families by liwenting


									                                                                               Information about Prisons and Prisoners
    Resources for Families of Incarcerated Individuals
                    Twin Cities, MN                                   * Minnesota DOC Offender Locator:
                                                                      On the Internet:
                       Compiled by:                                   http://info.doc.state.mn.us/publicviewer/main.asp
                Council on Crime and Justice                          Most public information about everyone in a Minnesota state
                                                                      prison or on parole can be found here (release date, location,
                   Last updated: August 2007                          crime, etc.). You may also call the DOC at 651) 642-0200 to
                                                                      get referred to a source of information about prisons, inmates,
 Information is subject to change periodically. Please stay in        visiting prisons, etc.
           contact for more updated information.
                                                                      * Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE)
                          Contact:                                    1-877-664-8463
                        Lance Handy                                   Through this system, anyone can register to be notified when
                 Council on Crime and Justice                         an inmate is being released or transferred from a state or
                   822 S. 3rd St., Suite 100                          county correctional facility. MN state prisons and most
                   Minneapolis, MN 55415                              Minnesota jails are included in this system.
                                                                      * Prison Visitation and Transportation Program
For general referrals to social services, call First Call for Help,   Provides bus transportation for children that have a mother in
                    Dial 211 in Minnesota.                            the Federal prison in Pekin, Illinois
                                                                      Phone: 763-225-4011 or 763-225-4035
                                                                      Contact: Jessica Segale, jsegale@voamn.org
       Information about Prisons and Prisoners ………1
Internet Resources for Families of Incarcerated Individuals....1            Internet Resources for Families of Incarcerated
                  Emotional Support ……1                                                      Individuals:
                 Resources for Children…..2
                        Clothing……2                                   * Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents Journal
                        Housing…. 3                                   http://www.e-ccip.org/journal.html
              Job Training and Placement…. 4
                          Food…. 5                                    * Children of Prisoners Bill of Rights
            Other Social and Health Services … 6                      http://www.cwla.org/programs/incarcerated/billofrights.pdf
                      Health/Dental … 7
        Chemical Dependency and Mental Health … 8                     *Children of Prisoners Library
                    Legal Assistance …8                               http://www.fcnetwork.org/cpl/CPL101-Introduction.html
         Programs Specifically for Ex-Offenders … 8
                                                                      * Internet discussion groups about having an incarcerated
  * Entries marked with an ―*‖ are resources specifically for         family member:
families of incarcerated parents. Other resources are intended        http://www.prisontalk.com/ AND
                    for wider populations.                            http://dailystrength.org/support/Relationships_Sexuality/Famil

                                                                      * Council on Crime and Justice report on Children of
                                                                      Incarcerated Parents:

                                                                                           Emotional Support

                                                                      * Family Strengthening Project at the Council on Crime
                                                                      and Justice
                                                                      Provides a range of supportive family services to incarcerated
                                                                      fathers and their families in Minnesota—parenting education,
                                                                      relationship education, family counseling, financial
                                                                      counseling, employment training, and more.
                                                                      Contact: Andy Sagvold, 612-348-8941

                                                                      Catholic Charities (1/12/06)
                                                                      215 Old 6th Street, St. Paul
                                                                      1200 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e40c7a14-5ed3-4509-aa8c-baffcea8603d.doc                                                                        1
(651) 222-3001                                                   Birthright
Short and long-term counseling for individual, couples, and      78 South 9th St. Suite #702
families. Intake by telephone only.                              (Corner of 9th St. and Nicollet Mall, downtown)
                                                                 Minneapolis, MN
Crisis Connection                                                612-338-2353
(612) 379-6363                                                   10am – 2pm M-F
24-hour, seven day a week, crisis                                Provide clothing during pregnancy for mother and child,
counseling, information, and referral.                           assist in finding community resources, offer supportive help
                                                                 throughout pregnancy.
* Transitional Conferencing                                      No baby furniture available.
Phone: (651) 774-8709                                            No appointment needed, just walk-in.
http://www.transitionalconferencing.org/                         Items are free.
Transitional Conferencing is a Restorative Justice process for   Bring in ID and/or piece of current mail with name on it.
men and women incarcerated and their families to help them
prepare for reintegration.                                       Cradle of Hope
                                                                 1935 W. County Rd. B2 #241
Upper Midwest American Indian Center (1/12/06)                   Roseville, MN 55113
1035 West Broadway Ave.                                          651-636-0637
Minneapolis, MN 55411                                            Offer assistance with rent, medical, housing, food, clothing,
Judy Azure                                                       and cribs for pregnant women and their children.
612-522-4436, judyazure@yahoo.com                                Pregnancy needs up to 3 months after birth.
Individual/Family Counseling for Native Americans.               Eligible for MN residents.
Sliding fee scale. Will not refuse if unable to pay.
                                                                 City Life Center
* Urban Oasis Children and Family Services                       1909 Nicollet Ave. S
5144 13th Ave. So.                                               Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN 55417                                            612-874-1808
612-870-4025                                                     Contact: Laurie
Contact: Liz Kingsley                                            10am – 3pm
Provides advocacy and employment assistance to ex-offenders      Offer baby items, free pregnancy tests and support for
and their families.                                              pregnant women. May help with financial resources. Call
                                                                 before going, please.
Walk-In Counseling Center
2421 Chicago Avenue South                                        * Foster Grandparent Program
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404                                     http://www.mnseniorcorps.org/prog_fg.htm
Phone: (612) 870-0565                                            Contact in Central MN: (320) 229-4588
Crisis intervention and short-term counseling offered to         Foster Grandparents provide mentoring to children with a
individuals, families and children who do not have access to     parent in prison.
other services; provided without fees..
                                                                 * Kinship of Greater Minneapolis
                                                                 3210 Oliver Ave N
                                                                 Minneapolis, MN 55412
                  Resources for Children                         612-588-4655
                 Updated: October 14, 2006                       Provides faith-based mentoring to children of incarcerated
                                                                 parents ages 5-15.
* Big Brothers Big Sisters
2550 University Avenue, Suite 410N                               Life Care Center
St. Paul, Minnesota 55114                                        Northside
651.789.2400                                                     4320 Lyndale Ave. N
Provides one-to-one mentors to children (ages 7-13 when          Minneapolis, MN
starting the program) with parents who are incarcerated.         612-522-6589
                                                                 8:30am – 4:30pm M-F
* Bridge Builders for Kids                                       Southside
RR #3 Box 1041                                                   4105 Chicago Ave. S
Lake City, MN 55041                                              612-823-0301
Phone: 651-345-5441                                              11am – 2pm M-F
http://www.bridgebuilders.cc                                     *Must live in Mpls or NW suburb.
Provides faith-based mentoring and summer camps to               Maternity and baby clothing, diapers, and formula available.
children of incarcerated parents.                                Limits apply. Some rental assistance for pregnant women.
                                                                 Baby items such as cribs and strollers available.
                                                                 Items are free, but there is a short application process.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e40c7a14-5ed3-4509-aa8c-baffcea8603d.doc                                                                  2
Some items may not be available right away. They will              *If you have U-CARE as your health plan: call U-Care at 651-
contact you when they come in. Call for information                603-5359.
Life Care Center can give referral for Cradle of Hope
                                                                   Minnesota Safety Council
Marie Sandvick Center                                              Highway 94 & Dale Ave.
1112 East Franklin Ave.                                            St. Paul, MN
Minneapolis, MN                                                    651-291-9150
612-870-9617                                                       Brand new car seat for $10
Contact: Vanessa or Mary                                           Can be used up to 5 years old.
9am – 5pm M-F                                                      Bring proof of being on MFIP or WIC.
Give out Layettes which include: Baby clothes, bottles,            Must attend a 1 hour class on car safety for babies.
diapers, other supplies.                                           Call for openings.
No fees, no requirements.
Attend a lunch on Thursday at noon; they give out the layettes
at that time. Lady’s Day is Thursday, Men’s day is both                                      Clothing
Friday and Sunday.                                                 The following resources may offer a limited amount of free
                                                                   clothing and/or household goods; have a limited number of
* Parenting with Purpose                                           visits per week.
7111 W. Broadway Suite 206
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428                                            Oak Park Neighborhood Center Clothes Attic
(763) 503-2892                                                     Pilsbury United Communities
C.H.O.S.E.N. volunteers provide vital transportation services      1701 Oak Park Avenue North
that enable the children, between the ages of 3-18 years old, to   Minneapolis, MN
visit their inmate parent and provide support to the children’s    (612) 377-7000
guardian and families. Mentoring for Life Change (MLC) -           Clothing available at no cost 8:30am-5pm, M-Th. Must be
serves children and youth 5-16 years of age with an                working 6 months or more. Valid license and living in the
incarcerated parent. The primary goal of MLC is to break the       current district. Services also include salon free for persons
cycle of crime, drug use and violence by building positive         with children under 17 living at home, after school program,
youth assets into the lives of these children through caring       crisis nursery, work for program and earn money for college.
adult mentors
                                                                   People’s Exchange
University Life Care Center                                        3023 4th Avenue South
2331 University Ave. SE #130C                                      Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN                                                    (612) 822-1634
612-623-3211                                                       Clothing and hygiene items available.
Contact: Lisa
24 Hour phone service                                              Hallie Q. Brown/MLK Center
Baby and maternity clothing as well as diapers available.          100 North Oxford
Free pregnancy testing and some financial assistance, also.        Saint Paul, MN
No fee. Need ID.                                                   (651) 224-4601
                                                                   Hours: M-F 10-2
                           Daycare                                 Free clothing; open to anyone. Food shelf by appointment and
Greater Minneapolis Daycare Association                            neighborhood. Bring a bag.
1628 Elliot Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55404                                              Joseph’s Coat
612-341-1177                                                       142 East 5th Street
8:30am – 4:30pm M-F                                                Saint Paul, MN
Call to receive a complete list of open daycare’s in the area of   (651) 291-2472
your choice.                                                       Hours: Mon. and Wed. 9-4:30
Sliding fee based on income.                                       Offers clothing, hygiene, and household items. Bring photo
Must be a Hennepin County resident.                                ID.
Hennepin County Childcare Assistance                               New Beginning Center
612-348-5937                                                       644 Selby
1-2 year waiting list!                                             Saint Paul, MN
Call for an application to get childcare assistance or subsidy.    (651) 224-3835
MFIP member or sliding fee based on income.                        763-560-6910
                                                                   Graduate School Program
Car Seats
*If you have MEDICA as your health plan: call Medica at            Sharing and Caring Hands (Mary Jo’s)
952-992-2322.                                                      525 No 7th St
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e40c7a14-5ed3-4509-aa8c-baffcea8603d.doc                                                                 3
612-338-4640                                                     Community meeting place for Latino families and children,
Hours: 8:30am—4:30 pm M-Th.                                      housing education and referral, job placement, ESL and
                                                                 preschool childcare program for children age 3-5.
Silver Angel Thrift Store
2851 Johnson St NE                                               Common Bond Communities
612-789-0600                                                     328 Kellogg Blvd. W.
Persons are charged a small fee according to their ability to    St Paul, MN 55102-9904
pay. Items are free if you have a referral from a church, food   651-291-1750
shelf, or welfare.                                               40 housing communities available in
                                                                 the metro area including both
Salvation Army Store                                             affordable and low income.
2822 Washington Ave No.                                          Call to apply.
M – F 9am – 5:30pm                                               Community Neighbors Housing
                                                                 35 West Water St
Salvation Army—NE Minneapolis                                    St Paul, MN 55107
2727 Central Ave. NE                                             651-292-8710
Minneapolis, MN                                                  Offers home loan program and ownership opportunities for
612-789-1512                                                     low income families
Other services include: food shelf, furniture, transportation,
etc.                                                             Cornerstone
                                                                 9730 Irving Avenue South
The following resources will provide a clothing voucher for      Bloomington, MN 55431
you if there's a need for work clothing and/or supplemental      952-884-0376
clothing for job interviews. Must come in and make               952-884-0330 Helpline
application for employment:                                      Contact: Ora
                                                                 Help find apartments and teaches information on bad credit,
                                                                 background searches, and complaints about discrimination.
Hired - South Minneapolis                                        Transitional (2-year) and Permanent housing programs.
Sabathani Community Center                                       Support Goups for all victims of Domestic Violence on Wed.
310 E. 38th Street                                               and Thurs. Call ahead for all programs.
Minneapolis, MN 55409
(612) 822-9071                                                   Corporation for Supportive Housing
Offers work clothing and job training.                           2801 21st Avenue So. Suite 220
                                                                 Minneapolis, MN 55407
Hired - St Paul                                                  612-721-9903 fax
MN Workforce                                                     Contact: Mikkel Beckmen ext.109
494 Sibley Street                                                Supportive housing for those most in need people coping with
St Paul, MN 55103                                                extreme poverty and mental illness, addition or HIV/AIDS
(651) 999-5640
Contact: Andrea                                                  Dorothy Day Center
                                                                 183 Old 6th St.
                                                                 St. Paul, MN 55102
                           Housing                               651-293-1919
                                                                 Meals, Food Shelf, Clothes, Hygiene, Medical Care, Financial
Central Community Housing Trust                                  assistance, Furniture Vouchers, Referrals and Advocacy.
505 E Grant St.
Minneapolis, MN 55404-1474                                       HIRED/Job-link
612-341-3148                                                     612-529-3342
Contact: Alan Arthur                                             www.hired.org
 www.ccht.org                                                    Connection to job-link database
Owns several low income and family housing complexes.
Does not handle placement, call or go to web site for info on    House of Dreams
housing units.                                                   651-659-0399
                                                                 Contact: Margaret Smith
1915 Chicago Avenue                                              Housing Advocate
Minneapolis, MN 55404-1904                                       Jerry Hooton
612-874-1412                                                     Minneapolis Urban League North
                                                                 Minneapolis, MN 55411
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e40c7a14-5ed3-4509-aa8c-baffcea8603d.doc                                                                4
612-302-3100                                                       2219 Chicago Ave. S.
Provides assistance for people having problems with housing        Minneapolis, MN 55404
due to criminal background, evictions, detainers, etc.             (612) 872-4193
                                                                   Sober men and women transitional housing and emergency
Housing Link                                                       shelter.
600 18th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55411                                              Project for Pride in Living
612-522-2500                                                       683 Hague Avenue, Suite 13
612-333-4888 Hotline                                               St Paul, MN 55104
www.housinglink.org                                                651-225-8084 office
Private market vacancy report updated weekly in metro area.        651-222-8297 fax
Web site has links to affordable                                   Help find apartments. No application fee until you find the
housing information and target search for post-correctional        apartment you want. Based on income.
                                                                   Reuben Lindh Family Services
Mary Hall                                                          Housing Resource Center
438 Mail Street                                                    3616 12th Ave S
St Paul, MN                                                        Minneapolis, MN 55407
651-227-2637                                                       612-724-0917
Women's shelter                                                    Helps locate safe and affordable housing for families with
                                                                   young kids
122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 310                                St. Stephan's Community Center
Minneapolis, MN 55404                                              2211 Clinton Ave South
612-871-8980                                                       Minneapolis, MN 55401
Helps people of all faiths to ensure decent, safe and affordable   612-874-9292
housing in the Twin Cities.                                        Contact: Richard Amos
                                                                   Will help find an apartment and employment—specializes in
Minneapolis Public Housing                                         finding housing for ex-offenders.
Minneapolis, MN 55401
1001 Washington Ave N                                              Theresa Living Center/Caroline Family Services
612-342-1400                                                       St Paul, MN 55106
612-342-1999 Application Hotline                                   917 E. Jessamine Ave.
Low income housing. Call to apply. 1-5 yr. waiting list. Senior    (651) 772-1344
housing for people over 50 or disabled only 2-6 month wait.        Transitional, affordable housing for women and their
Some priority given for families receiving Social Security         children. Shared living likely if you have 1 or no children.
benefits.                                                          Can receive own apartment with 1 or more children.

Minnetonka Housing Authority                                       Salvation Army Harbor Light Multi-Services Center
14600 Minnetonka Blvd.                                             1010 Currie Ave. N.
Minnetonka, MN 55345                                               Minneapolis, MN 55403
952-544-6091                                                       (612) 767-3100
Referral and housing information                                   Housing programs include emergency shelter and transitional
                                                                   housing program, substance abuse treatment and case
Minnesota Housing Finance                                          management.
400 Sibley, Suite 300
St Paul, MN 55101
651-296-7608                                                                        Job Training & Placement
Contact: Katherine Hadley                                                           Updated: December 14, 2004
Affordable apartments, loan programs
assisted rent for apartments, housing                              Workforce Centers (Minnesota Department of Economic
vouchers, and vacancy lists                                        Security) call (888) 438-5627
                                                                   Support and training for job searches at locations throughout
Model Cities Family Development                                    Minnesota
839 University Ave W
St Paul, MN 55104                                                  Twin Cities RISE!
651-221-4442                                                       800 North Third Street, Suite 203
651-632-8355                                                       Minneapolis, MN 55401
Supportive housing community and assistance.                       612-338-0295
                                                                   Must be over 18 years if age and an MN resident. Earned less
Our Savior's Housing                                               than $20,000 per year in the last two years. Have less than
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e40c7a14-5ed3-4509-aa8c-baffcea8603d.doc                                                                   5
$7,000 in assets. Not currently a college student/degree       9-5, Holiday Baskets for Hope. Call 763-450-3892
                                                               FARE for All
Minneapolis Urban League                                       729 Casota Ave.
2000 Plymouth Avenue North                                     Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN 55411                                          952-925-6265
612-302-3112                                                   www.emergencyfoodshelf.org
                                                               Accepts cash or EBT card for Healthy food package: cost
TCOIC/Summit Academy                                           varies. Ask that people donate 2 hours of volunteer services.
935 Olson Memorial Highway
Minneapolis, MN 55405                                          First Call for Help (Dial 211 from any phone in Minnesota).
612-377-0150 ext. 102                                          They can tell you the closest food shelf.
Contact: Theresa Doss
                                                               Greater Lakes Country Food Bank
Hired Program                                                  554 8th Ave No
Sabathani Community Center                                     612-340-9694
310 E 38th Street                                              8:30am—4:30pm Tu & W; 8am—7pm Th & F
Minneapolis, MN 55409                                          Low cost food, ―pantry packs‖ and ―freezer packs’ for $10.00
612-822-9071 ext. 110
Employment and training.                                       Pastor Paul’s Mission
                                                               1000 Oliver Ave No
Loring Nicollet Bethlehem                                      521-4665
Community Center                                               Hours: M-F 9:30 – 11am. For those already registered with the
1925 Nicollet Ave                                              food shelf, new registrations are at that time also.
Minneapolis, MN                                                Family and Senior Hours: M-F, 1-3pm
612-871-2031                                                   In addition to the regular food shelf hours, groceries are
Contact: John Middleton                                        handed out to anyone Thursdays at 12:30pm in the mission
Adult and youth employment and counseling from 9am to          parking lot. First come, first served.
11am. Computers available for job search and resumes. GED
center.                                                        Subathani Community Center
                                                               310 East 38th St.
Catholic Charities Job Services Program                        Minneapolis, MN
740 East 17th St.                                              612-827-5981
Minneapolis, MN                                                9am – 11:30am and 1pm – 3pm M-F
612-278-1120                                                   Must live in geographic area of:
Hotline: 612-664-8585                                          Lake St. to 62nd St. and Nicollet to Cedar Ave.
Connects people with jobs, assists with resumes, help with     Use limited to once per month.
transportation. Offers workshop and resource room. Gives
bus cards when you get a job.                                  Urban Ventures-Peoples Exchange
                                                               3041 4th Ave. S.
                                                               Minneapolis, MN
                            Food                               612-822-1628
                                                               Contact: Judy
Community Emergency Services                                   9am – 11am Tues & Thurs
1900 11th Ave. S.                                              Use limited to once per month.
Minneapolis, MN                                                Recommended to be there by 9am.
612-870-1069                                                   VEAP
1:30 – 4:15pm M-F                                              9731 James Ave.
Use limited to once per month. Mpls. residents.                Bloomington, MN
No Fee. Occasional financial assistance for eviction notice.   952-888-9616
                                                               9am – 3:30 pm M-F
Cornerstone Ministries                                         Serves Bloomington, Edina, and South Minneapolis.
3400 Park Ave. S                                               Use limited to once per month.
Minneapolis, MN
612-825-6863                                                   Central Minneapolis Salvation Army
1pm – 4pm Tues.                                                2727 Central Ave. NE
2pm – 5pm Thurs.                                               Minneapolis, MN
Food and Clothing. Use limited to once per month. Serves zip   612-789-2858
codes 55401, 55406, 55407, 55408, 55409. Bring photo ID or
Utility bill. Parking lot entrance.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e40c7a14-5ed3-4509-aa8c-baffcea8603d.doc                                                                6
8am – 4pm M-F (closed 12-1 for lunch) Open later on the           612-338-4640
second and fourth Thursday of the month for those who are         10am – 3:30pm M-Th
working.                                                          Open to those not eligible at other food shelves. Once per
Food Shelf, Clothing, Hygiene, Transportation, possible rent      week.
assistance.                                                       No residential restrictions. No Fee.

Call a day in advance for food shelf appointment.                 Bethesda Baptist Church
                                                                  1118 S. 8th St.
Parkview Salvation Army                                           Minneapolis, MN
2024 Lyndale Ave                                                  612-332-5904
Minneapolis, MN                                                   9:30am – 11am M
612-522-4871                                                      1pm – 5pm Sat
                                                                  No residency restrictions. No Fee.
AFL-CIO – Greater Twin Cities United Way
312 Central Ave. SE                                               Glendale Food Shelf
Minneapolis, MN                                                   92 St. Mary’s Ave. SE
612-379-8133                                                      Minneapolis, MN
8:15am – 4:30pm M-F                                               612-342-1954
Food shelf for those who are unemployed, laid off, or injured.    Hours: 10am – 4pm M-F
No fee.                                                           Use once per month. Residents of SE Minneapolis. No Fee
                                                                  and no appointment necessary.
Church of Incarnation Food Shelf
3817 Pleasant Ave. S                                              Nutrition Education Programs
Minneapolis, MN                                                   1525 Glenwood Ave. N.
612-822-2101                                                      University of Minnesota
8:30am – 2:30pm Tues-Thurs                                        Minneapolis, MN
Serves residents within the borders of Nicollet Ave. on the       612-374-8451
East, Lyndale Ave. on the West, 31st St. on the North, and 50th   Services include:
St. on the South.                                                 -How to save money at the grocery store.
Small free store – Clothes, toys, books.                          -Fix fast and healthy foods.
Emergency food – use once per month.                              -Plan and prepare meals.
No Fee.                                                           -Maintain healthy weight.
                                                                  No cost for families with limited resources.
Simpson Food Shelf
2740 1st Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN                                                                 Other Social and Health Services
9:30am – 12:15pm Tues – Fri                                       African American Family Services
Must live in the neighborhood of Franklin Ave. on the North,      612-871-7878
Lake St. on the South, Portland Ave. on the East, and Lyndale     2616 Nicollet Ave S.
Ave. on the West.                                                 Minneapolis, MN 55408-1628
Limited to once per month.                                        The mission of the agency is to empower the African American
                                                                  individual, family, and community reach a greater state of
Pilot City Neighborhood Services                                  well-being through the delivery of community-based,
1315 Penn Ave. N                                                  culturally specific chemical health, mental health, and family
Minneapolis, MN                                                   preservation services.
612-348-4700 or 612-348-4716
Contact: Margaret Awasum                                          Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities
9:00am – 1:00pm & 2:00pm – 4:00pm M-F                             2550 University Ave., Suite 410N
5pm – 7pm W                                                       St. Paul, MN 55114
                                                                  (651) 789-2462
Provide a 3 day supply of food for families experiencing a        Creates long term friendships for children with committed
temporary food shortage.                                          responsible adult volunteers to promote healthy child
Baby formula and food available.                                  development.
Good education program and cooking classes. No Fee.
Use limited to once per month.                                    Boys and Girls Clubs of Twin Cities
                                                                  2575 University Ave. West, Suite 100
                                                                  St. Paul, MN 55114-1029
Sharing & Caring Hands                                            (651) 999- 0600
525 North 7th St.
Minneapolis, MN
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e40c7a14-5ed3-4509-aa8c-baffcea8603d.doc                                                                7
Inspires and enables all young people, especially those from      Minneapolis, MN 55406
disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as   (612) 872-6162
productive, responsible, caring citizens.                         Helps youth find positive life directions as alternative to crime
                                                                  and violence. Also offers parenting skills to help parents
Centro                                                            support their children’s health development and success in
1915 Chicago Ave. South                                           school
Minneapolis, MN 55404-1904
(612) 874-1412                                                    NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center
Provides some legal services to low income Spanish-speaking       1315 Penn Ave No
and Latino people throughout the metro area.                      Minneapolis, MN 55411-3095
City, Inc.                                                        Provides a variety of services and resources for adults and
1315 North 12th Ave                                               children in residents living in Minneapolis. Comprehensive
Minneapolis, MN 55411-4045                                        social services for residents of north Minneapolis. Provides
(612) 377-7559                                                    financial help, home repairs/furnishing, and school supplies,
Multi-cultural, multifaceted agency serving inner-city young      food shelf, client advocacy, and financial and housing
people and their families.                                        counseling.

Northside Community Support Center                                Minneapolis Urban League
1501 West Broadway                                                2100 Plymouth Ave. North
521-2116                                                          Minneapolis, MN 55411
M – F 12:30 – 4pm                                                 612-302-3100
Services such as counseling, case coordination, assistance
with benefits, and advocacy are available from 8:30am – 5pm
Mon – Fri                                                                                 Health/Dental

West Seventh Community Center, Inc.                               Central Avenue Clinic
265 Onieda Street                                                 2610 Central Ave. NE
St. Paul, MN 55102                                                Minneapolis, MN
(651) 298-5493                                                    612-781-6816
Offers case management, individual and family counseling,         612-362-411
crisis intervention, advocacy, parenting education and support    Pregnancy testing and counseling.
groups, referrals for chemical dependency counseling, job         There is a sliding fee for those with no insurance and low
market preparation, and school consultation to multicultural      income.
families. Provides after school program, food program and
immigration and family law services.                              Northpoint Health and Wellness
                                                                  1313 Penn Ave. N
Pillsbury United Communities                                      Minneapolis, MN
1201 North 37th Ave.                                              612-348-4700
Minneapolis, MN 55412-2005                                        Sliding fee if no insurance.
(612) 302-3400
(612) 377-7000                                                    Sheridan Women & Children’s Clinic
Contact: Shirley                                                  342 13th Ave. NE
Provides childcare, employment training, parent education,        Minneapolis, MN
food shelf, crisis advocacy and crisis care for up to 3 day;      612-362-4111
some emergency cash assistance, some housing programs, and        Complete well child healthcare
a community barter program. Primarily for residents of            Parenting guidance
Bancroft, Powderhorn, Bryant and Central neighborhoods of         Sliding fee for those without insurance.
South Minneapolis.
                                                                  NIP Community Clinic
Phyllis Wheatley Community Center, Inc.                           2431 Hennepin Ave. S.
915 Emerson Ave. North                                            Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN 55411-4135                                        612-374-4089
(612) 374-4342
Assists Northside African American families and community         Children’s Dental Services
neighbors in developing their children and in setting and         1415 Hennepin Ave. S. Suite 507
achieving persons, family and community goals for self-           Minneapolis, MN
sufficiency.                                                      612-359-1544
                                                                  Must have medical insurance without dental coverage
La Oportunidad, Inc.
2700 East Lake Street, Suite 3100                                 Sharing & Caring Hands
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e40c7a14-5ed3-4509-aa8c-baffcea8603d.doc                                                                   8
525 North 7th St.                                                Sponsored by Fathers First! Throughout the Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN                                                  Contact: Steve at 612-348-7078.
All services(dental) are free.
                                                                          Programs Specifically for Ex-Offenders:
                                                                                   Updated: July 2006
Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Services:
                 Updated: June 2005                              * Al-Furqan Educational Institute
                                                                 University Technology Center
African American Family Services                                 1313 5th Street Suite 121B
612-871-7878                                                     Minneapolis, MN 55414
American Indian Center                                           (612)378-3486
612-871-4555                                                     http://www.alfurqaned.com
Chrysalis                                                        Provides prison outreach and reentry support from an Islamic
612-871-0118                                                     perspective.
612-871-0200                                                     * AMICUS/Reconnect (1/12/06)
Indian Health Board                                              100 North 6th St, Suite 529B
612-721-9872                                                     Minneapolis, MN 55403-1503
MN Indian Women’s Resource Center                                (612) 348-8570 Ext. 18
612-728-2000                                                     Contact: Ruth Johnson
Operation DeNovo                                                 www.amicususa.org
612-348-4005                                                     (Felons only). Must have new job or preparing to start.
Turning Point
612-588-9411                                                     * Construction Career Training Program
Volunteers of America (ages 55+)                                 David Stricker
612-617-7835                                                     ddstricker@prodigy.net
Women’s Service of Prevention Alliance                           (952) 212-9038
612-874-1030                                                     Sponsored by Adolphson and Peterson Construction, provides
                                                                 faith-based mentoring and job placement, in the construction
                                                                 industry and other industries.
Legal Assistance
Updated: April 2006                                              * Correctional Transition Services Inc.
                                                                 2308 Dowling Ave North.
Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
1540 Market St., Suite 490
                                                                 Minneapolis, MN 55412.
San Francisco, CA 94102                                          Paul Kustermann, Executive Director, Phone: 612 588-7530
(415) 255-7036                                                   paulk@ctsihome.org
info@prisonerswithchildren.org                                   Comprehensive reentry services.
LSPC provides general legal advice and referrals to prisoners    * Council on Crime and Justice
and their loved ones around family law matters, including        822 So. 3rd St. Suite 100
child custody, visitation and parental rights.                   Minneapolis, MN 55415
Chrysalis L.A.W Program                                          Contact: Eric McCoy or Michael Bischoff
4432 Chicago Avenue South                                        Employment Training Program; Parenting Classes, Ex-
Minneapolis, MN 55407                                            Offender Support Group
Legal assistance for women, free consultations with family law   * FreedomWorks
attorney at clinic; referrals.                                   Post-Prison Outreach
                                                                 P.O. Box 22703
Legal Rights Center, Inc.                                        Minneapolis, MN 55422-0703
1611 Park Ave. South                                             Contact: Nina Coleman
Minneapolis, MN 55404-1683                                       612-278-1758: office
(612) 337-0030                                                   612-278-1711: fax
Free if low income, criminal and traffic violations; walk-in     763-242-6116: cell
intakes. Tuesdays, 9-11 AM.                                      ncoleman@fwppo.org
Family Law Clinics
Information on child support, custody, parenting time,
divorce, paternity
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e40c7a14-5ed3-4509-aa8c-baffcea8603d.doc                                                                 9
* Next Frontiers
Steve Thomas
General Reentry Support

St. Stephen’s Housing Services Program
2211 Clinton Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Contact; Richard Amos
Assistance finding felony-friendly housing

* Transitions Drop-In Support Group (1/12/06)
The Men’s Center
3249 Hennepin Ave. # 55, Mpls
612-822-5892 (Randy)
Groups for men leaving prison every Wed. 7:30P.M.
Group:‖Safe Sex Boundaries‖ Saturdays 10:00A.M.

* Wilder Excel Program
1600 University Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104
Job search resources; meets Monday thru Thursday, 9:30 AM
(must be in office by 9:30). Eligible to those supervised by
Ramsey County Probation or DOC supervised release, work
release, CIP, or ISR.

* Women Planting Seeds (1/12/06)
Mary Whitney
Job referrals to felon friendly companies.
www.womenplantingseeds .org

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e40c7a14-5ed3-4509-aa8c-baffcea8603d.doc   10

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