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					Tips on choosing good service apartments

Many Travelers are now choosing for luxury service apartments instead of hotel rooms. There can be many
applicable reasons to stay at service apartments than to stay in a hotel.

In Service apartments we can have a luxury life to stay like our own house. It has one or more bedrooms,
with a living room and a dining hall with dining table, sofa, and table. As many people can occupy the
service apartments, there is no limitation to occupy and you are not charged per person per night. So if you
are going for a vacation of about four to five people, you can actually get a luxury service apartment with an
Air conditioned bed rooms with double cots, foam mattress and pillows.

Service apartments are cheaper than a hotel rooms, it works out even more economical if you are a family or
a bigger group. If you are traveling in a larger group, you can find luxury serviced apartment accommodation
to suit your needs and requirements and have your own private party.

A luxury serviced apartment in Chennai will be more spacious than a hotel room. Plus you have a telephone
with intercom facility, 24 hours room service, car parking facility, free cost of mineral water and 24 hour

Most of the apartments in Chennai offers televisions in the very least, through though some also have DVD
players and music systems. And they come with a weekly maid service and linens are included.

Practical tips on choosing the best service apartments:

Choosing a right location

It is important that you choose a service apartment that is built on a location that is both convenient and is not
pricey. In determining whether or not the location of a particular apartment is good for you, you should
consider its distance to your place. You should also ensure that the rent of service apartment should not be
more costly.

Apartment facilities

As a general rule, when we speak of service apartments, the term facilities or amenities, as the case may be,
is already synonymous with such types of apartments. Despite the choices available, you should make sure
that the apartment that you pick has superior amenities that will make your stay an enjoyable one.


This should be a paramount consideration aside from the cost and location. Living in a well-designed
apartment is pointless if it will increase the risk to your life or property. You should ensure to choose from
among the serviced apartments the one that is safe and secured.

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Description: Service apartments are more comfortable than traditional hotel rooms.You have more space, comfort and privacy, just like your home.Above all,service apartments are more economical than hotel rooms