SPPA Convener to Minister for Environment - all correspondence in relation to its consideration of the report by Parliament


									Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee
Michael Russell MSP Minister for Environment The Scottish Government Victoria Quay Edinburgh EH6 6QQ Room TG.01 EDINBURGH EH99 1SP Tel (clerk): 0131 348 5239 Fax: 0131 348 5252 e-mail: sppa.committee@scottish.parliament.uk 16 January 2008

Dear Minister I write in relation to the report (CPA/2007/02) laid before Parliament by the Commissioner for Public Appointments in Scotland concerning appointments to the Cairngorms National Park Authority and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority. At its meeting on 15 January 2008 the Committee considered your written response dated 5 December 2007 and the Commissioner’s written response dated 11 December 2007. The Committee carefully considered your proposal to bring forward an order to remove local authority nominees to Park Authorities from the ambit of the Public Appointments and Public Bodies etc. (Scotland) Act 2003. The Committee also considered the views of the Commissioner that such an approach would avoid reoccurrence of the current situation but would not ‘address the fact that ten appointments appear to have been made without an open, fair and transparent process.’ The Committee agreed by division (For 4, Against 3, Abstentions 0) with your proposed approach and to take no further action. The Committee also agreed that, given the Commissioner’s views, it would seek to contribute its views when the order you propose is laid before Parliament. This letter, together with all other correspondence on report CPA/2007/02, will be made available on the Committee’s webpage. Yours sincerely

Keith Brown MSP Convener Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee

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