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									                                                                                                      Lesson Plan
             Teacher: Jacqueline Irons                                                    Subject: 7th English Language Arts                                                  Week of: 3-21-11
                                 Monday                                 Tuesday                             Wednesday                              Thursday                                          Friday
                                                                2nd/3rd on a Field Trip
Focus and          Computer Use                            Lesson 6: Investigate the Theme       Lesson 7: Reflect on Identifying a      Lesson 8: Read to Get the            Literature Circles
Review                                                     R 2.4 Identify and trace the          Theme                                   Gist: “The White Umbrella”
                   Study Island.com                        development of an author’s            W1.2 Support all statements and         R 1.2 Greek, Latin, and
Standards          https://hosted164.relearn.com/704       argument                              claims with anecdotes, descriptions,    Anglo-Saxon roots and
                   972/                                    W 1.1 Create an organizational        facts and statistics, and specific      affixes
                                                           structure                             examples.                               R 1.3 Clarify word meanings
                                                           W1.2 Support all statements and       LC 1.3 Identify all parts of speech     through- definition, example,
                                                           claims                                and types and structure of sentences.   restatement, or contrast
                                                           W 1.7 Revise writing

Objectives         Students will be able to prepare        Students will be able to identify     Students will be able to identify       Student will be able to chart        Students will be able to create a Public Service
                   for the CST by completing a             the theme of “Seventh Grade”          the theme of “Seventh Grade” by         words dealing with the               Announcement encouraging others to read daily
                   series of test on Study Island          by finding and discussing             finding and discussing significant      characters’ identity in the story,   and especially encouraging them to read one of
                   that cover writing strategies.          significant sentences in the text.    sentences in the text.                  “The White Umbrella” and they        the novels you have read.
                   Students who have completed a                                                                                         will be able to summarize the
                   novel will test their                                                                                                 story.                               Dispatch: Famous Quotes
                   comprehension of that novel on                                                Dispatch: Famous Quotes
                   accelerated reading.                    Dispatch: Famous Quotes                                                       Dispatch: Famous Quoted
                   Dispatch: Famous Quotes
Strategies          -     www.studyisland.com               -      Identify significant           -     Discuss: What is Soto trying      -    Read to get the gist: “The      -       Video Upload
                                                                   sentences                            to say?                                White Umbrella,” by Gish        -       Edit clip
                    -       https://hosted164.renlearn.c    -      Share significant sentences    -     Step Back: Reflect on                  Jen                             -       Include title and credits
                            om/704972/                             in trios                             identifying a theme               -    Step Back: Reflect on           -       Add transitions and music if time allows
                                                            -                                     -     Discuss Responses to                   reading                         -
                                                                                                        Literature Content and Habit      -    Discuss text as a whole
                                                                                                        of Thinking                            group
                                                                                                  -     Write Like: Vary Sentences –
                                                                                                        simple and compound
Check for               -       Monitor class progress     What did you learn from doing a       How did you go about trying to          What is happening here?                   -       Teacher will move around the room-
                                on Live View and           Gender reading of this text?          figure out a theme of the narrative?    Who are the characters in the                     respond to questions asked
Understanding                   answer questions           How can reading through a             What did you think about or ask         narrative?
                                students may have.         Gender lens help you navigate         yourself about the text?                What have you learned about
                                                           other reading you do?                                                         them?
                                                                                                                                         How do you know?
Guided                  -                                  Peer Review                           Discuss Response to Literature                -    Charting: Known and            -       Teacher will continue to monitor
                                                                                                 Content and Habits of Thinking                     suspected words                        groups as they edit.
Practice                                                                                         Write Like: Vary Sentence                          related to identity

Independent             -       Taking a quiz on           Study the Content and Examine                                                 What different things did you             -       Edit video
                                Accelerated Reader         Spelling, Grammar, and                                                        have to do when reading                   -       Transitions
Practice                                                   Punctuation                                                                   independently as opposed to when          -       Titles and credit
                                                                                                                                         I read aloud to the whole class/
                                                                                                                                         Which approach do you find more
                                                                                                                                         beneficial to your
                                                                                                                                         comprehension? Why?
Closure            Summarize class for Cornell             Summarize class for Cornell           Summarize class for Cornell Notes       Summarize class for Cornell          Summarize class for Cornell Notes
                   Notes                                   Notes                                                                         Notes
Homework           Gender Reading paper is due             What is it author trying to say       Write five simple sentences and         Read daily at least 30               Read daily at least 30 minutes
                   tomorrow.                               about life and human nature?          five compound sentences

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