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Want to increase muscle mass, barbell exercises are the most important and basic exercises. U.S. forces, senior health coach to guide teachers to practice on the proposal to lift the bar into the first step for beginners, because the bar is relatively small range of motion exercises, it must be from a different angle (on the diagonal and oblique), using a different grip to stimulate the entire chest muscle. Relatively simple and safe practice is to flat barbell bench press, can effectively exercise the chest to increase the thickness. First lie flat on the bench press bench, feet on the ground naturally, and then adjust the body before and after the position of the eye in the barbell bench press rack just below. Grip slightly wider shoulder to shoulder, removed from the barbell bench press rack, slow decentralization of the bar until the upper arm parallel to the ground so far. Repeat this exercise thirty-four groups push for Europe is probably 12-15 times, depending on the specific individual physical condition. Skilled, you can do barbell bench press the next ramp, the focus under the chest muscle exercise, strengthening slightly difficult to operate.

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									Instructor: John Smith                     Date: March 6, 2006                              Exercise: Barbell Bench Press

Objective: The purpose and proper technique for barbell bench press, including one variation will be explained and demonstrated to the class.

Reference: Silvers, W. M. (2006). Matt’s Book of Weight Training Exercises. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

     ACTIVITY          TIME                      [TEACHING PROCEDURES] AND CUES                                                SAFETY CONCERNS                        EXERCISE PHOTOS
    Introduction      30 sec      [Assemble the group in a semi-circle]
                                  Hello. My name is John Smith. Today I will be teaching you how to
                                   perform the barbell bench press exercise.
  Identification of   30 sec      Primary emphasis is on the upper and lower pectoralis major.
  Muscles Worked                  Secondary emphasis is on the anterior deltoid, triceps brachii,
                                   coracobrachialis, and serratus anterior.
     Warm-Up           1 min      Perform a general warm-up prior to exercise consisting of 5-10 minutes of  Students may not spend enough time in a
                                   light aerobic exercise.                                                     general warm-up.
                                  Immediately prior to this exercise, perform a specific warm-up that        Students may try to lift too much weight in the
                                   consists of 10 reps at 40-50% 1-RM.                                         specific warm-up.
 Exercise Technique    2 min      Establish your 5 points of contact: 1) Feet on the Floor, 2) Buttocks on the    Maintain the 5 points of contact at all times!
                                   Bench, 3) Low Back on the Bench, 4) Shoulders on the Bench, and 5)              Control the motion of the barbell at all times!
                                   Head on the Bench.                                                              Do not hold your breath at any point!
                                  Grip the bar with an overhand grip about 1.5 shoulder-widths apart.             Do not lock your elbows out at any point in
                                  With the help of a spotter, extend your arms to press the barbell off the        the movement.
                                   rack (see Figure 1).                                                            Keep your wrists and grip firm throughout the
                                  Inhale slowly as you lower the barbell to the middle of your chest (see          entire movement.
                                   Figure 2).
                                  Exhale as your press the barbell back up to the starting position.                                                                    Figure 1
 Exercise Variation    1 min      A common variation of the barbell bench press is to adjust grip width to        The previous safety concerns apply.
                                   place additional emphasis on the triceps brachii.
                                  Grip the bar with an overhand grip less than 1 shoulder-width apart.
                                  Perform the motion as described previously.
  Student Practice    2:30 min    [Each student should take the opportunity to practice the exercise and its      Students may try to lift too much weight as
                                   variation about 45 sec. to 1 min.]                                               they practice.
                                  [While one student performs the exercise, have the other students               Instructor may have to guide exercise
                                   critique the exercise using the points mentioned above.]                         technique if other students forget important
                                  [Students should use light to moderate weight (~40-50% 1-RM)].                   safety points.
   Questions and       1 min      Did anyone have trouble keeping the 5 points of contact?
     Answers                      Why do you think that there is a tendency to lift the buttocks off the
                                   bench? [Neck reflex – push is stronger if neck is hyperextended]
                                  Did anyone have a tendency to hold their breath?
                                  Why do you think there is a tendency to hold your breath? [Valsalva
                                   maneuver increases intra-abdominal pressure, which increases force.]
                                  Could anyone feel the emphasis on the triceps with the variation?
   Cool-down and       1 min      Immediately after exercise, cool-down your muscles by stretching the            Do not hold your breath! [it raises blood
     Stretching                    primary and secondary movers.                                                    pressure and increases the risk of stroke.]
                                  For the pectoralis major, a good stretch is the towel or rope stretch.          Avoid arching your back. [it places undue
                                                                                                                                                                         Figure 2
                                  Grip a towel or small section of rope with an overhand grip.                     stress on the intervertebral disks.]
                                  With your arms straight, slowly raise the towel back over your head as far      Avoid ballistic stretches! [this stretch should
                                   as possible.                                                                     be performed actively and statically.]
                                  The closer your hands are together and the greater your ROM, the                Do no stretch past the point of mild
                                   greater the stretch.                                                             discomfort!
                                  Hold the stretch at the top for 10-20 sec., then relax for 20 sec.
                                  Repeat 3-4 times.
  Peer Evaluation     30 sec      [Ask the students to honestly fill out peer evaluation sheets with
                                   constructive criticism on your demonstration.]
                                  [Step away from students to provide confidentiality.]

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