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									                                                           PCGN Newsletter
                                                              Oct. 2011

                                                     “Cultivating Communities One
                                                           Garden at a Time”

  Bring Food Home                                      Get out in your garden & do some seed collecting:
    Conference:                             Now that the gardening season is coming to an end (sniff!), us gardeners naturally start
  Trent University                         planning for & dreaming of next season! If you have a flower or vegetable that you really
      Oct. 27-29                         liked in your garden, now is a great time to collect seed so that you can grow more for next
 www.bringfoodhome.com                     year. For more detailed information or how-to advice, look up Seeds of Diversity Canada
                                            (www.seeds.ca), Vegetable Seeds, or urbantomato (http://urbantomato.blogspot.com)

                                                 Lift Lock Garden Grand Opening
                                              On Sept. 6th, the PCGN along with Parks Canada,
                                               Peterborough Green-Up, and Dean Del Mastro
                                           celebrated the official opening of the Peterborough
                                              Lift Lock Community Garden. The garden was an
                                            incredibly productive and beautiful site throughout
    Full Time Hours:                      the season, and we hope to double the space for next
    Starting Oct. 17 , thanks to
generous funding from Trillium, the        year. If you would like to get involved, want to know
PCGN will be once again be staffed            more, or know someone in the neighbourhood,
on a full-time basis! Stay tuned for                          please contact us!
exciting events & activities. Give us
a call or email if you are looking for
   a plot, want to start a garden,
 interested in volunteering or just                              Perfect Time for Planting Garlic:
   want to learn more about us!                           Itching to get out in the garden & plant? Why not try garlic?
                                                    1) Get fresh & healthy looking garlic bulbs (from a farmer, not the grocer!)
                                                          2) Separate garlic into cloves; be careful not to break the skin.
                                         3) Plant each clove in the ground, twice as deep as it is big, place the bottom of the clove down.
                                                                          Leave about 6-8" between each clove.
                                          4) Cover with rich soil, and a thick layer of mulch (straw, leaves) to keep it warm over winter.
                                                                         For more detailed instructions, go to our website.

Thank-you to our generous funders:
                                           If you have any questions or comments or would like to learn more about the
                                                  Peterborough Community Garden Network, please contact us at:
                                                                    Email: pcgn@greenup.on.ca
                                                                   Phone: 705.745.3238 ex. 204
                                                      Or Drop By: 378 Aylmer St. N (Peterborough Green-Up)
                                                       Web: http://ptbocommgardennetwork.blogspot.com
                                                     You can also follow us on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook

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