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									I choose Nike for one of my stocks because I buy a lot of
their equipment and apparel. It is also a popular brand to
others and it has stores across the globe.

Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman co-founded the Nike
Company in 1972. It is based in Beaverton, Oregon in
Washington County. Nike has 26,000 employees and
generated $13.7 billion in the year 2005. On December
2,1980 Nike was first listed on the stock exchange.
                 Nike News
   On May 31, 2006 judges were suspicious that sportswear
company Nike Inc. and Paris Saint-Germain soccer club may have
avoided paying social charges on players' salaries started legal
action Wednesday against the club. PSG was placed under
investigation a step short of formal charges for alleged fraud and for
hiding employment. French investigators had initially focused on
player transfers from 1998 to 2003. Judges suspect that PSG repaid
Nike for the payments, and that the system enabled it to avoid
health and welfare charges that it would have faced had it paid
players directly in salaries. PSG's attorney Patrick Maisonneuve
said Nike's contracts with players should not be regarded as part of
their salaries. He said the case was based on a difference of
interpretation between the judges and the club with regard to
players' contracts. The Nike stock was down a few days after this
event, but I am not sure if it is a direct cause.
                Nike Stock Performance
                                  Nike Graph

net worth

                     1   3    5   7   9   11 13 15 17
                             # of stock checkups

            Overall, the Nike stock did alright even though it
            ended up losing money. The stock was always
            fluctuating and inconsistent. I began with $838.90
            and lost a total of $38.90.
I choose Pepsi to be apart of one of my stocks because
Pepsi is one of the most popular soft drinks on the
market and I thought it would do well.

In 1903 a man by the name Caleb Bradham founded
the soft drink Pepsi. Their company is located in
Purchase, New York and has many more offices across
the world. Pepsi has 143,000 employees and their
revenue was $29.3 billion in 2004. In 1919 Pepsi was
officially on the stock exchange.
             Pepsi Stock Performance
                                Pepsi Stock


net worth



                  1   3   5     7   9   11   13   15   17
                              # of checkups

             Pepsi began at $518.40 and it ended at $543.78,
             which means I made $25.38 on Pepsi. At the end
             it made a good charge because I thought I was
             going to lose money.
               Pepsi News
   PepsiCo Inc. said it agreed to change its SoBe Life Water brand's
packaging under a settlement with Energy Brands Inc., which
alleged in a lawsuit last month that PepsiCo's brand copied Energy's
Glaceau vitamin water's packaging. The packaging intended to
confuse consumers included a nearly identical bottle, a two-toned
label and a clear plastic cap. SoBe Life Water and Glaceau vitamin
water are enhanced water products that contain vitamins and
minerals. The lawsuit had asked that PepsiCo be stopped from
selling Life Water in its current packaging and from doing anything
else likely to confuse consumers into thinking Life Water was vitamin
water or comes from Glaceau. SoBe products will not be withdrawn
from the shelves, new batches will be in the changed packaging.
The lawsuit is the latest skirmish in the beverage arena as
companies like PepsiCo are trying hard to woo consumers who are
moving away from sugary soft drinks to healthier low-or no-calorie
products, such as water and reduced sugar juices. The added
nutritional supplements in products like vitamin water also are aimed
at consumers who are willing to pay extra for the so-called health
benefits. PepsiCo shares were up 35 cents at $59.09 on Friday on
the New York Stock Exchange.
I choose Google because it is a popular web site
that millions view everyday. Because of this I
thought it would be very successful.

Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and
Sergey Brin. The company is based in Mountain
View, California. They contain 5,680 employees
and generated $6.14 billion in 2005. In 1999
Google was placed on the stock exchange.
             Google News
   China welcomes foreign Internet companies working in China, but
they must respect and abide by the country's laws. The comments
by the ministry's spokesman followed remarks by Google Inc. co-
founder Sergey Brin acknowledging the Internet company has
compromised its principles by accommodating Chinese censorship
demands. The spokesman said China took a positive attitude
towards working with companies such as Google, but any
cooperation must exist within a framework of law and that Beijing
hoped firms would abide by China's regulations. Google's Brin said
the Internet company had agreed to the censorship demands only
after Chinese authorities blocked its service in that country. Google's
China-approved Web service omits politically sensitive information
that might be retrieved during Internet searches. Its agreement with
China has provoked considerable criticism from human rights
groups. Google shares went up the next day by a lot but it may not
be directly related to the situation.
Google Stock Performance
                                Google Graph

net worth

             6,000.00                                    Series1
                        1   3    5   7   9 11 13 15 17
                                 # of checkups

   Google began at $8,642.50 and ended up at
   $9,298.50. I made $656 from this stock. This was a
   very reliable sock because at one time I made a little
   over $2,000.
In conclusion I made $642.48 on the three stocks that I picked. Most
 of the revenue came from Google. Pepsi chipped in a little bit as
 well and Nike lost a considerable amount of money as you saw.

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