Sample Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Statement by AprilY


									Sample Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Statement
The following is a sample of an ADA statement pertaining to the interview. Alter the
statement to fit your organization’s requirements and the particulars of the interview
being conducted. If you wish, the statement can be pasted, using normal Word
procedures, into the structured interview record template (Filename: Interview Record

    Read verbatim to the candidate the following Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

     “The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects individuals with disabilities from
     employment discrimination. Our organization is committed to the principle that every
     candidate should have an equal opportunity to demonstrate his or her skills, abilities
     and knowledge under appropriate interviewing conditions. Because certain
     disabilities may negatively affect the results of an employment interview, or prevent
     some candidates from participating fully in the interview, I will read to you a
     description of the skills and abilities that you will need in order to take this interview.
     If you require a special accommodation to participate fully in this interview, you must
     let me know prior to beginning the interview. We can reschedule the interview, if
     necessary, to make needed accommodations.

     “This structured interview requires the following:

     1. Hearing and comprehending spoken information (i.e., interview questions,
        procedural information).
     2. Speaking to one or more interviewers, either individually or as a panel (i.e.,
        answering questions, presenting information).
     3. Sitting for approximately _____ minutes.

     Can you participate in an interview that has these requirements?”

     It is best to cover this with the candidate in advance of the interview session.
     However, if you cover it at the time of the interview session, and if the candidate
     requests an accommodation, politely tell him/her that you must contact your Human
     Resources representative in order to process the accommodation request. Do not
     continue with the interview until it is determined what, if any, accommodation should
     be made. If Human Resources so advises, the interview may need to be
     rescheduled for a later date.
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