Neosporosis in Dairy Herd by liaoqinmei


									Neosporosis in a Dairy Herd

   Jenny Cigan and Tyler Schaaf
   Herd manager for a 3000 cow dairy
   Herd is vaccinated for a variety of
    different diseases and AI is used on
    all cows
   Seeing an abortion rate of 20% in
    first lactation heifers after 4-6
    months of gestation
   Suspect Neosporosis
   Caused by very small single celled
    protozoa called Neospora canium
   Causes abortions in mid gestation in
    cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, and
   Outbreaks occur in herds that may
    be stressed from other disease or
    that have never been exposed to
    the parasite before

   Dog is the “definitive” host- where
    parasites produce infective eggs

   Cow is the “intermediate” host-
    ingests the eggs and becomes
   Two Modes of Transmission:
1. Ingestion of parasite eggs shed in
   feces of infected canines

2. Transmission of the parasite from
   an affected cow to her calf in utero

   Dogs can also be infected by
   ingesting placentas from infected
   cows, propagating the cycle

   No clinical signs either before or
    after abortion

   Diagnosed through microscopic
    examination of placentas or aborted
    fetuses or through blood tests
         Impact on Production:

   Loss of 20% of calves from first
    lactation heifers is a huge economic

   Infection lowers milk production an
    average of 760lbs per lactation

   Mastitis is more prevalent in
    infected cattle

   No vaccines or treatments for the
    disease are currently available

   Once infected, cattle have the
    disease for the rest of their life
           Control Measures:

   Prevent canines from contaminating
    cattle feed or water
   Do not leave placentas or aborted
    fetuses in the pasture for wild dogs
    to consume
   Test any new animals coming into
    the herd for Neosporosis
   Cull infected animals if feasible
             Job Security?

   Should we be fired?

   No, but action should be taken to
    insure no more infection by canine
    contamination occurs


Jenny Cigan and Tyler Schaaf

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