A salary by liwenting


									       S.T.F.A. Leung Kit Wah Primary School
            Computer Assistance Lesson Plan
1. Topic: Talking about money
2. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students
                should be able to:
               2.1 understand the meaning of the new
                   words about money by completing the
               2.2 pronounce the new words correctly.
3. Class: P.6
4. Pre-requisite:
       4.1 Students have learnt some of the new words
            about money in chapter 5.
5. Teaching method:
       5.1 Question and answer
       5.2 Computer presentation
6. Period:    One (35 minutes)
7. Preparation:
       7.1 Computers (Each student has one.)
       7.2 Projector
       7.3 PowerPoint exercise
       7.4 Basic knowledge
           7.4.1 Students should know how to get into
                  the computers.
           7.4.2 Teacher should know how to operate the
8. Material: 8.1 Textbook P.46
             8.2 PowerPoint exercise
             8.3 PowerPoint Presentation
9. Teaching procedures:
       9.1 Motivation:
              9.1.1 Teacher asks students to give some
                    examples about how they spend their
      9.2 Development
           9.2.1 Teacher introduces the new words about
                  money with the help of the computer
           9.2.2 Teacher teaches students to read the new
      9.3 Reinforcement
          9.3.1 Students get into the computers.
          9.3.2 Students have to do the exercise using the
                  computers by themselves.
          9.3.3 Teacher supervises students doing their
      9.4 Conclusion
          9.4.1 Teacher shows the PowerPoint page by
                 page again and asks students to read the
                 new words and give the meaning of them.
10. Produced by: P.6 English teacher
Talking about money
                    A salary

• Workers receive it every month.
• Your boss pay you this money for
  doing your job.
             A bill
• It is a piece of paper that
  shows you the money you
  must pay for what you have
• It is a piece of paper that
  shows you the money you
  must pay when you have eaten
  in a restaurant or stayed in a
             A fare
• When you get on a vehicle like the
  MTR, buses, taxis or trams, you
  have to pay money.
          A price
• This is the
  amount of money   $1230
  we must pay for
                    A fee
• When we go to the cinema or
  theatre, we must pay an entrance
• When we go to see doctors and
  dentists, we also pay fees.
    A tip
• People give tips to
  waiters, waitresses,
  taxi-drivers or other
  people who help them.
• This is a small amount
  of money we give after
  we pay the bill or the
        A discount
• Sometimes
  salesmen in shops     30 %
  will give you a       OFF
  discount. That
  means you do not
  have to pay so much

• If something is free,
  you do not pay any
  money for it.

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