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									UITP Mobility
& City Transport
   1 An
    st nounce

11-14 April 2011
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

 UITP Mobility
 & City Transport
 Exhibition 1st Announcement
 11-14 April 2011
 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For over 125 years now UITP has been advocating for sustaina-
ble mobility and better public transport for our cities and urban
centres. Efficient public transport means a better quality of life
for our citizens and a more sustainable future for all.

The UITP Mobility & City Exhibition supports and empowers this
approach and it has established itself as a reference in the world     Since the initiation of projects such as The Palm, Dubai has be-
of public transport. This multimodal international meeting is a        come world-renowned as a destination where dreams become
unique opportunity to nourish ambitions, bring new ideas and           built reality. The Emirate is also stepping boldly forward in the
materialise new projects.                                              transport sector, promoting major projects and realizing new
                                                                       ideas for first-rate infrastructure.
This is the first time that UITP organises its Mobility & City Exhi-
bition in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The          Jebel Ali Airport, for example, has been planned on an unprece-
UITP MENA Division was established in 2005 but over this short         dented scale. In the final stage, six parallel runways and gigan-
period the number of projects in the region has grown in an            tic cargo and passenger facilities will provide huge capacities.
exponential manner.                                                    Several urban developments have been planned adjacent to
                                                                       the airport complex to accommodate business, exhibition and
Dubai was among the first cities of the region to recognise the        residential needs. Jebel Ali will be a superlative example of in-
role public transport plays in the development of urban centres        ter-modal mobility -a closely-meshed interface of airport and
and to embrace a radical mindset shift with the development            harbor facilities, mass transit systems and motor ways.
of an ambitious multimodal system supported by visionary po-
licies.                                                                Dubai Metro will be the first highly efficient commuter rail sys-
                                                                       tem on the Arabian Peninsula. The system, featuring fully auto-
The conditions are all met to enable operators, organising             matic driverless trains, enclosed air-conditioned stations and an
authorities and public transport industry to showcase their la-        e-ticketing system, will define a new standard of comprehen-
test innovations, operating skills and solutions. The exhibition       sive quality in public transport.
will help them to develop business opportunities and fully bene-
fit of the networking facilities offered by UITP in a booming          In order to cater for this growth, we are committed to developing
market.                                                                an extensive and integrated public transport network, not only
                                                                       within Dubai and the UAE, but in the entire MENA region. We
I look forward to you joining us for this key moment for political     thus recognize the importance of this prestigious congress and
decision makers and public transport professionals worldwide.          exhibition and are proud to host the 59th UITP World Congress
                                                                       and Mobility & City Transport Exhibition in 2011.

Hans Rat                                                               Matar Al Tayer
UITP Secretary General                                                 Chairman of the Board and Executive Director
                                                                       RTA, Roads and Transport Authority
    Middle-East And North Africa:                                                                MENA:
                                                                                                 The 2nd annual growth
    On-going and planned investments                                                             rate for rail systems
    (As per April 2009)                                                                          for 2005-2015:
                                                                                                 +22,3% per year (source: UNIFE)
         • Algiers metro (9 km, 10 stations): €900 Million (Operation in 2009)
         • Extension of Algiers’ metro (total : 5.7 km and a multimodal station): €360 Million (Source: Entreprise du Métro d’Alger)
         • Tramways of Oran (18 km, 32 stations) and Constantine (8 km, 11 stations): €660 Million (Source: Alstom) by 2011

         • Monorail (23 km by 2011, 83 km by 2030): US$ 1 Billion (Source: Scomi)

         • Cairo metro line 3: €884 Million by 2022 (Source: Egyptian National Railways)
         • Alexandria: Improvement of the transport infrastructure: €358 Million by 2011

    Iran (Source: Iranian Union of Urban Railway Companies).
    By 2030:
        • 388 km of urban and suburban rail lines in and around 7 cities
        • 181 rail stations
        • US$ 20 Billion investment in rail systems (approved budget)

    Morocco (Source: Ministry of Interior)
         • Tramway of Rabat-Salé: 2 lines, 19.5 km, €320 Million by 2010
         • Tramway of Casablanca: 1 line, 28 km, €575 Million by 2012
         • Casablanca’s urban rail network by 2025: 4 tramway lines (76 km), 1 metro line (21 km, 20 stations),
           1 suburban line (60 km) with an estimated total investment of €4 Billion

         • Amman-Zarqa light rail line (26 km, 12 stops): US$ 332 Million by 2011 (Source: Railway Gazette)
         • Amman Bus Rapid Transport feasibility and design study ongoing (Source: Greater Amman Municipality)

    Kuwait (Source: Kuwait Overland Transport Union, Ministry of Public Works)
         • 165 km metro network (4 lines): US$ 11.3 Billion by 2015 presently at design stage

         • Qatar rail network including Doha metro system: US$3.0 Billion (Source: GulfBID) presently at design stage

    Saudi Arabia
         • Arriyadh light rail (40 km, 2 lines, 40 stations): US$3.0 Billion (Source: Arriyadh Development Authority) presently at design stage
         • Mecca light rail (Al Mashaheer): US$2.8 Billion (Source: Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs) presently at bidding stage

         • Damascus metro (16,5 km) by 2016 presently at design stage (Source: Damascus Government)

    Tunisia (Sources: RFR and STT)
         • Suburban rail network (4 lines, 81 km): €1.7 Billion by 2021
         • Tunis bus network: €120 Million by 2011
         • Tunis light rail network: €228 Million by 2011

    United Arab Emirates
      Abu Dhabi (Source: Department of Transport)
         • 1000 more buses by 2015
         • Plans by 2030: 131 km of metro and 340 km of tramways

         Dubai (Source: RTA)
         By 2020:
         • 318 km of Metro Lines (4 lines of which 2 lines to open in 2009-2010): US$6.3 Billion
         • 268 km of Tram Lines (7 Lines): US$2.5 Billion
         • 90 new Bus routes covering 2500km and equipped with 2000 buses: US$600 Million
         • 5 new water ways covering 210km and equipped with 57 water taxis/buses: US$ 500 Million

                                                                                                      And more to come!
UITP Mobility
& City Transport Exhibition                                              Exhibit Categories
                                                                         Reflect the diversity and the complete array of solutions for
11-14 April 2011                                                         the global market in urban and regional collective transport.

Dubai,                                        wer yo
                                                                     ➢   n ➢Components for rolling stock

United Arab Emirates                     Empo         011
                                                                     ➢   n ➢Consultants

                                              re for 2               ➢   n ➢E-ticketing and fare management

                                                                     ➢   n ➢Electrification equipment
You may use the enclosed entry-form                                  ➢   n ➢Financial services

on which conditions, prices and stand                                ➢   n ➢Fuels and lubricants

                                            your st
arrangements, and the choice between                                 ➢   n ➢Hardware/equipment software

non-equipped area or shell scheme are                                ➢   n ➢Infrastructure management

indicated. The UITP exhibition team is at                            ➢   n ➢ITCS Intermodal Transit Control Systems

your disposal for any assistance you may need                        ➢   n ➢Maintenance equipment for rolling stock

with your choice. The enclosed form should be completed              ➢   n ➢Rolling stock

and returned so that we can allocate and reserve your stand.         ➢   n ➢Rail, road

                                                                     ➢   n ➢Professional Organisations, associations, authorities,
Bookmark our website http://www.uitp.org/dubai2011
                                                                         n ➢contractors, holdings, mobility operators
Download your entry-form or stay tuned to the latest updates
                                                                     ➢   n ➢Radio & telecommunication
on the UITP Mobility & City Transport Exhibition.
                                                                     ➢   n ➢Signalling and traffic control

                                                                     ➢   n ➢System integrator

                                                                     ➢   n ➢Station construction and equipment

                                                                     ➢   n ➢Technical publications and publicity

                                                                     ➢   n ➢Track building and maintenance

                                                                         n ➢Travel Information

                                                                     ➢   n ➢Tunnelling

                                                                     ➢   n ➢Urban furniture

                                                                     ➢   n ➢Urban planning and engineering

                                                                     ➢   n ➢Waterborne transport

                                                                     ➢   n ➢And others …

                                                               Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC)
                                                               Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center (DICEC)
                                                               located at the heart of Dubai’s key business district on sheikh Zayed
                                                               Road and forms part of the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).
                                                               It is less than fifteen minutes from Dubai International Airport,
                                                               major shopping malls, golf courses and beach. Dubai International
                                                               convention and Exhibition Centre offers superior and spacious design
                                                               and multipurpose functionality in the heart of our pulsating city.
UITP bi-annual exhibition:                                     www.dicec.ae

THE outstanding platform                                       Organiser
                                                               UITP, International Association of Public Transport
for the industry, and now                                      Rue Sainte-Marie, 6
                                                               BE-1080 Brussels, Belgium
for operating companies too                                    Tel: +32 2 673 61 00

In the Vienna 2009 edition, these operating companies          Contact person: Hicham Badran, Head of Exhibitions
showcased their expertise and projects:                        Tel: +32 2 661 31 86
                                                               Fax: +32 2 660 10 72
ACTM (Italy) - ANM (Italy) - ATAF (Italy) - CO.TRA.            E-mail: hicham.badran@uitp.com
L S.p.A.(italy) - CTM (Italy) - GAUTRAIN (South Africa)
- GRAZ AG Verkehrsbetriebe (Austria) - ISTANBUL ULASIM         Local Host
A.S (Turkey) - LeNORD (France) - MET.RO (Italy)                RTA
                                                               PO Box 118899
                                                               Dubai – United Arab Emirates
(Russia) - Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) (Austria)        Tel: +971 4 206 5648
RATP (France) - SMRT (Singapore) - SOTRA (Cote d’Ivoire)       Fax: +971 4 206 5220
STIB (Belgium) - SZEGED TRANSPORT Ltd (Hungary)
TRAMBUS (Italy)- WIENER LINIEN GmbH & Co KG (Austria)

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