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									                               The Power Proxy Guide

What is a proxy? A proxy is a site that allows users to connect to a web address using another server. It’s used by a variety
           of people, including school children, to access myspace and other social networking sites along with
                                the working class. It has numerous uses and is widely used.

How do you start a proxy? A proxy site can be started very easily
with the basic features. Although, like all good things, a good proxy
needs to be made with a whole lot of hard work. This guide will
make the job a lot easier.
So firstly, get a domain name. Something that doesn’t have the
word “proxy” in it.
Something using the words – surf, unblock, access, myspace etc. I
suggest using namecheap or godaddy.
Here are some of the discount coupons for godaddy-
I would go for a .com and not a .info as a .com gets a lot more traffic
due to the mental mindset of the audience which is mainly myspace
addicted children.
Next you need a good host for proxy. Be very careful as most
servers don’t accept anonymous proxies to be hosted. I had hosted
a proxy on dreamhost a long time ago. They suspended my account
and only after an apology letter could I had the account reinstated.
For a beginner, I would suggest my personal favorite –
Go for the rookie plan if you don’t have much starting cash. It’s just
Now, what you need to understand is that a proxy is actually a
script designed by coders available for free which contains the basic
There are mainly two kinds of proxy sites –


PHP is a fast proxy and can be used for most basic functions.

CGI however uses more resources but is more effective in many
I will explain these later.

You can get your own proxy template

Just choose a template you like and download it. Download a CGI
only if you have a good server (dedicated and such – to get a
dedicated server –

Download the proxy template and extract the files to a folder on
your computer. Open up the folder
The green boxed file is the index.php. This contains all details about
way things are aligned on the page.
Just scroll down till you come to a spot like shown above and add
this script there

$_url_form .= ' <!-- Begin: AdBrite -->

<!-- End: AdBrite --></form>
<script src=""
<script type="text/javascript">
_uacct = "";

Replace the XXXXXXX with your adbrite code. This will place an ad
on the proxified page. Adsense cannot be used on the proxified
page. Adbrite is best alternative.

Replace the Google Analytics code with your own.

Next, open the folder. Replace the site title with your

Sometimes the ads are on the or the config.php. Find
out where the ads are and replace the adsense codes with your own
and if there is a search column with your own.
As you may know, the ads on the sites relates to the text on the
page. So, change the text on the proxy site if you want. Replace
them with something that contains IT, software and such keywords
and describe the proxy. This can double your earnings.

Now, upload these files to the host. There you go! Your proxy site is

Now for the marketing part-

Submit your proxy to as many groups as possible. Here are some of
them -



Also try to submit to as many proxy topsites –

Here are some directories as well


    1. Place the ads above the text bar and underneath the “Browse”
       button. Stray clicks can occur
    2. Apply for Adversal and place those pop-
       ups on the proxy.
    3. This is a very valuable trick that not many people know
       about. Place your logo above the ads (which are above the
       text bar).
It takes time for the logo to load up. This may cause an accidental
click on the ad. This is how high revenue proxy sites make it!

If you can afford it, try using some proxy newsletters. Many people
on Digitalpoint offer proxy newsletter services.
Try getting as many stumbles as you can. This can drive huge
amounts of traffic to your site.

Start as many proxies as you can. You can make more than
200$/month with just proxies. Invest your earnings into getting a
dedicated server and use a CGI script.

Good luck

This eBook does NOT come with resell rights. Please do not send it out
without my permission.

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