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Diecast Toys HR Poster _Page 1_


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									                       T H E                                  H I S T O R Y                                             O F
                D I E C A S T                                                                                         T O Y S
                   Diecasts are made from a metal alloy called Mazac which comprises approximately 94%
                 zinc, 4% aluminium and 2% copper with a trace of magnesium although the exact mixture
                 varied from time to time. A few early Dinkies were made of lead and later models could be
                 of aluminium or plastic. The molten material was injected into a mould or die and when
                 the metal had cooled, it was trimmed, cleaned and enamelled. The cast body was fitted onto
                 a pressed metal chassis.

                   Many companies throughout the world have made diecast toys. The idea was pioneered by
                 Tootsietoys in the USA in 1906 but the best known are Dinky and Corgi Toys.                                             Meccano Ltd: Head office and factory,
                                                                                                                                opened 1914, Binns Road, Liverpool 13, England.

                   In 1933, Frank Hornby, who founded Meccano in 1905, decided to introduce some miniature
                 diecast models which he called “Pocket Toys”. The name changed to Modelled Miniatures and
                 in 1934 became Dinky.

                   Frank Hornby died in 1936 aged 73. Dinky toys were produced in the UK from 1934 until
                    1979 at the Binns Road factory in Liverpool. French Dinkies were produced at the factory at
                     Bobigny near Paris. Well over 1000 different Dinky models were produced, not counting the
                     vast number of colour variations. They included cars, trucks, buses, planes, trains, ships and
                      civilian figures.

                                                                           Dinky’s great rivals were Corgi Toys
                                                                        which were started in 1956 and continued
                                                                        until 1983. Corgi was established by the
                                                                        Mettoy Company. Mettoy had previously
                 manufactured several toy cars and commercial vehicles from pressed metal and some cast
                 models under the name of “Castoys”. The name Corgi was suggested by Henry Ullman, son of
Philip Ullman
                       Mettoy’s founder, Philip Ullman.

                                             Corgi knew they had to distinguish their toys from those of Dinky
                                               and their first feature was that all of their toys would have
                                                    plastic windows. The second feature was to introduce a
                                                     mechanism to all their models which could propel them,
                                                    such as a flywheel. These mechanical Corgi versions were
                                                          discontinued in 1959. Corgi Toys were made at their
                                                          factory in Swansea, although some operations were
                                                          based in Nottingham. There were well over 700 basic
                                                          Corgi model types excluding the
                                                          various special series which
                                                       were produced.

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