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					                                                                Phone: (307) 250-6016
                                                                Fax: (720) 223-5762
School Information

         School Name                                   Contact(s) Name and Position

           Address                          City,           State                   Zip

         Telephone #                                Fax #                      # of Students

        Tax Exempt #                         School Mascot                     # of Faculty

        School Colors                     What date would you like to begin your fundraiser?

Would you like a logo created?                                           Yes          No
If yes, please e-mail us if you have a specific logo design in mind at
If no, please email logo to the same e-mail.
Each clothing item will come in three colors. They will come in White, Sport Grey, and one color
of your choice (See for color choices).
Color Choices          (Recommended Colors are Red, Navy, and Royal which come in all styles)

                                          Adult Size Color Choice -

Item A - Tee Shirts                      Youth Size Color Choice -

                                        Toddler Size Color Choice -

Item B - Ladies Tee Shirts                Adult Size Color Choice -

                                          Adult Size Color Choice -
Item C - Sweatshirts
                                         Youth Size Color Choice -

                                          Adult Size Color Choice -
Item D - Hooded Sweatshirts
                                         Youth Size Color Choice -

                                          Adult Size Color Choice -
Item E - Long Sleeve T-Shirts
                                         Youth Size Color Choice -

                                          Adult Size Color Choice -
Item F - Sport Shirts
                                         Youth Size Color Choice -

Item G - Ringer T-Shirts                  Adult Size Color Choice -

Item H - Tie Dye T-Shirts             (No Color Choice Necessary)

Item I - Sweatpants                       Adult Size Color Choice -
(White Not available)                    Youth Size Color Choice -
                        Fundraiser Contract
ShirtSmart Terms and Conditions

I agree as an authorized agent ("Client") to participate in a ShirtSmart fundraiser and make all
payments to the order of, at 3137 Ishawooa Trail Ave. Cody, WY 82414.
Client agrees to pay wholesale clothing cost plus 30% of profit and tax (where applicable).
Profit is calculated as follows, per item: (Sale Price – Wholesale Cost = Profit).
The 70% profit for fundraiser client is calculated as follows:
(Total Sales - Wholesale Clothing cost) X 70% = Profit.
Wholesale Clothing cost is what ShirtSmart purchases clothing for from its distributors. If
ShirtSmart’s distributor has a sale, these savings will be passed on to our clients.

1. After a fundraiser has begun and an order of clothing has been placed, the order cannot be
changed. What is submitted to ShirtSmart via Excel file is what will be printed and shipped.

2. Once an item has been ordered, there are no returns or exchanges. ShirtSmart will reimburse
for quantity or product discrepancies at no charge to Client, provided report is given within 3
days of product receipt.
3. ShirtSmart will accept payment in the following forms: Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check,
or Credit Card (3% processing fee applies to Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Payment in full shall
be due 21 calendar days from submitted fundraiser orders via Excel file.
4. Client agrees that all sales made under this contract are final.
5. Client agrees to pay a fee of $25 per returned check. Unpaid principal after the order
fulfillment date, due to returned check(s) and/or disputed\denied credit card charges, shall
accrue interest at a rate of 25% annually until paid with a minimum monthly finance charge of
$25. All payments shall be applied first in payment of accrued interest and any remainder in
payment of principal.
6. Client may only cancel contract prior to order submission and agrees to pay a cancellation fee
commensurate to brochure cost, marketing/kick-off materials cost and shipping cost. Contact
ShirtSmart management to determine your exact cancellation cost.
7. Client agrees that ShirtSmart fundraisers totaling less than 200 items will include a shipping
charge based on the actual cost of shipping products for printing and delivery + a $.25 charge
per item for printing.
8. Schools/Groups not associated with a public school district must submit payment prior to
product shipment.
9. If any payment obligation under this contract is in default after order fulfillment date, the
Client promises to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees, whether or not
a lawsuit is commenced as part of the collection process. ShirtSmart may exercise the option to
send Client's account to a third-party collection agency if principal balance remains unpaid for
more than 60 days.
        I read & understand the fundraiser terms and conditions listed above.

          Signature                               School                          Date
Phone: (307) 250-6016
Fax: (720) 223-5762

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