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             Patient Interviews                                       Impressions / Models                                        Occlusion Rim/Set-Up Evaluation
Communication is an important factor for a successful                                                                          1. Place the maxillary
denture. It is imperative that you obtain all of the                                                                           occlusion rim/setup orally
                                                             2                            Maxillary Arch                       and evaluate the midline
patients expectations of the dentures and if they are
acheivable. If these expectations cannot be met, then the                                                                      position, length and lip
patient should be referred to a specialist.                               1                                                    support of the teeth.
                                                                                                           5                   (Please note: The occlusion rim
                                                                                                                               teeth, if included, are an abitrary      Occlusion Rim
Here are several key questions to ask your patients to           3                             4                               shade and are used only for
help uncover their expectations.                                                                                1          2   placement determination.)

1. How long have you been wearing your present                    4                                3                           2. If needed, adjust the
   dentures? ( If the patient has worn their dentures for                         5                                            teeth by heating the wax
   longer than 8 years, their bite may be collapsed and                                                                        with a hot spatula and
   require opening to normal jaw relationship.)              1. Incisive Papilla              4. Maxillary Tuberosity          moving them. Check to
                                                             2. Labial Frenum                 5. Hamular Notch                 make sure the midline is
2. Do you have any sore spots or difficulties eating?        3. Buccal Frenum                                                  correct with proper lip
   (This may indicate the need for tissue conditioning
                                                                                                                                                                       Lip       Midline
                                                                                                                               support checked from a                Support
   over a few days before impressions.)                                                Mandibular Arch                         side profile.
3. What would you like to change most about your                                                       8                       3. Also, verify that the length of the central incisors is
   dentures? (The information gathered should be                              6       7                                        appropriate both while the upper lip is relaxed, and
   detailed and specific.)                                                                                                     during smiling (it may be helpful to moisten the wax or
                                                                                                                               the inside of the lip with vaseline to prevent the lip from
4. Are you happy with the color and shape of your                     9                                                        sticking). After you are satisified with the position of the
   teeth? (This provides the opportunity to suggest           8                                                7               teeth, make sure they are well secured in the wax.
   premium teeth for the denture.)                                                                 6

5. Are you looking for a more natural or a “Hollywood”
                                                             6. Labial Frenum                  8. Retromolar Pad                                         Smile                 Incisal
   type tooth arrangement? (You need to find out if they
                                                             7. Buccal Frenum                  9. Mylohyoid Ridge
                                                                                                                                                          Line                  Edge
   prefer a rotated/characterized or perfect/straight
   type of tooth arrangement.)
                                                                      Recommended Impression Materials
All of the information gathered from this interview will     • Irreversible Hydrocolloid (Accu-Dent)                           4. Determine the appropriate shade and mold of
help guide you to a successful denture. Please list all      • Alginate (Jeltrate)
                                                                                                                               denture teeth you desire for this case.
pertinent information required for fabricating the denture   • Vinylpolysiloxane (Capture, Imprint, Take 1, Aquasil,
on the prescription form.                                    Splash, etc.) Light, regular or monophase viscosities
                                                             recommended                                                       5. Establish the vertical dimension and/or centric
                                                             • Polyether                                                       relation and return the occlusion rims to us.

   1st Appointment                2nd Appointment              3rd Appointment                           4th Appointment                 Occlusion Rim....................... 3 days In Lab
1. Oral Examination        1. Occlusion Rim Evaluation     1. Wax Try-in Evaluation                1. Deliver finished denture
2. Patient Interview       2. Establish Vertical Dimension                                                                               Wax Try-In..............................5 days In Lab
3. Impressions             3. Specific Rx Information                                                                                    Process and Finish............... 5 days In Lab

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                                                               Bioform, Bioblend, Biotone, Ivoclar Chromascop and more
                                                                           Bleached Shades also available!

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