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Profile 2011

Customer- focused,
international, innovative:
METRO Cash & Carry

 With over 700 wholesale stores in 30 countries, METRO
  Cash & Carry is the leading international player in self-
  service wholesaling.

	 	n	the	financial	year	2010,	the	company	generated	sales	of	
   about	€31	billion.

	 	 ith	over	100,000	employees	worldwide,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	
   is	one	of	the	biggest	employers	in	many	countries.

	 	 he	METRO	and	MAKRO	brands	are	mainly	targeted	at	
   professional	 customers	 such	 as	 hoteliers,	 restaurant	
   owners,	caterers,	small	food	retailers	and	offices.

	 	nternational	expansion	is	a	significant	part	of	the	corporate	
   strategy, with a focus on the Asian and Eastern European
   growth	markets.

	 	 ETRO	 Cash	 &	 Carry’s	 product	 range	 comprises	 up	 to	
   20,000	food	and	30,000	nonfood	items.	The	main	focus	is	
   on	fish,	meat,	delicatessen	goods,	wine,	fruit	and	vegeta-
   bles	 as	 well	 as	 office	 supplies	 and	 professional	 kitchen	

 In addition to high quality and a large selection of goods,
  the	most	important	performance	characteristics	of	METRO	
  Cash & Carry are the outstanding expertise in freshness,
  excellent	customer	service	and	attractive	value	for	money.	

	 	 he	assortment	available	in	the	stores	is	specifically	tailored	
   to the respective regions – up to 90 percent of the prod-
   ucts are sourced locally.

METRO Cash & Carry operates its self-service wholesale
business under the two brands METRO and MAKRO. While
the	 name	 ‘METRO	 Cash	 &	 Carry’	 was	 launched	 when	 the	
company	opened	its	first	wholesale	store	in	1964	in	Germany,	
the	brand	name	‘MAKRO’	was	used	for	international	market	
entries	in	the	late	60s	and	thereafter.	The	reason	was	that	
METRO	 signed	 a	 joint	 venture	 with	 the	 Dutch	 company	
Steenkolen	Handels-Vereeniging	(SHV)	for	the	expansion	of	
the	wholesale	business	outside	Germany.	

In	1997,	a	mutual	agreement	was	reached	between	METRO	
GROUP	and	SHV	that	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	would	buy	out	
the	European	part	of	the	joint	venture,	while	SHV	would	keep	
the business outside Europe. Since then, the entire European
business has been exclusively owned by METRO Cash & Carry
with	 eight	 countries	 (Belgium,	 Czech	 Republic,	 Greece,	
Netherlands,	 Poland,	 Portugal,	 Spain	 and	 UK)	 operating	
under	the	name	MAKRO.	In	contrast,	there	are	some	Asian	
countries	 where	 METRO	 and	 MAKRO	 are	 competitors.	 In	
Egypt, METRO Cash & Carry is present under the banner of
MAKRO due to copyright reasons.

    By	employing	a	highly	flexible	business	concept,	
    METRO	Cash	&	Carry	addresses	local	customer	needs	
    and	consumer	habits.	This	concept	is	based	on	three	
    store	formats	with	varying	selling	spaces	and	assort-
    ment	depths:

    Classic:	The	largest	store	format	with	between	10,000	
    and	16,000	square	metres	of	selling	space	is	deployed	
    primarily	in	Western	Europe.

    Junior:	This	mid-range	format	with	a	selling	space	of	
    7,000	to	9,000	square	metres	has	proven	itself	prima-
    rily	in	the	growth	markets	of	Eastern	Europe	and	Asia.

    Eco:	These	comparatively	small	store	types	with	a	sell-
    ing	space	of	between	2,500	and	4,000	square	metres	
    focus	mainly	on	fresh	produce.	The	Eco	format	is	wide-
    ly	used	in	France,	but	is	also	gaining	importance	in	
    Southern Europe and Japan.


In	1971,	the	first	wholesale	store	in	the	alpine	nation	of	Austria	
was	 opened	 in	 Vienna-Vösendorf.	 Today,	 the	 wholesale	
company	operates	12	outlets	and	is	one	of	the	leading	self-
service	wholesalers	in	the	Austrian	market.	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	
places	great	importance	on	its	responsible	purchasing	policy.	
For	instance,	in	2008,	the	company	was	assessed	and	certi-
fied	according	to	the	strict	criteria	of	the	Marine	Stewardship	
Council	(MSC)	so	it	could	offer	its	customers	even	more	fish	
and	seafood	products	from	sustainable	fishing.

Facts & figures*

Market	entry:                   1971
Head	office:                    Vösendorf	
No.	of	wholesale	stores:        12
No.	of	employees:	              1,870**

        Did you know ...
        … that METRO Cash & Carry Austria is a top
        player in the cash & carry business?

*	All	figures	based	on	status	of	METRO	GROUP	Annual	Report	2010
**Average	full-time	equivalents


In	1970,	MAKRO	opened	the	first	wholesale	store	in	Antwerp.	
Today,	the	company	has	11	stores,	which	are	distributed	stra-
tegically	across	the	country.	Customers	can	therefore	reach	
their	nearest	store	in	no	more	than	30	minutes	by	car,	which	
saves	them	time	–	an	advantage	for	restaurant	owners	and	
caterers.	The	company	is	working	to	develop	its	Eco	stores	
across the country under the METRO brand. In the Eco
stores,	 food	 products	 make	 up	 around	 90	 percent	 of	 the	
range	on	offer.	Here,	the	focus	is	on	fresh	produce,	such	as	
fruit	and	vegetables,	meat,	fresh	fish,	and	on	their	excellent	
range of wines.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:               1970
Head	office:                Wommelgem
No.	of	wholesale	stores:    11
No.	of	employees:	          2,810

       Did you know ...
       … that the two biggest stores of METRO
       Cash & Carry are located in Belgium?


In	1999,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	was	the	first	international	whole-
sale	company	to	establish	activities	in	Bulgaria.	Twelve	years	
on, METRO Cash & Carry is a successful and established trade
and business partner and its business, along with that of its
partners,	keeps	going	strong.	Today,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	
Bulgaria	operates	11	stores	in	11	towns	and	cities	and	is	the	
biggest	employer	in	the	wholesale	sector.	Moreover,	METRO	
Cash	&	Carry	Bulgaria	is	the	biggest	importer	and	trader	of	
fresh	 fish	 and	 living	 crustaceans	 and	 has	 HACCP	 and	 IFS	

Facts & figures

Market	entry:               1999
Head	office:                Sofia
No.	of	wholesale	stores:    11
No.	of	employees:	          2,485

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry Bulgaria is the
       biggest wholesale company in the country?


In	1996,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	opened	its	first	wholesale	store	
in	the	international	metropolis	of	Shanghai.	The	company	was	
the	first	to	gain	permission	from	the	Chinese	central	govern-
ment	to	set	up	chain	operations	in	all	major	cities	in	China.	
Today,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	operates	almost	50	wholesale	
stores	in	35	cities,	from	Harbin	in	the	north	to	Shenzhen	in	the	
south.	 With	 its	 group-wide	 quality	 assurance	 system	 and	
sophisticated	supply	chain	management,	the	company	set	
new	 standards	 for	 food	 safety	 in	 China.	 As	 early	 as	 2006,	
METRO	Cash	&	Carry	China	implemented	the	international	
HACCP	standard	in	all	outlets.	In	late	2010,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	
China	 introduced	 a	 brand	 new	 store	 format,	 METRO	 for	
Horeca,	for	hotels,	restaurants	and	caterers	in	downtown	city	
locations, which is a further step in adapting the business concept
to	local	market	needs.	In	the	coming	years,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	
will	continue	to	invest	and	grow	in	the	Chinese	market.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	                1996
Head	office:                  Shanghai
No.	of	wholesale	stores:      48
No.	of	employees:	            7,734

       Did you know ...
       … that the Chinese METRO Cash & Carry
       wholesale stores are open 365 days a year?


Croatia	 has	 been	 a	 popular	 holiday	 destination	 for	 many	
years.	The	increasing	number	of	tourists	visiting	the	Adriatic	
every	summer	has	led	to	strong	growth	in	the	Horeca	sector.	
METRO Cash & Carry Croatia has recognised this develop-
ment	and	offers	its	customers	a	vast	selection	of	fresh	fish	
and seafood. Successful collaborations with regional suppliers
allow METRO Cash & Carry to offer a wide range of typical
Croatian	specialities,	enjoyed	by	tourists	and	locals	alike,	with	
international brands also proving popular. Ten years after
entering	the	market,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	has	become	one	
of	the	country’s	leading	Horeca	wholesalers.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:                2001
Head	office:                 Zagreb
No.	of	wholesale	stores:     6
No.	of	employees:	           1,212

       Did you know ...
       ... that METRO Cash & Carry Croatia is the first
       company in the country to introduce the food
       safety management system ISO 22000:2005 and
       HACCP principles for all of its wholesale centres?

Czech Republic

In	1997,	MAKRO	expanded	to	Central	Europe.	Today,	it	has	
13	wholesale	stores	in	the	Czech	Republic;	three	of	these	are	
in	 Prague.	 MAKRO	 appeals	 to	 the	 people	 of	 the	 Czech	
Republic	–	in	surveys	on	the	most	popular	and	most	impor-
tant	 companies	 in	 the	 country,	 the	 wholesaler	 is	 regularly	
ranked	at	the	top.	The	major	reason	for	this	is	its	first-class	
service.	For	example,	customer	advisors	are	on	hand	at	infor-
mation	desks	in	all	departments	to	provide	comprehensive	
information	and,	in	addition,	staff	visit	their	customers’	restau-
rants	to	give	them	advice	on	planning	menus.	MAKRO’s	motto	
in	the	Czech	Republic	is	to	get	closer	to	its	customers	every	
day:	it	launched	two	drive-ins	in	2010,	it	operates	delivery	
platforms	at	all	13	stores	and	has	a	fleet	of	more	than	100	
delivery vans.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	               1997
Head	office:	                Prague
No.	of	wholesale	stores:     13
No.	of	employees:	           3,510

       Did you know ...
       ... that MAKRO Cash & Carry in the Czech
       Republic offers an assortment of more than
       210 different beers?


The	first	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	wholesale	store	on	Danish	soil	
opened	in	the	small	town	of	Glostrup,	a	suburb	of	Copen-
hagen. In the following years, further stores were opened in
Aarhus,	Kolding,	Copenhagen	and	Aalborg.	From	the	begin-
ning,	the	wholesale	company	has	placed	great	importance	on	
working	with	employees	over	the	age	of	60.	This	is	popular	
with	the	Danish	government,	which	is	making	a	concerted	
effort	 to	 promote	 the	 integration	 of	 older	 employees	 into	
companies.	Sustainability	is	also	a	big	issue	in	Denmark:	in	
Aalborg,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	opened	an	environmentally	
friendly store that uses innovative cooling technology and by
this	means	saves	63	tonnes	of	CO2 every year. This would be
equal	to	the	emission	of	an	average	car	driving	262,500	kilo-
metres	 or	 about	 6.5	 times	 around	 the	 globe.	 Moreover,	
METRO’s	five	Danish	stores	are	certified	with	ISO	14001,	an	
international	 environmental	 management	 standard,	 which	
strengthens its sustainable business approach.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:                1971
Head	office:	                Glostrup
No.	of	wholesale	stores:     5
No.	of	employees:	           499

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry Denmark places a
       strong focus on internationality and that its staff
       originate from more than 40 different nations?


With	its	booming	tourism	industry	and	steady	economic	growth,	
which	is	expected	to	grow	even	more	after	the	‘25	January	Rev-
olution’, Egypt offers all the prerequisites for setting up a wholesale
chain.	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	has	been	quick	to	recognise	this,	
and	opened	its	first	Egyptian	self-service	wholesale	store	in	Cairo,	
MAKRO	Salam,	in	June	2010	and	its	second	store,	MAKRO	Qa-
lyubia,	in	October	2010.	The	Qalyubia	store	reopened	for	custom-
ers in February after the revolution and is the only store operating
for	the	time	being,	until	the	Salam	store,	which	was	burnt	down	
during the revolution, is rebuilt. The wholesale professional offers
its	customers	a	broad	selection	of	domestic	and	international	
merchandise	under	the	brand	name	MAKRO.	The	company	thus	
continues to strengthen its presence in the growth regions of the
Middle	East	and	Africa,	and	supports	economic	development	by	
creating	around	250	new	jobs	per	store.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	                 2010
Head	office:                   Cairo
No.	of	wholesale	stores:       2
No.	of	employees:	             447

        Did you know ...
        … that in Egypt the thermometer regularly
        climbs above 40 degrees Celsius? That is why
        MAKRO Cash & Carry focuses on high refrigera-
        tion standards in merchandise transport and


METRO	Cash	&	Carry	has	already	been	operating	for	40	years	
in	 the	 land	 of	 haute	 cuisine.	 The	 company	 has	 91	 stores	
located	all	over	France	with	a	total	selling	space	of	450,000	
square	 metres.	 Most	 of	 the	 stores	 are	 Eco	 stores,	 which	
mainly	 provide	 restaurants,	 hotels	 and	 grocery	 stores	 with	
fresh produce. METRO Cash & Carry has also shown its
commitment	to	its	core	target	group	traders	–	since	2006,	the	
company	 has	 supported	 more	 than	 5,000	 independent	
traders	by	offering	them	a	tailor-made	service	to	reconfigure	
their businesses, without any franchise and without any

Facts & figures

Market	entry:                1971
Head	office:                 Nanterre
No.	of	wholesale	stores:     91
No.	of	employees:	           8,368

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry France celebrates
       its 40th birthday this year?


METRO	 Cash	 &	 Carry’s	 success	 story	 began	 in	 1964	 in	
Germany	when	the	first	store	opened	in	Mülheim	an	der	Ruhr.	
For	the	first	time,	professional	customers	and	bulk	consumers	
were	offered	the	chance	to	pick	their	own	goods	and	take	
them	away	themselves.	This	business	concept	took	off	and	in	
the following years METRO Cash & Carry was able to expand
its	distribution	network	rapidly.	Besides	METRO	Cash	&	Carry,	
C+C	 Schaper	 is	 the	 second	 German	 distribution	 channel,	
specialising	in	gastronomy	and	trade.	Today,	the	wholesale	
companies	operate	in	almost	every	major	German	city	and	in	
tourist regions.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	              1964
Head	office:	               Düsseldorf
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	   117
No.	of	employees:	          14,725

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry Germany was an
       official supplier for the Eurovision Song Contest
       2011, which was held in Düsseldorf? A wide
       range of products, such as Argentine beef, own
       brand salad sauce and pasta were delivered to
       the official catering company to serve the dele-
       gations of the 43 participating countries as well
       as the visitors of the music event.


MAKRO	Cash	&	Carry	Hellas	has	been	awarded	seventh	posi-
tion	in	the	ranking	of	the	best	companies	in	Greece	by	ICAP.	
It	should	be	noted	that	ICAP	is	the	only	company	officially	
accredited	by	the	Greek	central	bank’s	credit	rating	organisa-
tion	and	is	also	the	only	source	of	information	accepted	by	the	
European	Central	Bank	for	the	south-eastern	region	of	the	
eurozone.	In	2010,	MAKRO’s	nine	Greek	stores	were	awarded	
ISO	 9000:2008	 certification	 in	 combination	 with	 the	 ISO	
22000:2005	standard	for	international	food	safety	manage-
ment,	enhancing	its	profile	not	only	regarding	food	safety,	but	
also	customers’	satisfaction	levels.	The	launch	of	the	‘drive-in’	
project	in	2011	will	bring	MAKRO	even	closer	to	its	customers	
and	enhance	its	presence	in	the	Greek	market.	This	project	
further	 emphasises	 MAKRO’s	 commitment	 to	 customer	

Facts & figures

Market	entry:                1992
Head	office:	                Piraeus
No.	of	wholesale	stores:     9
No.	of	employees:	           1,166

       Did you know ...
       … that MAKRO Hellas is launching its e-shop
       project for office solutions this year?


As	one	of	the	first	international	wholesale	companies,	METRO	
Cash	&	Carry	already	opened	a	wholesale	store	in	Hungary	in	
1994	 –	 ten	 years	 before	 the	 country	 joined	 the	 European	
Union.	Today,	the	self-service	wholesale	company	has	outlets	
in	 12	 Hungarian	 cities	 and	 two	 in	 the	 capital	 Budapest.	
METRO	Cash	&	Carry	Hungary	operates	several	value-added	
services	 like	 delivery,	 ‘I	 love	 ...’	 programmes	 for	 Horeca	
customers	 such	 as	 pizzerias,	 restaurants,	 canteens	 and	
buffets,	 which	 were	 named	 the	 best	 Horeca	 promotion	 in	
2010.	The	wholesaler	introduced	innovations	to	the	Hungarian	
market	such	as	online	chat	customer	service	and	the	METRO	
Customer	 Academy.	 METRO	 Hungary	 is	 the	 competence	
leader	in	fish	and	its	wide	product	range	also	features	fruit	and	
vegetables,	meat,	dairy	products	and	wine,	with	the	highest	
own brand share within the MCC countries.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	                     1994
Head	office:	                      Budaörs
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	          13
No.	of	employees:	                 2,872

       Did you know ...
       ….that with its METRO Customer Academy
       METRO Cash & Carry Hungary was the first
       wholesale company in Hungary to offer value-
       added training services to its partners?


METRO	Cash	&	Carry	India	opened	its	first	wholesale	centre	in	
the	city	of	Bangalore	in	2003.	Today,	the	company	operates	six	
wholesale	stores:	two	in	Bangalore,	two	in	Hyderabad	and	one	
each	in	Mumbai	and	Kolkata.	Each	store	offers	a	range	of	about	
18,000	products,	mainly	sourced	from	local	suppliers.	The	
wholesale	company	is	a	reliable	partner	of	businesses	like	small	
retail	stores	(mom	and	pop	stores),	enabling	them	to	face	the	
challenging	market	by	offering	a	one-stop	solution	for	their	pur-
chases	and	a	steady	supply	of	high-quality	products	at	com-
petitive prices. METRO Cash & Carry India contributes to the
local	economy	by	providing	training	and	jobs.	For	instance,	the	
company	has	trained	about	44,000	sheep	farmers	and	1,250	
fishing	crews	in	improving	quality	and	output	as	well	as	upgrad-
ing logistics standards.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:               2003
Head	office:	               Bangalore
No.	of	wholesale	stores:    6
No.	of	employees:	          1,426

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry India offers an
       assortment of more than 80 different spices?


In	1972,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	opened	the	first	Italian	wholesale	
store	close	to	Milan.	Today,	professional	customers	from	all	over	
Italy	can	count	on	a	consolidated	distribution	network	of	48	
stores	in	16	out	of	20	regions	of	the	Italian	Peninsula.	The	pres-
ence of METRO in Italy is characterised by three different store
formats:	Classic,	Junior	and	Eco.	The	Classic	format	is	the	most	
established	one,	with	the	deepest	assortment	and	a	selling	
space	of	up	to	16,000	square	metres;	the	Junior	concept	was	
introduced	in	the	Italian	market	in	1994,	offering	a	smaller	alter-
native	for	less	populated	cities	and	areas;	the	Eco	format	is	the	
latest	generation	of	Italian	stores,	introduced	in	the	market	in	
1998	with	a	stronger	focus	on	Horeca	customers.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	               1972
Head	office:                 San Donato Milanese
	 	                          (Province	of	Milan)
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	    48
No.	of	employees:	           3,986

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry Italy celebrates its
       40th birthday next year? The countdown has


In	2002,	Japan’s	first	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	wholesale	store	
opened	its	doors	in	Chiba	near	Tokyo.	Up	until	then,	the	trading	
industry	in	one	of	the	largest	economic	powers	in	the	world	
was	 more	 traditional,	 with	 an	 excellent	 infrastructure	 and	 a	
multilevel	distributional	structure.	Today,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	
Japan supplies a wide range of products under one roof. The
clear	focus	on	food	is	typical	of	the	Japanese	market	–	it	makes	
up	around	90	percent	of	the	product	range.	The	Tokyo	metro-
politan	area,	which	has	a	total	of	40	million	inhabitants,	is	a	
particularly	promising	market.	

Facts & figures

Market	entry:                 2002
Head	office:	                 Tokyo
No.	of	wholesale	stores:      9
No.	of	employees:	            687

        Did you know ...
        … that all wholesale stores implemented high-
        capacity freezers to keep tuna fresh at more
        than minus 60 degrees Celsius?


Kazakhstan’s	first	METRO	wholesale	store	opened	its	doors	in	
the	capital	Astana	in	October	2009.	Since	that	time,	four	more	
new	stores	appeared	on	the	map	of	the	republic.	In	2011,	the	
plans	are	to	open	three	more	stores	in	the	west	and	east	of	
the	country.	The	product	assortment	mainly	consists	of	local	
goods	 as	 the	 main	 aims	 are	 to	 develop	 local	 suppliers	 to	
support	the	country’s	economic	development	and	to	meet	
Kazakh	 customers’	 demands.	 International	 brands	 and	
METRO own brands are also present on the shelves. METRO
Cash	 &	 Carry	 Kazakhstan	 acts	 as	 a	 socially	 responsible	
company,	providing	new	jobs,	supporting	the	most	unprotected	
groups within the population as well as helping young special-
ists	and	handicapped	people.	In	2011,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	
Kazakhstan	also	plans	to	expand	partnerships	with	Russia	for	
the	export	of	Kazakh	goods.	

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	               2009
Head	office:	                Almaty	
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	    5
No.	of	employees:	           1,042

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry is the first interna-
       tional wholesale company to work with profes-
       sional customers in Kazakhstan?


A	growing	number	of	customers	are	beginning	to	pay	atten-
tion to the quality of the food products they buy as well as the
price	–	a	demand	that	METRO	Cash	&	Carry,	with	its	huge	
variety	of	fresh	products,	is	well	equipped	to	meet.	The	range	
on	offer	consists	mainly	of	produce	made	in	the	country	and	
in	neighbouring	Romania	and	Ukraine.	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	
operates two stores in the capital Chişinău, a city with a popu-
lation	of	about	a	million	people.	The	third	wholesale	store	is	
located in Bălţi.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	              2004
Head	office:                Chişinău
No.	of	wholesale	stores:    3
No.	of	employees:	          676

       Did you know ...
       … that around 200 Moldovan red and white
       wines are to be found in METRO Cash & Carry


MAKRO is a top player in the Dutch cash & carry wholesale
market	and	a	favourite	partner	for	professionals.	Today,	17	stores	
offer	modern,	surprising	and	innovative	products	and	services.	
The highest priority of MAKRO Cash & Carry Netherlands is
customer	centricity.	With	its	extended	assortment	of	food	and	
nonfood products and additional services, MAKRO helps its
customers	to	be	successful	entrepreneurs.	Efficiency	and	con-
venience	for	entrepreneurs	are	very	important	pillars.	More	and	
more,	MAKRO	Cash	&	Carry	Netherlands	offers	successful	new	
services,	such	as	delivery,	customer	visits	and	online	services.	

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	               1968
Head	office:	                Diemen
No.	of	wholesale	stores:     17
No.	of	employees:            3,000

       Did you know ...
       … that MAKRO Feestpakketten produces more
       than 1.4 million hampers every year?


2006	was	the	year	that	marked	the	arrival	of	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	
in	Pakistan.	The	first	wholesale	centre	was	opened	in	2007	in	
the city of Lahore, which is considered not only the heart of
Pakistan,	but	also	the	food	basket	for	the	country.	Today,	the	
company	operates	five	wholesale	centres,	in	Lahore	(two),	
Karachi,	Islamabad	and	Faisalabad.	Each	wholesale	centre	
offers	a	range	of	about	20,000	products,	mainly	sourced	from	
local	suppliers.	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	Pakistan	contributes	to	
the	 local	 economy	 by	 providing	 training,	 jobs	 and	 CSR	

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	              2007
Head	office:                Lahore
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	   5
No.	of	employees:	          1,286	

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan exports
       kinnows to eight European countries?


The leading wholesaler MAKRO Cash & Carry is not just
known	for	its	wide	product	range,	but	also	for	its	consultancy	
programmes	 that	 offer	 tailored	 solutions	 for	 professional	
customers.	Starting	with	just	three	stores	in	1994,	MAKRO	
now	has	33	stores	right	across	Poland	(including	four	MAKRO	
Punkt	stores	–	a	smaller	format	for	traders)	and	plays	a	major	
role	in	helping	independent	retailers	increase	efficiency	and	
customer	 satisfaction.	 In	 addition,	 MAKRO	 offers	 advisory	
services to restaurateurs and hoteliers, as well as providing
culinary	novelties	to	the	Horeca	sector.	These	cutting-edge	
solutions	can	be	found	in	the	MAKRO	Business	Development	
Centre in Warsaw.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	              1994
Head	office:                Warsaw
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	   29
No.	of	employees:	          6,838

       Did you know ...
       ... that in recent years MAKRO Cash & Carry
       Poland has managed to train over 20,000
       entrepreneurs in business training programmes?


In	2011,	MAKRO	Cash	&	Carry	Portugal	celebrates	21	years	
of	successful	operations	in	the	market.	The	first	MAKRO	store	
in	 Portugal	 opened	 in	 1990	 in	 Alfragide,	 located	 on	 the	
outskirts	 of	 Lisbon	 in	 one	 of	 the	 country’s	 most	 important	
trade	centres.	Within	the	first	year	of	business,	the	wholesale	
company	had	already	become	one	of	the	top	players.	Since	
2000,	it	has	been	focusing	on	a	strategy	of	new	expansion	
and	remodelling	its	existing	stores;	the	wholesale	company	
not	only	presents	itself	as	a	first-class	distributor,	but	also	as	
a	 dedicated	 partner	 for	 its	 customers.	 The	 new	 MAKRO	
concept	offers	customers	numerous	useful	services,	aiming	to	
provide	even	better	support	to	small	retailers,	hoteliers	and	
caterers.	 Since	 2010,	 these	 include	 delivery	 services	 for	
customers	who	are	unable	to	come	to	the	stores	because	of	
distance or any other reason.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	                1990
Head	office:                  Carnaxide
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	     11
No.	of	employees:	            1,429

       Did you know ...
       … that Portugal leads by far in fish consumption
       per capita in Europe and that MAKRO Portugal
       thus has an average daily offer of 90 different
       sorts of fresh fish and seafood?


METRO	Cash	&	Carry	launched	its	operations	in	Romania	in	
October	1996.	Besides	the	26	self-service	wholesale	stores	that	
the	company	currently	runs	across	the	country,	METRO	Romania	
launched	a	new	store	format,	METRO	Punct.	There	are	already	
four	locations	based	on	this	concept.	With	their	assortment,	
services,	format	and	location,	the	METRO	Punct	stores	meet	
the	 business	 needs	 of	 professional	 customers	 (especially	
traders),	offering	efficient	solutions	for	their	day-to-day	activities.	
Being	the	first	international	wholesale	company	to	enter	the	
Romanian	market,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	Romania	has	always	
focused	on	the	needs	of	professional	customers	by	offering	an	
extensive	selection	of	quality	products	at	competitive	prices.	
To	further	strengthen	its	position	and	offer	customised	services	
to	its	professional	customers,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	Romania	
runs	two	competence	centres	–	the	Gastronomy	Competence	
Centre	and	the	Traders	Competence	Centre	in	Bucharest.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:                  1996
Head	office:	                  Bucharest
No.	of	wholesale	stores:       26
No.	of	employees:	             5,636

        Did you know ...
        … that METRO Cash & Carry Romania offers its
        professional customers a variety of more than
        3,000 own brand articles?


Russia	is	one	of	METRO	Cash	&	Carry’s	major	growth	markets.	
In	2001,	the	leading	wholesale	company	was	one	of	the	first	
foreign	trading	companies	to	make	the	leap	to	the	Russian	mar-
ket.	Since	then,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	has	rapidly	expanded	its	
sales	network	–	in	Moscow	and	the	Moscow	region	alone,	
12	stores	have	been	opened	in	the	last	few	years.	In	Siberia,	
too,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	already	has	seven	stores.	In	the	most	
sparsely populated country in the world, the wholesale
company	is	putting	its	expertise	in	logistics	to	the	test.	Trucks	
take	around	five	days	to	deliver	goods	from	the	headquarters	in	
Moscow to the stores in Siberia.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	               2001
Head	office:                 Moscow
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	    57
No.	of	employees:	           13,689

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry Russia launched
       its own brand vodka, Minkoff, making it the first
       wholesale company in the Russian market to
       launch an own brand of Russia’s best-known
       national product?


In	2005,	the	first	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	wholesale	store	was	
opened	 in	 Belgrade,	 the	 cultural,	 political	 and	 economic	
centre of Serbia. Today, there are six stores in the country.
METRO Cash & Carry is pursuing its strategy for success in
this South-East European country. 90 percent of its range of
about	20,000	food	products	comes	from	domestic	suppliers.	
The	company’s	expansion	to	the	Serbian	market	is	therefore	
contributing not only to the success of METRO Cash & Carry,
but	also	to	the	economic	development	of	this	Balkan	state.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	              2005
Head	office:	               Belgrade
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	   6
No.	of	employees:	          1,390

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry Serbia is the first
       company in the Serbian market to develop an
       own brand of UHT (long-life) milk?


Slovakia	is	one	of	the	newest	members	of	the	European	Union	
and	one	of	the	first	Eastern	European	countries	into	which	
METRO Cash & Carry expanded. The three wholesale stores
in	Bratislava,	Nitra	and	Zvolen	opened	their	doors	one	decade	
ago	all	in	one	day.	The	company’s	strategy	was	to	open	stores	
with	 relatively	 small	 selling	 spaces	 of	 between	 7,000	 and	
9,000	square	metres,	offering	a	range	that	focuses	on	tradi-
tional	Slovakian	specialities,	such	as	‘bryndzové	halušky’	–	
small	potato	dumplings	with	sheep’s	milk	cheese	and	bacon.	
In the last few years, METRO Cash & Carry has extended
its	 sales	 network	 further	 and	 now	 has	 more	 than	 300,000	
commercial	enterprises	among	its	regular	customers.	In	2010,	
the	expansion	in	Slovakia	continued	with	a	second	store	in	
Bratislava	and	a	drive-in	in	Trenčin being opened.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	               2000
Head	office:	                	 rague,	Czech	Republic	(busi-
                             ness	unit),	and	Ivanka	pri	Dunaji
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	    6
No.	of	employees:	           1,343

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry sells 500,000 pallets
       of goods per year?


In	Spain,	34	MAKRO	wholesale	stores	have	opened	since	the	
market	entry	in	1972,	four	of	which	are	on	the	Balearic	and	
Canary	Islands:	Palma	de	Mallorca,	Tenerife	(La	Laguna	and	
Adeje)	 and	 Las	 Palmas.	 Not	 only	 the	 large-scale	 MAKRO	
stores	have	proved	popular	in	Spain.	Since	2000,	the	Eco	
store	concept,	which	is	particularly	oriented	to	specific	target	
customer	 groups,	 has	 also	 been	 successful.	 There	 are	
currently	 12	 Eco	 stores	 in	 Spain	 and	 90	 percent	 of	 their	
product	range	is	made	up	of	food	products.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	               1972
Head	office:                 Madrid
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	    34
No.	of	employees:	           3,394

       Did you know ...
       … that, in 2010, MAKRO Spain developed
       the New Business Model for the future of the
       company? Bilbao was the first store where the
       new model was introduced. By the end of 2011,
       five more stores will be operating on the basis
       of the new model parameters.


Many	Turkish	people	rely	on	traditional	styles	of	stores	to	cover	
their	needs;	most	people	shop	at	‘bakkals’	–	small,	family-run	
convenience	stores.	For	21	years,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	has	
been providing these traders and other professional
customers	with	a	variety	of	food	and	nonfood	products	all	
under	one	roof.	The	company	is	benefiting	from	the	economic	
upturn,	as	the	population	is	growing	and	consumer	purchasing	
power is increasing. METRO Cash & Carry has introduced
numerous	European	brands	to	its	customers	and	has	contrib-
uted	to	the	modernisation	of	the	wholesale	industry.	Moreover,	
METRO Cash & Carry has a leading role in quality assurance
issues.	With	its	Fruit	and	Vegetable	Platform	in	Antalya,	METRO	
Cash	 &	 Carry	 became	 the	 first	 company	 in	 Turkey	 to	 be	
awarded	 an	 International	 Food	 Standard	 (IFS)	 logistics	

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	               1990
Head	office:                 Istanbul
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	    18
No.	of	employees:	           3,167

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry was the first
       wholesaler in Turkey to introduce the barcode


In	 2003,	 METRO	 Cash	 &	 Carry	 opened	 the	 first	 wholesale	
store	in	Ukraine.	Today,	the	second-largest	country	in	Europe	
is	one	of	the	most	significant	growth	markets,	operating	26	
classic	METRO	stores	and	two	METRO	Baza	satellite	stores.	
In	 order	 to	 ensure	 that	 the	 company’s	 quality	 and	 service	
standards	 are	 consistently	 met,	 METRO	 Cash	 &	 Carry	
provides	on-the-job	training	schemes	for	new	employees	and	
training	programmes	for	suppliers.	In	2010,	METRO	launched	
a	fruit	and	vegetable	local	sourcing	project	in	Ukraine.	The	
company	sources	fresh	fruit	and	vegetables	from	local	farmers	
in	all	18	cities	in	which	it	is	represented	within	the	framework	
of	this	programme.	

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	               2003
Head	office:                 Kiev
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	    26
No.	of	employees:	           6,579

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry was the first
       wholesaler to offer own brands in Ukraine? The
       high product quality is regularly recognised by
       independent rating organisations.

United Kingdom

MAKRO	Cash	&	Carry	UK	was	a	pioneer	of	the	cash	&	carry	
concept	when	it	started	trading	40	years	ago	and	it	continues	
to	cater	specifically	for	the	specialist	needs	of	hotel,	restaurant	
and	catering	professionals.	A	major	transformation	programme	
is	under	way	to	evolve	the	business	from	a	traditional	bricks-
and-mortar	 operator	 to	 a	 truly	 multichannel	 wholesaler.	 In	
addition	to	continued	investment	in	stores,	several	new	routes	
to	market	are	being	established,	including	a	nationwide	team	
of	field	sales	consultants,	delivery	services	for	Foodservice	
customers	and	a	pilot	exploring	drive-through	units	in	new	
locations	away	from	existing	stores.	In	addition,	the	website	
has	been	relaunched	with	a	new	look,	an	online	catalogue	and	
a	Web	shop	selling	professional	catering	equipment	at	highly	
competitive	prices.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	                1971
Head	office:                  Manchester
No.	of	wholesale	stores:      30
No.	of	employees:	            3,020

       Did you know ...
       … that with over 35,000 products under one
       roof, MAKRO UK prides itself on offering its cus-
       tomers a wide choice including innovative new
       products such as a premium vodka containing
       an edible scorpion?


When	it	entered	the	market	in	the	Socialist	Republic	of	Vietnam	
in	2002,	METRO	Cash	&	Carry	also	took	on	a	great	deal	of	
corporate	responsibility.	The	company	used	the	potential	of	this	
important	emerging	market	and	developed	it,	working	closely	
with	local	farmers,	suppliers	and	intermediaries.	Quality	and	
freshness	were	top	priorities.	In	cooperation	with	the	German	
Investment	and	Development	Association	(DEG),	for	instance,	
the	wholesaler	trained	more	than	20,000	fishermen	and	farmers	
in	modern	production	and	processing	methods.	Furthermore,	
METRO	Cash	&	Carry	is	involved	in	schemes	to	improve	the	
whole supply chain.

Facts & figures

Market	entry:	              2002
Head	office:	               Ho	Chi	Minh	City	
No.	of	wholesale	stores:	   13
No.	of	employees:	          2,792

       Did you know ...
       … that METRO Cash & Carry in Vietnam has
       trained more than 20,000 farmers and fishermen
       in food safety, modern production and the sup-
       ply chain?


Country                  Market entry    No. of stores

Austria	                     1971	           12
Belgium	                     1970	           11
Bulgaria	                    1999	           11
China	                       1996	           48
Croatia	                     2001	            6
Czech	Republic	              1997	           13
Denmark	                     1971	            5
Egypt	                       2010	            2
France	                      1971	           91
Germany	                     1964	           117
Greece	                      1992	            9
Hungary	                     1994	            13
India	                       2003	             6
Italy	                       1972	            48
Japan	                       2002	             9
Kazakhstan	                  2009	             5
Moldova	                     2004	             3
Netherlands	                 1968	            17
Pakistan	                    2007	             5
Poland	                      1994	            29
Portugal	                    1990	            11
Romania	                     1996	            26
Russia	                      2001	            57
Serbia	                      2005	             6
Slovakia	                    2000	             6
Spain	                       1972	            34
Turkey	                      1990	            18
Ukraine	                     2003	            26
United	Kingdom	              1971	            30
Vietnam	                     2002	            13

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