; 1st Knoxfield Joey Scout Program 1st Knoxfield
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1st Knoxfield Joey Scout Program 1st Knoxfield


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									                 1st Knoxfield Joey Scout Program
       Date: Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 Theme: Racing night

Time    Leader                             Activity                                 Equipment

5.45      All     Opening Ceremony and Flag Break

5.50    Allira    Game: Horse race 1: Joey scouts take turns to ride the
                  hobby horses around the track ( around the inside of the
                  hall, marked off by witches hats) Run as a relay- a lap
                                                                               Horse and jockeys
                  Craft: Make a racehorse – Make own racehorses and            ready to cut out,
6.00      All     jockeys – colour horse and rider, attach string to horse –   coloured pencils, icy
                  long length – to icy pole stick at the other.                pole stick, string or
                                                                               wool 2-3m per Joey

6.10     Mala     Game : Horse race 2 - Joey Scouts line up at the finish
                  line with the string fully let out on their horses. On the
                  word go, Joeys must wind their horse towards them. First
                  horse wound over the finish line wins.

                  Back to Back race: split Joey scouts into pairs of similar
6.20    Possum    size – sit down back to back and try to stand up, without
                  letting go and walk together to the other end of the hall.
                  When there, try to sit down, still back to back.( harder
                  than it sounds)

                  Game: Grand Prix – use cardboard cars in den to race         Cardboard cars
6.30      All     around the outside of the hall – have Joey scouts
                  stationed at “pits” swap over drivers

                  Closing Parade – Prayer, flag, –Remind Joeys no Joeys
6.40              next week – Cup Day holiday

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