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PUBLISHER : STRATEGIC HUMAN SERVICES                                    VOLUME NO. 13 - ISSUE NO. 18                    ISSN 1548-6087                 May 26 - June 1, 2011


    Henson Elementary School in the Process of                                                       Freedom riders reCeive a
            Selecting A New Principal
                                          Tali Bakhit                                                tribute at the powerhouse             Nicholas Short

   (L-r) Demetrius Hobson , D’Andre Weaver, and Devon Horton, candidates for principal answers     Freedom riders who protested during the civil rights movement in the 1960’s celebrated 50th
   questions from residents.                                                                       anniversary at Powerhouse High School.
     Nine out of ten votes were given to the      was made during a forum that took place on             On May 21 at the Powerhouse,                  Babylon, the event, entitled Traveling Down
best candidate Mr. Demetrius Hobson to            Monday, May 23, 2011 at 5:30 PM in Henson’s       several singers, poets and other performers        Freedom’s Main Line: The Freedom Rides
replace Mr. Robert Pales (retiring) as Henson     auditorium. The forum was open to the             demonstrated their talents in honor of the         at 50, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the
Elementary school’s new principal by Hensons      public, where those who attended the forum        Freedom Riders—a group of protesters who           Freedom Riders’ protests. The event is part
Local School Council board. The selection                               See Henson page 3           defied Jim Crow travel laws in 1961.                                        See Riders page 5
                                                                                                         Hosted by comic and radio host Brian

    westside naaCp honors Quintet at 2011                                                                                                                           INSIDE
                                                                                                                                                                  THIS ISSUE
          Freedom Fund awards gaLa                                 Travles R. Lane                                                                                 Stage Play:
                                                                                                                                                                  Steppin into    S
                                                                                                                                                                      Love     Step
                                                                                                                                                                    “A MAN’S  “A M
                                                                                                                                                                  LOVE STORY”
                                                                                                                                                                     PAGE - 3
                                                                                                                                                                  Lane Change:
                                                                                                                                                                  our Cussing
NAACP Freedom Fund Award Honorees: (l to r) Claudell Ervin, Sonny Parker,      Guest Performer: Otis Clay is flanked on left by Freedom Fund Committee Chairman
Dee Alexander, Marzette Griffith and Richard Boykin.
     Asserting its relevance in          keeping the 101 year-old Westside
                                                                               Jacqueline Greer, and by Karl A. Brinson and Vera Davis on the right.
                                                                               Award recipients and to represent        radio, and Nicole Harvey, a
                                                                                                                                                                   may start
the dawning decades of the 21st
Century, a vigorous and vital
                                         Chapter of the National Association
                                         for the Advancement of Colored
                                                                               for an organization that remains
                                                                               prominent on the front lines of
                                                                                                                        long-time      advocate
                                                                                                                        domestic violence and CEO of
                                                                                                                                                                   us moving
Chicago Westside Branch chapter
of the century-old NAACP
                                         People vibrant and actively
                                         engaged today in the 21st Century
                                                                               the struggle to elevate the lot of
                                                                               the unfortunate and oppressed, in
                                                                                                                        the Eden Advocacy Community
                                                                                                                        Development Corporation, emceed             Foward
celebrated its 2011 Freedom Fund         struggle for black empowerment in     Chicago and beyond. Coming just          the program in the hotel’s Churchill
Awards Dinner Saturday evening
with a crisp, entertaining program
                                              “It has not been easy,” Davis
                                                                               four days after the 57th anniversary
                                                                               of the historic Brown decision
                                                                                                                             Legendary gospel and soul
                                                                                                                                                                     PAGE - 4
                                                                                                                                                                      at the
at the Best Western hotel in Hillside.   added, “but I am delighted with       ending racial segregation, the event     singer Otis Clay was the Special
     “It is so good to see the           what they have done.”                 was also attended by several local       Guest Performer and also received
Chicago West Side Branch of                   Entitled “Roots Night: One       African American dignitaries and         an award after entertaining the
the NAACP as a going strong as
a viable institution,” said U.S.
Congressman Danny K. Davis
                                         Nation. One Dream! From Whence
                                         We Came!,” the program hosted
                                         more than 300 people who joined
                                                                               broadcast on, a
                                                                               24-hour Internet TV station.
                                                                                    Art Porter, executive producer
                                                                                                                        dinner crowd with a two-song set
                                                                                                                        that included longtime gospel radio
                                                                                                                        staple “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”
(D-7th), whose wife, Vera, has been
“at the core” of resuscitating and
                                         Davis at the 4400 Frontage St.
                                         gala to honor five Freedom Fund
                                                                               of “The Crazy Howard McGee
                                                                               Morning Show” on 107.5 WGCI
                                                                                                                        and “When The Gates Swing
                                                                                                                                       See NAACP page 4
                                                                                                                                                                     PAGE - 6
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Page 2                                    The North Lawndale Community News                                                          May 26 - June 1, 2011

      North Lawndale Community News                                The North Lawndale
 Winner of the 2005 SBC Beyond the Call Award
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  Presented By Congressman Danny K. Davis &                  Our community includes those who live, work, worship in,
   Residents of the 7th Congressional District               and/or care about North Lawndale. Our focus is on positive,
                                                             productive solutions, that will improve the lifestyle of our

                                                             community members.
                                                             Board of Directors
                                                             Frank Bass, Chairman                            Dennis Deer, Director
                                                                                                                                                 ROD OUTS
        2011 Focus
                                                             Marlo Kemp, Treasurer                      Creative Scott, Director
                                                             Carolyn Lewis, Secretary                    Marlone Finley, Director
                                                             Vivian Lewis, Director                     Norman Baldwin, Director
                                                             Betty Mason, Director            Dr. Betty J. Allen Green, Director                Sewerlines and Plumbing Repair
                                                                                                                                               WATER GOING DOWN SLOW!

 Health and Education                                        Former Founding Board of Director: Larry Leonard
                                                             Advisory Board:
                                                             Cong. Danny K. Davis, Rev. Randall Harris, Fred Mitchell, Laura Wash-
                                                                                                                                            Sinks * Toilets * Bathtubs * Catchbasins
                                                                                                                                              Grease Traps * Sewerlines * Faucets
                                                             ington, Susan Munro, Marta Foster, Margaret Davis, Larry Leonard
                                                                                                                                              Hot Water Tanks * Drains * Ejector
   Ten Years has past since the New Millenium scare of                                                                                        Sump Pump * Low Water Pressure
the year 2000, a time of uncertainty. In 1999, we began                Consulting Editors and Writers:                                     Heating * Air Conditioning * Refrigeration
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Much has happened since October of 1999 when we
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research, and/or completed our workshops. We have            IT (Information Technology) Manager: Ronnie Allen
helped many and many have helped us. Health is               Staff Accountant: Kelly Florian
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pursuit of happiness in an economy driven society.           Resource Project Director: John Moore
   In 2001, our focus targeted the “Revival of the           Marketing Consultant: Dr. Shemuel Israel
Family”. In 2002, we targeted “Wholistic Wellness”.          Advertising Manager: Andre Stokes
In 2003, we targeted “Education and Training”. In            Advertising Consultant: Jim Allen
2004, the North Lawndale Community News focused              Technical Assistant:
on helping our community acquire a better quality of         Website Consultant: Lamont Simmons
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                                                                                                                                      has ended. Only
2009, the primary focus for SHS/NLCN was HEALTH              North and South Lawndale, East and West Garfield, Hum-
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        Date June 16, 2011                                                                                                                                  City & State Licensed Staff

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                           May 26 - June 1, 2011                      The North Lawndale Community News                                                                      Page 3
  Henson from front page                                                                                          Stage Play: Steppin into Love
                                                                                                                  “A MAN'S LOVE STORY”
                                                                                                                                        Calvin Muhummad

  Residents, guests, Henson staff, LSC members and current principal Robert Pales (gray suite)
  listens as candidates for principal at Henson Elementary answer questions
                                                                                                            After being present, front and center     brought about by the Art of Steppin.
 had the opportunity to ask questions of each            Julius Anderson (former Huges                  for the stage production of Steppin into      Even though there were what some may
 candidate and have those questions answered.       Elementary Principal) moderator of Monday’s         Love “A MAN'S LOVE STORY, I                   call negative scenes in the play, still that is
 The Local School Council board members             forum and Local School Council board                can truly identify with all the Real life     a part of Steppin Chicago Style.
 were responsible for selecting the new school      member says “Selecting the best candidate           situations, a man middle age, or any age         You gotta see this play for yourself,
 principal, and it was required that seven out of   was not an easy process because they all had        man, for that matter, may encounter while     so wear or bring your Steppin shoes cause
 10 votes be received for the winning candidate.    great backgrounds but as a board member my          enjoying the Art of Dancing, which we
 The Local School Council board members are         responsibility was to look for a transformational                                                 when this play is over, you will want to go
                                                                                                        in Chicago, and around the country call       out and step. The two shows in Chicago
 not only responsible for selecting Henson’s        leader.” Each LSC board member had to
                                                                                                        Steppin. Realistic, true to life, fun, and    were on May 21, 2011 - 7pm Show and
 new principal, but also are responsible for        review 30 resumes and eight out of the 30
 approving state and federal budgets for the        candidates were selected for an interview. The      relaxing is what this play is all about.      May 22, 2011 - 4pm Matinee at KKC -
 school, and acting as an advisory board.           next step was to select three out of the eight          Produced by Van Gray, and original        Kennedy King College Theatre. The next
      Also stopping by during the process was       candidates for a second interview and those         Westsider of Chicago, recounts the days       two shows are out of town in Indianapolis,
 the new Alderman of the 24th Ward Michael          candidates were Mr. D’Andre Weaver, Devon           gone past of clubs like The Rose and          Indiana at the Madame CJ Walker Theatre
 D. Chandler who stated that although he            Horton and Demetrius Hobson. It was a five          dances like Boppin, and the Bus Stop          on June 3 for an 8pm Show and on June
 doesn’t have a say in who is picked he stopped     week process of reviewing and interviewing,         gave life to what we call Steppin.            4, 2011, also an 8pm Show. For more
 by to give his support to the families and the     and Mr. Demetrius Hobson will take on the               Written in a factual but humorous way     information go to the website at www.
 school.                                                                                See page 7      the Play really is all about Relationships,

   Democrats Redistricting Plan
 Biggest Losers: African Americans
                                     Valerie F. Leonard
     Every 10 years, the State Legislature          of the State’s population (2010 Census), as
draws boundaries for Congressional, State           compared to 14.95% of the state’s population             Hurry Prices Good Until June 1, 2011
Representative and State Senate Districts           in 2000 (US Census Bureau). The African
based on the outcome of the most recent             American population, as reported by the
Census. They must make sure the districts           2010 Census, declined by 10,461, which
are compact, contain land that is contiguous        translates into less than a one percentage
(containing no breaks stemming from                 point decline over 10 years (a decline of
natural or manmade barriers) and have an            sixty-six hundredths of a percent). This also
equal number of residents. Additionally, the        represents less than ten percent of a single
State must protect voting rights of minority        legislative district. When spread across
groups as prescribed by state and federal           the current number of African American
voting rights laws. The State must make             districts this reduction is negligible. Even
sure they don’t discriminate based on race,         so, the Legislature’s proposal provides that
and provide equal protection under the law,         the number of majority African American
including upholding the “one person, one            districts be decreased, from 26 under the
vote” principle. The State must be sure             current map, to 23 under the new proposal,
to avoid drawing maps that would dilute             a magnitude of 11.5%.
minorities’ voting rights by concentrating               2. The State’s proposal provides
them in a single district, when there are           gains in representation for Latinos at the
enough to create 2 districts with majority          expense of African Americans.
minority populations. They must also make                An examination of US Census data for
sure that they do not split the minority            2000 and 2010 indicates that, as a percentage
communities into 2 or more districts where          of the State’s total population, the non-
they could never elect the candidate of their       Hispanic black population decreased by two
choice. It is within these constraints that the     thirds of one percentage point; the Latino
Lawndale Alliance and the United Congress           population increased by 3.48 percentage
of Community and Religious Organizations            points and the non-Hispanic white
(UCCRO) have evaluated the current                  population decreased by 4.17 percentage
proposal set forth by the State of Illinois.        points. However, the Legislature’s proposal
     Issues                                         results in a 50% gain of majority Latino
     1. The state’s proposal provides for a         legislative districts, increasing from 12 to
disproportionately high reduction in the            18; the loss of three majority non-Hispanic
number of majority African American                 white or districts with no clear majority,
districts relative to the reduction in              going from 139-136, or 2%; and an 11.5%
African American population between                 loss in majority African American districts,
2000 and 2010                                       going from 26 to 23. This, in spite of the fact
     Non-Hispanic blacks make up 14.29%                                         See Plan page 4
Page 4                                            The North Lawndale Community News                                                     May 26 - June 1, 2011
                                                                                                                                                       majority African American Representative
 LANE CHANGE: Stopping Our Cussing                                                                     Plan from page 3                                districts and 2 majority African American
                                                                                                                                                       Senate districts for Chicago’s West Side and
 Children May Start Us Moving Forward                                                                that the number of non-Hispanic blacks,           Western Suburbs.
        A Commentary by Travles R. Lane -                                        as a percentage of the State’s population,             4. Loss of Congressional Seat
                                                                                                     remained essentially the same over the past       Presents a Challenge to the Ability of
     As I daily avail myself of public             her own child.
                                                                                                     10 years.                                         African Americans from Chicago to Elect
transportation all over Chicago and witness              I mean, we did not even among
the coarse language, disgraceful lack of           ourselves say words like “lie” or “fart” or            We realize that race is not the sole         Candidates of Their Choice to the U.S.
manners and deficient home training of             even “hell” when I was growing up; we used        determinant of legislative boundaries. A          Congress
black children riding the buses and trains, it     substitutes such as “telling a story” and “loss   number of factors come into play, including            Because the State of Illinois’ population
struck me recently to remember a time when         his/her manners” and “go to the devil.”           geography, political considerations and           grew at a slower rate than most states in the
our youngsters knew better and behaved                   Nowadays, however, such filthy              respect for communities of interest. In a         country, we will be losing a Congressional
better. I can still recall the days when a         words as “suck,” “dork” and “jerk” are as         perfect world, the state would have 113           seat. Chicago’s three Congressional Districts
child addressed every adult he/she saw as a        commonplace on television and other so-           majority non-Hispanic white districts, 25         headed by African Americans have each lost
“Mr.” or “Mrs.” (whether they were married         called family-oriented mainstream media                                                             population and must expand boundaries.
                                                                                                     majority African American districts, 28
or not) and said “yes sir/ma’am” and “no sir/      as the “ho’s,” “bitches” and “m-f’s” you                                                            We were disappointed to read in Crain’s
ma’am to answer them.                              hear shouted daily by little black Chicago        majority Latino districts and 8 majority
                                                                                                     Asian districts. This would translate into        Chicago Business that the proposed map
     Any child who did not show all grown          children at each other on the streets and in
                                                                                                     approximately 37% of the districts being          for Illinois’ Congressional districts would
people their proper respect was known as           playgrounds throughout our neighborhoods.
ill-mannered and lacking in home training.               That the taboo sexual nature of all these   majority minority. The State’s proposal           create 3 majority African American districts
Now, I don’t know about Chicago, but               words seems to have been lost with their          provides for 54 (23%) majority minority           with 51% African American population. Our
such a child was an aberration in the black        constant mainstream use today does little         districts. The Unity Map proposal prepared        conversations with UCCRO have indicated
communities of the 1950’s and 60’s of my           to mitigate how coarse language reflects an       by UCCRO includes 57 (32%) majority               that the potential exists to draw 3 majority
childhood in Mississippi.                          explicit disregard for civility or community      minority districts with percentages of 55%        African American Congressional districts
     And little children cussing in public         among its public cussing practitioners.           or greater. Absent perfection, we urge the        with over 55% African American population.
were as unheard of as talking backing to                 But before all you other older brothers     State to adopt UCCRO’s proposed Unity                  The Legislature must ensure that
your mama.                                         and sisters out there jump to the conclusion                                                        Congressional district boundaries be drawn
                                                                                                     Map, which, more than any other proposal
     I am telling you, my sensibilities are        that our bad-mouthed little black boys and                                                          with an eye towards protecting the voting
sometimes floored by the talk and behavior I       girls are simply reflecting their exposure        in the State, respects minority communities
                                                                                                     of interest and optimizes opportunities for       rights of African Americans. This would
see and hear from children in this city every      to the smutty, nasty language of the hip-
                                                                                                     us to elect candidates of our choice.             include optimizing the opportunity for us
day. Then I wonder, how in the hell can            hop/gangsta rap culture, I say look back a
black people ever hope to have a future of         little farther to uncover the beginning of the         3. Legislature’s Proposal Provides           to elect candidates of our choice in each
progress to invest in when these are the kinds     cussing epidemic among our youth.                 Less than Optimal Opportunity for                 of the majority African American districts
of children they are raising to invest that              Because back in the days before             African Americans on Chicago’s West               in the Illinois Delegation. The lines should
hope in? Excusing the five or 10 percent of        wholesale integration in America, cussing         Side and Western Suburbs to Elect                 also be drawn to enhance the chances of
our children who may beat the odds, we are         children in black communities were as             Candidates of Their Choice.                       African Americans on the West Side to elect
effectively condemning Black America to            rare as interracial or same-sex couples on             The State’s redistricting plan keeps the     candidates of choice from the West Side of
oblivion with these loud, foul-mouthed and         television. Today, unfortunately, former          North Lawndale and East and West Garfield         Chicago.
ill-mannered youngsters we are unleashing          taboos are all too commonplace public                                                                    A Call to Action
                                                                                                     communities essentially intact, and have
in our homes and neighborhoods in ever             features of a society that pays millions                                                                 If you would like to voice your concerns
growing numbers.                                   for profane rappers and other coarse              created proposed Representative Districts 9
                                                                                                     and 10 with a majority of their populations       about the State’s legislative proposal,
     I mean I saw a 30-something looking           entertainment while lamenting the loss of
                                                                                                     being African American. However, we are           contact the following:
mother recently getting on the bus cussing         decency in our communities.
at her little nine-year-old daughter in a back-          But while mainstream American culture       concerned that the Legislature’s proposal              Senator John Cullerton (Democrat),
and-forth exchange resembling two adult            readily accommodates and even profits from        effectively creates 2 African American            President of the Senate
women having a dispute. And the daughter           nasty words and the nasty attitudes they          majority districts and 2 African American              (217) 782-2728
put her little hands on her hips and did that      flow from, Black America cannot afford            coalition districts (districts where there             Representative Michael Madigan
angry black woman, head-shaking thing as           either. And if we are to truly move forward       are two minority groups with significant          (Democrat), Speaker of the Illinois House
she delivered her own sharp responses. She         as a community in this country, we are first      population, but do not make up a majority),       of Representatives
then stood up front and essentially ignored        going to have to return respect and home          as opposed to maintaining 4 majority                   (217) 782-5350
her exasperated mother’s commands to sit           training to our children—for adults, and for                                                             Senator Kwame Raoul, Chairman
                                                                                                     African American districts that currently
down the rest of the ride.                         each other.                                                                                         (Democrat), Senate Redistricting Committee
     Unable to control the girl, the mother              We have to stop accepting the filthy,       exist on the West Side. Maps developed
                                                                                                     by the United Congress of Community                    (217) 782-5338
then spent the trip ride showing a fellow          backwards language of coarse adults from
                                                                                                     and Religious Organizations (UCCRO)                    Representative Barbara Flynn Currie
passenger the infant daughter she was              the mouths of our babies.
carrying while talking about the 9-year-old’s            Just saying.                                have shown that it is possible to draw 4          (Democrat), Chairman, House Redistricting
obstinacy as if speaking of a peer rather than                                                                                                         Committee (217) 782-8121

    NAACP from front page
   Open.” Both songs are featured on Clay’s
   new CD on his own Echo Records label.
        Prior to Clay’s closing valediction,
   the attendees enjoyed a meal of baked
   breaded breast of chicken, green beans
   and seasoned potato wedges followed by
   apple pie. Afterwards, with DJ Prince,
   aka William Linzy furnishing the musical
   background, the mostly old school crowd
   turned its attention to the object of the
   evening, the recognition of internationally
   renowned Chicago jazz and gospel singer
   Dee Alexander and four Westside men for
   outstanding contributions in their chosen
        Retired Chicago Police Department
   District 11 Commander Claudell Ervin,
   Former NBA player Sonny Parker,
   performing artist Marzette Griffith and
   attorney Richard R. Boykin, a partner with                                                                                                          Music Player: DJ Prince kept the sounds coming
   the prominent Chicago and Washington,                                                                                                               throughout the evening.
   D.C. firm Barnes & Thornburg, LLP, were
   also honored with Freedom Fund Awards.                                                                                                              early into their 40-year marriage.
                                                   Dining for a Cause: More than 300 people enjoyed dinner at the 2011 Westside Branch NAACP Freedom
        A Westside native whose career             Fund Awards in the Best Western hotel's Churchill Room Saturday (May 21).                                “I didn’t have time,” he said to loud
   journey has taken her to exotic locales                                                                                                             applause and laughter.
   around the globe, Alexander received            “Plan your work; work your plan and don’t               “That I would become commander on                A former NCAA All American and
   the Fund’s Outstanding Jazz Performer           be afraid take chances or be different,”          the West Side, and that my son would follow       Golden State Warrior first-round draft pick,
   Award and credited the “love, laughter,         Alexander advised.                                me as the alderman on the West Side, that’s       Parker was recognized for giving tirelessly
   music and something good cooking in the              Humanitarian Award honoree and               God’s work,” said Ervin, who had a 33-            of his time to mentor and nurture Chicago’s
   kitchen,” of the home she shared with her       former Village of Hazel Crest Police Chief        year CPD career, “and when you recognize          at risk youth as the founder and president
   mother and brothers for her success.            Ervin followed Alexander to the podium and        Jesus Christ as the center of everything, you     of the Sonny Parker Youth Foundation.
        The Providence St. Mel High School         cited God as the power that guided his career     can reach your goal.” The elder Ervin also        A Farragut Academy and Illinois High
   graduate also encouraged the young              and the fortunes of his son, recently sworn-      thanked the patience of his wife Thelma,          School hall of famer, he was honored with
   people in the audience to pursue their          in 28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin, who was        who he said is still waiting for the divorce he                         See NAACP page 7
   own dreams with confidence and tenacity.        also in attendance.                               was too busy to deal with when she asked out
                        May 26 - June 1, 2011                   The North Lawndale Community News                                                Page 5
  Riders from front page
of a series of Chicago performance festivals
that were inspired by Freedom Riders, a
documentary that was directed by Stanley
Nelson. (The documentary is based on
the award-winning book Freedom Riders:
1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice.)
The series was produced by the Illinois
Humanities Council and was directed by
Alice Kim, director of The Public Square.
     The event began with a clip from
the documentary, which featured vintage
footage and photos of the Freedom Riders.
The clip also included commentators that
offered descriptions the struggles that the
Freedom Riders faced.
     The first performance was made by
the Neighborhood Writing Alliance, an
organization that allows adults in Chicago
to write, publish, and perform works about
their lives. The Alliance spoke to the crowd
about how they will never forget what the                                                       North Lawndale Community News, saying
Freedom Riders have done for America and       “Sweet Chariot.”                                 that the performances were “awesome.” He
the strife that the protesters went through         Afterwards, there was a performance         noticed that the performances showed the
to achieve their goals. The Alliance talked    from the Congo Square Theatre, an ensemble       performers’ understanding of the Freedom
about the segregation that existed many        theatre company that produces theatre that is    Riders. “I think each performance was
decades ago and how African Americans          created from the African diapora and other       able to articulate how each artist saw the
had to fight against the injustice that        world cultures. Using theatre, the performers    Freedom Riders movie and just civil rights
occurred during that moment in time. They      recited several facts about the Freedom          in general,” he said.
spoke about how thankful that are to the       Riders and provided detailed backgrounds              What he liked about the event in general
Freedom Riders for their efforts.              of some of the protesters who were involved      was that it was an opportunity for people
     Next, the crowd witnessed a               in the Freedom Riders’ protests.                 with various backgrounds to join together.
performance by Ami Saraiya and Anna                 Ugochi, an Afro-soul singer, was the next   “You never really see people from different
Soltys, two singers that provoke a cross-      person to perform on stage. She sang three       walks of life—old, young, White, Black—
cultural awareness with their music. They      songs that were designed to uplift and inspire   get together for pretty much anything. It’s a
sang four songs that were related to the       people. Two of those songs she sang, “So Be      segregated town.” He thought it was “cool”
struggles of Freedom Riders and other civil    It” and “Nigeria,” were written by her.          to see people using the arts for civil rights.
rights protesters. Among the songs they             The event ended with the Young Chicago           Kim also enjoyed the performances.
sang were the classic freedom song We Shall    Authors (YCA), a group that uses creative        She felt that the performers successfully
Overcome and Sam Cooke’s famous song           writing, performance and publication to          interpreted what happened in history. She
A Change is Gonna Come. The audience,          promote self-expression. They recited four       added that the event and events like it
who knew both songs well, sang along with      poems and one monologue in honor of the          “remind us of what took place in the past,
Saraiya and Soltys. They also performed        Freedom Riders.                                  but they also help to point a way for the
original songs entitled “Change” and                After the event, Babylon spoke to the       future.” - Freedom Riders photos by Calvin


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Page 6                                            The North Lawndale Community News                                                     May 26 - June 1, 2011

                                                                     AT THE FLICKS David Schultz, film critic
                                                                         recollection to how Alan     shot in the arm y the two
                                                                         got a bald head; Stu         Russian bikers retrieving
                                                                         got an elaborate tattoo      the monkey. We are misled
                                                                         around his right eye.        to believe; but instead are
                                                                                Similar to Mike       fearful that bullet wound
                                                                         Tyson’s and the real         was more serious that isn’t
                                                                         life lawsuit from the        funny to watch.
                                                                         artist against the film                 Mike Tyson being
                                                                         and studio over belated      brought back as part of
                                                                         copyright infringement)      Alan’s surprise at the
                                                                         and later flashback in the   wedding doing a bad yet
                                                                         film’s other controversy     enthisastic karaoke of “One
                                                                         with the artist that was     Night in Bangkok”.
                                                                         supposed to be cameo                  While periodically, the film makes      joke of Po being a panda who’s suddenly
                                                                         by the scandal ridden        flashbacks to how the trio got into this mess    realizes he’s not related to the duck who
                                                                         Mel Gibson who was           from a brawl at a nightclub that continues       eventually found him as an infant in the
     THE HANGOVER PART II (*1/2)                   ultimately replaced to weak effect by              Stu’s drunken fling with prostitutes that this   basket and who raised him as his own child.
From being plausible in Vegas to ridiculous        filmmaker Nick Cassavetes when Liam                time has a “Crying Game” connection.             But later, the film hints at a inter species love
in Bangkok. More silliness than genuinely          Neeson was unavailable for re-shooting the                Even though, “The Hangover, Part 2”       interest between the bumbling but determined
funny. As expected, The Hangover, Part             scene.                                             delivers what is expected. It doesn’t improve    panda and the more powerful and skillful yet
II” tries to create its own encore buzz in             While, Phil on the floor unconscious with      on the premise, by changing the location; In     concerned Tigress (Angelina Jolie).
a different locale. The end result leaves a        a drug dealing spider monkey that licking a        order to duplicate the laughs, which are far         Po’s concerns turns out to be connected
bit more of a bitter after taste through its       severed human finger and a missing Teddy           and few in- between this cinematic fiasco.       to the film’s opening prologue in which a
absurdity.                                         inside a shoddy village motel somewhere in         R; 103min. A Warner Bros. Pictures               banished, evil peacock, Lord Shen (Gary
          This time, Stu Price (Ed Helms) is       the crowded market district of Bangkok.            Release – Presented at selected theaters         Oldman) vows revenge on China by altering
wedding bound for Thailand to marry Lauren              Also amidst this pass-out trio under a         KUNG FU PANDA 2 (***1/2) Where                  his destiny of defeat from a black and white
(Jamie Chung), daughter to a wealthy,              pile of clothes is the party-loving Asian drug     some movie sequels fail to have enough kick      opponent that was foretold by a soothsayer
uptight father who thinks little of Stu and his    dealer businessman, Mr. Chow (the hilarious        as the initial film, DreamWorks Animation’s      (Michelle Yeoh).
dental profession that he considers beneath        jive talking Ken Jeong) who invites to the         “Kung Fu Panda 2” manages to prove to                  When Shen with his army has created
being an actual doctor against his adored 16       nuptial by Alan without telling Stu and            be the exception to the rule. There is also a    a cannon weapon intended to destruct
yr old med school trainee, genius son, Teddy       Alan. While Doug is with the bride her folks       fresh and solid energy that not only makes       kung fu that would allow him to take
(Mason Lee)                                        and Phil’s wife, receiving periodic phone          “Kung Fu Panda 2” better than the original.      control of China.          Po embarks on this
    A week before his departure, Stu reveals       calls from the duo, trying to hide what has        But firmly establishes itself as a               mission to stop this old adversary that
during Phil’s (Bradley Cooper) dental              happened. as the wadding day approaches.             “Po”-tential movie franchise that could        happens to have his own “parental issues”.
appointment his impending nuptials,                        Mr. Chow is about to reveal to Alan,       create its own trilogy and beyond like what      When Po occasionally encounters memory
inviting Phil along with Doug (Justin              Stu and Phil what occurred the night before.       was achieved with “Shrek”.                       disturbances that disrupts his concentration
Bertha) But not the crass man-child-like           When Mr. Chow suddenly seems to have                       Full of more colorful depth and style    in battle that eventually leads to Po having
Alan (Zach Galifianakis) whose already             overdose from his blow. The guys become            along with an expanded sensed of humor           to learn about the importance of inner peace
heard it through the grapevine. But stays          nervous and put Mr. Chow’s body inside the         beyond the expected                              from Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) that
brooding and confined to his bedroom               hotel’s ice machine.                               girth jokes and bumbling humor, The              plays into the film’s battle finale
awaiting his overdue, formal invitation.              From this chaotic situation that eventually     addition of the 3D effect greatly enhances           And Po eventually recalls what happened
          Of course, Stu well remembers the        turns out to another plan gone wrong from          the martial arts battle sequences and depth      to his natural parents who sacrifice their lives
chaos Alan caused in the initial “Hangover”        Alan, “The Hangover , Part 2” evolves              to the scenery that is glorious as it’s is       during a brutal uprising in which Lord Shen
film and doesn’t want to invite Alan. This         from a weak comedy with naughty bits and           adventurous. In “Panda 2” one’s rightful         initially ordered to kill all pandas in hopes
leads to Phil being recruited to change Stu’s      dark tendencies into a warped mystery. As          origins versus another foretold destiny are      of prevents the soothsayers’ prediction.
mind by coaxing him to visit Alan who              the trio set out to find a missing Teddy that      headed on a collision course. When Po (Jack      And later offers a surprise ahead of the end
has locked himself in his room inside his          leads to incidents with a Russian biker who        Black) is sent into battle with his fellow       credits that Po is unaware of that obviously
father’s (Jeffery Tambor) house.                   want their monkey back who happens to be           martial arts masters, the Furious Five to        hints a third chapter in the future.
   Ultimately, the wolf -pack is reunited and      carrying the bank account code number that         handle a disturbance in the village against             Initially develop under an alternative
set out for Thailand to meet Lauren’s family       is now needed in an exchange for Teddy             wolf bandits.                                    title, “The Kaboom of Doom”, DreamWorks
that is almost ruined by an awkward speech         with Mr. Chow’s business partner, Kingsley              Po notices an emblem on the sleeve of       Animation’s “Kung Fu Panda 2” firmly
from Alan who resents Teddy whose been             (Paul Giamatti).                                   one of the bandits that triggers a portion       provides more action, better story line,
invited to join the wolf pack on the beach               As you might be able to tell, “The           of a suppressed childhood memory. This           dazzling visual effects, and amusing jabs
for one campfire drink. Against the wishes         Hangover, Part 2” obviously follows the            incident makes Po return to his foster parent    that offers something for everyone without
of the bride to be that only wanted a non          same path as the original. But this film           duck, Mr. Ping (James Hong) to question          losing its oriental influences to establish
alcoholic bachelor brunch in a diner.              often made me feel uncomfortable with its          who he really is and suddenly discover that      its moral message of :letting go” through
     Naturally from that one drink; Stu, Phil      sudden burst of violence. Since as when Phil       he has “daddy issues” on where did he come       loyalty and responsible to what matters in
and Alan slowly awakened without any               tries to ask a question, only to get suddenly      from.                                            the presence than the past.
                                                                                                       When he was an infant abandon in basket.        PG; 90min. A DreamWorks SKG Picture
                                                                                                        Of course, the film makes a modest running     Distributed through Paramount Pictures.
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                              THE NORTH LAWNDALE COMMUNITY NEWS
                               CLASSIFIED MARKETPLACE
    Do You Have Something to Buy, Sell, Trade, Rent or Announce?
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             Here In the North Lawndale Community News
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                          FOR RENT                                                          LEGAL NOTICE
APARTMENTS FOR RENT Perfect                APT FOR RENT Coach House, 4 bdrm,              A NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN,
for seniors, Well kept,Gorgeous,Quite,     2ba, kit inclds appl, security system, fully   pursuant to “An Act in relation to
Secure,Avail.Now                           renovated, conveniently located near           the use of an Assumed Business
Two Bd. Incl. Appl, Heat, Hot Water,       transportation and shopping area. Tenant       Name in conduct or transaction of
Lndry & Strg.Rm, Hrdwd Flrs,               pays own untils, security required. Rent       Business in the State,” as amended,
Beautiful Bck.Yrd. 950 N. Kildare,         $1250 Call (773) 505-3642                      that a certification was filed by the
Newly       Renovated,Large,     very      2 ROOM FOR RENT $400-$450.                     undersigned with the County Clerk
nice, Three Bd. Quite, Secure. Incl.       13th & Kildare, 3rd Fl. Men preferred.         of Cook County under file No.
Appl,hot water,Strg.Rm 1650 S. St.         Call (773) 885-0968                            D11125918 on April 21, 2011 under
Louis. 773-838-8471                        FOR RENT 2, 3, 4, AND 5 BDRM                   the Assumed Name of Fair Shake
APT FOR RENT Two (2) Bedrooms,             HOUSES AND CONDOS. Newly                       Music with the business located 3141
Living Room/Dining Room Newly              remodeled with appliances. Some of             W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago, IL 60612.
Remodeled Kitchen and Bathroom             my units have heat included and some           The true name and residence address
Enclosed Backporch, Heat Included          have no security. 3506 W. Huron and
Location: Cermak and Keeler (1st FL),
                                                                                          of the owner is Willie Barney 1326 S.
                                           2115 W. Farwell, both one bdrm. 2133           Troy, Chicago, IL 60623.
Chicago, IL Rental Fee: $800.00 Plus       W. Howard, 2 bdrms, 1840 S. Harding
one month security deposit For more
information call 815-577-0773
APARTMENTS           FOR     RENT      -
                                           4 bdrms, hardwood floors, washer,
                                           dryer, and dishwasher. (no security).           Henson               from front page
LAWNDALE AND AUSTIN AREAS 2                3708 W Lexington 3 bdrm condo,                 new position as Henson’s new
bedrooms $775 – 2416 W. Roosevelt. 1       first fl, hardwood flrs, washer, dryer,
                                           and dishwasher. 3840 W. Van Buren 4
bedroom $675.00 @ 320 N. Mason and                                                              Robert Pales, Henson’s retiring
Studio apts - $585.00 @ 320 N. Mason.      bdrms and 4300 W. Adams 4 bdrms.
Immediately available. 1 month security    Call Vincent at 708-473-5464.                  Principal has been in his position for
Plus 1st month rent required. No Pets,                                                    20 years and served as an educator
Contact Ms. Kilgore (773) 447-7377 or
9712, Also Commercial space available @
                                            ART PROGRAMS                                  for 35 years. Pales was a teacher
                                                                                          for five years, he then took on the
2416 W. Roosevelt.                         Urban Art Retreat at 1957 S. Spaulding         responsibility as master teacher/
                                           offers free programs onsite including-
     ROOMS FOR                             Women's Residence, Adult Art Studio,
                                                                                          facilitator for 10 years--and then
                                                                                          became the Principal of Henson
                                           Group Discussions,          Art Gallery
       RENT                                receptions, Children's Program, volunteer
                                           opportunities; & subcontracts to provide
                                                                                          in which he has served for 20
                                                                                          years. Pales says “Henson is my
ROOMS FOR RENT 1654 S.                     Therapeutic Art Program for other              home away from home but I want
Homan $350/month. Utilities                organizations. UAR offers services             to leave in good health, travel and
                                           for artists & non-artists. Visitors Day        relax.” Because of Pales’s love
includedl Men preferred. (773)             is Saturdays from 11-3 p.m. Currently
557-9421                                   compiling a list of adults and teens who       for education after retirement he
                                           want paid apprenticeships. Check out the       plans to continue to serve in the
   HELP WANTED                             website!               field of education by consulting and
                                                                                          becoming a Principal coach. Robert
Woman for live-in position in                                                             Pales’s last day as a Principal of
                                           remarks of the programs as he declared         Henson elementary school will be
Wisconsin. Cleaning, cooking and           the organization remains engaged
helping with personal affairs, all                                                        June 30, 2011.
                                           in “the civil rights challenges” on a                 Markus Thorne a community
expenses paid including food and           “daily basis.” He also identified job
lodging, call 920-206-1654                                                                advocate and instructor for the
                                           fairs, workshops, and ex-offender              “Young Men Education Network,”
NAACP from page 4                          services among the many tools being
                                           employed by the branch to impact
                                                                                          a partner of Henson says “I have
                                                                                          worked with Principal Pale for 1
an Outstanding Achievement in              the poverty and apathy that hinder             year and he has done an exceptional
Youth Development Award, which             growth and development of Westside             job, his door is always open to his
he shared with his wife, Lola.             communities from North Lawndale                staff and he has great leadership
      “It’s all about giving back,”        to Austin.                                     skills.” Thorne believes that it
said Parker, who played six years in             According to the online                  takes a great leader to become a
the NBA with the Warriors before           website      http//www.encyclopedia.           school Principal and this is what
founding the foundation that bears, the Chicago                the students, staff and community
his name in 1990. “I have never            branch of the National Association             are looking for. Thorne adds “We
forgotten I come from the West Side.       for the Advancement of Colored                 are looking for someone that loves
      “I’ve had a lot of awards, but       People was organized in 1910 as                kids and their families, someone
this is the best one I’ve gotten.”                                                        who communicates well, someone
                                           “a vigilance committee” within the
      Boykin, who specializes in                                                          who is a servant and willing to get
                                           larger national organization, which            their hands dirty, and someone
lobbying the federal government on         was found in 1909. And from that               who can deal with the board of
behalf of major organizations and          “Committee on the Negro,” the                  education, staff and community.”
institutions nationwide, received an       chapter has been at the forefront of           Although Thorne said that he really
Outstanding Humanitarian Award             community activism on the Westside             liked candidate D’Andre Weaver,
and Griffith was recognized with           and throughout Chicago.                        he believes that Demetrius Hobson
an Outstanding Performing Artist                 And with crime, poverty and              will take the position because he had
Award.                                     massive budget cuts at every level             a great presentation and a certain
      The program, which paid tribute      of government threatening to plunge            confidence about him that made
to late chapter leaders Nola Bright,       the Westside into an ever more                 everyone feel comfortable able him
Anita Hines and Mattie K. Moore,           distressing depression, Brinson                taking on such a huge responsibility.
was also an occasion to recognize          declared, “The NAACP is needed                 While it is official that Hobson will
a quartet of accomplished young            now more than ever.”                           take on the new position as Henson’s
Westside NAACP members, who                      While giving Brinson the major           Principal the students, staff and
exhibited their talents in introducing     credit for the renewed energy and              community are looking forward to
the honorees. Whitney Young High           activity that continues to ensure the          the great journey that will involve
School graduate Patrick Easley             Westside NAACP, Davis, whose                   their new transformational leader.
joined 8th graders Tevis Jackson and       wife preceded Brinson as branch                      For more information about
Jessica Bailey onstage along with          president, added, “As long as there            Henson Elementary School call
6th grader Janeicia Williams, the          are those who are downtrodden,                 (773) 534-1804
daughter of Westside branch third                                                               Henson is located at:
                                           persecuted and denied the opportunity
vice president Deborah Williams.                                                                1326 South Avers Avenue
                                           to have their own, and do what they                  Chicago, IL 60623-1398
      Westside Branch President Karl       want there,” the NAACP will always                   (773) 534-1804
A. Brinson provided the opening            be there, and always be relevant.”
Page 8                         The North Lawndale Community News   May 26 - June 1, 2011

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