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					Annex 2 to Case description (DE-Case-05_SA):
Interview of the company representative

Summary of the student SA’s project at the company AS

1. Introduction

The context for the Praktikum project was provided by the renewal of the training regulation
(Ausbildungsordnung) for the occupation of tool operators (Werkzeugmechaniker/in). The
company AS had a specify interest in analysing its own training in order to clarify, whether
the training is properly adjusted to the new regulation.

2. Defining the student’s task and shaping the related project

The definition of the student’s tasks were based on the interest of the company to
1) update and adjust the obligatory company-specific training plan (Ausbildungsplan) to be
   compatible with the new training regulation (Ausbildungsverordnung);
2) to get instruction material in English language to cover certain content areas in the
   training and to be used in the work process;
3) to prepare presentation material on the new training structures to be used in the entry
   phase of new trainees.

The implementation of the student’s project was led by the student herself on the basis of
the following key measures:

a) Desk study: The student analysed the new training regulation and specified the related
    revisions of training curricula (restructuring of content areas and the allocation of time for
    the main occupational areas).
b) Workplace analysis: For the company-specific adjustment and updating of the training
    plan the student carried out ‘workplace analysis’ to identify the learning potentials of
    different learning stations.
c) Concretisation of training plan: Concretisation of the training plan was undertaken via
c1) customisation of training schedules for different groups of trainees (taking into
    account the rotation between learning stations and some milestones regarding the
    preparation for interim and final examinations);
c2) customisation of content areas with recommendations for time frames and with
    recommendations for allocating contents to learning stations that can cater for the
d) Preparation of an introduction to a foundation module on drilling (Elementar-Lehrgang
    in Metallbearbeitung) in English language with related English German- glossary.
e) Preparation of an introductory Power Point presentation on training in the company.

Reflection on the project results
The analyses confirmed that the training practice was already adjusted to the
recommendations of the new regulations. The results were discussed and commented in a
special meeting in which two company representatives and a representative of the chamber
of commerce were present. The student anticipated that the developed training schedule and
the content-related training plan will be implemented as the company-specific training plan.
As a newer challenge the company considers the introduction of final examinations based on
real work tasks.

Questions for interviews with the company representatives

The report above has indicated some gaps of information (from the perspective of Euronet-
PBL project) and some issues that deserve closer attention. In this respect I have formulated
some interview questions for the company representatives.

1) The tasks that were agreed with the student (Renewal of the training plan, Preparation of
instruction material in English, Preparation of a presentation on the new training structure)
were indicated as the priorities of the company. Did you also consider other priorities?

2) Was the project implementation agreed in detail or was it left to the student to find the best
ways for implementing the tasks? Was the company surprised by actual development of the
student’s project (with many sub-activities)?

3) According to the student’s report the workplace analysis confirmed that the company had
already adjusted its training to the requirements of the new training regulation? Was this a
clear result or where there any doubts about this matter (e.g. between the company and the
chamber representative)?

4) The student anticipated that the training plan and the time frames will be used as support
tools in the future and that further measures will be taken to develop updated final
examinations (with real working tasks). Has this been the case?

5) What is your overall judgement of the benefits of the Praktikum project for the company?
Is there a case for follow-up projects?


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