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					         120V AC
         Direct Wire With
         Battery Back-up

Alarm                                         6045 Features and Benefits
The 6045 Carbon Monoxide Alarm
can be used in the US and Canada.         Battery back-up - For added protection
                                          during a power outage
Why Install a Firex
Carbon Monoxide Alarm?                    Quick Connect wiring harness -
                                          Makes installation fast and easy
Firex carbon monoxide alarms provide      Separate LED for power, alarm and
contractors and homeowners with
                                          service - Provide constant visual status
innovative technology and the reliable,
trouble-free performance they expect      of the alarm
from Firex... a market leader in          Smart Interconnect Feature -
products for the professional market.
                                          Interconnectable with up to twelve 6045
Carbon monoxide is the #1 cause of        Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Firex Smoke
death from poisoning in the United        Alarms, Smoke and CO Combo Alarms,
States. The Consumer Product Safety
                                          and Heat Alarms.
Commission recommends “installation
of at least one carbon monoxide alarm
in every household.”
Firex carbon monoxide alarms offer the
technology and product features to
provide the best protection from
carbon monoxide poisoning available.
                                                                                     6045 Carbon Monoxide Alarm
With state-of-the-art production
testing equipment and installer                                         HOT
focused innovations, Firex products                                     NEUTRAL
                                                                        COMMON SMART INTERCONNECT
have earned their reputation as the
most preferred alarms among

                                                                Smoke Alarm                   Heat Alarm          Smoke/CO Combo Alarm

                                               IMPORTANT NOTE about replacing and interconnecting the Firex Carbon
                                               Monoxide Detectors - The 6045 Carbon Monoxide detector replaces the 6040, 6035,
                                               6085, 6090, however, it cannot be interconnected with the 6040, 6035, 6085 and 6090.
     An ISO 9002 Certified Company

  Carbon                                      120V AC
                                              Direct Wire
  Monoxide                                    With Battery
  Alarms                                      Back-up

6045                                                                                      Ordering Data
                                                                                      Item No.                   Model No.                 Agency Listing
                                                                                      6045                       COQ8                      UL, CUL
 4.75”                                     4.75”
                                                                                     IMPORTANT NOTE about replacing and interconnecting the Firex Carbon Monoxide
                                                                                     Detectors - The 6045 Carbon Monoxide detector replaces the 6040, 6035, 6085, 6090,
                                                                                     however, it cannot be interconnected with the 6040, 6035, 6085 and 6090.

                     4.75”                          1.65”                                 Technical Specifications

                                                                                      Product Weight         13 oz.
                                                                                      Operating Temperature 40°F to 100°F         4.4°C to +37.8°C
Architectural Specifications                                                          Interconnect Quantity. Up to 11 other 6045 CO alarms or with as
                                                                                                             many as 12 Firex smoke alarms
The 6045 carbon monoxide alarm shall be 4.75”L x 4.75”W x 1.65”D
                                                                                      Electrical Rating      120V AC, 60 Hz, 50mA max
(12.1cm x 12.1cm x 4.2cm) and shall be powered by a 120 VAC, 60 Hz.
Item 6045 shall have a 9 volt battery back-up. 100% solid state circuits              Horn Output            85 decibels at 10 feet
shall operate over an input range of 100-130 VAC. These alarms shall be               Listing                UL 2034, CGA 6.19-M93
rated at no greater than 0.05 amp in standby. Operating temperature                   Detection Type         Biomimetic
shall be between 40°F to 100°F (4.4°C to 37.8°C) and relative humidity                Humidity Range         15% to 95% relative humidity
between 15%-95%. Item 6045 shall operate independently or is
interconnectable with up to twelve 6045 units or interconnectable with                    Installation of Carbon Monoxide Alarm
up to 12 smoke alarms and a combination of up to 6 carbon monoxide, 6
smoke and carbon monoxide combination alarms, or 6 heat alarms for a                 Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed in accordance with any local
total of 18 units. Item 6045 can share the interconnect wire of smoke                codes that apply.
and heat alarms, but the 6045 will remain silent if smoke or heat is                 To install the 6045 use #18 AWG minimum solid or stranded wire. When
detected by the interconnected smoke and heat alarms. Both CO alarms                 interconnecting, maximum wire length between any two is 1,500 feet for
and smoke alarms need to be installed in those areas to be protected.                #18 AWG or 4,000 feet for #14 AWG (20 OHMS loop resistance).
Quick connect pigtail wiring and separate mounting brackets are                      The 6045 may be interconnected with as many as 11 other 6045 CO
included with these units to allow surface, junction box or octagon box              alarms or with as many as 12 Firex smoke alarms, and 5 CO or heat
installation.                                                                        alarms for a total number of 18 units. This CO alarm may be
                                                                                     interconnected with Firex models 7000(C) (model FADCQ), 5000 and 4618
This Firex carbon monoxide alarm uses a biomimetic sensor and shall                  (model FADC), 4518(C) (model ADC), 4480 (model PAD), 406(C) (model G),
have an alarm horn that emits 85 decibels at 10 feet. The built-in red LED           418(C) (model G-18), 41213 and 41216 (model GC), 484(C) (model PG-40),
flash is accompanied by four fast horn beeps when dangerous CO levels                and 5700 (model ADH) smoke and heat alarms. DO NOT connect with any
are detected (10% or more COHb potential). A green LED shall indicate                other model CO, smoke or heat alarms. Note that this CO alarm will not
AC power ON when present. The amber LED flash is accompanied by a                    cause interconnected smoke and heat alarms to sound their horn. This CO
horn beep every 30 seconds when unit is not functioning properly and                 alarm will remain silent if interconnected smoke and heat alarms are
                                                                                     sounding even if there is a build-up of CO. Connect CO and smoke alarms
needs replacement The test/reset button shall electronically activate the
                                                                                     to a single AC branch circuit. If local codes do not permit connection to a
circuitry to simulate CO, confirm proper operation and verify CO levels.             single AC branch circuit, be sure the neutral wire is common to all
The 6045 shall meet the requirements of UL 2034 and CGA 6.19-M93.                    circuits used.

                                                                                      Shipping Specifications                               6045
                                                                                       Individual Carton Dimensions             5-1/4" x 2-11/16" x 5-1/4"
                                                                                                                                13.3cm x 7.2cm x 13.3cm
                                                                                       Master Carton Quantity                   6
                                                                                       Master Carton Dimensions                 11" x 10-1/2" x 5-3/4"
                                                                                                                                27.9cm x 26.7cm x 14.6cm
 Climate Controls Americas
 191 E. North Avenue                       3505 Laird Road Unit #14
                                                                                       Master Carton Weight                     5.4 lbs        2.4 kg
 Carol Stream Illinois 60188 USA           Mississauga Ontario L5L 5Y7 Canada          Pallet Quantity                          504
 Cust. Service Telephone +1 800 951 5526   Cust. Service Telephone +1 800 668 6958
 Cust. Service Facsimile +1 630 260 7299   Cust. Service Facsimile +1 905 828 1265     Pallet Dimensions                        48”L x 40”W x 47.5”D
                                                                                                                                122cm x 102cm x 121cm
 For Technical Service
 Telephone +1 800 445 8299                 Visit us on the web at
 Facsimile +1 630 260 7299                                                                                                                                               150-1669C

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