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									Dallas Neck Pain Doctor, Dr. J. Glenn Smith, Helps Hundreds Locally With
Cold Laser Therapy

Dallas, TX, 07-Oct-2011 - The Cold Laser Center and Dr. J. Glenn Smith,
DC, Dallas cold laser chiropractor, are pleased to announce relief for
local residents who previously suffered with neck pain. Local residents
who are living a life of pain due to the symptoms associated with
cervical spine injury or misalignment can now be assured of relief for
the pain and a return to full mobility, thanks to cutting-edge therapy
under the chiropractic care of Dr. Smith.

Discussing the subject of cervical pain during a recent interview, Dr.
Smith stated, "I have founded my Center on the belief that cold laser is
beneficial for all my patients suffering with all types of chronic and
acute pain. Based on my experience and knowledge, I founded, in Dallas,
the first cold laser pain center in the country."

Since that time, the chiropractic doctor, working with a network of
highly qualified local physicians has performed nearly 40,000 cold laser
sessions on numerous painful conditions. In addition to neck pain, the
conditions which have benefited by the therapy include carpal tunnel
syndrome, osteoarthritis, knee, back, neck, sciatica, disc injuries,
cubital tunnel syndrome, nerve injuries, tendinitis, tennis elbow,
wounds, shingles pain, and others.

Learn more about the various causes of pain in the upper cervical spine
and how it contributes to lost efficiency and mobility by visiting the
website at http://www.coldlaser.com today. Members of the press and
others who have additional questions about the information contained in
this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Smith at the location
provided below.

Contact Person Name: J. Glenn Smith, D. C.

Company Name: Cold Laser Center

Address: Suite 260, 9850 Central Expressway North, Dallas, TX 75231

Contact Telephone Number: (214) 956-0999

Email: info@coldlaser.com

Website: http://www.coldlaser.com

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