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					                                             LOUISVILLE                                URBAN LEAGUE

                                             Opportunity             +   Equality         =   One     Community

        Chairman of the Board
          W. Barry Chapman

     Vice Chairman, Programs
            Charnley Conway

Vice Chairman, Administration
                 J. Barry Barker             Greetings!
 Vice Chairman, Development
                       David Klein           The news is good, and it’s time to act. Finally the local economy is on the
                          Secretary          move again, people are looking for good jobs, and you want skilled employ-
                Audwin Helton                ees. The Louisville Urban League is gearing up for the 2004 Louisville
                          Treasurer          Career Expo, the premier event of the year for strengthening the region’s
                 Chip Hancock
                                             workforce. If you anticipate filling positions next year – wherever you are,
             President and CEO               whatever the size of your company – you’ll want to take part in the annual
     Benjamin K. Richmond
                                             Expo. The event takes place March 17 at the Kentucky International
                                             Convention Center. Exhibitor booths are affordably priced, and you’ll be
                                             seen by thousands of eager, qualified job seekers, from entry level to the
                J. Barry Barker
            James H. Beckett                 executive level.
              Bonita K. Black
             Elizabeth Caples
         W. Barry Chapman                    The Louisville Career Expo is such a great event you might want to increase
           Charnley Conway                   your involvement with a sponsorship! Just call me at 561-6830, extension
           Teresa S. Cunagin
                      Ed Farmer
                                             136, and I’ll explain how your company will benefit.
      Richard F. Gimmel, Jr.
                Chet K. Guess                Check out the enclosed materials and learn why you should be a part of the
                  David J. Hale
                Chip Hancock                 most important event of the year for employers and job seekers alike. And
      Aubrey L. Hayden, Jr.                  don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.
              Audwin Helton
         Douglas H. Howell
            Wilbert James, Jr.               Sincerely,
                   David Klein
                     Tom Kokai
      Dr. Sandra A. Ledford
           Mary McCormick
  Angie McDonald-Hackett
     Dr. Freda Merriweather
                    Tony Miller              Juanita F. Sands
                   Bill Mitchell
            Dr. Alex J. Moses                Director
                 Jeffrey Norton              Center for Workforce Development
               Hollye Rafferty
               Jeffrey Robbins               Louisville Urban League
              Sharon K. Scott
      George R. Siemens, Jr.
     William E. Summers, V
                     Vivian Tate
 Dr. Mordean Taylor-Archer
                  Teresa Turley
                     Paul Varga
                 Alex Waldrop

             President Emeritus
            Arthur M. Walters

    Metro United Way
                       1535 West Broadway • Louisville, Kentucky 40203 • (502) 561-6830 • TDD: (502) 585-2136 • FAX: (502) 585-2335 •
                                                                                                                                                    National Urban
                                                                                                                                                    League Affiliate
                                        March 17, 2004
                                       10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
                           Kentucky International Convention Center
                                     Downtown Louisville

EXPO                    Move your company forward!
SPONSORS                Join the Louisville Urban League’s Center for Workforce Development as we
                        present the metro’s premier event for people looking to advance their careers.
To Date
                        Benefits to your organization
American Synthetic         Meet face to face with qualified job candidates
Rubber Corporation
                           Promote your company
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
                           Network with other employers and support services
Jewish Hospital
Healthcare Network      What we offer you
Job News                  Credibility and community value of working with Urban League
KentuckianaWorks          On-site support from experienced Urban League staff
Louisville Metro          Opportunities for a diverse and qualified workforce
                          Extensive promotion of event through media and partner organizations
                          Space for private, on-site job interviews
WLKY News Channel 32
                        What we offer job seekers
                          Meet face to face with more than 100 potential employers
Additional                Workshops and seminars
sponsorship               Info on education and skills upgrades
                          Guidance in choosing child care, elderly care, etc.
                          Access to info on transportation, including TARC
                          Help with financial planning, health programs, etc.
                          On-site access to job portal

                        Our track record: Success in 2003
                           115 companies and organizations participated – up 72 percent over
                           2002 – representing:
                                Local, regional and national companies
                                Labor and trade unions
                                Colleges, universities, trade schools, etc.
                                Support services, such as child care, elderly care, and transportation
                           More than 2,100 job seekers attended – up 68% over 2002
                                62% had college experience
                                81% were 21-50 years of age
                           Extensive media promotion and coverage
                                Live radio broadcast from the event
                                Favorable news coverage by all local TV stations and newspapers
Vendor Registration Form
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
                             Kentucky International Convention Center
Reserve Space
Contact Name:
City / State / Zip:
Phone #:                           Fax #:                             Email:
Name(s) of Representatives Attending (up to two):

Exhibit Space Rates
All booths include lunch for two representatives. Additional lunches are available at $12 each.
                                                                                        ENTER DOLLAR AMOUNT FOR EACH ITEM
SINGLE: 10’ x 10’ booth, 2 chairs, 8-ft. skirted table, sign, wastebasket.                            $ 300
DOUBLE: 10’ x 20’ booth, 4 chairs, (2) 8-ft. skirted tables, sign, wastebasket                        $ 500
QUAD: 20’ x 20’ booth, 8 chairs, (4) 8-ft. skirted tables, sign, 2 wastebaskets                       $1000
Private interview space (requires booth purchase)                                                     $ 75
Additional lunch orders Number                 @                                                      $12 ea
Need electricity? If so, add                                                                          $ 35

Booth Sign
The above fees include a booth sign showing company or organization name. Please print name as you would like it to
appear on sign:
*REGISTRATION DEADLINE: March 1, 2004. No refunds or credits will be made after this date.

Payment Method
Please check one. If paying by credit card, you may also fax this form to: (502) 561.6835.

      Check enclosed payable to: Louisville Urban League (Attn. Louisville Career Expo)
      Please charge to:            Visa               Master Card            for the total indicated above.

Individual/company name as it appears on credit card (Please print):
                                                                    Acct. #

Exp. Date:             /      Signature (for fax and mail orders):

Printed Name:

Mail Application and Payment to:                           Louisville Urban League
                                                           Attn: Louisville Career Expo
                                                           1535 West Broadway
                                                           Louisville, KY 40203       FAX 502.561.6835
                                                           Web site:       Phone: 502.561.6830, ext.135
                                                                                        All marketing material shown is from last year’s Expo.

Louisville Career Expo’s
big promotional blitz
TELEVISION – A barrage of 30-second TV commercials
starting 10 days out.

RADIO – 60-second spots on local radio stations to
compliment our TV program.

NEWSPAPER – Ads in The Courier-Journal,
Business First, and the Louisville Defender.

NEWS COVERAGE – Media advisory to all                                                                                                                        Expo Poster
local media in advance of Expo to encourage
news coverage, with follow-up by phone. Full
news release to media day of the event.
Representatives of the Urban League and/or
major sponsors to appear on TV and radio talk
shows to discuss the event.

INTERNET – Web sites for the Louisville Urban
League, major sponsors, partnering TV station
and others will heavily promote the Expo.

For more info, call Lisa Dunham at (502) 561-6830,
ext.135, or visit our Web site,

                                                       LOUISVILLE                           URBAN LEAGUE

                                                       Opportunity           +   Equality      =   One   Community

                                               The place to go to
                                               GET YOUR CAREER
                                                       IN GEAR!
                                                        MARCH 26, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
                                                             Kentucky International Convention Center

                                               Join thousands of people from all over the metro area exploring ways to
                                               enhance their careers at the Louisville Urban League’s Louisville Career Expo!

                                                        •   Up to 100 employers
                                                        •   Opportunities for private, on-site interviews
                                                        •   Colleges, universities, and training providers
                                                        •   Information about finding child care
                                                        •   Transportation resources
                                                        •   Help with financial planning
                                                        •   Access to health and wellness programs

                                               For more information, call the Urban League at 561-6830, ext. 132, or
                                               go online at

              Television                                                                                                                        Web site exposure

                                                                                                                                Newspaper ads

                                                                                                                                      Last year’s Expo Banner
                                                                                                                  LOUISVILLE                     URBAN LEAGUE

                                                                                                                  Opportunity   +   Equality             =   One   Community
                                                           Jefferson Street

                                                                                        Wednesday, March 17, 2004
                                                                                        Kentucky International Convention Center
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dock door                Sponsor    Portal    Sponsor                Sponsor    Concession

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