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Hull LINk


									                                Hull LINk
                         Interim Steering Group
                            Notes of Meeting
                        Friday 26 September 2008
                       Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull
Jill Copeland (Hull PCT); Gabriel Doherty (HANA); Graham Gedney (ex-PPI);
Peter Kitson (ICAS); Tish Lamb (Cornerhouse); Ali Lovelock (North Bank
Forum); Ruth Marsden (ex-PPI); Audrey Marshall (ex-PPI): Terry Quinn
(Community Wardens); Penny Stephenson (ex-PPI); Karen Stretton (Choices
and Rights)
Danny Brown (Age Concern/ BGOP); Eddie Lewis (Carers Centre).
In Attendance:
Steve Kimberley, LINk Manager; Jonathan Appleton, LINk Engagement
                      Agenda Item                        Action
1       Welcome & Introductions
        Steve welcomed all to the third meeting of the
        Hull LINk Interim Steering Group and
        introductions were made.

2      Notes of the Last Meeting & Matters Arising
       Notes of the last meeting held on 27 August
       2008 had been circulated to Interim Steering
       Group members. Steve apologised for sending
       papers out late.
           Ruth advised that second paragraph on          Agreed.
              page 3 should read ‘legislation’ rather
              than ‘Parliamentary guidance’.
           Page 4 – Enter & View training –               Staff team to follow
              suggested contact Alison Rowlands,           up.
              North Bank Forum for information on past
              courses. Graham Gedney had no
           Minutes agreed.
       Matters arising:
           Stream – meeting scheduled for next            Staff team to
              week to discuss how LINk can work with       progress.
           Children’s Services – still trying to
              arrange a meeting.
3      LINk Governance Framework
       Since the last meeting some comments had
       been received on the draft governance
       document and Steve thanked those who had
       responded. The comments had led to some
       suggested amendments and these were
       highlighted in the revised document and listed in

the report.
     Section 3 Membership – Steve explained Section 3 agreed.
       provision for Members (living in Hull or
       using primary care in Hull) and
       Associates (those outside Hull) as well
       as Stakeholders. Also para on joint
       working with other LINks. Ruth
       suggested this may be outside the law.
       Steve advised the aim was to ensure that
       the LINk was locally accountable whilst
       keeping membership rules simple and
       inclusive to all.

      Section 5 Steering Group – suggested        Agreed amend
       amend to have an equal split between        Section 5 to have a
       individual and group members. Also          Steering Group
       need a definition of voluntary and          membership of 14,
       community groups                            with upto 7
                                                   individuals and
                                                   upto 7 group
                                                   members, and
                                                   include VCS
      Appendix 1. Para 2 queried – states Hull    Agreed amend
       LINk is an unincorporated organisation      para 2 to reflect
       with no legal status. LINks do have legal   legislation.
       status under legislation.
      Appendix 7 Expenses – rates have been
       adjusted to be more realistic. All agreed
       the need to be mindful of costs and
       limited budget (maximum limits). Also
       care on meetings outside City – prior
       arrangement needed.
                                                   approved and
                                                   adopted. To be
                                                   circulated and
                                                   made publicly
                                                   available. Can be
                                                   reviewed in due
                                                   course. Statutory
                                                   partners to be
                                                   informed LINk now
                                                   operational under
                                                   section 221 of the
                                                   Local Government
                                                   and Public
                                                   Involvement in
                                                   Health Act.

4   Transitional LINk Report
    Report circulated on the work of the Transitional      Agreed –
    LINk and meeting of 12/9/08. Recommended               transitional LINk
    that now the Governance Framework is in place          can now stand
    the transitional LINk can stand down.                  down. Thanks to
                                                           Ruth and all
                                                           involved. Work will
                                                           be fed into LINk

5   Hull LINk Host Progress Report
    Paper circulated on progress since last meeting.
        Publicity materials now available.                Group members to
                                                           distribute. Jill
                                                           Copeland to
                                                           explore distributing
                                                           to GP’s.
          Terry advised there are 2 upcoming
           events: 1 Oct National Older Peoples Day
           in Queen Victoria Square; 10 Oct Older          Staff team to
           Peoples Strategy launch at Guildhall.           investigate.

          Other suggestions: West Hull Community          Staff team to
           Radio; Big Screen.                              investigate.

          Launch date – Friday 7 November. Alan           Staff team to
           Johnson booked for 2.15, event will be          arrange venue and
           arranged around this time. Suggestions          event programme.
           for venue – Station Hotel; Guildhall;           Further details to
           Princes Quay.                                   follow.

          Further marketing materials discussed           Staff team to
           (e.g. pens, balloons, freebies)                 obtain prices and
                                                           bring back to next

6   Health and Social Care in Hull
    Paper circulated setting out the context Hull          Agreed that for
    LINk will be operating in, and the key priorities of   now Hull LINk
    public sector bodies (Hull PCT, ONE HULL), the         focus on priority
    Health & Well Being Overview and Scrutiny              issues from OSC:
    Commission (OSC) of Hull City Council as well               Staff to
    as PPI legacy issues.                                         meet with
    OSC have identified some issues for LINk                      officers to
    involvement: Discharge & Transfer of Care                     discuss.
    Policy; Commissioning of Health Services;                   Paper to
    Provision of ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)                   next
    services; Engagement with Older People                        meeting.
    Strategy. Important for Hull LINk to have an

     effective relationship with OSC.

     Older People Strategy - Tish advised see what
     issues arise from consultation before making
     any commitment on this.

     Commissioning – lots of issues around this (eg
     competitive tendering; individual personal
     budgets; public duty to consult). LINk needs to
     build relationships with commissioners.

     Audrey advised work programme is being put
     together for OSC, no meeting dates as yet.

     Jill Copeland advised a big listening exercise will
     soon be underway to find out people’s priorities.
     To be done by April/March. Also said we can
     obtain PCT reports on complaints, top PALS
     issues etc. Suggested we issue PCT comments
     cards when people have individual complaints.

7    National Consultations – NHS Constitution
     Department of Health inviting responses on            Members to
     proposed set of principles and values that will       consider this and
     apply to NHS. Consultation ends 17 October.           send ideas to
     Ruth circulated some ideas.                           Steve to put
                                                           together a Hull
                                                           LINk response.
                                                           Ideas to Steve
                                                           asap. Steve to then
8    National Consultations – Nursing &
     Midwifery Council Guidance for Older People
     Forthcoming events will examine guidance for          Agreed to circulate
     the care of older people. Nearest event is            the code when it is
     Birmingham. Agreed to provide written response        available.
     and ask for more local events to be set up.
9    Any Other Business
         Members reminded to circulate leaflets
            and posters where possible
         Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust are
            having a consultation on Foundation
            Trust bid. Document and event details
10   Date of Next Meeting
     Date: Friday 24 October 2008
     Venue: Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull
     Time: 9.30 am – 12 noon
     Tish Lamb - Apologies


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