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					                                        Address by Mr Ashvin Ramdin,

                                              Chairman MITD Board

                            on the occasion of the signature of MOU between

                                   MITD and Micros-Fidelio Maurice Ltée.

                                              Tuesday 12 July 2011

                            at the Ecole Hoteliere Sir Gaetan Duval at 13h30

Mr Thomas Hesse Managing Director, Micros Fidelio Maurice (Ltée)

Mr. Ramraj Bissessur MBCS | Micros Systems & Support Executive

Mr R Dubois, Director MITD, Distinguished Guests, Staff of Micros-Fidelio Maurice Ltée

Staff of MITD, Members of the Press

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A very good afternoon to you all,

Allow me, on behalf of the MITD Board and the staff of the MITD to extend to all of you a
warm welcome on the occasion of the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between
the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development and Micros-Fidelio Maurice Ltée.

This MoU, we are signing today has multipurpose objectives, that is;

    1) Micros-Fidelio Maurice Ltée to provide and install latest and free of charge

    2) The MITD shall make use of the software program of Micros in the training
       progamme for Front Office and students’ practical training as appropriate

    3)    Micros-Fidelio Maurice Ltée. will ensure the servicing and maintenance of the

    4)    Micros Fidelio will provide and install two 32 inch screens at the Sir Gaetan Duval
         Hotel School and at the Head Office of MITD for advert and announcement

    5) Micros will carry out training of MITD staffs and students and for interventions by
       specialists from Micros.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Micros Fidelio, through its Managing Director, Mr
Thomas Hesse, for the trust and confidence they have in us, and that for a long period of
time, in our ability to deliver vocational training to all.

As the society matures, i believe, more and more collaboration will come in all spheres.

This is why the PPP is a natural process at MITD.

Allow me to explain why it is a natural process at MITD:

   1.   We have a parity of public and private partnership at Board level

   2. We are demand led in terms of courses, where the input of the industry is crucial

   3. The various SMC’s within the centers comprise of both public and private sector


   4. We deal with both the public and private sectors for internship for our trainees and

        last but not least, we have

   5. More than 30 MoUs that we have signed both locally and internationally....

The PPP ensures the survival and relevancy of any training institute no matter which part of
the world they are in.

This is so because it is the industry that provides the growth and change.

The growth engine of any country is the industry.

The Industry demand worker that will be of use to them on day 1 of work.

So the training programme of any training institution has to dove-tail with the industry for
optimisation of the country’s most valuable resource that is its Human Capital.

This is why, MoUs like today, are welcoming sign for MITD, as it shows, clearly, that we are
on the right track for global challenge.

It also demonstrates MITD and our Industrial Partners, like Micros Fidelio, professionalism,
seriousness and the commitment towards our trainees to be fully equipped for the global
challenge in this global village.

Talking about the Global Village, the recent visit of His Excellency, Mr Denis Sassou-
N’guesso, President of the Republic of Congo, with his delegation has demonstrated, loud
and clear that physical distance is no more a barrier when it comes to people to people
communication and sharing and exchange of knowledge.

Yesterday, we had the visit of the Minister of Tourism of Congo, Mr Mathieu Martial
KANI, Minister of Tourism Industry and Leisure of Congo with his team and they were
much impressed with what MITD has to offer.

This means more MoU on the way.......

To conclude, i would like to congratulate MITD staff especially those who have been
involved and instrumental in this MoU for their dedication and hardwork to bringing this
venture to fruitful completion.

Once again, thank you Mr Hesse, Managing Director of Micros Fidelio for being our PPP

                            Thank you for your kind attention.

Speech of Mr Thomas Hesse
Managing Director, Micros Fidelio Maurice (Ltée)

We as Micros-Fidelio (Mauritius) would like to thank you to have the honour to be today
here at your Hotel school, which is the leading Hotel School in Mauritius and the Indian

Micros Systems Inc was founded 1977 in USA and Fidelio was founded in 1987 in
Germany. In 1995 Micros and Fidelio merged shares and are now well known as Micros-

Micros- Fidelio is over 20 years the Market Leader for Hotel- Software. Our range of
customers is from a 4 bedroom hotel up to hotels with 3000 and more rooms. We are
present in 157 countries whole over the world on all 5 continents. Our customers are
hotel groups, individual hotels, fun parks, fast food chains (Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Burger
King and many more) We have over 700'000 installations round the world. We also
provide to 80% of the world cruise ships our Software. On top with Micros Retail we are
the market leader for retail, like supermarkets, boutiques etc. We have about 300'000
supermarkets and shops running our software.

With Micros- Travel we are one of the market leader providing the Software for Tour-
operators, travel agencies.

Since 1994 Micros-Fidelio has a subsidiary in Mauritius. Over the years we have become
the Market leader also in this area. Or responsible area is Mauritius, Rodriguez, la
Reunion, Seychelles, Madagascar, Mayotte and Comoros. We are proud, that most of the
leading hotels in Mauritius belong to our customers and we a very strong as well in the
small hotel industry and for the Restaurant Market.

In the last years Micros- Fidelio Mauritius was steering the boat to a very rough sea, but
every storm has an advantage, you get stronger and better. So we have strength our
support and service and with hard work we have shown to our customers that we are here
for them and care of them.

We also invested heavily in new markets and new products. New products have been
developed by our head office in Germany and USA. Those products are going with the
new tendency in the fast changing Market. Facebook, Twitter laser Technique IPhone,

Of course our competitors are getting stronger and mo aggressive. But it is always easy to
make copies coming with cheap products on the market and blend the customers. But to
be nearly 20 years the Market leader on the IT- business, you have to have excellent
products and you have to have the power to renew our company. Micros is investing
every year over 30% of their revenue into development and new markets. On top of
course you have to have a strong relation to your customers.

It is our strongest aim to invest as well in Tyne new generation of hoteliers and
restaurateurs. Therefore since many years we do invest and sponsor our software and
hardware to hotel schools and universities. On one side it is great for the hotels to have
already trained people on the Software there are using in the hotels. On the other hand we
want to invest in the very important future generation and give them the chance to find
good jobs and to get a fundament for there future. The profession of a person who is
working in the hotel industry has changed over the years drastically. Besides of to be a
host for the guests, every employee is every day confronted with technic, statistics whole
over all departments. It becomes now a days impossible to oversee all the figures by hand
and with the stomach feeling. On top the margin is getting so thin, that a control and
perfect calculation is essential. Also the level of knowledge from the employees has gone
down in the hotels, as more and more money is saved everywhere, also in the training of
the staff.

Mauritius is out of my worldwide experience the only country which is since many years
heavily investing in training to the people. Even up to 60% of the training cost are paid
from the government. A unique thing were other countries are dreaming of. Believe me I
have seen and worked in many countries whole over the world.

This Hotel school is a very important part for Mauritius and it's future as a Paradise for
the worldwide Tourist Industry for keeping the standard high and also to improve the
standard in some areas. It is very difficult to maintain a high standard, as people gets lazy
and relactend. Because of the huge global competition it becomes more and more
difficult also for Mauritius to be on top of the Market.

We are here today to seal our commitment with this huge sponsorship of abou € 48'000.-
- for our partner the Hotelschool Sir Gaetan Duval. And to look together with their
students and their mamangement into a very fruitful collaboration and future.

Our sponsorship includes the Software for Hotels as Suite 8 and Opera, Micros Point of

Sales, Handhelds and Kitchen display screens. On top Store Control Materials Control
and Filosof our Financial accountant package. the software will be tegu art updated

We also train every year the teachers to make sure that the are on a high level of
knowledge to be able to train their students.

Many thanks

Thomas Hesse


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