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					                          SEC Rule 606 Report – Interactive Brokers Corp.
                                         3rd Quarter 2009
           (Percentages of Total Non-Directed Orders Routed to Individual Route Venues)

Interactive Brokers Corp. ("FUTR") offers its customers two primary methods of routing
their orders to the market for execution. FUTR clients may directly route their orders to a
particular market of their choice. (Those orders are not included in this report). FUTR
also provides customers with Smart Order Routing technology through Interactive
Brokers LLC, its parent company, which is designed to optimize both speed and total cost
of execution.

Non-directed orders using smart routing technology accounted for 37.66% of FUTR's total orders
routed during the 3rd quarter of 2009. The routing report for these non-directed order routes is
available on the website of our parent company, Interactive Brokers LLC.

 Non-Directed* orders routed to Interactive Brokers LLC                NYSE                NASDAQ   AMEX/OTHER

 % of total orders routed that were non-directed*                      47.33               34.56    18.11

 % of above orders that were market orders                             22.52               4.61     6.00

 % of above orders that were limit orders                              24.81               29.96    12.10

 % of above orders that were other orders**                            0                   0        0

Payment for Order Flow Information
Payment for order flow is cash or non-cash compensation paid for routing orders to a particular
venue. Interactive Brokers Corp. (“FUTR”) does not receive payment for order flow or any other
type of compensation for non-directed order flow. Our parent company, Interactive Brokers, LLC
(“IB LLC”) does not generally accept direct payment for order flow for stock orders, however several
types of payments received by IB LLC for various types of order executions may be considered
indirect payment for order flow under the SEC interpretations. Those payments may include ECN
Rebates or Liquidity Provider Relationships. IB LLC receives order flow payments in varying amounts
from the U. S. options exchanges, specialists and/or market makers pursuant to the mandatory
marketing fee programs that have been adopted and approved by the SEC. FUTR will provide more
information upon request. FUTR reports only non-directed orders routed to any venue in excess of
5% for this report.

Non-directed orders using smart router technology for options accounted for 100% of FUTR's total
orders routed during the 3rd quarter of 2009. These non-directed order routes are available through
our parent company Interactive Brokers LLC. Please review the order routing reports of Interactive
Brokers LLC at:

*All orders are non-directed in the absence of specific instructions on where they are to be routed. Directed orders
are orders for which the customer has given specific routing instructions. All non-directed orders are routed on a
"Not Held" basis.

**Other orders include special handling orders and any orders that must be executed on a particular tick or bid.

                                              INTERACTIVE BROKERS CORP.
                                                  26110 ENTERPRISE WAY
                                               LAKE FOREST, CALIFORNIA 92630
                                                TEL: (949) 999-2100• FAX: (949) 999-2123

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