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• http://www.sleepgrounded.com/
• 1000 lightening strikes per second on earth’s
  surface per second = lots of electrons
• We are electrical conductors and need to be
  “grounded” for optimal function BUT our
  electromagnetic field is interfered with by
  “electromagnetic pollution”
• Ex: stress caused by refrigerator “60 Hertz”
• Amazing research found at above website
Earthing Normalizes Cortisol
Earthing Normalizes Muscle Tone
 Earthing Balances Brain Wave Activity

•Beta “active thinking”
waves are immediately
 calmed in this subject
and delta “deep healing
 and relaxation” waves
     are increased

 •IMMEDIATE changes
 are undeniable when
  “grounding” occurs
Earthing Decreases Inflammation
Earth’s Free Electrons As Anti-Oxidants
• It is proposed that the earth’s diurnal
  electrical rhythms set the biological clocks for
  hormones that regulate sleep and activity.
• It is also suggested that free electrons from
  the earth neutralize the positively charged
  free radicals that are the hallmark of chronic
              We Are ENERGY
            Voltage – Chi - Prana
•   We measure it in “medicine”
•   EEG (Brain Activity)
•   EMG (Muscle activity)
•   EKG (Heart Activity
• Electrical potential
   – Normal cells have an electronegative potential across
     the cell membrane at -20 to -25mV
   – Young healthy cell functions are about -30mV
   – -10 mV = sick and tired
   – Chronic disease is Low voltage
   – Cancer (-5 to +50mV)
   – Anti oxidants donate electrons
   – Above 7.0 is alkaline and has electrons to donate and
Acid/Alkaline and Electronegativity
• pH of 0 = +400mV (will steal electrons and create
  lots of free radicals and oxidative damage
• pH of 7 = 0mV (still no electrons to give but at
  least not causing damage
• pH of 14 = -400mV (intensely charged and
  donates electrons to be a powerful anti-oxidant
• Blood is 7.35 to 7.45 (body will use buffering
  systems to keep it there or you’ll die.)
          Potato Clock

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Cell Membranes are CAPACITORS!!

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