Wildlife – A Major Tourist Attraction of Rajasthan by ajaykr88


									Rajasthan is the largest and one of the most visiting states of India located in northern region. The
state is equally popular among Indian and foreign travelers come from several countries around the
globe to be the witness of this remarkable land. Mostly people know this royal Indian landscape for
magnificent forts and palaces, historical ruins, rich culture and heritage, desert safaris and sand
dunes. But wildlife is also at the best in Rajasthan, it is a most deserving touring option and essence
of this state. About four vastly expanded national parks and fifteen sanctuaries are located in vicinity
that equally tempt to nature and adventures enthusiast as well from different countries. Now have a
look at major wildlife tourist attractions of Rajasthan.

The beautiful state of Rajasthan is delightfully blessed by the diverse topography and climatic
conditions. Oldest Aravalli hill ranges and golden Thar Desert are essence of landscape of Rajasthan
and adobe of several remarkable species of flora and fauna well protected in national parks and
sanctuaries. At these reserves you will find some wonderful wildlife species including royal Indian
tigers, migratory Siberian cranes and several other mammals, birds and reptiles.

Ranthambore, Sariska, Bharatpur, Desert national park and Kumbhalgarh sanctuary are the some
most deserving spots to have closest exposures of wildlife in Rajasthan. In all these Ranthambore is
most popular and globally renowned for its significant population of tigers where you will see tigers
lazing in sunlight or walking leisurely, being a wildlife lover it is one of the most memorable moments
of you life and you must want to catch this in your ultra-modern cameras that can work from several
meters. Apart form royal predators of the jungle you will also see variety of mammals, reptiles, birds
and remarkable oldest banyan trees of India in vicinity of Ranthambore.

You can include Sariska as the next destination in wildlife expedition that is famous for its tiger
population and unique topography as well. Most of the area is covered by the aired forest with
majority of Dhok trees. Panther, hyena, leopard, jungle cat, partridge, peafowl, sand grouse, bush
quail, tree pie, crested serpent eagle, golden backed wood pecker and the Great Indian Horned Owl
are also found at Sariska in large population.

Without visiting Keoladeo national park also known as Bharatpur bird sanctuary Rajasthan tourism
cannot be completed. It is a manmade reserve considered as one of the finest bird sanctuaries
around the world and also admired as the birds’ paradise. The protected area provides shelter to
several domestic and migratory birds including wonderful Siberian cranes. At Bharatpur Sanctuary
you will see about 370 species of permanent resident birds with verities of migratory birds that must
memorize your journey. So don’t forget this small but significant reserve in your Rajasthan travel
around some astonishing wildlife spots.

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