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                                            Community Car
This booklet is based heavily on an earlier
version created by Isobel Tack of Care
                                            Scheme in
Network Cambridgeshire which has            partnership with
proved so useful that we are now
updating it (electronically). We therefore Care Network and

Network, Steve Gaze, Hazel Swindells and Cambridgeshire
thank her, along with Jane Hurst of Care

Glenda Jones for their invaluable
contributions in the current updating. We
                                            County Council
also thank Cambridgeshire County Council
for their financial contribution to the  With thanks to the Caldecote and Hardwick scheme
                                         for permission to use their Handbook as a model
printing costs. The updating has
otherwise been done voluntarily.

                         Sheila Stephenson
                                             Care Network
                                            Registered Charity No. 1120693
Every care has been taken when
compiling this booklet but the Authors
and Care Network Cambridgeshire cannot
be held responsible for any omissions or
errors of fact in the information included.
                                             Good Neighbours – Good Drivers
                                             Each car scheme is different, but there is one
                                             link and that is you, the volunteer driver. It is
DRAFT for Cambourne                          the availability of drivers within each scheme
                                             that governs the ability of the scheme to
                                             respond to need. Without you the schemes
                                             would not exist.
Car Scheme                                   By driving for a car scheme you provide not
                                             only transport, but also reassurance to
Handbook for                                 vulnerable people, their relatives and
                                             friends. You are part of a network of good
Volunteer Drivers                            neighbours helping to promote:
                                                     independent living
                                                     regular social contact

Re-Produced for                              Cambridgeshire County Council supports the

                                             55 volunteer car schemes throughout the
                                             county by providing assistance to scheme co-
                                             ordinators, additional insurance for their
drivers and subsidies for mileage and other       Care Network Cambridgeshire can arrange
expenses. These schemes offer organised           training on Moving & Handling, First Aid,
lifts, for essential journeys, to those who are   Basic Health & Safety and other issues
unable to use public transport through            affecting volunteers.
mobility difficulties, or where no suitable
transport services exist.
Journeys made without notification to the
scheme co-ordinator are not covered by      Blue Badges
Cambridgeshire County Council’s insurance   Blue (formerly Orange) Badges provide car
or subsidy, so arrangements for bookings    parking concessions for people with severe
must always be made through a co-           walking difficulties who travel as either
ordinator.                                  driver or passenger. The badge belongs to
                                            the person, not the car. If you want to apply
         Please keep this in the car        for a badge for yourself or on behalf on
Useful numbers can be found in this booklet someone else - telephone 0345 045 5204.

Contacts                                          Useful Phone Numbers
1st Contact Sheila Stephenson                     Hospitals
       01954 210638                               Addenbrooke’s Main Switchboard
             Caldecote                                   01223 245151
 nd                                               Hinchingbrooke Hospital
2 Contact Glenda Jones
       01954 211700                                      01480 416416
             Hardwick                             Papworth Hospital
 rd                                                      01480 830541
3 Contact Hazel Swindells
       01954 212998                               Arthur Rank
             Hardwick                                    01223 723000
                                                  Local Surgeries
                                                  Comberton Surgery
Care Network Cambridgeshire                              01223 262500
5 Broadway House                                  58, Green End, Comberton
149-151, St. Neots Road,
Hardwick,                                   Little Eversden Surgery
Cambridge,                                          01223 262579
CB23 7QJ                                    33, Harlton Road, Little Eversden
                                            (30p per mile)
Telephone: 01954 211919                     Bourn Surgery
Email:         admin@care-network.org.uk            01954 719313
               www.care-network.org.uk      25, Alms Hill, Bourn
Care Network Cambridgeshire’s mission is to Monkfield Medical Practice
enable volunteers to meet the needs of the          01954 282153
elderly, isolated or vulnerable in their    Sackville Way, Cambourne
communities. They network between social
car schemes and other good neighbour
projects, offering informal guidance and
sharing good practice.
Your local Community Car Scheme                form, for the scheme, to the Community
                                               Transport Officer at Cambridgeshire County
Introduction                                   Council (CCC) and receives all monies owed,
Cambourne Community Car Scheme covers          which are then distributed accordingly.
residents of Cambourne and provides
transport for those unable to make other        Passenger Contributions 2011
arrangements for attending necessary            30p per mile (Use Google Maps for Mileage
hospital, chiropody, dental and doctors’        details and route) but remember the charge
appointments, hair appointments etc.            is based on actual mileage and may involve
                                                diversions or extra mileage to park etc.
Drivers are solely responsible for the choice http://maps.google.co.uk/
of route, and will try and carry out the        (from the driver’s door to back to the driver’s
journey within the agreed time scale. Drivers home)
are not accountable for any travel problems, Addenbrookes hospital £7.20 minimum
e.g. traffic jams and parking difficulties.     Hinchinbrook hospital approx £5.70
                                                Burwell day care approx £17 (28 miles may
Easily portable wheelchairs can only be         involve 2 trips)
carried by prior arrangement, and will only
be transported by drivers who feel confident Receipts
that lifting the wheelchair is within their     Receipts can be given if requested. Some
physical capability.                            passengers may be eligible for a refund of
                                                their journey costs from the hospital, for
Confidentiality                                 example. If so, you must provide written
All volunteers agree to abide by a set of basic details of the journey, the name of the
guidelines that covers integrity, safety,       scheme, total mileage, the charge, your
respect for passengers and confidentiality. As signature and the date. It is best to keep a
a driver any personal information you gain receipt book in the car in case one is asked
during the course of your duties should not for. Suitable books will be provided by the
be divulged to anyone other than your co- co-ordinator.
                                               Parking at Hospitals
                                                     Always display your parking
Fees                                           authorisation
Drivers should not be out of pocket as a             Use the parking bays 6+ which are
result of offering their service. The co-      allocated for disabled        people, only if
ordinators of each scheme have agreed the you or your passenger is permitted to do
amount you will receive for the journeys you          so and either you or the passenger
make on behalf of the scheme. This is usually  has a valid blue      badge.
calculated with respect to the mileage of            If appropriate, display a short note
each trip. You will need to collect the agreed giving details of the clinic and appointment
passenger contribution, including any          time.
parking charges, at the end of the journey.
Cambridgeshire County Council subsidises       Addenbrooke’s Cambridge
volunteer drivers’ expenses on a mileage
basis. Your co-ordinator submits a claim
You will be issued by your co-ordinator with This behaviour may arise as a result of
a card which will entitle you to free car      confusion, frustration or difficulties in
parking at an area within the hospital.        communication. Try to be aware of what
You have free access with your card to car may trigger difficulties and set clear ground
park H (Hills Road end) which is at the front rules.
of the hospital site and which is designated You may encounter
for voluntary services, ambulance drivers and         violent or aggressive behaviour
staff only.                                           abusive or threatening language
If a passenger has a blue disabled parking            refusal to wear a seatbelt
badge he/she should be asked to bring it              continual distraction
with them, otherwise you must not park in If this occurs, calmly state that the client’s
disabled parking spaces.                       behaviour is unacceptable and that further
Do not park on double yellow lines or where behaviour like this will result in a refusal of
emergency vehicles park. If you do not have transport in the future.
a valid permit then it is safer to pay to park
than to risk a fine or worse. If you have to   Report any problems to your co-ordinator
pay for parking anywhere then the passenger Driver Requirements
should bear the cost.                          As a volunteer driver you need to comply
A map of the car parking area is available on with all the legal requirements for everyday
the Addenbrooke’s website                      motoring. As such you must ensure that your
                                               vehicle is taxed, is roadworthy and has a
Please note: parking arrangements are          valid MOT certificate, and that you are
subject to change. If you are in any doubt properly licensed and insured. If you change
ring the hospital or ask at reception.         your insurance company, remember to
                                               inform them that you are a volunteer driver.
                                               (The co-ordinator will give you a standard
What to do...                                  letter to send to your insurance company,
                                               which you must use. Please ask for another
If your vehicle is involved in an accident     one if you change companies.) The insurance
       stop in a safe place, apply the hand- company should not charge extra for this. If
brake and secure your car                      there is any problem please inform the
       remove the keys from the ignition      relevant co-ordinator.
       if anyone is injured, call 999
       exchange names, addresses and          Cambridgeshire County Council provides the
insurance details as normal                    following additional insurance for volunteer
       get the names and addresses of any drivers:
witnesses                                             Public Liability, Loss of No Claims
       report the accident to                 Bonus and Excess Protection insurance (for
       the police, only if someone has been all drivers)
injured                                               Personal Accident insurance, (for
       your motor insurance company           drivers under 80).
       your co-ordinator, who will try to
arrange alternative transport if required      To ensure that the policy conditions are
                                               met, you need to keep your documents up
If your passenger behaves inappropriately to date.
If you need to make a claim, notify your own    known special requirements. Inform your co-
insurers without delay. Also inform your co-    ordinator if you have any concerns, or wish
ordinator, who will send you a form relating    for training on Moving & Handling.
to Cambridgeshire County Council’s
additional insurance.                           For a passenger with walking difficulties
                                                Volunteer drivers should not offer any
                                                assistance to passengers with mobility
Volunteering                                    problems, without having received
Volunteers may not make a profit from their appropriate training to do so.
driving. The Inland Revenue allows a                   Do not offer your arm for support, nor
maximum reimbursement of 45p per mile. allow passengers to hold onto you; if they
The fare paid for the journey should not        fall you may both be injured
exceed the running costs of the vehicle. This          Allow them to use their own walking
includes an amount for depreciation and         aid and to move at their own pace
general wear.                                          Where possible, stand on the side
Please do not feel guilty if you are unable to away from any            walking aid
help when asked: just make sure the co-                Take extra care in difficult conditions.
ordinator knows when you are likely to be
available and what you are prepared to do. It When the client is unfit to travel
would be helpful if you could let your co-             Inform the co-ordinator
ordinator know of any holiday arrangements.            Ask if the client would like the doctor
This most important thing is that you enjoy to be called
helping with this vital service. The                   Ask if they would like neighbours or
passengers are so grateful – without the        relatives informed
scheme they would be lost.                             Inform their destination, if
Resignation                                            If the client becomes unconscious call
                                                the ambulance           service by dialling 999
If you have to resign do tell the co-ordinator.
Don’t forget to return your ID and
                                                Notify your co-ordinator of the actions taken
Addenbrooke’s parking card to your co-
ordinator and to notify your motor insurer. Each Trip
Equal Opportunities                                    Turn up on time and allow enough
                                                time for the parent
While you are free to refuse any specific
                                                        to fit a car seat or loading a wheel
request, schemes do not exclude passengers
                                                chair if appropriate
on the grounds of their age, gender,
                                                       Identify yourself
sexuality, race or beliefs.
                                                       Make sure that the passenger’s
                                                property is secure, and        they have their
Helping Your Passengers                                Check they have all that they require
Always ask what the client needs. Be aware for the trip, e.g.           appointment letter
that the client may have health problems        and/or card, medication, Blue Badge           and
that are not obvious. Your co-ordinator         personal belongings
should give the guidelines for clients with
       Ensure that they are correctly seated     You must not attempt to lift or carry
in your vehicle,      with seat-belt fastened     passengers or their possessions that could
       Confirm the fare prior to the journey     cause you or passengers to experience injury
as far as is possible                             or be put at other risk. If your passenger is
                                                  unable to get in or out of a car independently
You are only insured through the car scheme they should be prepared to provide an escort
for the return journey door to door. If the       to help them at both the start and end of
client asks ‘could you just?’ it is               each part of the journey. Only offer help
recommended that you decline politely.            yourself if you are trained to do so and feel
                                                  confident of your actions.
On Return
       Collect payment; don’t forget to
calculate the fare for        the whole           In the Car
       See the client to the door and make Seatbelts must be worn, unless the person is
sure they are happy           and safe to be left the holder of a medical exemption
Notify the co-ordinator if you have any        Children: As the driver you are responsible
concerns.                                      for ensuring that all children under 14 are
                                               belted in correctly and have the appropriate
Duty of Care                                   car seat. If this is not provided you should
As a volunteer driver you have a duty of care not take the child/children. Children under
to yourself and your passengers. Please        16 must be accompanied by an adult. The
ensure that passengers feel safe and           parent must supply the car seats when
comfortable with you at all times.             needed and check they are securely installed
It may be that you have to provide extra       in the car. This is the parent’s responsibility.
assistance should something untoward           Headrests: Head restraints should be
happen, but as long as you carry out your      properly adjusted to reduce the risk of neck
duties in good faith, Cambridgeshire County injuries.
Council will support you. Also if you have any Dogs are carried at the discretion of the
anxieties about a passenger you have taken driver. Dogs should be carried in the boot
please do contact the co-ordinator. She will space of a hatchback or estate car, fitted
help sort the problem out and try to see that with a dog guard. Dogs must only travel in
it does not occur again.                       the foot-well of a seat where an airbag has
                                               not been fitted.
Health & Safety                                Smoking: No smoking is allowed in the car by
If you have any concerns regarding Health & yourself or the passenger.
Safety, report them to your co-ordinator.      Distractions: Passengers may prefer it if
If you are not well, do not drive; notify your music/radio is switched off. Mobile phones
co-ordinator immediately. Elderly passengers must be switched off – by driver and
may be particularly vulnerable to infection. passengers while in the car.
Protect yourself and others from infection by Drivers must not use mobile phones whilst
maintaining high standards of cleanliness,     driving unless they have a hands-free set or
both inside the vehicle and when escorting a blue tooth.
Practical Tips

It is recommended that you:
        carry a mobile phone if you have one,
pre-programmed with important numbers
in case of difficulties or     problems, or
alternatively carry loose change and a
         phone card
        are a member of a recognised
breakdown service and          have their details
to hand
        carry a First Aid kit
        carry a map
        avoid refuelling your vehicle whilst
carrying Car Scheme            passengers
        try to avoid uneven surfaces; they
may cause undue discomfort to your
        choose parking places with care
        display your badge and/or permit,
and/or the passenger’s Blue Badge if they
have one
        park in a recognised parking space
where possible
        park with the passenger door by the
side of the kerb
        have some loose change available to
give to the
         passenger if necessary

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