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Do you know that your personal habits may affect the health condition of the earth significantly?
The earth we are living on is having a fever.
Scientists have predicted that the massive use of petroleum fuel has caused global warming.
Based on the yearly temperature rise along with the increasing rate of carbon dioxide concentration in
the average tmperature will be 2 degrees higher in 2050.
What will be the possible result?
If you want to find out, please use the "Carbon dioxide emission calculator to calculate the possible am
Then, we will let you know the answer.

◎ Instruction
This claculator is consisted of three parts:
Part 1: Please fill in your basic information

Party 2: Please answers the questions based on your daily life.
         Transportation:      Check the choices of walking, biking, or your parent's vehicle. If you
                              Think about how much time does it take to go from your home to sch
        Household energy: You can look up the electricity bill of your household, subtract the re
                              Also you could calculate the amount of natural gas usage with the sam
                              or estimate yourself the average tanks used per month, and fill in the
         Wastes:              Estimate the kilograms of trash your household produce every day, an

Part 3:            This number is the kilograms of carbon dioxide you emit to the atmosphere every
                   If you want to find out about the impact of your carbon dioxide emission to the e
e earth significantly?

global warming.
n dioxide concentration in the atmosphere,

o calculate the possible amount of carbon dioxide you emit every month.

 ur parent's vehicle. If you get rides from your parents,
 go from your home to school, in unit of minutes.
household, subtract the readings to get the number.
ural gas usage with the same method. If your house uses gas tank, please ask your parents
 per month, and fill in the number.
hold produce every day, and fill in the number.

 it to the atmosphere every month.
 dioxide emission to the earth, please complete the calculation first.
  The Greenhouse Gas Calculator calculates the amount of greenhouse gas generated from transportation,
  household energy consumption, and waste per month. It is in unit of kilogram.
The calculator contains four parts, which are basic information, transportation, household energy consumption,
      consumption, and waste. The details and calculation are as below:

                                             Basic information
  Which county/city are you residing in?    Taipei County
  How many people are there in your family?         4     people
  What is the distance between your home and the school?  km


  Fill in the numbers regarding your transportation to school:
  Walking:                0        times/month        Remarks
  School bus:                            0     times/month,             0   people/ride,   0         Remarks
  Private vehicle:                      30     times/month,             2   people/ride              Remarks
  Bus:                    0        times/month        Remarks
  MRT:                   10        times/month        Remarks

                                      Household energy consumption

  The reading on your electricity bill is         600            watt         Remarks
  (Fill in the bimonthly reading)
  The reading for natural gas is                   30                         Remarks
  The average number of gas tanks used0per month is                           Remarks

  The amount of trask generated in your household per day is kg (not including recycled trash)      Remarks

  Your monthly CO2 emission is      125.594 kg
From transportation, you generated % )
                      45.17 ( 35.97      kg of CO2
From household energy, you generated )
                      67.50 ( 53.74 %    kg of CO2
          Electricity 41.20 %
         Natural gas 12.54 %
          Gas tanks     0.00 %
From waste, you generated ( 10.29 % )
                     12.92               kg of CO2


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