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2009-2010 Annual Report - Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School


									                                              Administrative Team

                                              DANNY DORSEL                     SANDRA LIVSEY-MARTIN
                                              Principal                        Director of Admissions & College Guidance

                                              FATHER JIMMY ADAMS               MUSANNA HOSKINS
                                              Chaplain                         Director or Guidance

                                              JOANN MCPHERSON                  MONICA HAALAND
                                              Assistant Principal              Director of Advancement

                                              BILL SCHMITZ                     VINCE ANTONICH
                                              Athletic Director                Director of Maintenance

                                              MARK BENO                        MARK ROSHAK
                                              Director of Finance              Director of Information Technology

                                                                    The Annual Report is published by the Office of Advancement at Our Lady of Mercy
                                                                    Catholic High School, Fayetteville, Georgia.

                                                                    Our Lady of Mercy extends a very special thank you to all individuals and corporations
                                                                    who appear on these pages. Our purpose is to gratefully recognize the generous gifts
                                                                    that the school has received during the 2009-2010 fiscal year. We sincerely apologize
                                                                    for any mistakes. If you should find an error, please bring it to our attention so we can
                                                                    make the proper corrections.

                                                                    For additional information, please contact: Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School,
                                                                    Office of Advancement; 861 Evander Holyfield Highway, Fayetteville, Georgia, 30214.
                                                                    Phone: (770) 461-2202; Email:

Amanda Miles diligently prepares for class.                                OUR LADY OF MERCY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                                    2
From Our Principal
The Mercy for Life student organization is our largest club with over 120 student members this year. This interest speaks
volumes about what is happening at our school. Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School is alive and well and the future is
extremely bright. Due to the contributions of many past and present students, families, faculty, staff, and benefactors,
Mercy’s position as one of Atlanta’s premiere high schools strengthens each day.

Last year, we again witnessed Mercy excellence in academics with 100% of our graduates continuing on to colleges,
universities or armed forces academies with an average scholarship amount of over $100,000 per student. Mercy families
and benefactors make a tremendous investment and sacrifice to ensure that high academic standards at Mercy are
maintained. Through their investment, we are able to recruit and retain the best educators for the children entrusted to
us, educating not only the mind, but the body and the soul.

During the last few years, like many other businesses and organizations, we have had to make tough budget decisions here    Mr. Dorsel and his family show their support with Mercy red
at Mercy; however, it is a testament to God’s presence and helping hand that we are given enough. Coupled with                             during a home football game.
ambitious students and talented faculty and staff, Mercy is able to provide an educational setting in which students can

As you will read in the subsequent pages, Mercy students have achieved much this past year and our community has given
much as well. None of this would be possible without the prayers and support of the Mercy community. While we need
your continued prayers most, I ask that you also prayerfully consider investing financially in Mercy through our Annual

Strong schools have strong Annual Funds. As Mercy continues to strengthen in all areas, may we work together as a family
to make the 2010-2011 Annual Fund the strongest one yet!

May God continue to watch over you and your family and may His loving grace be always present in all you do.

Daniel S. Dorsel
Principal                                                                                                                   Mr. Dorsel tells Eric Morris to go back and rethink his strategy
                                                                                                                                   during a game at the Freshman Class Retreat.
    3    ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010
                                                                   Our Year in Review
                                                                   Junior Anthony Martinelli earned one of ten coveted spots for the 2009 Frank Ski Kids
                                                                   Foundation International Art Excursion—an all-expense paid trip to Florence, Italy.
                                                                   Students were selected based on art submissions and were able to experience the “cradle
                                                                   of the Renaissance” firsthand.

                                                                   Mercy’s student-led campus ministry group, F.L.A.M.E., hosted its tenth annual retreat in
Anthony Martinelli (standing, second from right) enjoys a day in
                                                                   September. The theme for 2009 was IDENTITY. More than 100 students spent a weekend
    Florence with other art students from the Atlanta area.
                                                                   at Camp Cha-La-Kee in Alabama to build new friendships and a stronger relationship with
                                                                   God. Retreat activities included canoeing, low-ropes course, student-led talks, prayer and
                                                                   meditation, and Mass.

                                                                   In September 2009, Mercy parents and volunteers hosted its first Back2School Family
                                                                   MusicFest fundraiser. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed live Christian music on the football field
                                                                   from artists like Canton Jones, Kevin Wyglad, ManChild, and Mercy’s own Robert Gould.

                                                                   The Varsity Girls Cross Country team won its second consecutive State Championship led
                                                                   by seniors Jessica Adams, Alexis Fagedes, and Megan Malasarte.

                                                                   Sophomore Tayler Murray and senior Justin Prater were named to the 2009 GISA
                                                                   All-Select Band—an honor given to the best band students across the state.
Sophomore Jayla Johnson and Senior Megan Malasarte take a
       break from the FLAME weekend’s activities.                                                          OUR LADY OF MERCY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL          4
Senior Nicholas Goodly was named as an Outstanding Participant in the National
Achievement Scholarship Program. Nicholas scored in the top 3% of more than
160,000 Black students who took the 2010 Preliminary SAT.

In April 2010, Our Lady of Mercy held its annual Multicultural Mass and Luncheon.
Bishop Luis Zarama celebrated the Mass in which students shared prayers in multiple
languages including Russian, Chinese, Italian, and Igbo.

                                                                                                     Students in traditional dress gather with
Mercy hosted two new events that forged new partnerships for our school: Career                    Bishop Zarama after the Multicultural Mass.
Day and the Mercy Business Expo. Career Day presenters included current parents as
well as Mercy alumni. The Mercy Business Expo gave local businesses an opportunity
to present their products and services to the Mercy community.

In the national French language competition, Le Grand Concours, Mercy had 4 state
winners of whom 3 placed nationally as well. On the French I exam, Nicholas Sapp tied
for 9th place in Georgia and Katy Sage tied for 5th place in Georgia and 8th place
nationally. On the French II exam, sophomore Kiela Pagsisihan tied for 7th place in
Georgia and nationally. On the French III exam, Nicole Gagnier tied for 2nd place in
Georgia and 3rd place nationally making her a national silver medal winner.

The Class of 2010 was one of the most successful in Mercy history . The 54 members
of the 7th graduating class garnered 287 acceptances from colleges, universities, and
armed service academies and earned more than $5 million in scholarships.
                                                                                        D’Arnca Bloodworth, Najgee Gatson, Jazmine Brazier, and Tracy
5   ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010
                                                                                            Daniels celebrate after the Commencement ceremony.
Our Financial Accountability
School Operating Budget Fiscal Year 2009-2010
                                                                                                                         Salaries & Benefits (66%)
                                          Archdiocesan Investment (44%)                                                  Facilities & Operations (12%)
                                          Net Tuition Proceeds (41%)                                                     Depreciation (10%)
                                          Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance (6%)                                           Academics (6%)
                                          HP Grant (4%)                                                                   Student Services &
                                          Fees (1%)                                                                    Extracurricular (3%)

                                          Other (4%)                                                                     Advancement (2%)

                                                                                                                         Administrative (1%)

 Gross Tuition                          $2,854,685                               EXPENSES (audited)
        Reductions to Tuition:                                                   Salaries and Benefits                     $2,856,834
        Financial Aid                   <791,599>                                Academics                                   253,741
        Scholarship Awards              <111,000>                                Student Services and Extracurricular        127,181
 Net Tuition Proceeds                    2,535,086
 Fees                                       62,250                               Administrative                                41,187
 Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance           349,000                               Advancement                                   75,986
 Archdiocesan Investment                 1,200,000                               Facilities Operations                       508,844
 Archdiocesan Investment for Building    1,505,050                               Archdiocesan Land Debt Service (Mortgage) 1,505,000
 In-Kind Contribution (HP Grant)           256,314
 Annual Fund and Parent Organizations      108,875
 Other                                     168,636                               Total Expenditures                         $5,805,031

 Total Revenues                         $5,836,211                                             OUR LADY OF MERCY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                6
Our Financial Accountability
Advancement Summary 2009-2010                                                              Advancement Revenues
The Importance of Advancement to Our Lady of Mercy

Cost to educate one student at OLM                     $24,075                $40,000.00
Tuition per student (2009-2010)                        $10,900
                                                                              $30,000.00                              Advancement
Percent of families that received tuition assistance     54%                  $20,000.00
Average amount of assistance                           $5,265
Continued commitments to the Annual Fund and participation in                      $0.00
fundraising events help us bridge the gap between the cost to                                1   2   3   4    5
educate a student at Mercy and what is charged in tuition.
                                                                 Advancement Revenues - Gifts by Purpose (net proceeds):
Successful advancement initiatives such as the Annual Fund and
     fundraisers are vital in helping us reach 3 main goals:     1. Annual Fund                                                     $53,231
                                                                 Percent increase from 2008-2009 Annual Fund                           27%
   1) To keep tuition increases minimal                          Current Mercy family participation                                    42%
                                                                 Current Faculty and Staff participation                               97%
   2) To improve and increase academic and extracurricular
     programming for students and professional development for   Home and School Association
     staff and faculty                                           2. Back2School Family MusicFest - September 2009                   $10,586
                                                                 3. Get Your Green On Old School Dance - March 2010                  $3,358
   3) To create and strengthen relationships in the community
      that can advance the mission of Our Lady of Mercy          Mercy Athletic Association
                                                                 4. Bicycle Ride Across Georgia hosting - June 2010                 $9,898
  7   ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010                                    5. Reverse Raffle and Dinner - June 2010                           $5,801
                                                                     Mercy Annual Fund
                                                                     The Annual Fund is Our Lady of Mercy’s annual giving program. The Annual Fund is integral to
                                                                     advancing the mission of our school. It allows our families and friends to connect to our
                                                                     cause and sustains and propels the life of the school through the enrichment of our academic,
                                                                     spiritual, and extracurricular programs. The Annual Fund also facilitates relationship-building
                                                                     that offers sustainable support and provides revenues that have an immediate impact on the
                                                                     diverse student programs that are the hallmark of the Mercy experience.
          Kenneth Revoredo and Josh Woolums have fun
                    in the House of Fatima.                          Gifts made to the 2009-2010 Annual Fund were used to support major projects and provide
                                                                     needs benefitting the entire school including, but not limited to, the following:
                                                                      ▪ Website re-design and tech support
                                                                      ▪ Projection system and screen in auditorium
                                                                      ▪ Display case in Science hallway
                                                                      ▪ Continuing education for faculty
                                                                      ▪ Garden establishment and maintenance

                                                                     Annual Fund Honor Roll: July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
                                                                     The names listed on the following pages recognize those who have partnered with us to
                                                                     strengthen Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School. Through their generosity, we are able to
                                                                     provide continued excellence in our classrooms and beyond. Donors whose gifts were
                                                                     received between July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 are included in this honor roll. We are truly
                                                                     grateful and blessed by all those who made a gift to the Annual Fund. Thank you!

                                                                                                                OUR LADY OF MERCY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL         8
Addie Haney and Craig Sage display art for the Christmas holidays.
Mercy Annual Fund Honor Roll        Jim Winkler                       Lynn Black
2009-2010                           Jeffrey and Kristin M. Woolums    Maurice and Yvonne Campbell
                                                                      Mike and Rose Carroll
Our Lady’s Circle                   Mercy Founders Club               Tony and Donna Caruso
$5,000 - $9,999                     $250 - $499                       Catholic Men’s Basketball League
Anonymous                           Vince Antonich                    Glenda Cobb
Pat and Janice Mannelly             Kyle and Diane Bartels            Sally Coleman
                                    Mark Beno                         Ann and Philip Consolino
Archbishop’s Circle                 David and Debra Boivin            Kathleen Cornin
$2,500 - $4,999                     Sergio and Dolores Burguet        Tom and Sue Dorsel
Rodney and Colleen Adams            Fr. Paul Burke                    Andre and Rachel Farnet
                                         In memory of Phyllis Burke   Anne Finlon
Principal’s Roundtable              Ian and Jacqueline Bustin         William and Lori Finn
$1,000 - $2,499                     Charles and Dellia Collier        Anthony and Jennifer Freeman         Chris Greenwood focuses on the lesson.
Mike and Nancy Buchieri             Sonja and Ivori ’12 Douglas       Kinch and Helene Gaede
Mike and Mary Ann Denny             Matt Hofkes                       Rocio Garcia
Danny and Whitney Dorsel            Brian Hutcheson                   Nicholas and Iris Goodly
Jay and Nicole File                 Wade and Stephanie Johnston       Keith and Keelyn Greenwood
Rich and Monica Haaland             Roderick and Teri McClure         Drs. Chris and Jeana Griffith
Randy and Nancy Sage                Bill and Mary Piper               Trang Hoang
St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church   Publix                            Musanna Hoskins
                                    Reit Management                   Nick Huck
Father Burke Society                Charles and Nkenge Gude Sapp      Derek and Yvonne Jones
$500 - $999                         Nathan Watts                      Will and Colleen Jourdan
Father Jimmy Adams                                                    Marie Lambert
Wiliviginia and Leon Davis          Red and White Society             Franck and Cynthia Launay-Fallasse
DeMello Family                      $100 - $249                       Marianne Lecesne
Mark and Linda Lethbridge           Albert and Teresa Acejas          Paul Longino
Dr. and Mrs. Arturo Marchand        Dan and Kay Ahern                 Ivonne M. Lushington
JoAnn McPherson                     Rhonda Anderson                   Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Martin, Jr.
Steven and Carolyn Reames           Lynn Anidi                        Gisele McNeely
Paul and Toni Schwahn               Denise Mathis Bailey              Janis Miles
Darrick and Kim Stephens            Rick and Marily Barfield          Jim and Ana Morgan
Philip and Karen Wesley             Juanita Bell                      Scott and Meribeth Morris

                                                                                                            The Girls Varsity Cross Country team
9    ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010                                                                                 prepares for the meet with prayer.
                                                                        Red and White Society               Bridget and Cedric Dolman     Benard and Judy Ryce
                                                                        $100 - $249 (continued)             Jacob Donnay                  Teresa O. Sandolph
                                                                        Sue and Tom Nemchik                 Ben Eidson                    Bill and Holly Schmitz
                                                                        Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Nwogu          Art and Peggy Ferreira        William and Catherine Schmitz
                                                                        Bruce and Amy Payne                 Geno Finn ‘08                 Josie Singletary
                                                                        Ginger Schilling                    Chad, Kelly, and Jack Flatt   Kathy Smilie
                                                                        Sharon and David Shaw               Mr. and Mrs. George Gagnier   Anne P. Smith
                                                                        Chris Shivers                       Robert and Priscilla Garten   Betsy Smith
                                                                        Jon and Lisa Shupenus               Greg and Annmarie Gilbert     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith
                                                                        Benard and Judy Ryce, Paul and      Tony and Renee Goemaere       Margarete and Charles Smith
                                                                        Toni Schwahn and Friends            Kenya Graham                  Vernon Smith
                                                                            In memory of Selma St. Julien   Kristen Grier                 Janet Speck
                                                                        Linh and Rosibel Vuong              Jewelian Griffith ‘09         James and Diedra St. Julien
                                                                        Tim Wojcik                          Charlie and Sharon Haaland    Toys ‘R’ Us
                                                                                                            Joyce and Jordan ’12 Hameen   Cathy Weaver
                                                                        Bobcat Benefactors                  Kellie Hand                   Milton Wiley
Hanging out on retreat (left to right): Emily Longino, Mary Catherine   $1 - $99                            Julie Holt                    Rochele Heflin-Wiley
             Schmitz, Kai Haaris, and Kaliyah Walker.                   Anonymous                           Nadine James                  Brian Williams
                                                                        Ashley Arominski ‘03                Roderick and Judy James       Joan H. Williams
                                                                        Michele and Kenny Adams             Satchel and Deborah Jester    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wright
                                                                        Curtis and Kim Anthony              Debra and Robert Johnson      Bernice Zellner
                                                                        Tracy and Deena Baker               Lisa Jones
                                                                        Carlton Byrd                        Marion Jones
                                                                        Jennifer Cawley                     Keith and Bernadette Loncke
                                                                        Cynthia Chambers                    Dr. Eric and Maria Lund       Restricted Gifts
                                                                        Michael Coleman                     Mark and Vi Martinelli        Bob Chandler Agency
                                                                        Natoya Coleman                      Elsa McBean                   Waste Industries, LLC
                                                                        CAPT and Mrs. Peter Conley          Eric and Leslie McGuffie      Wal-Mart - College Park
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Clay Cushman           John and Suzanne Nolte
                                                                        Tracy and Iva Daniels               Marta Orraca                  Gifts in Kind
                                                                        Joseph Dean                         Camtuyen Pham                 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lund
                                                                        Alex Denny ‘10                      Philip and Rachelle Prevost   Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Poyo
                                                                        Cassie Denny ‘12                    William and Petra Raville
                                                                        Joanne Dirring                      Gary and Mary Rheingrover

         Lauren Woolums, Nick Goodly, and Alexis Fagedes                                                           OUR LADY OF MERCY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL            10
                 are all smiles after graduation.
Gifts of Grace
Pat & Janice Mannelly
                                               Pat and his wife Janice did not have any children that attended Mercy. They do not live near the school nor do they attend
                                               a church on the south side of Atlanta. However, the Mannellys have been tireless supporters of Catholic education and
                                               felt a call to help our school. And so they did—not once, but twice.
                                               Pat, a retiree from Coca-Cola Enterprises, learned about the Our Lady of Mercy community through visits to the school
                                               during his work promoting the GRACE Scholars program. It was during this time that Pat realized how special Mercy was
                                               and that he wanted to do something to help our students and energize our advancement efforts.
                                               First, Pat approached his parish, St. Ann Catholic Church in Marietta, to participate in the GRACE Scholars program.
                                               In addition, since St. Ann is not a parish school, he asked parishioners to designate Our Lady of Mercy as the beneficiaries
                                               of their GRACE contributions. With their enthusiastic support, Mercy was able to accept several GRACE scholars. This
             Pat Mannelly                      scholarship will support these students for the duration of their Catholic education at Mercy.
Secondly, the Mannellys wanted to make a financial commitment to the school that would also encourage others to get involved. They decided to
match any first-time gift to the Mercy Annual Fund for a total of up to $5,000. The Mercy community responded in a BIG way: first-time commit-
ments to the Annual Fund skyrocketed and parent participation increased 7% overall from the prior year!
We are grateful for the Mannellys and the many Mercy families and supporters who responded so generously to the call for stewardship.
They helped make our 2009-2010 Annual Fund campaign the most successful one to date.

Photo above by Michael Alexander, Georgia Bulletin

  11       ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010
Guardians of the Mission
The Guardians of the Mission is a group comprised of lead investors and supporters committed to the future of                                  Guardians of the Mission:
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School. Membership is open to all individuals, families, and organizations that                                Rodney and Colleen Adams
make a minimum $1,000 annual gift to the school. Junior membership is given to those who make a $500 annual                                    Father Jimmy Adams
gift. Each year, the school counts on these leadership gifts to provide difference-making projects throughout the                              Mike and Nancy Buchieri
                                                                                                                                               Wiliviginia and Leon Davis
campus and support student programming.                                                                                                        DeMello Family
Members of the Guardians of the Mission are honored at a private reception hosted annually by Mr. Dorsel in                                    Mike and Mary Ann Denny
                                                                                                                                               Danny and Whitney Dorsel
recognition of their leadership generosity.                                                                                                    Jay and Nicole File
                                                                                                                                               Rich and Monica Haaland
                                                                                                                                               Mark and Linda Lethbridge
                                                                                                                                               Pat and Janice Mannelly
                                                                                                                                               Dr. and Mrs. Arturo Marchand
                                                                                                                                               JoAnn McPherson
                                                                                                                                               Steven and Carolyn Reames
                                                                                                                                               Randy and Nancy Sage
                                                                                                                                               Paul and Toni Schwahn
                                                                                                                                               St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church
                                                                                                                                               Darrick and Kim Stephens
                                                                                                                                               Philip and Karen Wesley
                                                                                                                                               Jim Winkler
                                                                                                                                               Jeffrey and Kristin M. Woolums

From left to right: Guardians of the Mission members Jay and Nikki File, Jennifer Freeman, Wiliviginia Gwin-Davis, Jeff and Kristin Woolums,
           and Randy and Nancy Sage enjoy an evening of fellowship at the annual reception hosted this year at Mr. Dorsel’s home.

                                                                                                                     OUR LADY OF MERCY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                  12
    Mercy Angels serve at Honors Breakfast (left to right):     Yvonne Heholt-Campbell and       Mary Ann Denny and Lisa Shupenus   Mary Piper and Vernon Martin get
 Theresa Bush, Janis Miles, Donya Sartor, and Rachael Farnet   Marion Jones help at Open House      lend a hand at Homecoming           ready for the MusicFest.

Family Stewardship                                                                               Stewardship Stats
                                                                                                 Current parents who volunteered any hours to Mercy: 73%
Each year, Mercy families are asked to give 25 hours of service to the school. Year af-
ter year, current families, alumni families and community members alike go above and             Of the families who volunteered in 2009-2010:
beyond the call of duty, with some giving well over one hundred hours of service in the
                                                                                                    Families who volunteered 25 hours or more: 38%
course of a school year. Through such selfless giving, Mercy is able to offer a wide va-
                                                                                                    Families who volunteered 50 hours or more: 39%
riety of events and programs for our students and larger community.

                                                                                                 Total hours donated by Mercy parents in 2009-2010: 7,095.25
Stewardship has become a hallmark of the Mercy experience. We thank all of our
families and supporters who have given their time and talent in support of Mercy
                                                                                                 Total estimated amount donated in volunteer time: $147,935.96
events. We could not be successful without their continued commitment and sacrifice.

    13   ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010
                                              Mercy Garden
                                              In May 2009, Our Lady of Mercy was awarded a Hewlett-Packard (HP) Innovations in Education grant valued
                                              at $265,000 which provided new technology to the school, from tablet PCs to scientific measuring probes.
                                              Our proposal was to create a garden and use it as an outdoor laboratory for our students to enhance their
                                              science and math skills.

   Tynese St. Cyr, Endia Yates, Kristin       Work on the garden began in August 2009 and many weeks of hard labor followed to prepare the unused
McClure, and Allie Capezzuto do their part.   courtyard space within the school into a space that could sustain plant life. While the first stage of the
                                              garden plan is nearly complete, none of it would have been possible without the many parent, student, and
                                              community volunteers who have worked tirelessly to bring it to fruition. In addition, we have been blessed
                                              with the expertise and generosity of several local businesses and organizations that specialize in lawn care
                                              and management.
                                              We extend a spirit of gratitude to all those who have helped give Our Lady of Mercy a gift that will continue
                                              to bear “fruit” for years to come.

 Olivia Schmitz and Michael Anidi take        Current and alumni parents                      St. Gabriel Catholic Church
  measurements for Geometry class.            Volunteered many hours and donated plants,      Donated new tiller.
                                              flowers, and financial gifts.
                                                                                              Kate Wright, Bloom’n Gardens Landscape
                                              Knights of Columbus,                            Provided garden plan and installed drainage
                                              Holy Trinity Catholic Church                    system and pond. Donated various plants.
                                              Volunteered to till and prepare ground.

                                              Carlos Montano, Casa Montano
  Bloom’n Gardens Landscape installs a        Donated refurbished statue of Mary.                          OUR LADY OF MERCY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL             14
    drainage system into the garden.
GRACE Scholars
Formed in 2008, GRACE Scholars is a Georgia Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) with a mission to provide
children from families with financial need with greater opportunities to secure a Catholic education.
Scholarships are funded by Georgia residents who redirect their state tax payment to GRACE. The program
gives contributors a dollar-for-dollar tax credit and provides eligible students scholarship funds set aside for the   Colleen and Rodney Adams with their daughter
entirety of their career in Georgia Catholic schools.                                                                                  Jessica ‘10.

GRACE contributors can designate which school benefits from their assistance. Thus, with the help of Pat
Mannelly, St. Ann Catholic Church, a Marietta parish of more than 4,000 families, partnered with Our Lady of
Mercy. A campaign was launched to encourage Mercy families and St. Ann families to direct their GRACE
contribution to support Mercy. The campaign was a great success and several students were awarded GRACE
scholarships to Mercy this year. We are grateful to the Mercy community and our brothers and sisters at
St. Ann who took a step in faith to help make Catholic education available for all.
Father Jimmy Adams                        Mr. and Mrs. Allen Green             Mr. and Mrs. Tilton Meuninck
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Adams                 Mr. and Mrs. Rubert Guenther         Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nelson                 Marily Barfield with her children Richard ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Barfield                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guhl            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nemchik                             and Rachel ‘14.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Busche                  Rich and Monica Haaland              Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Poyo
Mr. Robert Chaffer                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harrison         Father Thomas Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Crosby               Mr. and Mrs. James Herrel            Mr. and Mrs. Jason Richmond
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jeffers          Ms. Carolina Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiBiase               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lambie           Randy and Nancy Sage
Danny and Whitney Dorsel                  Ms. Eileen Land                      Ms. Virginia Schilling
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Faber                Mr. and Mrs. William Lyons           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schurke
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fahrenkrug          Mr. and Mrs. Frank Madonia           Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schwahn
Mr. R. Michael Ferzely and Mrs. Mullen-   Pat and Janice Mannelly              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Taylor
Ferzely                                   Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Martin, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Chris Turk
Mr. Dean Fowler                           Ms. JoAnn McPherson                  Universal Tax Systems Inc.
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weiland
   15   ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010
                                                                                                                       Toni and Paul Schwahn with their son Derek ‘10.
                                   Back2School MusicFest 2009
                                   The Mercy Home and School Association hosted two major events this year. The first was MusicFest, an outdoor concert
                                   on the Mercy campus focused on building community in addition to raising funds. The event featured the musical talents of
                                   local Christian artists including Canton Jones, Manchild, Kevin Wyglad and Chasing Grace, and Mercy student Robert Gould.
   Mercy’s own Robert Gould
                                   Local media personalities CoCo Brother and Jovita Moore emceed the event.
      inspires the crowd.
                                   It was a great success as more than 500 people sat on the Mercy football field to listen to inspirational music and celebrate
                                   our shared faith. The event brought our larger community together in fellowship to carry out the school’s mission.
                                   Our sponsors, vendors, and volunteers were vital to the execution of our inaugural music festival. Without their dedication,
                                   generosity, and enthusiasm, such a successful event for our community would not have been possible.

                                   Gold Sponsor - $2,500                     Home & School Association                     MusicFest Sub-Committee Chairs
                                   Amigos for Christ                         Chair: Diedra St. Julien                      Michael Brazier
Andrea Raville paints up patrons
      for the festivities.                                                   Steering Committee Members:                   Nancy Buchieri
                                   Silver Sponsors - $1,250                                                                Wiliviginia Gwin-Davis
                                                                             Mike Buchieri
                                   Carroll County Nephrology                                                               Randy Sage
                                                                             Jeana Griffith
                                   Padgett Services Inc.                                                                   Donya Sartor
                                                                             Vernon E. Martin, Jr.
                                   Dr. and Mrs. Pagsisihan                                                                 Toni Schwahn
                                                                             Meribeth Morris
                                   UpFront Megatainment                                                                    Letrice Wesley
                                                                             Maria Pagsisihan
                                   Wal-Mart - Union City ($1,500)
                                                                             Bill & Mary Piper
                                                                             Josie Singletary
                                   Bronze Sponsors - $750
                                                                             Valencia Terrell
                                   Citizens Trust Bank
Manchild poses with Samantha
                                                                             Monique Thomas
                                   Humana MarketPoint                                                      OUR LADY OF MERCY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL          16
Morris after his performance.
Get Your Green On 2010
On March 6, 2010, Mercy celebrated another successful Get Your Green On Old School Dance with
nearly double the attendance of the year before. This fundraiser originated as a way for adults in the
Mercy community to come together for a fun, social event. This year’s dance was held in the Mercy                           Nick Goodly, Whitney Dorsel, and Iris Goodly
cafeteria decorated with lights, beads, and streamers in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.                                               get ready to dance.

Patrons enjoyed food catered by Your Special Event and dancing with music provided by a live DJ.
Attendees competed in games to win cash and raffle prizes and bid on unique auction items including
a Bible signed by Archbishop Wilton Gregory, 5 extra seats at graduation, and reserved on-campus
parking for the entire school year. The Mercy Home and School Association wishes to thank all of our
supporters and donors for the Old School Dance.

                                                                                                                              Renee Goemaere (foreground) enjoys a
                                                                                                                                     round of line dancing.

        From left to right: Scott Morris, Mike Buchieri, Bill Piper, and Vernon Martin show off their St. Patty’s spirit;
               Elisa Yates demonstrates how to hula hoop; Wade Johnston takes home a 50/50 raffle prize.

  17   ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010                                                                                              Alumni parents Lori Finn and Ginger Schilling
                                                                                                                                     get a chance to catch up.
                                                            Mercy Athletic Association
                                                            BRAG and Reverse Raffle/Dinner
                                                            The newly-formed Mercy Athletic Association (MAA) made its debut by hosting two great events. On June 5th,
                                                            Mercy welcomed participants from the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG). The school served as a campsite
                                                            for hundreds of cyclists during the week-long event. Parents manned concession stands and made sure that
   Coach Mike Earwood (far left) and his wife Susan
     with Coach Tony Caruso (middle) and friends
                                                            the participants, vendors, and BRAG staff were welcomed and comfortable during their stay.

                                                            To support the growing football program under new Head Coach Mike Earwood, the MAA also hosted a
                                                            Reverse Raffle and Tuscan Dinner. The gym was transformed into a beautiful banquet hall where guests
                                                            enjoyed a home-cooked Italian meal. In addition to cash prizes, special privileges like standing on the Mercy
                                                            sidelines with the coaches during a football game were auctioned off. The Mercy Athletic Association
                                                            extends its gratitude to the volunteers and vendors who made the event such a great success for our school.
  Ready to serve (left to right): Kenny Smith, Daphne
    Barry, Anne Bruno-Gatson, Rachelle Prevost,
          Kristen Grier, and Sheri Bradshaw

                                                                  Mercy hosts BRAG (left to right): The school is transformed into BRAG Central; MAA members Carolyn Reames and
                                                               Jerome Terrell help with concessions; parent volunteers Bruce Smilie and Will Jourdan make a food run for the cyclists.

The cooks in the kitchen (left to right): Phil Consolino,                                                                    OUR LADY OF MERCY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                  18
           Mary Bass, and Brad Anderson.
Alumni Events
Mercy welcomed back its alumni for several special events during the school year. The first was the annual
Alumni BBQ during the Homecoming football game. Graduates reunited with friends and former teachers
while enjoying a catered dinner courtesy of Brad Anderson, father of Owen Anderson ‘06 and husband of
faculty member Rhonda Anderson.
                                                                                                                                 Teana Greathouse Shelton ‘03, John Cobis, and
                                                                                                                                   Pam Okoma ‘03 reminisce at the reunion.
In January, alumni came home to Mercy for two inaugural events. Graduates were invited to a reception
following the first home basketball game of 2010. More than forty alumni were in attendance. Also, the
Classes 2003 and 2004 had their first reunion at Our Lady of Mercy. Despite the cold weather, many alumni
returned to reminisce about the early years at Mercy. The evening opened with Mass followed by a casual
dinner. Several former Mercy faculty and staff returned as well, including founding principal John Cobis.

                                                                                                                               Colin Alexander ‘04, Ralph Woolfolk ’04 and Ana
                                                                                                                                              DeMello reunite.

 Mercy graduates hang out after a home basketball game.   The Class of 2009 is well-represented at the 2010 Homecoming Game.

   19   ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010                                                                                                Melissa D’Souza Colson and Ashley Arominski ‘03
                                                                                                                                               pose post-party.

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