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					        Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter
November Volume 3, Issue 2

                              740 N. Main Street, Verona, WI 53593
Upcoming Events:
November 3 – No School        David Jennings, Principal                   Phone: (608) 845-4100
                              Cindy Schoen, Associate Principal             Fax: (608) 845-4120
November 5, 6 and 7 –                                        Web address:
WKCE Testing
                              SITE COUNCIL
November 6 – Parent           We are a site based managed school and school district. What does
Teacher Conferences           this mean? This means that the decisions that impact your child
                              happen closest to them, within the building in which they attend
November 7 – Fun Night -      school. In this edition of the Newsletter you will find the goals set by
6th grade - 3:30 – 5:15       the Badger Ridge Middle School site council.
November 7 – 1st quarter      Your site council representatives are:
                              John Bremmer – 6th grade representative
                              Beth Burke – 7th grade parent
November 10 – Magazine
                              Jodi Guttman – 8th grade representative
                              Jennifer Griffith – EEN/UNITY representative
                              Renee Wedderspoon – Resource representative
November 21 – PLUS Trip
                              Sue Stodola – 7th grade representative
                              David Jennings – Administrative representative
November 26, 27 and 28 –
                              Linda Chang – Support Staff representative
No School
                              Karen Watson-Newlin – ENCORE representative
                              Heather Thorpe – ENCORE representative
                              Barbara James – CKCS representative
Inside:                       Vacancy – 8th grade Parent
School News             2-4   Vacancy – 6th grade Parent
6th grade happenings     5
7th grade happenings     6    If you have questions about Site Council or are interested in filling the
8th grade happenings     7    6th or 8th grade parent vacancy, please contact David Jennings at 845-
Encore                   8    4110.
Calendar                10
                              Magazine Sale to begin November 10th
Social Work Snippets    12

                              Badger Ridge Middle School students will begin our annual
                              fund raiser November 10th. Each class will listen to a
                              presentation from the representatives of Genesis regarding
                              the process related to selling magazines. If you are not
                              interested in purchasing a magazine subscription for yourself,
                              and would like to help out Badger Ridge Middle School you
                              can purchase a subscription for our LMC. Students will have a
                              “gift” subscription form to be filled out. As always, thank you
                              for your support to this fund raiser.
School News
SUMMARY OF ATTENDANCE REMINDERS                                                                            SKI and
1. Parents must call in each and every day a child is absent. Attendance line 845-                         SNOWBOARD
4103.                                                                                                      CLUB
2. Homework requests should be made at the same time you call your child in for an
absence. Request should be made no later than 9:30 a.m. for a full day absences.
                                                                                                           Our mandatory meeting
3. If your child has a prolonged illness or hospital stay you are encouraged to call
                                                                                                           for all 6th graders and
845-4108, and speak to the attendance secretary.
                                                                                                           students new to the
                                                                                                           club is MONDAY,
FREE COMMUNITY THANKSGIVING                          Get your pictures in the yearbook! The                December 1 at 7:00
DINNER                                               Yearbook Staff invites students and parents to
                                                     submit photos for the yearbook. If you’ve got great   p.m. in the BRMS
                                                     photos of school and community events or              Commons. You do not
November 27th from 11:00to 1:00 pm
                                                     BRMS/CKCS Students just having fun, we’d like         need to know how to ski
                                                     to see them. Our photographers can’t be               or snowboard to
The 11th annual Thanksgiving Dinner                  everywhere. Help us get as many photos as
                                                                                                           participate. Many
will be held Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27               possible to create a terrific book everyone will
                                                     want to have.                                         students have been
from 11:00 to 1:00 pm. The traditional
                                                     Here is how you can submit photos online:             introduced to these
Thanksgiving feast with all the
                                                       • Log on to:                     exciting sports through
trimmings is prepared and served by                    • Enter Login ID: 1171485                           this club.
volunteers. There is NO CHARGE for                     • Enter Your Password: BRCK
the meal. All individual and families                  • Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to
                                                                                                           Our first trip will be
who do not have a place to go for the                upload.
                                                       • Enter information about the photo and provide     Friday, January 9,
holiday are welcome.
                                                     contact information in                                2009 and continue
                                                         case the staff needs additional information.      every Friday night
Memorial Baptist Church will be                        • Click "Save Details".                             through February 20.
hosting the dinner in their fellowship
hall at 201 South Main Street in
Verona. Local Verona home deliveries                 FIRST QUARTER REPORT CARDS
are available but reservations for
deliveries must be made by Nov. 26.                  Your child’s report card will be mailed on or before
                                                     November 14, 2008. Please watch your mail for this
The event organizers would appreciate                important school document. Students that earn
you making reservations if you plan to               Academic Recognition, a grade point average of 3.5 or
attend by calling 845-7125 or 271-                   higher will be acknowledged on their report card and in
5753. If you don't, WALK-INS ARE                     the December/January Newsletter.

Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam is scheduled for November 5, 6 and 7. Please do not schedule medical appointments
or vacations during this time. Testing for students in grades 6 - 8 is from 8:30 ~ 10:30 am on the dates listed above. For 8 th grade,
testing continues in the afternoon from 12:00 – 2:30 on November 5 and 6. A good nights sleep, breakfast and good attendance
are especially important during testing. We encourage you and your child to visit the Department of Public Instruction website for a chance to review and practice sample test items.
       Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter                                                                                             2
School News

Energy drinks, like Red Bull, Amped, Monster and RockStar, can make a can of Mountain Dew
look like child’s play. Energy drinks provide more than just a sugar rush. These drinks may
contain high-powered ingredients like guarana, taurine, ginseng, mega-doses of vitamins and
caffeine. The caffeine content of an energy drink can be up to four times that in a soda.
Consuming these drinks can result in a vicious cycle of ups and downs. For some, it can lead to
an addiction to caffeine and stimulants.

Each person’s response to caffeine and stimulants vary. These drinks should be treated very
carefully because of how powerful they are. Energy drinks stimulant properties can increase
heart rate, dehydrate the body, disrupt sleep patterns and worsen hyperactivity and
attention deficit disorder. Symptoms of high caffeine intake are irregular behaviors,
headaches, restlessness, and sleeplessness and chest pains. Athletes should not consider
these energy drinks as performance enhancing drinks or fluid replacement options.

Young people don’t need to consume products that contain large amounts of sugar, caffeine or
stimulants. It’s unhealthy.

SCHOOL                            The Verona Area Education Foundation will host the Tenth Annual Holiday Art
                                  and Craft Sale at Badger Ridge Middle School on November 8 from 9:00 a.m. to
We would like to remind           3:00 p.m. The proceeds from the event help support the ropes courses at both
you that VASD is a latex-         Badger Ridge and Savanna Oaks. Over 100 artists will participate in the show
free school district.             offering a wide variety of hand crafted items. Concessions will be available
                                  throughout the day. This is a great way to start your Holiday shopping and
Latex balloons are not
                                  decorating. If you have questions about the sale please call Nancy Horns at 270-
allowed in the buildings.         2673
Mylar balloons are
acceptable. Thank you for         Community Health Clinics
helping keep students safe        Access Community Health Centers has appointments available for sports physicals. We
                                  accept Medical Assistance, Badger Care, Unity and other private insurance plans.
at all schools.                   They offer low-cost sport physicals for $25 to teens who are uninsured.

IPOD IPOD                   The appointment line number is (608) 443-5480
We have found an IPOD.      Clinic locations:
Please see Mrs. Reed in the William T. Evjue Clinic                   South Side Clinic
office with type and color. 3434 E. Washington Avenue                 2202 S. Park Street
      Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter                                                                             3
  School News
Boxtops for Education
The middle school student council (BRMS and CKCS combined), has enrolled in the Boxtops for Education program
this year. This is a simple fundraiser in which families clip "Boxtops for Education" coupons off of product packages
and send them to school to be counted. The coupons are then sent in to the Boxtops program, redeemable for cash.
 A typical coupon is worth ten cents. We are in the middle of our first Boxtops Challenge for this school year,
tracking submittals by grade level. The three grade levels and staff are competing for the first ever Boxtops
Champion title. At this point, nearly 5,000 coupons have been sent in and counted. That is nearly $500 worth! The
student council will determine how to spend this money.

Our next challenge will be in a few months. Feel free to send the boxtops in at any point and we will store them here.
Make sure that the package is labeled with your student's grade level so that we can give credit to the right team.

If you're interested in learning more about this program, you may visit for details.
 That's a great place to see lists of products bearing the coupon and additional ways you can add to our school's

Thank you!

In past years, thousands of Wisconsin children caught diseases such as measles, whooping cough, polio and
rubella, and many were left with severe disabilities. The WI Student Immunization Law was passed in order to
keep these and other vaccine-preventable diseases from returning and harming the health of our children.

This 2008-2009 school year, students entering grades 6, 9 and 12 are required to have a dose of adolescent
Tdap. An exception is made for students who already received a tetanus containing vaccine within 5 years of
entering the grade where Tdap is required. Also starting this school year a second dose of the varicella vaccine
is required for students entering grades K, 6 and 12. Students with a history of chicken pox disease are exempt
from the varicella vaccine requirement.

If your child’s immunizations are not up to date you will be receiving a notification letter by mail. Please contact
your child’s physician or see information below regarding Dane County Public Health Immunization Clinic.

Contact Ann Juzwik RN, 845-4115, with questions or concerns.

Immunization Clinic for Dane County and City of Madison Residents
Thursday, November 13
3-5 p.m.
M & I Bank
5250 Verona Road
*no appointment needed
*parent or guardian must accompany children under 18 years of age
       immunization record to School
*bringBadger Ridge Middlethe clinic Newsletter                                                                           4
School News


   If you are interested in the Adopt-a-Family Program, Toys for Tots, Gifts for Teens, or are in need of a
   winter Holiday Food Basket please contact the Salvation Army for information at 250-2245.

   When: Monday - Friday, November 3 - November 21, 2008
   Hours: 9am - 11:45am and 1:00pm - 2:45pm
   ALSO ON WEDNESDAYS November 5, 12, and 19 from 6:00pm - 7:45pm
   AND SATURDAYS November 8, 15, and 22 from 9am - 11:45 am

   Where:     The Salvation Army, 3030 Darbo Drive, Madison, WI 53714

    Photo ID for head of Household
    Proof of address (utility bill, lease)
    Proof of income (paperwork for any assistance they receive such as: SSI, SSDI, Food stamps, WIC,
     Forward Card OR pay-stub if they do not receive any assistance)
    Form of ID for everyone else in household such as: birth certificate, photo ID, school ID, printout
     from school or doctor, TIN paperwork , Passport, Social Security card, hospital footprints, Forward
    Card, or any other "official" statement with that persons full name and date of birth

  Does your son or daughter have
clothes in their locker for Physical
  Education? Please remember if
   they are in PE at this time the
  expectation is to change clothes
 each day. Your help with this is

   Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter                                                                      5
6th grade happenings
PAC Representatives                                 2 EMPOWER U
2 EMPOWER U HOUSE                                   The 2 Empower U House has had a great start to the school
Vanessa Villacrez                                   year. Great weather and wonderfully behaved students made              for a very enjoyable trip to Upham Woods.
                                                    In science class, the scientific method unit (PHEOC) has ended
64 R CLUB HOUSE                                     and the ecology unit has begun. We are in the process of
Erika Hotchkiss 848-2993            creating terrariums and aquariums and making observations
Beth Johnson 848-1208
                                                    about both.
Beth Cutler
                                                    We are finishing our map skills unit in social studies class and
64 R CLUB’s Top Ten Ways to be a                    moving into land and water forms followed by the “Five
Successful 6th Grader                               Themes of Geography.” We will be learning about the
                                                    PowerPoint computer program and using it to demonstrate
10. Fill out your planner and have it signed.       knowledge of the “Five Themes of Geography”.
9. Don’t wait until the night before a test to
study.                                              We have jumped right into reading and writing in language arts
                                                    this quarter. We are currently reading Jaguar and working on
8. Ask questions.
                                                    vocabulary development and the Elements of Literature. Now
7. Come to class prepared with a planner, a
                                                    that Jake is finally in Brazil with his father, the plot is getting
pencil, a folder, a notebook, and homework.
                                                    quite exciting! Using their experiences at Upham Woods,
6. Get a good night’s sleep.                        students are beginning the Step Up to Writing process to
5. Eat healthy.                                     develop their expository writing skills.
4. Get your reading log signed each Thursday.
3. Talk to your parents each night about what       After reviewing multiplication skills, we recently began our first
you did in school that day.                         book, Prime Time. This unit uses lots of game playing and
2. Have a sense of humor.                           problem solving to develop the number sense related to
1. Believe in yourself!                             factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers. When this
                                                    book is completed, we will move on to fractions, decimals and
Please read the house emails, as they are filled    percents in Bits & Pieces I.
with information about what is happening in our
classrooms. If we do not have your email            In connections, we are finishing up The Ghost of Blackhawk
address yet, please remember to email it to us at   Island. Mr. Kisting will begin teaching a unit that continues with “House Email” in       activities involving the scientific process, and Mrs. Hanson will
the subject line.                                   start a unit on statistics. Students will continue independent
                                                    reading and will begin a weekly Reader’s Workshop journal.
It has been great seeing so many of you at
conferences. For those of you who have not had a
conference yet, we look forward to seeing you
                                                    6TH GRADE FUN NIGHT

Please check out the 6th grade math website         The first 6th grade FUN night is November 7th from 3:30 to
(       5:15. The cost for this event is $3. Encourage your son
to answer any questions you may have regarding      or daughter to come and hang out with friends, eat great
math.                                               food and listen to music.
      Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter                                                                               6
Please call or email us with any questions or
7 grade happenings
In 74 Discovery, students are “discovering” themselves, their environment, and their world. In SCIENCE,
we will be investigating the tiniest forms of life, cells. There are many lab activities with this unit and also a
model cell project. Following cells, we will begin our studies in genetics. In LANGUAGE ARTS, students
will finish the short story unit and will have a test. We will begin reading the novel entitled: The Giver. The
next book report is from the historical fiction genre due on November 11th. In MATH, we began our second
unit, Stretching and Shrinking. In this unit we are focusing on geometry skills and concepts. Please
encourage your child to be working on the rubric work and meeting the deadlines. There will be a unit test
in December. In SOCIAL STUDIES, classes were focused on geography foundations. The “Five Themes
of Geography” were reviewed and will continue to serve as a framework for our study of the areas of the
Eastern Hemisphere. After a short unit on the presidential election, students will begin to study East Asia
during November and December. Also, if you are not receiving the house mass email, please contact Heidi
Konop with your current information.

PAC Representatives
Penny Nangle 848-2404
Angela Anderson 845-3621
Kathy Hankard 845-8368
Beth Burke 848-2824
Representatives needed contact Mona Clayton at 845-
4106 if you are interested in volunteering.

Update from House 72/3 EG-MW
Following units in creativity and mapping, students are now reading short stories in language arts. The
students have been reading numerous short stories, creating plot diagrams and will eventually write a story
of their own.

Science finds the kids studying the characteristics of life. Insects have been collected and cells are being
studied. Thanks to parents for lab assistance.

In November, students will tackle the Famous Scientist research project. This is a science/language
arts/social studies integrated unit. Be sure to ask your child which famous scientist he/she is studying.

The students have completed a beginning algebra unit entitled Variables and Patterns. From here, they move
      Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter
on to geometry.                                                                                            7
8th grade happenings
DREAM TEAM                                          PAC Representatives
                                                    83 PIZZAZZ
We’re off and running!                              Linda Freitag 845-4791
                                                    Ann Schaefer 848-9142
Our two field trips, one to the high school to
                                                    DREAM TEAM
see The Pirates of Penzance and the second to       Maria Heide 845-5543
the Talking Spirits show at Forrest Hills
Cemetery, were wonderful! It was a pleasure
to take the students on of both these wonderful     9th Grade Transition Meeting & Course Info Fair
trips. We want to thank the families that           Schedule for February
provided additional funds to support our two
                                                    Eighth grade parents and students are invited to Verona Area High
field trips. THANK YOU!                             School on Wednesday, February 4th from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. for an
                                                    important meeting regarding the transition to 9 th grade and
Parent-teacher-student conferences will be          scheduling for classes for the 2009-2010 school year. Ms.
held the morning of October 29th and the            Koenecke, 9th grade counselor, and Ms. Hale, ELL counselor, will
evening of November 6th. If you did not sign        present valuable information regarding the 9th grade transition
                                                    program, graduation requirements, course selection, and scheduling
up for a conference time at Back to School          for the 2009-2010 school year. All of this information will be a
Night, your child’s history teacher will be         follow-up to their presentation made to students at Badger Ridge
contacting you to schedule a time.                  Middle and CKCS Middle in late January.

You child is now the proud owner of a               On February 4th at the Course Information Fair, parents and
                                                    students will have an opportunity to converse with VAHS staff
professional football team for their data project   about curricular offerings in each department, prerequisites,
in math! Be sure to ask your child about the        sequencing, and potential careers related to department offerings.
team they own!                                      There will be work space available for people to complete Course
                                                    Request Forms with staff will be available to help.

83 PIZZAZZ                                          Schedule:
                                                    5:30 – 6:30 Counselor Presentations (VAHS Performing Arts
We are off to a great start! We’ve had two          Center)
successful fieldtrips. We all enjoyed the high      6:30 – 8:00 Course Information Fair/Course Request Form
school production of Pirates of Penzance, and       Workshop/Building Tours
our trip to Forest Hill Cemetery was a great
                                                    Please add this irreplaceable evening program on your calendar.
experience. We are proud that our students
                                                    Students and parents have found the information to be beneficial in
received compliments on their excellent             kicking off high school and post high school planning. Ms.
behavior. Thank you to all families who             Koenecke and Ms. Hale look forward to meeting you and working
donated scholarships and also to our                together next year.

Students are working hard in their classes,
and we look forward to meeting with you and
      Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter
your son/daughter at conference time to                                                                                   8
discuss his/her individual progress.

Middle School Music Concert Etiquette, Concert Apparel, and Fall Concert Schedule
Concerts represent the final product of months of hard work in the classroom. Parents are asked to show support for these
efforts by attending as many concerts as possible.

If a student cannot attend a concert, a parent MUST write a note in advance excusing them from the event. In the case of
family emergencies, as soon as possible following the performance. Music students and families are given concert dates
months in advance, so conflicts with previous commitments rarely occur.

Attendance and participation at concerts are graded activities in Band, Choir and Orchestra. Students are expected to stay at the
concert until it is finished, as community service clean-up is always needed following a performance. Also, important
evaluation material is expected to be learned from watching and listening to other groups perform.

Concert Etiquette
It is each student's individual responsibility to be a polite listener. It is also the responsibility of teachers and parents to model
these behaviors. Our examples as adults are the best lessons that a young musician could observe.

Audience member expectations:
1. Turn off all pagers, cell phones, watches, etc.
2. Arrive early to find a seat. If you arrive late, wait until the music has stopped to find the nearest available seat.
3. Remain silent during the performance. Talking during a music performance in a concert hall is never appropriate.
4. Young children need to be instructed to maintain silence and stay in their seats during the performance. If a child
   begins to cry or fuss, they should be immediately taken out of the concert hall, comforted, and settled down
   before returning.
5. Remain seated until the end of the concert. If you must leave, please wait until an appropriate time in between
   pieces or performing groups.
6. Please hold applause until the very end of a piece. It is appropriate to clap after a piece is completed, but not
   between movements of a large work or multi-movement piece. You can tell by the position of the conductor’s
   hand when a piece is truly completed.
7. Whistling and yelling are not appropriate when applauding. Vigorous, lengthy, or standing applause signals to
   the performer particular pleasure with a performance.
8. Food and drink are never allowed in an auditorium or concert hall.

Concert Dress
Students performing in concerts should be neat and clean. Avoid denim, t-shirts and sweatshirts of any kind. Collared shirts
that are tucked in are most appropriate for the boys, and neck ties are also often required at particular performances. For the
girls, particular attention should be made to the skirt and dress length, being to the knee or longer. Musicians standing on risers
or sitting in the front rows of an ensemble need not be distracting to the audience. Concert participation is our foremost
concern, but we also expect performances to be professional and distinguished activities. This policy is printed in every
student’s planner.

Fall Concert Schedule
Musicians are expected to be in their warm-up area for each of the concerts at least 30 minutes before the start of the show.
Each Concert listed below begins at 7:00p.m., warm-ups begin at 6:30p.m.
    Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter                                                                                                9
  Mon. Nov. 17       BRMS 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra in the BRMS Gym
  Thur Dec. 4        BRMS 6th Grade Strings in the BRMS Step Room
  Thur. Dec. 18      BRMS 6th –8th Grade Choir at the High School PAC
  Mon. Dec. 22       BRMS 7th & 8th Grade Bands & Jazz in the BRMS Gym

 Subject                                              Date                   Detail
 "B" Day                                                    11/4/2008
 BB Home vs.Oregon                                          11/4/2008
 WKCE                                                       11/5/2008
 Parent/Teacher Conferences
 “B” Day
                                                                             4:00 pm -7:00 pm

 WKCE                                                       11/6/2008
 WKCE                                                       11/7/2008
 “A” Day                                                    11/7/2008
 6 Grade Fun Night                                          11/7/2008        3:33 pm – 5:15 pm
 “B” Day                                                   11/10/2008
 Wrestling Home vs. Oregon                                 11/10/2008
 “A” Day                                                   11/11/2008
 Wrestling @ Kromery                                       11/11/2008
 “B” Day                                                   11/12/2008
 “BRR” Day                                                 11/12/2008
 “A” Day                                                   11/13/2008
 BB @ Mt. Horeb                                            11/13/2008
 Wrestling @ Glacier Creek                                 11/13/2008
 "B" Day                                                   11/14/2008
 “A” Day                                                   11/17/2008
 7/8 Orchestra Concert                                     11/17/2008        7:00 pm
 "B" Day                                                   11/18/2008
 BB Home vs. WI Heights                                    11/18/2008
 Wrestling @ DeForest                                      11/18/2008
 "A" Day                                                   11/19/2008
 "B" Day                                                   11/20/2008
 BB Home vs. McFarland                                     11/20/2008
 Wrestling @ Lodi                                          11/20/2008
 “A” Day                                                   11/21/2008
 PLUS Trip                                                 11/21/2008
                                            Parent Advisory Council Minutes
 "B" Day                                                   11/24/2008
                                                    October 9, 2007
 “A” Day                                                   11/25/2008
      Members present: Trevor Nagle, Lori Moynihan, Kristin Nagle, Angie Shaw, Carrie Wickstrom, Barb Prescott,
 BB @ WIBurke, Linda Freitag, Lisa Bloomfield, Jeff Twing,11/25/2008 Janet Rasmussen, Jamie Schultz, Dean
      Beth                                                  Darla Peterson,
 Musical Chair Day
      Gorrell, David Jennings, and Cindy Schoen            11/25/2008        8:30 am – 1:30 pm
 NO SCHOOL                                                 11/26/2008
      Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter
 NO SCHOOL                                                 11/27/2008                                         10
 NO SCHOOL                                                 11/28/2008
Updates – Reports:
Site Council – David: In the middle of analyzing data to determine what our building goals will be next year.

Upcoming Events:
Halloween Celebration – organized by Sue Vareka

Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter                                                                           11
                                                                  By Stacie Molitor

    Once again the Verona Area High School FFA club and school social workers,
  along with Joining Forces for Families are sponsoring a holiday gift opportunity
   for low income families with children attending Verona Area Schools and their
   pre-school age siblings. Gifts will be age appropriate, but requests for specific
    gifts will not be taken due to the number of participants. If you are in need of
  holiday gift assistance, please completely fill out the form below and return it to
                    the school social worker by Friday November 21st.

Address (with
apartment #):
Phone number:

Alternate phone

 Names of Children                                                       School Child
                                                   Age    Gender
 (please list both first and last name)                                    Attends







     If you are interested in donating gifts to local children you may come in to
   school to pick a student from the bulletin board (starting in November) or you
  may choose to donate items in a more general way. Gifts should be unwrapped
   (or labeled with the age) and can be dropped off at any school in the district.
  The gifts all eventually make their way to VAHS for sorting, so any gifts can be
                taken directly to the high school for the FFA gift drive.
                                 Thank you for your assistance.

Badger Ridge Middle School Newsletter                                                   12

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