Anti-Abolitionists by suchenfz



 By: Stephanie Durbin
     Wesley Bolin
     Monica Deng
                   Key People
• Almost all white
  southerners as well as
  many white northerners
  believed in slavery. Most
  of them feared the threat
  of the abolitionists in the
  social system.
  Unfortunately apparently
  none of the anti-
  abolitionists were
  important enough to be
  documented. Poor souls.
Goals and Beliefs
         • Their goal was to keep
         • The anti-abolitionists
           believed that the practice
           of slavery was moral and
           that the white race was
           better than all others.
         • They tried to achieve their
           goals by starting riots and
           causing commotion
           throughout cities with a
           large population of
                Lasting Impact
• The anti-abolitionist mobs
  were the violent
  expression of a sentiment
  that many other white
  Americans shared.
• This picture shows how
  the anti-abolitionists
  thought that one day
  white men would have to
  do the labor the slaves
  previously endured. This
  is one of the main
  reasons they were
  against it.

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