MAc os by Lakapu


									Mac OS X86 is an operating system that is the result of hacking for basic
Mac OS X Intel version. The goal is to bring the operating system Mac OS
X to Intel's PC users. After years of Apple marketed the PowerPC platform
and have for years been a Mac enthusiast who also want to feel the
nuances of using the PC in Apple's Mac computers. Precisely June 2005
Apple announced that the PowerPC platform will be abandoned and
changed to the Intel platform. This was revealed at the Worldwide
Developers Conference.
Leakage is the first operating system is version 10.4.1 which is the product
of the hack from the Developers DVD. The first attempt is to bypass the
chip Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which should be available on the
Apple Developer Transition Kit package. Rosetta (technology to emulate
the PowerPC software on an Intel platform) is one part of the operating
system that uses the TPM chip. Do not stop there, one needs of SSE3
Rosetta is not available on older Intel processors thus was born the patch
for SSE2 processors in order to function. This is done by sacrificing
computer performance declined considerably when there is no support for
When version 10.4.3 to developers launched by Apple, in it there is support
for the NX bit microprocessor. Not long after this limitation successfully
penetrated by the community of Mac OS X86.
On January 10, 2006, Apple released version 10.4.4 with Apple products
the first Intel-based Macs. These computers use the Extensible Firmware
Interface (EFI) as compared with ordinary PCs that use Basic Input Output
System (BIOS). On February 14, 2006, a user of Mac OS X86 named
Maxxus announced a patch for version 10.4.4. Only a few hours, Apple
released version 10.4.5 of the patch again by Maxxus within 2
weeks. When the 10.4.7 version was launched, two weeks after a user's
Mac OS X86 named Jas compile other patches created by SemjaZa and
announced a patch 10.4.7 although still using the 10.4.4 kernel.

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