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 2010 – Celebrating 10 years of the CIPFA Better Governance Forum

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Counter Fraud
Watford Football Club takeover ‘lead’ exposed as fraudster - A fraudster who
conned his York neighbours out of their life savings has been exposed again, trying
to buy one of England‟s Championship football clubs. Watford Football Club takeover
„lead‟ exposed as fraudster Paul Garland (From York Press)

With fraud, prevention is king - To prevent fraud, we need to share information,
says Dr Bernard Herdan, who warns that action to reduce losses can only work
through active collaboration on issues like procurement, grants and insider fraud
which cut across every government department and every local authority. With
fraud, prevention is king - Public Service

MP pleads guilty to expenses' fraud - Eric Illsley, an MP for a seat in the northern
English town of Barnsley, admitted dishonestly claiming more than 14,000 pounds in
expenses' payments when he appeared in court on Tuesday. MP pleads guilty to
expenses' fraud | Reuters

Fraud against public sector soars - Levels of fraud rocketed last year, with the
public purse bearing the brunt of the scams. Fraud against public sector soars |
Public Finance

2010 bumper year for fraudsters, according to KPMG - Last year was a bumper
year for fraudsters, according to KPMG, with the value of frauds committed in 2010
topping £1.37bn. The volume of fraud cases was the highest recorded by KPMG in its
23 years of tracking these incidents. 2010 bumper year for fraudsters, according to
KPMG - 11 Jan 2011 - Computing News

'British Madoff' admits running £14m Ponzi scheme - Disqualified director and
bankrupt Terry Freeman conned more than 700 investors into joining his fraudulent
scheme. 'British Madoff' admits running £14m Ponzi scheme | Business | The

Home Office - Illegal working crackdown to continue in 2011.

Former Weather Lottery pair charged with fraud - Nottinghamshire Police have
charged two former employees of The Weather Lottery plc, one of them an ex-
director, with seven counts of fraud and four charges of theft from the lottery
administration company.

Why get rid of the Security Industry Authority and keep the Gangmasters
Licensing Authority? - So asked MPs on the Public Administration Committee
(PASC) in a report in January.

The Information Commissioner (ICO) expects organisations to assess the
risk of their crime-mapping leading to a particular individual being
associated with a particular crime - Carrying out a privacy impact assessment
(PIA) will help them to do this.

Phony Expert Comes to the Rescue - pretending your PC is already infected and
they want to help you get rid of the culprit.
Most commonly, this scam takes the form of scareware, when you get a screen pop-
up warning you of the supposed infection and inviting you to pay to have it removed.
You may end up not only paying but also downloading malware onto your PC.

Seems like barely a week passes without new Facebook scams popping up -
Hardly surprising since the social networking site has more than 500 million
members, making it a prime target for crooks.

Alstom Executives Challenge U.K. Arrest, Searches in Bribery Investigation -
Executives at Alstom SA‟s U.K. unit are challenging their arrests and searches of
their homes that were part of an investigation into claims the French power and
transport company paid more than 80 million pounds ($125 million) in bribes.
Alstom Executives Challenge U.K. Arrest, Searches in Bribery Investigation -

OFT and LBRO outline plans for use of new civil sanctions - The Office of Fair
Trading (OFT) and the Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO) has outlined for

consultation their proposed approach to the use of new powers which will allow
enforcement bodies to directly impose fines and other sanctions on traders for
breaches of consumer law.
Subject to parliamentary clearance in the new year, a new pilot project, sponsored
by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, will enable the OFT and a
number of participating local authority Trading Standards Services (TSS) to trial a
range of new civil sanctions as an alternative to criminal prosecution.
OFT and LBRO outline plans for use of new civil sanctions - The Office of Fair Trading

Review of bribes Act ordered by No 10 – Downing Street has ordered a review of
new anti-bribery laws. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23913831-

Diluting graft law would savage Britain’s reputation, ex-minister says - Any
attempt to water down a long-awaited anti-bribery law would be “disastrous” for
Britain‟s reputation abroad and raise questions about its commitment to fighting
corruption, a former justice minister said on Thursday. Diluting graft law would
savage Britain‟s reputation, ex-minister says - TrustLaw

Risk Management
The Bribery Act 2010 - Is Your Business at Risk? United Kingdom, Labour and
Employment, The Bribery Act 2010 : Is Your Business at Risk? - Olliers Solicitors -
12/01/2011 09:46:17, Employee Rights, Human Resources, Corporate/Company
Law, Corporate/Company Law, Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration, Fraud and

Health and Safety Executive: First aid at work - What's new – Updated.

Andrew Lansley accused of secrecy over NHS plan -
• Risks to health system of shakeup were assessed
• Rejection of FoI request disgraceful, says Labour
Labour has accused Andrew Lansley of "disgraceful secrecy" for refusing to reveal
what risks his officials believe the NHS shakeup poses to the health system.
The Department of Health has admitted it has identified things that could go wrong
as a direct result of its radical restructuring of the NHS in England. But it has
rejected Labour's request for details to be released under the Freedom of
Information Act, arguing that such disclosure would impede ministers.

Protect And Survive – Public Finance and Zurich publication, available on the Public
Finance website http://www.publicfinance.co.uk/

War breaks out on the networks – there is a growing ease with which DDOS
(distributed denial of service) attacks can be mounted. Risk Managers who are not
familiar with the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC), might wish to track it down. This
downloadable program allows a user with virtually no technical knowledge to conduct
DDOS attacks – and sites are starting to appear where you can just point and
click.....and the website of your chosen target begins to suffer overload. The spread
of similar user-friendly technologies means that the risk of cyber-attack will no

longer be confined to sophisticated hacking attempts. Increasingly, anyone out to
make mischief will be able to find the means to do so. Already the ironic vocabulary
beloved of the web is tagging such disruptive behaviour „online riots‟.

Future risks take shape in 2011 – Lloyd‟s have identified some of the critical risks
for 2011. Space weather, cyber risk and failing critical infrastructure are among the
risks that could cause big problems for consumers, businesses and their insurers in
2011. http://www.lloyds.com/News-and-Insight/News-and-Features/360-

Weaponised malware - how criminals could use digital certificates to cripple
organizations – article discussing the use of digital certificates in malware. „Before
Stuxnet, the lackadaisical knowledge and management of digital certificates was
viewed as acceptable. Additionally many board-level executives are not familiar with
digital certificates, how they work, their role in security, and the management
practices and policies. This has to change. There is not one board - level executive
that misunderstands or underestimates the importance of ensuring that only
authorised individuals can enter a secure building. Those same executives naively
allow unauthorised or unknown certificates to enter and operate on their networks.‟

7 Cyber Crime Facts Executives Need to Know – cyber crimes are increasing and
becoming more costly. Enterprise Risk Management in relation to IT needs to ramp
up; companies are getting lax again/still and re-assuming an attitude of "it" (i.e.:
bad things) won't happen to them.

How GRC Will Drive Business Performance Management - GRC is well on its
way to becoming a business performance management tool. Of course, most
companies still have a long way to go before they make the leap from trying to
manage a myriad of GRC controls to actually proactively running the business based
on the data those controls gather. But it‟s also plain to see how GRC, security, data
management, systems management tools and BI software are about to converge
into something that truly is greater than the sum of the parts.

AIRMIC News January 2011 – This month's contents include:
      "Demands on risk managers keep on rising,” says Harvey
      Cunningham join Airmic partnership
      Star speakers for annual conference announced
      New website will add to member value
      “Electronic networks have more holes in them than a colander.”
      Guidance postponed for more discussion on boards‟ risk responsibilities
      Risk management reporting awards 2010
      Should Airmic do more in the regions, and why we must not lose sight of
      Heath Lambert publish Airmic conference corporate governance paper
      Pool Re under the spotlight

       New recruit for Airmic secretariat
       Airmic Academy discussed D&O
    January 2011

Guidance Released on Risk Management and Audits - The Institute of Internal
Auditors has published new professional guidance on how to assess the adequacy of
risk management and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of a company‟s
internal audit function. Guidance Released on Risk Management and Audits

Auditor/audit committee talks - should be in annual reports. Auditor/audit
committee talks should be in annual reports - 13 Jan 2011 - Accountancy Age

Audit Commission - Data definitions.

Bankers' bumper bonuses are the 'mistake' of flawed accounting rules -
Billions of pounds of banker bonuses may have been paid out "by mistake" as a
result of miscalculations thrown up by Britain's flawed accounting rules, an influential
Parliamentary Committee has been told. The House of Lords Economic Affairs
Committee, which is investigating the role of auditors in the financial crisis, was told
that the controversial International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS) had
allowed banks to hide risks so that profits and bonuses were inflated.

Time to hold auditors to account over the crisis - The role of auditors in fuelling
the financial crisis has not attracted much public outcry compared to the behaviour
of bankers and the size of their bonuses. But a debate over a lack of provisions
against dud loans and the marking of assets to market has raged within the hallowed
halls of accounting firms for years.

Top six firms welcome US and UK audit co-operation - The Heads of the six
biggest global firms have welcomed the co-operative agreement between US and UK
audit regulators.
International chiefs of PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, BDO and Grant
Thornton, have produced a joint statement in which they say the agreement between
the watchdogs will aid market confidence in the auditors' work.

US audit watchdog gains access to UK auditors - The US audit watchdog will be
allowed to inspect UK firms who represent companies on the US markets, in a
groundbreaking deal.
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) has agreed a deal with the
Professional Oversight Board (POB) that allows the two bodies to swap information
under certain conditions.


Auditor General publishes new style of report on local authorities – the Wales
Audit Office are to publish an annual report about how well Welsh councils, fire and
rescue authorities, and national parks are improving their services. The first of these
reports has now been published with the rest to follow by the end of January.

Effective Company Stewardship – the FRC has issued a report covering the
company annual report and its reporting on the principal risks faced by the company.
The FRC also proposes a more substantial communication role for Audit Committees
so that they provide fuller reports to shareholders, particularly in relation to the risks
faced by the business. The auditors‟ report should, in turn, include a new section on
the completeness and reasonableness of the Audit Committee report, particularly in
relation to the dialogue between them and the Committee.

Proposed Local Government (Wales) Measure – the proposed measure which
includes proposals to make audit committees mandatory in Wales has now reached
stage 2. http://www.assemblywales.org/bus-home/bus-legislation/bus-leg-

Information Governance
Public Data Corporation to free up public data and drive innovation - Minister
for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude and Business Minister Edward Davey
have outlined plans for a new Public Data Corporation.
The Corporation will, for the first time, bring together Government bodies and data
into one organisation and provide an unprecedented level of easily accessible public
information and drive further efficiency in the delivery of public services.

Top tips on freedom of information for communications professionals - The
Information Commissioner‟s Office (ICO) today published a set of top tips on
freedom of information for communications professionals working in public
authorities. FOI top tips

ICO statement on investigation into 2006 FIFA World Cup ticket information
disclosure - investigation into allegations that a database containing the personal
information of 250,000 individuals who had purchased tickets for football matches in
the 2006 FIFA World Cup competition in Germany, had been unlawfully sold. Football

BMA: cuts could hit patient record plans - The professional association for
doctors says that many NHS organisations do not have IT systems which would allow
patients online access to their medical details, and that computing is one of the first
areas to be hit when budgets are cut. Cuts to hit online access

Yorkshire NHS and police admit data breaches - Freedom of Information (FoI)
requests sent by the Yorkshire Post to trusts and other public organisations across
Yorkshire revealed a number of serious data breaches, including a doctor accessing a
colleague's medical records at a hospital in Doncaster, and a cleaner at a Rotherham
hospital viewing a friend's private medical files. Data Breaches

Ombudsman slams departments' data bungle - HM Revenue and Customs, the
Child Support Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions have been
criticised for a data sharing error which breached confidence. Data sharing error

Data protection watchdogs clarify whose law applies to processing - The
European Union's data protection regulators have published guidance on when a
country's data protection laws apply to the collection and use of personal data.
Article 4 of the EU Data Protection Directive outlines which law should apply to the
gathering or processing of personal data. Data law clarification

Unacceptable Losses: why you must stop data theft by your staff - Public
servants snooping on the most intimate details of members of the public they are
there to serve is a scandal. Staff data theft

School staff attacked via social media - Personal attacks on school staff through
social networking sites has led to growing concern from members of head teacher
union NAHT, who called for action from websites. Website attack on staff

Information laws could apply to associations - A government drive to increase
housing associations‟ transparency took a fresh turn after the deputy prime minister
indicated they should become subject to freedom of information laws. Nick Clegg last
week suggested that private organisations performing „functions of a public nature‟
should be covered by FoI laws. „There are a whole range of organisations [which]
benefit from public money… yet cannot be properly scrutinised,‟ he added. „Citizens
must know what goes on in these institutions.‟ Foi extentions

Ethical standards
Would I lie to you? - Managers don't tell outright lies if they want to have any
credibility but if you think it depends on what is meant by the word lying chances are
you're a senior manager. http://www.guardianpublic.co.uk/do-public-managers-lie

German lawyer resigns from FIFA commission - A top German lawyer has resigned
from FIFA's ethics commission in protest at the world football body's apparent failure
to tackle alleged corruption in its ranks. German lawyer resigns from FIFA
commission - USATODAY.com

The NHS Constitution and Whistleblowing - A paper for consultation.
Department of Health. Deadline: 20 January 2011.

Strengthening of Lords 'leave of absence' arrangements recommended - The
House of Lords Leader's Group on Members Leaving the House has recommended
that 'leave of absence' arrangements should be strengthened to encourage Members
unable to play a full part in the work of the House to step down from active

membership. Strengthening of Lords 'leave of absence' arrangements recommended
- UK Parliament

Watchdog raises fresh concern over Mid-Staffordshire trust - Patient care at
the troubled Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust has been criticised by the Care
Quality Commission. Watchdog raises fresh concern over Mid-Staffordshire trust |
Public Finance

Scrap bonus for UK Border Agency chief, MPs say - Home affairs select
committee says agency head should not be paid more than prime minister. Any
bonuses due to be paid to senior Home Office officials should be scrapped because
the performance of the UK Border Agency is still failing to meet expectations, an all-
party group of MPs says. The Commons home affairs select committee also says that
a significantly lower salary than the £208,000 a year paid to Lin Homer, the outgoing
head of the UKBA, should be paid to her yet to be appointed successor.

Clampdown on claims marketing - Ministry of Justice - Firms that offer cash
incentives to attract people to make compensation claims through them – including
for personal injuries – will be stopped under new proposals. Clampdown on claims
marketing - Ministry of Justice

Corporate Governance
NHS governors must be ‘fit’ for role - A big effort will be needed to ensure that
the governors of NHS hospitals are up to the task of keeping their institutions in
business under the government‟s reforms, senior health figures are warning. NHS
hospitals will by 2014 be operating as free-standing businesses, without any routine
oversight by an independent regulator except for some temporary transitional

Peer pressure as Labour threatens to derail alternative vote bill -
• Coalition may use all-night Lords sittings
• Legislation needs proper scrutiny, Labour insists
In a rare trial of parliamentary resilience, the coalition is to resort to all-night sittings
in the Lords next week in an attempt to prevent Labour peers delaying a bill
introducing the referendum on the alternative vote system.
The bill has to be passed by 16 February if the Electoral Commission is to have the
10 weeks required by law to pave the ground for the referendum on AV scheduled for
5 May.

Scots police and fire services - set for major shake-up. Scots police and fire
services set for major shake-up | Public Finance

MPs question experts on constitutional implications of Cabinet Manual - The
Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee holds its first oral evidence

session examining the constitutional implications of the Cabinet Manual - the
document intended to serve as a guide to the UK's laws, conventions and rules that
affect government.

Citizenship Survey: Headline Findings - April-September 2010, England - The
release includes data covering a range of issues including influencing decisions,
volunteering, community cohesion, fear of crime, racial and religious prejudice,
discrimination and attitudes toward violent extremism.

Newham refers Pickles’ settlement figures to watchdog - A London borough
has made a formal complaint about the use of statistics by secretary of state Eric
Pickles in last month‟s local government finance settlement. Newham refers Pickles'
settlement figures to watchdog | Public Finance

IFS opposes localisation of Council Tax Benefit - The „least damaging‟ way to
implement radical reforms to Council Tax Benefit would be to minimise the role of
local authorities, the Institute for Fiscal Studies said.
The think-tank reiterated its criticism of government plans to transfer the
administration of the benefit from Whitehall to councils, which they claim would
undercut the new Universal Credit system and penalise many poorer households.
But IFS deputy director Mike Brewer went on to say: „We have spoken about the
undesirability of this reform in the past and it would certainly undermine the
principles behind the Universal Credit if every local authority in England set its own
rules for how to implement council tax benefit.
„We think the least damaging way forward here is for Council Tax Benefit to be part
of the Universal Credit so you add it on to Housing Benefit and other allowances and
withdraw it in the same way as with income.
IFS opposes localisation of Council Tax Benefit | Public Finance

The Future of Fire and Rescue Control Services in England - A consultation.

Manchester City Council is seeking 2,000 rapid job losses - blaming what it
calls one of the worst financial settlements in local government. More than 2,000
council jobs to go in Manchester | Public Finance

Department of Health: The week – Updated.

Out for the count: Could the 2011 census be the last? - The census will cost
more than £250m. The information collected allows the Government, and other
organisations, to target resources and plan for health care and social services,
among other things. But as the Government examines different and cheaper ways to
count the population more regularly, this one could be the last of its kind in Britain.



Job Opportunities
Access pfjobs.co.uk, the official public sector accountancy, finance and management
job site of Public Finance and CIPFA - one of the UK's leading professional
accountancy bodies and the only one specialising in the public sector. Public Sector
finance, administration & management jobs online - pfjobs.co.uk


Audit of Procurement and Contracts
CIPFA has launched a series of modules to provide comprehensive training in the
audit of procurement and contracts. It has been developed by CIPFA‟s Procurement
and Contract Audit Forum chaired by Ken Odgers. The training can be taken as
individual modules or you can take all 7 and achieve an accreditation from the
Institute of Management. CIPFA is running a series of open modules but you can also
run the training locally with neighbouring organisations. The modules are tailored to
auditors and are delivered by experts in their field. For further details of the modules
see the brochure
Subscribers to the Better Governance Forum are able to use a pre-paid place
for each day of the training.

CIPFA Certificate in Investigative Practice
CCIP is for investigators across public services. If you’ve been thinking
about getting qualified – to enhance your skills or to progress your career –
book now. Modules are 12 days in London.

These courses always get over-subscribed so if you want a place in 2011 please book
as soon as you can.

The dates for Spring 2011 are:
Spring 2011
Roles, Responsibilities and Ethics of Investigations – 15 March
Law, Evidence, Procedure and Best Practice – 16 & 17 March
Advanced Statement/Report Writing and Giving Evidence - 6 & 7 April
Advanced Investigative Interviewing - 10 & 11 May
Cognitive interviewing – 12 May
RIPA – 1 June
DPA – 2 June
And either Employment Investigations – 22 & 23 June
Or Securing Computer Evidence – Autumn 2011.

It is delivered by Bond Solon, the leading legal training consultancy for non-lawyers.

To book and for more information, follow this link: CCIP
If you have any enquiries, please contact John Francis at Bond Solon 0207 2537053
or email jfrancis@bondsolon.com
Other queries: Greg Marks 07811 332257 Greg.Marks@cipfa.org.uk

Introduction to Treasury Management in Local Government
18 January London

Current issues in partnership governance
2 Feb Chester
9 Feb London
10 Feb York

Introduction to Risk Management
15 February Glasgow

Advanced Audit Committees
1 March London

Bribery – the statute, whistleblowing, procurement, consultants
8 March Chester
10 March York
15 March Edinburgh
17 March London

For information, the programme for the event and online booking click here

Tackling Fraud against Local Government – event for Finance Directors
3 March London
In partnership with the National Fraud Authority we are holding a free, half day event
for Local Authority Directors of Finance in England and Wales.
It will provide a high level overview of current pilot exercises on Housing Tenancy
Fraud, Council Tax – Single Person Discount Fraud, and fraud in grants and
procurement. If you are a Finance Director and want to attend, please contact

CIPFA North West Audit Group Weekend School 2011, Windermere
6.00pm on Friday 11/03/11 to 1.00pm on Sunday 13/03/11
Topics include future of assurance and audit, information security and carbon
For more information and to book see
Cost £265 plus VAT

You can also use your BGF event places for these training events:
On Board 18 January London, 7 March Cardiff, 29 April Manchester, 9 June
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Understanding Children’s Services and the Accounting Framework 26 January
Manchester, 25 May Cardiff, 14 June Newcastle Upon Tyne, 16 June London
Fraud Awareness for Grant Managers 1 February London, 9 March Manchester, 5
April Cardiff, 24 May Newcastle Upon Tyne
Debt Management in the Public Sector 2 February London, 3 March Newcastle
Upon Tyne, 31 March Manchester, 14 April Cardiff

Stop Press

Major things made available in 2010
A range of new features exclusively available free to CIPFA Better Governance Forum

New Website – Hope you like it. CIPFA Better Governance Forum - CIPFA Networks

Audit Committee Updates – January, May and October.
The aim of these briefing papers is to support audit committee members directly with
relevant, topical briefings and pointers to useful information. It is sent directly to
subscribers with a request that you forward it on to your audit committee members.
There will be 3 editions each year and all are free to BGF subscribers.

Checklist for those responsible for governance
This checklist can be used by those responsible for governance (Audit Committees or
equivalent) to assess their contribution to the fraud defences of their organisation
and determine what action is needed. This is appropriate to use in any organisation.
CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum

Fraud Risk Evaluation Diagnostic (FRED) –
FRED1 is live – website CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum – bottom left
hand corner, click on the picture.
The purpose of FRED is to enable practitioners such as risk managers, internal
auditors, finance managers, counter fraud specialists, to obtain an understanding of
the susceptibility to fraud and corruption of their organisation.
It has been designed to complement the Red Book and has been constructed to:
     enable anyone new to an organisation to quickly gain an overview of the
        susceptibility of the organisation to fraud and to identify the high risk areas
     support practitioners to maintain an understanding of the level of fraud risk in
        the organisation over time
     Aid planning of work designed to combat fraud and corruption and as part of
        the development of a zero-tolerance culture.
We think doing FRED will also inform/add to the Annual Governance Statement /
Statement of Internal Control
We think FRED will help provide information for assessment of internal control by
both Internal Audit and External Audit
     FRED 1 - Overall counter fraud risk arrangements. Methodology to identify,
        evidence and report risks against each criteria of the Red Book.
     FRED 2 (to follow) - Indications from seven sources identifying areas
        susceptible to fraud.

Effective Internal Audit
A web-based resource for internal auditors and those responsible for internal audit
Effective Internal Audit is a new guide developed by the Better Governance Forum.
As one of our subscribers you receive free priority access to this guide. It is not yet
on sale to non-subscribers, so be one of the first to access it.
Benefits of the guide:
     provides practical support, examples and resources,
     helps make internal audit more effective in public service organisations,
     identifies the essential components for effective internal audit,
     helps internal auditors to demonstrate their effectiveness.
What‟s in the guide:
      guidance on good practice,
      self assessment improvement tools on leadership and demonstrating
      case studies of improvements made by public service organisations,
      internet links to useful resources to support your team.
To open up the guide click here (http://www.cipfanetworks.net/governance/ ) and
click on the Effective Internal Audit button.

Risk Tool - to help public service organisations to identify the governance risks
arising from service change proposals.
Many organisations are considering plans for savings and new methods of service
delivery in response to the CSR. The risk tool will help organisations to apply a
corporate approach which looks beyond the immediate impact on service delivery.
The Better Governance Forum believes that it is important to plan service reductions
and changes so that the future effectiveness, integrity and sustainability of the
organisation is maintained as far as possible. The principles of Good Governance are
at the heart of the risk tool. For full details of the risk tool and to download your copy
go to

Risk Management Toolkit – a practical guide for the risk enabled
organisation - Available on the Better Governance Forum website. The web-based
Toolkit will help you develop and improve your risk management. The Toolkit
features good practice, case studies from 14 public sector bodies, over 50 documents
(including risk management strategies, training material & annual reports) and links
to other useful resources on the BGF website and external websites. A practical
toolkit for the risk-enabled organisation

Wiley Publications Discount
Members of the CIPFA Better Governance Forum are entitled to 30% discount on all
relevant Wiley publications. For the moment this covers everything in their auditing
catalogue. They are in the process of putting together a Corporate Finance and
Accounting catalogue which contains all of the new and forthcoming titles in the
areas such as financial reporting, management accounting, corporate strategy,
forensic accounting, compliance, fraud and banking which should be complete in the
next few weeks. CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum

Gower Publications Discount

Members of the CIPFA Better Governance Forum are entitled to 20% discount on all
relevant Gower publications. CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum

Fraud Intelligence Magazine Discount
Members of the CIPFA Better Governance Forum are entitled to 10% discount. CIPFA
Networks - Better Governance Forum.

CIPFA’s training DVD for raising the awareness of all staff on
anti money laundering, combating economic crime and
     It includes presentations from key public sector figures and life-like film clip
    It can be used individually or as part of team based training.
    It explains how employees can spot suspicious behaviour and reportable
      offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 or the Terrorism Act 2000 and
      advises them what they should do.
CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum

Cliff Nicholson Award for Innovation and Excellence 2011
which is now in its 20th year!
Details on how to enter as well as coverage from the 2010 award can be found at:
CIPFA is keen to promote and receive a wide range of entries in 2011 from a broad
spectrum of sectors. If you would like to know more about the award or would like
some further guidance please contact:
Marc Teiman on 020 7543 5680 or at marc.teiman@cipfa.org.uk
Keeley Lund on 020 7543 5609 or at keeley.lund@cipfa.org.uk

Back issues of these weekly newsletters
In response to requests, we have created a repository of previous issues of weekly
newsletters. It‟s on the BGF Home page – “newsletters” one of the choices on the
right hand side. CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum


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