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                                                                                                                          WEEK 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Spartan Muscle                                              .com               Intermediate I                     5 workouts per week
                       Chest , Back, & Abs                 Sets/ Reps               Weight                Level of intensity per set (scale 1-10)
            Flat Bench Barbell Press                      12, 10, 10
            Incline Barbell Press                         12, 10, 10
Workout 1

            Incline Dumbbell Flye                         12, 10, 10
            Pull Up- wide grip (Regular or Assisted)      12, 10, 10
            Bent Over Row - Use Dumbbell or Barbell       12, 10, 10
            Deadlift                                      12, 10, 10
            Reverse Crunch-Abs                            3 x 20

                        Shoulders & Arms                   Sets / Reps              Weight                Level of intensity per set (scale 1-10)
            Seated Barbell Press (Military Press)         12, 10, 10
            Seated Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise            12, 10, 10
Workout 2

            Barbell Upright Row                           12, 10, 10

            Standing Barbell Curl                         12, 10, 10
            Seated Dumbbell Curl                          12, 10, 10
            Straight Bar Press Down                       12, 10, 10
            Dips (Weighted or Assisted)                   12, 10, 10
                            Legs & Abs                     Sets / Reps              Weight                Level of intensity per set (scale 1-10)

            Barbell Squat                                 12, 10, 10
Workout 3

            Barbell Lunge                                 12, 10, 10
            Leg Curl (Seated of Lying)                    12, 10, 10
            Calve Raise (Seated or Standing)              12, 10, 10
            Good Mornings                                 12, 10, 10
            Knee Raise- (vertical knee raise chair)       4 x 20

                              Total Body                   Sets / Reps              Weight                Level of intensity per set (scale 1-10)
            Decline Twist (abs)                           4 x 20
            Flat Bench Dumbbell Press (Chest)             3 x 12
Workout 4

            Pull Up - Until you complete 50 reps (Back)   Until= 50reps
            Seated Dumbbell Press (Shoulders)             3 x 12
            Dumbbell Curl (Bi Ceps)                       3 x 12
            Bench Dip (Tri Ceps)                          3 x 12
            Deadlift                                      3 x 12

                                Cardio                     Sets / Reps              Weight                Level of intensity per set (scale 1-10)
            Interval Training
Workout 5

            20 Minute Sprint Workout


            20 Minute Repeats
            Walk for 1 minute (3mph)
            Run for 1 minute (7-10mph)

                                              Light Cardio optional - Normal Spartan Nutrition Schedule

                                                               Free Day - Open Nutrition

                             Don't know an exercise listed? Watch it on Training Info: Exercise Demos


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Tags: Barbell
Description: Want to increase muscle mass, barbell exercises are the most important and basic exercises. U.S. forces, senior health coach to guide teachers to practice on the proposal to lift the bar into the first step for beginners, because the bar is relatively small range of motion exercises, it must be from a different angle (on the diagonal and oblique), using a different grip to stimulate the entire chest muscle. Relatively simple and safe practice is to flat barbell bench press, can effectively exercise the chest to increase the thickness. First lie flat on the bench press bench, feet on the ground naturally, and then adjust the body before and after the position of the eye in the barbell bench press rack just below. Grip slightly wider shoulder to shoulder, removed from the barbell bench press rack, slow decentralization of the bar until the upper arm parallel to the ground so far. Repeat this exercise thirty-four groups push for Europe is probably 12-15 times, depending on the specific individual physical condition. Skilled, you can do barbell bench press the next ramp, the focus under the chest muscle exercise, strengthening slightly difficult to operate.