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									Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys
              Saturday 24 September 2011 11:00

                     A. E. Dowse & Son
                             Cornwall Galleries
                               Scotland Street
                                       S3 7DE
     A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

Lot: 1                                                              Lot: 13
Lott's Tudor Blocks No. 3 - boxed.                                  A clockwork plastic model boy, with tinplate suitcase, overall
                                                                    height 15cm.

Lot: 2
A quantity of Meccano including red and green, contained in         Lot: 14
two trays, a Meccano No. 6 Outift booklet and two Matchbox          A Mickey Mouse glove puppet, plastic head, painted features,
Kingsize articulated horse vans.                                    length 21cm.

Lot: 3                                                              Lot: 15
A collective lot of children's books.                               A croquet set in a Sport Craft carrying case.

Lot: 4                                                              Lot: 16
A collection of seven Robertson's golly bandsmen models.            A novelty desk tidy formed as a tinplate vintage car (contents

Lot: 5
A reproduction cast metal novelty money bank formed with            Lot: 17
frogs, miniature Solitaire granite board with marbles and a         Roy Rogers Cowboy Annual, Champion The Wonder Horse
cased set of ivorine dominoes. (a lot)                              Annual and other books. (a lot)

Lot: 6                                                              Lot: 18
A Super Frontier 40 petrol driven radio controlled aircraft,        A carved wooden games compendium with hinged lid, small
balsawood frame, stretch plastic cover, length 132cm.,              proportions.
wingspan 162cm.

                                                                    Lot: 19
Lot: 7                                                              A Mamod steam tractor.
A Thunder Tiger petrol driven radio controlled aircraft,
balsawood frame, stretched yellow plastic cover, length
129cm., wing span 212cm.                                            Lot: 20
                                                                    A Mamod steam wagon in blue.

Lot: 8
A Piper petrol driven radio controlled aeroplane, wooden frame,     Lot: 21
stretch canvas cover, printed Burda, length 119cm., wing span       A Mamod steam wagon in green.
183cm., together with a Futaba 6EXA radio control system,
                                                                    Lot: 22
                                                                    A Mamod steam roller.
Lot: 9
A Flair Cub Easy Stage Instruction Four Function Trainer Light
Aircraft and a balsawood Cessna 170 flying model - both
boxed, and a quantity of pre punched balsawood flying model
                                                                    Lot: 23
                                                                    Rupert Bear - a collection including annuals, novels, bendy
parts. (a lot)
                                                                    Rupert, enamel brooches, a Minikins model and jigsaw.

Lot: 10                                                             Lot: 24
A wooden doll's house, tinplate windows, detachable roof,
                                                                    A Peter Rabbit Race Game - boxed, and a collection of
painted in colours, height 40cm. and further wooden doll's
                                                                    children's books.
house with detachable roof, height 48cm. (2)

Lot: 11                                                             Lot: 25
                                                                    A Mamod steam engine, together with a Singer Sewing
A desk tidy formed as a tinplate vintage car, a tinplate globe on
                                                                    Machine For Girls (poor box), '00' gauge carriages, Scalextric
stand and a Schuco Auto 2002 clockwork car. (3)
                                                                    cars, etc. (a lot)

Lot: 12                                                             Lot: 26
A Chad Valley Strawberry Shortcake Snail Cart - boxed.
                                                                    Two battery operated Power Robots, boxed, a Spiderman
                                                                    action figure, boxed, together with a plastic Transformer and a
                                                                    quantity of modern plastic robots, Transformers, vehicles, etc.

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     A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

and a quantity of plastic film related children's bath soap            Lot: 39
holders. (contained in 2 boxes)                                        A Tri-ang Derwent Electric 14" Cabin Cruiser - boxed, together
                                                                       with Scalex Firefly Speedboat - boxed. (2)

Lot: 27
A Vulcan Senior child's sewing machine and a Minitype child's          Lot: 40
typewriter - both boxed.                                               A Tri-ang Ford Zephyr Convertible - boxed.

Lot: 28                                                                Lot: 41
A Decca child's portable record player, internal plaque stamped        A Chad Valley Escalado, a Totopoly and Monopoly - all boxed.
Fraser's of Sheffield.

                                                                       Lot: 42
Lot: 29                                                                A lead Roman chariot with two horses and two riders by F.G.T.
Four Robertson's golly bandsmen.                                       & Sons, British military soldier and one other figure.

Lot: 30                                                                Lot: 43
A small quantity of Meccano pieces, together with plastic              A collection of board games including Risk, Campaign and
soldiers, plastic spaceman and spacecraft, contained in a              Leap Frog, together with plastic model Tracy Island, water park
security box.                                                          and a battery operated Furby, etc. (a lot)

Lot: 31                                                                Lot: 44
A collection of children's books and annuals, including Eagle,         A quantity of loose Mecanno and a part set of Meccano
Locospotters, Bonanza, etc.                                            Highway Multi Kit with box.

Lot: 32                                                                Lot: 45
A collection of children's annuals, including Question of Sport,       A collection of Sindy doll's house furniture, including kitchen
Bunty and FAB 208, contained in two boxes.                             sink, bedroom units, etc.

Lot: 33                                                                Lot: 46
A quantity of Rupert annuals, mostly 1970s and later.                  A Tri-ang child's portable mangle, wash bucket, ironing board,
                                                                       clothes line and plastic child's iron. (5)

Lot: 34
A collection of children's Dandy and Beano annuals, together           Lot: 47
with cartoon books, Marvel comics and other children's                 A child's tricycle painted in colours and a Britains "Big Farm"
literature. (a lot)                                                    Bulk Tipping Trailer - boxed. (2)

Lot: 35                                                                Lot: 48
A collection of children's annuals, including Beezer, Shoot,           Two plastic kit-built model liners, including Queen Mary II and a
Tammy, etc.                                                            model of Prince of Wales Battleship. (3)

Lot: 36                                                                Lot: 49
A collection of children's annuals, including War Lord, Eagle,         A wooden model vintage car painted in maroon and black,
Victor and Battle, etc.                                                length 84cm.

Lot: 37                                                                Lot: 50
Britain's hand painted metal models, including Set No. 7249            Subbuteo Club Edition and Italia 90 World Cup Edition - both
Scots Guards, No. 7248 Policeman, Yeoman, etc. and No.                 boxed.
7239 Gordon Highland Officer, piper and five men - all boxed.
                                                                       Lot: 51
                                                                       Five Action Men dolls and a quantity of Action Man
Lot: 38                                                                accessories, including clothing, skis, weapons, boots, etc., in
A small collection of children's annuals including Victor,             two containers.
Popeye, Flash Gordon, etc.

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     A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

Lot: 52                                                              Command, Times of Conflict, The Simms, in plastic cases and
A Cherilea 12 Military Jeep with supply trailer and dinghy -         boxed sets. (contained in two boxes)

                                                                     Lot: 65
Lot: 53                                                              A Corona Coronation tea set (poor box).
A Subbuteo Italia 90 Gift Set, boxed, a small collection of
Subbuteo teams, boxed and loose, and a cotton pitch.
                                                                     Lot: 66
                                                                     The Enid Blyton Mystery Game, "Find Out!", Picture Printing
Lot: 54                                                              Outfit No. 80, Road Signs Travel Pack, Enid Blyton "What's
A Penguin 16" ocean racing yacht, poor box, and one other            Wrong?" party game and a collection of playing cards.
Penguin racing yacht.

                                                                     Lot: 67
Lot: 55                                                              A quantity of children's annuals and novels, including Rupert,
An Airfix Beach Head Play Set, boxed, sonic control                  Beano, etc., together with a small collection of plastic action
Lamborghini, a cut-out Sheffield Toy Theatre booklet and a           figures contained in two boxes.
Beano and Dandy Summer Special magazine.

                                                                     Lot: 68
Lot: 56                                                              A collection of children's novels and annuals, including Rupert,
A Prova china tea set, flower design (poor box).                     Felix, Enid Blyton, etc.

Lot: 57                                                              Lot: 69
A Mamas and Papas rocking horse, brown plush body and                A box of various children's books.
stained pine base, saddle, length including stand 120cm.

                                                                     Lot: 70
Lot: 58                                                              A stationary steam engine, together with tinplate chimney,
A Bontempi B3 organ (poor box).                                      tinplate windmill and crook framed gable end - boxed.

Lot: 59                                                              Lot: 71
A Tonka jeep - boxed, Tonka powered scramblers, together             A static Steam Engine No. 2.
with Beatrix Potter and other children's booklets, tinplate track,
a quantity of Lledo diecast models, mostly boxed, and a
quantity of Lonestar Dune Buggies - boxed, etc. (a lot)              Lot: 72
                                                                     A quantity of Meccano pieces, mostly green, and a small
                                                                     collection of Meccano Accessory Outfit booklets contained in a
Lot: 60                                                              wooden case.
Children's novels - a collection of mostly Enid Blyton novels,
including The Wishing Chair Again and Well, Really, Mr.
Twiddle and Winnie-The-Pooh box set, etc. (a lot)                    Lot: 73
                                                                     A Pelham puppet Type SM - "Macboozle", with puppet
                                                                     instructions, boxed and a Monopoly board game.
Lot: 61
A "Radio Pal The Dummy" ventriloquist pot headed doll,
moulded painted features, with fitted costume and hat, overall       Lot: 74
length 52cm. and a Ventriloquist's Beginner's booklet. (2)           A wooden framed petrol engine boat, labelled WL 32 Atlanta,
                                                                     painted in colours, length 150cm.

Lot: 62
A collection of modern Thunderbirds action figures and               Lot: 75
spacecraft and an Action Man buggy and figures, etc.                 A Japanese plastic toy pistol in leather holster, a small
                                                                     collection of ivory dominoes and a watercolour illustration of a
                                                                     mother rabbit and child by the stove, in an oak frame. (3)
Lot: 63
A clockwork model bear, tinplate pads, mohair body,
somersaulting mechanism and wire frame, length 14cm.                 Lot: 76
                                                                     Punch and Judy: A large collective lot of Punch and Judy
                                                                     accessories including carved wooden models, including Punch,
Lot: 64                                                              crocodile, the clown, policeman, monkey, burglar, etc., painted
A quantity of PC computer games, including Destroyer                 in colours in cloth costumes, and accessories including

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     A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

sausages, truncheon, whistle, tin pan, etc. and a Punch and             A Disney limitd edition "Carnival Kid, 1929".
Judy booth, multi coloured design, height 210cm., width 98cm.

                                                                        Lot: 90
Lot: 77                                                                 A toy part tea set, illustrated with nursery rhymes.
A clown's cotton three piece costume.

                                                                        Lot: 91
Lot: 78                                                                 A bakelite "Klikatelle".
Hand puppets: A collection of six puppets, carved wooden
heads, painted features, some of Oriental design, cotton
costumes, approx. length 60cm.                                          Lot: 92
                                                                        A quantity of Sindy dolls and accessories, including wardrobe,
                                                                        bedside table and chair, dressing table, assorted figures, horse,
Lot: 79                                                                 clothing shoes, etc. (a quantity)
A Marspen box of six puzzles, Chad Valley Tiddlywinks, Snap
card game and a quantity of children's novels including The
Land of Nod.                                                            Lot: 93
                                                                        A Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs animation serigraph cell
                                                                        framed under glass, 25cm x 32.5cm., with certification of
Lot: 80                                                                 authenticity.
A quantity of lead zoo and farming animals, mostly by Johillco.

                                                                        Lot: 94
Lot: 81                                                                 A Walt Disney animation serigraph cell depicting Mickey Mouse
A Miniflex battery operated Scottie remote control dog (poor            and Pluto, "The Pointer", 24cm.x32cm., framed under glass,
box) and another remote control dog in tartan dress. (2)                with certificate of authenticity.

Lot: 82                                                                 Lot: 95
A quantity of cat's eye marbles in a Sovereign Park Lane tin, a         A child's rocking chair, formed as a horse.
Rubbertoys model Pinocchio and a quantity of mostly Disney
children's books. (a lot)
                                                                        Lot: 96
                                                                        A collective lot of Victorian building blocks.
Lot: 83
A Porsche 935 Sonic Control Racing Car - boxed, a Chad
Valley Bagatelle and a coal carving of the Flying Scotsman. (3)         Lot: 97
                                                                        A clockwork tinplate racing car.

Lot: 84
A collection of children's annuals including Rainbow, Pony, etc.        Lot: 98
                                                                        A ventriloquist's dummy, Lord Charles, in evening dress, 55cm.

Lot: 85
A miniature rubber Minnie Mouse, painted in colours, length             Lot: 99
5cm.                                                                    A Tri-ang push-along dog, height 48cm.

Lot: 86                                                                 Lot: 100
A Nintendo entertainment system, control panels, assorted               A painted wooden lorry, another lorry and other painted wooden
games, zapper gun, etc.                                                 toys.

Lot: 87                                                                 Lot: 101
"One For the Pot!" tea party game, boxed, together with Fisher          A Mamod Steam Roadster SA1 - boxed.
Price Jack-in-the-box puppet, Monopoly, tin part tea service, etc.

                                                                        Lot: 102
Lot: 88                                                                 A quantity of Meccano pieces and accessories, including red
A collection of plastic military soldiers, including Crescent and       and green, and a quantity of Meccano magazines and booklets,
Lonestar.                                                               contained in two boxes.

Lot: 89                                                                 Lot: 103

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      A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

A Britains "Eyes Right" no. 7283 Band Of The Royal Marines -          A battery operated cow, Easysteam iron, toy vacuum cleaner,
boxed.                                                                dominoes and Beetle game. (5)

Lot: 104                                                              Lot: 118
A large Tonka crane and Paddington Bear. (2)                          Seven Tetley Tea Folk and a plastic Womble. (8)

Lot: 105                                                              Lot: 119
A Mamod steam wagon - boxed.                                          Computer games and consoles, a collective lot.

Lot: 106                                                              Lot: 120
A Mamod traction engine - boxed.                                      Boxed games, a collective lot.

Lot: 107                                                              Lot: 121
A Mamod stationary steam engine with a Mamod model power              Escalado, Totopoly, weaving loom, Corgi Major Crash Truck,
hammer. (2)                                                           reproduction pram and painted Russian dolls. (a lot)

Lot: 108                                                              Lot: 122
A hand built painted wood zoo on three levels, incorporating          A collective lot of lead animals and a tinplate horse and cart.
cages and open areas, together with a collection of zoo animals.

                                                                      Lot: 123
Lot: 109                                                              A large Tonka crane and a small Tonka crane.
A farmyard with farm buildings and a collection of farm animals.

                                                                      Lot: 124
Lot: 110                                                              Escalado, Solitaire and twelve "Knots Mad Easy".
A painted wooden garage, together with assorted cars, figures,
animals, petrol pumps and a painted wooden model of a Red
Baron aeroplane.                                                      Lot: 125
                                                                      A collective lot of Carrousel boxed lorries and a quantity of
                                                                      Disney Dalmatian and cartoon figures.
Lot: 111
A push-along and ride-on donkey, height 56cm.
                                                                      Lot: 126
                                                                      A small collective lot of Meccano, in two cardboard boxes,
Lot: 112                                                              together with two instruction manuals.
A Meccano motor and other Mecanno.

                                                                      Lot: 127
Lot: 113                                                              A collective lot of jigsaws.
A small scale Victorian style two door sideboard, with mirror
back, width 22cm., together with a similar hall stand and two
dressers. (4)                                                         Lot: 128
                                                                      A box of games and crafts.

Lot: 114
Lord of the Rings - the collection of nine walkers - all boxed,       Lot: 129
together with a framed colour print.                                  Tinplate models, games and kits.

Lot: 115                                                              Lot: 130
A large collection of green and red Meccano, together with            Victory jigsaws, games, cards, etc.

                                                                      Lot: 131
Lot: 116                                                              A collective lot of Scalextric, including cars, track and
A collective lot of lead soldiers.                                    accessories.

Lot: 117                                                              Lot: 132

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      A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

Bayko, a collective lot including roofs, bases, bricks and             Graham Farish, Bachmann and other 'N' gauge rolling stock
windows.                                                               and carriages.

Lot: 133                                                               Lot: 149
Lego, a large collective lot.                                          Graham Farish Midland Mainline Set, HST125.

Lot: 134                                                               Lot: 150
Enid Blyton and other children's books.                                Graham Farish Midland Mainline Two Car Turbostar and three
                                                                       carriages - all boxed. (4)

Lot: 135
Meccano, a collective in three boxes.                                  Lot: 151
                                                                       Bachmann 'N' gauge Northern 4-8-4 locomotive and 52ft.
                                                                       tender, boxed, together with Hobby Train 'N' gauge SVT KOLN -
Lot: 136                                                                both boxed. (2)
A diecast "covered wagon" with horses and figures - boxed.

                                                                       Lot: 152
Lot: 137                                                               'N' gauge Kato locomotive and tender, together with 'N' gauge
Victory V.I.P. Electric Model Roadways - boxed.                        tank locomotive. (2)

Lot: 138                                                               Lot: 153
A cardboard and wooden fort with soldiers, together with               Graham Farish 'N' gauge Union of South Africa BR Green
various zoo animals.                                                   locomotive and tender, together with diesel locomotive - both
                                                                       boxed. (2)

Lot: 139
A large collective lot of mostly boxed games, including                Lot: 154
Playstation II, Blow Football, Risk, etc., in two cardboard boxes.     Dapol Model Railways 'N' gauge tank locomotive and two
                                                                       carriages - all boxed. (3)

Lot: 140
Britains Sentry Box, tinplate penny toy, tractor and trailer and       Lot: 155
six Matchbox toys.                                                     Liliput First Class Bachmann tank locomotive and four carriages
                                                                       - all boxed. (5)

Lot: 141
A tinplate toy cooker and a tinplate toy sink unit. (2)                Lot: 156
                                                                       A collective of Tri-ang and other '00' gauge carriages, boxed
                                                                       and loose, together with a quantity of empty boxes.
Lot: 142
Asterix, a collective lot of memorabilia including books, games
and figures.                                                           Lot: 157
                                                                       A collective lot of damaged and incomplete locomotives.

Lot: 143
Astor 33 Projector (collector's item only), together with five         Lot: 158
9.5mm films including "Oh That Mule" and "Loveslick Pluto" - all       A large collective lot of '00 gauge railway, including loose rolling
boxed.                                                                 stock, transformers and accessories, in two cardboard boxes.

Lot: 146                                                               Lot: 159
An '0' gauge no. 2 turntable, a gas cylinder wagon and a goods         A Hornby Dublo Breakdown Crane - boxed, and a locomotive.
brake van - all boxed. (3)                                             (2)

Lot: 147                                                               Lot: 160
Kato 'N' gauge railway items, comprising Bauart Hamburg, 115           2234 Hornby Dublo Deltic Diesel Electric Locomotive - boxed.
Series Minobu Line Colour and a quantity of track.

                                                                       Lot: 161
Lot: 148                                                               2235 Hornby Dublo Barnstaple Locomotive and Tender - boxed.

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     A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

Lot: 162                                                               Hornby '0' gauge Rotary Tipping Wagon - boxed.
A Tri-ang Railways '00' gauge R.23 Operating Royal Mail
Coach Set and a R.81 Station Set - both boxed.
                                                                       Lot: 178
                                                                       A teddy bear, golden plush mohair, jointed limbs, length 41cm.
Lot: 163
A Tri-ang Railways Train Set with Princess Elizabeth
locomotive and tender - boxed.                                         Lot: 179
                                                                       A large teddy bear, golden plush, fixed limbs, length 104cm.

Lot: 164
A Tri-ang Railways R76 Engine Shed - boxed, together with              Lot: 180
level crossing, rolling stock, Royal Mail coach, plastic tunnel,       A pot doll's head, neck inscribed AM Germany, 351/8K, open
track, transformer and layout accessories - boxed and loose. (a        mouth, teeth, painted moulded features (shell only) and a
lot)                                                                   quantity of spare doll's limbs including two bodies, legs, arms,

Lot: 165
A collection of Hornby '00' gauge rolling stock, Intercity 125 and     Lot: 181
carriages, a tank locomotive and diesel loco, etc.                     A teddy bear, golden plush, jointed limbs, length 77cm. and one
                                                                       other teddy bear in a nightgown, length 53cm. (2)

Lot: 166
An '0' gauge Hornby Train M1 Goods Set with loco No. 3435              Lot: 182
(poor box).                                                            A teddy bear, golden plush, jointed limbs, replacement foot
                                                                       pads, length 50cm.

Lot: 167
An '0' gauge Hornby locomotive and tender No. 3435.                    Lot: 183
                                                                       "Teddy Cocker Bear" circa 1934, replaced eyes, length 50cm.

Lot: 168
'0' gauge rolling stock and surplus track contained in a carrying      Lot: 184
case.                                                                  A circa 1930s teddy bear, replaced pads and eyes, golden
                                                                       plush missing, length 28cm., in a pine chair, and Marrythought
                                                                       bear, yellow plush, length 18cm. (2)
Lot: 169
Railway literature - Great Western Steam on the Shed by Colin
Williams and further G.W.R. related books and annuals.                 Lot: 185
                                                                       A Chad Valley soft toy golly, length 44cm. and a House of
                                                                       Nisbet teddy bear with nodding head mechanism. (2)
Lot: 170
A Hornby '00' gauge "The Industrial" electric train set - boxed.
                                                                       Lot: 186
                                                                       Teddy Hemswell circa 1949 teddy bear, golden brown plush,
Lot: 171                                                               length 37cm.
A collective lot of steam railway magazines bound in volumes
(some loose) and a quantity of steam railway related VHS
videos, contained in two boxes.                                        Lot: 187
                                                                       A Spanish costume doll, length 67cm., two miniature girl dolls,
                                                                       both boxed, a black plastic doll and one miniature doll. (5)
Lot: 172
Two Bachmann '00' gauge tank locomotives and a Hornby pug
locomotive - all boxed. (3)                                            Lot: 188
                                                                       A pot baby doll, neck embossed Reliable Made in Canada,
                                                                       sleeping eyes, open mouth, moulded painted features, length
Lot: 173                                                               41cm. and a Chad Valley pot headed baby doll, cloth body,
Hornby Dublo Royal Mail van and a quantity of '00' gauge               fixed eyes, open mouth, painted features, length 34cm. (2)

                                                                       Lot: 189
Lot: 174                                                               A Alresford Crafts soft toy teddy bear, length 66cm., a Harrods
Cadbury's Chocolates '0' gauge wagon, three other wagons (4),          bear, 199, and a Milennium Collection modern bear in a rocking
together with '00' gauge track and '0' gauge construction track.       chair. (3)
Lot: 175

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      A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

Lot: 190                                                                Lot: 203
A turned wooden doll, fixed applied arms, highlighted in                A teddy bear, brown plush, jointed limbs, length 59cm. and a
colours, length 14cm.                                                   Merrythought rhino, length 35cm., contained in a wicker basket.

Lot: 191
A plastic baby doll, sleeping eyes, open mouth, teeth, moulded          Lot: 204
features, articulated, length 62cm., a plastic model Mickey             A miniature pot doll, back inscribed E.M1, open mouth, painted
Mouse, a doll stand, a plastic portable cot, cloth, etc.                features, jointed limbs., length 9cm., a Continental pot baby
                                                                        doll, moulded painted features, length 18cm. and a plastic baby
                                                                        doll in knitted costume. (3)
Lot: 192
A Rosebud plastic baby doll, sleeping eyes, moulded painted
features, length 42cm.                                                  Lot: 205
                                                                        A pot baby doll, neck inscribed SUR Germany, sleeping eyes,
                                                                        open mouth, painted moulded features, in powder blue shirt,
Lot: 193                                                                length 51cm.
A pot doll's head, sleeping eyes, painted moulded features, and
assorted doll's limbs. (a lot)
                                                                        Lot: 206
                                                                        A teddy bear, plush body, fixed limbs, length 49cm.
Lot: 194
A French little girl doll, bisque head, jointed body, fixed eyes,
open mouth, teeth, painted hair, lips and cheeks, neck inscribed        Lot: 207
SFBJ227 Paris 8, in a blue velvet coat, 52cm.                           A Chiltern Toys panda, mohair body, length 28cm.

Lot: 195                                                                Lot: 208
A small little girl doll, bisque head, fixed eyes, painted features,    A Robin Rive limited edition soft toy golly, 2005, red check
hair, jointed body, 24cm.                                               dungarees, no. 125/140, length 37cm. and a Robin Rive limited
                                                                        edition golly, no. 26/300, length 18cm. (2)

Lot: 196
A little girl doll, fixed eyes, open mouth, teeth, jointed body, hair   Lot: 209
missing, 30cm.                                                          A modern Steiff miniature horse, on wooden wheels, height

Lot: 197
An Armand Marseille Japanese baby doll, sleeping eyes,                  Lot: 210
painted hair and features, 28cm.                                        A miniature Theresa bear in a basket, pink body, length 12cm.,
                                                                        designed by Sue Straw.

Lot: 198
A German bisque baby doll, neck inscribed J.D.K. 57, open               Lot: 211
mouth, sleeping eyes, hair missing, jointed body, 33cm.                 Two circa 1950s plastic dolls and a Velveteen Bean Bear
                                                                        Company golly. (3)

Lot: 199
A wooden and metal doll, painted metal head, sleeping eyes,             Lot: 212
painted features, metal body and arms, wooden legs and metal            A pot model Geisha, painted moulded features, in national
shoes, length 52cm.                                                     dress, mounted on stained oak plinth, height 29cm. and a
                                                                        modern pot model Geisha, height 44cm. (2)

Lot: 200
A Roddy doll, blonde wig, blue dress (poor box).                        Lot: 213
                                                                        A miniature pin cushion doll, with pot head and shoulders, lower
                                                                        arms and lower legs, moulded painted features, length 11cm.
Lot: 201
A pot headed doll modelled as Red Riding Hood, sleeping
eyes, open mouth, teeth, painted features, length 25cm.                 Lot: 214
                                                                        A pot headed doll, painted moulded features applied to a straw
                                                                        filled body, burgundy plush (mostly frayed).
Lot: 202
A cloth doll modelled as a G.W.R. worker, painted features, cap
and uniform, length 29cm.                                               Lot: 215

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      A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

Two Connoisseur soft toy model bears, 26cm. and smaller and            Lot: 230
a Royal Heirloom modern pot model doll, boxed. (3)                     An Armand Marseille bisque girl doll, neck inscribed Germany
                                                                       A.990/7M., fixed eyes, open mouth, teeth, hair, 47cm.

Lot: 216
A jointed wooden doll, 30cm. (one arm missing) and a                   Lot: 231
rectangular plinth.                                                    A pot little girl doll, sleeping eyes, painted features, hair, jointed
                                                                       body, in a grey dress and matching coat, 46cm.

Lot: 217
Four early 20th century painted pottery baby dolls, all with           Lot: 232
moulded hair and painted features, height 9cm., together with a        A moulded baby doll with painted features, a costume doll and
collection of doll's clothes.                                          a quantity of doll's clothes.

Lot: 218                                                               Lot: 233
A jointed teddy bear, one glass eye, stitched nose, 70cm.              A bisque little girl doll, neck inscribed Simon & Halbig 403,
                                                                       sleeping eyes, open mouth, teeth, hair, jointed body, 64cm.

Lot: 219
A reproduction doll on stand, titled Eleanor, boxed.                   Lot: 234
                                                                       A black baby doll, fixed eyes, open mouth, moulded hair, neck
                                                                       inscribed 241-3.3/4 Germany, jointed body, in a green knitted
Lot: 220                                                               dress, 51cm.
A teddy bear, jointed limbs, glass eyes, stitched nose, 50cm.

                                                                       Lot: 237
Lot: 221                                                               A Britains 9720 BAT Gun, two 25-Pounder Gun Howitzers, all
A teddy bear, jointed body, stitched nose, two glass eyes, 46cm.       boxed, and an LWS Land Rover. (4)

Lot: 222                                                               Lot: 238
A teddy bear, jointed body, stitched nose, eyes missing, 42cm.         A collective lot of diecast vehicles including Dinky Shado 2, a
                                                                       Merryweather Fire Tender, Lesney Kingsize K-20 Taska
                                                                       Transporter, a Polistil Landseer Fulvia and a Solido Matra 670 -
Lot: 223                                                               both boxed, and further diecast.
A teddy bear, jointed body, stitched nose, one glass eye, 43cm.

                                                                       Lot: 239
Lot: 224                                                               A Valor Heritage Collection containing boxed and loose diecast
A golden teddy bear, jointed body, stitched nose, glass eyes,          and display case - boxed.

                                                                       Lot: 240
Lot: 225                                                               A collection of mostly Lesney models including Ruston-Bucyrus
A soft toy white rabbit, with glass eyes, in a checked top, 32cm.      'D' Type Jaguar, Dunlop van and Matchbox Removal Service,

Lot: 226
A Harrods teddy bear, 1849-1999, in a green waistcoat and a            Lot: 241
Collector's Series teddy bear. (2)                                     A quantity of mostly diecast items, including Dinky 736 Hawker
                                                                       Hunter, Dinky Road Signs, Petrol Pumps, Cyclist, Robertson's
                                                                       Golly, etc.
Lot: 227
A Sunkid teddy bear, English Teddy Bear Company teddy,
Metro teddy and a soft toy doll. (4)                                   Lot: 242
                                                                       A Spot-On B.M.W. Isetta - boxed (flap missing).

Lot: 228
Two 1930s pot dolls.                                                   Lot: 243
                                                                       A Matchbox Series No. 17 Metropolitan Taxi, grey wheels -
Lot: 229
A pot little girl doll, with sleeping eyes, open mouth, teeth, hair,
jointed body, in a red and blue spotted dress, 63cm.                   Lot: 244

                                                                   9 of 14
     A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

A Matchbox Series No. 75 Thunderbird (blue baseplate) -               including Soopacoopa Bandolero, Leyland Tipper Truck and
boxed.                                                                Flying Bug, mostly boxed, together with a Lonestar Roadmaster
                                                                      Major Series Farm King Tractor - boxed, two Corgi Whiz
                                                                      Wheels Nos. 1, 6, 5 and 313 - both boxed, a Dinky 477
Lot: 245                                                              Parsley's Car box only, etc.
"The Classic Cars of the 50s Display Set", comprising 12
diecast models, four heights open display shelf with arched
hood, related booklet and folder of pamphlets.                        Lot: 257
                                                                      A quantity of loose diecast vehicles, including Matchbox and
                                                                      Corgi, City Corporation Refuse Wagon, car transporter, etc.
Lot: 246
A collective lot including Dinky hovercraft, Corgi Batmobiles,
007 Aston Martin D.B.5, Budgie Toys London taxi, car                  Lot: 258
transporters, etc.                                                    A small collection of Lesney, Dinky and Corgi Juniors, including
                                                                      Dinky Massey-Harris Tractor and Rider, Lesney E-Type Jaguar,
                                                                      Austin Mk II Radio Truck, etc.
Lot: 247
Britains 2064 155mm. gun - boxed.
                                                                      Lot: 259
                                                                      A Corgi "Dick Kerr" type tram and a Lledo coach and horses.
Lot: 248
Britains 2064 155mm. gun, poor box.
                                                                      Lot: 260
                                                                      A Vanguards Morris Minor Traveller, boxed and a collection of
Lot: 249                                                              Dinky Lesney and Lledo diecast model cars, model Spitfire,
Y4 Matchbox, Y5 Matchbox, Y7 Matchbox, Y15 Matchbox                   etc., mostly unboxed.
models, cellophane fronts, and Y13 Matchbox model of a 1911
Daimler - all boxed. (5)
                                                                      Lot: 261
                                                                      A collection of military diecast vehicles including Britains field
Lot: 250                                                              guns, Dinky Hawker Hunter, Meteor, Gloucester Javelin, etc.
Balista Ancient Siege Machines, poor box, together with Lesney
Tipper Truck, Tractor Shovel, Bogey Jaguar, Porsche Carrera
and other vehicles.                                                   Lot: 262
                                                                      A small collection of diecast vehicles including Corgi Berlinetta,
                                                                      Esso petrol tanker, Dinky Pullmore car transporter, etc.
Lot: 251
A Lesney Thames Trader x 2, two Dinky Dublo Bedford
Articulated Flat Trucks and a Dinky Dublo Royal Mail Van. (5)         Lot: 263
                                                                      Finecast 1938 Jaguar metal kit, incomplete, boxed, together
                                                                      with a quantity of diecast vehicles.
Lot: 252
A tinplate Minic Toys double decker bus and a Minic Toys
friction driven Green Line coach, together with three Dinky           Lot: 264
coaches, a double decker bus and a Matchbox Superwings                A collective lot of Oxford, Lledo and Matchbox Models of
bus. (7)                                                              Yesteryear, boxed and loose.

Lot: 253                                                              Lot: 265
Seven Matchbox Series vehicles, including Nos. 1, 2, 16, 17,          A collective lot of mostly boxed general diecast including James
21, 23, 24 and 32 - all boxed.                                        Bond 007, Corgi Volvo curtain-side, Matchbox Y models,
                                                                      Thornecroft bus, etc.

Lot: 254
Ten matchbox Series models, Nos, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 18        Lot: 266
and No. 1 Accessory Pack. (all poor boxes)                            A collective lot of Lledo, Matchbox and Corgi Reader's Digest
                                                                      vehicles - boxed and loose.

Lot: 255
A small collection of loose Lesney models, including fire engine,     Lot: 267
petrol tanker, cement mixer, tractor, etc.                            A collective lot of boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear,
                                                                      together with two loose models.

Lot: 256
A collection of Matchbox Superfast and Speed Kings vehicles,          Lot: 268

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     A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

Two Corgi Classics Buses and Corgi Premium Edition British            Lot: 281
Railways Scammell Scarab - all boxed.                                 A Corgi Eddy Stobart Truck Set and Play Mat, boxed, a Burago
                                                                      Porsche 356B Coupe, boxed, and a Maisto Jaguar XJ220. (3)

Lot: 269
Norscot Articulated Truck, Corgi Classics British Rail Bedford        Lot: 282
Low Loader and E.F.E. Lorry - all boxed. (3)                          258 Corgi The "Saint's" Car.

Lot: 270                                                              Lot: 283
Two Vanguards Models, two Corgi Classics models, an Original          211S Corgi Studebaker "Golden Hawk" - boxed.
Omnibus Coach and a Trackside Lorry - all boxed. (6)

                                                                      Lot: 284
Lot: 271                                                              418 Corgi Austin Taxi - boxed.
A large collective lot of boxed and loose diecast vehicles, in
three cardboard boxes.
                                                                      Lot: 285
                                                                      419 Corgi Ford Zephyr Motorway Patrol Police Car - boxed.
Lot: 272
Two Franklin Mint models, comprising 1935 Mercedes Benz
Roadster and 1936 Alvis.
                                                                      Lot: 286
                                                                      A Corgi Classics 97303 Bedford Articulated Truck - boxed,
                                                                      together with a Corgi Classics letter concerning the said model.
Lot: 273
Two Franklin Mint models, comprising 1930 Duesenburg and
1929 Rolls-Royce.
                                                                      Lot: 287
                                                                      97915 Corgi Classics Scammell Highwayman with two trailers
                                                                      and 97888 Corgi Foden Closed Pole Truck with Caravan - both
Lot: 274                                                              boxed.
Two Franklin Mint models, comprising 1935 Mercedes Benz
770K Grosser and 1930 Bugatti.
                                                                      Lot: 288
                                                                      797889 Corgi Classics A.E.C. Cage Truck and Trailer and
Lot: 275                                                              97885 Scammell Highwayman Trailer and Caravan - both
Two Franklin Mint models, comprising 1907 Rolls-Royce Silver          boxed.
Ghost and 1912 Packard Victoria.

                                                                      Lot: 289
Lot: 276                                                              97896 Corgi Classics Chipperfield's A.E.C. Pole Truck, 97957
A Franklin Mint model, 1912 Christie Front Drive Steamer.             Corgi E.R.F. Eight Wheel Rigid Truck and 97092 Corgi Bedford
                                                                      Billy Smee Wardrobe - all boxed. (3)

Lot: 277
A Corgi Gift Set 29 Duckhams F1 Surtees Racing Set and a              Lot: 290
Corgi Gift Set 32 Lotus Elite JPS Racing Car and Trailer - both       97022 Corgi Classics A.E.C. Regal Living Quarters, 97886
boxed.                                                                Corgi Scammell Highwayman with Crane and 976905 Corgi
                                                                      Advance Booking Vehicle - all boxed, together with two
                                                                      Chipperfield's catalogues and a Corgi Mini catalogue. (6)
Lot: 278
Corgi Whizwheels 153 TS9B Team Surtees, 155 Shadow, 156
Graham Hill's Embassy Shadow and 160 Hesketh 308 F1 - all             Lot: 291
boxed. (4)                                                            A Corgi Super Junior and Super Hauler Guide - boxed, a
                                                                      collection of Corgi magazines, pamphlets and display cards,
                                                                      together with Matchbox magazines, catalogues and other
Lot: 279                                                              diecast magazines. (a lot)
150 Corgi Team Surtees TS9 and 151 Yardley McLaren F1,
152 Ferrari 312, 154 JPS Lotus, 158 Elf Tyrrell-Ford F1 and
159 Patrick Eagle Indianapolis Racing Car - all boxed. (6)            Lot: 292
                                                                      A Corgi Vintage Glory of Steam Foden Drop Side Wagon with
                                                                      barrels, one other diecast wagon, two trailers and a small
Lot: 280                                                              collection of rubber wheels. (a lot)
286 Corgi Jaguar XJ12C, 283 DAF-City Car, 324 Ferrari
Datona 365 and 406 Mercedes Benz Unimog 406 with Canopy -
 all boxed. (4)                                                       Lot: 293

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     A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

Corgi James Bond's Aston Martin DB5.                             trailer (poor box).

Lot: 294                                                         Lot: 309
Corgi James Bond's Aston Martin DB5.                             420 Corgi Ford Thames "Airborne" Caravan and 224 Corgi
                                                                 Bentley Continental Sports Saloon (both poor boxes).

Lot: 295
487 Corgi Chipperfield's Land Rover Parade Vehicle - boxed,      Lot: 310
together with a Corgi Gift Set No. 7 Daktari, 438 Corgi Land     437 Corgi Superior Ambulance (poor box), together with a 438
Rover, 461 Corgi Police Range Rover, 400 Corgi Volkswagen        Corgi Land Rover Box and a Corgi Oldsmobile Super 88
Motor School Car and 1150 Corgi Major Snow Plough (mostly        Saloon Car. (3)

                                                                 Lot: 311
Lot: 296                                                         Corgi 60th Anniversary D Day M3 White Half Track - boxed.
229 Corgi Chevrolet Corvair - boxed.

                                                                 Lot: 312
Lot: 297                                                         Corgi "The Push Through Holland and Germany" 8-Ton Half
445 Corgi Plymouth Sports Suburban Station Wagon - boxed.        Track - boxed.

Lot: 298                                                         Lot: 313
314 Corgi Ferrari "Berlinetta" 250 Le Mans - boxed.              Corgi World War II Collection Krauss-Maffei Semi Track 12th
                                                                 Army - boxed.

Lot: 299
218 Corgi Aston Martin DB4 - boxed.                              Lot: 314
                                                                 Corgi World War II Collection Command Car - boxed.

Lot: 300
317 Corgi Monte Carlo BMC Mini Cooper 'S' - boxed.               Lot: 315
                                                                 Corgi World War II Collection Semi Track Luftwaffe Flak.Abt.
                                                                 August 1943 - boxed.
Lot: 301
241 Corgi Ghia L64 with Chrysler Engine - boxed.
                                                                 Lot: 316
                                                                 Corgi World War II Collection Desert Campaigns of North Africa
Lot: 302                                                         Diamond Tank Transporter and Sherman Tank - boxed.
226 Corgi Morris Mini Minor - boxed.

                                                                 Lot: 317
Lot: 303                                                         Corgi D Day 60th Anniversary Semi Track Panzer Division -
251 Corgi Hillman Imp - boxed.                                   boxed.

Lot: 304                                                         Lot: 318
245 Corgi Buick Riviera - boxed.                                 Corgi World War II Collection Sherman Tank, French Army -

Lot: 305
261 Corgi James Bon Aston Martin DB5 - boxed.                    Lot: 319
                                                                 Corgi Comics Noddy's car with Noddy, Big Ears and Golly.

Lot: 306
471 Corgi Smith's Karrier Mobile Canteen - boxed.                Lot: 320
                                                                 461 Corgi Commer Ambulance - boxed.

Lot: 307
238 Corgi Jaguar MKX (poor box).                                 Lot: 321
                                                                 438 Corgi Land Rover - boxed.

Lot: 308
1137 Corgi Major Ford Tilt Cab 'H' Series with detachable        Lot: 322

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     A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

226 Corgi Morris Mini Minor (blue) - boxed.              670 Dinky Armoured Car - boxed.

Lot: 323                                                 Lot: 339
324 Corgi Marcos 1800GT - boxed.                         674 Dinky Austin Champ - boxed.

Lot: 324                                                 Lot: 340
150 Corgi Vauxhall F1 Car - boxed.                       670 Dinky Armoured Car - boxed.

Lot: 325                                                 Lot: 341
506 Corgi Police Panda Imp - boxed.                      131 Dinky Jaguar E Type, boxed, and 268 Dinky Range Rover
                                                         Ambulance, poor box. (2)

Lot: 326
319 Corgi Lotus Elan Coupe - boxed.                      Lot: 342
                                                         A Dinky Toys Volkswagen KDF with 50 mm. Pak Anti Tank Gun
                                                         (poor box), two Dinky Chieftain Tanks and a diecast field gun.
Lot: 327                                                 (4)
431 Corgi Volkswagen Pick Up - boxed.

                                                         Lot: 343
Lot: 328                                                 651 Dinky Centurion Tank, poor box and 660 Dinky Tank
335 Corgi Jaguar 'E' Type - boxed.                       Transporter. (2)

Lot: 329                                                 Lot: 344
465 Corgi Commer Pick Up Truck - boxed.                  719 Dinky Battle of Britain Spitfire MK II - boxed, and a Britains
                                                         Anti Tank Gun.

Lot: 330
479 Corgi Commer Samuel Sons Camera Van - boxed.         Lot: 345
                                                         101 Dinky Thunderbirds II and IV, poor box, and 104 Dinky
                                                         Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle.
Lot: 331
336 Corgi James Bond 007 Toyota - boxed.
                                                         Lot: 346
                                                         Seven Dinky Saloon Cars including Buick, Vanguard, Ford
                                                         Sedan and Riley, etc.
Lot: 332
151 Corgi Lotus Eleven Racing Car - boxed.

                                                         Lot: 347
                                                         A Dinky Bedford Tipper Wagon, a Royal Mail Van , an Austin
Lot: 333                                                 Devon, an Army 1-Ton Cargo Truck and five other Dinky
441 Corgi Volkswagen 'Toblerone' Van - boxed.
                                                         vehicles. (9)

Lot: 334                                                 Lot: 348
801 Corgi Noddy's Car with Golly - boxed.
                                                         A Dinky Tank Destroyer, Johnston's Road Sweeper, Fire
                                                         Tender and Tractor. (4)

Lot: 335
226 Corgi Morris Mini Minor (maroon) - boxed.
                                                         Lot: 349
                                                         972 Dinky 20-Ton Lorry Mounted Coles Crane and 564 Dinky
                                                         Elevator Loader - both boxed. (2)
Lot: 336
458 Corgi E.R.F. Tipper - boxed.
                                                         Lot: 350
                                                         934 Dinky Leyland Octopus Wagon - boxed.
Lot: 337
417 Corgi Land Rover Breakdown Truck - boxed.
                                                         Lot: 351
                                                         901 Dinky Ford Diesel 8-Wheel Wagon - boxed.
Lot: 338                                                 Lot: 352

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     A. E. Dowse & Son (Diecast, Tinplate & Collectors' Toys) Catalogue - Downloaded from UKAuctioneers.com

913 Dinky Guy Flat Truck with Tailboard - boxed.                 Lot: 368
                                                                 Dinky Promotional Model "Fisons" with two packets - boxed.

Lot: 353
555 Dinky Fire Engine - boxed, together with Dinky Bedford and   Lot: 369
Dinky Connaught. (3)                                             434 Dinky Bedford Crash Truck 'Top Rank' - boxed.

Lot: 354                                                         Lot: 370
162 Dinky Ford Zephyr and 180 Dinky Packard Sedan, both          2 x 196 Dinky Holden Special Sedan and 715 Dinky Beechcraft
poor boxes.                                                      Baron - both boxed. (3)

Lot: 355
156 Dinky Rover and 179 Dinky Studebaker Sedan, both poor

Lot: 356
281 Dinky Pathe News Camera Car - boxed.

Lot: 357
182 Dinky Porsche Coupe - boxed.

Lot: 358
626 Dinky Military Ambulance - boxed.

Lot: 359
290 Dinky Double Deck Bus 'Dunlop' (green) - boxed.

Lot: 360
150 Dinky Rolls Royce Silver Wraith - boxed.

Lot: 361
105 Dinky Triumph TR2 Sports - boxed.

Lot: 362
131 Dinky Cadillac Tourer - boxed.

Lot: 363
290 Dinky Double Deck Bus 'Dunlop' (red) - boxed.

Lot: 364
283 Dinky BOAC Coach - boxed.

Lot: 365
233 Dinky Cooper Bristol Racing Car - boxed.

Lot: 366
3 x Dinky Kits Nos. 1018, 1001 and 1023 - all boxed.

Lot: 367
532 Dinky Comet Wagon - boxed.

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