Obamacare by alicejenny


Kevin Xiao
History and Background
   Only 84% of Americans are insured
       14% have public insurance, 70% have private insurance
       16% (Approx. 42 million people) are uninsured
   March 23, 2010 – The Patient Protection and
    Affordable Care Act was passed
       The plan contains gradual provisions that will come into full
        effect by 2014
       The plan attempts to extend coverage while reducing costs
Current State of the PPACA
   The act has been challenged in court numerous times
     January 31, 2011 – Florida Federal Judge Roger Vinson
      rules Obama’s plan unconstitutional
     August 2011 – A 3 judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court
      of Appeals ruled that the individual mandate exceeded
      Congress’s power
   The act has had court support
       June 29, 2011 – Cincinnati court is the first to rule that
        the act is constitutional
Current State of the PPACA

            September 28, 2010
Opposing Viewpoints

         Support                                Opposition
   Everybody should be required         Government-run health care
    to have basic health care             infringes on individual rights
   Businesses can receive tax           The individual mandate is
    credits so they can provide           harmful to those who cannot
    insurance                             afford insurance
   Lowering costs for insurance         The plan is harmful to businesses
   Americans with pre-existing          Lower costs sometimes result in
    conditions can still get care         poorer coverage
   Helps seniors with Medicare by       Universal health is funded
    reducing costs                        through taxes
   Predicted to reduce the deficit      More deficit spending on health
                                          care programs
Democrats on Health Care
   Everybody will basic access to health care over time
   Insurance companies will be held more accountable
   The plan will extend the life of the Medicaid trust
Republicans on Health Care
   Healthcare (“Obamacare”) should not be a
    government-run program
     Individuals   should be able to choose their coverage
   The new act is too costly
    and comes from taxpayers
   Health insurance costs
    will actually increase
Mitt Romney on Health Care
 Wants to repeal “Obamacare” to return power to
  the states
 States should have the responsibility of developing
  health care programs that suit its residents
 Expand tax-deductions to people who buy their

  own insurance
 Federal regulation of health

  care should be limited
Rick Perry on Health Care
   Wants to repeal “Obamacare”
 Believes that the plan is unsustainable over time
 Job creation is needed so more Americans can be

  covered by employer insurance plans
 More jobs results in less

  dependence on Medicare
Michele Bachmann on Health Care
   Number one priority is to repeal “Obamacare”
   Believes the plan infringes on individual rights
   Medicare needs to be stabilized for future
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