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					Straightforward Pre-intermediate Unit Test 5
Name _______________________                                              Score _____________

A     Complete the text with words from the box. There are some extra words you do
not need to use.

safety        spray         breathtaking          souvenir       police
destination        local         returning         go back       to see     control
air conditioning           security       check        luggage        checked in
to seeing        incredible           room service       shower

Last year I chose Colombia for my holiday (1) ____________ I almost missed my flight because a
(2) ____________ guard stopped me at passport (3) ____________ and asked me a lot of questions.
When I finally got to the departure gate, they were taking my (4) ____________ off the plane!

The flight to Colombia was ten hours, and then I took another flight into the Amazon jungle. When I
got there I (5) ____________ at a cheap hotel. The hotel didn’t have any (6) ____________, so I had
to buy some insect (7) ____________ because there were a lot of mosquitoes. I found a
(8) ____________ guide, and he took me up the Amazon river in a kayak. It was a (9) ____________
journey. At the end of the holiday my guide gave me a (10) ____________ of my visit: a small kayak
made from wood. I had such a great holiday, and I plan to (11) ____________ to Colombia again next
year. I’m already looking forward (12) ____________ the Amazon jungle again.

B          Choose the best word a, b, or c to complete 13–18.

(13)       I’m very interested ____________ about your dinner party last night.
a) in hearing                b) to hear       c) to hearing

(14)       I’m ____________ seeing her again soon.
a) looking forward to        b) planning to c) interested to

(15)       I’ve lost my camping-gas ____________.
a) light                     b) spray         c) stove

(16)       Have you seen my first-aid ____________ anywhere?
a) kit                       b) pack          c) bag

                                                              Straightforward Pre-intermediate Unit Test 5 p1
(17)    The journey will take two or three days ____________.
a) on foot       b) by walking c) with feet

(18)    I hope to see the castle ____________ before I leave the city.
a) ancient       b) remains        c) ruins

C       Choose the correct verb form to complete the dialogues.

A:      Aaargh! There’s a spider on my bed!
B:      I’ll / I’m going to kill it for you.

A:      What are your plans for the weekend?
B:      I’ll go / I’m going swimming.

A:      I need a lift to the cinema.
B:      I’ll take you. / I’m going to take you.

A:      Can you come for lunch on Sunday?
B:      No. I will play / I’m playing tennis with Jacob.

A:      That view is breathtaking!
B:      Yes. I think I’ll / I’m going to take a picture of it.

D       Choose the correct verb form to complete the dialogue.

A:      Hello, Tim.
B:      Hi, Edgar. Listen, (24) are you doing / will you do anything this afternoon?
A:      Yes. (25) I’m meeting / I’ll meet Liz and Gary in about 20 minutes.
B:      Where (26) are you going / will you go?
A:      Kayaking. Would you like to come too?
B:      Yes, I’d love to. Where (27) are you meeting / will you meet Liz and Gary?
A:      At the waterfall. You (28) are needing / will need to rent a kayak.

                                                           Straightforward Pre-intermediate Unit Test 5 p2
B:         No problem. I (29) am getting / will get some money. Can you wait here for me?
A:         No, I (30) am going to make / am making a quick phone call. I (31) am seeing / will see you at
           the waterfall in 20 minutes.
B:         OK. See you then.

E          Complete the replies. Use will, be going to or the present continuous, and the
           verbs in brackets.

(32)       Have you seen the museum yet?
No, __________________ (go) there tomorrow.

(33)       Would you like a drink before your meal, sir?
Yes, I think _______________ (have) a glass of red wine, please.

(34)       Have you booked your summer holiday yet?
Yes, I booked it yesterday. We ____________ (go) to Spain.

(35)       Can you lend me your sleeping bag, Sam?
No, __________________ (go) camping next week, so I need it.

(36)       Can I have your passport, please?
Yes, _______________ (see) if I can find it!

(37)       Are you doing anything tomorrow?
Yes, _________________ (play) football with some friends.

Functional language
F          Complete the conversation in a hotel between Nick (N) and the receptionist (R)
           with a word or phrase from the box in each space.

I ask         sorry       to do      afraid           doing         sure
I’d like        that       certain        can I see           I wonder if     can I

R:         Hello, sir, (38) ___________ help you?
N:         Yes. (39) ___________ a single room for one night, please.
R:         Yes, certainly, sir.
N:         (40) ___________ I could have a room with air conditioning. It’s very hot today.
R:         I’m afraid (41) ___________ our rooms have central heating, but not air conditioning, sir.
N:         Oh dear. Never mind.

                                                                 Straightforward Pre-intermediate Unit Test 5 p3
R:     (42) ___________ your passport, please?
N:     Yes, (43) ___________.
R:     Thank you. Could (44) ___________ you to fill in this form as well, please?
N:     Yes, of course.
R:     Thank you. You’re in Room 101 on the fifth floor, sir. The lift is over there.
N:     I’d like (45) ___________ some exercise. Is there a gym in the hotel?
R:     I’m (46) ___________, but the gym is closed today. It will be open again tomorrow.
N:     OK. Thank you.
R:     Thank you, sir. Enjoy your stay!

G      Make these requests more polite.

(47)   Give me that water bottle!
Can _______________________________________

(48)   I want to borrow your guidebook.
I wonder ____________________________________

(49)   Stop making that noise!
Could ______________________________________

(50)   I want to leave now!
I __________________________________________

                                                       Straightforward Pre-intermediate Unit Test 5 p4

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