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   TESTIMONIAL               Large Midwestern University

IN-PLANT                     Finds Flexible, Affordable
                             Solutions for Complex,
                             Customized Work

                             University Copy Centers are regularly called upon to produce a wide variety
                             of work, such as class packets or “coursepacks” as well as other classroom
     We installed the
                             handouts. The original documents can come from many sources and are
 Ricoh 1356EX and were       often in less-than-perfect condition. Yet all the work must be ready for
 literally up and running    distribution when the semester begins. In terms of financial considerations,
                             because in-plants are part of the larger university organization, showing a
     within one day.         profit may be a lesser priority than providing flawless customer service—
             n               but the cost for the university and prices for students must be kept as low
                             as possible, often lower than pricing from external competitors.
 With the Ricoh system,
  the downtime is very,      Additionally, since many university in-plants employ students who may
                             have little previous exposure to print production, the systems must be easy
      very minimal;
                             to learn and to use.
   it just runs and runs.
                             It was these considerations that were top-of-mind when a large
                             Midwestern University’s current equipment lease was up and they decided
   Ricoh is a company        to look for a new solution.
 that is extremely easy to
     work with. They         Simplifying customized                            Ricoh 1356EX Alto system was a key factor
 understand our business     production                                        in its selection. The system also needed to
                                                                               meet desired specifications, including an
  and know where the         Two copy centers for the University print         acceptable service agreement. However,
    industry is going.       anything for any department on campus—            what really sold the team was the flexibility
                             and also for affiliated universities within the   of the Alto Imaging Software. Not only were
                             state-wide college system. They print a large     they getting new equipment for one of the
                             number of class packets that are sold to          centers, they were also able to also install the
                             the students that are comprised of selected       software at the second copy center and do
                             readings that the professors put together.        away with PaperPort.

                             One of the centers counted on a Xerox 6100        Smooth transition
                             with DigiPath front-end software, and the
                             second copy center had two Xerox 4110s            The two copy centers typically produce
                             that were using PaperPort software. The           anywhere from 15 to 400 class packets per
                             PaperPort software was basically meant for        semester for as many as 120 different courses.
                             an office-type environment; not developed to      Not surprisingly, the copy centers’ busiest
                             handle the large volume of material that the      time is in the weeks and days preceding the
                             University was producing so it would often        start of each semester, and it was this worst
                             crash and cause a great deal of problems.         of all possible times that the University made
                             When the lease was up on the 6100, the            the decision to install the Ricoh 1356EX
                             management team began its search for              Alto system with a paper punch and coil
                             new equipment and came across the Ricoh           binding finishing options. While it was at the
                             1356EX with Alto Imaging Software.                busiest time, they literally put the machine
                                                                               in and were up and running within one day.
                             Because all University purchases are subject      The copy center had a number of digital
                             to a bidding process, the affordability of the    files stored on the former DigiPath system,
and these were easily converted to the Alto         Opportunities for growth                                                          IN-PLANT
server with no losses.
                                                    The Ricoh 1356EX Alto offers a range of                   CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL
With the DigiPath, they only had one                options and function modules, and the
workstation, but with the Alto Imaging they         University is now exploring ways they can
gained five site licenses and now have the          further expand and simplify copy center
equipment on five computers. Working in             operations.
the past, the copy center team tried to clean
up the packets so that they would look as           Going forward the management team is
nice as possible, since most of the originals       looking into the web-to-print module with
are articles that have been copied out of a         digital storage to make it possible to order
magazine or a book. With the multiple sites,        work off the Web. The plan is to provide a
it was possible to have employees working on        catalog with everything that has previously
two or three different packets at a time, giving    been printed, showing the pricing. Professors
the copy team the smoothest beginning of            or students would know ahead of time what
the semester they ever had.                         the job would cost, so they wouldn’t have              The Ricoh 1356EX
                                                    to call for an estimate. They would enter
The key operator at one copy center reports:        the billing information, and copy center
“I would say that the Ricoh and Alto system         employees wouldn’t have to go back and then
has changed our lives for the better. The           re-key everything as far as the billing end of
downtime is very, very minimal; it just runs        it. That would save a lot of work just on the
and runs. Changeover is exceptionally easy.         billing end alone.
We use it a lot with the Alto software, so I
can run applications through that machine           The best thing about this whole experience
and just keep stacking them up—and it just          for the school is that they report Ricoh is a
keeps running.”                                     company that is very easy to work with.
                                                    They feel Ricoh understands the production
For example, he adds: “I can go from running        business and knows where the industry is
8 ½” x 11” remnants, and within two                 going. The things every school is being asked
minutes, I can have it set up for 11” x 17”,        to deliver—quick turnaround, cost-savings,
then run that, folding it—the whole works.          and ease of use—Ricoh’s solutions deliver.
And I can change it over and use slipcovers.”       And it is getting an A+ from this University
                                                    for doing so.
One concern in making the switch was the
service. Would Ricoh be able to provide the
quick response time that was needed? The
school reports it has been very pleased with
the service. They e-mail their service technician
when they have a problem and he typically
gets back to them within an hour.                                                                       Think Production. Think Ricoh.

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                           business needs and technologies change, while effectively reaching out to clients with new services
                              and workflows—and rarely can you do this alone. Call us today at 877-212-6064 or visit us at
                     to find out the many ways we can help your business grow and profit.

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