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					About us:
Bravofly has an highly advanced project:

  “The integration in one single web site of all the technical functionalities in order to Find, Choose
  and Book the best available fares”.

   Dedicated to people who travel for leisure and business: Bravofly Group offers the best solutions
   to all kind of customers.

 There are few websites online that represent the core of this project:
        Volagratis.it        search engine for all flights, hotels and car hires
        Bravofly.com         site available in 5 languages dedicated to the International market
        Viaggiare.it         tour operator for holiday packages
        Tablethotels.it      unique hotels for demanding travelers
        Volagratispro.it     site dedicated to travel agencies
        Volagratis.biz       site dedicated to business
        Crocierissime.it     search engine for cruises
        2spaghi.it           the biggest italian community of people who love good food
        Traghettigratis.it   search engine for ferries in all Mediterranean Sea
Bravofly in 6 languages
    Bravofly.com gives to its clients the possibility to use its website in 5 different languages.

                        Crocierissime.it                                         Bravofly.co.uk


                           Bravofly.es                                           Coming up
Our reach:
            Web site     Unique Users *   Pageviews *   Subscribers

    Volagratis.it          3.150.000      27.000.000     1.650.000

    Viaggiare.it            800.000        3.450.000      150.000

    Tablethotels.it         150.000         530.000       60.000

    Bravofly.fr            1.200.000       7.500.000      650.000

    Bravofly.de             300.000        1.450.000      195.000

    Bravofly.com            330.000        1.900.000      120.000

    Bravofly.es             175.000        1.250.000      90.000

    Bravofly.co.uk          250.000        1.200.000      90.000

    crocierissime.it        270.000        1.200.000      103.000

    2spaghi.it             1.100.000       4.000.000      50.000

    Traghettigratis.it       NEW!            NEW!          NEW!

    Total                 7.725.000       49.480.000    3.158.000

  * March 2011
Bravofly: an optimized flights search engine
 •Bravofly is an optimized and
 complete flight
 booking service both for leisure
 and business travel.

 • Thanks to our innovative
 technology of contents
 aggregation from different
 providers and the combination
 of all the search information,
 Bravofly is the only website able
 to offer: fares comparison
 between Lowcost, Charters and
 Traditional airlines with all
 detailed information; immediate
 display of the cheapest fares
 request depending on flights,
                                      Bravofly combines flights of several airlines
 departure, destination airport,
                                      Thanks to its advanced technology Bravofly is the only site that
 period etc. advanced search
                                      can offer the widest range of flights, combining also more airlines,
 displaying all the fares available
                                      in order to give users the best solutions both for timetable and
 on a weekly basis.
Bravofly: an optimized flights search engine

 Bravofly: Find a deal and search by price
 • “Find a deal” allows users to make flexible choices with their travel dates and with their
 departure/arrival airports in order to get the best price. All the offers provided by “Find a deal” derive
 from the over 15 millions searches performed monthly on Bravofly’s websites.
 Choosing a range of departure and/or arrival airports (it is even possible to select entire geographical
 regions) and accepting a certain flexibility on travel dates you will be allowed to get the most
 advantageous prices. Like all our searching tools, you will also have the opportunity to decide how
 much you want to spend, and the “search by price” will show you destinations in your budget.

 Bravofly: low cost maps
 • If you want to travel low-cost, find out which destinations you can reach with Bravofly Low Cost
 flights. Select an airport (departure or arrival ones) and you will immediately view on a map all the
 possible connections with low cost airlines.

 Bravofly: the “flight Timetable”
 • If your main search criterion is the timetable then Flight Timetable will let you look for available
 flights according to your desired departure and arrival times.
Bravofly hotel: a complete hotels search system
  Bravofly Hotel compares in real time offers from over 150.000 hotels in the world provided by
  Booking and Venere.

  Bravofly Hotel allows to search hotels in one or more cities, closer to a given address, or
  specifying the name of the desided hotel.
Bravofly Tourist Guide
 Bravofly offers you the chance to download free guide for the most requested destinations. These
 travel guides are complete, useful, easy to follow. They provide recommendations on main events
 and cultural shows, night life, places where to sleep, eat and drink a great coffee.
Bravofly Car hire at the most competitive price
 With Bravofly Car it is possible to ask for a quote online and book a car safely and quickly at the
 cheapest price, saving up to 10% on the total rent fee.
 In the Offers area Bravofly displays special offers and upgrades available in selected Countries or
 in specific period of time at the best conditions. Car rental with Bravofly also includes unlimited
 mileage, 24 hour breakdown cover; local taxes and airport taxes, fire and theft protection.
Viaggiare.it: tour operator for Holiday Packages
  Viaggiare.it offers a section dedicated to holiday packages with the best vacation deals from all
  major Tour Operators.

 From the homepage, you can find
 all the best deals, useful travel tips
 and advices, and all special offers
 exclusively dedicated to Viaggiare

 A unique offer that allows users to
 search and compare vacation
 packages from several tour
 operators. It also allows for
 convenient and personalized
 combinations of flights and hotels,
 dynamically generated from
 Bravofly’s search platform.
TabletHotels: unique hotels for demanding travellers
 TabletHotels.it is a website for global nomads that offers an exclusive hand-picked selection
 of Luxury Hotels and Boutique Hotels Worldwide that can be booked online with the best
 rates guaranteed.

 TabletHotels.it offers a tightly
 edited selection of unique high-
 quality hotels that distinguish
 themselves by their originality,
 their comfort, their design and
 their ambiance in order to
 satisfy traveler’s needs and to
 make their stay unforgettable.

 TabletHotels is an interactive
 site that offers its users
 different interesting sections
 such as Tunes, Stars, Fashion,
 Shop and Budget
Crocierissime: your cruise in just one click
 Crocierissime.it is a website that is entirely dedicated to the world of cruises.
 Here customers can find all the best deals offered by the largest cruise companies (Costa Crociere,
 Msn Crociere, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, etc.).
2Spaghi: made for people who love to eat
 2spaghi.it shares information about what people like to eat and in which places. Users can find and
 read suggestions made by other customers who liked (or disliked) their experience. Everyone is
 welcome to collaborate by leaving their own comments.
Traghettigratis.it: your ferry in few clicks
  Traghettigratis.it is a search engine with offers, information and suggestions about ferries reservations
 in all Mediterranean Sea.
 Volagratis is available on several partner websites allowing users from everywhere on the web to
 compare and book low cost flights.
Banner: a complete campaign (visits + visibility)
 If you wish to maximize the visibility of your brand and the efficiency of your advertising campaigns,
 we can offer you a tailor-made package to satisfy your promotional needs.

                                                                           Leaderboard 728x90

      Button 300x90

                          Button 300x250
Banner: maximun visibility (waiting page)‫‏‬
 For partners interested in promoting their brand, we offer them the possibility to be on the search
 results’ waiting page, which is presented to over 3.150.000 unique users and that generate
 15.000.000 searches every month.
Newsletter: great possibility
 We offer a sponsored spot in our Newsletter sent every week to 1.650.000 members subscribed to
 our network. All the messages are addressed to a very specific target who have strong interests in
 buying trips and travelling.

                                                                                   2 Box 120x120

     2 Box 300x250

      Logo (80x55) +
Text Link (max 120 battute)
Dem: Direct Email Marketing
The opportunity to create a specific and customized messages in order to present our partners
activities according to geographic and socio-demographic targeting
All messages are addressed to a highly specific target that are very interested in travelling.
Geotargeting, departure and arrival airport targeting
 Display your ads only to users who connect themselves from a specific city or region.
 Display your ads on the search results page only to users who select a specific departure and/or
 arrival airport.
Special Projects

 Thanks to the flexibility that Volagratis offers its clients, it is possible to create personalized
 solutions linked to our homepage.

 Webpages can be creatively developed with text supplied by the clients, and are useful for
 promoting contents, special initiatives, current offers, etc.

 A system that enhances all types of operations since it allows for a large amount of space, and,
 therefore yield major visibility

 For special events it is possible create:

       • Advertorial page: editorial webpages supplied by the client that can be reached from our
       • Jump page: editorial webpage with content and links that our clients decide upon and which
       connect to our website.
Special Projects
 Special sections of our website to
 promote your services:
 For every offer, a webpage opens
 with a description and details of the
 destination, places to visit, the flights
 and dates at special prices…
Social Networks: the new advertising channel
 More than 1.500 Twitter Followers

                                     About 15.000 Facebook Fans
Mobile app: iPhone and iPad
             More than 130.000 downloads of our applications
                    available for advertising campaigns

                             Button 300x50

                   Vertical/Horizontal iPad
                       Banner 728x90
Adv Formats on our guides
  Display your ads on our free travel guides available on our website.

   Premium front            Full page         Half page           Section related   5. Map advertising

  80x55mm/50kb/pdf    210x297mm/200kb/pdf   80x245mm/200kb/pdf

  Contact cost guarantee!

Corso San Gottardo 30,
Chiasso (Switzerland)
+41 (0) 91 682.34.54
                                                                           Cristiano Sardi
                                                       Email: cristiano.sardi@bravofly.com
                                                                      Tel. +393488864994
                                                                     Skype: cristianosardi


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