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									Instructor: John Smith                     Date: March 6, 2006                              Exercise: Barbell Bench Press

Objective: The purpose and proper technique for barbell bench press, including one variation will be explained and demonstrated to the class.

Reference: Silvers, W. M. (2006). Matt’s Book of Weight Training Exercises. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

     ACTIVITY          TIME                      [TEACHING PROCEDURES] AND CUES                                                SAFETY CONCERNS                        EXERCISE PHOTOS
    Introduction      30 sec      [Assemble the group in a semi-circle]
                                  Hello. My name is John Smith. Today I will be teaching you how to
                                   perform the barbell bench press exercise.
  Identification of   30 sec      Primary emphasis is on the upper and lower pectoralis major.
  Muscles Worked                  Secondary emphasis is on the anterior deltoid, triceps brachii,
                                   coracobrachialis, and serratus anterior.
     Warm-Up           1 min      Perform a general warm-up prior to exercise consisting of 5-10 minutes of  Students may not spend enough time in a
                                   light aerobic exercise.                                                     general warm-up.
                                  Immediately prior to this exercise, perform a specific warm-up that        Students may try to lift too much weight in the
                                   consists of 10 reps at 40-50% 1-RM.                                         specific warm-up.
 Exercise Technique    2 min      Establish your 5 points of contact: 1) Feet on the Floor, 2) Buttocks on the    Maintain the 5 points of contact at all times!
                                   Bench, 3) Low Back on the Bench, 4) Shoulders on the Bench, and 5)              Control the motion of the barbell at all times!
                                   Head on the Bench.                                                              Do not hold your breath at any point!
                                  Grip the bar with an overhand grip about 1.5 shoulder-widths apart.             Do not lock your elbows out at any point in
                                  With the help of a spotter, extend your arms to press the barbell off the        the movement.
                                   rack (see Figure 1).                                                            Keep your wrists and grip firm throughout the
                                  Inhale slowly as you lower the barbell to the middle of your chest (see          entire movement.
                                   Figure 2).
                                  Exhale as your press the barbell back up to the starting position.                                                                    Figure 1
 Exercise Variation    1 min      A common variation of the barbell bench press is to adjust grip width to        The previous safety concerns apply.
                                   place additional emphasis on the triceps brachii.
                                  Grip the bar with an overhand grip less than 1 shoulder-width apart.
                                  Perform the motion as described previously.
  Student Practice    2:30 min    [Each student should take the opportunity to practice the exercise and its      Students may try to lift too much weight as
                                   variation about 45 sec. to 1 min.]                                               they practice.
                                  [While one student performs the exercise, have the other students               Instructor may have to guide exercise
                                   critique the exercise using the points mentioned above.]                         technique if other students forget important
                                  [Students should use light to moderate weight (~40-50% 1-RM)].                   safety points.
   Questions and       1 min      Did anyone have trouble keeping the 5 points of contact?
     Answers                      Why do you think that there is a tendency to lift the buttocks off the
                                   bench? [Neck reflex – push is stronger if neck is hyperextended]
                                  Did anyone have a tendency to hold their breath?
                                  Why do you think there is a tendency to hold your breath? [Valsalva
                                   maneuver increases intra-abdominal pressure, which increases force.]
                                  Could anyone feel the emphasis on the triceps with the variation?
   Cool-down and       1 min      Immediately after exercise, cool-down your muscles by stretching the            Do not hold your breath! [it raises blood
     Stretching                    primary and secondary movers.                                                    pressure and increases the risk of stroke.]
                                  For the pectoralis major, a good stretch is the towel or rope stretch.          Avoid arching your back. [it places undue
                                                                                                                                                                         Figure 2
                                  Grip a towel or small section of rope with an overhand grip.                     stress on the intervertebral disks.]
                                  With your arms straight, slowly raise the towel back over your head as far      Avoid ballistic stretches! [this stretch should
                                   as possible.                                                                     be performed actively and statically.]
                                  The closer your hands are together and the greater your ROM, the                Do no stretch past the point of mild
                                   greater the stretch.                                                             discomfort!
                                  Hold the stretch at the top for 10-20 sec., then relax for 20 sec.
                                  Repeat 3-4 times.
  Peer Evaluation     30 sec      [Ask the students to honestly fill out peer evaluation sheets with
                                   constructive criticism on your demonstration.]
                                  [Step away from students to provide confidentiality.]

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