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Description: Barbell dumbbell exercises need to practice more than the balance and coordination to control weight, the greater range of motion, so you can fully stretch the muscles, he learned open-mindedness. There are two common exercises, flat dumbbell bench press and flat dumbbell birds. The former is lying in the training bench, hold dumbbells in each hand. Arms straight, lift the dumbbells, palms facing the slow decentralization of the dumbbell up until the upper arm parallel to the ground, then push the dumbbell back to starting position since, so repeat. The so-called dumbbell birds is lying in the training bench, holding dumbbells in each hand on the move, palms facing, open arms, along the circular path the slow devolution of dumbbells to your sides, until the upper arm parallel with the ground up, then backtrack . Both exercise groups should pay attention to the process in the push to ensure that vertical push up dumbbells, do not skew. Please advise beginners to coach the best protection in the side to avoid damage when the muscle incoordination. There is also a good dumbbell exercises that can be anywhere, recommend to the coach at home can also mirror the usual practice, while corrective action can, while you can enjoy their workout results.