's what he was. Make               He WQtl looking for the hair of the dog that
   "An' may I u.x what wor the cause av the            anybody wanter clean out de hull 'etablish-            bit him, for a little simUa simi/ibm ll'tlrantur_
alrthquake in the apalrtments?" Inquired Pat.          ment, dat would,"                                      in other words, for another drink to brace up
   "Wha' f 0' yo' stole my oIJile, yo' ign'ant             "I did not see yer brat tlllsome wan brought       on.
I'lshman? It am lucky fO' yo' I done fo'git            it nn' put it outside me dure."                           His lI:alt W6S unsteady anll his head was
my rnzor, else I kynrve de roof ob yo' head                " Oh, Pat, steal Ii young' coon I"                 light, his hat being tipped back and his body
olean off,"                                                " You ought to sing him for that, Mose,"           tipped forward.
   "Is tbe juvenile baboon yer property,                   Then th06e two bad, naughty boys laughed              He espied the saloon as quickly as an old
falx?"                                                 and chuokled and grinned as though this was            sailor would espy a light-house, nnd he came
   .. Dat little (loI'd angel Bm my youngee',"         the firtlt theybad heard of the fracas.                across the street towurd It with alacrity,
   .. Why don't yell have It laOOled thin? Be·            They got Mose and Pat both 50 mad that the             There was a lamp-post in fronL 01 the sa-
ItOb, I thought it wor l\ young moiikey escaped        two porters wanted to club them.                      loon, and this had to be addreSsed first of alt.
from OIuthral Parrk,"                                     In the midst of the rumpus down came                   "How do, 01' fren'," sa,id our tightly slight
   "Yo' heah me, l'ish?" said Mose, Resuming           Cholly Brown, Rudd, Nudd, Grub, and every-            friend, embracing tpe lump-post.
a threatening attitude. "We'se hab our flght           body else, to Bee the lun.                                His hat fell 01I, and, bl,lng top heavy, like
a'ready, an' I'se good fo' anodllr. Ef yo'ln-             The whole gang roaBted those two poor               Its owner, felt open side down on the side-
suit dut chile of mine ag'in, I frow yo' out ob        porters when they hoord what the row was               walk ann remained there,
de wluder,"                                            about, and they bo~ wished they were dead a               .. 'Cuee me, thought you's fren' 0' mine.
   "Tnk9 yer black-and-tun brat au' glt eout,          hundred times.                                         Won't you have 'nather driuk?" and our how-
 the hull av 100. Who axed y6 to come here                Fino,lIy, l\S it was time for the two bosses to    cumo-you-so friend left the lamp, walked to
first oft?"                                            be due, the boys skipped and Ion the moke              the saloon door without stepping on hie hat,
    ';Yo' stole my chile,"                            and the l[\ck to argue it out etween them-             lor a wonder, or even missing i~, and tumbled
    .. I did not,"                                    selves.                                                in.
   "Yas, yo' did, an' I'se got de ebidenoe to             .. How did yez know how to come up to me               Now for Cholly Brown.
 prove It,"                                            fiat, Mose?" asked Pat.                                   "Just you see how I'll waise it, bwick and
     " Do yoo tbink I'd steal a gorilla like that?"       "Kaae 1 got a lettah whO.' ss.ld dat youse         all," he rema.rked,
It wor lift at me dure,"                              was de feller,"                                           Than he kicked.
   t! Don' you tol' me no Iles, I'ish. I tol' de         " Begob, thin, 1 think we've both been made            Up /lew the hat nearly to the roof of the big-
boss an' glt you fiahed out ob de staah. Wha'         a couple av lools av."                                 gest building in the neighborhood;
 blzness yo' got dere, anyhow? Yo' isn't 'Mer-           "How dat I'Jsh?"                                        Of course aU that force WQtl wasted, thore
Jean. You'ae Impo'ted. Why don' yo' go                   "Forst th~y stole the cholld an' brought it          being nothing under the hilt.
 wo'k fo' de 8hlleny stoahs? De furriners like        to me an' thin they lift the letther at 'Your              And of course, also, Oholly's foot fiew upso
 tu drlbe we 'Merlcans (llean out ob de dry           house,"                                                 high that he kicked his own hat off back·
goods buslnees, I reekon,"                               "Who did?"                                           wards.
   "Don' yo' hab numn' to say to de trash,               " The lelll.'rs that pit up the job,"                   Boom I tararum 1 tableau I
Moses," said Laura, picking h!'rself up. "Ef             " Who's dem?"                                           Down Cl\me Cbolly Brown on the walk 1I6
dey wanter tulk, dey kin t"lr It to de p'lice            .. Falx, I d unno, jist."                           !lolld as a house,
 when dey's 'rested, alar to goodnEl88 I get a           " H'm, am yo' teflln' de trufe?"                        He gave a grunt and thought that he must
wa'nt out fo' dat I'ishwoman in de mo'nln',"             " I am, begorrs.h."                                  have driven his back bone up through the top
   .. Dey ain' no use, Lt\ura," eald Mose, "All          .. Well, jes' lemme Botch de feUahs an' I           of his head•
de judges in de co'ts am I'ishmen, an' we done        smash dalr jaw fo' 'em,"                                   .. FalV goodness' sakes wheah's the hat?"
stun' no show 'tall. No, sah, I took sa'srac-            .. 1'15, when yez can catch 'em, but I guess        gasped Oholly,
tlon out'n dat flaunel mouf right yer, an' U he       they're too fiy for yez,"                                  .. I saw it sn.tIIng over toward Jersey just
says auythln' 'bout habln' me locked up, I               .. WelJ, ef dat am de case I'se sorry I done         now," said Bob. "You must have given it all
smash him jaw afo'hand,"                              smash tioga up at yo' house."                          everlasting kick,"
   With this remark, as a partln~ shot, a Parth          " Yls, I re~rit It meself, an' I'm sorry I call-        At tbia moment the owner of the hat step-
IllD llrrow, ail It were, Mosa vanished from the      ed )'or bootlful baby a brat."                          ped up.
house of the Brophys, tak.lng Laura. and tho             .. Dat's a'rlll:ht. Le's go around de co'nah            He had soen Oholly give It that high old
ehll'1 of her bosom with him.                         for a minnlt,"                                          kick and was very much surprised.
   Of course the thing got around, down at the           The rumpus was settled, and the por>ers                 He had had bis bracer and now felt all
store, though Hob cautioned Joe against say-          were good friends all:ain, but the boys made            right once more.
iD~ a word lIbllut it.                                no end ol fun of them both for the next tlVO               .. What )·ou wantto take liberties with fel-
   Joe kept quiet, but Mose and Pat did not.          weeks.                                                  ler's wardrobe, like that?" he askerl. "Tha's
   The first thing, when they met the noxt               Just about this time the first of April came         my hat, m' friend,"
morning, they opened fire upon one another.           nosing along, and of oourse Bob wasn't the                 Then OhoUy Brown Bat down and Mr. Titus
   .. Ah, dere, mickaroon, yo' didn' git de bes'      sort of boy to let It go by without having              A. Drum looked astonished soml.' more.
ob dat lilly' bit ob a racket laa' night, did         some fun out of It.                                        " Whn's matter now? Don' git on my hat,
youse?"                                                   Bob and Joe were coming down to the store           m' fren'. G'up,"
   That's what Moso rsmarked.                         in the morning, when they met Cholly Brown,                "Who the rlOOCf') is setting on your kat?'"
   .. Go an now, ye thick-headednaygur. It's          and the three walkeu along together.                    muttered Oholty.
l\ warrant I'm goin' to get out against yez fur           About a blook or so from the store they saw            " Scuse me, tha's m' hl\t on the walk, scuse
breakln' Uf Ille furnlchur,"                          a plug hat sitting on the sidewalk in front of          mel bog Ihousa' nardons, and he paesed on,
   .. Wish I J. done broke yo' head, yo' I'ish        a. saloon.                                              piCKed ull Oholly~s dleer, stuck it on- hiB head
kidnappah. Try fo'ter steal my chile !'gin,               .. B!'t you (Jlln't kick that hat In the gutter,    aud went ahead.
will youse?"                                          Oholly," said Bob.                                         Then OhoUy lI:ot up and discovered his loss.
   " I didn't stheai it, ther ugly brat wor lift at      That boy scented a job, and he was onto a               " Hold on, you've ~ot my hat," he shouted,
me dure,"                                             racket in a jifty.                                      running after the man, and touching him on
   " Don' yo' <mUmy chile a brat, Yo'SM8Y fel-            Cholly was fiy, however, if he was only a           the shoulder,
lah," cried )(ose, getting his dander up. ",I          dUde.                                                     "Wha' say?"
smRsll yo' In de jaw fo'l_ dan dat."                      .. Maybe you think you can fool me, Wob-               "That is my hat, yaw's went up In the'"
   .. 1'ls, yez are molghty braYe, aren't yer:, ye     ert?" he inquired.                                     alah,"
black-an'-tan Jumbo I. Phwy don't yez hit a              "I believe It, for my mother told me so,"               "'Scuse me, can't fool this chap; know wha'
man av yer own solze? Ye daren't, tha~'s              warbled Bob.                                            day'tls now. Hadder treat fl' six fellers 'fore
PhW'l,"                                                   u Well. 8t'h, yon cawn't, don't ye know,       I    I did-won't fo'git It now. Got on m' own hat,
   .. fotch my boy down yer an' he pa'lyze            am pawfeotly awaiah that there Is a bWlck i\1           Goo'-mornln'," and away salled Mr. Titus,
yo' fus' rate, yo' I'lsh loafah,"                     that hat,"                                       ,      looking as happy as a chlm•
   .. Go an neow, don't yoo go to Oallin' me out          .. It doesn't look as II it had been dl'inking,"       Poor Cholly saw that he conld not hODe to
av me name or I'll sind the poli~ afther yez."        remarked Joe.                         -                 get his own hat back, and he therefore thought
   .. J es' wanter hab yo' do it once, 1'Ish, Ef de       .. Oh, is that so?" said Bob, with a terrible       he had better freeze on to that of the
policemanacomes yerl hab yo' toted off to de'         assumption of innocence. "What'e the brick             stranger.
Tombtl so qUick dat &.1l yo' har fall oft an' set     in there for?"                                             He started to look for it, and saw it lying on
fiah 10 de fio',"                                        .. To fool fellahs when tbey go to kick the hat.    the walk near the corner.
   .. Go an, ye baboon,"                              Now, as I Sald befaw, I am pawlecUyawaiah                  "Thore's the other follow's dicer," said
   .. Go back to yo' cllge, g'rilla I"                that theah Is a bwick in that hat, and tbat             Bob, laughing. "Go lor it, Oholly,"
   .. No back talk neow,"                             theah is a fellah behind that doah waiting to             CholIy did 11:0 for It, but an Italian coming
   j . Rats, yo' terrier, rata."                      see me kick it and hawt myself,"                       along the intersecting street did the same
   " Av yez gits me mBd waDst I'll gi"e yoo a             .. Why, how wise you are I" said Bob. " I          thin!ir.
kick In the shins that'll make :rEm limp fur a        dJdn't think you knew half so much,"                      The result was a collision.
month,"                                                   .. Now I'm going t:l see the fellah, don't yer        CholIy's hend bumped against the Itulian's
   "Yo' ain' mau 'nu1'f ter tech Ille wi( yo'         know. I amioing to kick the dicah, but I               bead, and Oholly got the worst of It, because
little /lngah."                                       am not going, to hawt myself eithah. I shall           he had no hat.
   Just then Bob and Joe came down and                give U !'ouch a kick that the bwick and evewy-            "Beg pawdon," said Cholly. "-That's my
caught those two freaks squabbling.                   thing will go fiylng, deah boy."                       hat, me deM Bah,"
   "What are you two pantaloons chinning                 Then Cholly rushed forward, raised his foot            Then he picked iL up and put it on.
about?"                                               lind let drive wUIl the force of a catapult, in-          It was a mile too big.
   .. Why don't you put on the gloves if yon          tending to knook everlasting blazes out of                " That bat no f1ta you, Too mochllo big fora
want to fight?"                                       that deceiving plug.                                   you," l'abbered the Dago. "Glvea me. No
   .. Ah, it's another case of one's afrnid and          Now just a word about that dlcer, and how           playa peril fool. No playa me for suck,"
the other daren't,"                                   it lItOt on the sidewalk.                                 .. Yaw off yaw pins, my fwlend," !!ald
   .. They both owghl to get fired out,"                 Cholly WlI8 not as wise 118 he fondly imag-         Ohony. "rhe hat belongs to me, I had it
   .. Sure, it's the naygur ooll:un it, Masth,er      ined,                                                  made lawge on pllowpose."
Bob. He oome to me hOuse night, him               The hat had not been put there on purpose,             Then he walked off, while Bob aad .Toestood
au' hia winch, an' kngeked things a-tloyin',             Neither was it loaded,                              lauglling.
Jist fur uothln' at all,"                                It happened in this wise:                              .. Bada man, mnka.fool of me, steala de hat,
PART II.                                                            BOB BRIGHT.                                                                                25

no flta dUde. b'loog somebod' elae. Dude tella             One after another got it that day. and they            " It's vewy mystewious," remarked Oilolly.
lie, DO good, me punclIa sooot," aDd the exile         were glad when It was over.                             as hB quietly arose, and Bob began to play
from sunny Italy began working up a firet-                 The aay of tho month did not affect Bob's           " Baby Mine" on the instant.
olB88 mad.                       •                     joking propeIlllities, however, and he wM;jU!!t            " Then the plano said, .. Atn't She a Daisy?"
   "Ah, go stand on your head," said Bob.              as fiy on ono day RB another.                           when JOSie got up, and remarked that
"What do you want of a plug hat?"                         A night or so atter this ehoily Brown eall-          "There's no Place. Like Home" when OhoUy
   '! Take him down B~xt' street. geta fift· cent,     ed at the house to see Josio, and found every-          Brown again tested it!> powers.
noder tlmB 'long llome man. tougha boy. him            body on hund.                                              Bob then took the handkerohlBf from off his
wanta plug. buy dlsa onB. onB doll' halt, think            Bob, Joe, Grub and all hands were In the            eyes, and said that too much magic was wear-
him big fellah. You sella 0013 old hat? I glvea        parlor when he came In, and he didn't look              ing on the nerves, and that If anyone else
you pienta mon° for old hat. seU him down              pleased.                                          ,     wished to experiment they were welcome .10
Bad'BtreBt. Dude cheata mtl. hat no b'long to              Ju~t before he came in Bob was saying:              doso.-
him, nex' time I ffiBeta him I gett~ even."                .. Did you ever hear any magic music? I                Nobody cared to try lhe trick. and after a
   "Ob. go ChBW glue," retortBd Bot.                   will sit down at tho plano blindfolded, and             little Bob and Joe went up-stairs, the rest of
   He had previously givBn a sly wink to Jo-           sOlliobody may get up. Instantly you will               the crowd Lroke up, and Oholly and Josle were
sBph.                                                  hear magic music, and I'll tell you who it is."         left to spoon as much ns they liKed.
   The latter was now on his hands and kneBs               .. Oh, let's try it. I think it'1\ be great fun,"      The next day, when Bob bappened to have
behind the Italian.                                    cried Josie.                                            un idle spell, he went down cellar, put a
   "Go ohew glue, you're no good." said .Bob.              "You can't do it," muttered Grub.                   half dollar on the floor. and then wBnt and
   "No glvea me lip; me puncha you head."                  .. Do try it, RObert," said Mias Tlim per-          found Mose.
   "Yes. you will," and Bob gave Italy a sud-          suasively.                                                 "You want to look out lor the Irishman,
den shove and sent him llylng over Young                   "Oh, yes,:Bob, do. please," said aUthe type-        M09B." 8ald Bob.
America.                                               writer girls in chorus.                                    .. Wha' dat fo', Marse Bob?" inquired the
   The joke was on Joe, after ail.                         Bob and Joe had prBviously arrangBd a lit-          coon.
   'Phe Italian's bag had suddenly opened 8S           tle plan by which Joe oould communicate with               " He's heated a half dollar red hot, and has
he went tumbling over Joe. and aU Its con-             Bob and no one be the wiser.                            left it on the floor, where you will sea It and
tents werB dumped upon that fBSllvB )"outh.                Ail hands Imd been nu "bered, and Bob had           pick it up."
   JOB got up, looking RB if he beBn fished out        learned tbs numbers by heart.                              .. Am dat so? NabBr tort dat I'ishman hab
of an ash hoap.                                           Forlnstanc",jJosie was eleven. and>whenshe           so much Illoney,"
   " Get up and dust, Joe," said Bob. "ThB             got up Joe was to rap once. make a paU6B. and              .. Weil, you want to look out for him."
Italian is aftBr you."                                 then rap again.                                            " Bet yo' life,"
   " Dust I" remllrkBd JOB. "GrBat Scott I I'm              For anything below ten the raps would go              Then Bob went away, and taking Pat to one
nothing but dust I"                                    right along, but over that there would be a             side, where Mose could not S6e him, said mys-
                                                        pl1Ube; till for instance one-t\vo was twelve.         terlously:
                                                        one-four was fourteen, and so on, ten being                " K ... ep your eve on the moke, Pat,"
                    P AR'.r XXVI.                      left out.                                                  "Troth, if I ti'ied to do that. I'd. tie cross-
          HE little April FOOl. raekBt played by           Bob was blindfolded and placed at the piano,        eyed before noight," retorted Pat. "He do be

II          Bob and JOB upon that grubbing
            Italian, did not pan out vBry wBIi. as
            far as JOB waa concerned.
    J;le had upset the Tuscan, but thB latter's
bag of cinder", old bones, ancient butts, rags
                                                        and then the fun began.
                                                       softly however, so that Bob alone could hear
                                                            First Grub got up and Joe rapped out five,

                                                            "I believe it, for Grub told me BO," sang
                                                                                                               jumpiog Rround from plaoe to Rlaee loike a
                                                                                                               a fiea, so he do, the biack rascaL'
                                                                                                                   .. He's going to put up a job on you, rat."
                                                                                                                   "I'll brook his jaw. falx, av I catch him at
                                                                                                               it. n
and rubbish. had beBn upset over him.                   Bob. playing a POPUII~r air.                              "Don't pick up any money you aee lying
    He 100kBd as if he had crawled out of an ash            Then Josie arose, anu Joe gave Bob thB             around. It'Bloaded."
hole.                                                   signal.                                                    " It's little enough I see av anY kind."
    Bob thought he would dte laugbing at J OA,              "Meet me, Josie, at the gate," played Bob.             "This is red-hot. The coon ,vanta to catch
but he realized also tlmt the latter stood In           and ev"rybody laughed.                                 you on it,"
oon8lderable danger if that vengeful Italian                Just then, Oholly came in and Joe whis-                " The black haylbin I Where did he get any
oaught him.                    '                        pered in Bob's IlRr. while the attention of the         money, annyhow?"
    .. Oheese it, Joe," he cried. " you clln brush      rest WRB withdrawn.                                        "You want to be careful, thllt's all, remem-
off later on."                                              "I won't go home till morning." played             ber that."
    Joe lightBd out jnstin time to escape the           Bob, sud they all howled, but when he added:               .. Faix, I'll walk on hi8 nook If he do be put-
Italian, who made a jump at him.                        "He's a dude," they roared.                            tin' up anny jobs on me, the naygur I"
    Bob put out his f(Jot, sent the Dago sprawl-            "What's the mattah?" asked the dude.                   Pretty 800n the two porters happened to
ing, lind thBI1 hurried after JOB, lau~hlng.            "You all seem vewy much amused at some-                meet in the cellar.
    Down went the Itallnn like u frog in u pond,        thin ."                                                    There IRy that innocent looking Bilver piece
or the spread ea~ltl on the daddy dollar. his               .. ~h, It's a new gamf> Bob i3 showing UB,"        on the fioor, ar.d hoth saw It.
hands. feot IIDd head, all pointing in a diffemnt       explained Josle. .. Ain't it funny how he                 "Dat yo' money, I'lah?" asked Mose, point-
direction.                                              kn"w you?" and then she giggled.                       ing to the coin.
    When he struck the pavement the air was                 Oholly Hat down, the Ilame was explained to            "Yez know very well it is not," answered
bluo with epithets uttered In choice maearonl           him. and then Miss Trim arose.                         Pat, "and if yez think ye can play me for a
Italfan, and If words coultl have killed, those             The sweet strains of" The Last Rose of             suoker iL'Z are in error,"
two funny boys would have been cold corpses             Summer" proceeded from the piano, chang-                   "Ain no use fo' a fellah to do dat. You'se
before they had talmn three steps.                     ~ to .. I'm so shy." in an Instant.                     made yo'8e'f out one so often dat eberybody
    .. Go stand in the wind and shake yourself,             Miss Trim colored and sat down, and the            knows it by dis time."
Joseph." said Bob. with a grin. "You look               other.; were ungallant enouKh to laugh, Grub              .. Go on now an' piok up yar money. I
like a sweep,"                                          in partiuular belllg eilpecially boisterous in his     know !t"s yours,"
    "Oonfound that stupid Italian, why couldn't         mirth.                                                     " It ain't; it am youabs, an' yo' know it.":
he havB swnng his bag the other way?" re-                   Olle of the divinity students tben got up,            "Go an now. you blaok ioafer. The money
 marked JOB. "I don't see why I had to catch            and Bob played" The Salvation Army, Oh,"               is yours,"            •
 It instead of you,"              ,                •    and the }'outh hastlly illlt down.                        Each. 8uspflcted the other. and UBither
     " That's because I was born under a lucky              .. How is it done. deah boy?" asked Oholly         would touch the coin.
 star. Joe. The wellthBr is breezy when I ~et           of Grub. .. Be cawu:t SAa anybody with his                In the midst of the squabble along came
 oaught, and it's still zephyry,"                       hack to the crowd and that handkawcblef on             Bob.
    That indiguant It..lian did not overtake the        his eyes, don't you know:'                                .. What's tho matter now?"
 boys and thev soon reached the store. where                "M"gic," said Jo", getting up, and Bob in-            "The nnYKur is thrylng to burrun me wid
 they fOlllld OhoIly Brown slutJing pape£'8 into        stantly plaYlld the" Ro£(uB/l' March." e.auslng        the red hot kine ye tould mB of,"
 the other fllllow's hat band so as to make it 1lt      his confederate to resume his seat with great             .. De I'lshman donna you gabe dat Bnap ob
 himsBlf.                                              sllddonnflAs.                                           his'n away,"
     "Got here all safe, did you. Oholly?" asked            Just then Doddles cnme in, and Joe whis·              .. Aud nelther of you want the money?"
 Bob. .. I WIL!l afraid you might fllllinto thut        pBred his name, whereupon the dulcet notes                .. Be heavenB, I do not,"
 hat and !tet lost:'                                    of" Johnny. Get Your Gun" were heard, and                 .. No, BIlb. none ob dat In my glaas."
     II You might bave crawled Insidll and hid·         then" For Heaven's Sake What Is It?" follow-              " Oh, all right. I'll take It myself."
 den from the Itttllan," added Joe. "He would           ed in rapid order.                                       With that Bob llfted thB coin, dropped it in
 never have found you If you had,"                          Everybody laughed, of course, and Doddles          hiB pocket. and went olf laughing.
     "You young rellahs are too wecent," re-            wanted to know what it was all about.                     Moae looked at Pat. and Put gazed upon
 marked Oholly. "Bettah go sit on a pin an'                 J08ie told 'him. when he put his finger            Moae, both looking very much chagrined.
 wepent of yaw sins,"                                   alongside his nose and remarked:                         ~" Bllgob, he has made fool8 av us both I'm
     .. Never mind, Oholly. Thll first of April             " Ir Bob Bril{ht i,. doln£( It yOIl can bet your   tHinking,"
 only comei! once a year, and we must enjoy                                                        .
                                                        life it's a trick, and that younl{ Joe          "Yes'r, dat wlL8.a put up JOb fo' bote of us."
 It,"                                                   Jones, is giving him the straight tip every               " I'm sorry I didn't pick It up,"
     "I wish· the fawst of Apwll was lfke the           time,"                                                    " Dat money buy me a bUBhel ob eoal,"
 twenty-ninth of Febwuawy, nnd only came                    "Well. suppose it is a trick?" said Joe.             Then both siRhAd and Celt as if they would
 once in faw years, tbat would be awfully jol-          .. You don't know how it is done all the               like to kick thflIDse!\'es around the block, whUe
 ly, don't.cher know,"                                  same."                                                 Bob went off lall/{hlng and wondering what his
     " As far as making a fool of you goes the              "Sit down. Mr. Doddles," said Bob. and             next spap would be.
 first of April comes around about once a               we'll sorprise you. Will somebody else start              A day or so after this. when Bob was think-
 week." :.-emarked Bob, slyly.                          the magic mu"ic, and let our friend try and            jnR that It was nbout time to work a snap on
     "Or with the sun," added Joe, winking at           80lve the mystery?"                                    somebody or other. Pat came to him and
 Bob.                                                        Mrs. Nash next got Up and smiled on the as·       said:
~ lVholly Brown evidently thought the conver-           sembly.                                                  .. Maslher Bob, would yez lfke to go to a
 Bll.tion WRS gotung monotonous, for he sneak-               " BeA.ns. Boston Baked Beaus," playfld Bob,       ball this avenin ?"
 ed off and left the boys to their own devieps.          chanj.(inl{ to "The SOUp-Hollse Moved Aw...y,"          "Not this evening. some other evening,"
     One fellow \I'M as good as anothor to Bob,          and then to "Beautiful Hells," and romark.            sanv: Bob.
 however, and If he got tired of working Oholly          ing:                                                    "SUI'6 yo call't go some IthBravpnin'. fortha
 thBre were plenty others.                                   " That'A widder, peace to her hashes."            ball won't be held only this avenin'."
26                                                                 BOB BRIGHT.                                                                        !)ART II.

   .. What Is It, Pat, the ball of the Hod Car-       Johnson, won' yo', kase I goes On at ten                   Halt a dozen very mad looking Irishmen
 riers' Assochltlon?"                                 o'clOck?"                                               sprang forward.
   .. It Is not, falX. It Is the annual ball av            "Yas'r, I brin~ hIm shuah, Mistah Wash'n'-            Indignation was depicted on the faces of
 the Welklm Club. They give a. grand ball Ivery        ton, wifout fai!."                                     everyone present.
 yenr, nn' this Is the [orst,"                            'rllen Mose went home, hnd his supper, and            They ",Ii lOOKed wroth enough 10 ohew that
   .. Who are the Welcome Club, Patrick?"              told Lllura, his wife, that he was gOing out.          darky up without ever taking the trouble to
   .. They aIr I!n associntlon nv glnt/emln av             At the 8llme time Bob was obberving to Joe:        put suit or pepper on him beforeband.        •
 socl'ty l~orr!\' n wan av thlm but clln wear an           " Fancy that moke at a. terrier's ball I It'll         'Luck at the naygnr oomin' to our ball I"
 o or a .Mao to hIs name, falx,"                       be fun alive. I'd gl,e !:mil a dollar to be there        .. Put the sucker out 1"
                                                                                                                " Call tho polis,"
   .. Oh, I sae; descendants of the kings of Ire-      when he goes In,"
 land?"                                                                                                         " The idee av our being insulted be the lolkell
                                                          " It am a berry selcct an' exclusive aft'alah,
   "Yis,"                                              Laura," said Mose, "an' I couJdn' git mo'n            av hlml"
   .. And they hold their I1rst grand annual ball                                                               Black looks, indignant glances, threatening
                                                       one ticket, nn' it don' say ladle" on dis one. I      gestures and low mutLeriugs of rap;e greeted
 to-nlltht?"                                           couldn' ax Ml\l'8e Bob fa' anoder one,"
     uYia."                                                                                                  that rash coon as he stood on the threshold.
                                                          " Neber min', Moses, yo' kin go 'lone, an' I          And still he did not tumble.
    .. Are you ~olng?"                                 hope yo' 'joys yo'se'I," said Laura, good na-
    .. No, beltob, for I hey to !:nke down shtoves                                                              McFadden nnd Moriarity, O'Dwyer and
                                                       turedly. .. Yo' be home putty late. I reokoll?        Magulnness. Mulvaney Ilnd 0"1.'00113, the grand
 an' pull up tbe carpatsfar onr spring honse           1'lIlenbt< de key undllh do do' mat."
 cleanIng, bl'gorrah. Besoides, I don't dance                                                                higb dignitaries of the Welcome Club, hur-
                                                          After supper Mosss put OIl "' clean white          ried forwurd to meet their unblddeu guest,
 anny III are,"                                        shirt, ll. standing collar, a low vest, a dress
    Ie What do you want for the pasteboard I"          scarf of white mUl;\in, llo pllir of dizzy black      and A. ILlghty mad looking set they were.
    .. Fur the tloket, is It?"                         trousers and the borrowed dress coat, and                "What do yez want'/ Yez can't come in,"
    "Thnt's It,'                                                                                                "Stan' aside, yo' white trash," cried Mose.
                                                      surveyed h(msell in the glass with considerable        .. Take my fings, some of youse. I'se been in-
    "Nothln' at all,falx. Ye're wilklm to It, av      l.'atisfaction.
 yez thinks ye'd enj'y yersill. O'Rourke, who             He was not a bad lookIng coon by any               wited to dis ball, an' I guess I knows my
 lives undher me, is a mimber av the <Jlub an'         m6l\IlS when he was fixed up, and if Laura            rights, an' no hll\bed serbants f'om Castle
 Js the prisldent av the Dry Goods Porthers'           had not been a sensible woman she might               Gyarden is gwine Ler intahleah wit me,"
 Protlotlve au' B1ulvolent Association, an' IUl       have felt a pang of envy at the thought of tllat          AudaciOUS Mose1
 I'm a mimber I have to do somethln' to kape          resplendent husband of hers going oft' all                Those words sealed his doom.
 in will him nn' so I bot the tlok~t,"                alone a.nd possibly mMhlng some other wo-
    .. Well, it 1 use it I ougbt to pny you some-     mltn.                                                                     PART XXVII.
 thing for It, Pat."                                      The grand march was to start at ten O'Clock,
   .. Not a clnt, Masther Bob. Tnke It an' enj'y                                                                          HEN Mose Johnson, a full-blown

                                                      and Mose timed hla going so lL8 to ar-                ..     ..      colored m. oke, Intruded himself
 yersilt. Yez cau take ladll>S wid yez it ye          rive at the hall about \lve miuutes before that
 lolke. It'll be nn llIgant thing, a\" yer loud av    time.                                                                upon a lot of Irishmen at a ball
 daneln', an' the supper wud make yer eyes                                                                                 given by them, that was bad
 walher jlat to luck at,"                                When he reached the hall he easily recog-           enough to begin with.
   .. Where is the ball held?"                        nized it by the IIgbts in the upper story of a             When the same Mose Johnson began to sass
   " At Manhattan Hall on the Sixth avenyer,          business block, and by the Bound of music              those Hlbernll\ns, it was adding pitch to fire.
above Forthy-third slreet. Anny wan up                which carne floating through the windows.                  MOBe was Innocent enough in supposing the
there will tell yez where it is."                        He went up two fiights aud then came to             ball to be ,::iven by citizens of hla own racm, 101'
   .. I think I'll go, Pat," Bob, who had      another where there were lights at the top and         so he h.\d been told.
got hold 01 an idea.                                  bottom and a man at the hend takIng tickets.              He WllS n little too soon, however, in giving
   "Thin yer wilklm to the ticket. Jist min-             Up went Mese, and when he reached the top           lip to the Iloor committee when they asked for
tion me nRme an' ye'11 receive the very best av       he took off hla overcoat and threw it on his           an explauation 01 his preSiJnCle.
attintion."                                          arm.                                                       That upllet the whole business.
   "Thanks I 1 won't forget to mention it,               The doorkeeper WlL8 whito and most unlLis·              Morifuity, McGroaty, Mll.g'ulnnlJ8s, O'Toole,
Pat,"                                                takably Irish by his phiZ, aocent nnd mauuer.           McFadden. and all the reet got at him In a
   "Now for fun," thought Bllb, as he strolled           "Phwat do yez want?" he said to Mose, as            jiffy.
away,                                                the latt"r tendered his bit of pasteboard.                 Mosa was bIg, but a small, hUll-grown fea
   Durln~ the course of the day he found
                                                         .. 1'se come to jine In de festive dnnoe, sah,"     can aunoy a monstrous elephant if he goes at
Mose alone, and said to that healthy coon.           auswered Mose.                                          It right.
   " I say, Mose, want to tako In a high-toned           "Ye,re wan av the waitahs, yez mean, ain't             Those Micks got at that COc!\ just where he
colored tmll to-nlghti'"'                            yez?"                                                   lived, ll.O.d made It warm for him in two sec-
   "Yas'r, I'se nllus ready fo' fun ob any klu'.         " No, sah. rse one ob de pabticipatahs in           onds.
Whl\'s dc nffaiaL?"                                  de festi,o scene."                                         First they kicked him in the shins.
   "Ball of the colored COOks-up-town ·very              "Haven't yez med a mi&tnke?"                           Then t.hey jumped on his ribs.
swell-the cream of blaok-nnd-tan society-                "No, sab. Wha'slI-Ys de tioket? Ball ob de             After that they waltzed on his collar bone.
Welcome Club-nothing like It In New York,"           Welcome Olub, ,lon' it?"                                   Subsequently they did a gavotte on his
   " I nebel' hearn tell ob dat club, Marse Bob,        "It does, begob,"                                    stomach.
an' I'se been ruun' good dea!."                         .. An' dis am de ball ob de Welcome Club?"              Lastly they boisted him up and rUBhed him
   "This is something new, Mose. It has just            "It is, beg'orrnh; bnt I don't know about            ou! 01 the nut.e-room by special express.
beeu formed, and this is their first entertain-      lettln' ye in, if ye,re not a waither,"                    Finally thl'Y chucked him down-stl\irs, and
ment. If you waUL to go I'll gi\'e yOll a ticket."      Just then '\ big Hibernian came out of the           to conclude they lefL him thertl.
   "How yo' gi' 'urn, Marse Bob?"                    room beyond.                                               Mose snt on the floor at thll foot of lhe stairs
   "Our cook wns going, but he hns a bunion             He looked at the doorkeeper, then at MOlle,          and looked n[l at the indiguant Irishmen ~ery
and can't dance, so he gave it to me. It's           and said:                                               much bewildered.
full-dress nnd very select,"                            " Pbat,s the throuble, McGroaty?"                       They were shaking their flsLs and glaring at
  " Am ,I .:;80?"                                       "'rhe Ullygur wants to go in and dance,              him in a wny whioh did not present very
   "Oh, yes I White waiters, white doorkeep-         McFadden, an' he do have a ticket."                     many Inducements for It second trip up-stairs•
ers and attendants, and nil that. Oh, I tell            .. Wait till I see 1II0riar:'v. Who giv' um             Poor Mose was all broken up.
you,.It'" the sWllllest thing the coons ever got     th" ticket, I'd like to know f'                            His bOrrowed dress coat 1V0uld have been
up. Talk about your colored dramatic clubs              Then McFadden vanished, and McGroaty                 refused by 1\ scarocrow.
and colored concertR I Why. lhis can rip the         was presently occupied in taking the paste-                His high collar was mndo into lint, bis waist-
buttons off of anything in th J colored line I"      boards of three or four couples who came In a           ooat wns In ribl)OIlS, Ilis trousers jllst hung to-
   " An' yo' got a tiCKet, Marse Bob?" asked         bunch.                                                  gether, and his OVerCall! looked as it it had
Mose, his "yes bnlging away out ot his head.            "Sthcp Moide," he said to Mose. "The                 come through the W[U's.
   "Yes, but I can't go, of course. They don't       gintie man 'II be ont in wan minyute and                   As for his hat, there wasn't enongh left of it
allow any \\ _"I) fellows on the floor. The          will nttend to yez,"                                   to idcntify it by.
walters and cloak-room ll.ttendants will be the         Mose stepped insic1e instead of to o'ne side,           There sat MORl), looking the picture of mis-
only white folks there,"                             being pushi'd by the new arrivals.                      ery, gazing up at the committee, while the
   " H'm, reokon I bettah take dat in. Am de            He found himself in a sort of ante-room. the         committee shool, its sel'eral tlsls llnd looked
ge'men requiahed to weah ebenin' dress?"             ball-room being beyi'n J, a coup!> of foldIng           unutterable things.
   " Exclusively."                                   doors sbutting i' from sight.                              "Nice WflY to trOl\t n ge'man," muttered
   .. Dat's all right; I kin flx dat. Dere's a          There wore J -If • doz"n men standing               Mose. .. Dis am de Welkim Club, atu it? I
fren' ob mine, jes' my size, wha's got a dress       ar'lund, and every~. , C'i them han the mnp            telt de club shnah 'nnff, but I don' see whar
cant, an' he won' wan' tel' weah it to-night,        of Ireland, the lakes, the bogs, and B1nrney           de welkiro comes in."
kase he's got de measles. I'se outgrowt>d            castle, IOcluded, engra\'ed upon his mng'.                 "Go an out 0' that, n'lygnr," cried Mc-
m,Own coat or I'd weah dat, don't cher know.'           Up stepped one boUd-looking Corkonlan in            Groa ty fmm above, .. an' may ba the nixt Loime
   "Oh, to bc sure."                                 a dress coat 01 green broadcloth, and said:            ye'll know b~tther than to inthrnde yesllf at
   "Yes'r, I takes in de ball ob de Welcome             "Phat do ye want?"                                  au Il'1sh gentlemins' ball, ye black tnrrol'."
Clnb, yo' bet ~"I' life, an' I reckon dere won'         "Please conduct me to de dressing rooms,               A flood of light WHS lei in npon poor M ose.
be many tonier coons dan Mose Johnson, Maree         sah," said Mose loftily, ' 'I wish to arrange             The bnll was not a coon's aiiair after ull.
Bob,"                                                my twilight, sah,"                                        The Welcome Club was all organization 01
   "You can easily say that, Mose,"                     The Miok was amllZ£'d.                              fr~m~                                      •
   That dandy darky WllS in the ,ery topmost            "Don't stainh at me like dat,' Rab," said              That aocounted for the milk in the cocoa-
heaven 01 delight all Lhe rest 01 the day, in an-    Mose. "Take my coat an' hat, sah, nn' glb              nut.
ticipation 01 the evening's enjoyment.               me a check fo' dem,"                                      U Bress    my haht," muttere!l Mose, getting
   He got away ns early lL8 he could, and on            Just t,hen the music struck up again and a          up, "ef I habn't mlstooken an l'ish dance fo'
bis way home stopped at the residence of his         buzz of voices was heard on the other side of          suffin' mo' high toned I Dat am de WIlS' sell
fricnd, who wn.q a wniter In a big restaurant,       the folding doors.                                     on me dat eber was."                            ••
and wore a clnw-hnmmer eoat.                            Then they were thrown aside and the ball-              Then he pulled himself togl1ther, glared at
  He was not on duty in the evening,. and            room was revenled.                                     the angry Micks above, and sadly wended his
readily agreed to lend the required garment to          Mose stepped forward and stood In the               way down-Hairs to Ihe street,
Mose.                                                doorway, his hat In his hand, his coat on his             .. Wherebel' Marse Bob glt dat ticket he was
   " Yo' fotch him roun' in de mo', Mistah       arm and a look of expectancy on hla face,              took in," he muttered; "but dat don' do me
PART II.                                                                  BOB BRIGHT.                                                                           27

no good. Elf dey wltan' so many ob dem I'sh-                 .. Have yez no ither songs than thlm naygur           "They hlweslnt naygur waitere, did ye Bay.
meos, or if I was 'quaioted 1'000' yer, an' could        wans?"                                                Pllthriok?"            •
plclt up a gaOl{, I jos' KO right back dere au'              "Av yez don't loike mil singing yez needn't           "Yls, an' a. lot av ateables wid 'em.
olean out de hull crowd."                                liBten," replied Johanna In pie-crusty tones.         SlIre it's kind tce byes are to me. It's the
    Very wisely, howuVtJr, he refrained from do-             Pat went on smoking and for a few mo-             doin'li av tbe boss, I presume."
Ing this, and went home, where his wile sat              mentq only the splashing of the dish water               Then Johanna, havilll:( armyed hereelt In a
up hal[ tbe night putting that. borrowed swal-           conltl be heard.                                      RilK dress, pnt on a fresh curled front and 1\
low-tallin deC1311t shape to be returned to its              Presently, however, Johanna found solace          lot of ribbons, sailed out into the front rllom.
oWUflr In the morning.                                   In song.                                                  Other coons hud arrived, though she did not
    The next day Pat h'arned from some of his            .. Oh, the sun sh"ines brolght in me auld Klntucky    know this, and there were now six or eight of
friends that " blf.(' Ilarky hml tried 10 get into               home,                                         them sitting around.
the ball-room, llnd he was eharged with bav-                'Tis summer anct allis gay-"                           They were of all sizes, but all wet'e equally
ing given the objecllOnable person hiB ticket.                                                                 bh\ck and all had big baskets sitting beside
    From tile description of the coon Pat knew              "Johanna I" orled PItt, interruptinlt the          them on the floor.
 It must be MOSB, awl while he laughed at the            son!{; but wt1en he stopved it. went right on.            .. Falx, the youog glntlemon must be jtolll'
accoun~, eXl\ggemted, of course, of the lick-                                                                  to do the thing up in stoyle," she muttpred.
                                                            "An' the bnrruds Is makiu' musloali the day."
ing the fellow had got, he Wits very much in-                                                                  .. Two waiters would have been enough an'
censed at his fellow porter'tl presumption.                 U Johanna Brophy, do yez hear me?"                 pUnty. Wud yez look at the airs they put on,"
    He took Bob to taBk at once,and was very                "I do. seein' I'm not deaf. Did ye think I            Just then two more mokes came In and were
mad about it.                                            had gon' deown to the City Hall, that ye ili-         welcomed by the rest in the mOBt elYusl1e
    "Phwnt med yez give the naygur the ball              vatet! yer v'lce so?"                                 manner.
ticket, Masther Bob?" he cried, getting very                .. Ye war singing another na.ygnr song," said          .. Good-ebenin', Mr. Blossom. How yo' do,
led In the face.                                         Pat, severely.                                       liah? Plellsant change In de weddah, ain'
   "For larkS," said Bob, with a laugh.                     " I am awar' av that,"                             it?"
    " It wor an immlt to glntlemen, Bor, nn in-             "I'm not fond av thim. I'd rather ye'd                 "Bress m!!, hah t. Florence Tom pklns, et
snit that'll cost ye dear," began Pat, asH mak·          sing something else. I have naygur enough             yo'ain' got on dat OIA blne dress agin. Fout
ing a speech.                                            all day to be able to dispinse wid it whin I          yo'd ripped dat up long ago,"
   "Oh, go jump into the river and cool olY,"            come home,"                                               .. Neber yo' min' 'bout my dress, Maud Bull.
retorted B,b. "Yuu I:(ive mtl crampB."                      "Snre, ye're particular," and, baving wo.shed      wagon. Ef I didn' pa.y my grocery bills,
   Pat tried to get oil some more O'Connell              the dishes, Johanna proceeded to wipe them.           mebby I could affo'd a new dress ebery monf '"
eloquence at Bub, but Bob wouldn't have it,                 Pat went on wltl!. his smoking, and for some           "Lor' me, Sadie Jones, I'se right glad to
and only laughed at him.                                 minutes all wo.s sllont.                             see yo', I is. 'Mornbn.h de nioe times we use'
   "You make me weary, Irish," he sa.ld.                    Then Johanna struck another musical               tohab at Con' Islan' snmmah?"
U If 'ou playa joke on a fellow, It's all right,         streak and began to bum again:                           The coons were not paying the least bit of
but! he gets it on you, then yon're on your              "There's a new coon In town, a ue;v coon In           attention to the lady of the house.
ear right awny. Mose got the worst of It,                         town,                                           She, therefore, thought it about time to make
an.lyhow, and tlmt oUKht to satisfy yon,"                   There's a new coon In towo, he came the other     herself known.
   Pat wo.s one of tile cra.nky I{ind, however,                   day.                                            .. If yez wud lolke to take al1' yer things an'
and was satlsflud with nothing, nnd Bob                    There's a. new coon In--"                          be doin' somethinl:( belore the gentlemen
didn't take the trouble to try to please                    Thumpetty-ttiump I                                come," she said, .. yez had bettller do It
him.                                                        This time the interruption, not from        now.."
   Poor Mose nnd the Bell on him were talked             Pat, but from somebody in the hall.                      Johanna thought that thll colored help were
aU over the storo, and the coon made sure                   " Bef'0rrah, whoiver tha~ is, he do have good     getllng altogether too hilarious.
that Pat hud put up the job on him and re-               knuckles. Come In,"                                      "Yez will want to sit the lable, I suppose,
Bolved to get square at the el.rliest oppor-                .. Go to the dure, Pathrick, an' don't be yell-   an' get on yer aprOnS an' ~h so as to be
tunity.                                                  In' like that. I hope it's not company, an' me       rendy to on tbe company whin they oome.
   It was not very lonl:( before he got a chance         wid me frizzes all down,"                            The glrruls can take the front room on the
to work 0l1' o.s good IL rig on Pat as the one              Pat stnrted toward the door, When It sudden-      roight and the min the wau on tile lift,"
whloh he 8upposed the Irishman bad wurked                ly opened, and In walkod a big, male moke                The coons looked at JolllLnna in surprise.
on him.                                                  with another of the female variety on his right          "We don' take no o'dahs f'om anybody but
    It happened that the colored soolety in              arm, and I'. bil:( market basket on his loft.        Mis' White," spoke up Miss Florence. "We
which he moved was Df(\sently stirred to its                .. Good-ebeuin'. Am any ob de ladleil an'         dO:l't hab nuffin' to do wif de help, eidor."
oenter over a gmnd surprise party wbich was              I:(e'men heall yet? I rudder 'spected I'd be             .. Sure, thin. I'll tell Miatlll'r White whin he
to be given to one of itF! memblJrs,                     late, I had ter--"                             comes all about yer impertiUlU!oe, so I will,
    Mr. Montmorenci White, l\n enterprising                 Pat gazed In surpriBe at the two darkies,         an'if yez iver gets anither job at wallin' on
barber. had ml\rrled and hud gone over to the            Rnd tben suddenly burst forlh fl-itb:                l'espictRblB people, it won't be my fault,"
east side of town to live, IHavlng Thowp8')ll               .. Don't yez think yez have moo a thrilling       snapped Johanna, indignantly.
street and South Ffflh l1vunue dOl'lolate.               mistake, sor?"                                           "Wha' yo' got to do \Vir Mislah White, yo'
    HIB friends and fellow members of socloty               .. Oh, nO,sah, diB am all right,numbah fo'ty-     I~n'llnt I'ish servant girl?" cried Rnolher
determlne,i t.o give him a I:(ood old-fo.shioned         sebl)n an' free-quahtnhs, top 11.0'. 1's£> got it    wench. .. Whllr am yo' mlssla? I'll tull her
house-warmiul:( and eurpriBo party to show               down on de kyurd, 1m' I made special inqui-          YO' gill. us S8l'S, an' den yo' glt de bounce.
him and his lally wife thaI, though gone, they           ries beto' I come up."                               Dat's de wust ob hiahln' I'lsh hel p, dey're so
Were by no mAnns fvrgotteu.                                 Then both CO')US sat down and began to gaze       BllSSY. Yo' kean'Ub wif 'Bm, 1I0how,"
    Mose Wl\.'< Gne of the committee of orraOl:(e-       around them•                                             What answer Juhaona ml~ht have made to
 ments, and hlJre Wlta where his ohance to get              .. May I be so bold o.sto Inquire yererrand?"     this Impertlneut remarkwlls drownlJd In the
even on Pl\t came In.                                    asked Pat.                                           confusion caused by a lot of new arrivals.
    It hapl",ned that barber White lived In a.              Jolmnnn In the meantime had fled to her               There ,.,..ere a dozen or twenty ot them, and
street 00lltil:(1I0llS to AllAn street, and this made    room. aud was now Improving her pereonal             they swarmed iu, took all the cl1llirs, Imt on
 Mose Ihluk of Pat at once.                              appHnmnce, Pat being thus left alone" Ith the        tile sofa., occupied the table,l\nd begun skir-
    Where PILtrm<iJe,1 was but a stone's t.hrow          mokes.                                               mishing around for more chait'S.
 from the dweltillg of Mr. and Mrs. White, and              .. Suttinly, soh. We'se n paM ob de s'prise           Tbey laughed and talked allli yelled In the
 that made the snap more Bltsy of accomplish-            pl1.htV. Am it posslbul J'o' nin' heerd numn'        IivelilJlltfll.5hion, and the plaee iVt:ts Dedlam it-
 ment.                                                   abont It?"                                           self.
    The surprisers were to meet at 80me con·                .. Oh, I see," cried Pat, though he did not uU        P"t oome out In all his war paint, put hlB
 venlent house, and then, wben they were all             the same. .. It's a surproise?"                      hands to his eara Rnd yelled:
 lJ.l!sembled, move In n body upon the White                "Yas'r; an' dere'li be groot doln's, Am yo'           " For Hooven's alike will yez kape quolet?
 manslun and take it by storm, us ifl the cUBtom         'quail.ted wil Mltltah White?"                       Do yez think thi81s a nayp:ur weddln'? Phwnt
 with suoh gnn~s.                                           .. Oh, it's Tommy White, Ihe o.ssiBtant book-     the divil did the byes send so many av yoo
    Mose had t1UJ 16su10f.\' of the Invitations, and     keeper, th,.t's giving me the surprise, Ie It?"      for? Sure wan or two could have done aU the
 he put down Pat Brophy's numbllr (\S the place           muttered Pat. oJ Faix, we do be oo1IIn' him         waitln' an thllt we required."
 of meellnl:(.                                       '   Grub &0 much that I very nearly furgot his               Pat's pertlm ptory tOll118 enforced sllenoo, and
    The cllnls were printed, and SO Mose hnd a           itber name. And is Malle o(lmin'?"                   all the COOllS 100kl'l1 at him.
 chance to fall uack UpOll" typogmphical error               .. Mose Johnson, yo' mean?"                          "Be heavens, ye'd think the placA wor a
 In Cll8e auy row reBulted from his liltle plens-          II   Yi~/'                                         lunati~ asylum. The huH av yez are tlVolce
 autry.                                                    .. Yas'r he'll be here dlrectlv sail" Pat ran      RIl manny ll>l we need, Let two ltV yez Bet the
    "Ef dat ernnky I'IBhman don' w't sick aftnh          baek to his wile's room in gi:~at e"xcitement,       table, and two more open Ihe bundles. Wl1.a
 diS," be chuckled to himself, .. den I won' say         antI cried:                                          IW VAZ ClIn shlalld at tl'(j dure. You IJig feller
8~Jt                                             •         .. Johanna, pul on )'er black silk wid the         wid the rose in yer COllt. ye're the bllst luckln',
  On Ihe eveninf.\' appolntod Pat was slttlOg            ~reen ribbons, an' git eout all yer crlm ps. 'l'he   an' ye'U do fur that. Whin do yez expict the
tipped hac\( In a elmir, hifl feet on the table,         byoB at the Bhtore all' f.\'oin' to give me a sur-   glntlemen?"
his coat 011' /Lnt! II Rhort pipe in his mouth, en-      prohe, an' they've sent the naygure ahead wid            'l'he coon addrcssed arose, ad,'anoed, and
joyin~ 1\ llniet slUok".                                 tha prOVisions,"                                     said pompollsly:
   Johannll, hlR wife, was wnsting up the                  .. A ~nrproise pauhy, is It, Pathrick?" cried          "Sah I prehup" yo'm not aWlllah that I don'
dlshHs, her usual occnpatloll of nn evening,             Johanna in s.slonlsbm"<.nt.                          wait ton nobolly, 5ah, IIU' af yu'l\ sen' yo'
elnl:(lng softly to bereelf, whlcn wes also a              .. Yls; it's given be Tom White, the dlputy        maalah heah I will spoke wlf him on de mat-
habit of hArR.                                           book-keeper, or at llU't" he's iu It. I suppose      tab ob yo' discha'ge,"
  Puff-pul1' from PItt, as the smoke wreaths             Mr. Brown and Mr. Bndd Rnd Mr. ~udd an'1                 " I'm noboliy's Be-rvant, SOl'," cried Pat,ln-
ascended to the coiling.                                 Bob lwd Joe lwd Frank Rnd Harr", aud all av          dijCtnautiy. .. Whiu giullemen gtve me 1\ SOl'-
                                                         thlm will be up. Maybe the bobSos thiwsilvUB         proise parthy, they. shud be more careful
       .. Way down npon t'le Elwanee river,              will be III it,"                                     about the blip they imply. I'll report ye,
                 Fur. fur away."
                                                           "Falx, it's 11 good thinl'C ye h'ard av It In      Bor. u
  Thus sllog JOhlllllln., hAl' hands in the dish         toime, Patllrlck. Yez had betther chan/<e yer            .. Nobody aln' gub yo' no a'prlse pahty,
water, thl', IlIltllr prcblLbly suggesllug the clo.s-    shurt lUI' llut on yet dhress coat. It'll nlver      I'ish. De paht)' am glib to MI"tal, Mont-
sic stream shll slwg of.                                 do 10 lei Ihim see yll in yer ould clothf's:'        murencl White, de tonsorinll1.rtiB',"
  "Johanna I" called Pat.                                  " Certainly not. Whoilo I'm dhrefllllu' 1ez            "An' we on'y meet at dis, place fo' con-
l  U Yia. I'll trick?U                                   bad betther go out an' set tho table:'               venience:'
28                                                               BOB BRIGHT.                                                                           PART II.

   Pat began to open his eyes.                        Poor Pat was doubly mad, and could not get                 there wns Koing to be 60me fUlI,and aceord-
   "Johanna I Do yez hel\r the"lolkes av that?      over his ohall:rin.                                         iugly MIIBter Jones also ObtlLlnel1 leave or ab-
The nay~nrs wor only makln'-a convanleuce             First t!le little coor. had seen the triok play-          seuce.
av us I The· parthy isu't here at all. It's at      ed upon hllll and had gone it several Mtter.                    "We want to get up-town just as soon us
the nnygnr barber's."                                 Thsn all his neighbOrs would rally him for                we know now, Joe," said Bob, whbn the twe»
   " Phwat I Make a bridge av my nose, the          having darkies In his rooms, and that was a                 were on th" street.
Impidlnt blaggards? Oome to my house to             bitter pill in itself.                                          .. What's the hurry? We wou't be called
meet, the haythins 1 Well, I lolke that."             Besides that he had not played the racket on              back. Old Stej.-and-[etch-it bas gone for th6
   "The idee av a iot of llaygurs comin' hero       Mose at all, and was mad to think that the                  day."
 for their own convanlence, to get ready to         coon had dared to go to the ball of the WeI·                    .. I ain't afraid of him, but I wRnt to get
sorprolse the blllck barber I Falx, the apart-      coml' Club.                                                 ahead of Oholly I He's going riding."
 ment will have to be fumigated before we             Mose had got the best of him, anyhow, and                    "1'uklng his girl out?"
 can slape in it."                                  that wa!1 the chlet cause of his anger.                        "No, he's goIng alone, on horseback."
   " Yis, nn' we cnn't thin I Live In a house         Tbe only thing to do now was to get hunk                     .. H'm I I'd like to Bee that dude try to ride.
 after a lot av na)'gurs I Well, I guess not."      with Mose.                                                  just once."
   "Begormh, I'll move to-morry. The neb-             This, however. was easier sllia than done.                   "So you shall, my boy. He will stop te»
 berhood is gettln' run down entoirely. There         He could not fight the big coon, for MOBe                 dress, and that will give us tbe time we want."
 oUjl'htn't to be a naygur wldln two moHes,         would hl>'" had only to llit down on the little                 l'he two jokers thsn hurried up·town, and
 an If I had me way I'd sind tWill all out          Irishman to squeooe the life out of him.                    Bob easily found the stable Cholly had men-
 av the city."                                        The ani\" thlnJl: to do then was to work off              tionAd.
   The coons did not, evidently, rellsh this        some job on him in return.                                     .. Mr. Brown been here yet?" he asked of th&
 kind of talk, and they lOOked blank in more          "I'll ax Masthl'r Bob about It," he refieoted.            boss.
 ways than one.                                     "He do be alwayB up to mischief, an' he'll be .                "N0, but he sent an order for a saddle-
   .. I jes' wish yo' to undahstan', sah, dat I     tho very bye that can teU y, e what joke to                 horse."
 kin llok any free or any six I'ishmen in           play aff an the naygur."                                       "What are you going to give him?"
 Noo Yo'k all togeddah," cried'the biggest            So Pat concluded to consult Bob about the                    "Sometbing eusy. Guess he isn't muob
 moko, advancing llpon Pat, "an' I don' wan'        matter.                                                     used to riding."
 none ob yo' sass."                                   If 116 had been wise he would have gone to                   .. Oh, yes, he is," said Bob, with a knOWing
   "Ye jes'tech mo husband if you dar', ye          Mo::e himself sooner than to Bob Bright.                    wink. "He won't hlLve any of your aid haoks.
smoked rhinoceros," (lrled Johanna, brandish.         That was where the laugh came in.                         He wants something with lile and go in It
Ing a fiat-Iron, .. nnd I'll make ye a fit sub-                                                                 -something fiery."
Ject for ths undertaker, so I will."                                  PAR'l' XXVIII.                               "You know Mr. Brown, then?"
   There was every chanoe for a row, when                                                                          "Why, of course. Better give him a thor-
                                                                was some tim,- before Pat Brophy                oughbred, or he won't talce anything."

just then the door dew open, and in came
 Mose, dressed up to klll, and wearing a grin                   could get over the racket that Mose                " Why,. he don't seem aUe to hold in any-
 Which nearly swallowed his whole face.                         had played upon them.                           tblng of that sort."
   .. 'Scuse me,1adles and gem men," he reo                       All the boys in the store laughed at             "1.'hat's where you wrong him, my boy•
marked. "Dere hab been a slight mistake.            him and mhode his life a burden from,morning                Why, a regular vicious, man-eating, groom-
We hab met at dR wrong hOUSe. Jes' faun' it         till night.                                                 killing terror woull1 suit him better than any-
 out dis minnlt."                                      Then his neighbOrs were down on him for                  thing."               .
   " I hope yo' dldn'sen' us to dis I'ishman's      entertaining a lot of darkles, as they said he                 .. You don't say?"
ho'se fa' puppus," said the big make.               did, and, altogether, he had a very weary time                 " Yes, I do. Why, he prides himself on be-
   "No, suh, wouldn' 'suIt yo' so much as dat.      oUt.                                                        ing able to hold in anything. Alelffinder was
 De prlntuh make a mistake. Hope yo' hubn't            However, as there is an end to everything,               a fool to him."
8uffahed any ilI'conwellience f'om habln' to        even to a tramp's tale of distreSIl, the affair                "Is that so?"
walt in such drefful po' quahtahs?"                 soon grew old, and poor Pat was given a rest.                  "Sure as preaching. You wanl to give hllJl
   .. Yas'r, we bab, we'se been 'suited by dBBe        It happened about this period, when the                  the ugliest brute you've got, Nothing would
no 'count I Ish, an' bf yo' hadu' come I reckon     weather WAA warm and balmy, that Cholly                     suit him better."                       ,
we'd ha' cleaned 'em ont."                          Brown had a Saturday afternoon off, and de-                    Bob wlnj{ed again and the bas!' caught. on.
   "Berry sorry 'fa' had to walt in such a          termined to enjcy it.                                          "All right. I'Ve Kat 1~11 old played-out.
mis'ble place," satd Mose, turning up his nose.        "What are you going to do, Cholly?" asked                hurdle jumper that I don't let out very often.
" De wondah to me alll how 80me folkS kin           Bob.                                                        except to fellows who understl\nd him. H~'
lib. We'se all ready now, ladies and ge-men,           "Aw, I think I'll ~o widing, me deah boy."               has been in the atable for It week."
an' we'd bettah 'jonrn at onee. Tra-la-la,             .. Going to a funeral, eh? Whose Is It.?"                   .. Got any KO In him?"
I'lsh I Hope yo' enjoyed yo'se'f I Get on to        Your own?"                                                     " Go? Well, you get him ",tarted 04ce and
de coat I Reokon dat am us 01' as Bain' Pat.           " or cawse 1J.ot. Oawn't a fellah go widing              you'll see."
rick Wsse'f I"                                      without going to a funewal?"
                                                       "Oh, yes, but in that case it costs some'                   .. Here's Cholly now," wblspered ,Joo, ex-
   "Go un out 0' this, ye dirthy naygur I" cried    thing."                                             f       citedly, 100kinK 110wn the street and ootehlng
Pat, getlingmad.                                       " Whv, me deah boy, I can affuwd to hiah a               slKht of the dnde.
   Mose only laughed, nnd then he and the           hawse."                                                        .. That's the partioular animal you want to
other coons picked up their baskets and bun-           .. For hOlv iong? Ten minnttll:l?"                       give him," said Bob.
dles and adjourned.                                    "No, of cawse not, faw the aftll.hnoon, to be               " All right. Irs a go."
   Some of them were disposed to hang back          shaw."                                                         Bob and Joe then made themselves less oon-
and have It out with Pat for what he had said,         " What are you going to take out, u. hearse              splcuous. getting ant of the way, where they
but Mose dls-uaded them.                            or a dirt cart?"                                            could hear und not be seen.
   "Neber min' sayin' nuiI!n' to dat I'ishman,"        .. Neithah,deah boy, I'm going on hawse                     In oame Oholly dressed to kill in a dizzy
he remarked, In a loud,tone... He amn't 'span·      baok."                                                      checked suit llnd we~ring a high hat.
sible. Yo'd only let )'o's"l'f down to his lebel       "Oh, you are?"                                              "Got fl, hawse fuw me, Mistah Woot?"
af yo' did."                         _                 "Yas. You don't know what an awfully                        "Yes, sir." answered Mr. Root. "Just the
   Then the coons went out, while Mose came-        olevah eqwestwian I am, do you, Bob?"                       thing you like."
baok tosay:                                            "No, nor any anA ellle."                                    "Itl1l; quist and gentle?" asked Oholly, In
   "How am dis fa' a moket, mistah? Reckon             "Oh, I am, I R8shaw you."                                timid tones. "I don't wide vewy much, yOIl
yo' won' sen' me any mo' tickets to Mlckaroon          "Got your li!e insured?"                                 know. und I want a hawse thltt won't wun
balls aftah dis. Guess we bettah call it squah I       "No, deah boy. What faw?"                                away."
Wha' yo' fink?"                                        " In case of accident."                                     "H'm I He talks rlifferently up here frolll
   Then Mose took hlmsl'1f and his grin out of         "They nevah happen to me."                               what he did in the office," whispered Bob.
the fiat, and Pat threw open all the wlndolVs          "No, they do say that Heaven takes care of                  "You want a genUe horse?"
to let the rooms get aired aftel- the Afrloan in·   the foolish," rem,uked Bob In a casual tone.                   "Yns. You SAC I don't wide much, and I'm
vaslon.                                                Chony did not heed tile ramark, and Bob                  afwald of the vicious bwutes that some fellahs
   To say thllt Pat was mad would be putting        resumed:                                                    like to wide."
it very mild.                                          "So you are going horseback riding, are              I     "    All right, sir. I'll give you !L dandy. He
   He was boiling over with Indignation.            you?"                             •                         Is a little timid, bnt if you coax him he'll be all
   When Mose had departed, he pulled off his           uYas/ J                                                  right."
eoat, threw it on the fioor, upset I~ chair,           "Through the park?"                                         " Vewy well," and Oholly Bat dowll to wait
danced about like a madman, and exolaimed:             "Yas.)J                                                  while the old raoer was saddled.
   " An' so It's the naygur that I'm indlbtp.d to      " Expeet to create u. sensation1"                           He looked peaceable enongh, for there was
for this, 15 it? Be heavens, I'll tomahawk the         "Of cawse."                                              nothlnK to trouble him In the stable, but there
haythin for this I Begob, I nlver had such             "I think you will," thought Bob;" that Is,               was a sweet little plonic being prepared for
an Insult ped me in the whole coarse av me          if I can fix thlng~."                                       Mr. Oholly Brown a!l tile same.         •
Mfu~                                    -              "You ought to go out yawself some time,                     Once let that old time raoer get scared, and
  Then he tramped up and down the room to           Bob," said Cholly, presently.                               all the dudes in dudedom couldn't hold him.
let off steam before resuming:                         " Haven't got time. Where do you hire your                  Cholly mounted and rode out, while Bob and
  "It Wllr 1111 on acoount av yer slngln' those     nag?"                     •                                 Joe followed at a respeetful dh!lt'lnce.
nllygur songR, Johllnna, as sure as ytl live.          •• At a stable neah the pnwk on Slxty-thawd                 "Is he afwaid of the cnhs?" ask'ld Cholly.
Ivery tillle ye glt to singln'sometbin' hap-        lItweet."                                                   the lasl thin~ as he rode away.
pens, an' Jist /tcoordln' to what ye do be sing-       " East or west?"                                            "No, 1 think not."
in'. The lasht tolme It wns the Illl.ygur baby,        " EIlSt, deah boy, near Thawd avenue."                      When that dude neared the entrance to the
an' now it'll the sorprlse plllthy."                   "Good I'lace?"                                           park a German band snddenly struok up in
  "Sure, there's no harrum in singing, Path·           "The vewy best, weasonable and wellable."                front of a saloon.               .
rlok," pleade,l Johanna.                               .. Well, I wisb you loY of your ride."                      A horse drawing a milk wagon full of empty
  " Mebby there's not, bnt I prefer ye'd ohoose      • "Thanks, aWfully.                                        cans objectert to music, und Bturted off on a
more appropriate mllndies the nlxt tolme yez           Soon lifter Cholly had departed Bob asked                dead rnn down the street.
have a desolre to exercoiSA yer v'ice, Johanna.     leave to get off and oo,qlly obtl\ined it, as there            Out flew several of the cana with a terrible
Begob, I'll not gAt the tllste av thlm naygurs      was Iittla doing, and Stover had gone home,                 clatter, rolling and bumping lind dancing
But av my mouth fur a month."                          Bob gave Joe the wink and intimated that                 along the street In the maddeBt fashion.
PART II.                                                            BOB BRJGHT.
  One of them bonnced ontofthe wa~on right             In good style, struck one of tho avenues, and        what it WIIS," said Grub. .. I was the best
under tbe faet o[ Cholly Drowll's ex-racer.            posted off at as lively a rate as ever.              litLie boxer In New York when I WII.B eight-
  Thllt was enongh, anu more than enough,                 It wasn't as much fun rnnning on oobbles          een."
for him.                                               as It was on a good level road, however, aud            .. Come down. Thomas," said Frank Tomp-
  The way he put for the park WILS a caution           he soon came to the couclusion that he had           kins. .. I BltW you try to box with Bob once
to   lag~ards.                                         had all the ~aclng be wanted.                        and he knocked you clean out."
     Cholly was nearly thrown, but he yanked on           He toned down his paoe tl\l it was slower            " He couldu't box with a cigar store Iudlnn,"
 the reius and clung to thu brnte's sides for          than a walk, and no persuasion could muk.e           chimed in Rudd.
 door life.                                            him IIolter it.                                         "No, nor with It one-armed man," added
     'rhe harder he pulled the faster went the            He was gentle enough now, goodness                Nudd.
 nag, and aU the dnue could do was to direct           knows, too muoh so, in fllct, to suit Cholly.           "Te1lsome othaw SlOwy, Gwub," said Chol-
 him.                                                     "GWBl\t Hovvlns I fawst he WUDS like the          Iy Brown. "That one is too thin. It won't
     Dob and Joe followed on the dead run, for         dooce and then he cwawls," he remarked,              wash."
 they didn't want to miss the sport.                   .. I wondah If he hasn't uny middle Cllwse?"            "You fellows are all too fresh," sputtered
     Down the main drive sped that former                 He did not seem to have, however. for he          Grub. "You couldn't stand the training I
 hurdler, goln~ like t1w \'ery Willd.                  waR tired aud wanted to take things easy.            went through. Why, I used to walk twenty
      .. Hold on, hold ani" shouted aRray-coated          He seemed to know Instinctively that Cholly       miles before my breakfast--"
 cop, rn8hing Itrter Chollr.                           wus no horseman, and so did just what he                .. 1'lenty at tramps do that," interpolated
     The dude misullderstood the command. and          liked.                                               Bob.
 held on in quite a different fashion.                    His head was pointed for home, and though            .. And then I took lI. "ath--"
      He could not control that brute any more         he mllant to go there he was in no huny about           .. Given that up of late-years. haven't you?"
 than he could rein In a wild horse.                   it, and no amount of pllrsuasion from Cholly         asked Joe.
     1'he racer hlld the bit In his teeth, and was     could Induce him to change his pMe.                     " After whleh I ate two raw beefsteaks, took
 going for all he was worth.                              He just moped along and It took him halfan        Bllap-'-"
     Holding on was'just what Oh01ly wanted to         hour to go over as much ground as he had                .. Oh, you're that," Interrupted
 do at that time.                                      formerly cleared in five mlnnte8.                    Rudd. "You're the sleepiest fellow I ever
     He dropped the reins, grabbed the horae by           When he reached the park. gate, that mount-       saw. 1I
  the neck and clung with desperation to his           ed policeman was looking for ChoUy Brown                "Then I practiced with dumb bella. torty-
 llylng Bteed.                                         and at once spotted him.                             pounders, for four hours, took a run of about
     Away went his dicer, but that was nothing,            "Young man," he said. riding up and tak-         twenty mllea. came back to dlnner--"
 (lOllsldering the danger.                             ing hold of the dude's bridle, " 1 want you             "Yes, I bet you always showed up at meal
     The park police yelled, and half a dozen of       for reokless driving."                               time," remarked Nudd•
 them started in pursuit of the runaway.                   .. I gUl'BS yaw mistaken, sah," said ChoU,.          .. Then I pounded a sand bag for another
      "RecklesR riding must be stopped," re-           .. I hope you don't call this weckleBi.l widing.     four hours, took a nap and a bath. got rubbed
 marked one fat fellow, as he gave chase.              You wouldn't go slowah to a funewal, upon            down_It
     Bob and Joe werA doing thell' best to keep        me wawd."                                               "How much did they pay for carting away
 up, butChollv distanced the Whole gang.                   "I don't Cllre how slow you are Itoing now,"     dirt at that time?" asked Harry. .. Big con-
     Just now somethlDR happened which show-           answered the cop, .. a ':Ihort time ago you were     tract, wasn't it?"
led the stuff that nug WllB made of.                   racing like mad."                                       .. Oh, go Weat," muttered Grub. .. Well. the
     Two ladlea, driving a low village eart, sud-          "No, suh, I've been wldinR like this faw an      tralnlnR WIlB pretty severe, but It was noth-
 denly turned Into the drive before seeing             houah. I don't like to wace. n's bad faw             Ing to the fight." he added.
 Oholly and hiB nag.                                   the blood."                                             .. Oh, you did fIltht, aftah all," Inquired
     On came that ugly brute like the Wind, and            "Where's your hat? I know you are· thtl          Cholly Brown. .. I thought paw haps you
 the women got sCllred.                                same party I chaRed."                                went to a hospital aftah all that."
     They tried to turn out, bu\ both hauled on           "Wheah was this?" asked the dude, very               " Of oouree we fought, and It was a dandy."
 the lines at once, and In opposite dlrectioDs,        Innocently.                                             "Was the other man sick?" questioned
 and their poor plug got rattled.                          "In the park."                                   Frank.
     Instead of turning out he dashed right                "Me deah sah, I haven't been In the pawk             "No. he wasn't. We shook hands at five
 across the road, and thell stood still.               at all. I've just come fwom Hawlem on a              o'clock in the morning, and nev!'r finished till
     Thero he was, he and the wagon and the             wagah to see how slow I could twavel and            five o'clock in the afternoon of the next day."
 two women, rigbt across tlie road, and that           etlll keep moving, don't cher know."                    Bob whistled•
 racer of Cholly's eomlng along at a two-ten               .. What have you done with your'hat?" de-           .. You're right, Joseph," he remarked, .. Grub
 pace.                                                 manded the cop, who very much doubted thla           holds tho belt for 1If6,"
     A little thing like that did not trouble the      fltlrv tale of Cholly's.                                .. Did you fight all that time'" Inquired
 ex-hurdle jumper, however.                               0' The wind blew it off, and I couldn't wun       Cholly.                                 •
      He stUl hl~d good stuff In him, and obstacles    ahead to catch It, faw feah of losing my bet,           , Yea, of course."
 only made him laugh.                                  don't cher know."                                       "Didb.'t you stop law dinnah, aw any-
     He did not even nAed to be lifted, for he             .. Why, t.he wind ain't blowing that way at      thing?"
 had taken worse jumps than that scorea of             aU, it's blowlnlt the other."                           .. No. How could wo? It was tho longest
 tlmea.                                                   "Yes, bnt this Wllll a long time ago, before      and toughest fight on record."
     Poor Ohollv clung to his neck, shut his           the wind changed, me deah boy."                         "Baw Jove. yaw tht' toughest lIah on
 eyes, ami expected to go to destruction thtl             " I'll have to take you ill, I gUaBB," returned   wecawd, be all odds, don't cher know," mut-
 next minnte.                                          the cop.                                             tered ChoJly. .. You collah the bakewy."
     The nag only gave a snort, and then jump-            Ch01ly's nag had other things In view, and           " Was there anything left of you after the
 ed clean over the wllgon, with Cholly hanging         he now gave a suddfln dash, tore away from           tight?" interrogated Joe.
 on to his neck nnd the womtln screaming like          the cop, and went off toward the stable like            " Yea, but I couldn't speak for four daya.
  mad.                                                 lightning.                                           My jaw was paralyzed."
      Cholly felt himself rising and gave up for          Cholly hnng on and the beast carried him             "trow well you reoovoredt cried Bob.
  lost.                                                back to the staole, pretty weU scnred, but not       "You've got more jaw nQ\V tnan a Tombs
      The nBg strack the road on the other eide,       much the worse for his rough ride.                   lawyer."
  then bolted, while the cops yelled and purred           Bob and Joe had secured hla dlcer and car-           "Maybe you don't helleve it?" muttered
 and ehased nil in vain.                               ried it La the stuble, where they presented it       Grub.
      "Great 8colt 1 what a jump I" cried .Bob.         to him when he arrived.                                .. 011.. yes, I do," ans\vered Bob, quickly.
  .. I'll bet Oholl)" is BCllred' to death."               "You're an eleRant horseman, Mr. Brown,"         .. It's easier to do that thll.ll to provo you a
      .. He'll look out for nags Ilko that another     said Bob, with a grin. .. I saw you make that        liar."
  tim;" I reckon," said Joe, wU.h a chuckle.           jump."                                                  The whole crowd laup:hed, but GrUb, not at
      Oholly's troubles were not yot over by a long        "FI1W Hevvln's eake don't say a wawd,            all abashed, replied with refreshing assur-
  way.                                                 Wobaht, and I'll give you a dollnh," said the        ance:
      Hia nag's blood was only just gottlnR warm-       poor dude.                                             .. That's the way nowadays. The more truth.
  ed up, and he waf! ready for lot.s mars yet.             " Where am I coming in on that racket?"          there Is In a story th" lo.'s It 11'1 crcdlted."
      Among OllOlIy's pursuers WIlB a mounted          questioned Joe.                                         "H'm! You can get six months' credit on
  policeman, nnd he. riding around the village             "Oh, you Ita to thundah," retorted Oholly, as    that story whenever you tell it," retorted Bob.
  eart, ,put after tlmt dude at a good pace.           he paid his bill Bud got out.                           "Yea; six months on the Isle de Blackwell,"
       His horse WII>! a good one, and he now let          He didn't tnke any more exercise on horsB-       chuckled Joe.
   the nag out, aud chased after Cholly at the          bal'k after that, havil'g had more than enough         .. Who was the fellow you taught with?" ask-
  top of his speerl.                                    to IRSt all his life.                               ed Bob.
       The olll rnclllg spirit was awakened lu the         The story got around and poor Oholly was            " Jack Williams, the Toy Terrier of Tremont.
  eudo's hOl'lle,lIud the way ho stretched,hlB          nearly worried to.death, the fellow8lguyed:hlm      He's dead now."
   punt leRa ",as fine to witness.                     60.                                                     Nobody said an,thlnl\', but that noon whe.
       He Wll8n't goin/.( to be beaten by any police      JUf!t now Mr. Thomas White, otherwise             Grub WlUl down cellar eaUnl\' his lunch, all the
   horse, and ho hoofed it for 1111 hia capital.       Grnb, WII.B beginning to feel the sprlnlt Influ-     other boys except Bob helng there at the eame
       He thouRht be was racing again. and             ence, and the lies he told were something            time, stranl:e to say a stranger suddenly ap-
  Oholly's frnntlc\ crl,'s for him to stop were un-    mflrvelous.                                          peared in their midst.
   heedeJd 1\0 lonlt aH he could hear the other           He always had been a good narrator of fic-            He was of msdlum hel~ht, wore a silk dlcer
   horse's hoofs thunderinlt behind him.               tion, his Imagination beinlt unbounded, but          and a poo jacket, had a bushy head of red
       Poor Cholly's hair stood on t'nd, his hlRh      now he surpassed all hla previous errorts.           hair, and a red bellrd that stuck out all around
   ~oUar Wll8 wiltod with fright, Ilnd he did             " Talking about the tmining a fellow gets         like a h.J.iry conflagration.
   more thinkinlt in five mlnutBs thlln he had         before Raing into II. prize filtht," he said one         He wore a glass door knob diamond In his
   ever been guilty of in aU hia life previous.        dlly, .. why, It'" IIothing to what they used to     shirt front, and oarried Ro cane as thick as a
       "Oh, dellh-oh, denb, I shnll be killed I" he    do. Why, when I trained for the amateur              bed-post.
   wailed. "If this 1-; what they calln. gentle        champlollshlp--"                                         .. Saay I" he drawled, going up to Grub.
   hawss, I'll take a wooden one tho next                 .. OhampioDllhlp of what?" asked Bob, polnt-       "Your nnme Ia White, ain't it? Don't say It
   time."                                              odly.                                                ain't, tor I know it Is. Are you on to me?"
        Away went the nug, and presently meeting          .. Liars I" promptly retorted Joe Jonea.             Grub tremblingly answered the sunny-halrw
   a lot of carrja~08 coming In his direction, he      .. Grub holds the belt."                              ed specimen that he had not the pleasure of
   suddenly darted" off down a Pl\th. took a tenoe        .. Light weight boxing ohamplonship, that's        his acqualntnnce.
30                                                                 BOB .BRIGHT.                                                                       PART     n.
   .. Wen, I kno'!)'ou and you'1\. 1\ linr from       When he reachcd the store, he got a long                     .. You boys are not overpaid, any of you,
Ananlnatown. ~ name's Jllck WillIl1ms and             needle used fOl' sewing up bales, and with it            arll you?"
they oall me the 1:oyTecrier of Tremont. Do           drew tbe horsehair through the cigar from                    " l'hoBe tbat have been there a long time
you conneot?"                                         end to end and I",tt it lhere.                           get pretty good pay."
   Poor Grub began to shake In his shoes.                Thell he gave the bunch, of cigars to Budd,               .. How long would you have to wait for a
   " You'ye been \ellin~ fellers th'lt you lioked     leaving the doctoJ;ed one slicking out.                  decent raise?"
me in a D~ht," continued the Terrier... That's           That deluded salllllmllll bit the end off, stuck          .. Two or lbree years. Stover is SO deuced
a blooming fabrication and you know It."              It in bis mouth and set her alight.                      conservntive. He won't lot Howe orllnoh out
   Until then Grub blld fondly imagined tbat             He \vas talking to a customer at tbe time,            as he would like to. The old mIlD is too good-
Jaok Williams, the T. T. of 'I.'., Wll.S a mytb,      and offered him one of the good clg!lrs.                 natured, and Slover mannges him because he
an invention of his own fertile brain.                   The man was proceeding to Iigbt up when               hates a fuss."
   He bad no Idea in the world that such 8            he cllug-ht a whiff from Budd'B weed.                        .. You've got a pretty good Idea of business
man really exlRtlld.                                     He turned pale, averted his head and looked           now, haven't you?"
   Hence his I1Kue Dt.                                unnltl'rnble things•                                         "Yes, I thiuk I hllve."
   .. You've been !yln~ about me," said the Toy          The cigar was bad enough to begin with, but               " How would you like to make a change?"
Terrier, "and I'm going to disintegrate you.          the horse-hair in it mad.. it ten times as bad.              .. First-rate, if I CllD do better somewhere
You naver licked me III all your mendacions              n a sewer had been opened right in the                else."
existence, you prehbtorlo puppy."                     store It would have smelled sweeter than that                "We '\v ant an assistant salesm"n and if
   "It wasn't you I lioked,' stammered Grub.          cigar•                                                   you're willing to take It, I'll get you the sit.
.. You got the names mixed. It was the Troy              The beat 'of ilt WA.!! that Budd didn't know          You'll get live dollars a week more than you
Terror-see?"                                          how bll.d It was, the od.>r not being apparent           are getting now."
   "That's another lie and I'm going to shoot,"       to him, though it was plain enough to all the                " Steadyjob?"
and the Toy Terrier raised his big stiok.             rest.                                                        " Yes. I know you \l ell enough to vouch
   A jet of water suddenly shot out from a knob           The customer excusE'd blmself, got a.way             for you, Bob, and there won't bll any trouble
at the top and took. Grub in the eye.                  and chucked ~he cigar Budd had given him in             about that."
   He gave a howl and beat a retteat, but              the ~utter.                                                 " 'rhen I'll take It."
Oholly Brown tripped blm up, and wben be                  .. Who's burning old shoos?" growled Stover              "Good. Com" around to-morrow, at noon•
arose Frank h!'ld on to him Ion!\' enough for          from ttie office, the aroma haVing reached              I'll sp,eak to Cotton & Woolley about It before
bim to see Jaok Williams remove his aurifer-           him.                                                    thnt. '
ous hair and beard, and IllY them on a dry                h Smells more like garbage," said Howe.                 " I'll be tbere."
goods box,                                                "I don't Bee why our men smoke at all, I1nd             "Yes, lind you'll get there, as you always
   The Toy Terrier had vanished and Bob               if they must do it, why don't they get good             do." added Dnn wltb II laugh.
Bright stood ill hIs place.                           clgnl'8?"                                                   The next day Bob called on the firm with
   "Sold I" yelled the gllnK.                             " Hey, Budd, are you trying to kill us?" said       whom Dan worked. and held II long und SlltlS-
   Poor Grub turned White, broke away from            Nudd. .. That butt of ~'ours Is awful."                  factory Interview, the result of which wlIsttiat
Frank and shot up-stairs 1\8 thougll propelled            Just thenCholly Brown came in, caugbt               h€' WIIS engal,(en at an IIdvance 01 flv!' dollars a
by lightnIng.                                         some of the smoke, turned pale and ruebed                week on his present slliary, for II year, lifter
                                                      out ah"Rin.                                           , which better arrau~l'ments would be made if
                                                          "Weakon somebody's dead in there," hi! re-          he proved valUllble.
                     PART XXIX.                       marked.                                                     He asked for two weeks lime, as be wished
          OM WHITE did not hear tbe la.<;t of             Then Howe got to coughing.                           to give Rowe & Stover thllt much notice, and
 _           Bob's little joke upon. blm till tile       Grub opened the windows and Stover called            it WIlS gmnt"d him.
             summer Clime, for frequent mention       for Pat and asked him what rubbish he was                 . During the afternoon he told Howe of hi... in-
             WI\8 m'lde of it.                        burning in tbe furnace.                                 tentions, taking a tillle wheu the j ally felloW'
    He WIlS tlle slck@st looking duck that ever          "Sure, there's no folre at all," said Pat.           was aloue.
 quacked, and he didn't telJ another big Y01rn        " Howly saints, has anny wan got the cholera.               "I'm very g-100 to bear of it, Bob," said
 for six months.                                      up here?"                                               Howe, plell,Santly, "I would 111m to have yOll
  . The next thin,:t that that acllve boy Bob            "For Heaven's Bake, Mr. Uudd, go get a               stay with us, but Mr. Stover would nlJt con-
 Bright Lurned his atlention to. WIIS a Iittie        goo,l ciKar I" called Howe from the office.             sent to glvo you the s.d'lry you can get from
 racket on Rudd. the hUlld salesman.                     All hands were chokln/{ Ilnd coull;hing, Ilnd        Ootton & Woolley."
    To assist him In the furtherance of hIB plan,     Rudd WIIS perfectly unconsQious of being the                .. I thought not, sir, and so I accepted the
 he called in Mr. Blllts, the cigar dealer, at        cause of it Ilii.                                       after. I have II friend in the offiee, and he
 whose stand the famous policy gng on Mose,              .. Tbe cigar Is a little strong," he remarked,       will belp me lit first."
 the porter, wn.s perpetrnteil,                       " bu t that'R r.Il."                                        ,. You won't ueed much assistance," laughed
    Bob was Il;oing out olle day, and Budd RSked         .. A little I" cried Harry "Why, that        Howe. .. You seem to get alon/.\' belter than
 him if he wouldn't stop at Butts' on his way         smoke would kill a mule."                               scores of youu/{ fellows. You've been the mak-
 back IInl bring him some cigars.                        "Go bury it, BUdd," Aaid Frank. "It'll               ing' of Joe Jones."
    "You don't expect me to p,~y for 'em, do          make good tt'lp dressing. It's half rotted now."            " I ho1'e he 1V0n't 1l;0 back after I leave. If
you?" naked Bob, for Budd bad not anted up               Just then Mose cRma up and asked:                    I thou,:tht he wonld, I'll (!;ef'him a job with
as yet.                                                  .. Say,who been frown' swiU in ouah gutttihs.        me. I like Joe, and want to see him sllcceed."
    "Well, you may do so if you like," said          It smell awfnl bad I"                                        "Joe likes you, too, Bob. and I think that
Budd.                                                    " For Heaven's sllke, Bob, where did you Ket         for your sake he will do his level best. Have
   "Tbank you, no, not this aft; s'mother            this cigar?" naked Budd. .. Is it so awful               you told him of your pillns?"
aft," said Bob.                                      bad?"                                                        .. No. sir. I lhought. I wouldn't say anything
   "Tell Butts tl) bllng me up," continued               " No, it's fine. The fellows are only trying         to IInybody till I had selm you. I would
Budd.                                                to guy you," said Bob. "Smoke away and                   mther not have It known till I arn about to
   "Alia rilth!; I tella him to hanga you up,"       don't mind 'em lit all."                                 leave. I will lell Joe, tholll'(h, and he won't
answered Bob III choice Tuscan.                         Budd did smoke Ilway, and the result was              sny I\nythiDl!. I don't waut my alIllirs talked
   When he stopped In at the cigar stand he          that all hands went out except Btover, who               all over b~fore I g'o."
Mid to the vender of cabbageleav8S dipped in         presently appeared, and' said:                              .. Sensible idea," snid Howe. .. I suppose
nicotine ~                                              .. Mr. Budd. I must ask you to throwaway              you (Ion't care to bave Stover know it right
   "Butts, old man, do you hang up Budd              that vile weed. If you den't we will have to             away?"
Tery often?"                                         close up for the day. Where under heaven                    "No, sir/'
    "No, not often. He's good pay. It It was·        did you get it?"                                            " All rh(ltt. I won't say II word."
Brown nOlv, or Grub, I'd bave to look out."             " At the usullI place."                                  Beb told Joe, of course, and made him
   .. Wbat ill Blldd's particul'lr brand-cross in       "Then I'd ad VIse you to ohange your deal-            promls" to keep silent.
a diamond, or a circle In a square on the left       ers," nnd Stover, /{etting 1\ full whilY of the             Joe had Improved very mnch since Bob had
fiank?"                                              aWful smoke, grabbed bls hal and dusted.                 been In the store, nUll he felt tha~ be would
   .. Why, BlJbert, those are cattle brnnds,"           :':udd blew up Butts for sendinll; him bad            mlR~ his cbum very much.
said BUlts, with II IIIUll;h. "I don't sell beef."   Cigars, and declared he wouldn't buy any                    "Y,ou must k"ep on doing belter, Joe," sllid
   "I don't see why you couldn't since you           more.                                                   Bob. "We will Bee '-"lch other as olten na be.
sell cabhll/l:e, and beef 'lnd cabbage are bosom        "You needn't think because Bob Brl-Rht               fore, almost, and I will henl' of it if you don't
friends."                                            don't know a good ci/{..r that I don't." he              brnce ·up."
 " "Stomach friends, YllU melin, Bob. Per-           sputtered, "and I won't trade here IIny more,               "Oh, I will. you bet," said Joe. "I'll stick
haps you don't irnow that tbat joke WIIS clllled     I smoked one of those cigarB, and it was                to biz like a bdIwer.'·
in long before you made your appeurnnce in           slm ply RW fu.l. It drove everyone out of lhe               About a week after Bob hRd g'lven noUce, he
this cold, frosly wol'!d."                           storea,J7                                               look a mischievous frenk one aftN'noon When
   "Well, give me Budd's faYorite to the                Butts took a partial tumble, and 9ald :              there. WIlS Httle doing and delermlned to play
Rmount ofa quarter. Does he take twofors                "Bob Brigbt mllY not know a good cigar,              off a raoket on old StoveI'.
or threefors?"                                       hut he <foes know a bad one, and he bon/{bt a               He never had had lIuy love for the old
   "Usually sixfcrs. Do you think he's a mil-        regular elinl,er here this morning. I guess             cmnk, Rnd so fell no compunctions In playing
lionaire?"                                           you got that one."                                      tricks upon him until the very Inst.
   "Well, give me the!Il. And I say-have you            .. Tbe little scamp," muttered Rudd. "Af-                Bob must hav!' beeu feeling' sick or a little
any real, genuine Mnlodoro cigars?"                  tElr this I'1I1l;0 after my cigars myself."             of!' that day, for the Buap he picked out was
   •• Stinkers you mean?"                               In the eArb- summer Bob's friend Dan, of             one that Adom licked his boys fm playing In
   "That's the kind."                                wbom m!'nlion bna occasionally been made,              ,the lI:arden, and it had whiskers on it even
   " I've got a cigar here that'll take the roof     Invited our hero to spend Sunday with hIm,              then.
oft the hOllse."                      ,              and, in the course of a conversation on busi-               The racket in question was that Dne old
   "Give me one," and Bob planked down his           ness matters, said:                                     crusted fossil, the bent pin snap.                  '
llttle live. centl! and took the hod-currler's de-      .. How long have you been with Howe &                    Yes, we Icnow thllL Bob could not have been
light.                                               Stovl'r.1lob?"                                          feellnl! just right or he never would have·
   " I wouldn't advise you to smoke that, Bob,"         .. About II yoor."                                   doue it.
said Butts.                                             " Hml mucb of a raise?"                                  We are stating facts, however, and there-
   "I'm not golnll; to," snld Bobert.                   "Not much. Howe would give It to me, bllt            fore the ancient joke must go on record
   On tbe way back be Illched a hair from a          Slovpr is cranky, and you can't do anything             against Bobert.
horse's ta1l, 'lud then, rUlllling down cellar       with him."                                                  There was nobody in the office when Bob
 PART II.                                                           BOB BRIGHT.                                                                               31

 thought of his gag, and so he was free to                   .. Oho, and that's what all the fuss was         playing your wicked tricks, yOIl young bypo-
 work.                                                   about? Oho, oho, I don't wonder you were             crit€l, and now you are found out. You have-
   He took a long and stroUl~ pin from the lapel         mad. I went there myself once, forty y~              nearly brought old friends to blows lind hard
 of his office coat, bent it with a pair of              ago, and I haven't forgotten il ybt,"                words on several occasions. Go I Oet out 1
 tweezers, and laid It on Stover's chair cush-               " There's nothing to laugh at," snarled the      You can't stay another mlpute. Go, I tel1
ion.                                                     othsr.                                               you."
   There it nestled, unnoticed, like a snake in             .. No, so there Isn't, that is, when you're the      Stover was working himself up into a flne·
 the gmss, ready to turn upon that aid crank            fellow that gets cltllght. I can aftord to laugh      frenzy, waving his arms, polntlngto the doo~­
 when he Sl~t down, and bite him like the ser-           because the pin didn't stick Into me,"               and getting I'cd in the fact}.
 pent of old.                                                " I should think you'd be too much ashamed          ~'he windows betwesn the two offices were-
   Howe came in before Stover did, sat down at           to play lIuch tricks on your partner."               full of heads, for all the boys were interested
his own desk, and went to writing.                          .. Oh, come down a few slories. You've got        in What was going on.
   Presently in came Stover, feeling more               the wrong man again. LilH is too short to play           Howe BIlt at his desk and never opened his
cranky than usual and cross enough to chew              snapfl on you, for you don't appreciate them."        head, while Bob WIlS as cool as an Jcebel'g.
 pig iron.            '                                     •, 'l'han you did not do it?"                        "Go I Go I Why don't you go?" yelled
   He planked himself down on that concealed                " Of cOllrse not."                                Stover, getting cleau ofT his wheels. "You
 dagger with aU his mil:lbt, and just in the best           "I'll flnd out who did it, see if I don't,"       are dischar~ed I Go, before I kick ~'ou out I"
 position for it to A'0t In Its diabolical work.        growled Stover.                                          "There is no nesd (01' an)' excitement," sll(d
   If you have ever sat on a tack or been                   "Yes, yOIl will, like fun."                       Bob, putting on bis hilt. "I Ilm goiu!\". I may
 stung bv a bee. you know howllt feels to hnve              Stover put the pin on hill desk and looked at     as well tell you now, however. thnt I have uc-
a pin suddenly jabbed with full force into tlmt         It carefullv.                                         cepted a situllt!on with Cotton & Woolley, your
fleshv part of your leg.                                    'l'hen he smlled a crafty smile and called for    rivals, at flye dollllrs a week more than you
   Stover /liot it 1I0t and heavy. that pin exeeu-      Cholly Brown.                                         clln give me. I wahn't going till llext week,
 ting a flank movemenL worthy of any fumous                 " Mr. Brown, have you any pins?" he asked         but I gUMS Ihey wlll be glnd to take me soon-
general.                                                when the dude booK-keepl'r entered.                   er. Good-day, sir. Good-day, Mr. Hows. I
   He goave one fierce, ear-piercing yell /lnd             .. Yes, sah," and Chlllly produced asilk-cov-      wlll aIwa~'s remNDber yOlll' kindne~Eo to me."
jumped up as though the chair were red hot.             ered cushion with his monogram worksd I>n                Then, smlllng lind tipping his ,hat, Bob left
   He bangt'd his knee ngainst the desk, scnt           ona side.                                             the office, got his street coat and went home.
 the ink-stand fiylng, knoclred over a lot of              Sto\"er took out three or four pins, examined      shaking hands all round before goIng.
books, and created a sensation generally.               them and sald :                                         Stover was all broken up by Bob's 0001
   Then he jumped ltround like an angry hor-               "These won't do. That's all."                      cheek.
net ~nd ml~de !level'lll very super-heuted re-             Then he ealled Grllb, Harry, .Frank, Rudd,           "The ides. of his saying be's got another
marks.                                                  Nudd, Joe and Pat and Mose, one after the             place '" he growled.
   "What's the matter, old man?" asked Howe,            otber Into the office.                                  " It's so," said Howe.
-In surprise.                                              To all he preferred the modest request of            "Who would give him more money than we
     'Oh, you know well enough," slll"pped              the loan of a few pins, all hands complying.          do?"
       "11', holding on to the S8l~t of his trousers.      Joe carried his pins in his vest, Fmnk bad           co Colton & Woolley."
        t-I clad I wouldn't have asked. Do you          them on his coat, Rudd nndNudd carried                  "I don't believe he's going with them."
   "I sick?"                                            papers, bllt everybody had some.                         uYAS,   he is."
   "Yoll ought to feel sick. I declare It's an             None of them seemed to suit, and just then           " I won't -give him a recommendation when
 outra~e al,ld I won't stand I\ny more of 'em."         Bob cama in froUl outside.                            they ask about him."
   .. Any znore of what?"                                  .. Robert," said Stover, suddenly, "wlll yon         "They won't ask you for It."
   .. Yollr jokes. You can get a new partner or         oblige me with a pin, if you please?"                   "Why not?"
run the business alone. I won't Stlly another               Bob took one frOm the lapd of his coat and           " Because I have given him all the recom-
day."                                       .-          passed II to Stover.                                  mendation he needs."
   .. All right, but Whllt'S the racket this                'l'hs latter's eyes glistened as he looked at        "You haye I" shrieked S\;over.
time?"                                                  it.                                                      "Yes.u
   "You ought to be llshamad."                              .. Have you any more?" he asked.                     " And you knew he was going?".
   .. Yes, yes, so I am, but what is it?"                   "Yes, sir," and Bob gave the old snoozer a          "Yes."
   "To think tlMt Itt your tIme of life yon             dozen.                                                   .. And I snppose you will pay him his slliary
WOlllrllndnl~e In sllch school-boy pranks."                 "Have you no White ones?"                         for the notice he gave?"
   .. Yes, I know it's Ilwful, bnt what III it?"            "No,sir/'                                            "Yes."
   .. I wlll never enter this office again, never,          " Aha I I have caught you at last I" cried           "Why didn't he ask me if he could lellve?"
never, nsver. nev--"                                    Stover, in 01d-810uch-the-detective tones.               "He told lUe he wus going, and that was
   .. One never is sufficiently long enough, old        .. YOIl nre the miscreant I"                          sufficienl."
 man, without indulging in an eternity of them.             Rob looked surprised.                                co Indeed 1 WeU, I will write Cotton & Wool-
What's the row, anyhow?"                                    "So-sc, it is yOIl who hove bssn plnylng al1      ley a note, and teU them just what a repro-
   .. You ought to be nshllmed."                        thess jokes and pranks for so IonA', alld now         bate young Bright Is. If tlley keep him after
   .. Yes, I know, )'011 said that once."               you are discovered. It was you who placsd a           Ihut lum very much miiltaken."
   "At your tim .. of life, to\l."                      bsnt pin <on my .1halr, was It, and nearly               co Don't make yourimlf IIny more of a fool
   "That's another. Get Bomethintr fresh,"              caused a dissolution of partnership? Don't            than yOIl are already, John," said Howe quiet-
   .. To [,llay !'chool-boy pranks--"                   attempt to deny it, for the proof is incontro-        ly.
   "Oh, I say, you're tllrning th" crank back-          vertlble I"                                              That was all he snld, but it was sufficient.
ward, and running oft all the olll gags,                    ThRt was II. stllggerer, but Bob never               The leiter Wll.'! never wriU€ln.
 What's to pay, anyhow?"                          •     wineed.                                                  Bob went to his new plnce lit the bllginlling
   All this time Btover had been pal'lvllng up              .. Don't attempt to deny It, I say. Tlv\t pin     of the next week, lind bYlwe 8uch slttisfllclion
and down the office lUte a caged lion or a dog          waq hlack j here It Is, all your pins are blaCK;      that at the end of a Yflllr he received l\ decided
with a fit.                                             nobody else in the store carries hlack pins.          increase of solary ana a promltle of ateud)- lid-
   He now storped in front of Howe's chillI,            YOIl are the criminal. Don't attempt to add           vancement.
looked ut his partner in great astonishmsnt             to your monstrous offense the udded sin of              Howe &; Btoyer still exists as a firm, al-
and suid:                                               lying."                                               though nearly 1111 of our old Ilcqnaintances
   .. How can you cI\rry It OI:t In this brazen            "You will please remember thnt I have not          have left and lire in other phwl's.
 fashion? You know very well whatIam talk-              said a word yel, sir," said Rob, quietly.               Mose Is sUll a porter thers, PlIt has started
 lU~ nbout."                                               "No lmputl"nce, sir, no insolence. no back         a gl'f>cery Klare, Cholly Browll iii Btlll lJOad
     , 1'hl\t's equivalent to cnlling me n1lar, for I   talk," thundered Stover, getting rallIed by           book-keepElr. and Frnnk 'l'ompklns keeps his
 toltl you once I did not know."                        Bob'" coolnsss. "You are dlBcharged I" and            olil place of shipping-clerk, having no nmbi-
   Stover went over to his desk,looked around,          he polntl\d to the door.                              tlon to rise hlgh,% while Grub, Rudd, Nudd.
 felt of the cushion on the chl~ir and tnen re-            Al1 this time Howe sat smlllng and never           Hllrry lind the root have nil gonB.
 turnsd to Howe holding something in his fin-           saying a word.                                          Our old friend Joe Jonlls is now assistant
gers.                                                      "Yon are a bad, wleksd, corrupt, pernic-           book-kl'eper. lIud liS fnll of fun as e\'6r, he
    " Doyonseethlll?"                                   ious, Incorrigible, degenerate. irreclaimable,        and Bob being fnst friends, and up to any
   .. Yes, it is a pin,"                                evil mlnd0d boy," snarled Stover.                     rat'kl't,
    " A bent pin, i&n't It?"                               .. Anythiug else, ll;r~" nske,! the cool Bob.        This then Is the lRdt, for the prnsl'nl at least,
   .. Yes,lt Is bent, but why this cateehism?"              "You are doomett to die on the gallows•           o! onr jolly young friend ulid boy for business,
    " I sat on it."                                     You are no good. For a yoor you have bsen             ROD BUIGH'i'.
                                                                          [THE END.]

 ·U-se:tu1 a:ncl
BOW TO DRESS.-Contalnlng fuJi inst':'ll('tjon in the art of <\l'e8Slng            h:>W TO MAKE LOVE, a complete ~uide to lovc, courtship, llIll't mar-
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                     THE 5 CENT                                      Frank Reade Library                                                      YOUNG SLEUTH LIBRA~
                                 LIBRARY.                                                  By"Noname."                                                 By the author of" Young Sleuth."
                                                                                                                                                                  Price {; Cents.
38 Twins: or, WbiobW      the Other?  1>y Sam Smllel                                   Price 5 Cents.
89 llob Rolliok; or, '\'VhWas He Born For?
                                        bl Pet.rPad                                                                                           No.
'0 Tba Sh.rty. Married and Settl.d Down,                             No.
                                                                                                                                              IiI Yni!~foi~~n;h8~~~:~0.g~:~:':I' t~:;k~f:~:lJ.~r,
                                        bl Potor Pad
{I Tomml Bounoo, Jr.,lu Oollege,        hl P.ter I'ad                M Frank Reade, Jr., in tb. In tn. Far West; or, 'l'he
                                                                            Search forA 1,0::' Gold Mine.                                     52 Youugl:lleotb and the Op.ra Hou.olllyatery: or, Mnr-
:i~M,8j~~:..~g,t.IUoftwlth Big M::J,·tor Pad
                               th.                                   Il6 Frank Reade, Jr" With Hi. Air Ship In Asia: or, A                          dered Bebmd the Scenes.
'.                .           by Oommode.... Ah-Look                       b'Ugbt Aoro•• the Steppe.,                                         53 Youug Siouth Undor tbo Dooks of !'I.w York; or, TIut
"  II Wblskera;tI  Of. One Yea1"S Fun at Belltop                     67 Fral1k Reade. Jr., and His tiew Torpeio Boat; or,                           Rher·'l'bieTes Bnd the Keen Detective. .
                                                                           At War With tho Brazilla.. Robel••                                 M.YOU18g Sleut.h ILlld the MyBterioU8 Dootor; or, A Medi..
45   Th~'lrg:'::i    Ont Il'I.hing.             bt:'l.'~t~:,,~I:a    68 FrS~:ro~~~~oiht~8i:o~dD¥i::.:3~tri~a~t0r'h; or, Th.
                                                                                                                                                    cal8tudon~'s Dark Plot.
                                                                                                                                              65 Young Sleuth and the Ri,al Bank Breakersi or. The
:; 1i~g l~B'i~~ &~ty~~~:~n§;'elon Drum::e~tor Pad
                                       by Potor Pad                  69   Fr~::rof~~'ilifr.I::lD~i:'o~~a~tri'l>~~W:                 or, Th.   Ii6   Yo~::nsf.':,t:~·~·;'r,   Tho Dark My.t.r" .
is   S~~e~:id~r, A Bootbla~~'&~~~J'o~'X~uiook
                                                                     eo Frank ltoadB, Jr., and Hi. Magn.tio Gun-Oarriag.;                             of a Wedding Evo.
                                                                     61 Fr~kW~:~~g J~~:b;I~~;,'~IBoa~; or, Lo.t In the                        &1 YOrtti:!:o~;hor~:. U':o~~rder in tho Sta~.-Room; or,
    It~'~J':"~lr:i'll~~~;'h            blb~::t¥o~~~
::: Dandy Dick, tho Dootor', Son; or, 'I'b. Vllla"o                         Land 01 Urhnson
                                                                     62 Frank Read. ,Jr:.
                                                                                                 w. Par~ I.
                                                                                                    0 Ip. Boat; or, Lo.t in tho
                                                                                                                                              Il8 YOllng al.llth'. Long Trail: or, The Keen D.t.otive
                                                                                                                                                       A f~Ol' tho Jamo.13oy•.
         Terror,                       bl Tom Toassr                       Laud of (Jrimaon           Part II.                                Il8 Young bl.llth'e Terribl.; or. One OhanCo III
 li\l a...., Bam Sumner. A Sequel to" aa"J Sam"                      63 Frank Road., Jr"           'a En~ine of tho Clouda: or,                    Ono Hundr.d.
                                      bJOommodore Ab-I,ook                Obaa.d Around tbo World in tho ';kJ'.                               eo Young SI.nth and tho Murd.r at tho Maakod Ball;
&a The Joll1 'fra1'8lot8: or, Around tho World for                   64 Frauk ltoade. Jr. '. EI.otno 01010no: or, Tbrilling Ad-                    or, FiRhliing tbe Lea,u18 ot the beven DemoDs.
      Eun.        .                       bl Pot.r Pad                     v.nture. In No Man'a Land. Part I.                                 81 Young Sleuth's Big UODtract; or, Out the
                                                                     M Frank Reade, Jr. '5 Eleotrio Cyolooe; or, l'.rhriUlng Ad...
:: ~~'Ji:o'::',ti~:'1!~~~~ildWost,      b b~!t:t¥o~~                       v.ntures in No Man's Land. Part II.                                62 YO~~;'f,;~,,"!t:~~i~~~:"d; or, 'I'llo Fal•• Dot.otlv.'sVil-
Il6 Oheek, and Olilpper; or, Tbrough 'Ifhick and
      Thin.·    ..              bl Oommodore Ah-Look                 66 Th~f~~r:~at;:.r:~lh:1J~~:;'k o,~~es:!:'"               in
                                                                                                                          Searoh                    lain)".
                                                                                                                                              63 Young BI.uth'a Terriblo Tost: or. Won at tho Ri.k of
&1 Two Hard Nuts; or. A 'I'orm of Fun at Dr.                         67 Frank Read.. Jr•. and His Eleotric Alr-Bnat; or, Hnnt-                      Lil••
      Orackam'. Aoad.m"                 bl S ..m Smil.,                   ing WIld B.uts for .. Oiroua,                                       M Yeun" SI.ut.h and the· Man With tbo Diamond E,e.
Il8 Tb. I:lhorwa' Oonntrl IUore"          bl P.t.r Pad               88 Tb. Blaok Rang.: or1• Frank .a.ado, Jr, Among the                     66YOUllg 8JeuthAccused: Ol', Held for Anather·s OriDlS.
                                                                            Vow-boys With his ~ew Eleotrio OafIHl'&n.
IS9 Muldoon's Vaoation.
                                        by 'rOID Teaeer
 :l i:~:; ~;wIi~r~~~:~~~ Old Blind Nag.b:~';'::~~~~                  69 J!'roR~a~~~1r~ ~u'l,0 kl':'~~:.1:1~i~~~.Trip of Frank
                                                                                                                                              gt ~~~~~ ~l~~~~:~ ~~~t W~.l'ie~ror.~f.g~nfc~':.'l1h~:~~~r.~
                                                                                                                                                   Greutest      RUEl9.
 82 Ju.inp and Hla                bl P.tor Pad                ?O F'r"ak ReadsJJr., and HiB Alec-trio Prairie Sohooner;                 88 YOI1D1l 810uth "nd tho F.mal. Ilmllggler; or, Workl.. '
 63 'I'wo In a BOl<; or, Th. LonRand Sbort of It,
                                              blTomT....r            71 Fr:~l/if~:){:'~ ~:'.~~~°'lfi~~f:oT.~~·v8;;'i.or of the                      For "Uuole8u.m."
                                                                                                                                              69 YOllng      tb'. Lightulng Ohang•• ; or, '1'h."';old B
 M Th. Shorty lUlls; or, Thr.e Chips of 1'hroe Old                         Lake.; or, A Jouruey Tbroullb Afrioa by Wator.                           Gao     kanIn.                                .
        Blooke,                                 by Pet.r Pad         12 Adrift in ,urioa,-or, Frank Road., Jr'J..Among the
                                                                           Ivory Hunters n itn BiB New .Klectrio wagon.                       70 Y08b        t~I~~d:i~ .?T!~e~~,Owl Mountain; or.1T1o
 6fi Mike MCGulnu8I8j or, 1'rAveliD&, for PleASure.
                                                                     13 Six Week'S in the Clouds; Of, Frank Reads, Jr.'s Air-                 '11 'Young euth's Last ::Ilound; or. The Keen Detective'.-
 86 Th. Shortya' OhrJ.~mas Snaps            . bf,~r~':t:r"W:J             Ship, the '1'bund8rbc~tof the Skies.                                      BeBt Knook..Out.     .
 67 'l'he BouncI) 'rWiUB, or. 'rhe Two Worst BarSln                  74 Frank Reade. Jr.'a Electrio Air Racer; or, Around the                 72,Yollng lliouth'. Sharp.; or, Sharp Work Amlll'g Sharp
        the World,                           b18am Smil.,                 Glob. iu '1'birty Day••                                                      Orook8.
 861'1imble Nip, the Imp 01 tho Sohool,                              1& Frank Road., Jr • aud Hia Flying 100 8hip; or, Driv.n                 73 Young Sleuth'B Seven Si1D8; or, The Keen De~.;"3tille'B
                                             by Tom                Adrift In the Frozen Skf.                                                Mark8d 'I'raiL                 .                  .
                                                                     76 Frank Reade~ Jr.• and HIS Electrio Sea Engine; or,                             •.SI.ptb on. the Stage; or, An Aot rlo~ on tb.
 69. BaWe~::lptl~::: York; or'b8u:~Y::8PAd                       Hunting for a Sunken Diamond Mine.
                                                                                                                                              7{ Y0Jmf
 70 Muldoou Out Wo.t.                         bl ~'om ·1'....r       77 Frank Jr. It.:xploring & Subwaraine MOilntain;                 75 Youn,:r Sleuth at Monte Oarlo; or, The Orhite of the
·71 ·l'ho•• Qul.t l'win.,                      b~ P.t.r Pad
                                                                     78   Fr~~kLR8Bta':t~~bjr~~tID~t~~;h~1::'ktoatd:
                                                                                                                  or, 'I'hrilling
                                                                                                                                              16 Young til.uth and the Man with ~ho Tattoood Arm; or,
 U   ~"ft:ll'i':;gt~:..~,:~~:.njaok,'s ~f. o~mF~~:"'or                Adventures in Nortb Australia.                                           'fraoking Mi88ing. Millions.
                                                                                                                                              77 Young l>leo~h au Domi/'ohn Oity; or. Waltzing WIl-
                                               bT Petor Pad          '19Fr1~ko~~~~~eitil~·:iJ:~~~~,~~r:::. Sea Serpent; ·or,. Six                   liam"s Uancing Sohoo .                ~
 U Au. Old Boy; or, Malone:vAfoor Edu.oatlon,
                                             bJ' Tom T.aa~r          B() Frank Read., Jr:. D••or~ Explor.r; or, Th. Und.r-                    '18 Young .::sleuth in Siberia; or, Saving a Young American
 '15 Twnbllull Tim; or, Trav.llng With a Olrou.,                           ground Oity of tbeSahara.                                                from the I'rison Minos.
 76 Judgo 01•....,·. Countr:v Oourt,
                                      .         by Pol.r Pad
                                             bi,Tom           81   Fr:~:'~~~"Ff':~k~~tb :,'e~~~~b 'X~~~~J' tt~e ~~&t                   79 Young SI.ut.h Almo.tKnocked Out; or, Nell Blondin'.
                                                                                                                                                   Desperate GUIDS.
 i~ it:~~~<?~:~~~~Ok~~&PBS,                     by :t~:t¥e~~~
                                                                          Part I.
                                                                     82 Frank Reade, Jr~ 8 New .Electrin Air-Sbip, the to Ze-                 8O~o~ygd~1:it~n~~d o~jtlre~:ntt~:d~':mber rfwo; 0lr, The
79 Jo. Junk. tho Whalor; or, AUJWhere for I'uu,                           pbyr;U or. From North to South Around the Globe.                    81 YOllng SJoutb'a Ma.t.r titroko; or, Th. Lady Detell-
                                       bl P.ter Pad                       Part II.                                                                 tivo"s.Many Musks.
W The Deacon's Son; or, Tho Imp of tb. VilIao:••                     83 Acros8 the Frozen Sea; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Eleotrio                82 Murdered in a Ma,8k; or, Young Sleuth at the French
                                                                          Snow Uutter,                                                             Ball.
 81 B.hind the 80.nos: or, Ou.t With a b~;:~;:-~taser                94 Loot in tb. Atlantio Vall.y: or, Frank Read., Jr.•              63 Young Siellth in Parie; or, Th. K ••n n.t.otivo and
      Oombinatioll,                     bl P.t.r Pad                        And His Submarine WlJnder, tbe U Dart."                                tbe Bomb-1'browers.
 ~ &~ilo~~!':J~~~rBallOlnb.                     b;~I'~:.t~f.;'~~
                                                                     B6 Ji'rank Reado. Jr., and Hi. New EI.ctrio Air-Ship. tho                M Young Slouth and tbe Italian Brigands: or, The Ke.n
                                                                            UEolipBOi" or. Fightinsc the Chinese PirateB. Part I.                  Deteotive's Greutest Roscue.
 84. Muldooo's Base Ball Olub in Boston, byTolU 'feasor
 86 A Had 1£1olR': Of, Hard to Oraok.    by 'l'om Te&6or                                                             t
                                                                     96Fr~nMf::~;~'~::F~ngtl~~·t~"Chr~:~;rj.t~';:·~:rtfi~                     B6 Young Sleuth nnd a Dead M.n'. S.or.t; or, Thelllos-
                                                                                                                                                   saKe in tbe Hundle of a Dagger,
 86 Sam; or, ·J'h.••ome Foundllng!,y Petor Pad               87 Frank Reads J Jr.'s ~Jipper of the Prairiej or, Fighting              88 Young Sleutb Deooyed; or, 'rhe 'VomaD of Fire.
                                                                          tbe Apaches in the¥ar Southwest.                     .              87 YounglSleuth and the u.ona"ay Uircl1s Boys; orl Fa1-
87 Muldoon'. Ba.o Ball Club in Phila~;II}                    88 Under tne Amazon .for a 'L'bool:And Miles; or, Frank                       1o_wing a PairofWiltlNew York I-ads.
                                                                          Reade, Jr,'eWonderful"frip.                                          8 Yonng tileuth at Atlantic Oity; or, 'rile Grea"\Seaside
88 Jimmy Grime.; or, Sharp. Sm~rt and Sa••"                          sA Frank Rf\ad.o J Jr.'a Search for the; or,                     Mystery.
                                     by Tom Teftser                     . Under tho Ocean in the Electric I ( Dolphin."                       89 Young Sleuth, the Deteotive in Ohicago. or, Unravel-
                                                                     90 Frank Rendo. Jr.'s Oatamaran of tho Air; or, Wild and
                                                                                                                                              00 Thi:\1"R~~~6n;~ Safe; or, Young Sleuth as a Hank
89 Little Tommy Bounae; or, SomethinK' L1Ir::e His
      Dad,                              bl P.ter Pad                      Wonderful Ad,enture& 10 lSortb Australia.
90 .Mnldoou)Os Picnic, .              by Tom 'reMer                  91 Fran k, Jr.'. S.aroh For a Lost Man in Ilia Lat-                      Detective.
91 Litt.le TomlDl Bounce on His TrAvels; or, DC'iog                       8stAirWonder.                                                       91 Yonng SI.uth and tb. Pbantom Dotootivo; or, Th.
     Bo:-,.'(W:,~:s~~~!t~ncir,   Sam BOlV_ at Wo;:':~lad
                                                                     92 Frank R.ade, Jr., Iu C.ntral India; or, Th. Searoh                          Trail of the Dead.
92                                                                        For the Lost Savants.                                               92 Yoong SI.utb onll tho Girl in the Ma.k; 01', Th. Lad"
        Play,        .
98 :Next lJoor; or, The IriAh Twins.
                                              bl P.t.r Pad
                                                by '11 0m 'reaser.
                                                                     93Tb~~~I1~~e~81th~db~~tp S:~k Reade Jr.'s Wonderful
                                                                                                 F                                                  Monte Oristo of llaltimore.
                                                                                                                                              93 Young Sleuth         and
                                                                                                                                                                        Lhe Onrsican KDife~Thrower: or,
94 Tho Aldermen Sw.eney. of New York,                                94 Over the Audo. With Frank Roado. Jr" in Hi. 1'I.w                           -.rhe Mystery of the Murdered Aotress.
                                      bl Tom                             "ihip; Of, Wild Adventures in Perno
                                                                          Air.....                                                            94 Young Sleuth And the OUtihier'sOrimoj or The Evi-l
lIS A Bad Bo1'e Note Book,                  by" Ed"                  95 Frank Reade, Jr. "6 Prairie Whirlwind; or, The Mystbry                      depoe-of 8. Dead Witness.·                       .
96 A Bad BOI at SOhool,.                    by .. Ed "                      of tl;1e Hidden Oanyon.                                           9li ¥oungSleuth in the 'l'oUei or, The· Death Traps of
97 Jinlmy Grim88, Jr.; or, the Torm.nt of     ViI-  1.\,.            96 Under the Vellow S.a; or. Frank R.ade, Jr.'a S.aroh                          New York.
98Ja~Tfe~nd Jim; or,Raokets and ~r~~:
      Sohool,.·                       by 'rom Teaser
                                                            T::8or        for the· Cave of Peurls Wit.h His New Submarine
                                                                     97 Around the Horizon for 1'8n Thousand· Milel;of,
                                                                                                                                              00 YO~Y5d~e;.t~hn:~~ tho's Ghost: or, A Hunt For
                                                                                                                                              97 \' Gung Sleuth as a Dead Game Sport; or, The Keen
99 'I'h. Book A!l.nt's Luok,                by .. I':d "                  Fr&Dk Reade, Jr.'s Wonderful 1.'rip With lIl8 Air-                         Deteotives Ruse for $10,000.
100 MuldoO~'8 Boardin'bHouse,         by Tom Teaser                       Ship.                                                               98 Y0;.t':.~kS~~~~~.~l'd theG,p.i.s' Goid; or, The,Pa~~e
l~ rh~'\~:;:I~r;~~~e;a:;.The Oomic~~ !d~~t88Sr
                                                                     98 Fr&uk Reade, Jr.·s IISky Scraper;" or North and    l
                                                                          Sonlh Around tb. World.                                             99 Voung til.uth and Polioy P.te. tho Sharpor King; or,
      ures of Clarence FitzRoy Jones.· ·by Tum Tea6er
103 Senator l\l uldooD,      .. .      by'l'otn Teaser               ~ Unil:iJ~.eJ~~~&J~~~:::il:=~rnt:-Q:::e~.ior. FrAnk                            'rhe .Keen Det,potive's Lottery Game.
                                                                                                                                              100 YOUDI{ ::ilenth in U'e Sewer8 ot New York; or, Keen
104 T\)~:'k":; or, Working ~.p~l'e~"pad
106 The Oemical Adventurea of TlVO DU~••,
                                                                     100 From Ooast to Ooa.t; or, Frank R.a:fe Jr.'. Trip
                                                                          Across Afric&in His Eleot.ric U Boomerang."
                                                                     101 Fraok Read., Jr., aod His Electrio Oar; or, Out"it-
                                                                                                                                              101    y:O::                             n
                                                                                                                                                           fsr~~t~r~~~w~t:o~~~ B :If1iinger; Of, 1.lhe
                                                                                                                                                     tieoret of th. Old Ohuroh Towor
                                        by Tom T.aaer                                                                                         102 YOUD" ~leutb'8 Unknown i or, 'J'be Man who Came
                                                                           L~~~~: ~~8Kr~:~ta~::~f
l8Vtf:I~~~:;       :t: g~~:      ~::Hf.         ~n~: ~::".:~
108 BiIIJ' 11I_: or, From Oue Thillll to Anoth.r.
                                                                             Jr.', Great Trip With His ·New Air-Shipl the
                                                                                                 the Moon i or, Frank Reade.                         Bebind.
                                                                                                                                              103 YOllno: lileuth'. Great Swamp S.arch: or, Tho Mi8O-
                                                                                                                                                     Girl of Ev.rglad•.
                                         by Tom T.asor               lOS 100 Mil•• Below tbe Surfao. of tho S.a; or, '!lb. Mar-               104 Young Slonlh alld tho Mad Dootor; or, Th. Seven
109 Truthful J"j'k: or, On Board the 1'I~;910~aT'::...r
                                                  .                        velous 'rrip of Frank Reade. Jr.'. Hard-Shell"
                                                                                                                       U                             Paisoned Powders.
                                                                           Subm-arine Boat                                                     105 YounR' Sleuth's Big Bluff; or, ~iimple Sallie's 'Mi8Bion~
H~~~':,dE:":e~~,~rB~;;G:~,e,~::           g.:, i:~~::: Teaser        104 Abandoned in .Ala.ka; or, Frank•• Jr.'s 'l'hrill-
                                                                           inK' 8earch for a Lost Gold Olaim With His New
                                                                           Now )jjlectria Walton.
                                                                                                                                               106   Youn~    l:ileutb's Great Conlraotior, The Keen De-
                                                                                                                                                       tective's Double   Gl~me.
                                          by Potor Pad                                                                                         107 YOUllO: SI.llth'. :Night Watch; or, Th. K ••n D.t.otive
 ll~   Johnnl Brow" '" 00. at Sohool; or, Tb. Doao-                  106 Around true Arctic Circle; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s                          GuardinK MillioDa.
                                                                          Moat YamoDB 1'rip With His Air-Mbip, the U Orbit.. U
 113 JiC:::·J~~' -;:n~i'Jg:.~ T~,o¥LroeHardb~t~t:ad                  106 Under ]i'our Ocoan8; or, ~'r&nk· Reade, Jr!. Submar-
                                                                                                                                               108 YonnR' Sleut.h and the Mystery of the Dark Room;
                                                                                                                                                     or, The Crime of the Photo"r&ph Gallory.
                                                                          ine ChUB of & U 8eaDevii. II
                                                                                                                                               109 Yr::t~l3~}~~~8do:haen ~~2n.ubg~~a~Oe~~ery: or, Heat-
       Oraok                             b7 Tom l'_or
 114 Smar~ &00., tho BOI P.ddl.r...
 115 The    TW'o~ Boy
                                         . bY Pot.r Pad
                         U10wn8; or, A Dummer With a                 107   Fr~~t~1h~~~u~a~b~i~~~f~ .?ilv!;l:::,~ 15~:~fun~~a                   110 Young ::Ueuth and the Great Mille M,.torl; or, Mur-
        UirollB,                          bl Tom Toasor
 116 Beuny Bonnoo; or, A Blook of the Old Uhip.                      108   T'J;o~~=fulf aT~;m'Wit'l:' Iri~nk:N:;adAir'!~bip M~b:                    dered Under Ground.
                                                                                                                                               HI Young SI.uth and tbo Runaway Heiras.; or, A Gid
                                        by Petor Pad                      I I Flaab."                                                               Worth MiIlioD:J AUlOng Desl,erate Vrooka
 117 VOllng Diok Plunket: or. Th. Trial. and Trib-                   109 Lost in tbe Great Und8r~,,; or. Frank Reade, Jr.'.                    H2 Youn!l SI.utb lmd the Haunted Mill: or, The Pha••
      ulat,ions of Ebenezer Orow,      br Sam Smile,                      SnbmmneUrtlillB 10 the Gttlf Stl<eaqt.                                    tom My.lery 01 Dark Dell.
     All the above libraries are for sale by all newsdealers in the United Sta.tes a.nd Canltda. or sent to your address, post·paid, on receipt
 of price. Address

       P. O. Box 2780.                                          FRANK TOUSEY, Publisher, 34 & 86 North Moore Street, New York.

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