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									                     South River Technologies, Inc.
  179 Admiral Cochrane Drive Suite 110 Annapolis, MD. 21401 410.266.0667

                     Capabilities Statement
1.     Overview
       South River Technologies (SRT) designs and markets simplified content
       management products for collaboration, shared access, website
       management and other information sharing intensive tasks. The
       company products are secure, require minimal end user training and limit
       ongoing IT department resource use. SRT’s client file management
       technology uses the familiar Windows environment rather than a separate
       interface. Founded in 1996, South River Technologies directly sells and
       markets its products to government agencies through its resellers
       including solution partners, integrators and other channel partners.

       South River Technologies discriminators:

       1) Low complexity implementation with existing IT assets
       2) Drive letter mapping feature is a familiar windows based interface
          which requires minimal user training. Eliminates the need to open a
          separate FTP or document management application.
       3) Client and Server file management products based on open standards
          including FTP, SFTP, WebDAV
       4) Highly secure products based on SSL, SSH and S/Key encryption
          which eliminate need for dedicated VPN
       5) Client product web enables any application including support for
          DOS/legacy based applications

2.    Products
          1) GroupDrive – centralized collaboration/file management suite
             based on the WebDAV protocol
          2) WebDrive – client side product integrated into the windows
             environment with drive mapping feature
          3) Titan FTP Server – secure, highly featured with granular
             controls at server, group or user levels

3.    Services
          •   Packaged Software Development
          •   Custom Software Development
          •   Implementation/Solution Consulting

South River Technologies, Inc.       Page 1                 Capabilities Statement
                     South River Technologies, Inc.
  179 Admiral Cochrane Drive Suite 110 Annapolis, MD. 21401 410.266.0667

4.     NAICS Codes: (Bold = core capabilities)
              511210        Software Publishers
              541512        Computer Software Consulting Services
              541512        Computer Systems Integrator Services
              541512        Computer Systems Consulting & Design Service

5.    Past Performance
                                         Air Force
       Installations sampling:
                                         JMLFDC – (
              FAA                        DIA
              NASA                       State of New Jersey
              Navy                       Oakland County, Michigan
              USPS                       Government of Quebec

6.    Corporate Information
       South River Technologies is a privately held Delaware Limited Liability
       Corporation headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland. The company location
       is highly accessible to the Washington, DC and Baltimore metro areas,
       Northern Virginia, and central Maryland.
       Classification:       SBA Small Business
       Corporate Status:     LLC
       EIN:                  51-0413232
       C.C.R.:               Yes
       DUNNS:                013770222

7.    Purchasing Information
       SRT products and services can be procured through typical business
       procurement methods including credit card, purchase orders, and small
       business set-aside. Government vehicles:
          1) GSA schedule #70 as well as other contract vehicles available
           through our strategic partners.

8.     Contact Information
       South River Technologies, Inc.  
       179 Admiral Cochrane Drive            
       Suite 110                                           410.266.0667 office
       Annapolis, MD. 21401                                  410.266.1191 fax

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