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					Nicola Sturgeon MSP

T:0845 7741741
E: scottish.ministers@scotland,

The Scottish Government


November 2007

! am writing formally to invite you to serve as a Member of capacity as

NHS Board In your

The role of every NHS Board is crucial to the developing policy priorities described in the Better Health, Better Care discuss.ion document, and the actions set out in "Delivering for Health". The Boards are bringing together key partners in local NH8 systems to provide more effective strategic planning and to improve the delivery of health care services. No member of the Board is appointed on a representative basis for any body or group. All members must abide by the principles of collective responsibility and are expected to bring an impartial judgement to bear on the business of the NH8 Board. I look forward to working with you in addressing the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead. The terms and conditions relating to your appointment are set out in the Annex to this letter. The appointment will take effect from " to end when you demit office as

I should be grateful if you could fax (0131 244 3583) or return by post the completed acceptance form as soon as possible to Elizabeth Vettese in the Health Directorates, Public Appointments Unit, Room 1E.08, 8t Andrew's House, Edinburgh EH1 3DG.


Sl Andrews House, Regem Road, Edinburgh

];\YESTO!~ 1'\


F. A. O. Elizabeth Vettese Nicola Sturgeon MSP Deputy First Minister & Cabinet Secretary for Health & Wellbeing St Andrew's House Regent Road EDINB.URGH

Dear Ms Sturgeon LOTHiAN N HS BOARD i am pleased to accept the appointment as a Member of NHS Board.

Signed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

.. Nam e (p n n t')---------.----------------------------------------------------------e-mail contact add ress---------------------------------------------

St Andrew's House, Regent Road. Edinburgh www.scotiancLgov.u~





1. Prescribed matters on the tenure of office of Chairs and Members of NHS Boards are set out in Scottish Statutory instrument 2001 No. 302 which came into force on 28 September 2001. The Statutory Instrument sets out the Membership and Procedure Regulations which apply to National Health Service Health Boards: a copy is attached. 2. Your appointment will be from 1 December 2007, to end when you demit office as Director of Acute Services, and is subject to the terms of the Regulations referred to in paragraph 1. 3. The Board is liable to pay you allowances at rates set centrally for any travel and subsistence costs necessarily incurred on Board business. The allowances may be reviewed periodically. 4. In the event of your appointment being terminated early there would not be entitlement to any compensation in respect of the unexpired portion of this appointment. 5. The Board is a body corporate. The Board and its Chair and Members do not have the status, immunity or privileges of the Crown. They are, however, not personally liable for the actions of the Board. 6. This appointment shall not be construed as in any way constituting a contract of service or for services between you and the Scottish Ministers, or as between you and the Board. 7. The House of Commons Disqualification Act 1975 and the Scottish Parliament (Disqualification) Order 1999 apply in respect of any member of the Board who is not an employee of the Board, and any such member is, accordingly, disqualified from seeking election to the House of Commons, the Scottish Parliament or the European Parliament. 8. On matters affecting the work of the Board, the Chair and Members should not normally make political speeches or engage in other political activities. In cases of doubt, the guidance of the Scottish Ministers should be sought through the Chief Executive of NHSScotland.


St Andrew's House, Regent Roac:, i:dinDurgr,

EH 1 3D: