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					Ranking from 2006 to 2011
CHE/Die Zeit              April 2011             Engineering Management

                       May 2010                  Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering,
                                       Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering

                       May 2009                  Nursing Management

                       May 2007                  Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering,
                       and 2008                  Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics, Inform. Technology

                       May 2006                  Information Technology

                       May 2005                  Management

Wirtschaftswoche    April 2011                   Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering,
                May 2010                         Engineering Management, Computer Sciences

                       March 2007      Electrical Engineering, Mech. Engineering

                       March 2006      Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering,
                                       Engineering Management

Hochschule Esslingen                                                                                   1
Ranking from 1996 to 2005
 Junge Karriere        April 2009   Mech. Engineering, Eng. Management

 Karriere              May 2006     Computer Sciences, Engineering, Management

 Karriere              April 2005   Ingenieurwesen

 Junge Karriere        April 2004   Informatik, Ingenieurwesen

 Wirtschaftswoche      April 2005   Ingenieurwissenschaften

 CHE/Stern             April 2004   Maschinenbau, Automatisierungstechnik
                       May 2000     Maschinenbau, Elektrotechnik

 Computer Woche        March 2001   Informationstechnik

 Spiegel               April 1999   Maschinenbau

 Manager Magazin       March 1999   Informationstechnik

 Manager Magazin       March 1996   FHTE (Platz 1 unter den

Hochschule Esslingen                                                             2
CHE/Student Guide ZEIT
May 2011/2012

Newly ranked (every 3 years): Management, Engineering
Management, Social Work

Hochschule Esslingen                                    3
WirtschaftsWoche Magazine
April 2011

Survey of about 500 human resources mangagers –
carried out by access Kelly OcG and Universum
Communications on behalf of the magazine

Hochschule Esslingen                              4
CHE/ZEIT Student Guide
May 2010/2011

The faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and
Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering achieved top positions.


       „The faculties of Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering straightaway
       reached the top group in the newly instituted subject area of mechatronics
       in the CHE ranking tables.“

       "Amberg-Weiden, Esslingen, Karlsruhe and Bingen Universities of Applied
       Sciences reached the top group in the category „General Student
       satifsfaction“ and in three further categories. ation“ und drei weiteren
       Kategorien in die Spitzengruppe."

      (ZEIT Student Guide 2010/2011, 4th May 2010)

Hochschule Esslingen                                                                5
CHE/ZEIT Student Guide
May 2009/2010

The study programme Nursing Management of the Faculty of Social
Work, Health Care and Nursing Sciences is one of the best in German
universities of applied sciences.

The degree programme Nursing Management achieved top position in four
categories in the subject nursing sciences

»   General student satisfaction
»   Mentoring
»   Library facilities
»   Reputation among academic ctaff

Hochschule Esslingen                                                    6
WirtschaftsWoche Magazine

List of HAWtech                                                   May 2010
Category               Place   University   Category      Place    University
Mechanical               1     Esslingen    Information     1      Karlsruhe
Engineering              2     Karlsruhe    Technology      2      Darmstadt
                         3     Darmstadt                    3      Esslingen
                         4     Aachen                       7      Aachen
                         5     Berlin                       8      Dresden
                         7     Dresden

Electrical               1     Esslingen    Engineering     1      Karlsruhe
Engineering              2     Karlsruhe    Management      2      Esslingen
                         3     Darmstadt                    3      Berlin
                         4     Aachen                       7      Dresden
                         5     Dresden
                         7     Berlin

Hochschule Esslingen                                                            7
Handelsblatt/Junge Karriere
April 2009

Engineering Management was ranked second.
Mechanical Engineering was ranked second.

Human resources managers from 500 German companies were asked which
university best prepared their graduates for day-to-day professional life.

Hochschule Esslingen                                                         8
CHE/ZEIT Student Guide
The ranking of the CHE – Centre for
University Development

An overview from 2004 until 2009

Hochschule Esslingen                  9
CHE/ZEIT Student Guide
May 2007/2008

Mechanical Engineering/Automotive Engineering, Electrical
Engineering (Mechatronics) and Information Technology as well as
Chemical Engineering received top results.

The faculties of the University are top in 4 to 5 criteria:

»   Overall student opinion
»   Mentoring
»   Practical relevance
»   Library and/or PC equipment
»   Reputation among academic staff (Mechanical Engineering)

Hochschule Esslingen                                               10
April 2007

Engineering was ranked third.
Management was ranked fifth.

50,000 students and alumni as well as human resources managers from
1,000 large companies were asked about criteria such as training,
equipment, practical relevance, preparation for the job and links to

„Among the universities of applied sciences, Deggendorf, Aschaffenburg
and Esslingen received the best marks.“

(Karriere Magazine, April 2007)

Hochschule Esslingen                                                     11
March 2007 and 2008

Number 2 and 4: Electrical Engineering
Number 5: Mechanical Engineering

Human resources managers from 1,000 companies
were asked which universities of applied sciences they
thought of most highly. They were allowed to select
five with particular emphasis on particular disciplines.

The more votes a university received the higher its
placing in the relevant field.

Hochschule Esslingen                                       12
May 2006

The Faculty of Management was ranked third.

51,461 students and alumni as well as human
resource managers of 1,000 large companies were
surveyed. Their votes were given equal weight in the
ranking. Study duration, mentoring and international
competence were also evaluated.

„With Reutlingen, Deggendorf and Esslingen, three
state universities of applied sciences are ranked as
the best universities.“

Hochschule Esslingen                                   13

March 2006

Number 3: Mechanical Engineering
Number 4: Engineering Management and Electrical Engineering

Human resource managers of 1, 000 large
companies were surveyed.

„We are not looking for applicants from the
ivory tower. We need people with both feet
firmly on the ground“, said Silvia Rieble,
human resource manager at Siemens Management

Hochschule Esslingen                                          14
CHE/ZEIT Student Guide
May 2005 and May 2006

Management, Business Information Management and Information
Technology received top results.

The faculties of the university are top in the 4 criteria:

»   Overall student opinion
»   Library and/or PC equipment
»   Practical relevance
»   Support

Hochschule Esslingen                                          15
April 2005

The Hochschule Esslingen (FHTE) received best marks:
Best University of Applied Sciences for Engineering in Germany in the
faculties of

»   Mechanical Engineering
»   Automotive Engineering
»   Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering
»   Building Services, Energy,
    and Environmental

21,665 students, alumni and
human resource managers of
600 large companies were

Hochschule Esslingen                                                    16
March 2005

Human resources managers of 600 companies were asked:
» Which university offers the best study and teaching
» Which university offers practical training?
» Which university has the best ties to an international
» With which students have companies had the best

The alumni of Engineering Sciences of the Hochschule
Esslingen (FHTE) are in demand. Hochschule Esslingen was
ranked number 4 by companies.

Hochschule Esslingen                                       17
Stern – University Ranking
April 2004

Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Systems are number 1 in Germany.

The Hochschule Esslingen (FHTE) is top in all 5
• Overall student opinion
• Lenght of study
• Practical relevance
• Laboratory equipment
• Reputation among academic staff

Hochschule Esslingen                              18
Junge Karriere

April 2004

In the opinion of employers the Hochschule
Esslingen (FHTE) is one of the 4 best
Universities of Applied Sciences in
Germany. Human resource managers of 600
large German companies prefer Hochschule
Esslingen graduates:

Number 3               Information Technology
Number 4               Engineering

Hochschule Esslingen                            19
Computer Woche – Young Professional
March 2001

The Hochschule Esslingen (FHTE) is
number 2 out of all the German
Universities of Applied Sciences in
Information Technology!

Hochschule Esslingen                  20
Computer Woche – Young Professional
March 2001

Hochschule Esslingen                  21
Stern - Hochschulranking
May 2000

4,300 professors were asked:
„Where would you send your children to study?“

The fields of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering
corresponding to the faculties of the Hochschule Esslingen (FHTE)

» Automotive Engineering           » Information Technology
» Mechanical Engineering           » Electrical Engineering
» Building Services Eng.           » Mechatroncs

were mentioned most often.

The Hochschule Esslingen (FHTE) is number 1!

Hochschule Esslingen                                                22
April 1999

536 profesors in Germany were asked
… which university they would recommend to pupils to study mechanical

The Hochschule Esslingen (FHTE) is number 1
of all Universities of Applied Sciences!

Hochschule Esslingen                                                    23
Manager Magazin
March 1999

258 of the biggest IT companies were asked
… where they would prefer to hire their young professionals?
… with which university the prefer to co-operate?

The Hochschule Esslingen (FHTE) is number 2 of the Universities of
Applied Sciences.

Hochschule Esslingen                                                 24
Manager Magazin
March 1996

The Hochschule Esslingen (FHTE) is      1       RWTH Aachen
the best University of Applied
                                        2       Uni Stuttgart
                                        3       Montan-U Leoben
Out of all universities in Germany,
                                        4       Uni Karlsruhe (TH)
Switzerland and Austria the
Hochschule Esslingen ranks seventh!     5       ETH Zürich
                                        6       TU Clausthal

                                        7       FHT Esslingen
                                        8       École Polyt. Lausanne
                                        9       FHT Mannheim
                                        10      U Bochum

Hochschule Esslingen                                                    25

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