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85340 Coral Princess 8pg A4 ... - Coral Princess Expedition Cruises


									                                         OCEANIC DISCOVERER
                                          EXPEDITION CRUISE
                                            HELPFUL HINTS
CONTENTS                                                        Visas - Papua New Guinea
Page 1 PRACTICAL VOYAGE INFORMATION                             Noumea to Rabaul Itinerary
Page 5 GENERAL TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS AND                          For Australian citizens, it is advisable to obtain your visa
       SUGGESTIONS FOR BOTH AUSTRALIAN AND                      for Papua New Guinea in sufficient time prior to
       INTERNATIONAL PASSENGERS                                 departure from your home port. The cost of the Papua
Page 6 PACKING HINTS                                            New Guinea Visa is currently 100 PNG Kina
Page 7 PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS                                         (Approximately AUD45).

                                                                For Australian citizens please visit the High
1.   PRACTICAL VOYAGE INFORMATION                               Commission of Papua New Guinea website at
                                                       or phone Tel: (02) 6273
Oceanic Discoverer is a luxury expedition cruise vessel         3322, Fax: (02) 6273 3732 (Australia) or contact our
designed by Coral Princess Cruises to provide                   Reservations Department.
maximum stability and guest comfort. Launched in
Cairns in January 2005, Oceanic Discoverer                      For non-Australian citizens it is advisable to obtain
accommodates a maximum of 72 guests and offers the              your visa for Papua New Guinea in sufficient time
relaxed atmosphere of a private yacht.                          prior to departing from your home port. Please
                                                                contact your respective embassies for Papua New
The following information has been prepared to answer           Guinea visa information.
your questions about life aboard ship and to help you
enjoy your cruise.                                              Immigration
                                                                Cairns - Alotau - Noumea Itinerary
Visas - New Caledonia, Vanuatu and                              When you disembark the ship in Noumea, New
the Solomon Islands                                             Caledonia, please ensure you have your air ticket to
Citizens of the Commonwealth, United States and                 present to immigration to prove your onward journey.
European Union do not require Visas for a stay up to 30
days (or for the period of your cruise). For further            Noumea to Rabaul Itinerary
information please contact your travel agent or Coral           When flying into Noumea, New Caledonia, to start your
Princess Cruises office on +61 7 4040 9999.                     cruise please have your ship boarding card to present
                                                                when you arrive at immigration – this is to ensure your
Visas - Papua New Guinea                                        onward ticket out of the country.
Cairns - Alotau - Noumea Itinerary
For Australian citizens, please note that it will be possible   Luggage
to obtain your Papua New Guinea visa on Oceanic                 Luggage is restricted only as per airline regulations.
Discoverer’s arrival into Papua New Guinea; the cost is         Please ensure that your luggage is clearly labelled with
approximately AUD45 and will be added to your                   your name. Standard size suitcases and soft bags can be
onboard account.                                                stored under the beds.

For non-Australian citizens it is advisable to obtain           When flying from your home to join your Melanesian
your visa for Papua New Guinea in sufficient time               cruise, please ensure the airline correctly tags your
prior to departing from your home port. Please                  luggage through to the correct destination and that you
contact your respective embassies for Papua New
Guinea visa information.
have all luggage receipts with your airline ticket. To help   Some basic knowledge about the climate and range of
prevent misrouting, remove all previous airline claim         activities planned for this trip will help you decide what
tags on your luggage before check-in.                         to bring along. We recommend that you select a
                                                              wardrobe that is adaptable and allows for layering.
If your luggage is lost en route, there will be no            Sporty, summer-weight clothing is a good basis for your
opportunity during this itinerary for it to be forwarded to   wardrobe. Because wet landings are common, pants
you. Therefore for international passengers, we strongly      you can roll-up, shorts, or a cotton skirt or dress are
recommend you check your luggage only as far as your          ideal at times. A bathing suit is good for beach visits and
airport of international arrival, pick up your luggage,       for swimming. There will be opportunities for
and recheck it to your final destination. This will reduce    snorkelling and diving - all snorkelling and dive
the possibility of losing your luggage, and may require a     equipment is provided. SCUBA diving is at an additional
slightly longer connection time.                              cost.

Bars                                                          As we regularly have "wet landings" where you may be
There are two fully stocked bars on board with an             required to walk on sharp rocks and stony beaches it is
excellent selection of wines, beers and spirits. Bar hours    important you pack a pair of closed protective footwear
are 9:00am to 12:00 midnight.                                 such as "river walkers" or “aqua soles” which you are
                                                              prepared to get wet each day. You should also bring a
As our vessel is a licensed premise, any alcohol you          pair of walking shoes.
bring on board must be declared to the purser and
may be held in bond until you disembark.                      Come prepared for the sun. A t-shirt to slip over a
                                                              swimsuit while swimming is a good idea. We
Air Conditioning                                              recommend sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and a
The ship is air conditioned throughout.                       sufficient supply of sunblock for protection against the
                                                              sun and glare. Also include insect repellent, preferably
Bridge                                                        tropical strength and a canteen to carry water. Prepare
There is an "open bridge" policy on board. All guests are     yourself for possible rain showers by packing a
welcome on the bridge at any time unless otherwise            lightweight rain jacket. Sun block and insect repellent
advised by one of the officers.                               are available on board and on the Xplorer during
Chits/Shipboard Account
Upon embarkation, a shipboard account is                      You should also pack a pair of long lightweight close-
automatically opened for your convenience. The "chit"         weave pants which are available at all adventure stores.
system is used. A "chit" will be signed and the amount
debited to your shipboard account for bar, shop and           When making landings, place any gear to be brought
other purchases. An account will be presented for             ashore inside a waterproof backpack. Also commonly
settlement at the end of the voyage. Australian dollar        used are inflatable, waterproof yellow sport pouches
Travellers Cheques, American Express, Diners Club,            available in camera stores. Silica gel is recommended
MasterCard, and VISA are accepted in payment of your          for protecting equipment against high humidity, and
account. You can request a “running total” at any time        ziplock plastic bags are useful for protecting your
during the cruise.                                            camera gear. Binoculars are handy for close-up views of
                                                              the wildlife.
Climate and Clothing
Dress is informal and light clothing is advisable. Casual     The atmosphere on board Oceanic Discoverer is casual
attire is appropriate for the entire program although a       and relaxed.
modest dress code is required in some villages. See
Packing Hints for specific suggestions.                       Communications
                                                              Oceanic Discoverer is equipped with a new state-of-the-
Our expeditions are scheduled to operate when                 art onboard communications system, making it easy to
temperatures will be most pleasant. The average daily         remain in contact with your friends and relatives at
temperature during your cruise is approximately 27-35         home during your cruise. Phone calls home from the
Degrees Celsius (81 - 96 Degrees Fahrenheit). The             ship are cost effective, and guests also have the
temperature is cooler of an evening.                          opportunity to access high quality wireless internet.
                                                              Guests are able to purchase a pre-paid internet card
                                                              aboard the ship and then connect to the internet through
either a laptop computer, a PDA or the ship's onboard         dress rules. There will be a Captain's Welcome and
computer. In addition, to help you keep in touch with         Farewell Cocktail Party. These, although slightly more
news from home and abroad during your cruise we               dressy, are still informal.
subscribe to a daily news service and copies of this
publication are made available to guests each day.            Electricity
                                                              Voltage on board Oceanic Discoverer is 220/250 Hz,
The following are Oceanic Discoverer telephone and            50 cycles A/C (standard Australian 3 pin plug). A
fax numbers.                                                  slanted 2-pin adapter plug will work while on board,
Telephone              +61 7 4225 3299                        however with the 3rd pin missing, the item will not be
Facsimile              +61 7 3339 5181                        grounded. For our international guests a limited
(+ refers to your International Direct Dialling code, i.e.    number of adapters are available on board but we
0011 from Australia).                                         recommend you bring your own for use on board and in
                                                              the hotels before and after the voyage. Some hot rollers
Cruise Staff                                                  and video camera battery packs require heavy-duty
The cruise staff are available throughout the day.            converters rather than the normal travel type. Please
Questions regarding daily activities should be directed       check your equipment to be sure you bring what is
to the Expedition Leader.                                     necessary for your personal needs. Bathrooms on board
                                                              Oceanic Discoverer are equipped with both 110V and
Money Matters                                                 220/240V outlets for electric shavers only.
The currency used onboard Oceanic Discoverer is
Australian Dollars (AUD). VISA, MasterCard, Diners            Elevator
Club and American Express are the credit cards                There is no elevator or passenger lift aboard Oceanic
accepted aboard the ship for settlement of shipboard          Discoverer.
accounts. Oceanic Discoverer will only accept
Australian dollar cash and Travellers Cheques.                Excursion Boat
                                                              In addition to our three Zodiacs and Glass Bottom Coral
For shore excursions guests are advised to exchange           Viewing Vessel, we will have on board a specially
money into local currencies prior to departure from your      designed aluminium excursion vessel, the "Xplorer". This
home port. Ensure that you have this in small                 vessel has high horsepower engines and will
denominations.                                                accommodate all guests at one time. The "Xplorer" will
                                                              be used for landings and for extensive exploration of
A limited amount of local currencies will be available        rivers, tributaries and islands. For your added
onboard Oceanic Discoverer for exchange. It is                convenience and comfort, the "Xplorer" is equipped with
recommended that you exchange the following                   an awning and toilet.
currencies prior to departure from your home port:
New Caledonia - Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique franc (XPF)   We carry onboard three inflatable landing craft
Solomon Islands - Solomon Island Dollar (SBD)                 (Zodiacs). Designed for expedition work, these large
Vanuatu - Vatu (VUV)                                          and heavy-duty inflatables are extremely safe. Separate
Papua New Guinea - Kina (PGK)                                 air compartments retain a large reserve of buoyancy
                                                              even if the boats are damaged. The flat bottom design
Daily Program                                                 permits these crafts to land directly onto the beaches.
A daily program, 'Melanesian Mercury' listing the day's       Expect nonetheless to wade through shallow water to
activities on board and ashore will be published.             reach the shore.

Dietary Needs                                                 Glass Bottom Coral Viewing Vessel
Special dietary foods can be provided, however we must        To offer a guided coral viewing experience we carry on
be notified in writing of specific requirements at least      board a glass bottom viewing vessel allowing an
three weeks prior to sailing, along with any special          informative and dry reef experience.
anniversaries or birthdays you may be celebrating whilst
aboard.                                                       Gift Shop
                                                              A small gift shop offering a limited selection of toiletries,
Dress                                                         souvenirs and sundries is located in the Purser's Office
The atmosphere on board is casual and there are no            on the Main Deck. However, we suggest you bring your

own supply of personal toiletries. Oceanic Discoverer        Meals
souvenirs include polo shirts, hats and caps, towels are     All meals during the cruise are included. Breakfast,
also available.                                              lunch and dinner are usually served in the Dining Room
                                                             located on the Main Deck. Breakfast and lunch are
Gratuities                                                   buffet style while dinner is table d’hote style with the
Other cruise lines automatically add gratuities to your      occasional buffet meal. Coffee and tea is available 24
account and service charges onto your bar invoice. On        hours. Meal times may vary according to the day's
Oceanic Discoverer, our crew has no other agenda than        activities. Standard hours are breakfast from 7:00 -
your delight, and tipping is completely optional. If you     8:30am, lunch at 12:30pm and dinner at 7:30pm.
wish to tip, gratuities should be offered in cash or         Meal times will be advised in the ‘Melanesian Mercury’.
Travellers Cheques. Credit cards and personal cheques
should not be used for this purpose. Any gratuity is to be   Medical Attention
made to the Purser for equal distribution to all crew.       The crew are trained in "Remote Area First Aid". There is
                                                             no physician on board. Severe medical problems will
Hairdryer                                                    require evacuation at passenger's expense. Guests
Hairdryers are available in all cabins.                      should bring a sufficient supply of required prescription
                                                             medicines, as they will not be available on board.
Laundry                                                      Travel insurance is highly recommended for all
There is a limited laundry service on board Oceanic          international and remote cruise itineraries and
Discoverer. Drip-dry, wash and wear clothing is              must include medical, cancellation and remote
recommended. If guests require the use of an ironing         area evacuation cover. Guests declining travel
board, please contact the Purser and a Cruise Attendant      insurance will be required to sign an insurance
will deliver to your cabin for your convenience. Once        waiver agreement form.
you have finished using the ironing board please
contact the Purser for your Cruise Attendant to collect.     Medical conditions should be declared on booking.
                                                             Contact details of personal physicians and ongoing
Lecture Program/Films                                        medical treatment details should be given to the Purser
A series of lectures will be presented during the trip.      on boarding.
These presentations are an integral part of the trip and
are designed to lend greater depth and understanding         If you are susceptible to motion discomfort
to your experience.                                          (seasickness), you may want to bring stronger
The lecture series, films and slide-shows will be            preventatives than over-the-counter medications. We
presented in the Cocktail Lounge on the Bridge Deck. In      recommend that you consult with your personal
addition the Expedition Leader will conduct a "recap" of     physician for a suitable medication. In addition to the
the day's activities, an overview of the next day's          ship's Medical Locker as prescribed under the
program and other interesting topics each evening prior      Navigation Act, the Captain is in contact with the Royal
to dinner.                                                   Flying Doctor Service and we have on board their
                                                             recommended remote area medical kit.
There is a comprehensive resource library on board with      Potable Water
an excellent supply of books including natural history       Oceanic Discoverer’s desalinator ensures that water
books of the area, and some novels and paperbacks.           onboard is safe to drink. There is also bottled water
                                                             available for purchase.
Oceanic Discoverer has a cocktail bar/lounge located         Safety Rules on Board Ship
on the Bridge Deck. In addition the aft areas of the Main,   While the ship is your temporary home, it is also a
Promenade and Bridge Decks are shaded areas with             mobile one, and it is essential that you take certain
comfortable seating.                                         safety precautions. Here are some basic rules:
                                                             • Always turn lights on before moving about in a dark
Mail                                                              cabin.
There are no opportunities for mail to be posted during      • Walk, never run, aboard ship, and be extra careful
the cruise.                                                       when walking on wet or damp decks.
                                                             • Wear shoes with slip resistant soles when walking
                                                                  on deck and be especially careful using stairways.

In rough weather note especially:                          Dining Room and Cocktail Bar with their full-length
• Do not stroll about the ship unnecessarily.              windows are also ideal viewing areas. The ship has an
• Hold on to handrails on stairways. Be very careful       "open bridge" policy, and you are welcome to visit this
     in the bathroom.                                      area except during manoeuvres.
• Brace yourself by sitting in a straight-back chair. If
     the chair should move while you are at your meal,     Wines and Spirits
     hold on to the table and do not attempt to save       The ship carries an excellent selection of Australian and
     utensils or equipment.                                New Zealand wines to accompany your meals. Wines
• Doors should be latched open or kept closed              and spirits will be automatically billed to your shipboard
     during heavy seas. Use the handles and never hold     account. Due to licensing laws duty free alcohol is not to
     a door by its frame as the ship's movement may        be consumed on the ship.
     cause the door to close on your hand.
• The buttons of your cupboards and drawers in your
     stateroom should be pushed in so that they do not     2.   GENERAL TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS AND
     swing or slide open.                                       SUGGESTIONS FOR BOTH AUSTRALIAN AND
• If there is unsecured luggage in your cabin, call             INTERNATIONAL PASSENGERS
     your Cruise Attendant.
• Secure items in your bathroom and on your                Luggage Allowance: Flights
     bureau, or place in drawers.                          In addition to one carry-on bag, luggage restrictions
                                                           apply specific to the airline, flight origin and fare type.
Smoking/Non Smoking                                        Please check with your airline on its policy for luggage
Smoking is permitted on the outer areas of A and B         allowance. Limits range from 1 to 2 pieces per person
decks only. There is a "no smoking" policy throughout      not exceeding 20-32 kilograms (44-70lbs) per piece.
the interior of the ship. There is a total smoking ban     While storage space is limited on the Oceanic
when travelling on the “Xplorer”, zodiacs and during       Discoverer there is luggage storage under all beds.
                                                           Note: Most airlines strictly enforce their luggage
Statistics: Oceanic Discoverer                             regulations. Excess luggage charges can be substantial.

Built:              Cairns, Australia - launched 2005      Clothing: Extended Flights
Construction:       Steel                                  For maximum comfort on extended flights, wear
Registry:           Australian                             relaxed, loose-fitting clothes suited to long stretches of
Length:             63 metres        (207 feet)            sitting. Drink generous amounts of non-alcoholic liquids
Breadth:            13 metres        (42.6 feet)           during the flight to avoid dehydration caused by the dry
Draught:            3 metres         (9.8 feet)            cabin air. For those of you who can sleep en route,
Speed:              14 knots                               consider an inflatable neck-pillow, ear plugs and an
Sun Deck
Oceanic Discoverer has a large Sun Deck with               Currency and Money Matters
comfortable sun lounges and spa pool.                      All purchases onboard Oceanic Discoverer must be
                                                           made in Australian dollars (AUD). VISA, MasterCard,
Valuables and Passports                                    Diners Club and American Express are the credit cards
As we operate a 'no key' policy while at sea, please try   accepted aboard ship for settlement of shipboard
and leave any non-essential valuables at home. Coral       accounts.
Princess Cruises is not to be held responsible for the
loss or theft of any jewellery, cash, etc. A safe is       Purchases made ashore throughout Melanesia will be
available at Reception. Passports will be collected by     made in local currencies. There will be a limited
the Purser during the cruise for immigration purposes.     capability for currency exchange on board; guests are
The Purser will conduct clearance with the officials on    advised to exchange money into local currencies prior to
your behalf.                                               departure from your home port. Ensure that you have
                                                           this in small denominations.
Viewing Areas
The Sun Deck, Fore Decks and Aft Decks are all ideal for   Credit cards are accepted at most hotels and
watching the scenery and wildlife. In addition the         restaurants and on board Oceanic Discoverer. Oceanic

Discoverer will only accept Australian dollar cash and        make your trip as enjoyable and comfortable as
Travellers Cheques.                                           possible. As with all travel to remote areas, changes
                                                              may be necessary and, when they occur, can enhance
Health Requirements                                           an expedition. Your leaders are experts in adventure
It is imperative that you consult your medical advisor        travel and because of their familiarity with the area they
prior to your journey. As Malaria is a health risk in         can be trusted to make the best alternate arrangements.
Melanesia it is advisable that your medical advisor
prescribes the correct form of anti-malarial tablets.         Respecting Customs and Cultures
Please be aware that some courses of medication must          Please note that some villages in Melanesia may have a
be taken some time before entering a malarial zone and        more conservative dress code for visitors, it is advisable
also be continued after exposure. Please note that the        to wear a shirt which covers the shoulders and knee
best form of prevention is protection. Wear light long        length shorts in villages. Please see Packing Hints for
sleeved clothing particularly from late afternoon and         more details. You may be required to ask permission
early morning if you are out on the deck and also wear        before taking photos in some villages. Our Guest
repellent with a high content of Diethyl Toluamide            Lecturers will be able to advise on various customs
(DEET) - especially when on shore excursions.                 throughout Melanesia.

A Yellow Fever certificate of vaccination is required if      Time
arriving within 6 days after leaving or transiting infected   New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are
areas or countries situated in endemic areas.                 + 11 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

To fully enjoy this program, all participants should be in    Papua New Guinea time is +10 hours GMT (Greenwich
good general health, able to walk reasonable distances        Mean Time), the same as Eastern Australia. Please note
over sometimes uneven terrain, and stand during               that there is no daylight savings.
excursions. Should you have any physical limitations
please notify us in advance of your departure. The ship       Tipping Guidelines
does not have a physician on board.                           Tipping in Melanesia is not recommended or
It is also advisable to carry with you an up-to-date
record of your allergies or chronic medical problems so       Transfers
that emergency treatment, if necessary, can be carried        Transfers are not included. It is advised to use transfers
out without endangering your health. Your physician           provided by your hotel.
can prepare a summary record for you. You should also
carry with you the telephone number for your physician's
24-hour answering service.                                    3.   PACKING HINTS

Hotels                                                        We recommend that you pack simply and lightly.
Hotel Check-In                                                Clothing that you can layer will prepare you for all kinds
Since check-in in most hotels in Melanesia is early           of weather. More specific information regarding
afternoon, it is not always possible to guarantee room        clothing and weather considerations is included in
occupancy immediately upon arrival in the morning.            section 1 of this document. In packing your carry-on bag
Your patience and understanding will be appreciated.          for the flight, we suggest you pack essential toiletries,
                                                              medicines, and a change of clothing in the event you
Hotel Check-Out                                               reach your destination without some or all of your
At the conclusion of your stay, please check-out with the     luggage.
hotel's cashier in the usual manner, settling any             In tropical conditions, shorts and lightweight shirts are
incidental charges you incurred, and removing your            most comfortable, but loose, long-sleeved shirts and
valuables from the safe. Always allow sufficient time to      long pants in a natural, lightweight fabric (eg. cotton)
accomplish this. In the case of an early morning              offer protection against the sun and insects.
departure, you may prefer to take care of these details
the previous evening.                                         The following clothing list is designed to assist you in
                                                              preparing for your expedition:
Itinerary Variations                                          • slacks, lightweight
Crew and staff of Coral Princess Cruises will strive to       • shorts, loose and comfortable – knee length shorts
                                                                  are required in villages
•   shirt/blouse, short sleeved                           •    pocket-sized notebook
•   cotton shirt, long-sleeved for beach cover-up         •    plastic water bottle or canteen
•   rain jacket, lightweight                              •    reading and writing materials
•   sweater, sweatshirt, jacket, or light wrap            •    toiletries
•   socks, underwear, etc.                                •    fins and mask (available on board, but you may
•   pyjamas                                                    wish to bring your own mask for the best fit)
•   sunhat with brim
•   bathing suit and board shorts - knee length           You may also include, tissue packs (tissues are supplied
•   walking shoes, rubber soled                           in cabins), pre-moistened towelettes, a deck of cards,
•   rubber sandals called "river walkers " or "aqua       rubber bands, safety pins and washcloths.
    soles” - thick-soled mesh socks for wet
    landings/beach                                        If you wear prescription glasses, take an extra pair in
•   sandals or thongs for on board use                    case of loss or damage. Contact lens wearers should
                                                          also bring glasses since wind and salt can irritate the
For slightly more dressy occasions (Captain's Welcome /   eyes. You should bring an adequate supply of any
Farewell Cocktail Party):                                 prescription drugs you use. Packing them in your carry-
• pants or skirt                                          on luggage is always recommended.
• 1 dress shirt/blouse
• 1 good pair of shoes                                    Important: Keep all travel documents such as passport,
Be sure to pack a kit with an ample supply of basic       airline ticket, and travel vouchers with you during your
health and first aid needs including:                     flights.
• any prescription drugs and vitamins you use
• antacids, decongestants, throat lozenges, and
    other medications that you use for common             4.   PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS
• Pepto Bismol or similar medications                     Be prepared for excellent photographic opportunities.
• aspirin or other analgesic                              On excursions with fellow participants, remember basic
• bandaids, antiseptic, and tropical antibiotic           etiquette of photography. Allow others to get a clear shot
• motion sickness preventatives                           before walking into their view; do not crowd around an
• insect repellent (tropical strength) and insect-bite    object but instead form a semicircle to leave an
    relief products                                       unspoiled background.
• sunscreen and sunburn relief products, chapstick
    and protective lotions for lips and face              Camera
• personal toiletries or hygiene products                 Digital cameras are now the camera of choice for most
                                                          people. However if you prefer the traditional film
The following items may come in handy; experienced        camera please ensure you bring with you ample
travellers pack them routinely:                           supplies of film as there will be no opportunities to
• binoculars (essential for bird watching)                purchase film during the expedition.
• folding umbrella
• small hand held fan                                     If possible, bring two cameras in case one malfunctions.
• small flashlight/torch                                  If you have recently purchased a new camera, we
• travel alarm clock                                      strongly recommend you become familiar with its use
• backpack (preferably waterproof) suitable for           before joining the ship.
     carrying your photographic equipment and other
     items for shore excursions                           Please remember to bring the operating instructions,
• extra prescription glasses or contact lenses            battery charger, and additional batteries. For digital
• sunglasses                                              cameras, we strongly recommend you bring a large
• plastic bags of various sizes, including "zip lock"     capacity memory card and an extra card to increase the
     type                                                 capacity for images.
• camera, camera bag, and all the photographic
     equipment you will need (see “Photography”)          Most of today's SLR (SLR = single lens reflex, a.k.a.:
• plenty of film and batteries                            interchangeable lenses) cameras have automatic
• disposable underwater camera (can be purchased          settings making them as easy to use as the point & shoot
     on board)                                            cameras.

Most camera manufacturers offer auto focus and an              Battery Charging Onboard
integrated flash. You will need a flash unit in dark,          Your batteries can be charged in your stateroom. The
shadowy areas to use as fill-in light; otherwise your          power on board is 240 volts from an Australian / New
photo may not show all the detail that you remember. If        Zealand power point. If you are a guest from other
your camera does not have an integrated flash, there           countries please be sure to bring an adapter plug.
may be a dedicated flash unit available for it (a flash unit
built specifically for that particular camera with an          For further information please feel free to
automatic setting). The camera salesperson should be           contact us:
able to help you in this area and give you some tips on
using the flash.                                               Telephone:   +61 7 4040 9999
                                                               Fax:         +61 7 4035 5995
If you do not wish to go with the SLR for your trip, there     Free Call    (within Australia):1800 079 545
are many point & shoot cameras available which are             Email:
simple to use. It has auto focus zoom lens, integrated         Website:
flash etc.

It is important to bring plastic bags to protect your
camera from rain, salt spray, and dust. Silica gel is
recommended for protecting equipment against high

Always consider a UV or Skylight filter for your camera.
The most important reason is to protect the front lens
element from dirt, fingerprints and damage. These
filters do not alter the amount of light reading the film
plane; therefore it is not necessary to adjust the f-stops
on the lens to compensate. These filters will reduce the
amount of blue or haze you see through the viewfinder.

A polarising filter will reduce the amount of reflective
light reading the film thereby reducing the glare seen
through the viewfinder. A polariser is a necessity for
shooting around water in bright sunlight.
Make sure that you know which type of exposure meter
your camera has. For example, if you own a Canon F-1
or T-90, you will need a circular polariser because of the
beam-splitting meter. Check in your camera manual to
see if you need a standard or circular polariser. The
polariser does require an f-stop adjustment on the lens
(unless your camera has through-the-lens-metering)
before you take the picture. Set the exposure and shutter
speed without the polariser attached, open up the f-stop
approximately 1.5 stops, re-attach the filter and shoot.
For best results, always bracket!

You may want to consider buying a zoom lens if you do
not already own one. Bring lens hoods for your zoom
lenses, as zooms are susceptible to lens flare when
aimed directly into any light source. Zoom lenses are
reasonable in price. Bring plenty of lens cleaner and
Melanesia Expedition Cruise 2011

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