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                   Newsletter                                                          Elizabeth Chapman, Editor
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A United Nations Association-Pikes Peak Chapter Publication Vol. 7, No.1; April 2010
                                       President’s Corner

      January got off to a good start with a nice turn out of members and guests to our January
  15 Annual Meeting. The members present approved our operating budget for this year.
  Following the brief Business Meeting part of the agenda, Elizabeth Chapman gave a
  historical overview of the Israel/Palestine conflict as an introduction to our guest speaker’s
  program. Cyndy Kulp presented an informative slide program with personal observations
  of her recent trip to Israel and the Occupied Territories. Those present, had the opportunity
  to ask questions and learn first- hand about the situation in that area.
      As of December 31, 2009 the Colorado Division changed its name to the Denver Metro
  Chapter. Actually, the Division included many Denver members as well as the umbrella for
  our chapter, Northern Colorado and Boulder chapters. Now we do not have a “Division”
  but four stand alone chapters. I attended the Denver Metro Chapter’s first Annual Meeting
  on January 23, where they elected officers and have a transition team in place to make the
  change go smoothly. The Presidents of the chapters plan to network via conference calls
  and e-mails to continue to share ideas and plan major events.
      The 7th Annual United Nations Seminar took place in Denver on February 20. Our
  chapter had ten members attending the Seminar which included Fran Pilch who lead the
  workshop, “Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women.” It was an interesting day
  and a chance to learn more about the United Nations and the Millennium Development
       Progress, in some countries, has been made on the Millennium Development Goals but
  much still has to be done. Let’s hope that the next five years will get us closer to these lofty
          1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
          2. Achieve universal primary education
          3. Promote gender equality and empower women
          4. Reduce child mortality
          5. Improve maternal health
          6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
          7. Endure environmental sustainability
          8. Develop a Global Partnership for Development

             Joan Mikow, Chapter President – Joan32543@aol.com; 535-2646


Our spring 2010 dinner program began at 6:00                                 Our Pikes Peak Chapter
pm, April 7, with a convivial wine/punch social                              donated $249 dollars to the
gathering in the McHugh Commons at                                                   Adopt-A-Minefield
Colorado College. After President Joan Mikow                                 program. The funds were
welcomed us, a tasty buffet dinner followed for                              collected during 2009 at
the group of about forty, including a Model UN                               our dinners and ice cream
team from the Colorado Springs School, whose                                 social events. The funds
colleague Evan Lynch was congratulated in                                    will go to mine clearing,
absentia for winning the recent UN essay                                     mine     education,    and
contest.                                                                     survivor assistance.

After dinner, the main event featured Professor
Andrew Price-Smith of the C.C. political            ADVOCACY AGENDA FOR 2010
science department. Drawing on his recent
scholarship, Contagion and Chaos (M.I.T.            UNA-USA has put out the advocacy agenda for
Press, 2009), he discussed the often neglected      2010. It covers the following 6 priority issues.
correlations of disease, ecology and national
security in the era of globalization. He began         1. Strengthening the US-UN Relationship
by recounting some of the controversial history        2. Advancing Human Rights and International
and myth associated with the deadly World                 Justice
War I flu pandemic, then focused our attention         3. Renewing the United Nations
on more recent global outbreaks of infectious          4. Building International Consensus on
diseases which have been accelerated and                  Climate Change
amplified by rapid modern transportation               5. Achieving the Millennium Development
and frequently by wars, and have contributed              Goals
to debilitated governance and failures of states.      6. Promoting Arms Control and Disarmament
He noted a traditional tendency to exclude
health policy consideration from defense policy     LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:
issues despite their mutual relevance for           Since our last newsletter we have had three letters
national security. International organizations,     published in local papers.
including various UN agencies, particularly the
W.H.O. hold promise but also limitations for                                      On last October 31 a
dealing effectively with these challenges.                                       letter appeared in the
                                                                                Denver Post concerning
Our audience found itself keenly engaged by                                    U.S. funding for the
Professor Price-Smith's data and ideas. A lively                              U.N. It said in part “A
session of questions and discussion followed                       quick check shows that the U.S.
his presentation. Our program concluded about       actually pays less than a quarter of the total U.N.
9:00 pm. Before leaving, members were               budget. Though this may seem like a big chunk, it is
encouraged to consider leaving a donation to        only fair to scale contributions by population, or,
"34 Million Friends of the United Nations           even better, by gross domestic product. In either
Population Fund."                                   case the U.S. ranks far down the list of
David Finley, Program Chair                         On last November 23 a letter appeared in the
                                                    Gazette highlighting the many humanitarian efforts
of the U.N. It concluded by saying “No one           website addresses at which you may contact our
claims that the U.N. is without its faults, but it   legislators.
is undeniable that the world is a better place
because of it. Let’s give some credit where          Representative Doug Lamborn: lamborn.house.gov
credit is due.”
                                                     Senator Mark Udall: markudall.senate.gov
And on January 21 a letter was published in the
Independent about the necessity of dealing with      Senator Michael Bennet: bennet.senate.gov
climate change without demanding absolute
scientific certainty, which science can never        Jay Amato, Advocacy Chair
give us. The letter concluded in this way.
“What will future generations think of us if
they believe we had the knowledge and means
to avert or at least mitigate these catastrophic     EDUCATION NEWS
consequences, yet we did nothing? They will
rightly curse our memory.”                           The Colorado Springs School submitted nine essays
                                                     for consideration in this year’s High School Essay
IMPORTANT WEBSITES:                                  Competition. The topic was UN Millennium
Our chapter website is located at www.una-           Development Goal 8, Develop a Global Partnership
colorado.org/ppc. Please consult it from time        for Development. Those students submitting essays
to time to keep up to date on recent activities      were Alex Button, Barron Collier, Monica Finger,
                             and upcoming            Shawna Grajek, Britt Ford, Harry Gilbert, Evan
                             events. It also         Lynch, Calum MacKenzie, and Katy Seyffer. The
                             has a lot of            judges from our UNA chapter included Pat Richard-
                                   information       Amato, Jay Amato, and me. The competition was
                             about         our       strong with several of the essays very well argued
                             chapter       and       and written. Our winner is Evan Lynch, and his
                             enables you to          essay is printed in this newsletter. Later this spring,
                             download         a      we will recognize Evan at one of our events and
                             copy of the             present him with a $100 honorarium for his winning
                             latest newsletter.      essay. Evan also will read his essay at that event.
                                                     Many thanks to all the students who submitted
                          The       United           essays, and thanks to Pat and Jay for assisting with
                          Nations website            the judging.
is www.un.org. The website for the national
UNA-USA organization is www.unausa.org.              William E. Berry, Jr., Education Chair
These sites provide important information
about the UN and UNA-USA and allow you to
sign up for updates.
                                                     EVAN LYNCH’S WINNING ESSAY
CONTACT            INFORMATION              FOR      To the President of the United States Barack
LEGISLATORS:                                         Obama,
Please do not be shy about writing your own
letters and e-mails. It is especially important      The world is faced with many problems; climate
that people understand that, even in our own         change, energy, war and violence, poverty, and
area where we encounter so much hostility            disease are a few. Three of these, war and violence,
towards the UN, there is a significant               poverty, and disease, are concentrated in the
constituency for international cooperation and       countries known as the “Bottom Billion” or the
for peaceful resolution of conflict. Here are the
Least developed Countries (LDCs). They              (Collier 64). At the most extreme end are “failed
originate there, but they spread, and indirectly,   states.” Collier estimates that a state’s failure comes
the people of the United States of America are      at a cost of around $100 billion dollars to itself and
put at risk. It is extremely important that the     its neighbors. Examining the costs and increased
United States and other developed countries act     security risks of allowing the LDCs to continue to
in a mature, informed, and coordinated manner       remain stagnant shows that it is in the best interest
to develop the LDCs. An international               of the United States and the world to act, yet that
organization, entirely devoted to this issue,       action has not taken place.
with sufficient political and economic power,
is in the best interest                                                        Solutions to the problems
of the LDCs and the                                                             of the Bottom Billion
world, and the United                                                           exist, but often they are
States should lead the      One billion people on earth hard to sell. The issues
world        in      its                                                        are complicated and the
formation.         One        live in extreme poverty, in                       solutions, grounded in
billion people on                                                               economics and political
earth live in extreme       societies that are static, and science, often must be
poverty, in societies                                                           more complicated than
that are static, and in            in economies that are                        the problems. In a world
economies that are                            stagnant.                         of     sound-bytes       and
stagnant. Often these                                                           slogans, it is difficult to
people             find                                                         rally support for trade-
themselves in civil                                                             policy       reform       or
conflicts; some live in                                                         international       charters.
“failed states.” Paul                                                           The will to perform these
Collier, a professor at                                                         tasks exists, but the
Oxford       University                                                         realization of that will is
and onetime director of                                                       neither      focused       nor
the Development Research Group of the World         cohesive nor smart. An enormous number of Non-
Bank (“Professor Paul Collier”), estimates the      Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are devoted to
cost of a civil war to be $64 billion and the risk  development. The problem is that they use different
of such a conflict in the world’s LDCs to be        tactics, have different plans, follow different laws,
around 14% in a five-year period. Economic          and often do not work together. Collier describes an
development reduces the risk of civil war at        example in which three aid organizations agreed to
around a one percent-one percent ratio (Collier     work together to build a hospital, but they had
20). This cost only considers the negative          “three incompatible sets of rules for how the work
impact of a conflict to the neighboring             should be commissioned,” and after two years of
countries, but the true costs of a conflict spread  negotiation decided to each build and run one floor
more widely.                                        of the hospital (Collier 101).

A civil war in any part of the world has a real        Additionally, governments around the world have
effect on the rest of the world, most poignantly       their own organizations to deal with development.
because of the increase in the risk of terrorism.      The United Nations has several bodies that deal
The risk of civil war has its roots in low             with development issues, including the Economic
incomes and hopeless stagnation, and it can be         and Financial Committee, the Social Humanitarian
reduced with economic growth (Collier 19).             and Cultural Committee, and ECOSOC the
Another problem for the LDCs is bad                    Economic and Social Council (“ECOSOC”). The
governance. “Terrible governance and policies          theme here is that there are many, uncoordinated
can destroy an economy with alarming speed”            efforts to develop the LDCs, but for these least
fortunate countries, very little progress has       worst economic conditions do so because they are
been made. An international organization to         landlocked.     Aid    to    improve      connective
debate and coordinate policy with a politically     infrastructure is an example of aid that can occur
insulated yet accountable higher council with       without conditions and can be effective with well-
the power to act quickly and effectively is the     planned, coordinated efforts. The international
organization the world is lacking. The higher       organization described above would be ideal for
council should derive its power from the larger     prioritizing and coordinating such efforts. In other
forum, but must be able to act independently        cases, aid can only be effective when other
and expediently with its own budget and             circumstances are met. For example, in a post-
political power. This organization must be          conflict situation the new government is usually
supreme       above   existing     development      unable to effectively handle aid money, but around
organizations and should include country            one year after the conflict, aid becomes effective
membership of the world’s developed and             (Collier 106). In a country with poor governance,
undeveloped countries alike. Additionally,          aid, in the form of “technical assistance during the
NGOs should take part in debate. The United         first four years of an incipient reform, and
Nations, as the world’s most comprehensive          especially during the first two years, has a big
existing forum for                                                                favorable effect on
international                                                                     the chances that the
debate          and                                                               momentum of the
                            “T he fact that economic                              reforms      will
                                                                                  maintained” (Collier

coordination,             growth reduces the risk of                              114). With a blanket
should be the                                                                     mandate from the
source of this          civil war is evidence that the                            larger forum, the
should either be
                  It     security of the world lies in                            higher council of the
directly a part of          the development of the                                described would be
the United Nations                                                                able     to     handle
or       somewhat
autonomous like
                         poorest parts of the world. ”                            situations, like this,
                                                                                  that require political
the International Atomic Energy Agency.             expediency and smart, timely action.

Paul Collier describes four areas in which the      Military conflict is never good when it can be
solutions      to     world     poverty      and    avoided, but certain circumstances require military
underdevelopment        fall:   aid,    military    intervention on the part of the international
intervention, laws and charters, and trade          community to preserve greater peace and human
policy (Collier 99). Aid suffers from two           rights. The military for such intervention already
problems, there is not enough and it is not used    exists in the United Nations (“United Nations
in the right ways at the right times. In fact, in   Peacekeeping”). Currently, the problem is that
some cases aid has been a negative. For             security and development are thought of as separate,
example, “budget support,” or simply giving         and they are governed separately. The issues are not
money to a government to use as it pleases can      separate. The fact that economic growth reduces the
end up financing military build up and              risk of civil war is evidence that the security of the
increases the risk of coups because it increases    world lies in the development of the poorest parts of
the rents a new leader can expect to receive        the world. The decision to intervene militarily
(Collier 105).                                      would best be made by an organization like the one
                                                    thus far described which could act with regard to
There are two kinds of aid that can be effective.   other related development efforts. Also, because of
Some of the countries that suffer from the          the large participation of the organization, support
for military intervention by regional authorities
could be garnered which could improve the
long-term success of military interventions.

The poorest countries on earth are often the
most corrupt countries on earth. A system of
corruption greatly hampers a country’s ability
to escape poverty and to grow and develop.
Solving this problem, like most of the
underdeveloped countries’ problems, is
difficult from the outside, but brave reformers
exist on the inside. When those reformers
attempt to help their country, they often find
themselves too powerless. They also have no
model to follow. Collier proposes several
charters to form a model for incipient reforms
and to create a culture of transparency and rule
of law: a charter for democracy based upon
checks and balances, a charter for post-conflict     Bangkok Thailand’s Skyline – an “Asian Tiger”
countries, a charter for international investment
and investment insurance, and a charter for
budget transparency (Collier 146-153). An
organization with legitimacy derived from a
large base that is entirely devoted to
development issues would be the ideal source
of such charters that could be generated with
wide-spread input and promoted with a unified
                                                    problem for the LDCs is that their small economies
                                                    afford them no bargaining power (Collier 170).
Looking at recent history, the developing world
                                                    Collier argues that a second round of WTO
has made some great leaps forward. Japan,
                                                    negotiations for developing nations is the best
China, and the other “Asian Tigers” have
                                                    solution. Protection from Asia is also important if
grown at incredible rates due to economic
                                                    the LDCs are to be expected to break out of
liberalization, trade, and foreign investment.
                                                    stagnation through trade. If a single, supreme
The LDCs have been left behind, and for them,
                                                    development organization existed, it could facilitate
“the process of breaking in [to the global
                                                    trade bargains (or gifts as Collier emphasizes they
market] is now harder than before Asia
                                                    must be) for the LDCs and could generate policy to
managed to establish itself on the scene”
                                                    better the LDCs competitive position.
(Collier 85). The countries of the “Bottom
Billion” notoriously have implemented high
                                                    The United States has the opportunity to lead the
protectionist trade barriers. Additionally, the
                                                    world in this endeavor. Nearly everyone supports
wealthy countries that have been instrumental
                                                    development at least in principle, and many people
in the success of Asia as trading partners and
                                                    play an active, if inefficient role, in development. A
sources of investment, often have trade policies
                                                    leader with widespread support could rally support
that hamper development of strong export
                                                    for the organization described from the citizenry of
industries in the LDCs (Collier 160). The
                                                    the world, and other leaders should be swayed when
World Trade Organization (WTO) exists to
                                                    they are presented with the benefits of development.
allow member countries to make mutually
                                                    The proposed organization must have an
beneficial trade barrier reductions. The
appropriate balance between the power of a         roughly 9,000 UN peacekeeping troops and UN
large base and the power of an insulated elite.    civilian staff stationed there. Among the dead were
The base is necessary to legitimize the actions    the UN’s chief of mission, Hedi Annabi and his
taken and to make them effective, but it comes     deputy, Luiz Carlos da Costa,
at a cost. Too often, large forums for debate      and the mission’s acting policy commissioner,
become dead-locked in conflict because             Doug Coates of the Royal Canadian Mounted
countries have conflicting shortrun interests      Police.
though development is a long-term world-wide       2. On January 19, 2010, the United Nations Security
good. Thus an insulated elite, higher council,     Council adopted resolution 1908 that authorized an
with more pragmatic and less political             increase of troops and police supporting the UN
principles must also be an important part of the   mission (2,000 more troops and 1,500 more police,
organization. Mr. President, I believe the         for a total of 8,444 troops and 3,711 police) to
United States has a moral obligation and a         provide security in Port-au-Prince and beyond,
vested interest in leading the world to a better   while foods was being distributed.
future. There is no time to waste as every day
that goes by, the gap between the poorest and      3. U.N. agencies such as the World Food Program
richest countries widens. This endeavor needs      (WFP) and The United Nations Children Fund
leadership, and I believe you can be the           (UNICEF) distributed health kits, water and food.
spokesman for the world.
                                                   4. The World Health Organization (WHO) led the
Sincerely,                                         coordination of the health sector response to the
Evan F. Lynch                                      earthquake, while UNICEF established welcome
                                                   centers where children, particularly unaccompanied
Works Cited                                        children could find safety and shelter.
Collier, Paul. The Bottom Billion: Why the
Poorest Countries Are Falling and What Can         5. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
Be Done About It. New York: Oxford                 worked to refurbish maternity wards to handle
University Press, 2007.                            emergency obstetric care, provide reproductive
                                                   health medicines and to carry out interventions to
“ECOSOC: United Nations Economic and
Social Council.” United Nations. 12 Dec 2009.
<http://www.un.org/ecosoc/> 2007.
“Professor Paul Collier.” CSAE: Centre For the
Study of African Economies. 12 Dec 2009.

ier.html> 17 Mar 2009.

“United Nations Peacekeeping.”           United
Nations. 12 Dec 2009.

http://www.un.org/en/peacekeeping/> 2009.            Boy Silently Prays on One-Month Anniversary of
                                                     Haiti Quake
UN RESPONSE TO THE 2010 HAITIAN                             http://www.unmultimedia.org/photo/
                                                   prevent gender based violence.
1. On January 12, 2010 a devastating
                                                   6. The United Nations Office for the Coordination
earthquake struck Haiti destroying the UN
                                                   of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) managed the
headquarters and killing hundreds of the
efforts of over 25 relief teams while directors    had an interest in international issues for quite some
of various agencies met with local and NGO         time,     has       a     degree       in     business
officials to synchronize activities.               administration. Beginning this year, she will be
THIS IS THE U.N. IN ACTION                         serving as the president of the American
                                                   Association of University Women (AAUW) here in
Joan Mikow, President                              Colorado Springs. Jacqueline Ostrom is an activist
                                                   deeply involved with issues relating to global
LEARNING ABOUT THE UN                              climate change, energy efficiency, and renewable
In each newsletter a different agency or           energy. She has been a software engineer,
organization will be highlighted to better         mathematics professor, and a harpist and has a
acquaint members about all the good that the       license as a professional counselor. We are very
United Nations does around the world.              lucky to have both of them as part of our Pikes Peak
The International Fund for Agricultural
Development (IFAD) has developed a system          KNOW ANY PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS?
                                                   Our goal is to eventually double our membership
                                                   and thus increase substantially our influence in the
                                                   Pikes Peak area. If you would like me to come and
                                                   speak briefly to your organization about
                                                   membership, I would be most happy to do so. Or
                                                   you may prefer to speak to them yourself. I would
                                                   be glad to send you the appropriate forms and
                                                   written      information      to       hand        out.
                                                      Our challenge to each of you is still to bring us at
                                                   least one new member. Perhaps you know of a
                                                   neighbor, a friend, or someone in another
                                                   organization to which you belong who may be
for providing credit, often in very small          interested. If so, please send me that person's
amounts, that enables rural poor people to         contact information, including an e-mail address, if
overcome poverty. Since starting operations in     possible. Thanks so much. Please feel free to
1978, IFAD has invested more than $8.5             contact me should any questions arise.
billion in 676 projects and programs, benefiting
more that 250 million people. All IFAD funds       Pat Richard-Amato, Membership Chair
come from voluntary contributions from             richardamato@earthlink.net
countries. (Based on 2005 data).

                                                   UNA-USA GIVESTO 34 MILLION FRIENDS
Renewals of memberships are sent to you from
the Headquarters on a quarterly basis now          34 Million Friends is a grassroots effort that
rather than during the exact month that you        supports the United Nations Population Fund. The
joined. Please watch for your renewal              34 Million Friends website says, UNFPA works in
notice. We are so grateful to those of you who     over 150 countries at their invitation to help women
faithfully renew on time. It saves possible        survive childbirth and to help families practice
confusion and phone call reminders.                family planning. It educates the world's adolescents
                                                   about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. It stresses girls'
We want to give a warm welcome to our most         education and discourages harmful cultural
recent new members: Dixie Gordon and               practices such as female genital mutilation and child
Jacqueline Ostrom. Dixie Gordon, who has           marriage which often lead to long term harm. And
  UNFPA is at the very heart of the fight to
  achieve the Millennium Development Goals,
  specifically to improve maternal health and to
  achieve universal access to reproductive health.

                            UNA-USA Pikes Peak Chapter

                                       Your membership renewal form should be coming from the UNA-
                               USA National Office if your yearly membership has expired or expires
                               soon. This form is usually sent two months prior to your membership
anniversary. If you are quite sure your membership is close to expiring, and you have not received
such a form, please let the membership chair know (see contact information below).
              If, in addition to your membership, you want to provide a gift to UNA-USA, please
complete the form below:                                                          Gift Form
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address:________________________________ City:___________________
State:_______________________ Zip:__________ Telephone: _________________ Email:
Yes! I want to make a donation to help UNA-USA Pikes Peak Chapter$__________National$____________
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                                                       Total Amount Enclosed: $_______________________
All donations are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to: UNA-USA and mail to:
                           Pat Richard-Amato
                           Membership Chair
                           1445 Kings Crown Rd.
                           Woodland Park, CO 80863-9091
                           (719) 687-5438

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