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									          Mast Head Coming                                                                    Issue c p a l ’ s C o r n e r
                                                                                      Vol. 2,P r i n 5,i September 29, 2010

    School Calendar                             P r in c ip a l s C o r n er
                                             Dear Parents:
                                             I am pleased to announce that we received two applications for the two
6	 Site Council Meeting 3:15 PM School       open seats on the Daves Avenue School Site Council.  Sheng Lu and Dan
	  Office                                     Snyder will serve as your representatives along with Kelly Dale.  Mr. Lu
                                             has a 3rd grader and 5th grader, Mr. Snyder has a 1st grader and is the
7	 AFTERNOON H&SC Meeting 1:30 to            President of the Los Gatos Education Foundation (LGEF) and Mrs. Dale
	  2:30 Room #4                              has a 4th grader and is the parliamentarian on the Home and School
                                             Club Board.
7	 Deadline to Register for eScrip and
	  enter to win a Flip Camcorder.
                                             The committee is charged with reviewing and approving our Single Plan
11	 NO SCHOOL - Professional                 for Student Achievement and reviewing the budgets associated with the
	   Development Day                          allocated categorical funding provided by the State.  If you have
                                             questions about the plan for improving student achievement, you may
13	 Fun Walk 10 to 11 AM                     contact any of your parent representatives or any member of the staff.  
18	 Play Applications Due                    We will be happy to address your questions at our monthly meetings.  

                                             The first meeting for the year will be held Wednesday, October 6 at 3:15
                                             p.m.  At that time, the meetings will be scheduled for the year along with
       CHECK IT OUT!                         the topics for discussion.  Additionally, the goals for our Single Plan for
 Please click the links to view this weeks   Student Achievement will be presented as a discussion item.  The plan
 ePacket flyers:                             will be presented to the Site Council at our subsequent meeting for
   •      St. Mary's Country Fair            approval.  Again, if you have any questions, feel free to contact your
   •      Construction Newsletter            representatives.

                                             Susan von Felten, Principal
 The Mission of Daves Avenue
              School                              Daves Students Have Spirit!
  as the premier school site of
                                                                           Thanks to everyone who ordered spirit wear
             leaders,                                                      this month, the Home & School Club
  learners and teachers, is to                                             received orders for over 350 items!   The
                                                                           5th grade "Class of 2011" t-shirts will be
             create a                                                      delivered to the kids' classrooms next week
community of life-long learners                                            and all other spirit wear orders will be
                                                                           delivered by October 11, if not sooner.  
                                             We will have remaining inventory for some items including the new
 productive contributors to an               waterproof 50"x60" plaid fleece blanket, please contact Karen Boncher
      ever changing society                  at regarding availability.

                                                                                                                 Page 1 of 4
                                   H&SC                                     News
“The mission of the Daves Avenue Home and School Club is to enhance the Daves Avenue School experience for parents, staff
                         and students by supporting curriculum and building a sense of community.”

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE                                                           Home & School Club
                                                                            MONTHLY MEETING AGENDA
Dear Parents:
                                                                            Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 1:30 PM in Room #4
Can you believe that school has been in session for a month?! I
hope that your family has settled into their new routine of school      1. Approval of minutes - Kirsten Grado
work, sports, and weekend fun.

The Board is busily preparing for upcoming events. Thank you to         2. Executive Board Reports:	 	           	
all of you who volunteered to help out in the classroom, for            
       a. President’s Report - Alex Potts
H&SC, or as part of our “on-call” work force. It will take all of                   • One Check update
your efforts for us to have a year that runs smoothly.                              • Communications update
We still have some immediate needs. The Hospitality Chair                           • Volunteer Opportunities
position is still vacant. At this point, we will not have a holiday       
     b. Vice President’s Report - Karen Boncher
party for the teachers or a year-end luncheon. If you can chair                     • Spirit Wear
one or both events, please contact Alex Potts. We would love to                     • Qlubb Updates
be able to say “thank you” to our staff.
   c. Secretary’s Report - Kirsten Grado
Unfortunately we will not be continuing our recycling program at                    • Ecrip
Daves Avenue this year because the Home & School Club was not                 
 d. Treasurer’s Report - Joan Corbett
able to find a volunteer to manage the program.  We hope to                          • Final financial results from FYE 2010
start up again next year!

Hopefully, you received an e-mail from your room parents about          	         e. Parliamentarian Report - Kelly Dale
Qlubb. Thank you Room Parent Coordinators Deanna Erbst and
JoAnn Johnson as well as all class room parents for helping get         3. Principal’s Report - Susan von Felten
over 90% of Daves parents signed up with Qlubb already!   If you
haven't had a chance to log on to your classroom Qlubb and
check it out, please do as you will find all kinds of useful             4. Committee Reports
information regarding class and school related activities including           • Fun Walk - Nicky McAllister
a comprehensive school year calendar.                                         • Art Docents - Mary Archer
The Home & School Club Board has made improving and
simplifying communication to Daves families a top priority and we       5. New Business
hope that between Qlubb and The Wednesday Wave, you are
finding it easier to stay on top of what is going on in your
children's classrooms as well as at Daves Avenue.  If you have
questions about how to use Qlubb, please contact your class room           Win a Flip
parent.  If you have feedback regarding Qlubb, please email to
Karen Boncher at                                  Camcorder!
The current board’s term is up in December and a new H&SC
Board of Directors slate will be nominated at the November            You could win a new Flip UtraHD Digital
meeting and elected at the December meeting. If you are               Camcorder valued at $199, a Kodak
interested in joining the Board, please let us know or come to the    Easyshare 12.0 megapixel digital
H&SC meeting to find out more.                                         camera, valued at $79 or a $25 gift
                                                                      card from iTunes, Safeway, Lunardi's or
I hope to see you next Thursday, October 7 at 1:30 PM for our first    Office Depot.  Just go to
afternoon H&SC Meeting. Join me in Room 4 and hear the latest and register in only 5 minutes.  It's free,
news going on at Daves!                                               it's easy, Daves Avenue's H&SC wins and you could too!  
Sincerely,                                                            All families registered by October 7 will be entered in a
Alex Potts,                                    drawing to win one of these great prizes. Questions?  
                                                                      Contact Kirsten Grado at

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                          BULLETIN BOARD
      St. Mary's Country Fair 2010
       October 7th, 8th and 9th

       Butler Ride Ticket Sales
    (Advanced Ticket Discount 30%)
                                                                        The New Millennium Foundation's
Friday Oct 1st and Wed Oct.6th. After School
                                                                        10th Annual Fundraising Auction
by the flag pole at Daves Butler Ride tickets
$20 for a book of (at the fair they are $30). A                        The Los Gatos Wildcats Grand Prix
book of tickets will cover approximately  5-7                 Saturday, October 2, 6-11pm at the Toll House Hotel 
rides. These tickets are for the Butler rides only.              Visit for more information.
All other attractions like food, inflatable's,
games, bungee are other tickets that will be
sold at the fair. We will gladly accept cash or
checks.                                                     Family Bingo Night is Coming!
If  you are unable to make it to one of these         Hey Bingo Players! We are starting to plan our next fun Family Bingo Night
purchasing opportunities, St Mary’s will have         and are looking for adult volunteers. We would like to have 5 adults to help
tickets after their weekend masses or you may         with the Bingo night festivities. We will ask for teen volunteers as well as the
call or email  Colleen Monsef at                      date gets closer. Bingo Night is open to all Daves Avenue students, staff and or 390-9307                        their families. The date is November 19th  and will be held at the Daves 
or Laurie Pollock at       Avenue Multi-purpose room. We will have an optional pizza dinner between
or 930-7171                                           5:30-6:30. Bingo will start promptly at 6:30 and end around 8:30. Flyers
                                                      with details will be available after the Fun Walk. Please contact Jen Marcum
St. Mary's Country Fair is a community event in       at if you are interested in helping that night.
Los Gatos that is FUN for everyone in the
family. The fun includes new and old carnival
rides, games, magician, hypnotist, BBQ food,                          Buzz Book forms Reminder!!
talent show, country store, full service coffee
shop, Spaghetti Dinner, bingo, Car Raffle, live          We need ONE form from each family at Daves --- this let's us know whether
bands, bouncy houses and slides, and fun for            or not you wish to have your child(ren) listed in the 2010 Buzz Book
                                                        student directory.  Please grab a form from the office or CLICK HERE.
all. Contact for
questions or if you are interested in                   Can't remember if you sent in a form, or how many Buzz Books you
volunteering at our faire.                              ordered? A list of all up-to-date H&SC memberships/Buzz Book orders will
                                                        be posted in the office.

                                                        Please send us an email if you have any questions:  Lynn Hubbard,
   Calling all 4th and 5th or Nancy Constantino,
                                  Questions or concerns?
 the exciting school play is      Susan von Felten, Principal     Daves Home & School Club
     about to take off!           Daves Avenue Elementary School
                                  17770 Daves Avenue
                                                                  Alex Potts, President
                                                                  Phone: (408) 930-5094
                                                                Monte Sereno, CA 95030               Email:

	        Applications available for pick up October 4  th       Phone: 408-335-2000                  Daves Wave Newsletter Questions?
                                                                Fax: 408-395-6314                    Email
and due back October 18th. Please be sure to look out           Attendance Line: 408-335-2245        Website:
for the packet as it contains very important                                                         epacket.php
information about the play, including the practice
dates and times and of course the all important heat
week leading up to the performances. Please shoot an
                                                            The Wednesday Wave Newsletter is written exclusively to inform the Daves
email if you know at this time that your child is           Avenue community of school information. Articles, information, calendars, etc.
interested so we can get an estimate of the number of       may not be duplicated or re-printed in any manner without the permission of
children. Send to                     the Home and School Club and of the Daves Avenue school administration.
                         BULLETIN BOARD
                                                                      The Daves Avenue School
        Support CASA when you                                       Safety Patrol is back on duty!
         shop at Whole Foods
                                                            These students with bright yellow belts around campus at drop-off
CASA is a Los Gatos non-profit whose mission is              and pick-up are trained in very specific areas about what to do
“Fostering healthy lifestyle choices                        and what they may not do. Please help by knowing a few things
that help young people resist                               about them:
alcohol and drugs.” From now
                                                            Safety patrols do:
until October 25, you can support
                                                            ★ Remind students to walk their bikes and scooters on school
this mission by bringing your                                   grounds
“green” grocery bags to Whole                               ★ Make sure students stay back from the curb at pick-up time
Foods, and donating your 5 cent                                 until their ride is safely stopped and ready to load
refund. Just mention CASA to the                            ★ Make sure that students do not stop to play in pick-up areas
cashier. Thanks for supporting the youth of our                 like the front lawn or the bike rack area
community! For more information go to       ★ Report all dangerous behaviors to their patrol sponsors,
                                                                including license plate numbers of cars that are left unattended
                                                                or with drivers on cell phones after dismissal
     NOB HILL QUALITY OF                                   Safety patrols do not:
      LIFE CARDS ARE IN!                                   ✤ do not act as crossing guards
                                                           ✤ do not help to load and unload students into or out of vehicles
                                                           ✤ do not argue with adults about any issue
Yet another way to easily support Daves Avenue's Home &
School Club at no cost to you!  If you shop at Nob Hill,   ✤ do not direct traffic
simply pick up a Quality of Life card in the school office,
register your card from your home computer, and be sure If you have any problem with a safety patrol, please take it up with
to always present your card at checkout when shopping at an adult on duty, not directly with the student patrol unless it is a
Nob Hill.                                                  matter of immediate emergency. There is also a box in the office
                                                           where you can make a report in writing for the safety patrol
It's that easy, by simply participating in this free and   sponsors. If you have any concerns, please make sure that you let
effortless program, Nob Hill will donate up to 4% of your us know so that we can address the issue as soon as possible.
monthly purchase $ to Daves Avenue's Home & School
Club!                                                      Some of the patrols will be carrying signs that remind drivers not
                                                           to talk on cell phones, to remain with their cars, and to move to the
With the downtown Safeway under construction               playground area if your child would like to play after school. The
throughout this entire school year, our Home & School      grass areas in the front and on the side of the building in the pick-
Club will not be earning nearly as much thru the Safeway up zones will be for waiting students only and will be monitored by
eScrip program so if you shop at Nob Hill, please be sure the patrols.
to participate in the Quality of Life program!  Thanks for
supporting Daves Avenue's Home & School Club.              You might see a patrol wearing a gold badge. This means that a
Questions?  Contact Kirsten Grado:  
                                                           patrol is being recognized for having done an outstanding job. If
                                                           you see a patrol doing good work, please drop a comment into
                                                           the box in the office so that we can recognize that student.

                                                            Daves Avenue’s safety patrols are:
                                                            • Captain Luke Lenhart
                                                            • Lieutenant Sara Tahirovic
                                                            • Lieutenant Ashlee Kupor
                                                            • Sergeant Jack Marcum
                                                            • Sergeant Benjamin Wong
                                                            • Duty patrols:
                                                                • Jack Boerger
                                                                • Simon Johnson
                                                                • Ryan MacSween
                                                                • Jackson Yamamoto
                                                            Thank you for your support of the Daves Avenue School Safety
                          BULLETIN BOARD

                                                                       Wednesday ePacket Information
                                                                   •    Is posted online at
                                                                   •    An email link is sent Wednesday afternoon.
The Fun Walk is just two weeks away and the committee would
like to thank Julie Opatovsky for designing this fabulous logo     •    Keep your email updated with the School Secretary, Amy
that will appear on the t-shirts and water bottles this year. It        Torres by emailing her
captures the essence of the event – walking to raise funds for     •    Or bookmark in your web browser and check it
many critical programs at Daves Avenue such as technology,              Wednesday afternoon or whenever you have Free-time to
early literacy, teacher grants and physical education. We
                                                                        catch up on Daves Avenue.
would also like to thank Laurie Prestine and her family for
organizing the supply and printing of the t-shirts and water
bottles (which this year are BPA free) and in particular for       •    All Flyers and Newsletter content must be pre-approved
donating the t-shirts for all students, teachers and volunteers.        by the School Principal, Susan Von Felten.
                                                                   •    Email Susan Von Felten by Friday at 8 AM to receive pre-
The committee is focused this year on keeping costs to a                approval for Flyer and Newsletter content.
minimum so that at least at least 93% of the money raised will
                                                                   •    Forward approved content as follows:
go directly to the Home and School Club. The event format will
not be changed however – the kids will still have fun walking
and running round the field to music supplied by our good           Deadline for Flyers/Forms for the Check it Out section:
friend DJ Raffi. As ever, we encourage families and friends to      •    Due Tuesdays by noon.
join in with the fun which starts at 10am on Wednesday             •    Email a PDF to Amy Torres (
October 13th. Volunteers should arrive by 9am to help in the
                                                                   •    Please note H&SC flyers must be a form to complete.
classrooms and on the field.
                                                                   •    Deliver Hard Copy flyers to Daves Avenue School Office.
Finally a huge thank you to this year’s sponsors:                       (Regular weekly count is 40)
                                                                   •    If you would like a form to go one per child or one per
                         Platinum Level                                 family, you must notify Amy one week prior so that she
                           Bra Smyth                                    can arrange volunteers to sort. Amy Torres will provide
                       Cupertino Electric
                                                                        the latest Hard Copy count for one per child or one per
                  Kirkorian Family Foundation
                          Gold Level
                         Bebe Au Lait                              Wednesday Wave School Newsletter articles:
                   Group Anesthesia Svcs                           •   Tuesday at noon (Pre-approved from Susan Von Felten)
                       The Indian Store
                                                                   •   Email to
                     Los Gatos Eye Care
                 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney                       •   Include in original email with no formatting (no caps, no
                    Nothing Bundt Cakes                                colors, no bullets)
                      Novo Construction                            •   Graphics and photos are welcome.
                    Redwood City Electric
                         Relectric Inc                             Questions?
                       Sound in Motion
                                                                   Contact Dani Hinsche at or 332-8651
                        University Art
                     Vardy’s Jeweler Inc

                         Silver Level
                         Morely Bros.
                     Steamers Grill House

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