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Cloud Infrastructure
and Management
Intelligent Virtual Infrastructure.
Delivered Your Way.
                               Transform Your Business.
                               Evolve Your IT Model.
                               In today’s highly competitive markets, enterprises need IT to be more agile. Yet
                               current business demands are quickly exceeding IT capabilities. End users want
                               immediate access to information on a wider variety of mobile and connected
                               devices. However, current computing silos and application portfolios running on
                               fragmented infrastructure make it difficult for IT teams to manage systems, add
                               new applications and handle increasing volumes of data. Decreased IT resources
                               and legacy management tools further hinder IT efforts to maintain service levels
                               and reduce operational costs. Businesses are looking for a better approach.

                               Cloud computing represents a profound shift in the IT model. It allows IT organi-
                               zations to move to a more flexible, on-demand approach—IT as a Service. Cloud
                               computing transforms how IT builds applications, how IT runs and delivers
                               those applications, and how end users consume applications across devices.
                               While the cost benefits are well understood, progressive CIOs now see the
                               cloud as a platform for IT and business transformation. A recent AbsolutData
                               global business agility survey revealed a direct link between cloud computing
                               and business agility in the minds of both business and IT leaders.1
                               IT as a Service, delivered through a cloud model, demands a foundation of
A cloud adoption study by      dynamic, scalable, intelligent virtual infrastructure. As the global leader in
IDG Research found that        virtualization and cloud infrastructure, VMware® delivers it.
“a significant number of
CIOs agreed that the cloud
                               Increase Agility. Reduce Costs.
is far more than a mech-
anism to support one-off       With VMware, businesses overcome the constraints imposed by their current IT
projects or commodity          environments. They transform their datacenters into intelligent virtual infrastruc-
business applications.         ture through a pragmatic path that minimizes risk and disruption. By providing
Rather, it is a platform for   organizations with the flexibility to rapidly adapt to changing business needs,
IT transformation. Some        VMware revolutionizes the traditional paradigm of IT management from “alert
visionaries even identified
                               and respond” to “respond and alert.” The infrastructure platform’s built-in
its potential to transform
                               intelligence automates and eliminates previously manual tasks, as infrastructure
the business itself.”2
                               operations become increasingly transparent to IT operations.

                               Enable Your Cloud with VMware.
                               With VMware intelligent virtual infrastructure, you can adopt the only cloud
                               that matters—your cloud. The VMware approach enables you to extend current
                               investments on your journey to deploy a cloud model that meets your unique
                               business needs. Your cloud accelerates IT, which in turn accelerates meaningful
                               results for your business.

    Transform Your Infrastructure.
    Build an Intelligent Foundation.
    VMware cloud infrastructure and man-             With intelligent virtual infrastructure
    agement solutions deliver intelligent            built on VMware, enterprises:
    virtual infrastructure to increase IT
    agility while reducing costs and risk.           •	 Run	business-critical	applications	
    This infrastructure, designed to                    with confidence by eliminating
    deliver an IT and business model                    downtime and reducing TCO.
    optimized for business-critical                  •	 Deliver	high-quality	service	and	
    workloads, enables enterprises to                   reduce operational expenses through
    establish the cost structure and                    built-in intelligence and automation.
    service levels that best suit their
                                                     •	 Increase	agility	by	using	an	enter-
    organizations. Intelligent virtual
                                                        prise hybrid cloud, providing a
    infrastructure is highly adaptive and
                                                        flexible architecture for delivering
    can simply scale with the business. It
                                                        on-demand access to resources
    leverages VMware vSphere to provide
                                                        wherever they reside.
    consistent security, management and
    service quality regardless of where
    your workloads run—in a private cloud,           VMware solutions allow you to
    in a VMware enabled public cloud or              progress to your cloud, transforming
    in a combination of both.                        IT at a pace that is right for you.

    VMware Solutions for Your Cloud

    Figure 1: VMware delivers customer-proven cloud infrastructure and management, cloud
    application platform, and end-user computing solutions.

Improve Application Availability.                                                   University of

Virtualize Critical Applications.
                                                                                    British Columbia
                                                                                    “We’re proving here at UBC
                                                                                     that VMware works in
                                                                                     production environments; it
Over the years, enterprises have added    With VMware, IT teams slash licensing      works for Oracle database
servers to already brittle datacenter     costs by running legacy applications—      servers and everywhere in
infrastructure to meet the constant       without rewriting them—on the latest       between. VMware technology
demand for new business-critical          hardware. At the same time, IT teams       lets you architect a very
                                                                                     reliable, very dynamic
applications, such as Oracle databases,   dramatically reduce their server
                                                                                     solution to your computing
Microsoft SQL and Exchange, SAP, and      inventories, while updating their          needs.”
custom applications. These additions      business-critical enterprise applica-
                                                                                    Michael Thorson
have resulted in unprecedented IT         tions. Through server consolidation       Director of Infrastructure,
complexity and inefficiency, which has    alone, VMware customers experience        University of British Columbia
led to higher TCO and lower quality       tremendous savings with higher
of service.                               average consolidation ratios.

At organizations of all sizes, the need   Raise Service Quality.
has never been greater for IT to run      For the most resource-intensive appli-
business-critical applications that       cations, VMware solutions guarantee
meet end-user expectations with less      high availability and scalability even
downtime and cost. However, accom-        in multitenant environments. While
plishing these goals continues to         organizations see immediate cost
present a complex challenge.              benefits from deploying fewer servers,
According to Forrester Research,          the real value of VMware virtualized
more than 70 percent of IT inves-         infrastructure comes from improved
tment is allocated to infrastructure      reliability, higher performance and
and application maintenance.              automated disaster recovery.

Increase Efficiency. Reduce TCO.          VMware cloud infrastructure and
With virtualization, which removes the    management solutions accelerate
dependencies between software and         application delivery—from weeks to
the hardware that runs it, IT leaders     minutes—and improve service quality
transform underutilized infrastructure    for end users. With the increased IT
into elastic, automated and secure        agility that comes from on-demand
pools of compute resources available      self-service provisioning, automated
to applications on demand.                release cycles, and streamlined
                                          testing and troubleshooting, IT can
VMware cloud infrastructure and           focus more on innovation and less
management solutions leverage             on infrastructure maintenance.
virtualization to help businesses
reduce infrastructure and operational     With VMware solutions, you can
costs through consolidation and           virtualize and run your business-
automation. Today, more infrastructure    critical applications confidently with-
is virtualized on VMware than any         out sacrificing availability or service
other platform. In its Magic Quadrant     quality—and at lower costs.
for x86 Server Virtualization
Infrastructure, Gartner Inc. placed
VMware in the leaders quadrant. 3

    Siemens IT Solutions                Reduce Operational Expenses.
                                        Enable Intelligence and Automation.
    and Services
    “By understanding the
     impact of change, we better
     understand how we need
     to staff up or redeploy staff      When businesses virtualize their           Automate Operations.
     to higher-value activity to        environments, they increasingly auto-      Manage Proactively.
     drive increased volume and         mate their operations to begin realizing   Operations management disciplines are
     improve efficiency. With           the benefits of cloud computing.           converging in the cloud. Performance,
     VMware solutions, we can
                                        However, dynamic infrastructure and        capacity and configuration manage-
     make the best use of the
     labor we have and optimize         self-service capabilities require a new    ment are becoming inseparable
     our total systems.”                approach to management. Moreover,          because of the dynamic nature of
                                        traditional IT management tools are        converged infrastructure. Configura-
    David Frazier
    Director, Competency Center for     not well equipped to support virtual       tions are fluid, capacity is shared
    Siemens IT Solutions and Services   environments. Designed to manage           and sourced from many places
                                        specific applications or data silos,       (multiple providers, infrastructure
                                        traditional tools lack the built-in        tiers, etc.), and all of these moving
                                        automation and control necessary           parts can impact performance.
                                        to meet the continuously changing          As a result, an enterprise needs
                                        demands of dynamic, virtualized            intelligence—in the form of visibility
                                        environments. In addition, most legacy     across the system—and analytics
                                        tools are too costly and complex.          to discern what is important amid
                                                                                   increasing amounts of data.
                                        IT management must change.
                                        Inefficient and manual processes need      VMware solutions deliver zero-touch
                                        to be replaced with automation, plus       infrastructure and operations with
                                        adaptive security and compliance to        intelligence that enables an integrated
                                        effectively control inherently dynamic     approach to performance, capacity
                                        virtual and cloud environments. Only       and configuration management.
                                        VMware solutions give IT the power         Patented analytics provide actionable
                                        to balance workloads dynamically           intelligence across the stack. They
                                        in response to changing business           allow you to automate manual
                                        conditions, standardize the manage-        processes for maximum efficiency
                                        ment of cloud infrastructure, and          and agility. For example, VMware
                                        adhere to the increasing number of         solutions enable you to understand
                                        security and compliance standards          “normal” performance conditions by
                                        With intrinsic management, optimiza-       analyzing baseline service health and
                                        tion and security capabilities, VMware     track trends. With smart alerts, you are
                                        solutions free IT staff and resources      automatically notified of impending
                                        from routine management and enable         performance degradation.
                                        them to focus on innovation.
                                                                                   With powerful visualization of perform-
                                                                                   ance, capacity and configuration issues,
                                                                                   and risks, you can resolve problems
                                                                                   rapidly. In addition, a comprehensive,
                                                                                   customizable view of your infrastructure

Infrastructure and Operations Management

Figure 2: VMware virtualization and cloud management provide a new approach to managing IT
in the cloud era.

and applications from the datacenter            and antimalware processing for
to the virtual machine level provides           endpoints. This protection includes
you with a single source of truth.              adaptive trust zones to isolate applica-
                                                tions with different trust levels and to
Overall, this integrated approach to            quarantine compromised applications.
automating operations enables IT
teams to be proactive and ensure opti-          VMware delivers strict compliance and
mal performance. VMware solutions               accelerated remediation capabilities
help you discover root causes across            using dynamic discovery and
technology silos in seconds, accelerate         classification of business-sensitive data.
problem analysis and resolution,                In addition, security is transparent and
and reclaim unused resources with               auditable, and access to the firewall
comprehensive visibility and                    and logs is controlled. Leveraging
automated configuration management.             continuously automated compliance
                                                capabilities across virtual and physical
                                                environments, you can meet
Provide Adaptive Security.
                                                operational best practices and comply
Deliver Continuous Compliance.
                                                with increasingly demanding guide-
You can tailor VMware solutions to
                                                lines and regulatory requirements.
meet your organization’s specific
security, compliance and remediation
requirements through a single console.          With VMware solutions, you get all
VMware provides a comprehensive                 of the visibility and protection for
framework for securing virtual                  your infrastructure with none of
datacenters and cloud environments at           the constraints, making it easier to
all levels—host, network, application,          maintain control, stay in compliance
data and endpoint. With this                    and mitigate risk.
virtualization-aware security,
businesses can centralize security
across the virtual datacenter, secure
the edge of the virtual datacenter,
protect applications from network-
based threats, and offload antivirus

    Hybrid Cloud                        Increase IT Agility.
                                        Leverage the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.
    Customer Success
    With a secure, compliant
    and managed hybrid cloud
    infrastructure, Consona’s
    IT department ensures               The recent AbsolutData study on            cloud. This has created challenges for
    application portability             cloud computing and business agility       internal IT organizations responsible
    between resources hosted            revealed that agility is linked to         for maintaining IT compliance and
    onsite and offsite, provides        improving corporate revenue, cost          control. With an attractive rate card, the
    its internal teams with the
                                        efficiency and risk profiles, with         on-demand, inexpensive self-service
    flexibility they need to
    expand or shrink capacity,          66 percent of the more than 600            compute capacity offered through
    and delivers fast provision-        respondents identifying business           public clouds is driving enterprise IT
    ing of test and development         agility as a priority. 4 For most          to assess how it can deliver IT services
    environments for multitiered        enterprises, the hybrid cloud will be      faster, at lower cost, with the same
    applications with large             the most strategic and economical          security and control.
    databases. Consona’s                model. Hybrid cloud deployment
    hybrid cloud infrastructure
                                        would reduce typical total IT              Adopt a Practical, Evolutionary
    has resulted in significant
    savings because the                 expenditures by approximately              Roadmap to Your Cloud.
    company has avoided the             20–30 percent. 5                           VMware delivers the enterprise hybrid
    need to expand its physical                                                    cloud, providing IT agility without
    datacenter footprint.               A hybrid cloud infrastructure is an        compromise and enabling cost-
    Consona’s hybrid cloud              environment where IT resources             effective, on-demand access to
    infrastructure is based on VMware   (from hardware to application level)       resources wherever the workloads
    and BlueLock, a VMware vCloud
    Service Provider.                   are delivered by a combination of          reside. Enterprise hybrid clouds based
                                        approaches, such as virtualized            on solutions from VMware and
                                        private clouds onsite and public           VMware vCloud ecosystem partners
                                        cloud resources offsite. Moreover,         combine the security, performance
                                        some of the resources are purchased        and control of private clouds with
                                        from third-party suppliers including       the economics and scale of public
                                        Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infra-       clouds. VMware solutions provide
                                        structure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or           standardization for IaaS to ensure
                                        Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) vendors.      that applications and data are portable
                                        Portability of applications and            and accessible across clouds.
                                        software environments between
                                        public and private clouds is a key         Only VMware provides IT organiza-
                                        feature of hybrid cloud infrastructures.   tions with the flexibility to choose the
                                        IT needs a common architecture to          infrastructure model, service levels
                                        support the ability to move applications   and cost structure that best meet
                                        from its private cloud to public clouds    their needs. Businesses can work
                                        when additional compute resources          with preferred providers and move
                                        are needed, without compromising on        workloads in and out of a VMware
                                        security requirements. At the system       enabled public cloud with little or no
                                        level, portability is typically enabled    application rewriting, without lock-in or
                                        by a virtualization layer that bridges     compromising security policies. With
                                        internal and external resources. 6         the open and evolutionary VMware
                                                                                   approach, enterprises can minimize
                                        Through line-of-business owners,           risk and disruption.
                                        such as sales or customer service,
                                        many businesses have embarked on
                                        cloud computing through a public

Ensure Interoperability and                       infrastructure platform. In fact, all
Portability Across Clouds.                        five of the leading cloud providers in
VMware solutions are based on open                the most recent Gartner Inc. Magic
standards, a common platform, and a               Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure
common management and security                    as a Service and Web Hosting7 are
framework. This ensures inter-                    partially or wholly VMware based. With
operability and portability across the            VMware solutions, businesses can
entire cloud infrastructure regardless            quickly and easily begin a pragmatic
of deployment choice. Today, VMware               path to the enterprise hybrid cloud
partners with more than 3,500                     that allows IT to innovate while
service providers.                                protecting investments.

As a result, applications are portable            Only VMware delivers a true
between private and public clouds                 enterprise hybrid cloud—your cloud—
because VMware works closely with                 tailored to meet the specific needs
these service providers to leverage               of your business. Your business is
its secure and managed virtual                    different; your cloud should be, too.
                                                                                           Hybrid Cloud
                                                                                           Customer Success
VMware Enables the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
                                                                                           Asset management
                                                                                           company LAMCO believed
                                                                                           implementing a hybrid
                                                                                           cloud infrastructure would
                                                                                           be the world-class solution
                                                                                           it needed to manage
                                                                                           revenue, cost and risk as it
                                                                                           handled the wind-down of
                                                                                           Lehman Brothers Holdings
                                                                                           Inc. (LBHI). The VMware
                                                                                           based hybrid cloud
                                                                                           infrastructure provided by
                                                                                           BlueLock allowed LAMCO
                                                                                           to immediately reduce
                                                                                           $1M in IT expenses each
                                                                                           month, outsource support
                                                                                           personnel—managing with
                                                                                           just three—and use a pay-
                                                                                           as-you-grow, operational
Figure 3: VMware solutions are based on open standards to ensure interoperability and      expense–based procurement
portability across cloud infrastructures.
                                                                                           model requiring minimal
                                                                                           upfront capital. It also
                                                                                           helped LAMCO increase
                                                                                           transparency, providing the
                                                                                           company with capabilities
                                                                                           to meter and charge back

                                  Choose to Lead.
                                  Team with VMware.
                                  By dramatically reducing IT complexity,                            VMware cloud infrastructure and
                                  VMware has transformed IT for more                                 management solutions allow IT to
                                  than 250,000 customers over the                                    gracefully handle the proliferation
                                  course of more than a decade. VMware                               of new workloads and applications,
                                  cloud infrastructure and management                                streamline processes, and quickly
                                  solutions transform IT by enabling                                 address changing business needs.
                                  your cloud, so that you can deliver                                Intelligent virtual infrastructure is
                                  greater value to your business.                                    delivered your way so IT can meet
                                                                                                     your unique business challenges.
                                  Proven, award-winning VMware
                                  solutions help you build intelligent                               Only VMware can help your IT
                                  virtual infrastructure that delivers                               environment evolve into an intelligent
    V M wA R E S O LU T I O N S   significant agility, cost and security                             virtual infrastructure that is scalable,
    D E L IV E R R E S U LT S     benefits. They enable a cloud infra-                               cost-effective and automated. With
                                  structure with consistent protection,                              your cloud, your business-critical
    Reduce datacenter and
                                  performance and quality of service.                                applications run at business-critical
    capital costs by as much
                                                                                                     levels of availability and responsive-
    as 60%.
                                  VMware solutions allow you to                                      ness without disruption, and you
    Cut energy costs by up to
                                  virtualize and run critical business                               preserve your existing investments.
    80% by reducing power,
    cooling and real estate       applications with confidence. They
    needs in the datacenter.      provide zero-touch infrastructure and                              Your Cloud.
                                  automate operations to deliver high                                Intelligent Virtual Infrastructure.
    Decrease time spent on
                                  quality of service while dramatically                              Delivered Your Way.
    routine administrative
    tasks by about a third.       reducing operational cost. Moreover,
                                  they enable the enterprise hybrid
    Achieve an increase of
                                  cloud to deliver IT agility without
    more than 50% in
    application availability      compromise, providing cost-effective,
    and performance after         on-demand access to resources
    virtualizing business-        wherever the workloads reside.
    critical applications.

                                  1 AbsolutData. “Business-Agility Survey.” February 2011.
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VMware cloud and infrastructure management solutions include:

VMware vSphere®
Industry-leading platform for virtualization and cloud infrastructure that
speeds the transition to your cloud with existing resources and supports the
enterprise hybrid cloud.

VMware vCenter™
Seamless end-to-end management solutions that help accelerate service
delivery, transform operational efficiency, automatically assure compliance
and reduce business risks.

VMware vShield™
The foundation for trusted cloud infrastructures. Adaptive and simplified
security with a single framework to protect virtual and cloud infrastructures
at all levels—host, network, application, data and endpoint.

VMware vCloud®
Solutions and services that provide secure, on-demand access to shared
infrastructure resources while simplifying infrastructure management.

VMware Services and Support
Expertise to help architect, design and validate cloud strategies and to help
accelerate IT by integrating cloud capabilities.

To learn more, www.vmware.com/cloudinfrastructure.

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